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Hiroshima Toyo Carp, local sports, and living information are also abundant.

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We will promptly deliver information on the Chugoku region and domestic and overseas, centering on Hiroshima.Hiroshima Toyo Carp, local sports, and living information are also abundant.

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Hiroshima Toyo Carp

Hiroshima Toyo Carp(Hiroshima Toyo Carp,British: Hiroshima Toyo Carp) IsJapan OfProfessional baseball team.Central LeagueBelong to.

HiroshimaTheProtected areaAnd the prefectureHiroshima citySouth wardIt is inMAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima (Hiroshima Municipal Stadium)ThePrivate stadium(Base). Also,Second army(Western league(Affiliation) is basedYamaguchi IwakuniIt is inHiroshima Toyo Carp Yuu Driving Range.


It originates from a civic baseball team that does not have a specific parent company.[Note 1],The city of Hiroshima overwhelmed by the atomic bombThe purpose of the founding is to give the light of hope to[5]Has a unique history compared to other teams[6][7][8][9][10][11][12]..A local car manufacturer in Hiroshimaマ ツ ダIs the largest shareholder holding more than one-third of the shares of the team, and the team name "Toyo" is also Mazda's former company name "Toyo KogyoDerived from[13]..However, Mazda called Hiroshima Toyo Carp "Equity methodNot appliedNon-consolidated subsidiaryIs positioned as[14], We are not actively involved in the management of the team, such as providing funds to the team as a parent company (compensating for the deficit, etc.)[15]..On the other hand, the total number of shares owned by the Matsuda family, the founder of Mazda, exceeds Mazda's ownership ratio, reaching a majority on a voting rights basis.[16]..Since successive owners are also from the Matsuda family, it is practicallyFamily businessThere is also a view that it is doing. Although it is not a citizen baseball team in the sense that "citizens own shares directly", "Establishing management without completely relying on a specific companyIn the sense of ", it still has the image of a citizen's team.[13][17][18][19].

Baseball history

Established baseball team

Masataro Matsuri OfTwo league conceptThere was a plan to create a baseball team in Hiroshima before[10][12][20]..Hiroshima has always been enthusiastic about baseball[21][22]..From before the warHiroshima quotient,Guangling High,Goko High SchoolThere is a prestigious school such asTsuruoka alone,Katsumi Shiraishi,Fumio FujimuraThere was a foundation called baseball that produced famous players such as[9][10][23][24][25].
From April when the two-league concept of positive power came out publicly[10][26][27], 4 months later, mid-August,Chinese newspaperThe president of the Tokyo branch, who is in the car returning from the Tokyo branch to the Hiroshima head office, is a leading figure in the region.Hiroshima Electric RailwayManaging Director Nobuyuki Ito,Hiroshima BankWe met with three people, Deputy President Yutaka Ito and General Manager of Hiroshima Prefecture General Affairs Department Yoshinobu Kono.[28]..The topic of the four people is all about professional baseball.Hiroshima after the atomic bombingBlack marketThe times continue,teensIn an era when the devastation of the heart was worried, the four people agreed that they wanted to give healthy entertainment, and professional baseball ... and the story jumped at once.[13][28][29]..Kawaguchi has experience in playing professional baseball in Hiroshima after the war and before the birth of Carp.[Note 2], The three broke up asking Kawaguchi to make a basic plan. Three days later, he was elected to Hiroshima 3nd district under the river mouth when he returned to the Tokyo branch office in Ginza.Member of the House of Representatives-Noboru TanigawaKinko ArmyMr. Isao Yamaguchi, a representative of Hiroshima Prefecture, visited and said, "I came to consult with Mr. Tanikawa to create a professional team in Hiroshima."[29]..Tanikawa at that timeBanishment of public officeWas excluded from public affairs inside[12]..Tanikawa was originally a soccer player and had nothing to do with baseball,[10], Yamaguchi asked for help[30], Rehabilitation of himself was secondary, and above all, he was moving with a passion of "I want to create a professional team in my hometown"[12][31]..Partly because Ito and others had agreed earlier, the story went smoothly, and we started making blueprints centered on Tanigawa.[28]..Tanikawa leaves the business to Kawaguchi and Yamaguchi,NicknameI devised my thoughts[28]..Black bears, rainbows, pigeons, and carps were the leading candidates,carpIs a successful fishcarp streamerIs a breakthrough,Ota RiverIs a famous carp producing areaHiroshima CastleIs called "Koijo", and if it is a team in Hiroshima prefecture, there is nothing else to do with "Carp", so we named it "Hiroshima Carp" (Details will be described later).At the request of Tanigawa, the Chugoku Shimbun will undertake the promotion of Hiroshima Carp, which will be born soon, and when Kawaguchi consulted, the representative director of the Chugoku Shimbun was in great agreement.[28].
On September 9, for the first time on the Chinese newspaper, "Hiroshima CarpThe five letters "" were generally found[28].. Under the heading "Is the team name" Koi "Hiroshima Professional Team Birth?", It was written that "The team name was decided to be Carp (Koi)."[27][28]..The following day, September 9, the same newspaper said, "The establishment of Hiroshima Baseball Club Carp (Koi), which has a franchise in Hiroshima City, has progressed rapidly, and on the afternoon of September 29, Noboru Tanigawa and Toyoichi Tsukito (CEO of Chugoku Shimbun) , Nobuyuki Ito (Senior Managing Director of Hiroshima Electric Railway)[Note 3]Formally with a joint nameJapan Baseball FederationThe notification was made to[27][32][28].. Tanigawa on November 11thGiant armyI met with the representative and was officially notified of the approval to participate in the Central League.[Note 4]..The estuaryWaseda UniversityBecause I'm from Waseda UniversityMasao DateI was going to ask the director[20], Read an article in the Chugoku ShimbunTaiyo Robins Ofdirected by-Shuichi IshimotoVisited the estuary to sell, saying, "I definitely want to make the last flower bloom in my hometown team."[20][28], Ishimoto was appointed as the first coach on December 12rd, with the perfect coach for the local team.[10][28][33]..At this time, Ishimoto says, "I will take the Taiyo farm team players in their entirety. Don't worry about team building."[28], Team building was left to Ishimoto[34]..Ishimoto's inauguration news was a big hit[28]..Because there were many people from Hiroshima in the main force of the existing team at that time[9]It is said that the citizens of Hiroshima were optimistic about gathering players, thinking that "everyone will come back and have a strong team".[9]..Funds for establishment are Hiroshima Prefecture and Hiroshima City,Fukuyama CityI decided to put it out in each city in the prefecture[34].. BasedHiroshima General StadiumAnd
Not enough backup for team organization due to lack of core parent company[Note 5]On October 12stHiroshima Chamber of CommerceAttending the team opening ceremony held in, Ishimoto learned that there were no contract players at this point.Taiyo RobinsShochikuThis is because the release of the second army players was stopped in order to become Shochiku Robins with financial support from.[28]..Since none of the baseball team executives were involved in professional baseball, they had no choice but to rely on the network of manager Ishimoto to gather players.Ishimoto calls on players from Hiroshima to "everyone come back to Hiroshima!"[36], Call out to already retired players and former students,May 12, I urged him to join the team as a coachHajiyama MotoharuThe pitcherKozo Naito, In the fielderKatsumi Shiraishi,Akira IwamotoAnnounced 23 people as new players[28].

