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😷 | [Breaking news] 25 new infections in Fukuoka prefecture, new corona, 1 dead


[Breaking news] 25 new infections in Fukuoka Prefecture, new corona, 1 dead

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No one was infected in Kitakyushu.

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Kitakyushu(Kitakyushu) isFukuokaLocated in the northCity.Government-designated cityAndFukuoka CitySecond onlyKyushu regionSecond placecity.


Kanmon StraitFacingKyushu regionNorthernmostcity..It has a history of prospering as a gateway to the Kyushu region.Kitakyushu Industrial AreaBear the core of.1963 May 2ToMoji,Kokura ,Wakamatsu,Hachiman,TobataNogoichi's equal merger[1]Was born after. Three major metropolitan areasIt became the first ordinance-designated city in the area except for (Prefectural office locationFirst as a city other than)[2].. Prefectural officeFukuoka CityIt was the city with the largest population in the Kyushu region until it was overtaken.Centered on our cityKitakyushu metropolitan areaBesides[Primary material 2],Kanmon StraitAdjacent acrossYamaguchi ShimonosekiAlong withKanmon metropolitan areaTo form[3].

13th in population size in Japan[4], In KyushuFukuoka CityIt is second only to the city, and together with the city as a special zone for global founding and job creationNational Strategic Special ZoneIs specified in[5].. In non-prefectural office locationsKanagawaKawasaki CityHas the second largest population after[Primary material 3].

It is the starting point of major national roads and railway lines in Kyushu, and has beenKyushu Railway(CurrentKagoshima Main LinePredecessor)[6],Kanmon StraitFacingMoji PortOnce prospered as a coal shipping portWakamatsu PortThe development of transportation infrastructure such as ports has progressed.2016 May 4IsHigashikyushu Expressway Oita CityandMiyazaki CityDirectly connected toKyushu ExpresswayTogether withTransportation nodeAs a base[7].

From the remnants of being the largest city in KyushuNHK Kitakyushu Broadcasting Station,Asahi Shimbun Western Headquarters,Mainichi Newspaper West Head OfficeHas been placed in the prefecture along with Fukuoka City for a long time.Mass mediaIt is the base of

1901 ToChikuho coalfieldNear Yawata Town (1901 at that time.Village system enforcement1889 ..Later in Yawata City)Government steel millWas established and industrialization progressed as the largest steel supply site in Japan[8].. In Kitakyushu, with an international trading portSuzuki ShotenThere are various industries such as Monji, where the food industry is concentrated, Ogura, which has a tradition as a castle town where the military industry is concentrated, Wakamatsu, a coal distribution center, Yawata, which is operated by the Yahata Steel Works, and Tobata, a spinning and coal-related industry and a fishery base. Cities with industrial characteristics have developed while competing with each other along the Kanmon Straits and the coast of Dokai Bay.[9]..Although the scale is different, each of the five old cities is stillCity centerHave.The administrative and economic center of Kitakyushu isKokurakita WardAndKokura StationThe front is the largest in the cityDowntownIt has become.

After the war, it developed mainly in heavy industries such as steel and metals.High economic growthBecame the driving force of[9]..With the development of the heavy chemical industry, during the high growth periodAir pollution,Dokai Bay OfWater pollution such asPollutionHas become more serious, but citizens and the government have cooperated to overcome pollution.1990 eraOccupy in the local economy until the second halfManufacturing industryWas large, but2000 eraToService industryAnd the industrial structure is changing.[10]..Also, from the history of overcoming pollutionKitakyushu Eco TownSuch asエ コBusiness and recycling facilities are also concentrated[11]..The administration is to revitalize the cityKitakyushu Film CommissionIs actively engaged in attracting movie and TV locations and cooperating in shooting.[12].

1979 The population peaked at 106.8 million[13], Changes in the industrial structure due to the relative decline in the status of the Kitakyushu industrial zone (region) and the conversion of the economy to services,University,Vocational schoolsSuch asHigher educationFukuoka City, where the concentration of commerce and commerce is thrivingKansai,TokyoThe population has been declining until now due to the outflow of population to.2020 The aging rate in Japan is also 30.6%, which is the highest among the ordinance-designated cities in Japan.[14], Population decline and aging are becoming problems.In recent years, there has been an improvement in the social decline of the population, and in Kokurakita WardReturn to the city centerThe population is increasing due to the influence of.



KyusyuLocated at the northeastern end of. North of the citySea of ​​Japan(Hibiki Nada) On the east sideSeto Inland Sea(Suo Nada),Kanmon StraitAcrossHonshu OfShimonosekiIs about 650 in the narrowest Hatomo SetoMeters Facing at a distance of (m)[15].

CitycoastalThe total length of the coastline as of March 2009 is approximately 3.Kilometers (km) and longest in ordinance-designated cities[Primary material 4]..The Kanmon Strait forms an S-shaped water area over about 20 km from the coast of Wakamatsu Ward to the coast of Moji Ward.[15]Between the main island of Kyushu and the Wakamatsu PeninsulaDokai BayHas a depth of about 13 km from the bay mouth[Primary material 5].

8% of the coastline is artificial coasts such as harbors, and the length of the natural coast is about 20 km.[16].. On the natural coast of Hibiki Nada, at the beach near Iwaya fishing portウ ミ ガ メLanding has been confirmed, and along the Suo Nada coastSone tidal flatAnd Kitakyu Natural Beach Conservation Area remain[Primary material 6].

The central part of the city limits the northern part of the Fukuchi Mountains,Kisa PeninsulaThe Kouzan Mountain Range (Adachiyama-Mt.-Fushizan・Mt. Tonokami, Nuki mountains in Ogura Minami Ward (mountain mountains, etc.)Sarakura-Mt.-Mt. Gongenyama-Fukuchiyama・Shakudake ・Mt. Kongouzan etc.), Wakamatsu Ward ・Wakamatsu PeninsulaOf the Ishimine Mountain Range (Ishimine-Mt. Iwao and Mt. MirokuEtc.)[17][18].

These mountains areKitakyushu National MonumentSpecified to[Primary material 7],SarakuraAs "100 billion dollar night view"Three major night views of New JapanHas been selected for[19].. The calcareous landforms spread from northern Fukuoka to western Yamaguchi,Karst plateau OfHiraodaiThere is[20].. Takatoyama Park is a mountain that is not maintained as a main mountain in other areas but is maintained as a park.[Primary material 8], Central Park (Mount Konpira)[Primary material 9], Koshiroyama (Wabari Park)[Primary material 10] and so on.

Flowing in the cityriver ThePurple river,Itabagawa,Kanayama River,OngagawaEtc., and fans and coastal plains are distributed around these estuaries.[17]However, as mentioned above, there are many mountainous areas adjacent to the sea, and the habitable area is limited to about 20% of the entire city.[21].. In addition to the Onga River, dam lakes such as the Hata Dam and Troutuchi Dam constructed in the mountains support the water supply to urban areas.[22].

In the city(I.e.As,Aijima,Majima(.Shimonoseki City Mutsure Island Island),Shirashima(Otoshima/Metojima Candle rock Bando Island Etc.)Wago Island,Majima,Hashima,Karukojima(Land connection island),TsumurajimaThere is[Primary material 11].. Also, as an artificial islandKitakyushu Airportand so on[Primary material 11].


The eastern part of Kitakyushu isSeto Inland Sea(Suo Nada), the northSea of ​​Japan(Hibiki Nada),Inland Sea climateJapan Sea climateShows an intermediate tendency of and is relatively warm[Primary material 12].. It is easily affected by the seasonal winds, with strong winds from the west in winter and strong winds from the south from spring to autumn.[Primary material 12].

The Hibiki Nada is affected by the wind storms of the Sea of ​​Japan in winter, while the Suo Nada is a relatively calm area unique to the Seto Inland Sea.[Primary material 13].. Thick fog often occurs in the Kanmon Strait in early spring[Primary material 13].. After the rainy season, it is covered by the Pacific high pressure, and it becomes sunny and hot midsummer.[Primary material 14].. It often becomes cloudy in winter type atmospheric pressure arrangements, and it may snow.[Primary material 15].

According to the 2006 measurement results by the Kitakyushu Observatory, the annual average temperature was 18 degrees, the annual average humidity was 17.0%, and the annual precipitation was 72.9 mm.[Primary material 12].

