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😷 | [10/10] New coronavirus infects XNUMX new people


[10/10] New coronavirus infects XNUMX new people

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Looking at the newly infected people by place of residence, there is one each in Yamatotakada City, Yamatokoriyama City, Tenri City, and Asuka Village.

Regarding the new coronavirus, the prefecture announced on the XNUMXth that four new infections were confirmed.I have a newly infected person ... → Continue reading

 Nara TV Broadcasting

"Nara TV Broadcasting," a TV station in the ancient city of Nara, will provide you with the latest news about the prefecture, topics on the Great Buddha and deer, and information on delicious gourmet food.

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Yamatotakada(Yamatotakada)NaraLocated in the MidwestCity.neutralize-KatsuragiIt is a regional core city. Most in Nara prefectureThe population densityIs high. In recent years, the population has gradually decreased and the number of neighboring cities and towns has been increasing.Daytime populationIs still abundant.IwateRikuzentakata City,HiroshimaAkitakata City,OitaBungotakadaWith(I.e.Is a city with the name[2].


Nara BasinIt occupies a corner of the Midwest, most of the small area of ​​the city is flat, and the northwestern part of the city isUmami HillsIt becomes the southern end of.

The cityKatsuragi RiverTakadagawaFlows from north to south. Also in the northeast, near the city border with Kashihara CitySoga RiverBut in the northwestKatsuge RiverFlows. The Takadagawa River used to flow east of the current channel, but it was suffering from flood damage.1932 The replacement work was started in (Showa 7), and it became the current flow path. The old channel has been reclaimed and made into a road, and the current oneNational Route 166Line andPrefectural road Yamato Takada Ikaruga LineThe remains of the roadside place names and bridge balustrades are retained.

Farmland in recent yearsTameikeDue to the use of residential land, there are no retarding basins during heavy rains, and some parts of the city are inundated above and below the floor during heavy rains.

Adjacent municipalities

Town name, etc.

Town namereadingZip CodeTown namereadingZip Code
AkiyoshiAkiyoshi635-0053 AkebonochoAkebonocho635-0012
AsahikitachoAsahi Kitamachi635-0036 AsahiminamichoAsahi Minamachi635-0035
AriiYes635-0072 IkejiriIkejiri635-0021
(I.e.(I.e.635-0077 IsonoThat635-0093
Isonokita TownThe day635-0094 Isono ShinmachiIshino Shinmachi635-0063
Isono Higashi TownIshino Higashicho635-0061 Isono-Minami TownIsonominamimachi635-0062
MarketIchiba635-0074 OutCome on635-0043
ImazatoRight now635-0031 Imazato River AkataCute and cute635-0032
UchihonmachiUchihonmachi635-0087 Eiwa TownEiwacho635-0083
OtaniTo you635-0076 OhchuTummy635-0095
Large Middle East TownHungry butterfly635-0091 Onakaminami-choHungry635-0092
Daito TownOohashicho635-0016 (I.e.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu635-0073
OkudaOkuda635-0052 WinBullying635-0042
Kasuga TownKasugacho635-0067 Katashio TownKatashi635-0085
Amada TownKandacho635-0056 Kitakata salt townKitataka Ocho635-0084
KitahonmachiKitahonmachi635-0097 Kuranomiya TownKuranomiya635-0044
Timber townBaby butterfly635-0011 SaiwaichoSaicho Icho635-0015
SakaemachiSakaemachi635-0064 Sanwa TownSanwacho635-0014
Showa TownShocho635-0013 Shinonome TownShino no Mecho635-0017
Shinto musicJiraku635-0025 Sone radishSoone635-0055
TaiWant635-0041 Shinmachi TaiTaishin town635-0047
TakasagoTakasago butterfly635-0081 (I.e.(I.e.635-0022
TsukiyamaTsukiyama635-0071 DongoDongo635-0002
Nakaimasato TownNakaimatocho635-0037 NakasankuradoNakamura635-0045
Nanyo TownWhat a butterfly635-0057 Saibo CastleNishibo635-0058
(I.e.Nimachi635-0096 NishisankuradoClams635-0046
Negi persimmonNegaki635-0051 (I.e.の ぐ635-0075
TochuHigashi Naka635-0065 Higashi Mikurado TownHigashi Mikuracho635-0034
Hinode TownHinodecho635-0022 Hinode NishihonmachiHinode Nishihonmachi635-0024
Hinode HigashihonmachiHinode Higashi Honmachi635-0023 FujimoriFujinomori635-0004
Hongo TownJapanese house635-0082 MatsuzukaMatsuzuka635-0001
Minamiimasato TownMinami Mizo and Butterfly635-0033 MinamihonmachiMinamihonmachi635-0086
YoshiiGood635-0059 If not listed635-0000


Humidity is high in summer and cold in winter.


