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😷 | [Breaking news] XNUMX new infections in Hiroshima City XNUMX people in Fukuyama City XNUMX person in Kure City New Corona on the XNUMXrd

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[Breaking news] XNUMX new infections in Hiroshima City Fukuyama City XNUMX people Kure City XNUMX person New Corona on the XNUMXrd

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In addition, on the 23rd, 5 people (20-70s) in Fukuyama City and 1 person (elementary school students) in Kure City have been announced to be infected.

Hiroshima City announced on the XNUMXrd that it was confirmed that XNUMX new people were infected with the new coronavirus. (XNUMX the day before ... → Continue reading

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We will deliver the latest news in various genres such as incidents, accidents, disasters, politics, economics, sports, etc. interviewed in Hiroshima Prefecture and Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

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Kure(Kure) isHiroshimaLocated in the southwestern part ofCity.Seto Inland SeaFacing.Core cityIs specified in.


It is said to be a good natural port topographically, and in ancient timesMurakami SuigunA sect of Ne CastleMeiji EraLater,Imperial Navy-JMSDFIt is the base of

Second World WarInside, it was also the base of the Imperial Japanese Navy.2005 May 3AroundAki DistrictOndo Town-Kurahashicho-Kamagari Town,Toyota-gunYasuura Town-Toyohama Town-ToyomachiWas incorporated.As a result, Kure CityHonshuWith the area inShimo-kamagari Island, In addition to Nasake Island, Kurahashi Island in the south,Kami-kamagari Island,Teshima,Osaki ShimojimaIn addition, the city has a population of 25.2016 At the same time as designating a core cityPublic health centerSpecified in.

shipbuilding-Steel-pulp・ It is developing as a seaside industrial city centered on machinery and metals.Also,Yamato Museum-Tetsuno Whale MuseumThere is a museum about the Navy and the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

KyotoMaizuruAt the same time my cityImperial Japanese NavyOf originMeat and potatoesIt claims to be the birthplace of Nikujaga, which has a culture.cityFile in Nigata areaProduction is the highest in Japan[Source required].

Relationship with the Navy and the Maritime Self-Defense Force

Second in the Meiji eraNavy districtGuardian office(Kure Guard Office, Commonly known as "Wu Zhen") was opened.Before the warKure Navy ArsenalIs also the largest battleship in the worldYamatoWas built and was known as the number one military port in the Orient and the number one arsenal in Japan.Kure Naval Arsenal is early on, not to mention the excellence of shipbuilding technologyIzumoYasugiIt was also a base for cutting-edge munitions steel research, focusing on Japanese steel and applying it as a special steel.For this reason, at the end of the Pacific WarKure army air raidHas been heavily damaged by the US military air raids.

Steel-related technology was taken over by major steel makers such as JFE and Nisshin Steel, and Kure Naval ArsenalIHITaken over toJapan Marine UnitedActive as a Kure factory, and as a military baseEscort fleet,Submarine fleetAnd the Maritime Self-Defense Force to which training vessels belongKure BaseThere is a Maritime Self-Defense Force on the premisesKure District General ManagerIs installed.The total number of Maritime Self-Defense Force members working in Kure reaches 6,600.The former Navy Wu Zhen Government Building is used as the First Government Building of the Kure District General Administration Department and is open to the public on Sundays.The infrastructure constructed by Wu Zhen is in active use, for example.Honjo Dam-Second-class dam-Miyahara water purification plantKure City has taken over what was built as a military water supply facility.

またYamato Museum,Tetsuno Whale MuseumAs of the 2010s, these defense and military facilities are also tourism resources, as represented by. In 2016, as "Chinjufu Yokosuka, Kure, Sasebo, Maizuru-a town where you can experience the dynamics of modernization in Japan"Japanese heritageCertified by.


Located in the southwestern part of Hiroshima prefecture.


warmishSeto Inland Sea climateIn summer, the heat is harsh, and in winter there is less snow than in Hiroshima, and it is rare for snow to accumulate.

Climate of Kure Special Area Meteorological Observatory (Takaramachi, Kure City, altitude 4m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)19.0
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)9.5
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)6.1
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)2.8
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−5.4
Precipitation amount mm (inch)41.5
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)5.87.610.29.89.511.810.
Average monthlyDaylight hours140.7145.7181.7194.8212.3155.9183.9217.9166.8176.0150.5141.62,067.9
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1894-present)[1][2]

Adjacent local governments

Districts and towns

Kure City divides the city area into 18 districts[3][4][5].Municipal systemlaterTransferEach town / village before the transfer is a district in the city area, and the district name is the old town / village name excluding "-town" or "-village" ("-district" is not officially added). Often).

