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😷 | Infection of 5 people in Tochigi Prefecture Cumulative total of 1 people New corona

Photo Number of people infected with new coronavirus in the prefecture

Infection of 5 people in Tochigi Prefecture Cumulative total of 1 people New corona

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By place of residence, there were two people each in Utsunomiya City and Mibu Town, and one in Yaita City.

Tochigi Prefecture and Utsunomiya City announced on the 14th that a total of 5 new people have been infected with the new coronavirus.The cumulative number of infected people in the prefecture is ... → Continue reading

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Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Of the azaleas in Nagamine ParkImage providedplease.(2019/5

Yaita(Yaita) isTochigiNorthernCity.Tochigi Prefectural OfficeIt is the central city of the Shioya district in Tochigi prefecture, with the Shioya Government building being established.


Mt. TakayamaIt spreads to the southern foot of (Mr. Takahara) and is surrounded by mountainous areas, forests, and satoyama.Bukigawa, Miyagawa,UchikawaRivers such as flow from north to south.Northern mountains and forest areas are nationwideOne hundred famous watersWas chosenNanazawa spring water OfWater sourceHas becomeWater source forest XNUMX selectionsHas been selected forTakaharayama water source forest,100 forests in the forestHas been selected forTochigi Prefectural Forest, Happo Natural Recreation Forest,HappoharaEnvironmental education in a treasure trove of rich nature,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt is maintained for.Takaharayama was also the object of mountain religion in ancient times.Small hills line up from north to south in the central partShiona HillsThere is a flat land where Miyagawa, Nakagawa, and Uchikawa flow between the ridges ofPaddy fieldThe zone is expanding.In the southKanto PlainIt consists of the flat land, which can be said to be the northern end of the river, and the hills of small hills carved in small rivers.Shioya TownFlowing fromArakawaIs in contact with.The Hoki River is located in the west, one hill away from the center.EgawaIn the basinNasuno gaharaIt is a paddy field with a wide range of flat land.


TokyoAbout 130km north, prefectural capitalUtsunomiyaAbout 30km northTohoku Main Line(Utsunomiya Line) Is 2 hours 30 minutes and 30 minutes respectively.The main means of transportation pass through the city area from north to south, and the Kataoka area is 1000m wide.National Route 4,Tohoku Main Line(Utsunomiya Line),Tohoku Expressway,Tohoku ShinkansenConcentrate.Each transportation is in this KataokahillsEnter the zoneKanto PlainからNasuno gaharaMove on to.

Adjacent municipalities


Population distribution of Yaita, Tochigi, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Yaita City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yaita City (2005)
Purple-Yaita City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yaita City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



  • In the northern part of the cityactive volcano-Mt. TakayamaKengamine, one of the constituent peaks, used obsidian native tostone toolIs more than 200km away from our cityShizuokaMishima City,NaganoShinanoIt was discovered at the archaeological site of Japan and is being researched.The old ones were produced about 3 years ago due to the characteristics of stone tools.Late PaleolithicIt is believed that the mining remains (Kogen Mt. Obsidian origin sites) are the oldest in Japan.Ice ageHighlands with an altitude of nearly 400 m, which exceeds the forest limit of the northern Kanto region at that time, which is difficult for people to approach during the cold season.[1]That was mined inStone ageAttention is gathering because it has become clear that the activities and trade areas that overturn the concept of ”and the efficient work by excavating the ruins have been performed. In addition, researchers have reported that this new discovery will be a clue to trace the origin of the Japanese and the evolution of the human race.[2][3][4].. The latest research has revealed that obsidian stone ware from the plateau was widely distributed in the southern Kanto region.
    • The Yaita City Board of Education is one of the largest in Japan, which can be estimated to have been manufactured 20 to 1 years ago in the 2 survey.Pointed deviceAnd announced that it had found the remains of the mining mine.At the same time, the obsidian mining pit excavated in the 19th survey was estimated to be 1 years old.Radiocarbon datingBy 8 to 5 years agoJomon PeriodMade fixes with early ones.[5][6][7]
    • What the discovery and excavation of the highland obsidian origin ruins
  • Fossil shells in the Kooka district in the western part of the city,ArrowheadEtc. can be excavated.

Since history

* SomeYaita City HomepageMore summary


Long time agoShioyaThere is a government office, and in the old daysKuriyama Village,Fujiwara Town(Both are currentNikko),Shiobara(CurrentNasushiobara), Wood in Shioya-gun, such as Shioya-cho,家畜Prospered as an agglomeration area.Currently, the central organizations of the Shioya district such as Tochigi Prefectural Office Shioya Government Building, Shioya Wide Area Administrative Association, Shioya Fire Department, and International University of Health and Welfare Shioya Hospital are located. 1959 Until around (Showa 34)Tobu RailwaySheet pile line Yaita Station-Shin-Takatoku StationAlthough it was connected, it is now discontinued with the development of automobile traffic.In recent yearsTohoku Main Line(Utsunomiya Line),National Route 4,Tohoku ExpresswayYaita InterchangeIt is a key point of transportation where is concentrated.