Kitakyushu (Hachiman) Climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F18.7
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F9.4
Average daily temperature ° C (° F5.8
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F2.4
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−4.6
Precipitation amount mm (inch)82.8
Average monthlyDaylight hours94.6113.6146.0184.5198.2149.5168.8197.5158.4170.4131.4112.61,825.5
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency


Place name

Administrative district

The following 7AreaConsisting of (Municipality Codeorder).All populations are estimated populations as of September 2021, 10.

CodesWard namepopulation
Ratio (%)area
The population density
40101-3 Moji Ward92,4719.973.671,255
40103-0 Wakamatsu Ward79,4288.571.311,114
40105-6 Tobata56,8686.116.613,424
40106-4 Kokurakita Ward182,74219.639.234,658
40107-2 Ogura Minami Ward208,04022.3171.741,211
40108-1 Hachiman East Ward64,1826.936.261,770
40109-9 Hachiman Nishi Ward248,41326.683.132,988

Initially, it was 5 wards that corresponded to the old 5 cities, but in 1974,Kokura Ward Kokurakita WardOgura Minami WardToYawata Hachiman Nishi WardHachiman East Ward

The Asakawa district in the western part of Wakamatsu Ward was transferred to the Hachiman Nishi Ward and transferred to the 7-ward system.

City structure

Trade in the former five citiesChikuho coalfieldA harbor was developed as a shipping base, and the railway network was developed in conjunction with the development of the heavy chemical industry in seaside areas such as steel mills. In addition to the terrain with few flatlands and complicated mountainous areas,Buzen Country-Chikuzen countryIt has a historical background that is different from that of today and still has its own cultural and lifestyle ties.[Primary material 16].

From such a background, the urban structure of Kitakyushu City developed around the railway stations of the former five cities, and these were connected along the railway to form a long and narrow city axis.[Primary material 16].

Since public facilities have been developed in units of old cities, it has the characteristic that the area of ​​public facilities per capita is the largest among the 20 ordinance-designated cities nationwide.[23].

After that, the city structure has two north-south axes, which are the east-west axis from Honshu to Fukuoka, the Okura direction from Okura, and the Kurosaki direction to the direct direction due to the improvement of the transportation network, the accumulation of various functions on the city axis, and the progress of suburbanization. It has shifted to a π (pie) type urban structure. This city axis intersectsKokura,KurosakiThen, the transportation nodule function and the base property have improved.[Primary material 16].

Kitakyushu CityCity center, KurosakiFukutoshinAnd the central city area of ​​each city before the merger (Moji Port,Tobata,Wakamatsu)WhenKagoshima Main LineandNippo Main LineNear the main stations of (Moji,Hachiman,Orio,Jono,ShimosoneEtc.) are positioned as regional bases[Primary material 17].

The main urban areas are as follows.

Inner city

Kokura(City center)
The city center of Kitakyushu,Kokurakita WardIs the central base of[Primary material 17].. The range of "Kokura" as the central city area is JRKokura StationFrom the west side to the south side, from DaimonNational Route 3The part that descends south to the Kimachi Kobanmae intersection, also from the south side to the east side, includes the Nagahama area via the Kogane district based on National Route 3.National Route 199To the north, to the north, along the coastline[Primary material 18].
castle townNagasaki HighwayIn addition to being the starting point, it became a hub for railway transportation after the Meiji era, and became a hub for wide area commerce from Kitakyushu to Yamaguchi. In addition, since factories of various industries were located and related facilities were established as a military city, it also developed as a key point for sea and land transportation.[Primary material 18].
As it was not damaged by the war, the block structure based on the castle town is still inherited.[Primary material 18], Town name with the name of the craftsman/profession (Uomachi, Yonemachi,Blacksmith town,Horse rent, Boat town) still remains[Primary material 19].
The area around the south exit of Ogura Station is a commercial and business hub, with department stores, shopping districts, office districts and restaurantsPurple riverAroundKokura Castle,Matsumoto Seicho Memorial Hall,Kitakyushu Arts TheaterVarious facilities are located[Primary material 20].. In a commercial facility,Uomachi Gintengai, Kyomachi Gintengai,Market,Izutsuya,Amu Plaza Kokura,St. City,River walk Kitakyushu,Chacha TownAre located[Primary material 21].
The area around the north exit of Ogura Station isWest Japan Exhibition CenterAnd convention facilities such as international conference halls have been developed, and in recent years,Ogura Memorial HospitalRelocation,There is CityOpen of theGiravanz Kitakyushu(LaterHome)Kitakyushu StadiumThere was a movement such as the opening of[Primary material 22].
The subcenter of Kitakyushu,Hachiman Nishi WardIs the central base of JRKagoshima Main LineA large factory is located on the north coast of Dokai Bay, and various urban functions such as commerce, medical care/welfare, and transportation hubs are concentrated on the south side of the JR line.Kurosaki StationA radial cityscape spreads around. In front of Kurosaki stationIzutsuyaKurosaki storeCom cityAnd so on,Kurosaki Bus CenterAnd JR Kurosaki StationChikuho Electric RailwayMany people come from neighboring cities, towns and villages, including the western part of the city, due to the convenience of transportation with a route network centered around Kurosaki Station[Primary material 20][Primary material 23].National Route 3, The roads in the center are suffering from chronic congestion,2008 May 10,Kurosaki BypassPartial service has started and construction is underway to open the whole line[Primary material 24].

