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😷 | [New Corona] Kanagawa Prefecture will soon notify you of hospitalization restrictions and unurgent surgical suspension cancellation

Photo Governor Kuroiwa (center) and others attended to discuss measures against the new corona. Meeting of the Prefectural Infectious Disease Control Council = Prefectural Office

[New Corona] Kanagawa Prefecture will soon notify you of restrictions on hospitalization and the release of urgent surgical suspension

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In addition, the prefecture requested medical institutions to suspend hospitalization / surgery (about 8 months), which can be postponed, on August 6, but requested the cancellation and resumption of hospitalization / surgery that had been suspended. ..

Prefectural Infectious Disease Control Council (Chairman, Masaaki Mori, Tokyo Medical and Dental University) to discuss measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases in Kanagawa Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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pause(Ichiji-teishi) is mainlythe trafficAtvehicleEtc. will stop temporarily. Also,交 差点At or nearroad signBy etc.vehicleIs specified to be temporarily stopped.

Suspension in Japan

JapaneseRoad Traffic LawShould be temporarily suspended (regardless of signs/signs), and"Stop" road signIt is stipulated that it will be suspended based on such factors.

Pause at designated location

vehicleandTramIs at an intersection where traffic control is not performed or in front of it,Stop road signWhen (330) etc. specify that a suspension is required,You must stop immediately before the stop line due to road signs (if there is no stop line, just before the intersection)[1].. In this case, vehicles that pass through the intersection should not be obstructed (Article 43 of the Road Traffic Act).

Road conditions, road priority at intersections[2], Regardless of the traffic conditions of other vehicles, the vehicle must stop completely at the place where it should be stopped. Without stopping completely where you should stopslow downEven if it passes by, it will be a violation (foul act) of temporary suspension of the designated place.

In addition, due to the relationship with the safety of intersections, etc. (Road Traffic Law, Article 36, Paragraph 4, Article 42, Paragraph 1 of the same law), after completely stopping, check the safety of the left and right of the intersection, and then , Slow down and enter the intersection (Driving schoolInstruction etc.).

Also, do not simply stop, check safety and drive slowly, and do not obstruct the progress of vehicles on the intersection regardless of the condition of intersections and vehicles. Therefore, in the case of a traffic accident, the vehicle with the temporary stop is generally disadvantageous to the vehicle without the temporary stop (Fault rate)[3].

Even if a stop road sign is installed at a single road 30 meters before the intersection, there are precedents recognizing the effect of the designated stop at the intersection.

When to pause

decreeRegulations orPolice officerBy the order of, orDangerTo preventpause.

Time to pause

The Road Traffic Act does not specify the time (number of seconds) to be paused, but the requirement for "pause" is satisfied when the vehicle body is completely stationary for XNUMX second or more at the same time as confirming the safety of "right and left".The police crackdown guidance standard stipulates a state of suspension for several seconds, but it is said that it is desirable to set the left and right confirmation to XNUMX second each and stop for about XNUMX seconds, but it is only an internal standard (specified by the city ordinance). There is no legal basis (except when there is).

However, it takes a certain number of seconds to confirm the safety to enter the intersection, so if objectively the stop time is extremely short, the violation of the intersection safety progress obligation will be suspected.

Suspension in America

交 差点

The United States of AmericaIn that case, the stop sign is "STOP", and as a general rule, it is supposed to pass after confirming safety in the order of arrival at the intersection first.[5].

"ALL WAY STOP", "STOP 4-WAY" (for crossroads) or "STOP 3-WAY" (for three-way intersections) will also be displayed at intersections that require a temporary stop along with the "STOP" sign. ing[5].. If it is a stop only in two directions, "STOP 2-WAY" is displayed (you can pass as it is from the direction without a stop sign)[5].

Other than intersection

In the United StatesSchool busIf the bus stops, the following vehicles on the school bus must be stopped at least 25 feet (about 7.62 meters) in the meantime (no passing), and oncoming vehicles on the school bus must also be stopped. Are[5][6].

Also, in the United States, unlike Japan (except for large vehicles)Railroad crossingIt is forbidden to pause just before[5][6].


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