1950 era

May 1, West Assault Course Ruins (CurrentHiroshima Prefectural OfficeA team formation ceremony was held in the area)[37], About 1 fans rushed in[29][Note 6]..Katsumi Shiraishi, a popular player and former giant, has not yet arrived in Hiroshima, and coach Ishimoto was the most famous.[28][40]..this day isHiroshi Tsujii7 additional players have been announced.The next day on the 16thHiroshima General StadiumNew recruitment test is conducted at[42][43]Was in thisRyohei HasegawaImmediately caught the eye of coach Ishimoto and signed a player contract on the 21st.[8].. Entering the training camp from the 16th, West Japan Heavy Industries Hiroshima Shipyard (currently Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Hiroshima Works,Hiroshima cityNishi-wardKanonshinmachi) Rented an employee dormitory as a dormitory[20][29]..warmCamping groundI can't go to, so near the training campHiroshima General StadiumFree of charge by the prefectureMay 2からキャンプPut up[29]..Director Ishimoto is busy with collecting trips (money tactics) and is often absent.Katsumi ShiraishiThe assistant director was the de facto commander[29]..I could not pay the training camp fee, which is not expensive at all, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries filed a surrender request[12], The training camp in AprilMinami-cho(CurrentSouth ward) Move to "Miyukiso"[10][29][31].
May 3ToFukuoka City OfHeiwadai baseball fieldThe opening game of the Central League was held inWest Japan PiratesIt was the first official match between member teams from this year, but they lost 5-6.[32].. April 3National railwayAlthough the batting line rushed in the battle and won the team's first victory with 16-1, the team was significantly sluggish after that. November 11thOceanIn the doubleheader with, they lost together and recorded 13 consecutive losses.Misery(SantanWon this year in a barrel team situationShochiku RobinsSinked to 59th place (lowest) with 8 games behind[44]..In addition, with a winning percentage of .299, he was the only one in both leagues to fail to reach 3%.Katsumi ShiraishishortstopAsBest nineWas awarded.
At that time, the admission fee (1 yen per game) obtained in the game was allocated to the winning team 20% and the losing team 7% regardless of the venue.[42]..As a result, the entrance fee income, which was initially expected to be 1,100 million yen, declined in proportion to the team performance.Furthermore, regarding capital procurement, in addition to publicly soliciting shares from the citizens of the prefecture, the plan was to expect investment from Hiroshima Prefecture and each city in the prefecture, but the budget execution of each local government was carried over to the next fiscal year, so the parliament will issue money. Showed disapproval[34]..The capital, which was originally planned to be 2,500 million yen, was only 1950 million yen as of April 4. Since May, although investment from each local government has finally been made one after another, only half of the planned amount of 600 million yen was finally collected.For this reason, the establishment of "Hiroshima Baseball Club Co., Ltd." was delayed until September 5.[20].
In this way, the business crisis theory began to flow only three months after the opening.[45].. As of May, the salary paid to the players was delayed as early as possible, and the salary was paid only to the second army players in April. A set of baseball equipment such as uniforms and gloves worth 5 to 4 million yen was delivered to an athletic equipment store, but the price could not be paid and the athletic equipment store went bankrupt.[20].
On June 6, the Central League Federation requested payment of a membership fee of 25 million yen, but because it could not respond to this, it was unavoidable to train all the Nigun players who were behind in paying as a management rationalization measure. I'm giving only the rent and returning to my hometown[Note 7]..Further on July 7thTakeharaFromHayato IkedaMinister of FinanceBy having him take office as a team executive under the name of "Chairman of the Supporters' Association," he finally avoided the reminder from the federation.I couldn't pay the league membership fee of 300 million yen for 3 years[20].
On December 12, the players' association submitted a request to the team to "eliminate the delay in salary," and informed them that they would not refuse to leave the team if they were not accepted.In response, on December 7, the team presented the December salary payment and team reconstruction measures to the players'association, and finally the players' association agreed.
Early in the new year, he just became an advisor to the Central League Federation.Ryuji SuzukiBut,Nikkan SportsAccording to the paper dated January 1, Carp has no prospect of management improvement such as strengthening capital for the second year.West Japan PiratesIn response, "We are not trying to crush it, we hope to leave it in some way. So HiroshimaOceanYou can leave the name of "Hiroshima" or "Carp" under the umbrella of.Western Japan has vehemently criticized, "If you can't do it this year, you should rest for a year."[45].
The team first tried to have a parent company in order to escape the financial difficulties from the previous year.Kotobukiya (currently Suntory)Although the talk was settled by approaching the company and acquiring the team for 600 million yen, it was requested on the condition that "1 million yen out of the 6,000 million yen tax for one year" was requested, and the Minister of Finance, the chairman of the supporters' association.Hayato IkedaI asked for permission, but it was rejected, saying, "I am also a servant of the nation, and I am not sure."continueMonopolyAlthough he received a positive response to the acquisition, he was given the condition that "the public corporation should obtain permission from Minister Ikeda to have a baseball team", and as a result, "no special cases are allowed". But it was rejected.In the endAsahi beerThe board of directors approved the acquisition of the team, but it was rejected by the president's final decision.[47].
In February, when the parent company was not decided, it was finally impossible to pay salaries and training camp fees.May 3からKoshienThe expeditionary expenses for the semi-official tournament tournament scheduled to be held in Japan were also economically cornered.Director Shiraishi said, "If you don't have the travel expenses, let's walk to Koshien. Follow me. If you think about the military era, you can't do it."[20], In March, the president of the team, Soshiro Hiyama, the deputy representative of the team, Go Kawaguchi,Masayoshi Ohira(Chairman of the Supporters AssociationHayato Ikeda(Representative of) was called by the Central League Federation and said, "Professional baseball is not something you can do without money""Why don't you sell yourself as soon as possible?As a result of being severely reprimandedMay 3At the board meeting held at Amagi Ryokan in Hiroshima City, there was a team in Shimonoseki City at that time.OceanMerger with[44], That dayNHK RadioReported in the night news that "Hiroshima was dissolved and merged with the ocean"[10][44]However, the merger policy was withdrawn due to the persuasion of Ishimoto and others who participated late in the board of directors.May 3Nine departs for the semi-official tournament tournament on the express "Aki".However, there is no inn fee, and the players are from Koshien.Alps standI slept with small fish in the dim room below[20].
Ishimoto is on March 3thChinese newspaperOn paper "If you crush this carp now, you will never see such a local team in Japan again, I will do my best, and I want the citizens of the prefecture to cooperate greatly in raising the carp."[44][48][49],May 3In front of Hiroshima Prefectural OfficeFundraisingSupporters' associationConceptannounced[44][43][50].
May 3, Director Ishimoto, the deputy team representative who accompanied Kamisaka in the above-mentioned semi-official tournament tournament, and the team auditor are at the Kansai branch of the Japanese Baseball League.Ryuji SuzukiIn a meeting with the Central League adviser, the team announced their intention to continue without merging.In addition, regarding specific reconstruction measures, with Hayato Ikeda, Chairman of the Board, around the 24th and 25th of the same month.Shigeo NaganoThe representative will discuss in the presence of the federation.On the 15th, Suzuki visited the player waiting room at Koshien Stadium and announced that he would continue the team, saying, "The Central League will start the pennant race with seven teams as originally planned."[51].. thusMay 3,Ryuji SuzukiThe team's survival was officially decided at a meeting between the Central League adviser and the deputy representative of the Kawaguchi team.[32]..However, a few days later, the federation hurriedly disobeyed the content of the above-mentioned continuation approval.The team has requested an additional 600 million yen for a stable match as a team, despite accepting the overcrowded schedule that the federation had requested so far, except for the local Hiroshima event. It was.In response to this request, the team side said that it was "totally overturned" with Suzuki's talk on the 15th.May 3He did not attend the federation's representative meeting held in Tokyo.The absence of this representative meeting caused the "Schedule postponement problem" that the Central League did not allow Carp's official game schedule up to the second section.[52].
Following the notification of the federationHiyama SoshiroThe president of the teamMay 3The board of directors was held at the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and it was decided that "Hiroshima will continue to follow the established policy. President Hiyama will come to Tokyo and discuss with the leaders of the federation."The following day, 31st, Hiyama moved to Tokyo and actively hit the federation officials and influential people from Hiroshima prefecture in Tokyo.May 4Of the federationKao MatsushimaAfter meeting with the Central League president and having a deal between the team and the federation[53], Officially decided to hold the official game that was shelved on April 4[44]..Due to these circumstances, the opening of the official game in Hiroshima this year was 9 days later than the others, and the match against Hiroshima on April 4th.Osaka TigersIt became a battle[32].
At the supporters' association, which was proposed by Director Ishimoto, there is no end to the number of individual members or individual members. Scraped and paid out[9][44]..During the season, Ishimoto will leave the game to assistant director Shiraishi, and he will go around the public halls and schools in Hiroshima prefecture to appeal to the team's predicament, and will also give the Chugoku Shimbun the need to raise funds. Continued to sue[8][31][33]..After the match, Ishimoto and Shiraishi went to the prefecture to give lectures, sang songs, and sold "Carp Pencil", which is also called the first carp goods.[12][34][37][42][54][55].. as a result,May 7The ceremony was held just before the Japanese National Railways war, and the Carp Supporters Association was officially launched.At this time, the Carp Supporters Association has already reached the number of members of 1, and the "barrel donation" is to put the donations into the barrel in front of the Hiroshima General Stadium, which is the home base.[37]The amount of support collected by the end of 1951 was about 440 million yen (at that time).[55]..As a result, we posted a surplus of 130 million yen this year.[44]..This case is commonly known as "Showa barrel donation".2001 May 5BroadcastNHK"Project X-Challengers-Was taken up as "the biggest collection strategy in history Hiroshima Carp"[10].
But last yearCleanupAs the team's most 21Home run・ 72RBIRecordedKazuo HigasaHowever, he left the team off after a contract, and transferred to a giant in the middle of the season. Pennant race continued to struggle as in the previous year, and the team's performance ended at the bottom for the second consecutive year.Nishi Nippon Pirates is the Pacific League this yearNishitetsu ClippersIt was 7 games of 20 round-robin games by 120 teams due to the merger with the United States, but the American selection team came to Japan in the fall (US-Japan baseball), So all the games after the ranking was decided were canceled.Especially in Hiroshima, after the bottom decision, the most 21 games were discontinued and only 99 games could be digested.[56].
May 12Ace Ryohei Hasegawa as a free contract playerNagoya DragonsAnnounce transfer to[57]But the next yearMay 3Hasegawa's return to Hiroshima has been decided by the commissioner's ruling[32].
Before the opening, an arrangement was made at the league representatives' meeting to punish the teams that had less than 3% of the season's winning percentage in the same year.[20][58]..This includes the intention of organizing the lower teams in order to eliminate the difficulty of setting the schedule due to odd numbers (7 teams).[Note 8]The aim was to crush Hiroshima, a weak and poor team that had been at the bottom for two consecutive years since its establishment.[20][58].
開幕試合(3月21日)の松竹戦は3-1で勝利して幸先良いスタートを切ったものの、3月23日の同じく松竹戦から7連敗、5月15日の巨人戦から7連敗、さらに7月15日の大洋戦からは8連敗を喫して、7月27日の時点で13勝46敗2分(勝率.220)と最下位に沈んでいた。だが、そこから選手が奮起し、残り試合を24勝34敗1分で乗り切り、シーズン勝率.316(37勝80敗3分)を達成、処罰を免れた[Note 9].Ryohei HasegawaRyutaro SugiuraThe two of them earned a majority (2 wins) of the team's wins (37 wins), and Sugiura was ranked 20th in the Central League in terms of ERA, which was the first pitcher's best 9 in the team.
From this yearFranchise systemHas been introduced, and 6% of the box office revenue will be included in the host team regardless of victory or defeat.As a result, Carp, which was overwhelmingly popular in Hiroshima, has a clear prospect of stabilizing the team's income.
May 10, The supporters' association decides to raise 1,000 million yen under the slogan "Shochiku Kozuru, Kanayama and others to Hiroshima".
From ShochikuMasashi Akamine faction(Makoto Kozuru-Jiro Kanayama-Isao Mimura) Transferred as a group.The supporters' association raised an additional 400 million yen to acquire foreign players, and as a result,NiseiThe Qianmura brothers who are players (Kenzo Zenimura-Kenshi Senmura)・Tsutomu MitsuyoshiJoined[60].
さ ら にAll starRyohei Hasegawa, Makoto Kozuru, and Katsumi Shiraishi were selected by the fan voting.When it comes to competition, the members of the supporters' association are voting all at once on the final day of voting because they cannot compete with big cities, and have been criticized as "group voting cases".
Still moreMay 5, At the team board, the team and the supporters' association will be unified, Director Ishimoto will concentrate on managing the team as "general manager and managing director", and assistant director Shiraishi will be promoted to manager as a player. The match against the Japanese National Railways on May 1 was Ishimoto's final command (the match won 5-3).
Also, from 1952 to 53, there was only one type of uniform with "HIROSHIMA" written on the chest.This uniform isOshita Kaishundou (Fumakiller)The uniform for the last two years had the Fumakiller logo on the left sleeve, as it was provided by.
This year, seven people have left the team and 7 new members have joined the team to rejuvenate the team.Also, it has just startedNew Japan LeagueToSecond army(Hiroshima Greens) participated.
By this time, the financial situation of the team became brighter, but the leaders had no coach other than the director Shiraishi, and Shiraishi scouted the players during the off-season.[Note 10]At the camp, Shiraishi himself picked up the ball in the outfield.[61].
Koryo Baseball ClubOB-Matsumoto TakizoRepresentativeFrom January 1th to 16st, the first overseas expedition (フィリピン)[60].
I was in Japan for my honeymoonJoe DiMaggioMarilyn MonroeThe couple entered Hiroshima on February 2 and stayed in Hiroshima for 11 days.[22][62][63]..Miyajimaguchi (currently:Hatsukaichi) Ichichaen and Mitakiso in Hiroshima city[62][64],Hiroshima Peace Memorial ParkAnd ABCC (currently:Radiation Effects Research Institute) Etc.[65][66].. DiMarzio, Bobby Brown, from 12th to 2 daysFrank O'Doul Hiroshima Prefectural General StadiumI gave baseball instruction to Carp Nine at[8][22][62][63][65][67].
Although the season was the worst start with seven consecutive losses in the opening season, he caught up in the second half of the season, winning three consecutive games against the Giants on September 7nd and 9rd, and secured 22th place (23 wins, 3 losses, 4 minutes).
From this year to assistant directorMasato MonzenTo the second army directorTaiichi NozakiWill take office.
May 2, Noboru Tanigawa, the creator of Carp, died suddenly due to cerebral hemorrhage while listening to the news of the election of the House of Representatives.
May 3, Nisei IISatoshi HirayamaJoined the group.Ryohei Hasegawa scored 4 wins in the season, securing 58th place (70 wins, 2 losses, 30 draws).Most winsWon the title.
In addition, the debt of the "Hiroshima Baseball Club" since the foundation of the baseball team reached 5,635 million yen this year, and it is no longer in the hands of the supporters' association.ThereforeToyo KogyoPresident'sTsuneji MatsudaBased on the proposal, it was decided to bankrupt the "Hiroshima Baseball Club" and establish a new company with the cooperation of the local business community in order to cancel the debt.May 12, Hiroshima Baseball Club holds an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders and resolves "developmental dissolution".On the same day, Kawaguchi, the representative of the baseball team at the Tokyo branch of the Chinese newspaper, was asked by a sports newspaper reporter, "Is it true that there was a communication that Carp was disbanded from Hiroshima?" The design is done according to 9 minutes, but it cannot be disbanded. "First Hiroshima Municipal StadiumThe blueprint of is published.
as a result,May 12After the 1st New Company Founder's Association, "Hiroshima Carp Co., Ltd." (The first president wasHiroshima Electric RailwayNobuyuki Ito) was established.The capital is 500 million yen (13 companies including Toyo Kogyo, Hiroshima Electric Railway, and Chugoku Shimbun).
In addition, the Central League and Pacific League board members said, "Due to the dissolution of the Hiroshima Baseball Club, the players have become less binding and they have become free contracts (other teams can now win)." "The new company will receive league membership fees. "Payment should be repaid," criticized by the Pacific League, but Kawaguchi has already spoken to Central League chairman Ryuji Suzuki, and four out of six Central League directors are in the newspaper as well as Kawaguchi. Since he was from and was sympathetic, he finally said,It's just a name change for the company".
He suffered four consecutive losses from the opening and was sluggish from the early game, ending in 4th place (5 wins, 45 losses, 82 draws).
May 5, Held at Hiroshima General StadiumYomiuri GiantsIn battleYoshinori Kido pitcher injuredHappens.
May 7After the six-party talks of the local government and government,Hiroshima Municipal Stadium (first generation)Construction site is "former two-unit yard site" (current Hiroshima Electric RailwayAtomic bomb dome stopSide) will be officially decided.
May 1, 10 local companiesHiroshima City StadiumRequested a donation of 1 million yen for construction funds to Hiroshima City,May 2A groundbreaking ceremony for the new stadium will be held at the "former two-unit yard site".
May 7, The completion ceremony of Hiroshima Municipal Stadium was held, and the lighting ceremony that followed was packed with 1 fans.May 7In the opening game of the new stadium in the Hanshin Tigers, he lost 1-15 in front of a large crowd gathered at the first night game.
The season is directed by Shiraishi's "Those without fighting spirit are goneUnder the slogan of ", the result of hard training from the camp came out, and although he had a good fight with 32 wins and 26 losses until the All-Star game, he stalled in the second half and finally 54 wins 75 losses 1/5. It ends in the place.
As a result of the completion of the Hiroshima Municipal Stadium, the number of spectators has increased significantly and the team's finances have been relaxed, so we will make major reinforcements.as a result,Takeshi Koba,Katsuya Morinaga,Yoshitaka Kosaka,Michio Ugari,Norio Osato,Akira OwadaThe human resources who support the team in the 1960s joined the team all at once.On the other hand, "Rikkyo"Three crows" was sungNagashima Shigeo,Tadashi Sugiura,Book House KingoThey also moved to acquire, but they did not show their intention to join.
Also in 1950Motoharu HaiyamaSince then, I have a coach for the first time in 8 years (become a head coach)Masato MonzenTo the coachTaiichi Nozaki,Takao Fujimura).May 7The dormitory for athletes, "Sansho Dormitory," will be completed at a total construction cost of 1,700 million yen.On the 29th of the same month, the first All-Star match was held in Hiroshima.
The season ended in 4th place (8 wins, 6 losses, 24 draws) due to poor performance in the first half, including 10 consecutive losses from the Chunichi match on April 5 and 54 consecutive losses from the Hanshin match on April 68.After the seasonMay 12,Makoto KozuruAnnounces retirement due to team rejuvenation measures.
This year, 19 people will be reinforced by trading with newcomers.As a result, the average age of the team was 21.9, making it the youngest team of the 12 teams at the time.In addition, at the spring camp held at Hiroshima Municipal Stadium (first generation), the team's first pitching machine was introduced.
May 2, Announced a new team flag.This team flag has not changed since then.
May 5Pair ofOsaka TigersAchieved a total of 500 wins for the team in the battle. In August, the second armyWestern leagueAchieved first victory[68].
Although the season ended in 5th place as in the previous year, the wins and losses were 59 wins, 64 losses and 7 minutes, and the winning percentage of .481 was the highest ever.Sit on the spindleAkira OwadaIt is,Kazuo HigasaHe has hit 21 home runs, breaking the 23 home runs of his team record.In addition, the number of spectators mobilized this year was 862,965, showing the ability to attract customers second only to the giants among the 12 teams.