A large city of the 5th century in the northwestern part of the cityFront and rear circle,Tsukiyama Tumulus(Ring tomb reference place/denEmperor TakeruTomb) and the Ryokeyama Tumulus exist,Umami Burial MoundsForms the southern end of. Also looks like the Japanese ShokiBaekje ItarouThe (Otara) tomb is appointed to Okazaki, located to the south of the Tsukiyama Tumulus. In recent yearsIkeda RuinsHave been discoveredHaniwaEtc. were excavated. Most of the city limits areWanasho"ofYamatoKuzushita-gunIt belongs to (Katsuragi no Shimono Koori), and there is a theory that the town name is comparable to Tadata Township, but there is a high possibility that Kuzushita-Gami Township is.Enki ceremony internal companyIshizono Takushimadama Shrine(Aka Ryu Royal Palace) is settled in the city. AlsoAsuka PeriodWas built inYokoojiRuns through the city from east to west.

In the Middle AgesKofuku-ji TempleIchijoinHiratasoMr. Takada (Taima), who was a shogunate, became a samurai and built the whole area with Mr. Mantetsu who built Takada Castle (currently Katashio Elementary School) and built Manten (Hira) Castle,Junkei TsutsuiIt was destroyed by and the castle was destroyed.Edo PeriodThere are many territories and territories in the area, and when cotton production flourished during the middle period, it developed as a market town centering on Takada Hongo, and became a center of the textile industry with the establishment of a spinning factory in modern times. ..

1948 OfMunicipal systemAt the time of enforcement,NiigataTakada(CurrentJoetsu City) Had already enforced the city system, so it was named "Yamato" in Yamato.Old country nameThe first case to avoid duplication of city namesOsakaIzumiotsu City(Izumi country), but this city is the first to be crowned without omission.

1960 eraOr later,UnitikaThe Takada Factory was closed and in recent yearsChugokuIt is a local industry due to competition with products.fiberIndustry continues to decline. on the other handバ ブ ルDuring the period, workers in the Osaka area flowed in to seek housing and the population increased, but in recent years it has tended to decline slightly.

Chronological Table

Ancient times
中 世
  • 1432 (3rd year of Eikyo)-Takada castle construction and Toma Tamei become the first Takada castle owner.
The early modern period
Modern and contemporary

Change of city limits

Meiji 22Meiji 29Showa 2Showa 16Showa 23Showa 31Showa 32Now
Takada TownTakada TownTakada Town
Doko Village
Floating village
Ryo NishimuraKitakatsuragi-gun
Ryo Nishimura
Tenma Village


  • Shizu Gozen TheYoshitsune MinamotoAfter farewell, it is said that he moved to Isono, Yamatotakada City, the home of his mother, Isono Zennun. Although there is no definite proof of the literature, there is a mound that conveys to Shizu Gozen's grave in the area of ​​Isono. In addition, the nearby Iwano is considered to be the old name of "Isono", and the stone garden and Isono are also considered to have the same name.


As of October 2008, the city's financial status is the worst deficit ratio in the prefecture, 10, and the financial strength index is 4th out of 12 cities in the prefecture.[3]. However, the real debt service ratio and future burden ratio are lower than those of neighboring municipalities.[3][4]. Since then, the city's fiscal consolidation policy has been implemented to record a surplus in a single year and reduce the deficit ratio.

In addition, since April 2006 (Heisei 18), we have implemented a fee for garbage disposal.

