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😷 | My family may have been infected with the new coronavirus ... How should I spend my time with my family?


My family may have been infected with the new coronavirus ... How should I spend my time with my housemates?

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Seal the tissue that blows your nose in a plastic bag and throw it away.

If you suspect that your family is infected with the new coronavirus, we have summarized the precautions given by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare at home. [Action ... → Continue reading

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袋(Fukuro) is to put things incontainerOne of the basic shapes of.In the UN Recommendation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, the bag is "Recomendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods."paper, A flexible container made of plastic film, woven fabric, woven fabric or other suitable material. "[1].English Ofbag(Bag)sackSometimes called by (sack).


The bag is a container made of flexible material, mainlyclothOr paper orPlastic Ofthe filmEtc. and naturally existleatherMade of.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAlong with, it is a basic container shape, and various materials, sizes, and shapes are used depending on the application, and there are bags with various functions added according to the application, for example.Transportation(輸送), Ingenuity to prevent the contents from popping out,HandSome have a handle to hold it in.

You can close your mouth so that nothing in the container comes outConstructionThere are many things that have become.使 い 捨 てThere are various types of bags, from simple containers to reusable bags.

As for the shape property, it is suitable for storing small items and putting them together like a container in general including a box.加えて柔軟であることから、内容物が無いときには折り畳むなどして袋自体を他の袋にまとめて収めたり、あるいはIn addition, because it is flexible, you can fold it when there is no content to store the bag itself in another bag, orstringIt can also be tied together with, and these properties are also suitable for temporarily subdividing a large amount of supplies into easy-to-handle states.

On the other hand, the contents of the bag are easily affected by external pressure, and the items in the bag are made of a hard material compared to the items in the box, even if they are hit in the same way during transportation. Therefore, the contents are protected even if the contents are damaged, but the bag has a drawback that the contents are easily damaged due to the direct impact on the inside.For this reason, it is not necessary to use bags for transportation before processing.原料Things that do not matter even if the shape changes a little,powderNoliquid(both流体It is limited to the case of handling articles that have no shape in the first place.ただし内容物に直接的に外圧が加わらないよう、柔らかくも厚みのある素材で作られた、あるいは二重構造としてその間に適度なHowever, it is made of a soft but thick material so that external pressure is not directly applied to the contents, or as a double structure, it is appropriate in the meantime.Cushioning materialThere is also a bag that has the function of protecting the contents from external pressure.



Bags have been used everywhere in human history.しかしHoweverNATUREThere are innumerable so-called "bag-shaped" structures in the structure, for example.Animal Ofstomach,bladderNoFish OfbladderOrgans such as these animalsfoodIn addition to being taken out and used as the rest, leather bags have been made and used by sewing the leather together.

Since it is a basic container trait, there are many tools that can be developed from this.For exampleCircular Moored Net:Some bags are decorated to hold personal items likeGarbageAs a simple bag, something that is produced on the assumption that it will be disposed of, such as a garbage bag for collecting this in order to dispose of it.Rucksack (knapsack)There is no time to enumerate.


Ancient timesから中 世The figure carrying a big cloth bag on his backPeopleWas a status symbol of, and was the subject of ridicule and ridicule[2]..貴人の荷物持ちである従者は「袋持」と呼ばれ、家人のThe servant who has your luggage is called "bag holder", and the family memberhierarchyIt was located at the bottom of the.また、大袋は家財の一切合切を持ち歩くIn addition, the large bag carries all the household goodsbeggar,outcastIt was a symbolic possession of.その一方で、資料上最古の袋持であるOn the other hand, it is the oldest bag holder in the material.SuperpowerWith the introduction of BuddhismDaikokutenとPracticeAnd was worshiped as a god of good fortune that brings armed forces and wealth[2].