1960 era

May 1, Kawaguchi Go team representative resigned, succeeded by Masafusa Yamamoto, president of Chugoku Shimbun.
This year, for the first time in the 11th year since the team was founded, he beat the Giants in the season (17 wins, 8 losses, 1 draw) and achieved a winning percentage of 5% (62 wins, 61 losses, 7 draws).Kiyoshi OishiHas exceeded 3 wins (20 wins and 26 losses) in the season, which is the third member of the team.Tatsuo OkitsuWith a batting average of 2%, 6 minutes, 8 home runs, 21 home runs, and 64 RBIs, he became the triple crown of the team. Director Shiraishi, who has commanded for seven years since 3, immediately after the end of the seasonMay 10Announced his retirement as "the team has been solidified".
Masato MonzenWas the director, but he resigned with a winning percentage of 5% in each season.
Retired from active duty the previous yearToshiharu UedaBecame a coach.As a full-time coach, he was appointed at the age of 25, the youngest in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball.
As a new director to replace the gateMakoto KozuruHowever, Nobuyuki Ito, the president of the team, resigned because he could not unify the intentions of the team officers.Toyo Kogyo (currently) to succeedマ ツ ダ) Of the presidentTsuneji MatsudaIs appointed, and Katsumi Shiraishi becomes the director again.
First outside the prefectureキャンプBecomeSpring camp MiyazakiNichinan CityBegins with[69].
May 5In the battle against the Giants (Korakuen), the GiantsSadaharu OhInvented by director Shiraishi as a strategy to suppressKing shiftIs used for the first time[68].
May 5, Won the battle against the ocean (Kawasaki) and became the first solo leader of the team, but the next day the leader fell and the day ended in the world[68], This season ends in 31th place, 5 games behind the top giant.
May 6, At the match against Hanshin held at Hiroshima General StadiumKazuyoshi YamamotoWas hit by pitch, and some fans became mobs.An incident occurred in which a whiskey bottle thrown from the infield seat on the first base side hit the forehead of the right-wing linesmen and was injured on the 10th.Therefore, we took measures to temporarily suspend the support of the first base side cheering party.
From 1963 to July 1965, Shiraishi was in charge of the second director, and from July 7.Ryohei HasegawaServed as the director.
Toyo Kogyo (currentlyマ ツ ダ) Of the presidentTsuneji MatsudaBecame the largest shareholder and became the owner.Kohei MatsudaIs appointed as acting owner. December 12, the name of the teamHiroshima Toyo CarpRenamed to.When handing over expenses to the team, the tax authorities pointed out that it was necessary to include the company name in the team name, and then the team name was changed.[70]..While maintaining its appearance as a citizen's baseball team, it will be a family-owned baseball team with most of the shares owned by the Matsuda family, with Toyo Kogyo as the main sponsor.
Rikuo NemotoIs appointed as a director.The root is a veteran in tradingKazuhiro YamauchiTo win.The aim was to revitalize the team by showing the players Yamauchi, who was a big hitter.[71].
Although he won the opening three consecutive games with the Hanshin Tigers and started in the lead, he temporarily fell to third place with seven consecutive losses in May.However, he returned to the top position in June and kept it until the beginning of July when 3 consecutive losses started.Tokiba Yoshiro-Anachiya SohachiWith Yamauchi's success in both pitchers and fielders, he finished third, and was the first to enter the A class in the 3th year since the team was founded.The B class for 19 consecutive years from the first year of the baseball team (1) to 1950 was the Japanese record at that time, and is still the worst record in the Central League.[Note 11]..The A class, which lost 12 consecutive games during the season, is the only one in the history of professional baseball.
It turned around from the previous year and ended up at the bottom with 8 consecutive losses in August.In the fundamental era, the giants at that timeV9 eraI wasn't doing well, but I was a pitcher.Tokiba Yoshiro, In the batterKinugasa YoshioKoji Yamamoto OfYK gunToMizutani MioThey evoked the later "Red Hell Army" Fever and urged the rise of the core players.
After the season, he was the director at that timeRikuo NemotoCoach Toshiharu Ueda has left the team due to a conflict of opinions over the policy of strengthening the team.

Early 1970s

1970 ,1971
He won the season for the second consecutive year and made a good fight with 2th place. Sachio Kinugasa has been participating in consecutive games since October 4, 1970. On November 10thTsuneji MatsudaThe owner died, and the successor owner was acting as the ownerKohei MatsudaWas appointed[72].
The slump continued from the opening, and Nemoto rested the director in the middle of the season,Morinaga KatsuyaThe batting coach acts on your behalf.This year ends at the bottom.
Kaoru BettotoBecomes the director.From the opening to around June, he took the initiative in the battle for the lead with the ocean, and returned to 6nd place in the first half, but the second half stalled suddenly and ended up at the bottom of 2 wins, 60 losses and 67 minutes.However, the game difference with the giant who won the league and achieved V3 was the smallest 9 games in NPB history.[73][74].
Even though the team ends up at the bottomMotoyasu KinjoWon the most wins and the most strikeouts.But,May 10In a traffic accident, he suffers serious injuries such as blistering and blindness.Off the same year, director Katsuya Morinaga's departure and batting coachJoe RootsAnnounced the appointment of the next director.
In 1958, he wore a uniform with a red edging on the chest logo, but in 1973, the uniform was changed to a knitted beltless, with red edging on the chest letters, chest number, and back number, and sleeves and waist.・ There is a red line on the stockings.This "red" will later become the team color.

Roots, Koba director era

Joe Lutz becomes coach as the team's first foreign coach[75].. Under the slogan "Let's bring passion for baseball to the fore", we propose a new uniform based on red to the team with the meaning of expressing a burning fighting spirit, but the uniform for the season has already been completed and a changeable hat・ Only the color of the helmet changed from dark blue to red.
However, in the battle against the Hanshin Tigers on April 4, early in the opening season.Kaji SaekiThere was a fierce protest over the pitching decision, and it became a riot that caused a boycott of the game.At this time, Yoshinori Shigematsu, the team's representative, ordered the match to continue, so the roots who were dissatisfied with the intervention during the match resigned as manager on April 4, and coach Hirokazu Nozaki took over until May 30. May 5Takeshi FuruhaBecame a coach from coach[76].. This yearAll star gamesIn the first round (Koshien) ofKoji YamamotoKinugasa YoshioBoth recorded two home runs in one game, causing a "red hell whirlwind".[76][77].
After a fierce battle for victory with Chunichi and Hanshin,May 9Although there was a brawl in the war against China and Japan (Hiroshima citizens)[8][78],May 10Won the Giants match (Korakuen) and achieved the first victory in the 25th year since the team was founded.[75]..The starting lineup at this time was Yoshiro Sotokoba, and the winning ball was caught by left fielder Mizutani.[79]..As a result, it was a big battle with a 2 game behind the 4.5nd place Chunichi and a 3 game behind the 6rd place Hanshin.After a long period of stagnation, he was ridiculed as saying, "Hiroshima cannot win even if the sun rises from the west," and even though there was a crisis of trafficking, he finally returned the "luggage team."[77].Japan seriesThen.Hankyu BravesAlthough he played against him, he was eliminated with 4 losses and 2 minutes.This yearLeading batterKoji Yamamoto and Sachio Kinugasa, who becameMost wins OfTokiba Yoshiro, Of the stealing kingTakeshi OshitaTheir activities were outstanding.After winningPeace BoulevardThe championship parade held in Tokyo attracted about 30 fans.The number of spectators mobilized this year was 120 million, surpassing 100 million for the first time in the history of the team.[80]..Also this year in springSanyo Shinkansen Okayama stationからHakata StationThe train boarding time during the team's expedition was significantly shortened.Looking back on this, Sotokoba also said, "It is thanks to the Shinkansen that Carp was able to win the championship."[81].
In terms of management, the cumulative deficit since its establishment has been eliminated this year.
Kojiro IkeyaWon 20 wins and the most winsSawamura Prize..Initially, Koji Yamamoto was sluggish and sluggish without participating in the battle for victory with the giant Hanshin. Recorded 9 consecutive losses in September.At the end, I barely finished in 11rd place.
Finished in 5th place.Chest letters, chest numbers, uniform numbers, undershirts, and stockings are all red, and from this year, "carp = red" will take root.May 12,Yuka Enatsu Nankai HawksTransfer from[82]..Was the director of NankaiKatsuya Nomura(Koba played in the Nankai and had a friendship with Nomura) said that he gave Koba a taiko stamp saying, "(Enatsu) can still be used."[83].Takahashi-ri20 wins. Produced the most winning pitchers from the same team for 3 consecutive years.No more in the center.On the other hand, pitcher Iketani, who had the most wins in the previous year, also recorded the most home runs in the season, 48 (1st in history).
In the season when Carp hitting was the most destructive, Team 205 home runs of the year broke the record for Nippon Professional Baseball. 44 Koji Yamamoto and 40Henry Garrett, TwoJim Lytle, 30 Kinugasa Sachio and 4 others recorded more than 30[84]. AlsoRBI692,score713 isRabbit ballIncreased home runs using1948 から1950 It was the highest score for professional baseball except for.However, the first half of the game continued to be difficult, and the leader was behind the giant by 10.5 games and sank to 5th place.In the second half of the game, the throws were engaged and they showed a phenomenal catch-up with 31 wins, 13 losses and 7 draws, but they reversed the giant and won the championship.Yakult SwallowsWith a 5 game behind, the team managed to secure the 3rd place.
It was expected to run alone before the opening, but the opening started with four consecutive losses, and the struggle continued in the early stages.However, a crack fracture due to Kinugasa's hit by pitch andYoshihiko TakahashiWith 33 consecutive hits, the team gained momentum, and in August, when they took the lead at once, they won the league title for the first time in four years.Japan seriesThen,Kintetsu BuffaloesWith 4 wins and 3 losses, he achieved the long-sought goal of being the best in Japan.In Round 7, Enatsu survived the desperate scene of bases loaded with no death and led to the best in Japan without any goals (21 balls of Enatsu[85].
This year, it changed from the previous year and continued to run alone from the beginning, achieving the team's first consecutive victory with a big difference to the second place and below.With the momentum, defeated Kintetsu with 2 wins and 4 losses.Japan seriesAchieved two consecutive victories[85]..The same year off, with Yutaka EnatsuNippon HamThe aceTakahashi NaokiA large trade with is established.
Yamamoto was uncrowned and the batting line was sluggish, and the result was 4 wins, 1980 losses and 11 draws on the middle day when the 9th place finish (the only B class in the 6s) won.As a stake offFukushi Honor,Junzo Uchida,Toruhiro KanedaNotification of out of force,Mizunuma ShiroTheChunichiTrade toMizutani MioHankyu Braves-Eiji KatoV warrior release such as making a large trade with.Kitabeppu studiesIs the first most win,Tsunemi TsudaIs active and the team's firstNewcomer KingEarned.
Although he played a battle for the lead with the giant until the end of July, he stalled with 7 wins, 8 losses and 4 minute, including two consecutive losses in August, and ended up in second place, 2 games behind the winning giant.
He recorded 4 consecutive wins in April and succeeded in the opening dash with 12 wins, 14 losses and 2 draws.After that, when he surrendered the lead due to the fierce pursuit of Chunichi, he was behind the Chunichi by one game at the end of August.However, when he won the Hanshin Tigers match on September 2th and returned to the top position, he escaped and won the league title for the first time in four years.In addition to Yamamoto and KinugasaKazuo Yamane,Kitabeppu studies,Yutaka OnoPitchers are active.He scored 75 wins this year, the most wins of the team season until it was updated in 2016.Returning from SeibuSeiji KobayashiIs the best ERA.Takehiko KobayakawaIs a rookie king.Japan seriesThen, he played against Hankyu Braves and became the third best in Japan with 4 wins and 3 losses.The team has never been the best in Japan since this year, and is farthest from the best in Japan among the 3 existing teams in 1.[Note 12].
SouthpawNobuhiro TakagiBreaks and wins 9 wins before the All-Star, but falls into a slump in the second half. 2nd yearJun KawabataIs a rookie king.Yoshihiko Takahashi is the third stealing king for the first time in five years. Until August, he was fighting for the championship with the Hanshin Tigers, but in September he lost to the direct confrontation with the Hanshin Tigers in a row and stalled, suffering seven consecutive losses, and eventually became the second place behind the winning Hanshin Tigers by seven games. It's over.Hanshin, who won the championship this year, had 5 wins and 3 losses, and the giant who also fought for the championship also won 8 wins and 9 losses, but Hanshin won 7 wins, 7 losses and 2 draws. It echoed that I lost.Koba retired from the director for this year.same year,MatsudaHas been appointed as the acting owner.