Origin of place name

There are various theories about the origin of the place name of "Yaita".For example, there is a theory that "Yaeda", which means Mita, has changed, or "Yakita", which burns fields, has changed, but there is no tradition about Mita, and it is grilled. As for the slash-and-burn field, it was done everywhere in this region, so there is almost no element that makes it a special place name.In addition, it is thought that the place name was "Yaita," which means an earth retaining board, but the reason for this is completely unknown, and it is difficult to guess it, which is also lacking in grounds.Yaita City's large-sized Yaita, which became the city name of Yaita City, is also the birthplace of Yaita, but there is a possibility that the land was called Yaita because the place name was not the first and the clan named Mr. Yaita ruled. , This is also speculative.

History of the city


Successive mayors

  • (Old) Yaita Town (Village) Chief
1Naoichiro OtakiMay 1889, 22May 1899, 32
2Kinichiro SakamakiMay 1899, 32May 1911, 44
3Sandoji KanematsuMay 1911, 44May 1915, 4 (Taisho 4)
4Yoshiichiro OnozakiMay 1915, 4 (Taisho 4)May 1919, 8 (Taisho 4)
5Torahei OsawaMay 1919, 8 (Taisho 4)May 1923, 12 (Taisho 4)
6Yuro OtakiMay 1923, 12 (Taisho 4)1927 (Showa 2)/4/22
7Yagisawa required work1927 (Showa 2)/4/231928 (Showa 3)/6/25
8Hiroshi Yaita1928 (Showa 3)/9/201930 (Showa 5)/6/3
9Iwao Kimishima1930 (Showa 5)/7/31934 (Showa 9)/7/2
10Toichiro Kato1934 (Showa 9)/8/41942 (Showa 17)/8/3
11Saisho Takayanagi1942 (Showa 17)/8/41945 (Showa 20)/10/31
12Iku Fukushima1945 (Showa 20)/11/11947 (Showa 22)/4/4
13Hohei Takahashi1947 (Showa 22)/4/51954 (Showa 29)/12/31
  • Yaita City (Town) Mayor
1Kiichiro Oshima1955 (Showa 30)/2/171959 (Showa 34)/2/16Mayor from October 1958, 11
2Saisho Takayanagi1959 (Showa 34)/2/171963 (Showa 38)/2/16
3Yunobu Yamagata1963 (Showa 38)/2/171974 (Showa 49)/7/22Died during his tenure
4Eiichi Otani1974 (Showa 49)/9/81982 (Showa 57)/9/7
5Kimihisa Yamaguchi1982 (Showa 57)/9/81988 (Showa 63)/3/16
6Hirohisa Oki1988 (Showa 63)/4/171996 (Heisei 8)/4/16
7Kimihisa Yamaguchi1996 (Heisei 8)/4/172004 (Heisei 16)/4/16
8Endo Tadashi2004 (Heisei 16)/4/172016 (Heisei 28)/4/16
9Junichiro Saito2016 (Heisei 28)/4/17Incumbent
  • Source of (former) Yaita Town (village) Mayor: "Tochigi Prefecture Municipal Merger Magazine Volume 1", p. 2-XNUMX
  • Source of the mayor of Yaita City (town): "Tochigi Prefecture Historical Biographical Dictionary", p. 672, "The First Mayor of Japan", p. 621-623, "Public Relations Yaita" May 2004, 5 issue, p. 1, "National Municipal Handbook" 3 edition, First Regulations, p. 23,136. Successive mayors(Yaita City Homepage Yaita City Statistics Web Version)


Constant: 16[9]

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Tochigi 3rd district(Yaita City,Otawara City,Nasushiobara,Nasu Karasuyama,Nasu Town,Nakagawa TownKazuo YanaLDP3Constituency

National agency

Prefecture agency

  • Tochigi Prefectural Office Shioya Government Building
    • Yaita Prefectural Tax Office
    • Shioya Minami Nasu Agricultural Promotion Office
    • Shioya Minami Nasu Education Office
    • Shioya Prefectural Counseling Room
    • Yaita Forestry Office
    • Yaita Civil Engineering Office
  • Yaita Health and Welfare Center
  • Tochigi Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation Yaita Branch
  • Tochigi Prefectural Construction Technology Center Northern Branch Office
  • Tochigi Prefectural Forest Management Office
  • Nakagawa Water System Dam Management Office


Shioya Wide Area Administrative Association

Radioactive waste final disposal site problem

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentOf the waste generated byRadioactive cesiumConcentration is 8Bq/kgSuper sludge and incinerator ash are "Designated wasteAsRadioactive Material Contamination Countermeasures LawAccording to the national responsibility, it will be disposed of.2012 (Heisei24 years)May 4,Katsuhiko YokomitsuDeputy Minister of the EnvironmentTomiichi FukudaShowed the governor the policy of constructing a final disposal site for designated waste generated in Tochigi prefecture.[10].. same yearMay 7,Ministry of the EnvironmentA briefing session was held on the selection of candidate sites for final disposal sites for local governments in the prefecture.[11].

