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😷 | [New Corona] Kanagawa 22 people died on 7nd, 173 people infected


[New Corona] 22 people died in Kanagawa on the 7nd, 173 infected, less than 2 home recuperators

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A woman in her 80s in Atsugi City was transported from her home in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest on the 10th, and was found to be positive.

Four new deaths in Kanagawa Prefecture on the 22th over the new coronavirus infection, and 7 men and women under the age of 10 to 90s ... → Continue reading

 Kanagawa Shimbun

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Cardiopulmonary arrest

Cardiopulmonary arrestWhat is (Shinpaiteshi)?BodyIt is a kind of critical condition,心 臓とBreatheRefers to the stopped state[1].CPAAlso called (English: Cardiopulmonary arrest Abbreviation).Japan OfMediaThen,DoctorHas not been confirmed byCorpseToDeathIt is expressed as "cardiopulmonary arrest" instead of ".


When the movement of the heart stops first and whenlungThe movement (breathing) may stop first, but both are called "cardiopulmonary arrest".in Japan"Death"ofDiagnosisIt is,Doctor-DentistCan onlyMedical practiceIt has become.Therefore, it is not a judgment of cardiopulmonary arrest based on the presence or absence of heart sounds and breathing that anyone can do even if they have already died.Confirmation and diagnosis of pupil dilation by a doctor or dentistWill result in "death".しかし、日本国外のHowever, outside JapanMass mediaThen, the criteria for judging "cardiopulmonary arrest" in Japan are different from those in Japan, such as reporting death or death.[1].

brainTobloodInsufficient damage causes irreparable damage in about 4 to 5 minutes (Hypoxic encephalopathySee also).It is necessary to take resuscitative measures such as AED (automated external defibrillator) or artificial respiration by the time limit.brain deathQuick as above to prevent the conditionHelpMeasures are needed[1].Cardiopulmonary resuscitation TheCPR(English: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

Cardiopulmonary arrest and three signs

Cardiopulmonary arrest (respiratory arrest excluding dilated pupils) until the three-symptom theory became widespread as a diagnostic criterion for death in Europe and the United StatesCardiac arrest) Was the diagnostic criterion for death[2]..三徴候説とは呼吸停止(呼吸の不可逆的停止)と心停止(心臓の不可逆的停止)に加えて瞳孔散大という3つの徴候をもって人の死の診断基準とするものであるThe three-symptom theory is a diagnostic criterion for human death based on three signs of respiratory arrest (irreversible arrest of breathing), cardiac arrest (irreversible arrest of the heart), and dilated pupils.[2]..瞳孔散大ないしDilated pupilsLight reflectionThere is a functional overlap with the loss of brainstem function in the first half of the 20th century, and in the first half of the XNUMXth century, the three-symptom theory based on this became widespread as a criterion for death.[2].

In the Japanese mass mediaNatural disasters,ACCIDENTDied when he encounteredDoctorOrDentistPeople who have not yet been confirmed or sentenced to death are referred to as "cardiopulmonary arrest" or "cardiopulmonary arrest".[3][4][5].

In the medical community, even if you are actually dead, in addition to cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest, pulse arrestDilated pupils (mydriasis)It is said that it will not be legally confirmed unless the doctor declares death after confirming the above, and people other than doctors and dentists (rescue personnel andPolice officer-Maritime Sheriff・ Press personnel, etc.)Cardiac arrest・ The reason is that although it is possible to determine respiratory arrest, it is not possible to declare death.[3][4]..ただし例外として、救急隊が到着した時点で、既に死後硬直が始まっているか死斑が現れている、低体温であるなどいった状況から救急搬送する意味がもはやなくなっている場合、救急隊の判断で死亡判定がされることがあるHowever, as an exception, when the ambulance crew arrives, it is no longer meaningful to carry the ambulance due to situations such as rigor mortis, livor mortis, or hypothermia, at the discretion of the ambulance crew. Death may be determined[5].

At the scene of the accident / disaster, it has not been rescued yet, and doctors and dentists cannot approach it.CorpseAndhospitalThe corpse being carried to the site is said to be "cardiopulmonary arrest" because it has not been declared dead by a doctor or dentist.

In the media outside Japan, even if the Japanese media reports "cardiopulmonary arrest", the terms "death" and "corpse" may be used in overseas reports.[3].

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Emergency services

Emergency services(Kyukyutai,English: Ambulance service or emergency medical service) is an appropriate treatment for an injured person who arrives at an emergency site.Emergency medical care) PromptlyambulanceでhospitalTransport toTroopsThat.

Japanese emergency services

Firefighters in JapanI am also in charge of emergency transportation, and ambulance teams throughout the countryFire Department,Fire departmentIt is installed in.FirefighterTrained in the first-aid course, and a captain/member and engineer (driverIt is a rule that three members form a group), but from April 3, one out of three members of a rescue team such as a remote island or a depopulated area will be a quasi-emergency team member (with local government staff, etc.). It has become possible to consist of persons who have completed the basic training regarding emergency services.

In the past, paramedics were not allowed to perform medical treatment due to legal restrictions and could only transport the victim to the hospital.1991 ToParamedic LawByParamedic National ExaminationTake the examParamedicThe qualified and certified membersDoctorIt became possible to perform limited medical treatment under the instructions of.[1]

Secured space for lifesaving in emergency departments nationwideHigh standard ambulanceIs deployed, and the goal is to have at least one paramedic on board. On the other hand, at the branch offices, branch offices, and detachment offices of the small-to-medium-sized fire department with limited personnel,Firefighter,rescue teamThere are also cases where they concurrently serve.

In the case of "emergency fire fighting" municipalities that do not have permanent fire fighters, local government staff only carry out emergency transportation,First aidHowever, medical care is not possible when performing emergency work by a local government employee who does not have a qualification as a paramedic.2015 , An emergency paramedic belonging to a private company accompanies the “Yakusho Ambulance”, and the “Emergency Lifesaving Service Consignment”, which performs the same medical practice and lifesaving work as a normal rescue team, was carried out for the first time in Japan, the first company in Japan.Japan emergency system"ButMiyazakiMisato TownandTokushimaKatsuura Town,OkinawaTaketomi TownIt is being carried out by commissioning from.

Thai emergency services

ThailandIn 2008Thai National Emergency Medical CenterUntil the establishment, there was no ambulance as a government agency. Therefore, even after the establishment of a public ambulance, the transportation of the injured to the hospital, disaster rescue activities, etc.ZendoIt is often done by a Buddhist volunteer group called. To a prominent groupOverseas Chinese report,Taikoku Yoshitokuzendo, There is a temple and a temple.


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