Anan director era

Jun AnanBecame the director, and Anan was said to be "the link to the realization of'Koji Yamamoto'".[86], Win the league in his first year in office[Note 13]..It was said that the regular order was fixed and immovable.Kitabeppu swept the title of the pitcher division.Hiroshi NagatomiIs a rookie king.Japan seriesThen.Seibu LionsAlthough he won three consecutive games after the first game draw, the flow changed when Tsuda was defeated by pitcher Kimiyasu Kudo in a timely manner, and although he was entangled in the eighth game, he won three games. He was eliminated with 3 losses and 5 minute.
There were no foreign players on the team in the previous year and this year, and the starting members were also "pure domestic batting lines".In addition, Yamamoto, who had been the 4th team for many years for this year, retired, and the team began to suffer from a shortage of 1990th until the early 4s.
May 6, KinugasaLou GehrigThe world record (at that time) of 2130 consecutive games participation was set, and Kinugasa extended the record to 2215 by the final game of the year and retired from active duty. 4th batter until the end of MayLance, Then Kobayakawa, orMitsuhiro KataokaServed.Shozo ShodaIs the top hitter, Lance wins the home base hitting king, and although he beats the winning giant with 11 wins, 10 losses and 5 draws, he finishes in 3rd place.
Finished in 2rd place for 3 consecutive years.Masada was the top hitter for the second consecutive year, Ohno won the highest ERA and Sawamura Award with an ERA of 2, and Anan retired from the coach.In the same year, Koji Yamamoto became the director.

The first Yamamoto director era

From the opening, it will be changed to a new Reds style uniform.New foreignerRod allen,Wade RhodonJoined.Rowdon, Kobayakawa, even though Allen leaves due to a breakdownShinji NishidaOrTakashi NagauchiFormed a cleanup with.TsudaBest Relief PitcherAlthough it was shining, it finished in 9nd place, 2 games behind the winning giant.Yoshihiko TakahashiTransferred to Lotte with a 2 to 3 trade.
Kenjiro NomuraIs the number one shortstop and shines as the stealing king. Allen in the second year is doing well, but new membersMike Yung,Hideaki TakazawaHowever, he allowed the giant to run alone immediately after the opening, and as a result, he was behind the winning giant by 22 games and finished second for the second consecutive year.RookieShinji SasaokaHas made a full turn, including setting a new record for 13 consecutive savepoints.
In order to strengthen the relief this year, Director Yamamoto came up with a double stopper concept for Tsuda and Ohno.However, Tsuda left the front line in April and entered a fighting illness life (Tsuda retired from active duty in November of this year).Ohno supports the relief as a single person to fill the hole in Tsuda.In the fielders, Kenjiro Nomura won a high batting average and a stealing king to form a team.Tow(Towing..However, due to the lack of extra-base hits for the entire team, there is absolutely no 4th (the team's most home runs areRegular turn at batHas not reachedSatoshi EtoOf the 11), the game is strongShinji Nishida,Ryuzo YamazakiI struggled with few chances (I defended Nishida's timely one point up to 1 times in the first match that decided to win). 9nd yearMaeda SatoshiHas become a regular player, and Eto also participated as a third baseman, showing a glimpse of his long hitting ability.The pitchers are Sasaoka, who is in his second year.MVP, Most wins, best ERA, Sawamura AwardKazuhisa KawaguchiWas the most struck out, and Kitabeppu had the highest win rate.Ohno won the league championship in defensive baseball centered on pitcher power, such as winning the best relief pitcher.Literally all were baseball, with most of the players on the team appointed in one army over the throw.Since the league championship was the base, the celebrations such as beer brewing were held in the audience seats on the ground of Hiroshima Municipal Stadium.Japan seriesThen, he played against Seibu, and Kawaguchi made a check in four games, but in the end he was eliminated with 4 wins and 3 losses.The team has been on since this year2016 It was decided to move away from the victory.
This year, Yakult and Chunichi, who had the lowest final result, were behind by 9 games, which was an unprecedented big battle, and the battle for the championship was four-way with Yakult, Giants, and Hanshin.Although it was only 3 games behind the winning Yakult, it was 2th place behind the Giants and Hanshin, who were 1nd in the same ratio, by only 4 win.[Note 14] As a result, it sank into the B class for the first time in 1982 years since 10.Kitabeppu achieved 200 wins,Mitsuo TatsukawaRetired.
On July 7, Tsuda died of a brain tumor at the age of 20.Satoshi Etoが初の本塁打王を獲得するも、前年97試合本塁を守っていた達川の引退による捕手の急な若返りの影響から捕手陣と投手陣がかみ合わず崩壊。前半戦は4月11勝4敗と好スタートしたが5月に8勝15敗となったが不調の投手陣を打撃陣がカバーして6月7月と何とか5割前後を保っていたが、打撃陣に故障者が続出した後半戦は9月には25年ぶりの12連敗を喫するなど5勝19敗で急失速し10月も6勝13敗、チームとして1974年以来19年ぶりとなる最下位に転落、山本監督は責任を取って辞任した。山崎が引退、山本の後任監督にはToshiyuki MimuraBecame chief and batting coachKazuyoshi YamamotoInvited[87].

Mimura era

The newly appointed coach Mimura reorganized the pitchers who collapsed the previous year and was mainly a middle pitcher.Kito Makoto,Yoshihisa KondoWas selected as the starting lineup, and Kito won the highest win rate with 16 wins and 5 losses.Kondo has been active as a giant killer and has won 11 seasons.It was reserved in the fieldersTomonori Kanemoto,Takashi Ogata,OtoshigeEtc. were actively appointed and left a certain result.The catcher who suffered the previous yearShuji Nishiyama Golden Grab Award・ Showed an activity to acquire the best nine.For a period of time, he participated in the battle for victory with 10 consecutive victories from the bottom, but then stalled and finished in 3rd place.OffKazuhisa KawaguchiTo the giantFATransferred, Kitabeppu retired.
1st draft of the yearYasuyuki YamauchiFrom Carp AcademyRobinson CzechWas a big success.However, Maeda, who is the main player, suffered a serious injury to the Achilles tendon in the early game, and Ohno, who was in control, was in a bad condition and started in the middle of the season, and Sasaoka, who was the opening pitcher, was in a restless situation.Czech Republic wins 15 wins, Yamauchi wins 14 wins, rookie king, Nomura 3% 30 stolen basesMost hitsI also took the title of)Triple threeAchieved.Eto is the first home base hitting king and the first hitting point king for the first time in two years, and Ogata is the first stealing king while lacking the prescribed seats. At one point, the game was behind by 2 games, but the leader Yakult was allowed to run alone and finished second with a 2.5 game behind.
Team batting average .281 batting average and test enrollment from DaieiShinichi Kato, 5th yearKen YamasakiWas a big success and returned to the lead in the first half, but Eto, the main gun in the second half, was injured and was desperate to return to the season. It was reversed by the giant who was behind the game, and eventually it was overtaken by Chunichi and finished in 6rd place.EtoHighest base rate, Ogata is the stealing king for the second consecutive year,Louis LopezWon the RBI king.
In the fielders, Eto lacked vividness in hitting defense due to the influence of the serious injury of the previous year, and Nishiyama, a regular catcher, also retired due to an injury soon after the opening.Ogata was the stealing king for the third consecutive year, Lopez was the RBI king for the second consecutive year, and other regulars also left numbers, but they couldn't hit in the game for the third consecutive year.Yamauchi, Kito, Kato, and Yamazaki, who won a total of 3 wins in the previous year, ended up with a total of 2 wins (Yamazaki did not win), but instead ranked first in the draft this year.Toshikazu Sawasaki, Draft 2rd placeHiroki Kuroda, 3th yearYokoyama Ryushi, 8th yearHideki TakahashiStruggled.Sawasaki won the rookie king, Yokoyama won 10 reliefs, Kuroda won 6 and Hideki Takahashi won 8 in August.Yutaka OnoIs 42 years old and the oldest in historyBest defense rateAlthough he won the title of, he was ranked 3rd, but he lost to 4 teams other than Chunichi and could not make savings, and after that he could not make savings and enter A class until 2014.
New foreignerNathan Minchi, 4th in the draft of the yearKanei KobayashiIs active.Maeda also has a close battle after becoming the top hitter, but it was good until the beginning of May, but by the end of Golden Week, all the main players of throwing that had supported so far were out of order and injured people were thin. After that, he started to lose, and in the end he lost to all five teams, but ended up in fifth place with a debt of 5.Also, this yearJingu StadiumThe match in Japan ended in a total loss of 10 games[88].
Mimura retires after the season, Mimura's successorAkiyo TatsukawaWas inaugurated.Ohno and Masada retired for this year.

Tatsukawa director era

1999 2000

Kanemoto, a pitcher who is in a state of annihilation except Sasaoka who achieved a no-hitter no-run this year after losing 99 consecutive losses in June 6 as a result of chronic lack of strength despite trying to raise the level of the team by traditional hard practice Although the book recorded the most home runs, it was a poor hit overall.[89], Finished in 5th place, the team's ERA was the lowest in the league for the third consecutive year, but he was the only one to win with 3 wins and 14 losses on the winning day. 13 offSatoshi EtoTransferred to the Giants in FA.In addition, coach Ohno and baseball coach Masada, who had been in office immediately after retirement, returned for the first time in eight years.Takeshi OshitaThe head coach also resigned for only one year. In 1, he finished fifth for three consecutive years, and Tatsukawa resigned in just two years.

The first Yamamoto director era

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

Yamamoto has returned as a director for the first time in eight years.However, in 8, the team won for the first time in five years, and although the winning percentage was 2001rd, the number of wins fell below Yokohama and finished in 5th.[Note 15]However, he won the Giants for the first time in 6 years and Hanshin for the first time in 5 years. 2002, 2nd generation ownerKohei MatsudaDied and became the third ownerMatsudaWill take office.2002 から2004 3th place for 5 consecutive years (No game difference with 2004th place Yokohama in 6).Former Ocean No. 4Makoto MatsubaraInvited to the chief coach,Takahiro AraiGrows into a center pole batter.On the other handTomonori KanemotoHowever, in 2002, he transferred to Hanshin in FA. In 2003, Hanshin won the championship for the first time in 18 years, making Hiroshima the farthest team in the Central League from 2003 to 2015. In 2004Shigenobu ShimaHas won the top hitter, the most hits, and the best nine. In 2005, as a trump card for pitcher rebirthAnachiya SohachiInvited a coach, Arai won a home run, and became an aceJohn baleIt's the first time to turn to restraintExchange battleIt fell to the bottom due to the stall in the pitcher and the upset of the pitchers.[90]..Yamamoto resigned after the end of the season, and Nomura, who achieved 2000 hits, also retired.

Brown directed

Became the second foreign coach in the history of the team for the first time in 31 years since its rootsMarty BrownIs appointed as a director.The reinforcement of the force was minimized due to concerns about a decrease in the motivation of the team, and the division of labor was planned to reduce the burden on the starting pitchers.The captain is a fielderMaeda Satoshi, PitchersHiroki KurodaIs appointed.
From the opening game to the Giants game on April 4, 11, the National Railways Swallows broke the worst record for professional baseball within two goals in seven games in a row, making it nine games in a row.After that, he couldn't get on the wave, and starting pitchers other than Kuroda couldn't live up to his expectations and increased his debt to finish in 1961th place.At this year's draft conference, it will later become the absolute ace of Hiroshima.Kenta MaedaWas nominated for the first place alone.
The captains were Maeda and Kuroda, continuing from the previous year.Until the interleague game, he repaid more than 5 debts in the big consecutive wins in May and maintained 10%.The first playoff system in the Central League from this season (Climax series) Was introduced and aimed to advance, but sank to the bottom in the interleague game and dropped out of the battle for victory.The final ranking was the same as the previous year, finishing in 5th place, but he beat Hanshin for the first time in 6 years and Yakult for the first time in 7 years.
In addition to Kuroda, the pitchers of the assignmentHiroshi OtakeAlthough he left a certain result as a starting lineup, he did not continue after 3rd place, and he was a guardian deity.Katsuhiro NagakawaHowever, the relief team often lacked a sense of stability, such as failure to rescue.The team's ERA also ended in the league's worst 4.22, and the challenge could not be overcome.Japan series of this yearThen, Chunichi (breaking through CS from 2nd place in the Central League) became the best in Japan for the first time in 53 years, so Hiroshima became the first in Japan in 2013.Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesIt became the team farthest from Japan among the 12 teams including.Arai and Kuroda are off seasonFADeclared, Arai is Hanshin, Kuroda is Major League BaseballLos Angeles DodgersTransferred to.
Hiroshima, which has lost the pillar of throwing, has begun to manage a new team, including drastic organizational reforms.
He recorded his first win in the fourth year with 13 wins and 11 losses, which he is not good at, and also recorded a win against the Giants with 4 wins, 12 losses and 10 draws.Due to the rise of younger players, he fought fiercely for 2rd place with Chunichi and Yakult, but due to the thinness of the players, chronic lack of strength and inexperience, he was short of breath at the end of the game and was in B class for 3 consecutive years, with 11 years of season results. Consecutive losses have been confirmed,Beijing OlympicsFortunately, due to the withdrawal of the main players in the team, the top teams were sluggish and finally finished in 7th place for the first time in 4 years.[Note 16].
Since the match time excluding overtime and cold games was the shortest among the 12 teams,Speed-up awardWas awarded as a team.
From this year, a collaborative organization of sports clubs based in Hiroshima Prefecture, "Tops Hiroshima= Officially joined "Hiroshima Top Sports Network".The base is also from the first Hiroshima Municipal StadiumMAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima (commonly known as Mazda Stadium)”.The opening of this new stadium became a stepping stone to becoming a popular baseball team later.[91].
During the open battleKenta Kurihara OfWBCWith the participation in the war, the starting members were changed in a hurry on March 3th.
During the season, there were many games in which the throws did not engage, and the team fell into a slump. In the match against China and Japan, the team set a new record for the first time in 13 years with 59 consecutive losses.However, in the second half of the game, Yakult's sudden stall led to a three-way battle with Hanshin and Yakult, and although it was a slight difference of 3 games behind the third place at one point, it was 3 due to Hanshin's tenacity and Yakult's catch-up. Withdraw from the battle for position and finish in 0.5th place. Since he could not clear the condition of continuing to enter the A class, he decided to retire without re-contracting with Brown, and Brown transferred to Rakuten's manager.[92].Takashi OgataRetired from active duty.OB Kenjiro Nomura took over as director to replace Brown.The team was the winnerColby LewisTurned around and left the group.