Successive mayors

  • 1948 (January-May): Tamekichi Horiuchi
  • 1948-1952: Senzo Nagura
  • 1952-1956: Kumataro Miyauchi
  • 1956-1968: Senzo Nagura
  • 1968-1975: Takanori Tanaka
  • 1975-1979: Chuichi Murashima
  • 1979-1991: Yasuharu Morikawa
  • 1991-1995:Nobuhide Tanaka
  • 1995-2003: Toshiharu Matsuda
  • 2003-2019:Seikatsu Yoshida
  • From 2019 onwards:Horiuchi Taizo

City council

  • Parliamentary structure (constant 17)[5][6][7]
    • Sosei Takada-6 people (Representative: Motohide Nishimura)
    • Kizuna-5 people (Representative: Hirofumi Nakamoto)
    • Komeito --Three people (Representative: Koji Sunahara)
    • Japan Communist Party --Three people (Representative: Yoko Sawada)
  • Operation (as of May 2019, 5)
    • Chairman-Riki Manzu (bond)
    • Vice Chairman-Toshiya Hashimoto (Sosei Takada)
    • Audit Committee-Masagen Yoneda (Komeito)
    • Parliamentary Steering Committee 8 members-Chairman: Motohide Nishimura (Sousei Takada)
    • 6 General Affairs and Finance Committee-Chair: Naomori Morimoto (Kizuna)
    • Civil Education Committee 6 people-Chair: Koji Sunahara (Komeito)
    • Environmental Construction Committee 6 people-Chair: Masahide Mukawa (Japan Communist Party

About city name

The name "Yamatotakada City" has been used since the beginning of the municipal system in 1948.Niigata OfTakada(At that time, nowNaoetsu CityMerged withJoetsu City) Was to avoid confusion with. In addition to this, the local government named TakadaIwateRikuzentakata City,HiroshimaAkitakata City,OitaBungotakadaAs such, including the names of towns and villages, Takada place names can be found all over the country. The name of "Yamatotakada" was used since 1941 when Kintetsu's "Yamatotakada Station" was renamed from "Takada Station".

Non-payment of garbage disposal fee

It was revealed that there is a processing company that does not pay a fee while bringing in industrial waste not only from within the city but also from outside the prefecture, which is not authorized, to the city's cleaning plant. Talks between the city and the traders were long, but as a result of the settlement mediation by the court, in June 2004, a settlement proposal was proposed to return 6 yen for 20 months, totaling 235 million yen. In the debate in the city council on the proposed settlement, the majority of the members insisted on the opposition, but the vote approved to accept the settlement.



Kitakatsuragi-gunGoryo TownIn parallel with the development of industries such as textiles and socks,Panty stockingThe production ofJapanIs. However, due to the recent increase in the import of cheap textile products from China and other countries, the local industry is at risk of survival.

  • Population by industry (2000)
Primary industry328
Primary industry12,036
Primary industry20,321


Headquartered company

Commercial facility

Main commercial facilities in the city

A supermarket that once existed

Financial institution

Securities company

Agricultural cooperative

Takada Branch (Minami Honmachi), Ryosai Branch (Market), Tenma Branch (Yoshii)

Japan Post Group

(*As of May 2014)

Japan Post Co., Ltd.
  • Yamatotakada Post Office(Kagura) -Collection and delivery station.
  • Yamatotakada Tsukiyama Post Office (Tsukiyama)
  • Yamatotakada Hinode Post Office (Hinode Higashihonmachi)
  • Ryosai Post Office (Market)
  • Yamatotakada Asahikita Post Office (Asahikitacho)
  • Yamatotakada Katashio Post Office (Katashiocho)
  • Yamatotakada Soone Post Office (Kandacho)
  • Yamatotakada Kitahonmachi Post Office (Kitahonmachi)
  • Tenma Post Office (Nenarigaki)
  • Yamatotakada Matsuzuka Simple Post Office (Matsuzuka)
  • Yamatotakada Shinonome Simple Post Office (Shinonomecho)
  • Yamatotakada Departure Simple Post Office (Departure)
Japan Post Bank
  • Osaka Branch Oak Town Yamatotakada Branch Office (Saiwaicho) (ATM only / Holiday service)
In addition, ATMs are installed at each post office except for simple post offices, and holiday services are provided at each post office in Yamatotakada and Yamatotakada Katashio.