same yearMay 9, The national forest of Shioda, Yaita City was presented as a candidate site for the final disposal site of designated waste.[12]..Received a presentation from the Ministry of the EnvironmentEndo TadashiThe mayor has stated that he refuses, "I can't accept it (given the public sentiment)."[12]..On the 4th of the same month, the local residents' association decided to refuse to accept the final disposal site.[13]..On the 8th of the same month, the Yaita City Council unanimously passed a written opinion requesting the withdrawal of the blank sheet of the candidate site and sent it to the country.[14], Adjacent to Yaita CityShioya TownOn the 13th of the same month in the town council ofSakura CityThe city council unanimously passed a similar opinion on the 19th of the same month and sent it to the country.[15][16]..The following day, October 10thTakanezawa TownThe same opinion was unanimously accepted by the town council, and all the city councils in Shioya-gun will unanimously withdraw the blank slate.[17].

On the other hand, on the 9th of the same month, local residents formed the "Alliance Against the Establishment of a Designated Waste Final Disposal Site", and the next day, they started signing and signing activities.[18]..On the 13th of the same month, the Yaita City Mayor's Association decided to submit a "request for the withdrawal of a blank sheet of the candidate site" to the government and to carry out an opposition signing campaign against the construction of the final disposal site.[19]..In addition, Mayor Endo, who attended the Mayor's meeting on that day, complained that "we must start an opposition movement with all sheet piles and stop it."[19].

On the 14th of the same month, the first briefing session for local governments in the prefecture was held at the prefectural office by the Ministry of the Environment.[20]..At the briefing session, the Ministry of the Environment explained the background and safety of selecting the candidate site for the final disposal site, but the local government asked questions about the relationship between the candidate site and the Sekiya fault.[20].

On the 24th of the same month, the "Yaita Citizens' Alliance for the withdrawal of a blank sheet of the designated waste final disposal site candidate site" was established against the construction of the final disposal site.[21]..About 24 groups and about 60 people participated in the establishment meeting held in Yaita City on the night of the 1500th.[21].

same yearMay 10, The city revealed that 23,590 signatures were collected against the construction of the final disposal site[22].. same yearMay 9At that time, the city had a population of 34,970, which means that about two-thirds of the population had signatures.[22]..In addition, the Shiota District Alliance, which opposes the establishment of a designated waste final disposal site, which had independently collected signatures against it, revealed on the 15,906th of the same month that signatures for 16 people had been collected.[23]..Opposition signatures for about 4 people were submitted to the Ministry of the Environment on the 1500nd of the same month.[24].

Mayor Endo on the 10th of the same monthIbarakiTakahagi OfYoshio KusamaMeeting with the mayor at Yaita City Hall[25]..Takahagi City has been selected as a candidate site for a final disposal site for designated waste in Ibaraki Prefecture, and at the meeting it was agreed to cooperate toward the withdrawal of a blank sheet of the candidate site.[25].

On the 16th of the same month, at a mayoral meeting held in Yaita City, the chief said, "We should share the same position as Yaita City."[26]..On the same day, the Yaita City Council submitted a request to Governor Tomikazu Fukuda for cooperation in withdrawing the blank sheet for selecting candidate sites.[27]..In addition, on the 18th of the same month, the Vice-Chairman of the Yaita City Council submitted a request to the Tochigi Prefecture-related parliamentarians to withdraw the blank sheet for selecting candidate sites.[28].

On the 18th of the same month, Mayor Endo announced at a press conference that he had set up a project team in the city hall and started investigating the problems of selecting candidate sites.[29].

For this problemTochigi Prefectural AssemblyRegarding the response of each parliamentary group, the Tochigi Liberal Democratic Party does not demand the withdrawal of the blank sheet for selecting candidate sites.[30]..Democrats and unaffiliated clubs are concerned about the selection process, but like the LDP, they are not asking for a blank slate.[30]..Everyone's club and Komeito legislators want to withdraw the blank slate[30]..In addition, Governor Tomikazu Fukuda has stated that he will take a neutral position.[31].

In addition,Tochigi 2rd districtElectedAkio FukudaHouse of Representatives argues that designated waste should be temporarily stored on the premises of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station[32]..Against this claimYuhei SatoThe Governor of Fukushima has pointed out the possibility of worsening relations between Fukushima and Tochigi prefectures, and in response to this, Governor Tomikazu Fukuda has criticized Representative Fukuda.[32].