Nomura era

When the season starts, Otake, set upperMike Schultz, Guardian deity Nagakawa leaves due to breakdown, 4th yearKenta MaedaWon the triple crown of the most wins, the best ERA, and the most strikeouts, and struggled in a lonely army, but the team's ERA deteriorated by more than one point from the previous year, and the pitchers collapsed.Also, in the attackBrie heartThe number of stolen bases in the team was the highest in the league, such as shining as the stealing king, but the main gun, Kurihara, withdrew due to a breakdown, the third in the previous year.Soichiro AmayaAnd new forcesJustin Huberなど、主力が打撃不振で得点に結びつかず、その結果、対巨人戦で8連敗を含む6勝18敗、対中日戦では昨年に続き、11連敗を記録するなど、8勝16敗、対阪神で9勝15敗と3強に大きく負け越したことが影響し、ヤクルトを含む上位4チームに大きく離され、1度も3位争いに加われず、2年連続の5位となった。
Great East Japan EarthquakeThe opening was changed from the original March 3th to April 25th due to the influence of, and immediately after the opening, Ken Maeda, who was sluggish, was replaced by a new foreigner.Brian barringtonDennis SafateTo newcomersYuya Fukui, 4th year in blowYoshihiro Maruが活躍し、一時は首位に立つなど、2位で交流戦を迎えたが、その交流戦ではリーグワーストの50イニング連続無得点、球団ワーストの4試合連続完封負けと打線が沈黙し、交流戦を最下位で終え、リーグ順位も5位に急降下、前半戦を5位で終える。後半戦に入ると、7月までわずか3本塁打の栗原が8月だけで9本塁打、25打点と活躍しMonthly MVPAs a result of the sudden stall of Yakult, who was the leader at the time, the team moved up to 8rd place, 3.5 games behind the leader at the end of August.Kurihara remained strong in September and became the first batter in Hiroshima to win a monthly MVP for two consecutive months, but the team was Sarfate.Kiyoshi ToyotaHe lost a lot with 6 wins, 16 losses and 1 draw due to a series of breakdowns from the relief team, and dropped out of the A-class battle. Class B was confirmed on October 10, and the result was 8th place for 3 consecutive years.
Although the opening three consecutive games with Chunichi were 3 losses and 2 minute, the opening game at the base with the giant was the third consecutive victory since 1.May 4Pair ofYokohama DeNA BaystarsKen Maeda in the warNo hit no runThe pitchers set a new record for the team 39 times without any goals.[93]もあり、4月8日に一時首位に立つものの、その後は失速し、4月を11勝11敗の5分とした。4月25日に栗原が離脱するなど、故障者が続出、交流戦は10勝11敗3分の6位とし、7月16日に5割復帰するなど、交流戦以降14勝7敗で前半戦を1997年以来の3位で折り返す[94]。8月は5割で3位をキープしたものの、9月に入り15日から25日にかけて8連敗するなど、6勝17敗1分と負け越し[95], Lost in the match against Hanshin (Koshien) on September 9, B class confirmed[96]..In the end, it finished in 26th place with 3 games behind the top giant and 6.5 games behind the 4rd place Yakult.Yusuke NomuraBecame the first rookie king since Eishin Soyogi, and was the first award born in Heisei.
In March, Kazuhiro Matsuda was appointed as acting owner.[97]..Including the fact that the opening vs. Giants 3 consecutive games ended in 1 minute and 2 losses, and the record of consecutive losses at Tokyo Dome (with a draw) that continued from the previous year was updated to 10.[98], Stumbled with 2008 consecutive losses since the opening for the first time in 5 years since 4[99].. Kenta Maeda on April 4thNagoya DomeThen, after winning the first victory since the opening game of 2010, the winning percentage will finally return to 5%, but in the same game, 5 consecutive double-digit strikeout league tie records[100]However, the condition did not necessarily improve, and the winning percentage was 18% for the second time after the match on the 2th of the same month, and after returning to the debt life on the following 5th, the winning percentage never returned to 19% until the end of the regular season.In the exchange game, 5 wins and 11 losses, 13th place with the same rate as Seibu[101]..Chunichi will be competing for 3rd place with DeNA, but in the first half they lost the game just before the All-Star and returned to 5th place.[102]..The second halfMay 8Ascended to 3rd place[103]Even after that, it will continue to be a battle for 3rd place with DeNA in China and Japan,May 9からMay 9Recorded 4 consecutive victories for the first time in 7 years[104] However, the difference with the lower ranks was widened.In addition, during this consecutive winMay 94th place Chunichi's own CS possibility disappeared[105].May 9, Won the Chunichi Dragons (Nagoya Dome) and got a CS clinch number of 2[106]Next dayMay 9Won the match against China and Japan (Nagoya Dome) 2-0, the first A class in 16 years and the first in the history of the teamClimax seriesAdvance decision[107], Lost 10 to 3 in the match against China and Japan (Mazda) on October 3, losing for 5 consecutive years and 12rd place confirmed[108].. CS first stage (Koshien) with 2nd place Hanshin decided to advance to the final stage with 2 consecutive victories[109]However, in the final stage (Tokyo Dome) with the giant, it is decided to lose CS with 3 consecutive losses[110]did.Maeda Satoshi,Takeshi KikuchiRetired from active duty[111][112].
Continuing from the previous year, it will be a battle for victory between the giant and Hanshin,May 9Lost to the Hanshin Tigers (Mazda) and decided to win the Giants, but at the same time Hiroshima for the second consecutive yearClimax seriesAlso decided to advance[113]..After that, it became a battle for second place with Hanshin, butMay 10Lost to the Giants (Mazda), the final round of the season, and confirmed 2rd place for 3 consecutive years[114](It is the first time in 2001 years since 13 that the season for making savings has ended, and the first time in 1996 years since 18 for making savings and entering A class).May 10, Kenjiro Nomura applied to the team to resign as coach and was approved[115]..In the CS first stage (Koshien) with Hanshin, Hanshin's victory was decided when it was 2-12 in the 0th inning in the second round, and CS defeat was decided with 0 wins, 0 loss and 1 minute.[116].May 10To succeed Nomura as a fielder general coachTakashi OgataAnnounced the inauguration of[117].. Takahiro Arai, who became a free contract from Hanshin on November 11th[118]On October 12stNew York YankeesHiroki Kuroda who became FA from[119]Returned for the first time in 8 years.

Ogata director era

In the early stages, it sank to the bottom for a while, and the B class was sluggish, especially the relief team failed to rescue frequently.May 6, Won the match against DeNA 3-1 and achieved 4000 wins in total for the team[120], The exchange game ended in 9th place with 9 wins and 7 losses.At the end of the interleague game, he temporarily took 3rd place in the A class, but in the end he turned the first half of the game in 5th place, but the Central League was still a melee battle this year, so it was 2 games behind the leader DeNA.[121]..In the second half, chasing the giant, Hanshin, and Yakult,May 9Although the debt is paid off and the winning percentage is raised to 5%[122], I couldn't make any savings after thatMay 9Lost in the match against Giants, the possibility of winning the league disappeared[123]..After that, it became a battle for CS advancement with Hanshin, butMay 10, Lost in the match against China and Japan (the final match of the season), which will advance to CS if it wins, and the B class (3th place) for the first time in 4 years has been confirmed[124]..In addition, the starting pitcher's winning star was 57 wins at the top of the league and was the top in the winning percentage, but the relief win and loss was 12 to 20 and it was the lowest in the Central League's relief win rate, and it was the 12th place in the 11 teams. ..Kenta Maeda offSawamura PrizeAfter receiving the award[125],Posting systemLos Angeles DodgersTransfer to[126]..For foreign players who joined this termMike Zagerski(Transferred to DeNA in the middle of 2016),Jesús Guzman,Danilo de Jesus,Nate SchierholtzHas left the group.Chunichi became a free contractHector LunaWin[127].
Maeda's major transfer from last year, when he lost one point more than 1 degrees, made him worried that his strength would decline.・ The only win in the league[128].. "No. 1 Tanaka, No. 2 Kikuchi, No. 3 Maru"Tanaki KumaruWhen the batting order called "" was established, Seiya Suzuki hit three consecutive final home runs, including two consecutive goodbye home runs, leading him to third place in the interleague game.After winning 2 consecutive victories from the last 3 consecutive games of the interleague game, he ran alone in the lead after June.League victory for the first time in 25 yearsAchieved.In the climax series, he played against DeNA, who made his first foray (3rd place). He won the Japan Series qualification with 4 wins and 1 loss (including 1 win of advantage).In the Japan SeriesHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersAlthough he played against Hiroshima and won in a row in Hiroshima, he won the interleague game this year.Sapporo DomeLost all three races.Central League national team loses 3 consecutive visitors[129]I couldn't stop the flow that was inside, and in Round 6Jay jacksonIn the 4th inning 4-8Haruka Nishikawa,Takuya Nakajima,OkaumiAfter taking three singles in the Pacific League, he won the Pacific League RBI.Sho NakataExtruded walks, 5th pitcherAnthony BassWon the Pacific League home base hitting king in a timely manner in front of the centerBrandon LairdIt was a one-sided development in which he was hit by a full-base home run. All pitchers after the 3rd round became defeated pitchers without being able to step on[130], Losing with 2 wins and 4 losses, did not become the best in Japan for the first time in 32 years, and ended up watching the rise at Mazda Stadium.Hiroki Kuroda,Jun Hirose,Yoshikazu KuraRetired from active duty.
Since 2015 was the B class (4th place) two years ago, there was no opening right this year, but Hanshin, who had the opening right, returned, so the opening game will be held at Mazda Stadium.Although he lost the opening round, he won 10 consecutive wins from the next day (with one division in between).[131]..In the exchange game, the winning percentage is 1st, along with Softbank, and 1nd because the direct match record with Softbank was 2 win and 2 losses.Although the official game will be second in May, he will be the leader after June. On September 5th, he defeated Hanshin at Koshien Stadium and decided to win the league.The second army will also be on September 2th.Naruohama StadiumDefeated Hanshin Tigers and decided to win the Western League[132].
Although he won the league title for the second consecutive year, he lost to DeNA, who was the only loser in the regular season in the climax series, with 2 wins and 2 losses (including 4 win in the advantage), and did not advance to the Japan Series.
After a good start with three consecutive wins on the opening card, he ran alone without giving up the lead after April 3th. Although he lost the interleague game in May and June, he continued to perform well even after the league match resumed. After veteran Arai announced his retirement for this season on September 4, he lost 24 consecutive games, but his advantage did not change.May 9Achieved the first league title in the history of the team for the third consecutive time and the ninth victory[133]..The Central League's third straight victory is the second team in history after the Giants[134]..The victory at the home base1991 It's been 27 years since then, and it was the first time for Mazda Stadium to open in 2009.[135].
In the climax series, play against the giant who ranked 3rd in the season. With 4 wins and 0 losses (including 1 win of advantage), he played the humiliation of last year and won the right to participate in the Japan Series.Fukuoka SoftbankIn the Japan Series withTakuya KaiIn addition to being completely blocked from stealing bases six times, the mobility of the Central League's top 6 stolen bases was completely blocked, and five consecutive away losses (at the time of 95).Seibu Stadium2 consecutive losses, 2016 consecutive losses at Sapporo Dome in 3)FukuokaIn this year as well, he lost all three races, lost 3-6 in the sixth race when he returned to Mazda Stadium, and lost the Japan Series. As with the Nippon-Ham Fighter two years ago, it was the end of watching the opponent's rise in the sixth round after returning to Mazda Stadium.Takahiro Arai,Soichiro AmayaRetired from active duty.Yoshihiro MaruDeclared FA and prepared a large contract of 5 billion yen for 25 years[136],Yuya Fukui Kikuchi YasunoriTransferred to Rakuten in exchange trade with.It has been seven years since he came to Japan for foreign players, and he set a new record for the number of years that foreign players have been enrolled.Brad Eldred, Jay Jackson, who has been active as a set upper for three years since joining the team, is the first year of his arrival in Japan after only one game has been pitched in the first army.Leonel CamposAnd left without renewing the contract.
This seasonHeiseiSince it was the last pennant race, Hiroshima became "the last Central League championship team in Heisei", but since it was defeated in the Japan Series, it became "the team that could never be the best in Japan in Heisei" together with Hanshin Tigers. ..
May 1, With human compensation from the giant that Maru transferredHisayoshi NaganoAcquired.After the opening, it was sluggish for a while, such as a hole with a round hole, Ohsera, and Tanaka's illness, but in May it set a new monthly victory record for the team with 5 wins.[Note 17], Jumped to the top before the exchange war.However, in the interleague game that started on June 6, all teams other than Rakuten, who won 3 wins and 2 loss, lost.[138]He lost again with 5 wins, 12 losses and 1 draw, and fell from the lead with 11 consecutive losses with a draw at the end of the interleague game, finishing in 3rd place before the All-Star.After that, it picked up once, and at one point it was behind the top giant by one game, but it could not be regained. I was forced to ban the participation of. In September, the number of losses increased, and the game after Battista was suspended was stalled with 1 wins and 8 losses. The game difference can be reduced.The regular season ended in 9rd place before Hanshin, but lost 3-9 in the final game of the home / Chunichi game on the 7th, and could not decide to advance to the climax series for 9 consecutive years on its own. He was cursed and was overtaken by Hanshin, who won 9 consecutive victories, and fell to 19th place, and the B class was confirmed for the first time in 4 years.In response to this, director Ogata announced his resignation.One army pitcher coach to succeedShinji SasaokaHas been decided to take office.In the same year, the number of visitors to Mazda Stadium, the home base, was 222.[2].