Population distribution of Yamatotakada, Nara, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Yamatotakada City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yamatotakada City (2005)
Purple-Yamatotakada City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yamatotakada City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Population transition of Yamatotakada City

  • Data source Nara Prefectural Statistics DivisionPopulation as of October 10, each year according to the survey.
  • As of October 2007, 10: 1 people
  • Population growth rate (2002 → 2007): -4.4%

The population peaked in 1999 and has been declining.

school education

primary school
Junior high school
high school
Other schools

Social education

Cultural facility
  • Sazanka Hall
Public hall
  • Yamatotakada City Central Community Center
  • Isono Central Community Center
  • Isono Town Community Center
  • Public hall
  • Rikusai Community Center
  • Okuda Community Center
  • Kitashikijima Town Community Center
  • Kuranomiya Community Center
  • Nitta Town Community Center
  • Sugawara Community Center
  • Tsukiyama Public Hall
  • Desashiki Community Center
  • Dust public hall
  • Nakamachi community center
  • Seibo Castle Community Center
  • Higashi Naka Community Center
Physical education facility
  • Central Park
  • Community pool

National/prefecture institutions

Most of the major government offices in the city and in the central and southern part of Nara Prefecture are concentrated near Nishimachi and Ohanaka.

National agency

Prefecture agency

  • Takada Government Office, Nara Prefecture (Ochuaka)
  • Nara Prefectural PoliceTakada Police Station(Kagura)
  • Takada Civil Engineering Office (Tochu)
  • Neutralization Labor Hall (Nishimachi)
  • Takada Passenger Ticket Center (Saiwaicho / Tonarie Yamatotakada 3rd floor)
  • Takada Children's Home Counseling Center (Ochuaka)
  • Takada Work i Center (Nishimachi)
  • Katsuragi Wide Area Administrative Office Union (Nishimachi)
  • Kyonawa Expressway Site Office (Negaki Kaki)



News agency

Terrestrial broadcasting station

Community FM

Cable TV

  • KCN(Kintetsu Cable Network Co., Ltd.)

Newspaper company

Yomiuri ShimbunYamatotakada Communications DepartmentKashibaIt is in.


  • Yamatotakada Chamber of Commerce
  • Yamatotakada Council of Social Welfare
  • Yamatotakada Club(Adult baseball team)
  • Youth Independence Support Center Bloom



Transit Bus


Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events




  • Senbonzakura on the banks of the Takada River
  • Tsukiyama Burial Mounds, Tsukiyama Park,Otaniyama Nature Park
  • -
  • Takada Onsen Sakuraso (it was municipally managed but is now outsourced to the private sector)
  • Cultural Center
  • Bentenza
  • General park, community pool, etc.


Festivals and events

  • Four seasons festival
  1. spring·Takada Senbonzakura -Takada Riverside, Ohnaka Park area (4st week of April)
  2. summer·Takada Lively Festival - Bunka Kaikan "Sazanka Hall", Ma Reiike Park area (July 7st and 21nd)
  3. autumn·Thanks festival -Ryugu Palace,Katashio Shopping Street(May)
  4. winter·Takada Gobo Festival -Senji Temple, Honmachi Shopping Street (closed in 2010)
  • Okuda lotus collection event(February 7)
  • Tenjinsha summer festival(February 7)
  • Tenjinsha Autumn Festival - 3 units of "Takada" "Ichi Hommachi" "Yamato"Ground car(Danjiri) Towing (Sunday and Monday including Health and Sports Day in October) 
  • Tenjinsha migration-A mikoshi migrant from Tenjinsha to Hasehonji in historical costumes that has been going on for hundreds of years (October)

People from Yamatotakada City

Yamatotakada City Favorite Song

Works set in Yamatotakada City

  • "Railway song Vol. 1900 Kansai, Sangu, Nankai Edition" (November 11)
    • 39. If Takada is divided and goes to the right, there is a railroad running in Kawachi
    • 40. Looking out from the right window To the south of Mt. Katsuragisan, Mt. Kongouzan is named after Mr. Kusunoki's castle.
  • "Katsuragi Michi"(Ryotaro Shiba
  • "Takeuchi Highway(Ryotaro Shiba)

Area code


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外部 リンク

Yamatokoriyama City

Yamatokoriyama City(Yamato Koori Yamashi)NaraLocated in the north ofCity.1954 May 1ToIkoma-gunWhen Koriyama Town enforced the city system, it emphasized that the city name was Yamato Province.FukushimaKoriyamaIt was designated as "Yamatokoriyama City" to distinguish it from.Since Koriyama Castle and the Koriyama Domain were located there, "Koriyama" alone may refer to Yamatokoriyama City.

GoldfishKnown throughout the country as a famous production area, the "National Goldfish Scooping Championship" is held every year.[2],Manga"Sukutte GoranIt is also the stage of[3].