The total amount of designated waste stored in Tochigi Prefecture is 2012m as of the end of May 5.3It is alsoNasushiobara3668.5m3,Nasu Town1445.2m3,Otawara City1231.8m3And Kita Nasu 3 cities and towns all have a storage capacity of 1000m3Is over[33]..In Otawara City, the amount of incinerator ash that exceeds the standard has approached its limit, and in October 2011, the collection of pruned branches and other items was stopped.[33].

same yearMay 12, Yaita Citizens' Alliance held a rally in the city calling for the withdrawal of a blank sheet for selecting candidate sites, and about 8000 people participated.[34].. same yearMay 12 Of46th House of Representatives general electionThen the ruling Democratic Party was defeated and the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party regained power.

2013 May 2, Ministry of the Environment announced a policy to redo the selection of candidate sites[35]..In addition to Tochigi and Ibaraki prefectures, candidate sites have not been decided.Miyagi,Gunma,ChibaTo select candidate sites with a new policy[35]..The Ministry of the Environment says that it will place importance on consultation with local governments when selecting candidate sites.[35].

After that, a meeting of mayors was held to determine the "local rules" for selection.[36].. In addition to state-owned land, prefecture-owned land was also targeted as a candidate under the "local rules".[37].2014 In January, the prefecture reported on 1 hectares of 22 prefecture-owned land based on this.[37].

same yearMay 7, Ministry of the Environment presented the state-owned land of Kamiterashima (Iri Terashima) in Shioya Town as a candidate site for the final disposal site of designated waste.[36]..In response to the presentation, in Shioya TownKazuhisa MikataThe mayor has clearly stated his opposition[36].


As a large industry, there was a factory of a major Kansai-affiliated home appliance maker that was once a flower shape, but production has ended due to the influence of overseas relocation.It is hollow.Also, in the northern part of the city,Akataki,Kotaki,TerayamaEach ofSpaThe inn has been around for a long time.In recent yearsCastle hot spring center,Yaita Onsen(River of the building),Corina sheet pileSuch asSpaHas been excavated in various parts of the city, providing a place of relaxation not only for citizens but also for tourists.Yaita InterchangeA major distribution center is also located nearby.

Primary industry

Paddy fieldThe field maintenance was almost completed, and along with rice cultivation, the cold climate was used in the Nagai district in the northwestern part of the city.AppleFruit tree cultivation such as is popular.In the development of the plateau near the prefectural forest, it was settled after the end of the war.dairyIs being done.

  • forestry
    • Currently, it was integrated into the Shiona Forest Management Office (Otawara City), but once there was the Yaita Forestry Office (currently the Yaita Forest Office of the Shiona Forest Management Office), which managed the vast forest area in northwestern Tochigi Prefecture. ..Immediately after the end of the war, a large amount of timber was collected not only from Tochigi prefecture but also from Minamiaizu for the reconstruction of Tokyo, which was damaged by the disaster, and was shipped as rail freight.Until around 50, large sawmills were found in various parts of the city.
  • Agriculture:
    • Kooka green onion (shipped to restaurants in Tokyo as a high-class ingredient)
    • Apples[38]

Secondary industry

  • sharpCo., Ltd. (TSE First Section)
    • The name of the town is "Hayakawa Town".It was named after the old company name, Hayakawa Denki Kogyo.
    • At the beginning of construction, it was used as an assembly factory for color TV receivers.After that, VTR assembly, LCD TV, solar cell panel, etc. were assembled.[39], Currently production is discontinued.There is only a distribution center department and a repair department.
  • Tokyo KeikiYaita Factory (TSE First Section) [40]
  • Ichibanya Co., Ltd. (TSE First Section) Tochigi Factory
  • Japan Cooking Machine Co., Ltd. (TSE Second Section) Tochigi Factory
  • Headquarters / Yaita Factory
  • (stock)Enplus Closed in December 2010[41]

Tertiary industry

  • The central shopping district has no parking lot and is becoming hollow.Once in Fukushima PrefectureAizuwakamatsu OfLion Doll(OldLion Hall),Gunma PrefectureTatebayashi OfTorisenHowever, the store opened early, and because it was located in the old city area, there was no parking lot, and it withdrew with the development of the automobile transportation society.
  • Beisia Yaita store (formerly Iseya, the only one in the city)GMSAnd the only supermarket in front of the station), York Benimaru Yaita store, Daiyu Yaita store, Sanyu Kataoka store, Otani Yaita store
Home center
  • Cainz Home, Komeri Home Center
Volume store
  • K's Denki
  • Kawachi Pharmaceutical, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Sundrug, Triwell, Kusuri no Aoki (Yaita store, Kibata store)
  • Daiso, Konaka, Shimamura, Auto R's

またToyota,Nissan MotorAn affiliated automobile sales company is located along National Route 4 (former bypass) that runs through the western part of the city.