地区readingOld townMain islandspopulation[6]Area / km2Year of transfertown-Large print
CenterChuo053489020.07(1902)Asahi Town, Azuma, Uchigami Town, Mizoro Town, Ehara Town, Coast, Kaminagasako Town, Kaminagasako Town, Kaminagasako Town, Uehata Town, Kamihirabara Town, Ueyamada Town, Kitashioya Town, Go Town, Yuki Town, Sanjo・ Miwa Town ・ Shimizu ・ Shimoyamada Town ・ Showa Town ・ Shingu Town ・ Treasure Town ・ Chuo ・ Tsukiji Town ・ Teramoto Town ・ Nakadori ・ Nagasako Town ・ Naganogi Town ・ Futagawa Town ・ Futagawakyo Town ・ Nishi Atago Town ・ West Katayama Town, Nishikawaraishicho, Nishishioyacho, Nishikada, Nishisozukecho, Nishitatsukawa, Nishitanicho, Nishichuo, Nishihatacho, Nishimitsudacho, Mitsumachi, Higashikatayamacho, Higashikatayamacho, Higashikawaharaishicho Higashishioyacho, Higashisozukecho, Higashisozukecho, Higashitatsukawacho, Higashichuo, Higashihata, Higashimitsudacho, Hiraharacho, Fushihara, Bochicho, Honmachi, Hondori, Mizorocho, Minamitatsukawacho, Yawatacho・ Yamate ・ Ryojo ・ Washo ・ Washo Noborimachi ・ Washohonmachi
MiyaharaMiyahara008192003.95(1902)Miyahara, Tsubonouchi Town, Funami Town, Aoyama Town, Murose Town, Kamihara Town
KegoyaKegoya005523004.201928Kegoya / Kegoya Town / Matoba / View
YoshiuraYoshiura011220008.121928Harumi Town, Wakaba Town, Yoshiura Ikenoura Town, Yoshiura Tanko Town, Yoshiura Shinmachi, Yoshiura Higashi Town, Yoshiura Kaga Town, Yoshiura Shinde Town, Yoshiura Higashi Honmachi, Yoshiura Nakamachi, Yoshiura Honmachi, Yoshiura Matsuba Town, Yoshiura Kamishiro Town, Yoshiura Iwagami Town, Yoshiura Nishijo Town, Yoshiura Miyahana Town,Karugacho・ Umekicho ・ Shiomicho ・ Mt. Ooyamacho ・ Yayoicho ・ Hasecho ・ Setomicho ・ Yoshiuracho
AgaAgaAga Town016434014.561928Agakita, Agachuo, Aganami, Agamachi
NigataNigata007151010.511941Nigata Honmachi, Nigata Otoshicho, Nigata Pier Dori, Nigata Nakasuji Town, Nigata Miyagami Town, Nigata Miyagami Town, Nigata Nishigami Town, Nigata Nishiki Town, Nigata Minamimachi, Nigata Town
WideHiroHiromura046121032.731941Hiroyokoji, Hirohirohiro, Hiroishiuchi, Hirobentenbashicho, Hirosanakasakocho, Hiroshiyake, Hiromachida, Hirotokumarucho, Hirokoshinkai, Hiroculturecho, Hirotagaya, Hirosuehiro, Hirohoncho, Hironakashinkai・ Hirokuimotocho ・ Hiroyoshimatsu ・ Hironakacho ・ Hiro station square ・ Hirooshingai ・ Hiroryotani ・ Hiroshiraishi ・ Hiroshirodake ・ Hironada ・ Hirotsukumocho ・ Hironagahama ・ Hiroobancho ・ Hirokotsubo ・ Hiromachi
Ten OTennouTennocho004423003.941956Tenno Fukuura Town, Tenno Denjubara Town, Tenno Saijo, Tenno Ohama, Tenno Higashikubo, Tenno Minami Town, Tenno Miya Town, Tenno Shioya Town
ShowaShowa035415027.761956Yakeyama Hibarigaoka Town, Yakeyama Konohara Town, Yakeyama Matsugaoka, Yakeyama Sakuragaoka, Yakeyama Masaru, Yakeyama Nishi, Yakeyama Chuo, Yakeyama East, Yakeyama Minami, Kamiyama, Yakeyama Mitsuishi Town, Yakeyama Miyagasako, Yakeyama Kita, Yakeyama Honjo・ Yakeyama Izumigaoka ・ Push ・ Push Nishihira Town ・ Yakeyama Town ・ Naeshiro Town ・ Tochihara Town ・ Push Town
GoharaGohara004954003.951956Gohara Learning Hill, Gohara Noji no Sato, Gohara Town
Shimo-kamagariShimokagariShimo-kamagari TownShimo-kamagari Island001809008.722003Shimo-kamagari-cho Shimojima / Shimo-kamagari-choSannose
KawajiriKawajiriKawashiri Town009380016.852004Kawajiri Town Iwato, Kawajiri Town Yanagisako, Kawajiri Town Sainoya, Kawajiri Town Gokake, Kawajiri Town Itakyu, Kawajiri Town Kagakiuchi, Kawashiri Town Ohara, Kawashiri Town Obata, Kawashiri Town Makochi, Kawajiri Town Small Use, Kawajiri Town Small Nikata, Kawajirimachi Higashi, Kawajirichonishi, Kawashirimachi Mori, Kawashirimachi Koyo, Kawajirimachi Hisatoshi, Kawajiricho Kusuji, Kawashirimachi Harayama
OtodoOndoOndo TownKurahashi Island013164018.752005Tsuboi, Ondo Town, Hikichi, Ondo Town, Ondo Town, Ondo Town, Kita Hidden, Ondo Town, Minami Hidden, Ondo Town Takasu, Ondo Town Hatami, Ondo Town Field, Ondo Town Ariyoshi, Ondo Town Front, Ondo Town Fujiwaki, Ondo Town Hayase, Ondo Town Tahara, Ondo Town Watako, Ondo Town Oaza Oto, Ondo Town Oaza Watako
KurahashiLivingKurahashichoKurahashi Island006439054.462005Kurahashicho
KamagariBitingKamagari TownKami-kamagari Island002198018.902005For Kamagaricho Oura, Kamagaricho Tado, Kamagaricho Miyamori, and Kamagaricho
YasuuraYasuuraYasuura Town011894063.542005Yasuura Town Oaza Akamukaisaka, Yasuura Town Oaza Yasuura, Yasuura Town Oaza Utsumi, Yasuura Town Oaza Uchihira, Yasuura Town Oaza Women's Field, Yasuura Town Oaza Shimogakiuchi, Yasuura Town Oaza Nakagiri, Yasuura Town Oaza Nakahata, Yasuura Town Oaza Harahata Yasuura Town Oaza Mitsuguchi, Yasuura Town Yasuura West, Yasuura Town Yasuura East, Yasuura Town Central Heights, Yasuura Town Central North, Yasuura Town Mizujiri, Yasuura Town Mitsuguchi, Yasuura Town Uchiumi Kita, Yasuura Town Uchi Hainan
ToyohamaToyohamaToyohama TownTeshima
Osaki Shimojima
001764011.682005Toyohama-cho Oaza Toyoshima, Toyohama-cho Oaza Ohama, Toyohama-cho Oaza Itsuki
YutakaYutakaToyomachiOsaki Shimojima002338014.082005Yutaka Mitarai, Yutakamachiocho, Yutakamachikubi, Yutakamachiokitomo