Sasaoka director era

New coronavirusThe opening was delayed by 3 months due to the influence of.Ace OhseraChris JohnsonWithdrawal due to malfunctions and injuries, acquired by the new guardian deityTayler ScottHowever, as in the previous year, the pitchers, especially the relief team, collapsed and many games were dropped by a small margin, and the pitchers went back and forth from the opening to the bottom. Although he escaped from the bottom by winning the game against Yakult on October 10, he did not improve after that and lost the game against the Giants for the first time in 2 years, finishing the season in 6th place for the first time in 8 years. It became B class for the second consecutive year.But newcomersNobuhito MorishitaShowed an activity to win the rookie king.I was a regular catcher for many yearsYoshiyuki IshiharaRetired from active duty.The number of visitors to Mazda Stadium was 53, a significant decrease from the previous year, but it was still the largest number of 7857 teams.


Team results/records

  • 9 league wins
(1975, 1979-1980, 1984, 1986, 1991, 2016-2018)
  • Japan twice
(1979, 1980, 1984)
  • Climax series victory 2 times
(2016, 2018)
  • Class A 25 times
(1968, 1975-1976, 1978-1981, 1983-1991, 1994-1997, 2013-2014, 2016-2018)
  • Class B 47 times
(1950-1967, 1969-1974, 1977, 1982, 1992-1993, 1998-2012, 2015, 2019-2021)
  • Bottom 10 times
(1950-1951, 1963, 1967, 1969, 1972-1974, 1993, 2005)
  • Longest record in consecutive A class 9 years (1983-1991)
  • Longest record in B class for 18 years (1950-1967)
  • Most wins 89 wins (2016)
  • Most losses 96 losses (1950)
  • Most draw 18 minutes (1978)
  • Highest win rate .633 (2017)
  • Minimum win rate .299 (1950)
  • Team's most consecutive wins 12 (April 1984, 4-April 8, 4)
  • チーム最多連敗 13(1950年11月3日 - 11月14日、1999年6月25日 - 7月13日)

Other records

Permanent number

  • 3 Kinugasa Yoshio(1988 -)
  • 8 Koji Yamamoto(1987-) * The first permanent absence in the history of the Hiroshima team
  • 15 Hiroki Kuroda(2017-) * During Kuroda's absence from 2008 to 2014, it was a vacant number to show his sincerity to Kuroda.

Permanent custody

In CarpPermanent numberAs a system similar to the above, we have introduced a "permanent custody" system in which the number is left as an empty number until a player recommended by the predecessor appears.This system was applied as follows (the period in parentheses was an empty number).

  • 20(1995-2002/2020) From 1976 to 1994Kitabeppu studiesIs worn. Joined in the 2002 draft free frameKatsuhiro NagakawaWas given to.As Nagakawa retired from active duty only in the 2019 season, the 2020 season became a vacant number again and joined the team in the first round of the draft off the same year.Ryosuke KuribayashiWas given to.
  • 7(2006-2012) The predecessorKenjiro Nomura.. After the end of the 2012 seasonShota DobayashiGiven to (changed from uniform number 13).In addition, Nomura set his uniform number to "2010" when he took office as a coach from the 77 season.
  • 9(2010-2013/2019-) From 1996 to 2009Takashi OgataIs worn. After the end of the 2013 seasonYoshihiro MaruGiven to (changed from uniform number 63), worn until 2018.The circleFAAfter the transfer in 2019, it will be a vacant number again (I joined with Maru's human compensationHisayoshi NaganoPresented in, but declined to wear 5).
  • 1(2014-2018) The predecessorMaeda Satoshi.. After the end of the 2018 seasonSeiya SuzukiGiven to (the uniform number changed from 51)[140].
  • 18(2016-2019) The predecessorKenta Maeda..The situation is different from Kuroda's "Jersey number 15", and the policy was to give it if a pitcher suitable for attaching has emerged or if it can be obtained in draft.According to that, he wore a uniform number 18 in front of Kenta Maeda.Shinji Sasaoka(Director Hiroshima, 2020-) joined the team in the first round of the 2019 draft.Nobuhito MorishitaWas given to.
  • 25(2019-) PredecessorTakahiro Arai..Arai cites only one condition for the successor to uniform number 25, saying, "A player who works hard. You don't have to be a player with a good sense or technical skill. You can act with the team in mind first. I want players who can play to be attached. "[141].

Sawamura Eiji Prize Winners

Successive directors

TaiziIs the league title, ◎ is the best in Japan

  1. ^ Conducted until May 1953 in 5.
  2. ^ In 1965, he commanded until July 7, and Ryohei Hasegawa took over the rest of the match.
  3. ^ Hiroshima Toyo Carp from here
  4. ^ In 1972, he commanded until June 6, and Katsuya Morinaga took over the rest of the game.
  5. ^ Conducted until April 1975th in 4, until May 30ndTaiichi NozakiIs acting on your behalf.
  6. ^ The registered name is Akitoyo Tatsukawa.
  7. ^ August 2008-8, 19Jeff RibseyIs acting on your behalf.
  8. ^ August 2011-6, 28Shinji TakaIs acting on your behalf.
  9. ^ May 2019-5, 21 Shinji Koh will act for you.

Successive owners

generationNameTerm of officeRemarks
First generationTsuneji Matsuda1967 (Showa 42)/12/17[142] --May 1970, 45 (Showa 11)[143]At the same time, Toyo Kogyo (currentlyマ ツ ダ) Also serves as president
2 generationKohei Matsuda1970 (Showa 45)/11/18[143] --October 2002, 14 (Heisei 7)[144]Also served as president of Toyo Kogyo (currently Mazda) until 1977
Constant son
3 generationMatsuda2002 (Heisei 14)/7/15[144] -Kohei's eldest son.
Acting owner
NameTerm of officeRemarks
Kohei Matsuda1967 (Showa 42)/12/17[142] --May 1970, 45 (Showa 11)[143]
Matsuda1985[145] --October 2002, 14 (Heisei 7)[144]
Kazuhiro Matsuda2013 (Heisei 25)/3/25[97] -Hajime Matsuda's younger brother (Hiroshima FM BroadcastFormer president andÉfiniThe eldest son of (former president of Hiroshima).

Successive homes

Stadium nameAddressPeriod of use
Hiroshima General StadiumHiroshima cityNishi-wardKanonshinmachi XNUMX-chome1950-1957
Hiroshima City StadiumHiroshima cityNaka-kuMotomachiJanuary 1957-January 7
MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaHiroshima citySouth wardMinamikaniya XNUMX-chomeFebruary 2009-

Baseball team facility

  • Hiroshima Toyo Carp Yuu Driving Range(Yamaguchi IwakuniYuu Town) --Farm baseball stadium, practice facility
  • Hiroshima Toyo Carp Indoor Practice Area (XNUMX-chome, Minamikaniya, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City) --Indoor practice area adjacent to Mazda Stadium
  • Hiroshima Toyo Carp Indoor General Training Ground / Ono Dormitory (1-chome Miyajimaguchinishi, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture) --Indoor Training Ground / Training Camp for Young Players
  • Ozu Dormitory (XNUMX-chome, Ozu, Minami-ku, Hiroshima) -Regular athlete training camp
    • From 1958 to 2011, there was a dormitory for single players, "Misasa Dormitory" (3-chome, Misasamachi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City).[146][147]..Since there is no "Ohno dormitory" for the second army dormitory yet, it was decided that single players would enter here even for the main players.[147]..Until this Ono facility was built, the second army did not have a dedicated ground and the facility was in place.Koryo High SchoolBorrowed the ground[148]..After school, the baseball club in Hiroryo uses the ground, so while the students are taking classes,Takeshi OshitaWhen he was a second-arm defensive and baseball coach, Oshita's angry voice echoed on the ground of Hiroryo.[148]..Due to aging, the function was moved to the Ozu dormitory and dismantled.At the site, repair turf for MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima is cultivated.
    • Training camps are set up in each of the 1st and XNUMXnd armies.Previously, there was only one Misasa dormitory in Hiroshima city, but due to the aging of the facility,1984 After thatSaikiOno Town(CurrentHatsukaichi), A training camp for the second army was built on the premises of the "Ono Indoor Training Center" (Casa di CARPIO, which means "Carp's House" in Italian).The Misasa dormitory is exclusively for the first army players.This Ono facility can be built[148].
  • Carp Baseball Gallery (Carpio, Hatchobori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima) -Admission ticket office / gallery
  • Carp Academy(Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)- MLBA facility created with reference to the Academy of.

HomeMAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaIn addition to the headquarters of the baseball team, there are also shops selling official goods.