Local products

  • Sake Morito Sake Brewery XNUMX Masamune (Izumi district)
  • Sake Bucheon Sake Brewery Loyalty (Kataoka district)
  • Agricultural cooperative ripe apple juice 
  • Harimaya brandy cake 
  • Yasuzawa greens
  • Apple curry

Statistical data

Current market

  1. Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Municipalities in Statistics 2007" 2007

Sister cities/partner cities


City area

The city area is JRYaita StationYaita district centered around Yaita City Hall, JRKataoka StationThere are three areas, the Kataoka area centered on Izumi, and the Izumi area, which is the former Izumi village.Nozaki VillageThere are more incorporated Sawa districts, Kooka district in the western part of the city, Nagai and Isano in the Izumi district, and other villages that form urban areas.

Taking advantage of the 30-minute train commute to Utsunomiya, the prefecture's capital, there is a large-scale housing complex, Tsutsujigaoka New Town, developed by Tochigi Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation near Kataoka Station.

List of town names

Yaita district

  • Higashimachi (Azumacho)
  • Arai
  • Ougicho XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Kashimacho
  • Katamata
  • Uemachi
  • Kawasakisorimachi
  • Kibata
  • Kurakake
  • Kooka (Kouoka is pronounced locally as "kooka")
  • Sakaibayashi
  • Sawa
  • Shioda
  • Shimoota
  • Suehirocho
  • Storm surge
  • Tatenogawa
  • Tsuchiya
  • Tomita
  • Toyota
  • Middle
  • Narita
  • Hayakawa Town
  • Hariu (Hariu Local pronunciation is "Haryu")
  • Honcho
  • Yaita

Izumi district

  • Izumi
  • Kamiisano
  • Kamiota
  • Shimoisano
  • Standing up
  • Tanohara
  • Nagai
  • Higashiizumi
  • Hirano
  • Yamada

Kataoka district

  • Anzawa
  • Ishizeki
  • Otsuki
  • Otsuhata
  • Kataoka
  • Koshihata
  • Fist stand (fist)
  • Tamada
  • Yamanawashiro


Vocational schools

high school

Junior high school

primary school

  • Yaita City Yaita Elementary School
  • Yaita City Higashi Elementary School
  • Yaita City Kawasaki Elementary School
  • Yaita City Nishi Elementary School
  • Yaita City Toyoda Elementary School
  • Yaita City Izumi Elementary School
  • Yaita City Kataoka Elementary School
  • Yaita City Otsuhata Elementary School
  • Yaita City Anzawa Elementary School


The postal code corresponds to "329-21xx" (Yaita area), "329-15xx" (Kataoka area), and "329-25xx" (Izumi area).The collection and delivery station is throughout the cityYaita Post OfficeWill be under the jurisdiction of.

post office

Phone Number

The entire city is OtawaraMAThe area code is "0287".Except for some areas (described later), the following two buildings are applicable to the detention station, and the city code is as follows.

  • Yaita Bureau: 40,43,44
  • Kataoka station: 41 (0s, 7000s, 8000s), 48

The following areas are under the jurisdiction of the detention bureau outside Yaita City.

  • Tamanyu Bureau (Otawara MA): Applicable to some areas of Kurakake and Nagai.



Railway line

Waste line

Bus route


Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

It is a plateau-like plateau with an altitude of 1000m to 1200m that extends over the plateau mountains in the northern part of the city. 5 shares around May and JuneAstragalusThe herd is famous.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt is maintained as a suitable place for hiking trails, campgrounds, access roads, parking lots, observatories, seasonal shops, etc. and can be easily visited.Also, the access roadMt. TakayamaIt hits the north side ofShiobara Hot SpringsAlso familiar with.
Close to Happogahara, the emperor, a campsite set up by the prefecture, visitedNational tree planting festival,National tree festivalFacilities such as venues, exhibition halls, boys' nature houses, and hiking trails are maintained.
The Western-style building in the Odawara villa "Koukian" of Aritomo Yamagata, the elder of the Meiji era, was relocated the year after the Great Kanto Earthquake.Relics from before and after the Meiji Restoration are on permanent display, and you can enjoy the atmosphere of the past in the guest room on the second floor.
100 city parks in JapanAlso selected as one of the leading in Kita-KantouAzaleaIt is a famous place.It is a 10-minute walk from Yaita Station and is easily accessible by train.
Medieval Shioya'scityA hot spring developed by utilizing the hometown creation fund near the city, providing a place of relaxation for the citizens.In addition, there is Yaita Onsen near Shioya Town, behind the Kawasaki Castle Ruins.
Ogata Korin,Dry mountainArt [42]
  • Corina sheet pile
A resort town developed in a natural forest with the themes of humans, nature and health.Hot springs are boiling in the area, and sports and leisure facilities are also available.
  • Sports park
An athletic park with a soccer stadium has been developed, which has developed the hills in the western part of the city.Tochinoha National Athletic MeetIt became a soccer venue.In the park, old burial mounds excavated during the development of the sports park are preserved and exhibited.
Located near the Tohoku Expressway, it is maintained as a park.
A historic site designated by Tochigi Prefecture.sharpIt is located in the center of the industrial park where there is, and is maintained as a park.
A waterfall on Mt. Takahara.Comprehensive travel information site "LINE Travel jpWas selected for the 1st Traveler Award[43].
Edo PeriodEarlyEnpoYear (1673 から1681 ) Was built aroundShoyaHousing
Mt. TakayamaInheriting the flow of mountain religion
A shrine that has been around since the days when salt was made using salt water in the city

Nasu canalThe old house of Takeshi Yaita, who was instrumental in excavation.