Kamakura PeriodWhen you enterPeople,GroundThe Roh party began to use large bags as a tool to detain and take people, and the appearance of carrying a large cloth bag became a symbol of fear and disgust.[2]..One of the criminal offenses is the crime of "big bag" in the Shogunate's law book "Satan Mishinsho" compiled at the end of Kamakura.Case studies have been conducted on what kind of crimes are, but the following can be seen in crimes using bags.まず、袋を使った誘拐には子どもをFirst of all, children should be kidnapped using bagsHuman traffickingSome are kidnapped for the purpose of abducting adults and others are for the purpose of robbing money by violence after abducting adults. The latter detention was described as "putting in a bag."また、拘禁後の暴力の様から「袋だたき」などの言葉が生まれたとも考えられるIn addition, it is thought that words such as "sacking" were born from the violence after detention.[2]..別の事例として、白昼堂々と行われるAs another example, it is held openly in the daytimeMass robberyThere is also a study that interprets the act of seizing movable property by the Roh party who borrowed the authority of the master as a "big bag".[2].

Bag material

For the material of the bag,paperPaper bag made ofCellophaneMade of cellophane bag,Synthetic resinSynthetic resin bag made ofcottonMade of cotton bag,hempMade of jute bags,Synthetic fiberThere are synthetic fiber bags made of[3].

  • Cotton bag
  • sack
  • paper bag
  • Cellophane bag
  • Synthetic resin bag
  • Synthetic fiber bag
  • Leather bag- 遊牧民Such,家畜The ethnic groups that often use皮I also use bags made of sardines on a daily basis.A container for water,milkPutfermentationThere is a container to let you.
  • Rubber bag- rubberA bag made by welding the sheets of.Used for special industrial applications.For exampleChugoku OfSichuan ProvinceLuzhouThen,Natural gasThebusThere is an example of putting it in a rubber bag attached to the roof and using it as fuel.


穀物,PostPut things insandbagHas been used to makehempA bag made of.Nanjing bag, or "Dungores" (English "dungaree" for coarse cotton cloth Dungaree It is also called a corruption from.sackThere are various types of (jute bags) such as Hessian bags and Gunny bags.[3].

Since hemp bags are durable and resistant to friction, there are often cases where used bags are diverted to other containers or used as cushions for luggage transportation and curing of construction work.A bag for storing mail (used for transporting mail inside) is called a mail bag.Hemp rope has been used for a long time because it is durable, but due to the improvement of the material,Craft paper bag,polypropyleneIt is being replaced by bags made of wood.

paper bag

Paper bags are paper bags and are classified into heavy-duty paper bags and square-bottomed paper bags.[3].

Large paper bag

The idea of ​​using paper bags for powder bagging came in the 1870sGermanyIt was thought in, but for business usecement,Wheat flourIt was in the 1890s that large paper bags were encouraged to be used for packaging.[4]..Early paper bags have weaker resistance than hemp bags, and even if hemp bags are not damaged by loading or unloading, they may be damaged, and at that time workers hated them and used them for transportation. That was rare[4]..However, when Germany was shut down in World War I, jute could no longer be imported and multi-layered kraft paper bags were used.[4].

Small paper bag

The ones that are made of paper and have handles that hang by hand are mainlyDepartment storeIt is given free of charge from the store when you purchase a product at a relatively high-class store such as, when you purchase a large product, or when you purchase a large number of products.Some are elaborately designed and may be used as a bag after purchasing the product. (Shopping bag)It is called.

Before the appearance of plastic shopping bags made of resin film (1970 eraUp to) is just a paper bag without a handle (color is not bleached)段 ボ ー ル(Brown like) was used in supermarkets.At that time, I went shopping with a shopping basket, so this was not a problem, but general paper bags are weak, and heavy items such as bottled foods and items containing water such as fresh food can be put in. , The bag was often torn or the bottom came off.When plastic shopping bags made of resin film appeared, they could be carried as they were and had strong strength.French breadSpecial things like, or relatively small things (mainlyMedicineExcept for the case of inserting), it almost disappeared.

In addition to the above-mentioned service paper bags, there are also paper bags sold in the market.It is often sold with umbrellas at convenience stores.There are various uses such as for carrying when the luggage increases and for putting gifts.The price is around 200 to 400 yen, and some are finished with paper only, some are laminated, and some are covered with nylon PE.In particular, a paper bag covered with nylon PE from above was first invented in Japan around 34.Durable and water resistantOsaka ExpoAt that time, the paper bag that designed the Tower of the Sun and the symbol mark sold explosively.In addition, products that used cigarette packages as they were in the design became a boom for young men to carry paper bags.