Yamatokoriyama CityNara BasinLocated in the northSabo River,Tomio RiverIs flowing south.The city area is generally flat, but west of the Tomio RiverYada HillsThe undulations are large because of the widening.There are many ponds in the city, but this isReservoir,GoldfishIt was used as a farming pond.

From ancient timesCity area TheKintetsu Koriyama StationAnd JRKoriyama StationIt spreads around and is still intricate with small alleys.The Hieda village on the east side of the Saho River is medievalRing moatIt is known to retain its appearance.

Adjacent municipalities


  • Rivers managed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism[4]
  • Nara prefecture managed river[4]
    • Tomio River(Tomiogawa
    • (Ashigawa
    • (Taiga Nakano
    • Okazaki River
    • Ryokawa
    • Coral Pearl River
    • Masada River
    • Takase River
    • Crab
    • Maekawa
    • Maekawa Flood Bypass
  • Mutated river[4]
    • Heiwa River
    • Yoshino River
    • Konya River
    • Ceiling river


ancientYamatoSoge DistrictMurakuni Township, Yada Township,Soegami-gunOtakugo,Taira-gunIt is the land of Nakuta Township.Yadasuwahisashi Tamabiko Shrine (Yatacho) and Sugada Shrine (Hachijocho) in the Enki ceremony,Kota Shrine(Hieda) is enshrined.

cityThe shape ofSengoku periodAt the endJunkei Tsutsui Koriyama CastleAccording to thatcastle townAfter the development.After the death of Junkei1585 ToToyotomi Hidenaga(Hidenaga Hashiba at that time) entered Koriyama Castle, and Koriyama was at this timeYamatoProspered as the central city of.

Edo PeriodTemporarily after enteringNara Magistrate's OfficeIt became the jurisdiction of, but it is devastated.Osaka Summer TeamLater played an active part in the same campaignMizuno KatsunariEntered, and thereafterTadaaki MatsudairaMatsudaira family starting fromHonda MasakatsuFollowing the Honda family starting withKyoho9 years(1724 ) HasReform of KyohoInShogunate territoryOn expansion policyKai countryWas made into a tenryoKofu DomainWas a feudal lordYoshisato YanagisawaWas transferred until the Meiji RestorationMr. Yanagisawa Koriyama DomainHe ruled the area as a feudal lord.Also,Katagiri and YumotoorKatagiri SadatakaBegins withMr. KatagiriEntered Koizumi Jinya in Koizumi-cho, the cityKoizumi Domain(Katagiri feudal clan) Became the feudal lord.

Redemption-Abandoned DomainAfter the twists and turns that begin with1887 ToNaraWas re-installed.1889 Eight towns and villages (Koriyama Town, Tsui Village, Yata Village, Honda Village, Hirabata Village, Harumichi Village, Heiwa Village, Katagiri Village) were born by implementing the town and village system.1896 Soejimo-gun and Heguri-gun merged to form Ikoma-gun, and the Ikoma-gun office was set up at the current Yamatokoriyama City Hall.


  • 1889 (Meiji22 years)May 4 - Municipal systemBy enforcement ofSoge DistrictKoriyama Town (Imai Town, Sakai Town, Shio Town, Uo Town, Nakakajimachi Town, Kitakajimachi Town, Kannonji Town, Nogakiuchi Town, Minami Blacksmith Town, Honmachi, Shinnaka Town, Yanagi Town, Nara Town, Miscellaneous Grain Town, Tea Town, Watamachi, Yanagimachi XNUMX-chome, Yanagimachi XNUMX-chome, Yanagimachi XNUMX-chome, Yanagimachi XNUMX-chome, Yanagimachi XNUMX-chome, Yanagimachi XNUMX-chome, Yanagiuramachi, Kitakajimachi, Minamidaikocho, Tosenjicho, Yadacho, Shinkonyacho, Takadacho・ Timber Town ・ Tofu Town ・ Konya Town ・ Car Town ・ Higashioka Town ・ Nishioka Town ・ Nishinaraguchi Town ・ Higashinaraguchi Town)・ With the area of ​​Kujo VillageKoriyama TownWas launched.
  • 1897 (Meiji 30) April 4-The county to which Soejimo-gun Koriyama-cho belongsIkoma-gunchange to.
  • 1941 (Showa16 years)May 3 --Koriyama-cho, Ikoma-gunTsutsui VillageIncorporated.
  • 1953 (28)May 12 --Ikoma-gun, Koriyama-cho is Ikoma-gunYata Village-Showa village-Soegami-gunHarumichi Village-Peace VillageIncorporated.
  • 1954 (29)May 1 --Renamed Koriyama-cho, Ikoma-gun[5]・ Municipal system enforcement[6]do itYamatokoriyama CityBecome[7].
  • 1957 (32)May 3 --Ikoma DistrictKatagirichoIncorporated.