Other major urban areas

Moji Port
Kanmon StraitAt the entrance of Kyushu facingMojiko StationOn the north sideShimonosekiThere is a ferry terminal to contact. Even in Kitakyushu where there are few flatlands, there are few flatlands, and urban areas are developed on limited flatlands and slopes.
In the past, Moji used to refer to the Mojiko district,Kanmon Railway TunnelDue to the opening ofMoji StationThe name of the city is transferred to the former Osato station,Moji PortIt is generally a district. Flourished in trade since the Meiji era,Yokohama-KobeIn addition to branch offices of banks, trading companies, newspapers, etc.Playground,Luxury restaurant, Of the department storeYamashiroya, Etc., but the importance of traffic in the Mojiko area has decreased significantly due to the opening of the railway tunnel. The bustle of the city disappeared and the department store was closed, but many buildings showing the architectural style from the Meiji to early Showa periods remained,Mojiko RetroIt was redeveloped as and became a place to attract many tourists.
Kanmon Railway TunnelWith the opening of, it became the gateway to Kyushu,Moji Railway Management Bureau,Moji InstituteRailway related people gathered mainly in the area, and urbanization proceeded. In 2002, the functions of the surrounding freight stations were integrated.Kitakyushu Freight Terminal StationOpened[24].. The coastal area forms a long and narrow industrial area along National Route 199, and the mountain side of the JR line forms a dense residential area up to the middle of the slope. Also around YanagimachiShopping districtHas been formed and is nearbySenior citizensIs very often used. Long time agoSapporo beerFactory andMoji VelodromeEtc. were located, but all were abolished. In recent years, in addition to the convenience of being one station from central Kokura station,RetroUtilized the group of buildingsMoji Red Brick PlaceRedevelopment of the surrounding area is being carried out on the north side of Moji Station.
In addition to commercial facilities and financial institutions centering around the Mihagino intersection, Hello Work andKitakyushu Central Post Office,Ogura Bicycle Racetrack,Kitakyushu City StadiumThere are public facilities such as. While being the entrance to the city centerNational Route 3-10 No.-322 No.It is an important intersection where the passing traffic fromKitakyushu MonorailKaharuguchi Mihagino StationIt is a busy area with lots of day and night traffic because it is also the key to city transportation such as transferring to buses from Tobata and Kurosaki.
Nippo Main Line-Hitahikoyama LineJR's main stationJono StationOf the Kitakyushu MonorailJono StationThere isTagawa-YukuhashiAs the main road (National Route 10/National Route 322) runs in the direction, it is a turning point for transportation. In addition, there are many junior high schools and high schools in the vicinity, and it is very busy with commuters and students during the morning and evening hours. Around JR Jono StationJapan Ground Self-Defense ForceJono BranchThe site is being redeveloped as "Zero Carbon Advanced Block" and "Minna no Mirai Ward BONJONO".
Ogura Minami WardA base in the northwestern region. The Kitakyushu monorail runs through, and the housing complex is spreading as a suburb of the central part of Kitakyushu city.1960 eraFrom the latter half,Japan Housing Corporation(CurrentUrban regeneration mechanism) By large housesHousing complex(Tokoriki housing complex, total number of houses is about 2,400)Land readjustment projectWas done.Senri New Town,Tama New TownRepresented byNew townA typical cityscape is formed, and it is said that even in the city, the share of public transportation is high.Sunrib MoritsuneStartedNafco-Best electric appliancesAnd so on.
A central base in the eastern part of Kokura Minami Ward.The Mall Kokura(CurrentSunnyside Mall Kokura) With the opening of JRShimosone StationSouth Exit and Rotary were also built in. The streets in front of the station are restaurants, banks,EdionThere are large electronics stores such as. Kitakyushu suburbsBed townThere are many residential areas and condominiums in the vicinity. 61ha to the north of Shimosone StationKitakyushu AirportThere is a relocation site, part of itKyushu Rosai HospitalWas relocated and opened in 2011, and the remaining 41ha was developed by the city as an industrial park. April 2005Sun Live City OguraStarting with the opening of business, suburban stores have opened one after another in the Kamikatsuhara district on the west side of the Shimosone district, and competition is intensifying.
Located between Ogura and KurosakiResidential areasIs a popular area for The front of the station was redeveloped and TobataSaty(CurrentAEON Tobata Shopping Center) Has been established as a commercial base. In 2002, it was established as a base for community welfare activities and arts and cultural activities on the east side of the station.Well flappingHas opened and is showing new bustling. In Tobata WardKyushu Institute of TechnologyIn addition to many high schools, there is a municipal museum in the cityEducation districtIt is said that Coastal areasIndustrial area.
Yawata Works(Nippon Steel)ofCastle townIn the region that prospered as, the heyday of the steel industryKokuraAlong with, it was one of the most popular downtown areas in Kitakyushu.the current[When?]ButYawata Chuo-ku Shopping StreetHas over 100 stores.HigashidaDistrict development andYawata StationThe first space theme park in Japan that was constructed by utilizing the idle land of the factory due to the progress of the redevelopment in the pastSpace worldWas there (closed in 2018).Space worldOn the site in March 2022,AEON MALLCommercial facility ofTHE OUTLETSIs scheduled to open,AEON MALL YahatahigashiCombined with this, it is a large-scale commercial facility that boasts the largest sales floor area in Japan.
The area along the Dokai Bay in the eastern and southern part of the area is a traditional urban area, up to the Nishima area in the middle of the areaNational Route 199A continuous urban area is formed along. The eastern part of the city prospered as a coal shipping port, and in addition to the port-related business districtRed light districtAlso formed. The area west of Niijima was a rural landscape until recently, but since the 1980sTakasuThe district was developed as a suburban new residential area,Suburban commercial facilityThe area where people gather is also formed. With the aging of the population and the outflow of population in the eastern part, the population weight of the entire ward tends to be biased to the west. The Takasu area is also adjacent to the Orio district (Hachiman Nishi Ward), and since the 2000s, it has spanned the Takasu district and Honjo district (Hachiman Nishi Ward).Kitakyushu Science and Research CityIs maintained[25], Development is in progress.
Hachiman Nishi WardAt the western end ofOrio StationThe surrounding area.OrioIn the districtGraduate Schools-University-Junior college-Vocational schools-high schoolThere are many restaurants and commercial facilities such as restaurants and supermarkets for students are available in the surrounding area, forming a convenient student town, but also a transportation hub and a residential area in the western part of the city. It has a multifaceted face such as being the center of. Kitakyushu Science and Research City (Wakamatsu Ward on the addressHibino.. It borders Honjo and Asakawa districts on the border of the ward), and companies and universities jointly carry out technological research on high-tech industries.[25]..In the Orio district comprehensive maintenance project, by integrally implementing the land readjustment project including the elevated railway around the station, the maintenance of the main road and the station square, and the site of the railway.Onga district,Middle cityTo reconstruct the city as a core of a wide area including the above, and also as a "town" suitable for the attractive entrance of the school city.It was completed on December 830, 2020 with a total business scale of 12 billion yen, and has been in service since January 25, 2021.[26][27].


Former five citiesCensusChanges in population[Primary material 25]
  Symbol of Yahata Fukuoka.png Yawata
  Kokura Fukuoka chapter.png Ogura
  Symbol of Moji Fukuoka.png Moji
  Symboo of Tobata Fukuoka.png Tobata(Tobata Town)

As for the population of the former five cities, the ratio of both Yawata and Ogura cities was slightly high before the merger, but the five cities were merged on the basis of "multi-nuclear city theory", aiming for balanced development of the former five cities.[28]. But,1988 (Showa 63)Kitakyushu Renaissance PlanHas led to a "centralized city" centered on the two poles of central Ogura (Kogura-ku) and Kurosaki sub-center (Hachimansai-ku).[28].. Against the backdrop of these policy changes, urban functions such as commerce, culture, administration, and business facilities have been concentrated in central Ogura, while commercial functions have declined in the Kurosaki area, and the two-polar structure of Ogura and Kurosaki is concentrated Is changing to[29].

The largest number of cities in Fukuoka Prefecture and Kyushu from the merger until it was overtaken by Fukuoka City in 1978.Estimated population The[30] It has continued to decline after peaking at 1979 in 108.[31].. The population was interrupted for the first time in the estimated population in April 2004 to reach the 4 million mark in May of the same year, but it will recover to the 100 million mark after breaking below the 5 million mark in January 100. Without[32]Since 2007, the average number of people has been decreasing by about 4000 every year.[33].. Once100 million people cityHowever, Kitakyushu is the only city in Japan that has fallen since then.[Annotation 1].. As of 2014, the population of Fukuoka City is more than 1.5 times that of Kitakyushu City.[30]According to the census dated October 2015, 10, the population is 1. Compared to the 96 census population, it decreased by 1815 people in 2010 years, making it the city with the largest number of population declines in municipalities nationwide[34].. According to the preliminary census figures dated October 2020, 10, the number of people decreased by 1 (5%) in five years, an increase from the previous survey, and again recorded the highest number of decrease among municipalities nationwide.[35].National Institute of Population and Social Security ResearchEstimates the future population of the city in 2040 to be 78[32].

CensusChanges in population (unit: XNUMX)[Primary material 28][Primary material 29]

  Total population of the old 5 cities
  Kitakyushu population
  Fukuoka city population
  Population of the area that is the current city of Fukuoka City
Kitakyushu City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Kitakyushu City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in population of Kitakyushu City (equivalent area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

According to the 2015 census, the average age of the city is 47.5 (male 45.3, female 49.4)[Primary material 30].. As for the population by age group, the young population (3 to 0 years old) is 14 (composition ratio 11%),Working-age populationThe population (ages 15 to 64) was 54 (9,397%), and the aged population (aged 58.1 and older) was 65 (27%). Getting higher[Primary material 30].

Adjacent municipalities

  • ShimonosekiIs not a land connection, but is connected by bridges, subsea tunnels, and routes.


Regulatory countryIn, the entire area of ​​Moji Ward, Kokura Kita Ward, Kokura Minami Ward in Kitakyushu City and the east half of Hachiman Higashi Ward areBuzen Country(Gansu county), the whole area of ​​Hachiman Nishi Ward, Wakamatsu Ward, Tobata Ward, and the area corresponding to the western half of Hachiman East WardChikuzen country(Onga-gun,Kurate-gun) Was a different country.

DahuaIn the first year (645)Wabari ShrineIt is said that "Character Gan Seki" was placed in the vicinity, which is derived from the name of Moji.Ancient timesWas in charge of the Kyushu regionDazaifuFirst toBarrierIt is the positioning of.

1871 year 8 month 29 dayAbandoned DomainDue to Buzen countryOguraIn ChikuzenFukuokaBecame. However, due to the prefecture merger on August 1876, 8, Kokura prefecture was split and most of the areas were merged with Fukuoka prefecture. After that, the entire area corresponding to the city area of ​​Kitakyushu will belong to Fukuoka Prefecture.