Origin of city name

There are several theories[7].

  • The mountain range that surrounds the Kure area is called "Kyurei", and it becomes "Kure".In addition, the city emblem is associated with this,KatakanaIt is a star-shaped object with nine "re" s.[8].
  • It is derived from the fact that Kure (meaning Kure, plate material) cut down from Ashigamine became famous as a special product.
  • A long time ago, the migrants from the ancient Korean Peninsula who lived around this region were called "Kurejin", and it is said that they became "Kure" over time.



There is a Kure city song donated by the Kure Nihon Shimbun and designated in 1928.[20][Annotation 1].


Successive mayors[23]

代Mayor's nameTermTerm of office
FirstOctober 1903, 36 (Meiji 2)-July 4, 1903 (Meiji 36)1
2 - 3October 1903, 36 (Meiji 8)-July 27, 1911 (Meiji 44)2
4 - 5Toshio Sawahara[24]November 1911, 44 (Meiji 11)-July 28, 1917 (Taisho 6)2
6Kentaro Amano[24]October 1917, 6 (Taisho 8)-September 17, 1921 (Taisho 10)1
7Kahei HarutoOctober 1922, 11 (Taisho 2)-September 2, 1925 (Taisho 14)1
8HashimotoApril 1925, 14 (Taisho 4) --March 24, 1927 (Showa 2)1
9[24]1927 (Showa 2) April 6-13 (Showa 1930) March 51
101930 (Showa 5) April 11-25 (Showa 1932) March 71
11Watanabe Atsumu1932 (Showa 7) April 12-26 (Showa 1935) March 101
12Katsutaro Matsumoto1935 (Showa 10) April 6-13 (Showa 1936) March 111
13 - 14Jinjiro Mizuno[25]1937 (Showa 12) April 5-4 (Showa 1941) March 162
15Noboru Suzuki1942 (Showa 17) April 1-11 (Showa 1946) March 211
16Jinjiro Mizuno[25]1946 (Showa 21) April 1-14 (Showa 1946) March 211
Public election
17 - 181947 (Showa 22) April 4-5 (Showa 1954) March 292
19 - 20Kenichi Matsumoto1954 (Showa 29) April 4-18 (Showa 1961) March 362
21 - 24Yoshito Okuhara1961 (Showa 36) April 11-19 (Showa 1977) March 524
25 - 28November 1977, 52 (Showa 11)-November 19, 19934
29 - 31Shinya OgasawaraNovember 1993, 5-November 11, 193
32 - 34Kazutoshi KomuraNovember 2005, 17-November 11, 193
35Yoshiaki NiiharaNovember 2017, 29-Current position3