The mother's room is an exhibition room that introduces Takeshi's achievements.In addition, there is a splendid weeping cherry tree that is 180 years old in the garden, and it is lit up every year from the end of March to the beginning of April.

Mass media

Yaita Relay Station

Tokyo OlympicsWas held1964 (39)Tokyo TowerThe first relay station in Tochigi Prefecture to eliminate difficult viewing due to direct reception of radio waves from. (Details

  • NHK General Sheet pile relay station A40 (51) CH / D47CH
  • NHK education Sheet pile relay station A30 (49) CH / D39CH
  • Nippon TV Sheet pile relay station A36 (53) CH / D19CH
  • TBS TV Sheet pile relay station A42 (55) CH / D15CH
  • Fuji Television Network, Inc Sheet pile relay station A45 (57) CH / D35CH
  • TV Asahi Sheet pile relay station A59CH / D17CH
  • Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Sheet pile relay station A61CH / D18CH
  • Tochigi TV Sheet pile relay station A33CH / D29CH
    • Approximately 110000 households receive the sheet pile relay station (the entire northern area of ​​Tochigi Prefecture)
    • A is analog broadcasting, D is terrestrial digital broadcasting
    • () Is the old channel

Native celebrity


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外部 リンク

Mibu Town

Mibu Town(Mibumachi) isTochigiLocated in the southern part of the prefectureShimotsuga-gunAbout 4 people in the northtown.

Mibu Clan(Mibu Castle)ofcastle town, Also Nikko Nishi Kaido (Mibu Street)ofPost townIs.However, not all areas that belong to the current town were the territory of the Mibu domain, and the formerMinami Inukai VillageIn part ofUtsunomiya DomainThere are also areas that belonged to the territory.Abolition of the feudal clan in about a yearGenroku5-6 years), but in the Ueda areaShimotsuke Ueda DomainThere was a time when was present.

In the past, we invited a toy factory to develop an industrial park, so "Toy townThere is a unique place name.Flowing through the center of townKurokawaAlongChausuyama Tumulus,Kurazuka TombThere are many ancient burial mounds.

2005 May 1ToNasu-gunNishinasuno TownMergedNasushiobaraSince then, it has been the most populous town in Tochigi prefecture. As of 2017, there are plans to rebuild the town hall[1].

Shimotsuga-gunAlthough it is a local government, the oldIshibashi(CurrentShimotsuke) WithUtsunomiya CityStrong connection with.Utsunomiya CityThe commuting rate to Japan is 18.7% (22 census).


Located in the central southern part of Tochigi prefecture, the town area is 8.0km east-west, 12.5km north-south, and the area is 61.06km.2Is.It is about 90km north of Tokyo and east.Shimotsuke, SouthOyama City, WestTochigi City, NorthKanuma CityIt is adjacent to Utsunomiya City.

The terrain is on the western borderOgawa, Central partKurokawa, Along the eastern borderSugatagawaIs flowing, and Shikawa and Kurokawa meet in the northern part of Honmachi.The terrain is almost flat in the northern part of the Kanto Plain, and the altitude is 50-100m above sea level.Mibu CastleCastle town,Nikko KaidoIt is an area that prospered as a post town and a key point for river transportation using the Kurokawa River.Land use is about 31% for rice fields, about 18% for fields, about 16% for residential land, and about 9% for forests.




Population distribution of Mibu, Tochigi, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Mibu Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Mibu Town (2005)
Purple-Mibu Town
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Mibu Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Successive chiefs

Former Mibu Town

1Takahashi HyoemonDecember 1889 (Meiji 22)
2Watanabe HundredDecember 1893 (Meiji 26)
3Mt. Ooyama KashichiDecember 1893 (Meiji 26)
4Yukitaka SawadaDecember 1901 (Meiji 34)
5Eizo IshizakiDecember 1901 (Meiji 34)
6Tsubasa YamaguchiDecember 1903 (Meiji 36)
7Mt. Ooyama KashichiDecember 1907 (Meiji 40)
8Masatsugu OshimaAugust 1915 (Taisho 4)
9Mt. Ooyama KashichiAugust 1918 (Taisho 7)
10Shigeru MatsumotoAugust 1922 (Taisho 11)
11Mine ShinoharaAugust 1926 (Taisho 15)
12Arakawa TameemonDecember, 1930 (Showa 5)
13Haruyoshi ShiraishiDecember, 1934 (Showa 9)
14Tsurushichi SatoDecember, 1938 (Showa 13)
15Kenichiro OtagakiDecember, 1945 (Showa 20)
16Yoshi MatsumotoDecember, 1946 (Showa 21)