In both Buzen and Chikuzen,Yamaguchi CityBased inWest JapanWas the greatest daimyoMr. OuchiIn the age of, it was protected by this Mr. Ouchi, and in the framework of the cultural sphere,KyusyuthanHonshu,Seto Inland SeaStrongly influenced by the culture of the shore. It also became the basis of this neighborhoodGovernment-managed Yawata WorksThe construction of the MeijiChoshuThe clique is deeply involved, and historically the two regions of Buzen and Choshu are closely related.

1889 yearsMunicipal system-Municipal systemDue to the enforcement, each of them laid a town system, and during the Taisho era, Moji City, Kokura City, Tobata City, Wakamatsu City, Yawata City (later the area corresponding to the entire Yawata Higashi Ward and Hachiman Nishi Ward Kurosaki District. The rest of the Hachiman Nishi Ward is The merger was established in 12, 19 and 30 years of Showa.

From that time, mergers of five cities (in some cases, seven cities including Shimonoseki and intermediate cities) were proposed, but these five cities merged (new merger) on February 1963, 2.[2]On October 4stGovernment-designated cityBecame. Regarding the new city name, as a result of public recruitment of the new city name after the merger, the first place is "SaikyoCityIt was,KyotoThere is objection to the name including the name of "Kitakyushu City", which was the second place. Takashi Deguchi, who served as the chairman of the Kitakyushu City Association, was asked by a special committee to decide the name of the new city.AmakoI don't have a history of being marked, but I wonder if it's okay to call myself Kyo."[36].

By the way, the name "Kitakyushu" operated in this area.NishitetsuAs a generic term for tram (all abolished in November 2000) routesKitakyushu LineHowever, it has been used since 1942 (Showa 17) when Nishitetsu was established. 1943年(昭和18年)12月に閣議決定された「都市疎開実施要綱」では、門司・小倉・戸畑・若松・八幡の五市が「北九州地域」とされたIn the "Urban Evacuation Implementation Guidelines" decided by the Cabinet in December XNUMX (Showa XNUMX), the five cities of Moji, Kokura, Tobata, Wakamatsu, and Yawata were designated as the "Kitakyushu area".[37].

Also in the cityKitakyushu City UniversityThe predecessor of Kitakyushu University of Foreign Studies (at that time, from 1953 to 2000 was "Kitakyushu University") had been bearing "Kitakyushu" since 1950, and from 1923 (Taisho 12) in the national textbook, Yawata City, The industrial area of ​​Tobata City isKitakyushu Industrial AreaWas written. Both can be named as the names used to represent this area before the establishment of Kitakyushu.

However, due to the name "Kitakyushu" that arose from its position as the northernmost part of Kyushu, when expressing the north and south of the Kyushu region like "Kita Kanto / Minami Kanto", it should not be confused with Kitakyushu City.Northern Kyushu・ There is a unique expression called "South Kyushu" that is not found in other areas.Regarding this issue, Kagoshima Prefecture in 2009MinamikyushuWith the birth of Kyushu, the word "Southern Kyushu", which had not been used in the past, is gradually becoming more confusing.In addition, on July 2008, 7, we signed an exchange agreement between "North and South" Kyushu City, which is one character different from the city.Coincidentally, the flowers of the city are also "sunflowers" in both cities.

Kitakyushu has always been a key transportation hub,Heavy chemical industryIt is also a prosperous city. Since ancient timesChikuhoRegion,Kyotsukiarea,OngaRegion,Fukuoka CityNot only in the surrounding area but also in Yamaguchi PrefectureShimonoseki,Ube City,Sanyo Onoda,Mine City,Oita OfNakatsu,Usa CityThe relationship with other regions is historically and culturally close and spans these three prefectures centering on the city.Kanmon metropolitan areaIs formed.

In particular, it has a very strong historical relationship with Yamaguchi Prefecture and is strongly influenced by both cultural and economic aspects. Used in the cityKitakyushu dialectIs also heavily influenced by the surrounding area, but as mentioned earlier, it was a different country in history, and in the west and eastern parts of the city as well.dialectCan be seen in the difference.

In addition,Hibiki NadaThe entire city area today has been a military strategic point for a long time. In the Kanmon Straits in 1185Battle of DannouraIt was the largest fortress in western Japan during the Meiji period.Shimonoseki fortressIt was designated as a part of "," and the main mountains, the Kokura castle ruins, and the coastal area of ​​Wakamatsu Ward today were banned and restricted from entering and leaving the general public. In addition to KokuraArmy Military ArsenalWas placed in 1945NagasakiWas dropped onplutoniumAtomic bombBecame the first drop target of (Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki citySee also).

BungouMori OgaiAlso lived in Kokuraarmy OfMilitary doctorAs was.Second World WarAfter that, those facilities and private buildingsU.S. ForcesWas requisitioned byNHK Kitakyushu Broadcasting StationWas also temporarily broadcasting to the US military. In a part of the cityMilitary cityRetain the remnants ofHistoric siteExists.


Old tomb

  • Ippon Matsuzuka Tumulus (Kogura-ku)-City-designated historic site
  • Kojin Mori Tumulus (, Ogura Minami Ward)
  • Kamiyama Tumulus (Sone Tumulus, Ogura Minami Ward)-City Historic Site
  • Chabashiyama Burial Mound (Sone Burial Mounds, Kokura Minami Ward)-City-designated Historic Site
  • Goza Burial Mounds (Kokura Minami Ward)
  • Odayama Burial Mounds (Wakamatsu Ward)-City-designated historic site

Before modern times

Before the establishment of Kitakyushu City-Meiji and Taisho eras

Showa period

Since the establishment of Kitakyushu City-Showa period

Heisei period

Reiwa era



CityCurrent account balanceThe ratio deteriorated from 16% in FY2005 (by the end of March 3) to 90.6% in FY21 (by the end of March 2010).[23].


Successive mayors
NameInauguration dateRetirement date
Keitaro YoshidaOctoberOctober
FirstNoriharu YoshidaOctoberOctober
2-6 GoheiOctoberOctober
7-11 Koichi SueyoshiOctoberOctober
12-15Kenji KitahashiOctober(Current position)
※Mayor's duties agent (oldWakamatsu CityLong)


City council

  • Number of people: 57 people
  • Term: April 2025, 2

Prefectural assembly

Fukuoka Prefectural Assembly (elected to Kitakyushu City)
  • Constant number: 16 people
  • Term: May 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 14st year) to May 2023 (5th year of Reiwa) May 5th
ConstituencyNameParliamentary nameRemark!
Moji Ward (2)Kawabata KoichiLDPPrefectural assembly
Hiroshi MorishitaKomeito
Kokurakita Ward (3)Hiroshi HaradaDemocratic prefectural assemblyParty membershipConstitutional Democratic Party
Kazuro IkiKomeito
Akihiko NakamuraLDP prefectural assembly
Ogura Minami Ward (3)Yoshimura YuLDP prefectural assembly
Naoko TakaseJapan Communist Party
Masamori NinomiyaKomeito
Wakamatsu Ward (2)Yamamoto KoichiDemocratic prefectural assemblyParty membership is a constitutional Democratic Party
Masao NakaoLDP prefectural assembly
Hachiman East Ward (1)Koji TsudaLDP prefectural assembly
Hachiman Nishi Ward (4)Shoji MatsushitaKomeito
Iwamoto KazunoriDemocratic prefectural assemblyParty membership is a constitutional Democratic Party
MatsuakiLDP prefectural assembly
Yoshihiko AgataLDP prefectural assembly
Tobata (1)Tokuji TomitaDemocratic prefectural assemblyParty membership is a constitutional Democratic Party

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Fukuoka Prefecture 9th Ward(Wakamatsu Ward,Hachiman East Ward,Hachiman Nishi Ward,TobataRintaro OgataIndependent3Constituency
Fukuoka Prefecture 10th Ward(Moji Ward,Kokurakita Ward,Ogura Minami WardTakashi JoiiConstitutional Democratic Party4Constituency

National agency

Government office

Independent administration/special corporation



; Police station

Kitakyushu areaThere are 10 police stations. Police vehiclenumberThe place name is "Kitakyushu".