City council

Parliamentary nameNumber of members
Comrade Association6
KomeitoKure City Assembly4
Citizen forum3
Cherish the heart of Japan1
Japan Communist PartyKure City Assembly1
Social Democratic PartyKure City Council1
Nature Symbiotic Party1

(As of June 2020, 7[28])

Scandals in municipal administration

Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly (selected by Kure City)

  • Constant number: 5 people
  • Term: September 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 13) to September 2023th, 5 (5th year of Reiwa)
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Shinya OkuharaLDPHiroshima Prefectural Assembly
Ryudai TsubagawaLiberal Democratic Party Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly Daishikai
Yukio ShimonishiKomeitoHiroshima Prefectural Assembly
Kido KentaLiberal Democratic Party Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly Hiroshi Assembly, Tsubasa
Hidenori InudoHiroshima Prefectural Assembly Democratic Prefectural GovernmentNo party membership

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Hiroshima Prefecture 5st Ward(Kure City, etc.)Minoru TeradaLDP5Constituency

public facility

Government office

Cultural facility

Water supply facility

  • Kure City Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau

Major medical institutions

Commercial facility

Large commercial facility

  • The following 3 facilitiesKure Port/Yamato MuseumからKure StationFor up toPedestrian deckIt is connected by.
    • Youme Town Kure - IzumiThe largest shopping center in Kure City operated by. The 2nd floor itself forms part of the pedestrian deck.
    • Rekure --A commercial building built by redeveloping the marshalling yard at Kure Station.There is also a hot spring facility in the building.
    • Crest --The station building of Kure Station.
  • --Commercial building.There is also a movie theater in the hall.It's on the brick.

The only department store in the city in front of Kure stationSogo Kure storeHowever, it closed in January 2013.

Shopping district

  • --Nakadori.Full-covered arcade shopping street.


Until 1949Kure ShimbunExisted.

・ Monthly Kureban (Kure Town Magazine) First published in 1987



After the warFormer Navy Port City Conversion LawAs a result, the manufacturing industry of shipbuilding, machinery, steel, metal, etc. centered on the Kure Naval Arsenal site was developed.

Sister city/friendship city


Population distribution of Kure, Hiroshima, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Kure City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Kure City (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kure City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

The past and present populations of Kure City and the population ratio to Hiroshima Prefecture in the city area at that time are as follows.[31]..In addition, Kure City was between 2003 and 2005.Shimo-kamagari Town-Kawashiri Town-Ondo Town-Kurahashicho-Kamagari Town-Yasuura Town-Toyohama Town-ToyomachiWas incorporated[32].


University/College of Technology

high school

Junior high school

primary school


Special school

Facilities other than school education



West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)

From 1909 to 1967,Tram(Tram)ofKure tramThere was also.

Transit Bus

Long time agoKure City Transportation Bureau(Kure Municipal Bus) was operating in the city, but it was abolished on April 2012, 4, and the route was transferred to Hiroden Bus.[33][34][35].





Average age
50.47 years old (male: 48.14 years old, female: 52.62 years old)
Kure city model
Health business started by Kure City in 2005.Aiming to improve the health of citizens and prevent their aggravationReceiptWe analyzed various data of specific medical examinations and implemented measures according to the extraction results.As a result, it is said that it led to the optimization of medical expenses. In 2014,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareTaken as an example of anticipating the "Data Health Plan"[36].

Area code

Zip Code

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Festivals and events



Administration, judiciary





Entertainment related






Horse racing

Other sports


Person with connection

Special product, specialty

  • Igamochi
  • Honey bun: Honey shop
  • Otori Manju: Tenmeido
  • Kureyama Senbei: Matsudaya
  • Tsubaki Manju: Hiromiya, a famous confectionery
  • Fry cake : SmallAn-doughnut.Okinawa OfFried sweetsSata andagiIs similar to.The one made by "Fukuzumi" near the brick street is famous.
  • Sake : Moon after rain, Ouchiyama, Mizuryu,Chifuku・ Chiemori ・ Nissho crown ・ Hakutenryu ・ Fujiju ・ Treasure sword ・ High tide ・Dove・ Hakuko ・ Mitani Haru ・ Ondo no Seto
  • Kawajiri brush
  • Melon bread : The shape is different from the national "melon bread"custard creamIs included.The nationwide "melon bread" is called "koppe bread" in Kure City.
  • Large mandarin orangeDaicho Lemon..Former Toyomachi district specialty.
  • Kure cold noodles

Works set in Kure


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注 釈

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