Change of city limits

Meiji 22Meiji 29Showa 10Showa 16Showa 25Showa 28Showa 29Showa 32Now
Soge DistrictIkoma-gunYamatokoriyama CityYamatokoriyama City
Koriyama TownKoriyama TownKoriyama Town
Tsutsui Village
Yata Village
Taira-gunHirabata VillageShowa village
Hirabata Village
Honda village
Harumichi Village
Peace Village
Soge DistrictIkoma-gun
Katagiri VillageKatagiricho


In addition, the constituency of the House of Representatives election is "Nara Prefecture 2st Ward, The constituency for the Nara Prefectural Assembly election is "Yamatokoriyama City constituency" (constant: 3).[10].



In our cityEdo PeriodThansamuraiStarted as a side business ofGoldfishAquaculture is very popular and is also exported.Yamagata OfShonai GoldfishIt boasts a market share that divides the market into two.However, recently, due to the shortage of successors and the slump in the market, there are a number of companies that have closed their businesses and converted the fishponds to residential land, and the number of fishponds that were once found in various parts of the city is decreasing year by year.For this reason, in recent years, with the support of the city and local industry groups, "nationwide"Goldfish scoopingVarious attempts are being made to revitalize the market, such as holding "championships".

Showa Industrial Park

In the Showa area in the southern part of the city, factories of many manufacturers have been attracted since the 40s, and it is known locally as the Showa Industrial Park.Around this industrial parkNishi-Meihan ExpresswayExists.

Major manufacturers and companies in the city

Commercial facility

  • AEON MALL Yamatokoriyama(Shimomitsuhashi Town, opened on March 2010, 22)[11]
  • Apita Yamatokoriyama store-DCM DaikiYamatokoriyama store (opened on April 1, 2004 as the first store in the Kansai area of ​​Tanakacho)[12].. DCM Daiki will be in 2016You HomeTransferred from)
  • Okuwa
    Yamatokoriyama Yanagimachi store (Yanagimachi, opened on November 2006, 18)[13]), Tsutsui Kita store (Tsutsuicho, opened as Yamatokoriyama Tsutsui store on August 2003, 12)[14]), Tsutsui Nishi Store (Tsutsui Town, opened on September 2009, 21)[15]
  • Price cutYamato-Koizumi store (Koizumi-cho, opened as Yamato-Koizumi store on July 2003, 12)[16]
  • Kinsho store Harves Yamatokoriyama store (JR Koriyama station east side complex facility commercial building[17]Opened on April 2000, 15[17]
  • Super Center trialYamato Koizumi store (Koizumichohigashi)
  • Yamaya(AEON group) Yamatokoriyama store (Kujocho)
  • Home Center Konan Yamatokoriyama store (Koizumicho), Yamatokoriyama Tsutsui store (Tsutsuicho, opened on September 2009, 21)[15]
  • Corp Imago (Nara co-op) (Imagoucho Town)
  • Foleo Town Tsutsui (Tsutsuicho)
  • Edion New Yamato Koizumi store (Koizumichohigashi)
  • Joshi Koriyama store (Yokotacho), Koriyama AEON MALL store (Shimomitsuhashicho, AEON MALL Yamatokoriyamauchi)[18], Opened on March 2010, 22)[18]
  • Welcia Pharmacy (Aeon Group) Yamatokoriyama Koizumi store (Koizumicho)
  • The Daiso Yamaya Yamatokoriyama store (Kujocho), Okuwa Tsutsuikita store (Tsutsuicho), Yamato Koizumi store (Koizumicho), Asmo Yamatokoriyama store (Minamikoriyamacho)

