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😷 | Shiga's new corona announced on the night of the 228rd to a total of 23 clusters of the Ground Self-Defense Force

Photo New coronavirus (provided by National Institute of Infectious Diseases)

Shiga's new corona announced on the night of the 228rd to a total of 23 clusters of the Ground Self-Defense Force

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In addition, by the 23rd, a total of 3 people, 2 staff members and 5 patients, were infected at a medical institution in Omihachiman City and were certified as a cluster.

Shiga Prefecture announced on the 23th that 10 men and women under the age of 60 to 43s were newly infected with the new coronavirus.In the prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Omihachiman(Omihachiman) isShigaChubu,Biwa lakeLocated on the east bankCity.Omi Merchant,Azuchi castleKnown in.


Omihachiman CityToyotomi ShujiBased on the castle town built by, the early modern period developed as a commercial city.So-calledOmi MerchantIs the birthplace of.Shinmachi-dori, Nagaharacho-dori, which retains the atmosphere of the early modern periodHachimanboriTownscape alongside andNikko Hachimangu ShrineThe precincts are "Omihachiman City Hachiman Traditional Buildings Preservation AreaIn the name of the countryImportant traditional buildings preservation areaIt has been selected as a filming location for historical drama.William Merrell VoriesIt is also known as the place where many modern architectural works were left behind. 2005 On September 9st, 1 hectares of water town areaLandscape lawIt was designated as a "landscape planning area" based on.This is the first application of the law.further2006 On January 1th, "Omi Hachiman no MizugoAsImportant cultural landscapeWas selected as the first issue of.

Origin of place name

It is often misunderstood that there is a shrine bearing "Omihachiman", but the name of the shrine that was the source of the place name is "Nikko Hachimangu ShrineIt is.

The old country name "" in the city nameOmiIs given when the city system is enforced.FukuokaYawataThis is because (Yahatashi) existed.However, in Yahata City, Fukuoka Prefecture1963 Merged withKitakyushuIt became a part of and disappeared.afterwards,1977 ToKyotoYawata(And I) was born, but at this point Yawata City, Fukuoka Prefecture had already disappeared, so the same name was not avoided.For this reason, a twisting phenomenon occurred in which the side that laid the city system first gave the crown.AlsoOmihachiman StationBefore the enforcement of the city system1919 The name was changed from Yahata Station to Omihachiman Station, but this is also in Fukuoka Prefecture.Yawata StationThis is due to the avoidance of the same name as.



Omihachiman CityShigaCentral part ofBiwa lakeLocated on the east bank.The city area is generally flat and represents a corner of the Koto Plain formed by rivers originating from the Suzuka Mountains.



Small mountains are scattered in the plain.

Main mountain
  • Yukinoyama
  • Kamewariyama
  • Mt. Hachiman (Mt. Tsuru Tsubasa)
  • Okayama
  • Chomeijiyama
  • Mt. Tsuda (Mt. Okushima)


On Lake Biwa, it is the largest island on the lake.OkishimaThere is a manned island called.In the northeastern part of the city, the lake in the west develops a water town area, and it is counted as one of the eight scenic spots of Lake Biwa as "Azuchi Hachiman's water town".A part of the area is designated as a "landscape planning area" based on the Landscape Act.

Main lake


Main island


Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous survey from the 27 census, it decreased by 0.52% to 81,312 people, and the rate of increase / decrease was 19th out of 8 cities and towns in the prefecture.

Population distribution of Omihachiman, Shiga, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Omihachiman City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Omihachiman City (2005)
■Purple-Omihachiman City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Omihachiman City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Adjacent municipality

Shiga prefecture flagShiga


The early modern period

Azuchi-Momoyama Period
  • 1585 ~1590 - Toyotomi Shuji Hachiman CastleAnd build a grid-shaped castle town, and move the people of the castle town of Azuchi Castle built by Nobunaga Oda to the castle of Yawata (former Yawata).
Edo Period

Nakayama Road XNUMXth OfMusa-jukuWas placed.


* Even after the merger is decided, Azuchi-cho is divided into pros and cons.A mayor who opposes the merger was born just before the merger, but all the bills submitted by the mayor were rejected by the pros and cons.ResidentsrecallThe town council election was held by the government, and although the majority of the town council was against the merger, the merger itself was not invalidated.