Police signatureJurisdictionRemarks
KitakyushuMoji police stationKitakyushuMoji WardGuard boat placement
Kokurakita Police StationKokurakita WardKitakyushu District Secretariat Division Mobile Task Force Deployment
Kokura Minami Police StationOgura Minami Ward,Kitakyushu Airport(Regular security at the airport is under the direct control of the headquarters)District riot police deployment
Tobata Police StationTobata
Wakamatsu Police StationWakamatsu Ward
Hachiman East Police StationHachiman East Ward
Hachiman Nishi Police StationHachiman Nishi Ward(Eastern part)District riot police deployment
Orio Police StationHachiman Nishi Ward (West),Middle city,Onga-gunAshiya Town-Mizumaki Town-Okagaki Town-Onga TownDistrict riot police deployment
Yukuhashi police stationYukuhashi,Kyoto-gunKanda Town(Excluding Kitakyushu Airport),Miyako Town
Buzen police stationBuzen City,Chikuji-gunYoshitomi-Jomo-Chikami Town


Fire department
  • Moji Fire Department: 4-10-XNUMX Osato Higashi, Moji-ku
    • Oimatsu: 3-22-17-XNUMX-XNUMX Hamacho, Moji-ku
    • Matsugae: 1996-69, Shinmoji XNUMX-chome, Moji-ku
    • Moji West: 10-18-XNUMX Kamomayori, Moji-ku
  • Kokurakita Fire Station: 8-38 Otemachi, Kokurakita-ku
    • Asano: 10-50-XNUMX Asano, Kokurakita-ku
    • Ibori: 7-5-XNUMX Ibori, Kokurakita-ku
    • Tomino: 2-22 Kamikocho, Kokurakita-ku
  • Ogura Minami Fire Department: 1 3-XNUMX Wakazono, Ogura Minami Ward
    • Mitani: 2-2 Tokuyoshi Minami XNUMX-chome, Kokuraminami-ku
    • Shin-Sone: 3947 Sone, Okura, Ogura Minami-ku
    • Seaside: 801 1 Kuchiami, Ogura, Ogura
  • Wakamatsu Fire Department: 1-28 Sakuramachi, Wakamatsu-ku
    • Fujinoki: 11-19 Akashima-cho, Wakamatsu-ku
    • Shimago: 3-1-XNUMX, Kamouda, Wakamatsu-ku
  • Hachiman East Fire Station: 8-13-XNUMX Harunomachi, Hachiman East Ward
    • Takami: 8-22-XNUMX, Takami, Hachiman East
    • Edami: 1-2-XNUMX, Edami, Hachiman-to-ku
  • Hachiman Nishi Fire Department: 15-25 Aioicho, Hachiman Nishi Ward
    • Orio: 9-20 Komei, Hachiman Nishi-ku
    • Kurosaki: 2-10 Minami-Yachiyo-cho, Hachimansai-ku
    • Kamitsu: 7-3-XNUMX Shimokamitsu, Hachimansai-ku
    • Kusunoki: 1-1-XNUMX Kusuhashi Minami, Hachimansai-ku
  • Tobata Fire Department: 1-15-XNUMX Shinike, Tobata-ku
    • Otani: 19-13-XNUMX Higashiootani, Tobata-ku


Major medical institutions

Medical system

  • Emergency medical care

KitakyushuEmergency medical systemIs a functional hospital (Secondary emergency) Has been introduced.This is unique to Kitakyushu by function such as symptoms and organs.ParamedicsWe have introduced a system that enables quick and accurate emergency transportation.This makes it possible to swiftly respond to so-called patients who are sick and injured who do not have a family doctor.

* Night / holiday emergency center: 2 places, holiday emergency clinic: 2 places, emergency notification hospital: 18 places, community medical support hospital: 7 places, disaster base hospital: 7 places, critical care center: 2 places

  • Pediatric medical(Major diseases)
    • Emergency: Kitakyushu City Yahata Hospital (primary-tertiary), Kitakyushu General Hospital (tertiary)
    • Perinatal period: Kitakyushu Municipal Medical Center, Industrial Medical University Hospital, Kyushu Hospital, National Ogura Medical Center
    • Cardiovascular: Kyushu Hospital, Kitakyushu General Hospital, National Ogura Medical Center
    • Endocrine metabolism: Industrial Medical University Hospital, etc.
    • Blood: Industrial Medical University Hospital, etc.
    • Nerve: Kitakyushu City General Rehabilitation Center, University of Occupational and Environmental Health Hospital, Kyushu Rosai Hospital, etc.

post office

JP Japan PostSince the postal code of "80x-xxxx" has been used up only in the areas of Kitakyushu and neighboring cities, the local government's portion is also posted.

Foreign relations

Sister city/affiliated city


sister city


Exchange relationship with Shimonoseki City

ShimonosekiAnd KitakyushuKanmon StraitIt is located on the opposite bank acrossMoji(CurrentMoji Ward) Has been active since before the merger of the five cities. Shimonoseki City is a 5% metropolitan area of ​​Kitakyushu City, and since it is a few minutes away by train, it actually forms the same living area. Shimonoseki City and Kitakyushu City togetherbarrier(underSekigate(From Tsukasa), with both cities as central citiesMetropolitan area"Kanmon metropolitan areaIs formed.

In terms of tourism, the policy is not to create anything in one city, such as an aquarium, so there is a well-balanced relationship with no tourists.Kokura CastleIn frontYakisoba vsstir-fried udonWhen the "Battle" was held,Kiyoshi Ejima・Former Mayor Shimonoseki served as the referee. Held on August 8th every yearKanmon Strait fireworks displayOriginally, it was an annual event in Shimonoseki City, but since the fourth plea on the part of the Moji side, it has been held jointly with Shimonoseki City. Shimonoseki City in the Mojiko areaKarato,Ganryu IslandRegular toRouteIs out and is a tour route for tourists in both cities.

Regarding the cross-border merger between Shimonoseki City and Kitakyushu City, discussions have not progressed due to high system hurdles such as the need for a majority vote in both Yamaguchi and Fukuoka Prefectural Assembly.Prefectural systemWith the city area of ​​Shimonoseki City and Kitakyushu City in mind,Prefecture,StateAn independent municipality that does not belong toKanmon Special CityThe concept of establishing a new "has been examined.



1901 Started operationYawata WorksTriggered bySteel-Chemical-Ceramic industry-MotorFactories such asKitakyushu Industrial AreaForming themHeavy chemical industryHas led the economy of Kitakyushu.

Looking at the working population composition by industry (2015 census),Primary industryIs 23.6%,Primary industryIs 70.4%, and the proportion of secondary industry isHamamatsu city,Shizuoka City,Sagamihara CityNext highest[67]..Looking at the shipment value of manufactured goods (2015 industrial statistics), Kitakyushu City is 2 billion yen, which is the ninth highest level among government-designated cities (excluding Tokyo's 1,288 wards).[67].. Looking at the breakdown, steel accounted for 37.6%, chemistry accounted for 10.2%, metal accounted for 8.5%, and ceramics and debris accounted for 6.9%.[67]..As mentioned above, industry is an important industry of the city, but in addition to the conventional material type,Automotive industryCompanies in new fields are also advancing. Also oncePollutionUtilizing the technology that has been overcome,RecyclingEnvironment-related industries such as industryKitakyushu Eco Town[11]AndKitakyushu Science and Research CityBased insemiconductorThe accumulation of research institutes of related companies is also progressing.[25].. Long time agoJapan's four major industrial areasHowever, at present, the product shipment value is the smallest among the major industrial areas / regions, and the relative position is declining, and it is now called the Kitakyushu industrial area.

Other,Mojiko RetroEfforts for tourist cities such as districts (#Tourist attractions,Kitakyushu Renaissance PlanSee).


Major companies with headquarters and head office in Kitakyushu
Major companies with offices in Kitakyushu
Main companies that originated in Kitakyushu


Mass media

Newspaper company

General paper
Sports paper
News agencies, industry newspapers, etc.


tv set

With each broadcasting station,Sarakura OfBroadcasting stationIs transmitting radio waves from. Also, because it is difficult to receive from Mt. Sarakura, a small output relay station is also installed as a supplement.