Team features

  • The nickname "Carp" is "carp"ofEnglishDerived from "Carp".The godfather政治家 OfNoboru Tanigawa(Banishment of public officeI did not participate in the management of the team because I received the designation).The background to this nickname is as follows.
    • Flowing through Hiroshima CityOta RiverIs the production center of carp.
    • Hiroshima CastleIs called Koi Castle, Koi is a rising fish that climbs a waterfall, and at that timePacific WarAtAtomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima citySince the team was born after the event, I tried to put the feelings of Hiroshima's reconstruction into the appearance of the carp climbing the waterfall.[10][28][29].
    • Tanikawa's remark "According to the literature, the carp is the head of various fish.Koi(Hiroshima cityNishi-ward(Place name) is a conversion from carp,loveAlso leads to "
    • Initially it was "Carp", but Carp was changed to "Carp" because it was pointed out that it was homoglyphic.[12][149]..Other nickname candidates included Rainbow (rainbow), Atoms (atom), Black bear (black bear), Pigeon (dove), and Greens (green).[20]..Of these, "Greens"1954 It was used by the predecessor team of the second army (Hiroshima Greens) formed in.Also, "Atoms" was subsequently released from 1966 to 1973.Sankei → YakultBut,Fuji TelevisionAnimeAstro boy』It was adopted as a name derived from.In addition, it is the only team in the current 12 professional baseball teams whose team name does not end with the plural s, s, tsu, tsu.[27].
      • When using a one-letter abbreviation in the media, it is written as "wide" in kanji and "C" in the alphabet.[Note 20]..Also, the general abbreviation is "Hiroshima" and the abbreviation "Hiroshima Toyo" is used.Draft meetingIt is limited to.Tsuneo Watanabe MatsudaWhen he said, "I should stop Hiroshima Toyo and change to Hiroshima Mazda Carp," he said, "I have an attachment to Toyo Industry."[150].
      • TV and radioプロ野球中継In such cases, it is relatively often referred to simply as "Hiroshima Carp" or "Carp".[Source required].
  • As a color that makes you imagine the team"Red"It has been known. In 1958, the uniform logo, cuffs, and collar were red-edged, and in 1975, at that time.Joe RootsDirector's idea[Note 21] The reason for this is that the hat was changed to a single red color (as mentioned above), and since 1977, home uniforms have been designed based on red and white.However, the team flag has been around since 1967.Navy blueIt is a simple design (5th generation) with a white letter "H" drawn in the center of the ground, and red was used for the founding "CARP" letter (until 1955) and the 1958 carp. Only the picture (3rd generation).
  • Due to financial difficulties, the manager is often promoted to a player who has never been a member of the team, that is, who has no experience of joining other teams, but in the early days of the teamKatsumi Shiraishi,Masato MonzenIn some cases, players from Hiroshima prefecture who had transferred from other teams as players (also serving as players or after retirement) served as coaches.Hiroshima's first coach was Ryohei Hasegawa, who took office halfway in the 16th year since the team was founded, and was 35 years old at the time.Basically, the coaches and coaches of Hiroshima are either born out, or even outsiders give priority to those who have experience as players in Hiroshima, and there are few pure outsiders (no experience as players in Hiroshima).[Note 22],2001 ToMakoto Matsubara(Chief and batting coach of the XNUMXst Army)2012 OffHiromasa Arai(Ichigun hitting coach) has joined as a pure outsider.
  • Even if other teams hire foreign playersSatoshi HirayamaOther than Japanese-Americans like these and Koreans living in Japan who were treated in the same way as Japanese players even if they were formally registered as foreigners, they did not hire foreign players for a long time.1972 Has won the MVP in the MLB / American LeagueZoilo VersallesJoined the team for the first time as a non-Japanese player.Since then,Richie Schein,Gail Hopkins,Jim Lytle,Mike Dupree,Louis Lopez,Eddie Diaz,Nathan Minchi,Andy Sheets,Colby LewisForeign players such as are leaving outstanding activities.However, despite being active while enrolled in Carp, contract negotiations were not finalized due to treatment such as annual salary during the off-season, and there are many cases where foreign players are transferred to other teams.In recent years Nathan Minchey (in 2001)LotteTransferred to) is a typical example.In addition, the success of players who have become out of force after the transfer has been conspicuous in recent years, and Andy Sheets (2005)HanshinTransferred to)Tom Davy(In 2006OryxTransferred to)Greg Larocca(In 2006YakultTransferred to → laterOryx) And other examples can be seen.
  • 1963 From springMiyazakiNichinan CityWe have spring / autumn camps in Japan1966 Nichinan City巨人I received a camp offer from the company, and I had been considering attracting a giant camp.However, the blank slate was withdrawn at the request of local collaborators, and Nichinan City has been known as a campsite in Hiroshima for more than 40 years.
  • After 1958, before the seasonHiroshima Gokoku ShrineIt is customary for the entire team to pray for a victory in worship.Former Hiroshima City StadiumIn 1957, when Carp opened, Carp had a good fight with 32 wins and 26 losses until the All-Star game, but after the All-Star game, despite the opening of the stadium on July 7, he lost significantly to 22 wins and 22 losses.About this, Go Kawaguchi, the representative of the baseball stadium at that time, was advised by an acquaintance's priesthood that "the left wing of this stadium is a place where many citizens were killed by the atomic bomb, so pray to God to comfort the spirit." Derived from[151].
  • In the past, there were more games hosted at local stadiums in the Central League than at other baseball stadiums.In addition to Kurashiki and Fukuyama mentioned above,Onomichi Shimanami Stadium,Yonago City Stadium,Matsuyama Central Park Baseball Field(Botchan Stadium)[Note 23]Many sponsored games were held at stadiums in the Chugoku-Shikoku region.Also, the visitor teamRegional protection rightsThere are many cases where sponsored games are held in areas close to local governments that have a lot of fans, or in areas where there are many fans of visitor teams.1989 ToGunmaMaebashi OfGunma Prefectural Shikishima Park Baseball FieldNiigataNiigata OfToriyano Sports Park Baseball FieldIn pairsYakultBattle,1990 から1997 Over time(I.e. OfNagara River StadiumIn pairsChunichiWe are holding battles, and in recent yearsHokuriku region(Fukui Prefectural Stadium,Ishikawa Baseball Stadium,Toyama City Stadium Alpine Stadium,Hard Off Eco Stadium Niigata)HanshinThe battle was held.In addition, he was often the opponent of local sponsored games of other teams.[Note 24].
  • In many cases, sponsored games are held at local stadiums that have been newly completed or have undergone large-scale renovations.In Hiroshima prefecture1993 ToKure City Nikawa Baseball StadiumIn addition to holding the first professional official game after the renovation,2009 Has just been completedMiyoshi Sports Park Baseball FieldThe "Opening of the stadium" is displayed at (Miyoshi Kinsai Stadium).In addition, there are many similar cases in official games hosted by local governments outside the prefecture.2003 ToAkita Prefectural Baseball StadiumAt (Komachi Stadium), in 2009Hard Off Eco Stadium NiigataIn addition to decorating the stadium opening with2000 March 8Nagano Olympic StadiumHolding the first Central League official game (Yakult game)[Note 25].
  • From 1995 to 2005 at Hiroshima Municipal StadiumNight gameThe match started at 18:20. Before 1994, the game was started at 18:18, but it is said that the west sun will come in from the outfield / left side of the stadium, especially in the late summer, which will hinder the game management, especially the outfielder's defense. There is a history that it was set at 20:2006 for some reason.However, due to policy revisions such as the ability to attract customers from the match card and the ability to watch distant fans flexibly, and to expect an increase in the staying time around the stadium, night games will start at 18:XNUMX in all games from XNUMX. doing.
  • As a citizen's baseball team, we had been doing activities rooted in the Hiroshima area from early on.Private cheering partyWas official because there were manyFan clubWas formed2007 So, it was the last formation of 12 teams.
  • Since the withdrawal of Giants (1990-1992) and Seibu (1992)Three armiesIt was the only team that officially used this division since it was established in 1996 until 2010.However, unlike the giants and Seibu until 1992, which focused on developing the basic physical strength of young athletes, Carp's three armies specialized in rehabilitation of disabled people until 2013, and strengthened athletes with poor results after 2014. With the addition of departments[153]..Three armies of other teams established later[Note 26]Unlike the match of the three armies alone (Adult baseball,Independent League(Team opponent) is basically not doing[155].
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTV Asahisystem"Amethyoke!"Hiroshima Carp Entertainer" was broadcast[156], Recorded a high audience rating in the middle of the night and got a big response[157]..Since then, the opportunities to be featured in the mass media have increased, and many special books on Carp have been published.[158].
  • The Japanese player who belonged to Hiroshima transferred to the major league and playedTakahashi Ken-Hiroki Kuroda-Kenta Maeda(As of the end of 3).

Team fight

  • 2015 At the end of the season1984 The 75 wins listed in the above are the most wins of the season in the history of the team, and the disappeared Kintetsu (2001 Has never reached 78 wins in the season with 80 wins), which was the only 12 teams in existence,2016 May 9He won his 76th victory against DeNA and set the record for the most wins of the season in the history of the team for the first time in 32 years.And2016 May 9By winning the match against China and Japan, he reached the team's first 80 wins, ending this unreachable record.As a result, the team scored 89 wins, which greatly broke the record for the most wins in the past, and the winning percentage was .1984, which surpassed the previous record of .625 in 631. did[159]. Also,2017 Although the number of wins dropped from the previous year to 88 wins, 52 losses and 4 draws, the winning percentage was .633, which was the highest win percentage for the team.
  • From the first year of the baseball team (1)1967 The B class for 18 consecutive years is the worst record in the Central League.is this1996 ToFukuoka Daiei HawksIt was the worst record for Nippon Professional Baseball until it was overtaken by.
  • The last time in Japan as of 2018 was1984 (Showa 59), Which is the farthest from the number one in Japan among the 12 existing teams.Also, with the 12 existing teamsHeiseiOnly Hiroshima and Hanshin couldn't become the best in Japan at that time[Note 27]is there.
  • In 2016Sapporo DomeHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersI had no experience of playing night games in the Japan Series until I played against[Note 28], I have never fought the Japan Series at the stadium with "Dome" in the name[Note 29].

Changes in uniforms

  • 1950 - 1952 At the time of its founding, there were uniforms based on the San Francisco Seals and the New York Yankees, but they were abolished in a year due to financial difficulties of the team.After that, the gray for visitors was used until 1.
  • 1952- 1953 The Fumakiller logo appears on the left sleeve to receive financial support from Oshita Kaishundou.Since its inception, uniforms have been team-colored in dark blue.
  • 1954 - 1957 The uniform has been renewed after the Philippines expedition.For visitorsSouthern CrossIs imagined, and the upper part of the letter "i" in "Hiroshima" is "☆"."C" similar to the current design is used for the hat mark.
  • 1958 - 1962 At the timeBoston Red SoxIntroducing uniforms based on.At this time, "red" is incorporated into the chest letters and lines for the first time.The hat mark has been changed to a design in which lowercase letters "c" and "h" are lined up.1960 Has been remodeled for visitorsDodgersFor the first time, the prototype of the cursive logo currently in use appears. (Spelling isHirosima).In addition, a chest number has also appeared.
  • 1963 - 1972 Katsumi ShiraishiFrom the time he took office as the director, it became a dark blue color with a slight green tinge, and there were dark blue lines on the neck, sleeves, and belt loops.The mark on the hat is "HIROSHIMA"HBecome a mark.With a Japanese professional baseball teamMunicipalitiesIt was said to be the only example with the name of[160].. The H mark is also used in the current team flag.
    • Gray for visitors, chest logo in flower typefaceHIROSHIMASo I returned to this spell for the first time in 6 years.There is no chest number, left-handed pitchers and left-handed batters have sleeve numbers on their left sleeves, and right-handed and right-handed batters have sleeve numbers on their right sleeves.
      • 1968 Than,Rikuo NemotoWith the appointment of the director, the sleeves and belt loop lines have become thicker, and the number for visitors is attached from the sleeves to the right chest.By changing the name to "Hiroshima Toyo Carp" from this year, it became a right sleeve for visitors.Toyo Kogyo(Current:マ ツ ダ) "TOYO" is entered.
      • 1971 The navy blue line of the sleeves, neck, pants, and belt loop is sandwiched between oranges, and the chest logo (CARP for home, HIROSHIMA for visitors), jersey number, chest number, sleeve collar / trousers line is orange in navy blue. Border, of the hatHThe mark turns orange.In addition, the visitor's chest number will be unified on the left side as well as the home.
  • 1973 - 1974 Kaoru BettotoWith the appointment of the director, it became a beltless uniform with a round neck that makes the best use of the characteristics of knit material.pulloverWill be.The uniform number, chest logo, red border on the chest number, navy blue and red two-tone lines around the sleeves and neck, two red lines on the stockings, and a hat markHFromCincinnati RedsOf the same shape asCIt changes to (red with white border).
    • For visitors, it will be blue gray1960 - 1963 The cursive logo used over is "HiroshimaChange the spelling to "" and revive.
  • 1975 - 1976 Joe RootsWith the appointment of director, the roots1972 - 1973 Served as a coachCleveland IndiansThe color of the hat is red,CThe mark is dark blue with a white border.In addition, the neck area becomes a V-neck.In addition, the vertical line of the trousers has been changed from navy blue / red / navy blue stripes to red / navy blue / red stripes.
  • 1977 - 1988 The number, chest logo, chest letters, undershirt, stockings are all red, carp ="Red"Is completely established.The navy blue and red of the sleeves and waist line are reversed, and the navy blue line of the sleeves that have moved to the outside becomes thinner.In addition, the spikes become red lines on a white background.
    • For visitors, the color will change from blue gray to bright sky blue, and the chest logo, uniform number, and chest number will shine.The spikes will also be red lines on the sky blue background.
      • 1978 The player name is entered above the uniform number,
      • 1988 Only from beltless to belt type.
        • This design has been used for 12 years and1979 ,1980 ,1984 3 times the best in Japan (1986 Won the league championship).By the way, the visitor uniform isHiroshima prisonDonated to and worn by prisoners at softball competitions[Note 30].
  • 1989 - 1995 Koji YamamotoWith the appointment of the director, the uniform has been renewed.at the timeCincinnati RedsIt becomes a design conscious of.C mark and CARP logo on the left chest, chest number is the right abdomen.Two red lines on the sleeves and the "HIROSHIMA" logo on the left sleeve.The dark blue color that has been established since the foundation of the team disappears, and only red is used.Of the hatCThe mark is all white,Cincinnati RedsIt will be exactly the same design as.
    • Top and bottom gray for visitors.Both home and visitor spikes will also have a red line on a white background.The pullover will be changed to the current button type (however, the buttons up to the 3rd button are removable, and the rest are decorative buttons).
    • Still more1994 Only held on the left sleeve in Hiroshima in the same yearAsian Games Hiroshima GamesThere is a mark to publicize.
  • 1996 - 2001 The chest logo returns to the front and the chest number returns to the left chest.With a red placket line, the sleeve line disappears, and the pants line becomes a thin red line.
    • For home use, the flower character of "CARP" is back.
    • For visitors, "HIROSHIMA" (1963 - 1972 (Used) logo is revived.1999 Only, the mark of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the team is put on the left sleeve.
    • The size of the uniform number of the uniforms of this era was slightly larger than the previous ones for both homes and visitors, while the width of the player's name above the number was smart.
  • 2002 - 2008 Revived the vertical stripes used when the team was founded.The logo has been changed from flower letters to cursive design for home use and block type for visitors.For visitors, the carp logo (flame ball mark) is placed on the right sleeve for left-throwing players and on the left sleeve for right-throwing players.
  • The visitor uniform at this time had red sleeves and a design similar to the Anaheim Angels (at that time), which looked like sleeveless at first glance.
    • 2003 Therefore, the typeface of the player name above the uniform number changes.
    • 2005 Since then, advertisements for sponsor Mazda have been added to sleeves and helmets only for home use.From the same year, the color of the spikes will be a white line on a red background.
    • 2006 , Brown's idea is to put a yellow "C" on the right sleeve of pitchers and fielder captains (fielders Tomonori Maeda, pitchers Hiroki Kuroda).
    • 2007 More, the chest logo of the visitor uniform70 - 80 eraIt becomes the cursive typeface of "Hiroshima" used for.Also, the flame ball mark will change to the team slogan "ALL-IN" logo.
  • 2009 --HometownMazda StadiumWith the move, the uniform has been renewed.The vertical stripes disappear, and the dark blue color that has been used since its foundation is restored for the first time in 21 years.Of the hatCThe mark has a dark blue border, and the pants have thin lines of red and dark blue.
    • For home use, the top and bottom are white, with a red chest logo, jersey number, and chest number with a navy blue border, thin red and navy lines on the sleeves, and a red cursive logo of "Hiroshima" on the left sleeve with a navy blue border.
    • For visitors, the jacket is red and the pants are white.Two-tone color is adopted for the first time in the history of the team.Navy blue placket line on jacket, white logo of "Hiroshima" on chest with navy blue edging, thin navy blue line on sleeves, "Carp" logo on left sleeve, jersey number and chest number with navy blue edging on white ..
    • 2013 Mazda is wearing a helmet from the official gameNippon PaintAdopted a special red color inspired by the automobile paint color "Soul Red Premium Metallic" jointly developed with[161]..This is the 3rd generationMazda AtenzaThe owner Matsuda, who visited the show car, was interested in the "Soul Red Premium Metallic" used in the exhibition car, and realized it after receiving a proposal from the vice president Mazda who was present.By the way, Mazda's vehicle staff is in charge of blending helmet colors.[162].
    • 2017 - 2019 To commemorate the Central League victory last year, on the left sleeveChampion emblemEnter[163].
    • 2020 --The logo of the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the team is on the left sleeve.
    • 2021 --The logo of the team slogan "Crispy" is on the left sleeve.