Successive mayors
  • (Old) Omihachiman City
  1. Sonjiro Inoue (1954-1966)
  2. Sadayuki Ikari (1966-1982)
  3. Taizo Okuno (1982-1986)
  4. Noboru Okuno (1986-1994)
  5. Seiji Tamada (1994-1998)
  6. Kawabata Gohei (1998-2006)
  7. Hidemasa Fujitani (2006-March 2010, 3)
  • (New) Omihachiman City
Mayor Duty Executor Hidemasa Fujitani (March 2010, 3-April 21, 2010)
Mayor Duties Executor Duties Agent Yoshikazu Yamada (General Manager, Omihachiman City) (April 2010, 4-April 18, 2010)
  1. Hidemasa Fujitani (April 2010, 4-April 25, 2018)
  2. Konishi Osamu (From April 2018, 4)

Citizen's Charter

2015 (27)May 3Make[3]..If you connect the initials of each chapter of the article, it becomes "Oh, U, Mi, Ha, Chi, Man".

We, the citizens of Omihachiman, establish this charter in order to lead a peaceful, bright and prosperous life.

Let's create a bright city where we respect each other and interact with each other.
Let's create a healthy city with a beautiful heart and body.
Let's cherish water and greenery and create a beautiful city with a scent of history and culture.
Let's be happy to work, be enthusiastic about work, and create a rich city.
Let's deepen the bonds of one region, join forces with wisdom, and create a city of collaboration.
Let's create a city full of smiles, full of heart, and warmth.


City council

Constant: 24[4]



Police box
  • Omihachiman station square police box (Takakaicho, Omihachiman City)
  • Shinmachi police box (Shinmachi, Omihachiman City)
  • Musa police box (Tomosada-cho, Omihachiman City)
  • Mabuchi Police Box (Mabuchi-cho, Omihachiman City)
  • Kirihara Police Station (Nakakomori-cho, Omihachiman City)
  • Shinohara station square police station (Ueno-cho, Omihachiman City)
  • Kitasato Police Station (Egashira-cho, Omihachiman City)
  • Azuchi police officer station (Kamitoyoura, Azuchi-cho, Omihachiman City)
Water police box
  • Omihachiman Water Station (Chomeiji-cho, Omihachiman City)


Fire department
  • Omihachiman Fire Station (819 Kobunakicho, Omihachiman City)


Main hospital

Exercise facility

  • Omihachiman Sports Park(Tsuda Town)
  • Omihachiman Station South Comprehensive Sports Facility Sun Village Omihachiman (Takakaicho)
  • Azuchi Mariate (Azuchicho Kuwanamiji)
  • Omihachiman City Health Fureai Park (Takecho)

Processing facility

  • Sazanami Jyoen (Funakicho)

Foreign relations

Sister cities/partner cities

It is a rare city in Japan that has a “brother city” agreement with a “couple city” apart from its sister cities.


Brother city
sister city


Couple city
sister city


Primary industry


  • Green Omi Agricultural Cooperative


Main fishing port
  • Okishima fishing port

Secondary industry


Financial institution

Cooperative financial institution
Japan Post
Agricultural cooperative/Co-op
  • Green Omi Agricultural Cooperative

Companies based


high school


Junior high school


primary school


Early childhood education


  • Omihachiman City Musa Children's Garden (Musa Town)
  • Omihachiman City Kitasato Kindergarten (Egashiracho)
  • Omihachiman City Mabuchi Kindergarten (Mabuchi Town)
  • Omihachiman City Kirihara Kindergarten (Nakakomoricho)
  • Omihachiman Municipal Kaneda Kindergarten (Kongojicho)
  • Omihachiman City Okayama Kindergarten (Kamo Town)
  • Omihachiman Municipal Hachiman Kindergarten (Demachi)
  • Omihachiman City Azuchi Kindergarten (Azuchicho Shimotoyoura)
  • Omihachiman Municipal Old So Children's Garden (Azuchicho Higashi Oldo)
  • Omi Brothers Kindergarten (Ichiicho)


  • Alice Nursery School (Nishihongocho)
  • Kaneda Higashi Nursery School (Nishinoshocho)
  • Yawata Nursery School (Yawata Town)
  • Takesa Children's Garden (Nishoraicho)
  • Kirihara Nursery School (Omoricho)
  • Okishima Nursery School (Okishima Town)
  • Hachioji Nursery School (Kitanoshocho)
  • Kitazato Nursery School (Egashiracho)
  • Shiun Nursery School (Nomuracho)
  • Himure Infant Nursery School (Demachi)
  • Aoba Infant Nursery School (Mabuchicho)
  • Merry Nursery School (Dainakacho)
  • Hoshinohikari Nursery School (Taga Town)

Vocational development school



Central station:Omihachiman Station

West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
Omi Railway



Transit Bus


National road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road




Sights and historic sites




Nearby Tourist Spots


Modern architecture

Landscape / preservation area

Other spots


Festivals and events

Origin-related celebrities




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