Commercial broadcasting stations do not broadcast programs from city studios


Radio station broadcasting from the city

Relay station only

Life base

life line

Water and sewerage

Sewer penetration rate
  • Sewer penetration rate: 99.8% (end of 25)


University/Junior college

College of technology

high school

Junior high school

primary school

Facilities other than school education


It is located at the gateway to Kyushu and is the starting point for major national roads and railway lines in Kyushu.Kanmon StraitSince it faces the sea, it is an important point of transportation even at sea.2016 May 4ToHigashikyushu Expressway Oita CityandMiyazaki CityDirectly connected toKyushu ExpresswayTogether withTransportation nodeAs a base location has improved.


  • Kitakyushu Airport(Kokuraminami-ku Airport Kitamachi / Kanda-cho Airport Minamimachi) --Opened on March 2006, 3, off the coast of Suo-nada, which is adjacent to Kanda-cho.It is the only maritime airport in Kyushu that can be operated 16 hours a day.The runway is scheduled to be extended from 24 meters to 2,500 meters, and the new runway after the extension is scheduled to start operation in 3,000.


Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)
It is the Kyushu area headquarters of the former JNRMoji Railway Management BureauIt is an area where (Kadotetsu) is located, and the railway development has been focused on in Japan as a shipping port in the Chikuho coal mine area and a key point of the railway network in Kyushu.Compared to Fukuoka City, the JR line network is substantial, and there are JR stations in most of the main urban areas, as well as the Kagoshima Main Line Moji-OriomaMultiple lines(Separation of passengers).The central station in the cityKokura StationAndHopeAll includingShinkansenThe south exit of the station is the largest in the cityDowntownIs spreading.The nearest station to the city hall is next doorNishikokura StationIs.For long-distance tickets, the fare to the city center station (Kokura Station) will be applied to each station in Kitakyushu City below (Specific city area).
In addition, Kokura Station-Shimonoseki Station is within the commuting range from Shimonoseki to Kokura with a maximum speed of 13 minutes on a conventional line.
West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
Kitakyushu High Speed ​​Rail
Chikuho Electric Railway
Heisei Chikuho Railway
Sarakura Tozan Railway
Abolished route
  • Kitakyushu tram(Abolished on November 1975, 50 (Showa 11): Cargo only)
  • National railwayKazuki Line(Abolished on April 1985, 60)
  • West Japan RailwayKitakyushu Line
    • Tanoura Line: Higashihonmachi 1936-chome (→ Moji)-Tanoura (11 <Showa 1> January 10 abolition)
    • Moji-Sunazu (1985, abolished on October 60, 10)
    • Between Sunazu and Kurosaki station (closed on October 1992, 4)
    • Kurosaki station square-Kumanishi-Orioma (2000 <12> November 11 abolition)
    • Tobata Line: Daimon-Tobata (Abolished on October 1985, 60 (Showa 10))
    • Branch line: Chuomachi-Sachimachi (Abolished on October 1985, 60)
    • Northern Line: Uomachi-North (1980 <Showa 55> November 11 abolition)
The area between Kurosaki station and Kumanishi is actually incorporated in the operation system of the Chikuho Electric Railway line.Type 3 railway operatorAs it existed until February 2015, 2[Primary material 146].
Monorail Kokura line was constructed as an alternative route for the north line.


General route bus

West Japan Railway(Nishitetsu) Group,Kitakyushu City Transportation BureauIs operated, but is segregated by the operating area (Kogura Kita, Tobata, Hachiman Nishi, Wakamatsu Ward each part has a section). In both cases, the boarding method is pre-payment, post-payment, and the fare is a section system with a numbered ticket.

  • Nishitetsu Group (Nishitetsu Bus Kitakyushu-Nishitetsu Bus Chikuho-Kitakyusai Taxi)-Known asNishitetsu-Nishitetsu bus..Previously it was directly managed by Nishitetsu, but it was spun off.The entire area except most of the Orio district in Wakamatsu Ward and Yahatanishi Ward.Most of the general routes in Kitakyushu City are operated by Nishitetsu Bus Kitakyushu. ..Contactless IC cardnimoca(SUGOCA-Hayakaken-SuicaCards compatible with "nationwide mutual use service" can also be used.
  • Kitakyushu City Transportation Bureau-Common nameMunicipal bus.. Since its predecessor was a Wakamatsu municipal bus, there are no routes throughout the city, and the central area is Wakamatsu Ward and Hachiman Nishi Ward's Orio district. Kitakyushu City Hall,Tobata StationAs a route to, it also has a route in a part of Kokurakita Ward and Tobata Ward.In the past, the contactless IC card "Himawari Bus Card" could be used, and since this card was an original standard, it could not be used interchangeably with nimoca, but after October 2021, 10, it moved to nimoca and became a municipal bus with nimoca. You can now get on the bus.

In addition, the cooperation of the city, transportation operators, and local residentsOuting trafficRoute bus calledShared taxiThere are areas that are operated (areas where the Nishitetsu bus was not originally operated, or areas where the Nishitetsu bus line was abolished).

Express Bus/Express Bus

With Kitakyushu City, a medium- and long-distance high-speed bus that connects Kitakyushu City to Honshu and ShikokuFukuoka CityThere is a short-distance highway bus that connects cities around the area.

All routes to / from Honshu / ShikokuFukuoka CityThe route connecting Honshu and Shikoku goes through Kitakyushu City.In the past, many medium- and long-distance highway buses connecting major cities in Kyushu to the south of Fukuoka City and Kitakyushu City were operated, but many routes have been abolished, and now there are only two routes.

The major night express bus stops in Kitakyushu are shown below.

  • NishitetsuSunazu Bus Center(Chacha Town KokuraBefore)-at the eastern end of Kokura citySunazuThe medium- and long-distance routes involved in the operation of the Nishitetsu Group will stop there.
  • In front of Kokura Station-on the south side of Kokura Station (on the conventional line side)Kokura Station Bus CenterIn front of the bus stop. The medium- and long-distance routes involved in the operation of the Nishitetsu Group will stop.
  • Shinkansen exit Kokura station-North side of Kokura station (Shinkansen side) KMM building east. OldTour busThe night bus that Nishitetsu group does not participate in the operation stops.
  • Hikinoguchi -South of Kurosaki city,Kurosaki lampnear. The medium- and long-distance routes involved in the operation of the Nishitetsu Group will stop.
  • Ogura Minami Interchange -"Hirofuku LinerWill stop.

Daytime express buses also stop at locations other than the above.

Below is a list of routes





High standard highway(Highway national road
Regional high standard road(Urban highway

General road

Regional high standard road (General toll roadincluding)
Other general toll roads
General national road

Prefectural road (main local road)

City road

  • Tsukita Aozora Street
    A nickname for a 0.9 km long community road in the city from Chayamachi, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu to Ishitsubo-machi, Kitakyushu.The name of the court line is Kitakyushu City Road Ishitsubomachi Line 5, Ishitsubomachi Line 10, etc.[69].. The Tsukita area is a residential area that was developed by land readjustment around 10, but it was constructed as a community road due to the use of it as an escape road for main roads and environmental degradation due to annoying parking. An artificial stream with a width of 1.5–2.5 meters has been created on the road, creating fountains and murmuring. Relief plates of 70 cm square, such as dragonflies, kingfishers, and fireflies, are set on the sidewalk at intervals of 20 meters. In addition, the roadside trees in the planted zone are arranged with tree species that can enjoy flowers, fresh greenery and autumn leaves according to the changes of the four seasons, and the Tsukita River flowing nearby also has cherry trees on the riverbank and cobblestones on the riverbed, creating an environment where children can play. As a result, rivers, roads, and parks are integrated and maintained.[69].. In the maintenance plan, Kitakyushu City and local residents worked together, and upon completion, the residents named the road and the murmuring plaza, and the residents' association received a "slogan monument to protect everyone" and donations from Nishikigoi.[69].. It is held as an annual event in the area of ​​maintenance of road facilities, and as a community road protected by local residents, on August 1986, 61, the former Ministry of Construction and the "Road Day" executive committee Selected as one of the "8 Japanese roads" established by the association[70].

Distance to major cities

Kokurakita WardFrom the center


Kitakyushu PortIs the largest port in western Japan (Kyushu, Chugoku, Shikoku) for both cargo handling volume and total import/export[Source required].. In addition, according to the Port LawShimonoseki PortUnified withKanmon PortIs treated asInternational base portHowever, port managers have not been unified (for details and details, refer to each item).