Synthetic resin bag

Bag shape

  • Bottom seal bag --A typical application is a trash bag or rice bag, which has a simple structure in which a tube-shaped film is welded to a specified size and then cut.
  • Side seal bag-A plastic film cut in half and welded to the specified dimensions. Typical applications are envelopes for direct mail and packaging of clothing.
  • Three-sided sticker bag-A bag with three sides sealed.One of the four sides of the bag will be left over, but it may be open as the mouth of the bag, or it may be folded in half and closed.
  • Four-sided sticker bag-A bag with all four sides sealed.It has a simple shape.
  • PillowBag-A bag with a cylindrical body attached to the back and upper and lower seals.
  • Vacuum formingBag-A completely seamless bag made by vacuum forming technology.It is rarely used for general purposes and is used exclusively for special industrial purposes.
  • Bag-A special bag shape exclusively for industrial use (such as the lining of drums).A bag is formed by heat-sealing a tubular body and a circular bottom.
  • Gazette bag (Gusset) --The Gazette is a town such as an armpit.There are horizontal gusset type and bottom gusset type.The bottom gusset type also has a boat bottom type as a subspecies.These have V-shaped folds on both sides or bottom of the bag.The former isSenchaThe latter is often seen as a wrapping for bread.
  • StandingPouch ――The bottom of the bag is secured three-dimensionally, and the bag can stand on its own.meat sauceAnd someRetort foodOr for refillingshampooIt is often seen in the packaging of.

Plastic bag / vinyl bag

polyethyleneA bag made of is a "poly bag".Applications include packaging, packaging, and transportation of various large and small products.Shopping bag,Garbage bagWidely used.

PVCBags made of this material are called "plastic bags".Many people also call plastic bags made of polyethylene plastic bags, but this is a misnomer that is unique to Japan.その他Otherpolypropylene,polyester,NylonBags made of such materials are often called "plastic bags" in Japan.It is a reminder that there was a time when plastic bags were used more often than plastic bags.

Conversion to other materials

To protect the environment, retailers are taking measures such as changing take-out bags from plastic bags to paper bags.[5].

Bag format

List the types of bags according to their shape and function.

  • Zipper bag-A bag with a resealable zipper.Seaweed,SprinkleIt can be seen mainly in food packages that dislike moisture.
  • Drawstring bag --A cloth bag that has been used for a long time in Japan.The mouth can be tied with a string.Even individuals can easily make it because it has a simple structure in which the cloths are sewn together and a string is passed through the mouth.
  • Skull bag

Organ bag

Bag as a metaphor


"Patience bag" is an idiomatic expression that compares the amount of heart that a person can put up with anger to a bag. To be patient is to forgive or endure. "The patience bag runs out"こ と わ ざ(The "tail" is the string that tightens the mouth of the bag, not the "tail").Also,Cloth bagThere is a custom to call the bag that he carries on his back.

Based on the above sayingRakugo"WearinessThere is


Refers to the mother.It is a word that has existed for a long time, and the word "Obukuro-sama" can be found in the late Muromachi period book "Kamakura Annual Event", and the item "Ofukuro" is also included in the "Nippo Jisho" published in 1603. is there.The etymology is unknown, although there are various theories such as the theory that the mother managed money and valuables in a bag and the theory that the placenta and uterus were called "fukuro".


By "putting it in a bag and hitting it from the surroundings", attacking a single person who has no hands or legs in large numbers so that the person who directly touches it does not know.Criticize remarks and actions even for physical attacks such as hitting and kicking (→Hoisting) Sometimes used.

Related organism name

Marsupials are almost the only mammals in AustraliaAdaptive radiationAs a result, it looks similar to various mammals in other regions (convergence).それらは他地域の動物名にフクロをつけた形の和名(例えばThey are Japanese names (for example, animal names in other areas with owls added).Quoll,Numbat,Sugar gliderEtc.) are given.
  • Owl mold Olpidium - Acupuncture gate..There are several closely related names with similar names.またクサリフクロカビIn addition, Kusarifukuro mold Olpidiopsis Is similar in appearance to these, but not a fungusOomycetesBelong to.


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