Yoshi Matsumoto, Mayor of the Mayor at the time of the merger

Mayor (after new merger)

1Tsurushichi Sato1954/12/121958/12/11First term, inaugurated after the merger with Inabamura in November 1, former prefectural assembly member, grandfather of Tsutomu Sato
2Kenichiro Otagaki1958/12/121966/12/11Second term, former prefectural assembly member, prefectural assembly 2rd and 43th chairman, 46th vice-chairman
3Akira Sato1966/12/121970/5/9For the first term, he died suddenly in May 1 during his tenure, a former member of the prefectural assembly, the 1970th chairman of the prefectural assembly, the 5th vice-chairman, and the son of the first Tsurushichi Sato.
4Saburo Sato1970/6/201978/3/32nd term, former prefectural assembly member, 3rd generation, relatives of Akira Sato
5Masayuki Sato1978/4/161982/4/151 period
6Shozo Naoi1982/4/161990/4/15Second term, former town council member
7Hideyo Shimizu1990/4/162010/4/15Former Tochigi Prefectural Tochigi High School Principal, Former Vice Chairman of the National Association for Promotion of Road Improvement, Former Chairman of Tochigi Prefecture Municipalities
8Kazuya Kosuga2010/4/16IncumbentThird term, former town council chairman, town council vice chairman

Administrative facility

  • Mibu Town Hall 12-22 Torimachi, Mibu Town, Shimotsuga District, Tochigi Prefecture
  • Inaba branch office
  • Minami Inukai branch office

Community facility

  • Mutsumi District Community Center
  • Yasuka district community center
  • Inaba district public hall
  • Minami Inukai District Public Hall
    • Minami Inukai District Public Hall Branch
  • Mibu Town Fureai Women's Center


The entire town is under the jurisdiction of the Tochigi police station.

  • Mibu police box
  • Toy town police box
  • Ueda Representative Office
  • Inaba station


The entire town is under the jurisdiction of the Ishibashi District Fire Fighting Association.

  • Mibu Fire Department (Reorganized Mibu Branch and integrated Yasuzuka Detachment)


Town council


  • Constant number: 16 people
  • Chair: On behalf of the parliament, conducts meetings and handles paperwork related to the parliament.
  • Vice-chairman: Acts for the chairman in the absence or absence of the chairman.

Parliamentary group

Standing Committee

  • General Affairs Standing Committee Fixed number: 6 people
  • Education and Civil Affairs Standing Committee Fixed number: 5 people
  • Construction Economy Standing Committee Fixed number: 5 people

Special committee

  • Mibu Town Council Public Relations Special Committee Fixed number: 5 people

Prefectural Assembly (Mibu Town Electoral District)

Detail is"Tochigi Prefectural AssemblySee

Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Ryo SatoTochigi Liberal Democratic Party3st term

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Tochigi 4rd district(Mibu Town,Oyama City,Moka,Shimotsuke(OldIshibashi,Kokubunji Town),Tochigi City(OldOhira Town,Fujioka Town,Toga Town,Iwafune TownArea),Haga-gun,Nogi TownTsutomu SatoLDP8Constituency



The entire town belongs to JA Shimotsuki jurisdiction, and agriculture is practiced taking advantage of its location near the metropolitan area.In addition to land-use agriculture such as rice and wheat that makes use of the flat land of the Kanto Plain that extends from the central part to the eastern part, institutional gardening such as strawberries, tomatoes, and garlic chives that make use of the winter sunshine is particularly popular.

Specialty goods

  • Kanpyo, strawberry, burdock, cut flowers, medicinal herbs



    • Kasumi Toy Town Store
    • The Daiso Frespo Toy Town Store
    • McDonald's Toy Town Frespo Store
    • Kawachi Pharmaceutical Toy Town East Store
    • Yamada Denki Techland Mibu store
    • Honda Cars Tochigi Toy Town Store
    • Ministop Mibu Toy Town Store


List of town names

Mibu district

  • Ekihigashicho
  • Omotemachi
  • Daishicho
  • Chuo Town
  • Dorimachi
  • Oaza Fujii(Fujii)
  • Honmaru XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Oaza Mibuko
  • Oaza Mibuotsu(Mibuotsu)
  • Oaza Mibuhei
  • Oaza Mibutei
  • Motomachi