In 2004ToyotaIn March 2005, in the Hibiki Nada area, “Hibiki Container Terminal A's efforts toward the central port are becoming active.

Regular passenger routes


In an area where summer festivals are popular, fireworks festivals are held frequently in addition to conveying the unique culture of each district.The magnificent natureMoji Station RetroIt also has historical tourist spots such as districts, but in recent years it has been conventional.TourismRegardless of the way of thinking aboutKitakyushu Industrial AreaTaking advantage of the history of the factory and the dynamic landscape of factories,Industrial tourism,Factory moe(Factory cruising, etc.), a tour around the filming location because it is frequently filmed in the city as a filming location, orSmashingExperience, etc.nicheThere is also a lot of excavation for various hands-on tourism.

Cultural property

XNUMX selections

Famous places/historic sites

Shrines and Temples

Nearby Tourist Spots

SarakuraSummit (Hachiman East)
"Three major night views of New Japan"one of[19].. To the summit,Sarakurayama Cable CarAnd you can access it by using the slope car that departs from the cable car Yamagami station. At the top of the mountain is an observation deck with a restaurant. On weekdays, cable cars run up to 17:18 and down to 7:9, but on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and from July to September.Golden weekDuring the two weeks before and after, both the cable car and the slope car will operate every day, including weekdays, until 2:20 up and 21:30 down. Also, only on weekends and holidays afternoon,Yawata StationThere is a free shuttle bus between the station and the cable car at the foot of the mountain. (Hachiman East Ward
Mojiko Retro District(Moji Ward)
JRMojiko StationIn the surrounding area, there are tourist spots with historical buildings such as Mojiko Station and hotels and tourist commercial facilities. Various events are held including the Retro Festa (May). (Moji WardMoji Portdistrict)
Kokura Castle, Kokura Castle Garden (Kogura Ward)
Built by Tadaoki Hosokawa in 1602, the castle prospered as a residence of 15 Ogasawara stones.Choshu conquestIt was burned down in 1866, but the castle tower was rebuilt in 1959, and after renovation, it became a high-tech history museum. In addition to the observation room on the top floor, the Kokura castle garden was built in the adjacent land in 1998,Ogasawara-ryu methodIt also functions as a base.
Mori OgaiFormer Residence (Ogura Kita Ward)
Mori Ogai was in the army for 1899 years from 1902 to 3.12th DivisionMilitary doctorI was appointed to Ogura as the manager. One of the homes at that time is preserved. (Kokurakita WardBlacksmith town
Hiraodai(Kokura Minami Ward)
Japan's leadingKarst terrain.. Unique scenery of the sheep herd that looks like a flock of sheep and the XNUMX Buddha limestone cavesLimestone caveYou can see inside. (Minami Ward, etc.)
Kitakyushu City Life Museum(Hachiman East Ward)
It is the second largest natural history museum in Japan. There are only two places in Japan, the Envirama Museum, where you can enjoy skeleton specimens of a wide variety of organisms and a powerful dinosaur show that can be mistaken for real life.Moon stoneThe highlight is.
Yawata WorksHigashida Daiichi Blast Furnace Site (Hachiman East Ward)
It was built as a blast furnace at the Yawata Works in 1901 and was suspended after the operation in 1972.Kitakyushu Expo 2001With the opportunity, the Higashida Daiichi Blast Furnace was preserved and maintained. Converter,Torpedo carIs also stored with the blast furnace.


Cultural and commercial facilities

Hot spring/cold spring

recent yearsボ ー リ ン グIt springs out from the source that was excavated bySpaMany facilities have been constructed in recent years.

  • Kiyomaro Spa (simple cold spring, Kuzuhara, Ogura Minami Ward)
  • Terasako Radium Hot Spring (Radioactive Spring Kogura Minami Ward Numamidori)
  • Hime Onsen (Spa Resort Pavilio Hime no Yu Sodium Chloride Strong Salt Spring, Kokurakita-ku Hime)
  • Higashida Onsen (Loose Spa Onsen Seaside Spa, Weak Radioactivity-Sodium Calcium-Chloride Strong Spring, Hachiman Higashi WardHigashida
  • Kawachi hot spring (hydrangea hot water, alkaline simple hot spring, Kawachi, Hachimanto-ku)
  • Honjo Hot Spring (Otogi no Mori, Alkaline Simple Hot Spring, Hachiman Nishi Ward Mikai)
  • Wakamatsu Hibiki Onsen (Kanpo no Yado Kitakyushu, Sodium and Calcium-Chloride Spring, Wakamatsu Ward Yuge)
  • Kasumi hot springs (sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride hot springs, Kuchiami, Ogura Minami Ward)

Nature, park, etc.


Festivals and events


  • Iteura no Shiriri Festival (Kokura Minami Ward, January)
  • Wakinoura Hadaka Festival (Wakamatsu Ward, January)
  • Hino reedImmorality (Wakamatsu Ward, January)
  • Wafukari Shrine(Moji Ward, February)
  • Yasaka Shrine Setsubun Festival (Kokurakita Ward, February)
  • Kitakyushu Theater Festival (Ogura Kita Ward, March)
  • Kitakyushu Arts Festival (Around the city, April-May)
  • Wakamatsu Ebisu ShrineSpring Festival (Wakamatsu Ward, April)
  • Kichijoji Fuji Festival (Hachiman Nishi Ward, April)
  • Numa Raku (Kokura Minami Ward, May)
  • Mojiko RetroFesta (Moji Ward, May)
  • Tobata Iris Festival (Tobata Ward, June)
  • Wakamatsu Hydrangea Festival (Wakamatsu Ward, June)[71]
  • Maeda Gion Yamakasa(Hachiman Higashi Ward, July)
  • Futajima Gion(Wakamatsu Ward, July)
  • Sarakurayama Yojimon Yaki (Hachiman East Ward, August)
  • Lowercase ware (Ogura Kita Ward, August)
  • Kiyase Bon Odori (Hachiman Nishi Ward, August)
  • Minami Festival (Kokura Minami Ward, August)
  • Kokura CastleFirewood(Ogura Kita Ward, September)
  • Kazuma Kagura (Ogura Minami Ward, September)
  • Yokodai Kagura (Ogura Minami Ward, October)
  • Chikuzen Kurosaki Post Festival (Hachiman Nishi Ward, October)
  • Kitakyushu International Music Festival(Around the city, October-November)
  • Kokura CastlechrysanthemumExhibition (Ogura Kita Ward, November)
  • Chikuzen Kiyase Post Festival (Hachiman Nishi Ward, November)
  • Ozumi Kagura (Moji Ward, November)
  • Wakamatsu Ebisu ShrineAnnual festival "Winter Ebesan" (Wakamatsu Ward, December)
  • Hidden Shibikise Festival (Kokura Minami Ward, December)

Other festivals

Wasshoi million summer festival(Kokurakita Ward)
The first Saturday and Sunday of August, the largest festival in the city. Festival floats from all over the city line up in front of the city hall. The highlight is the largest stall in the city festival, the million dance performed by more than 8 people, and the fireworks festival held in the city center.
Ogura Gion Taiko(Kokurakita Ward)
July 7rd Friday Saturday and Sunday Prefectural intangible cultural propertyThe life of lawless pine"famous for. Two drums (front and back) with both sides of the taiko drum are sung courageously. Around 2 groups participate every year, and it is one of the most prestigious festivals in the prefecture with an audience of 100.
Tobata Gion Mt. Ooyama(Tobata Ward)
July 7th Sat, Sun, Japan National Intangible Cultural Properties The highlight of the Mt. The feature of changing clothes is day and night, and the daytime is neat and clean, and 4 lanterns illuminate the city at night.
Kurosaki Gion Yamakasa(Hachiman Nishi Ward)
July 7rd, Fri, Sat, Sun Prefectural intangible cultural property Large Mt. Ningyoyama hat decorated with dolls and lights, which is also called a fighting Yamakasa, is spectacular.
Festival Entrepreneur Festival Hachiman(Hachiman East Ward)
Around November 11rd Festival is held in commemoration of the founding of Yawata Steel Co., Ltd. It is a community-based festival in which stalls, stage shows, sports events, etc. are mixed. The steel mill will also be open to the public.
Moji Minato Festival
On the 5rd Saturday and Sunday of May, dance, parade and ship exhibition will be held in a retro port town, one of Japan's three major port festivals.
Wakamatsu Minato Festival
July 7rd, Friday, Saturday and Sunday During the period, a festival of Kukinoumi Fireworks was held, with the sound of the Gohei thick bay crowing rang by the captain of a carrier ship in Wakamatsu, which once flourished as a coal shipping port.