Financial institution

  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Yamatokoriyama Branch (Minamikoriyamacho)
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Yamatokoriyama Branch (Minamikoriyamacho)
  • Nanto Bank Koriyama Branch (Minamikoriyamacho), Yada Minami Branch Office (Koizumicho), Tsutsui Branch (Tsutsuicho), Central Market Branch (Tsutsuicho)
  • Kyoto Bank Yamatokoriyama Branch (Minamikoriyamacho)
  • Resona Bank Yamato Koriyama Branch (Takada Town), Koizumi Branch (Koizumi Town)
  • Nara Shinkin Bank Head office (Yamatokoriyama-cho), Koizumi branch (Koizumi-cho), Tsutsui branch (Tsutsui-cho)

Agricultural Cooperative (JA Ken)

  • Koriyama Branch (Kitakoriyamacho)
  • Heiwa Branch (Minoshocho)
  • Naraken Branch (Hashiincho)
  • Yada Branch / Koriyama Economic Center (Togawacho)
  • Showa Branch (Showa Town)
  • Katagiri Branch (Ikenouchicho)

Japan Post Group

(As of 2013 year 7 month)

  • Yamatokoriyama Post Office(Sugimachi) --Collection and delivery station.
  • Yamatokoriyama Kujo Post Office (Kujo Town)
  • Yamatokoriyama Honmachi Post Office (Honmachi)
  • Kintetsu Koriyama Station Post Office (Asahicho)
  • Yamatokoriyama Takada Post Office (Takadaguchicho)
  • Heiwa Post Office (Minoshocho = Minoshō)
  • Yamatokoriyama Yata Post Office (Yatacho)
  • Yamatokoriyama Nishitanaka Post Office (Shinmachi)
  • Yamatokoriyama Koizumi Post Office (Koizumicho)
  • Yamatokoriyama Tsutsui Post Office (Tsutsuicho)
  • Nara Prefecture Central Wholesale Market Post Office (Tsutsuicho)
  • Showa Post Office (Nukatabe Kitamachi = Nukata Tamachi)
  • Tokawa Simple Post Office (Tokawamachi)
  • Yamatokoriyama Kobayashi Post Office (Kobayashi Town)
  • Harumichi Post Office (Yokotacho)
  • Yamatokoriyama Hasshiin Simple Post Office (Shiratsuchicho)
  • Osaka Branch ApitaYamatokoriyama Branch Office (Tanaka Town) (ATM only / Holiday service)
  • Osaka Branch AEON MALL YamatokoriyamaUchi branch office (Shimomitsuhashi Town) (ATM only / Holiday service)
ATMs are installed at each post office except for other simple post offices, and the Yamatokoriyama Post Office provides holiday services.

* The postal code for the entire Yamatokoriyama city is "639-10xx""639-11xx(Ikoma-gunRelief townThe whole area is the same / both are in charge of collection and delivery at the Yamatokoriyama Post Office).

Sister cities/partner cities



Population distribution of Yamatokoriyama, Nara, Japan.svg
Yamatokoriyama City and the national population distribution by age (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yamatokoriyama City (2005)
Purple-Yamatokoriyama City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yamatokoriyama City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Population of Yamatokoriyama City

  • Data source Nara Prefectural Statistics DivisionPopulation as of October 10, each year according to the survey.
  • As of June 2007, 10: 1
  • Population growth rate (2002 → 2007): -3.3%

It used to be the third largest population in the prefecture after Kashihara City. In 3, the number fell below 2008.

Prefecture facilities


College of technology

high school

High school in the past

Junior high school

primary school

Other schools


The road in the center of the town is like a maze with many narrow alleys remaining in the castle town.


JROsaka Station-Tennoji Station-JR Namba StationDirectly to. About 1 times an hourYamatoji Rapid-Rapid sectionIs being driven.The number increases in the morning. JRKyoto Station,Shin-Osaka StationThere is also a direct train during the morning commute.


Night express bus

Keisei BusJoint operation


Expressways and motorways

National road

Main local road

General prefectural road

City transportation


Sights and historic sites

Museum facility


* The "important cultural property" in the explanation indicates an important cultural property of the country.


  • Memory competition(Memory Japan Championship) (February) It is named after Hieda no Are, who was involved in the compilation of Kojiki.
  • Castle Festival(April) The cherry blossoms on the ruins of the castle are famous
  • Yamato Summer Festival (August)
  • National Goldfish Scooping Championship (8rd Sunday of August "Goldfish Scooping Day")
  • Basara Festival (August)
  • Yada Furusato Festival (October)
  • Parent and child festival (November)

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