Inaba district

South Inukai district

  • Akebono Town (Akebonocho)
  • Izumicho(Izumicho)
  • Ochiai XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Toy townXNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Oaza Ueda (Kamida)
  • Oaza Kitakobayashi
  • Oaza Kuniya
  • Kotobukicho
  • Saiwaicho(Saiwa Icho) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Treasures XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Oaza Sukegai
  • Oaza Nakaizumi
  • Midoricho(Midoricho) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Oaza Yasuzuka
  • Wakakusa Town(Wakaku Sacho)



high school

Junior high school

primary school

  • Mibu Town Yasuzuka Elementary School
  • Mibu Municipal Hanyuda Elementary School-It is built on the site of Hanyuda Castle.
  • Mibu Municipal Fujii Elementary School
  • Mibu Municipal Mibu Elementary School
  • Mibu Municipal Mibu Higashi Elementary School
  • Mibu Municipal Mibu Kita Elementary School (renamed from Minami Inukai Elementary School in 1960)
  • Mibu Municipal Mutsumi Elementary School --- Due to the increase in the population of the toy town area, it was newly established in the form of dividing the Mibu Higashi Elementary School area.
  • Mibu Municipal Inaba Elementary School


  • Mibu Town Street Nursery School
  • Mibu Municipal Yasuzuka Nursery School
  • Mibu Municipal Inaba Nursery School
  • Mibu Municipal Shimodai Nursery School
  • Mibu Municipal Sukegai Nursery School

A school that once existed

  • Mibu Municipal Inaba Junior High School (integrated with Mibu Junior High School in 1981)
  • Mibu Municipal Kita Elementary School (in 1960, integrated with Minami Inukai Elementary School Kuniya Branch School to Mibu Higashi Elementary School)
  • Mibu Municipal Minami Inukai Elementary School Kuniya Branch School (integrated with Kita Elementary School in 1960 to Mibu Higashi Elementary School)


Zip CodeCorresponds to "321-02xx".The collection and delivery station covers the entire townMibu Post OfficeWill be under the jurisdiction of.

post office

  • Minami Inukai Post Office (07130)
  • Inaba Post Office (07140)
  • Toy Town Post Office (07241)
  • Mibu Chuocho Post Office (07276)
  • Dokkyo Medical University Mae Simple Post Office (07750)

Phone Number

The entire town is Tochigi except for some areas (described later)MABecame under the jurisdiction ofArea codeIs "0282".The following buildings correspond to the accommodation station, and the city code is as follows.

  • Tochigi Mibu 2 stations: 81, 82, 83
  • South Inukai Bureau: 85, 86, 87

The following areas are under the jurisdiction of the detention bureau outside Mibu Town.

  • Niregi Bureau (Kanuma MA, area code is "0289"): 71, 75
    • Applicable to some areas of Oaza Hanyuda.




  • Castle Ruins Park Hall (Mibu Central Public Hall)


  • Town library

Sports Facilities

  • Northern playground
  • Southern Athletic Field
  • General athletic field
    • Tennis court
    • gymnasium
    • Physical education open space
    • Budokan
    • Administration Building


  • Kayogaoka Fureai Square-Former Inaba Junior High School.Accommodation training facility.

Health and welfare

  • Kurokawa no Sato Fureai Pool
  • Health and Welfare Center
    • Townsman activity support center
    • Child care support center
  • Children's house
  • Lifelong Learning Center
  • Employment support facility Mutsumi no Mori
    • Child Development Support Center Dream Kids



Railway line


  • Kanto Motor
  • Demand taxi "Mibumaru"[2]
    • Operate between arbitrary points in the town. Operates every hour.Saturday suspension suspension.Pre-registration is required for use.
  • From July 2019, 10,Ishibashi StationThe demonstration operation of the Shimotsuke City / Kaminokawa Town / Mibu Town wide area cooperation bus "Yugao Bus" has started.[3]..From Ishibashi Station via Toy Town StationDokkyo Medical University HospitalTie the front.Operation contract is Kanto Motor[4][5].



Shrines and Temples

  • Mibudera
  • Ogoto Shrine
  • Atago Shrine
  • Koshoji Temple
  • Hoseiin
  • Seichu Shrine-Inside Mibu Castle Ruins,Torii MototadaIs the deity.
  • Kokoji Temple
  • Rope Jizoson
  • Jorakuji Temple
  • Ensoji Temple
  • Jijoin
  • Takao Shrine
  • Bairintenmangu
  • Fudoin
  • Ansho Temple
  • Iwasakunesaku Shrine
  • Kobayashi Shrine
  • Enshoji Temple

Old tomb


Historic site


Original person / related person

Historical person
  • Hitomi Castle (lacquer artist)
  • Soragi Takaku (dyeing artist)
  • Takeo Kitahara(Novelist)
  • Kazuyoshi Saito(Singer-songwriter)
  • Hiroko Sato(Singer-songwriter) * October 2011, 10 Appointed Ambassador to Kanpyo, Mibu Town, Tochigi Prefecture.
  • Anno(Singer) Mibu, Furusato Yume Ambassador[8]
manga artist


Mibu TownArgumentWe are working on the town revitalization by Mibu, and released "Mibu Rongo Kogisho" to the general public. 1 books sold in a week[9].


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