Main fireworks display

Kukinoumi Fireworks Festival(Tobata Ward/Wakamatsu Ward)
July 7rd weekend 3 launches Held during the Wakamatsu Minato Festival. The highlight of Niagara from Wakado Ohashi.
Wasshoi million summer festival(Kokurakita Ward)
The first day of August 8 launches The feature is that it can be seen up close in central Ogura.
Kanmon Strait fireworks display(Moji Ward/Shimonoseki City)
August 8 13 launches and one of the largest audience mobilization in western Japan. The highlights are the fireworks launched from both sides of the strait, 15000 fireworks, and 2 shakutama, co-sponsored by Shimonoseki and Kitakyushu. I want to use public transportation such as JR because it is heavily congested.

Special event

Annual convention
Tournaments held in the past
  • 2002 World Wheelchair Basketball Championship, Kitakyushu (Kitakyushu Gold Cup 2002)
    First held in Asia. August 8-September 23 was held for 9 days at the Kitakyushu City Gymnasium.
  • Nationally Selected High School Tennis Tournament(Until 2003)
    Every March,Hachiman Nishi WardKitakyushuPrince Hotel(At that time) the main venue was the tennis courtFukuoka CityChange the venue to.
  • 12th Asia Junior Table Tennis Championships 2006 Kitakyushu Tournament (2006)
    Ai FukuharaParticipants.
  • Asahi Ekiden
    Starting from Fukuoka City, the goal is Kitakyushu City.
  • Around Kyushu Ekiden
    Held in October every year until 2013, on the 10th day, in the middle of the final ward-to the goal, and on the last day, the start-on the way to the 9nd ward.

Specialty/Special product

  • Grilled curry(Moji Ward)-Menu originated from Mojiko, where curry is topped with cheese and eggs.[72].
  • Puffer fish(Moji Ward)-Although it is a blowfish of the Kanmon Strait, which is famous for Shimonoseki on the opposite bank, there are many specialty stores in Moji Ward.[72].
  • Uni(Wakamatsu Ward)-There are three types of sea urchin, Akauni, Bafununi, and Purple sea urchin, and the fishing season varies depending on the type.[Primary material 147].. Discharging juvenile sea urchins of Akauni to maintain resources[Primary material 147].
  • A stall Ofohagi(Ogura)-At the stalls in Tada, sake is not sold (bringing in is allowed), but rice is sold instead. As an aside, a udon shop that has a chain in Kitakyushu (Udon noodles) But they sell ohagi.
  • Cooked sardine bran(Kogura Kita-ku and Kokura Minami-ku)-A local dish that has been handed down from the Edo era, where blue fish is cooked in bran paste. Simmer sardines, mackerel, etc. with soy sauce, mirin, sugar, etc., and finally add nukamiso as a seasoning and simmer[72].. Also known as "Jindani"[73].
  • Haima bamboo shoots(Kokura Minami Ward)-Shipped nationwide, treated as the finest products such as luxury restaurants in Kansai. It is soft and has no acridness and has a good texture[72].
  • Kokura Beef (Kokura Minami Ward)-Carefully selected from Japanese black beef bred in the city[72].
  • KokuraRoll cake(Ogura)-Aiming to revitalize the town with roll cake, "Ogura Roll Cake Study Group" has been established. It is tied up with the Kitakyushu Monorail, and events such as "Roll Cake Train" are also held.
  • MacrophyllShanda(Kokura Minami Ward)-Unlike general garland chrysanthemum, it features round leaves without jaggedness[72].
  • One oyster (Moji Ward, Kokura Minami Ward)-A oyster that is cultivated in the Buzen Sea and sold as a shell. Large grains grown in the nutritious sea and good for throat[72].
  • stir-fried udon(Ogura Kita Ward/Ogura Minami Ward)-Grilled udon that was born in Kokura during the post-war food shortage. Characterized by using dried udon (dried noodles)[72].
  • YamIron plate
  • KuroganeHard bread(Hachiman)- Yawata WorksIt is said that it was developed as a calorie supplement diet for workers. It is said that the hardness has dropped compared to before, but it is quite hard. People with bad teethmilkIt is better to soak it in something like this.
  • KuroganeYokan(Yawata)-Like hard bread, it is a sweet that originated from Yawata Steel, but this is general yokan.
  • Swallow(Hachiman)- Orio StationIt is famous as an ekiben, but it is also sold at Wakamatsu, Kurosaki, Hachiman, Tobata, and Kokura stations. Orio Station sells it at home.
  • Kashiwa udon -Udon noodles at the station platform. Dashi stock with chicken and chicken soboro in the ingredients. "Plattopit" at Ogura station and Orio/Kurosaki/Wakamatsu stationsHigashichikenYou can eat at (Platt Pit at Ogura Station is a cartoon "Cooking daddy』Introduced in Volume 59).
  • Hachiman Gyoza(Yahata)-Gyoza was often eaten as a stamina meal among workers who once worked at the Yawata Works.
  • Kanmon Strait Octopus(Kokura/Moji)-Located between Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture and Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi PrefectureKanmon StraitA true octopus raised in Japan.
  • Tobata Champon - ChamponThe originator ofNagasakiHowever, in Kitakyushu, there are restaurants that serve "Champon"RamenThere are many shops. The characteristic is thin steamed noodles. You can eat at several shops such as the shopping street near JR Tobata Station.
  • Chanra - Moji PortNoodle dishes that can be eaten around.
  • Local burger
  • Famous confectionery
  • Ogura Ori(Kokura)- Edo PeriodBuzenOgura domainMade as a special product offabricAnd, a good and durable cotton cloth mainly featuring vertical stripes.Tokugawa Ieyasu HaoriIt was prized at that time, and then spread nationwide.ShowaLost in the early days, but later restored.
  • Sonji(Tobata)- Local toysKites in the shape of cicadas, special products and folk crafts designated by the Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture.
  • Origin

    Originated in Kitakyushu City




    Sports team

    Teams working in the city
    The operating company is located in Fukuoka City, but the entire prefecture is hometown,Kitakyushu City GymnasiumBut home games will be held.

      From 2022, a professional baseball team based in Kitakyushu CityKyushu Asia LeagueIt was decided to enter.

    A team that was once active

    Public competition

    Kitakyushu is the only country in Japan with fourPublic competitionOut ofHorse racing-Bicycle race-Boat racingThese are all municipalities. StillBicycle race trackBoat raceIt is also the only municipality in the country that owns both.

    Ogura Racecourse
    Ogura Minami WardA racetrack in the north.JRA OfRacecourseIt is located at the westernmost end.Kitakyushu MonorailRacetrack Mae StationIt is directly connected to.
    Ogura Bicycle Racetrack(Kitakyushu Media Dome
    Kokurakita WardMihaginoBicycle race track in. It was opened in 1998 on the former site of the Mihagino Athletics Stadium, which is adjacent to the former Kokura Bicycle Racetrack (used until 1997). The only all-weather bicycle racetrack in western Japan (1m per lap)bank) And have multiple purposesア リ ー ナAlso used asconcert,Sports-It can be widely used for cultural events. Besides this, onceMoji VelodromeAlso existed.
    Wakamatsu Boat Racecourse
    A boat racecourse established in 1952 in Akaiwa-cho, Wakamatsu-ku. Since 2004Night game(Pineapple night) has been conducted almost all year. AdjacentOnga-gunAshiya TownAlsoAshiya Boat RacecourseHowever, when deciding the dates, adjustments are made to avoid duplication.

    Origin-related celebrities

    Works set in Kitakyushu (or the former 5 cities)


    1989 Actively started attracting2000 IsKitakyushu Film CommissionWas installed.

    Before the establishment of Kitakyushu City

    After the establishment of Kitakyushu City

    A movie that appears as Kitakyushu City (or the former 5 cities)
    A movie that was filmed in the city but not in Kitakyushu

    TV drama


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