  • Once the only team-designated manufacturer in official games among all 12 teams (Mizuno,ASICS,SKThe use of spikes other than) was not permitted, but from around 2014, it became possible to use them individually.

Limited time uniform

Reprint uniform

  • 2008 September 9-23, 25-3 home reprint model used in a three-day battle against Giants.Adopted the 1977 model with a back name and a belt with a cover.However, the helmet is usually designed.
  • 2010 "The Central League sponsored" held in AugustOld uniform series1989-1995 reprint model for home is used.
  • 2011 August 8-The match against Yokohama on the 23th and the match against the Giants on the 25th-26th, 28-1977, using a reprint model for visitors, with a back name and a belt with a cover 1988 Adopted a reprint model for visitors. Unlike 1988, the helmet is also a reproduction of that time.
  • 2012 August-September-sponsored Central League "Legend uniform seriesUses a reprint model for 1975 visitors who won the league title for the first time in the history of the team.[Note 31].

* The reprint has an advertisement for "MAZDA" on the sleeves and helmet of the uniform only during home games.


  • 2013 Announced that they will wear "Denim Design Uniform" only for Yakult 8 consecutive battles (Mazda Stadium) from August 23rd.A denim pattern is used on the top and bottom of the uniform and on the hat.The refreshing blue of denim is accented with white edging on the team color "red" stitching to express strength and dedication to victory.

[164]..In the subsequent limited uniforms, the back name is omitted.The typeface of the uniform number is different from the conventional one, and the original one was adopted.The hat was a denim color with a red mark, but the helmet was a normal design.

  • 2014 , Announced that they will wear the "equatorial direct fire uniform" over the catchphrase "equatorial direct fire" for the Hanshin 8 consecutive battles (Mazda Stadium) from August 22nd.The whole body is a red uniform, but it is slightly different from the one for normal visitors.モロッコThe motif is "red"[165]..The eaves of the hat, undershirt, belt, and stockings are black.The team logo has a white border on a black background, and the hat mark has a white shadow.
    • Starting with this, limited uniforms named after the catchphrase of the season have come to be worn in the summer.
  • 2015 "Peace Nighter" (described later) Limited to matches, the coach, coach, and players all have uniform numbers named after August 8th.86Wearing a uniform.This is the first time for all teams to fight in a uniform with a uniform number in the Central League official game.The design is a flower letter on the chestPEACE(Peace), not an individual name on the backHIROSHIMAThe logo is included, and the uniform number and chest number are assigned by the manager, coach, and all players.86..The emblem on the left sleeve has the number of 29 people killed in the atomic bomb (as of August 2325, last year), and the right head of the hat has a "white pigeon" design that symbolizes peace.[166].
  • In 2015, it was announced that the team color of red and navy blue and the white striped pattern "Tsunesho Tamashii Uniform" will be worn only for the Hanshin 8 consecutive battles (Mazda Stadium) from August 25th.With the catchphrase "Eternal Soul" as a motif, the image is to climb to the top.It features red and dark blue team colors and stripes that mean "ascend to the top of the Central League".The striped pattern has been adopted for Hiroshima uniforms since the home uniforms until 3.[167]..Designed with white stripes on a red background, the logo and number have a white border on red, the eaves of the undershirt and hat are navy blue, and the hat mark is navy blue with a white border.
  • 2016 , I wore a "Makka Geki uniform" over the catchphrase "Makka Geki" for the DeNA 8 consecutive battles (Mazda Stadium) from August 30th.The logo, hat eaves and mark, and number are in green on a red background, and pepper embroidery is applied near the left chest and on the left side of the hat.The typeface of the uniform number is different from the conventional one, and the original one was adopted.[168].
  • 2017 Hiroki Kuroda's open match (Mazda Stadium) with Nippon-Ham on March 3Retirement special matchTherefore, "Hiroki Kuroda special uniform" was used only for this match.The design itself is based on the one in 1997 when Kuroda joined Carp, with a golden border on the letters and a memorial mark on the left chest.In the match, all Carp Nine have Kuroda's uniform number15KURODAI played with my back name[169]..Kuroda, who served as the opening ceremony for this game, did not wear a uniform and faced it in a suit.
  • Limited to the Yakult 2017 consecutive battles (Mazda Stadium) from August 8, 18, with the catchphrase "Kamai", the warlord tea masterMuneka Ueda Osaka Summer TeamWearing the "Kamai 吼 uniform" designed after the Jinhaori that was worn at the time.The background color is red called Shojohi, the collar, sleeves, racket line, and hat's eaves are black that imitates Tetsukon, and the logo, uniform number, and cap mark are gold on a white background. With the edging, the typeface of the uniform number was designed as if it was written with a brush.
  • 2018 , Wearing "℃ ℃ ℃ uniform" over the catchphrase "℃ ℃ ℃ !!!!!" of this season only for Yakult 8 consecutive battles (Mazda Stadium) from August 21st.The background color is navy blue, the sleeves and eaves of the hat are red, and the logo, uniform number, and hat mark (“℃” instead of the conventional C) are red with a white border.At the bottom of the uniform number, the feet depicted in the catchphrase were added, and the logo was given sand smoke when running.
  • 2019 , Wearing "Dokkan Carp Uniform" for this season's catchphrase "Wednesday, Fire, Wood, Dotten Carp" only for the 8 consecutive games (Mazda Stadium) against Yokohama DeNA BayStars from August 30th.The ground color is navy like last year, the sleeve line is red, and the logo, uniform number, and hat mark are red with a white border.The main singularity is that the gold necklace drawn in the catchphrase crosses the uniform number, and the character imitating a rapper wearing a carp hat, sunglasses and necklace overlaps the logo, and the microphone performance The design is decorated[170].

Uniform sponsor

  • Baseball history,Changes in uniformsAs you can see in the section, during the two years from 1952 to 1953, it was on the left sleeve of the uniform.Huma killerThere was a logo mark of.
  • 2005 From helmets to uniform sleevesマ ツ ダBecomes a home game-only sponsor[Note 32]..The helmet carries the Mazda car brand logo. (Initially, the model of the advertisement was changed in conjunction with the launch of Mazda's new model, but since 2015 it has been fixed to the slogan "Be a Driver")
    • In this connection, the cross-competition collaboration organization "Tops HiroshimaThere is no space to post the logo mark (teams of other competitions are posting the logo).

Transition of the team flag

  • 1950-1955: Carp letters with 12 blue stripes and red letters on a white background.
  • 1956-1957: Carp logo in a large C with three horizontal blue stripes and blue letters on a white background.
  • 1958: CARP in white letters on a purple background. A design in which the illustration of a carp covers the C part.
  • 1959-1966: The white and purple backgrounds are divided diagonally, and the illustration of the carp of the previous design is reproduced with a large pink C letter.
  • 1967-: H in white letters on a dark blue background.

マ ス コ ッ ト

Baseball teamマ ス コ ッ トAre the following two people.See that section for details.

From the founding of the team to the debut of Carp Boy, the carp pet mark is used on the circle.An emblem was attached to the jumper at that time.Also,1989 At that time, "Expo of the sea and islandAbimaru, the official mascot ofHiroshima City StadiumIt was appointed as a "home run girl" in.

Main campsite


Hiroshima announces it as a catchphrase rather than a team slogan[171].

  • 1953: Leave the one without fighting spirit
  • 1973: Speed ​​and thrilling baseball
  • 1975: 100% Effort (Roots) / A thrilling and exciting game with hustle play (Furuha)
  • 1978: ALL MEN DASH!
  • 1979: LET'S SPARK!
  • 1993: RED CHARGE
  • 1997: TOTAL BASEBALL RS REALIZAR SUENO (realization of dreams)
  • 1998: TENGA CONFIANZA (believe in yourself)
  • 1999: YES, WE CAN
  • 2001: Red Attack "Attack!"
  • 2002: Red Power "Burning !!"
  • 2003: Rising Heart "At Kaburu Heart"
  • 2005: REBORN TO WIN "Red Hell Rebirth"
  • 2006: ALL-IN
  • 2007: ALL-IN
  • 2008: ALL-IN Geki
  • 2009: ALL-IN Retsu
  • 2010: We're Gonna Win We win
  • 2011: STRIKIN'BACK counterattack
  • 2014: Equatorial direct fire RED ALL THE WAY Red, hot, straight
  • 2015: Everlasting Soul RED RISING
  • 2016: Makka Geki! Burn it up!
  • 2017: Kamai! −Kabuku−
  • 2018: ℃ ℃ ℃ (Dododoo !!!)
  • 2019: Wed, Fri, Tue, Thu, Dotten Carp
  • 2020: The child of this AKA has just danced[172]
  • 2021: Crunchy crunchy
  • 2022: Gatsugatsu GUTS!


Peace night game

Until 2010Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima cityWas madeMay 8If a match hosted by Hiroshima is organized, the former Hiroshima Municipal Stadium (same for Mazda Stadium) will not be used.Okayama Prefecture Kurashiki Sports Park Baseball Field(Muscat Stadium),Fukuyama Municipal Baseball StadiumI went there[Note 33]..This owns a stadiumHiroshima cityHowever, it was because August 8th was a holiday as the anniversary of the atomic bombing.Also, the old citizen's stadiumHiroshima Peace Memorial ParkBecause it is close to, many worshipers and attendees visited at the commemorative ceremony on the day, and the measures were taken in consideration of the congestion of transportation.In 2008, when the former Municipal Stadium was closed, it was considered to play a match on August 8, but it was not realized due to schedule reasons.[Note 34].

In 2011, the Giants battle was held at the base (Mazda Stadium) for the first time in 53 years.[174]Since then, the games held at Mazda Stadium have been held every year.Cooperative Hiroshima"Peace night game" co-sponsored by[175].. In the 2015 matchLimited uniformWas also worn[176].

Business circumstances

Initially, Carp was named "Hiroshima Baseball Club" in Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City,Kure,Chinese newspaper,Japan Monopoly Corporation(There was a main factory in Hiroshima City),Hiroshima Electric Railway,Toyo KogyoIt was established with the investment of the Hiroshima political and business world.The operating funds are extremely small, and it was dissolved as early as 1951 or in the same Chugoku region at that time.Yamaguchi ShimonosekiWas based inOcean WhalesThe merger with was considered, but it is facing fierce opposition from the public (""# 8 samurai"reference).From this experience, a fund-raising support group was established to support the operation of Carp in its early days.In addition, a fan-based operating fund solicitation activity called "barrel donation" has taken place.1960 eraContinued until[25].

However, in 1955, the amount of debt of "Hiroshima Baseball Club" became enormous, and the Hiroshima business world decided that it was no longer manageable even by the supporters' association, and in order to cancel the debt, "Hiroshima Baseball Club" went bankrupt and newly Established "Hiroshima Carp Co., Ltd." and became the first presidentHiroshima Electric RailwayNobuyuki Ito has been appointed[177].

1965 ToKintetsu BuffaloesThere was an informal merger plan with Carp, and if it merged, it was considered that Carp would formally operate as a surviving team, but the second president'sTsuneji MatsudaIs refusing it.about thatArticle in the relevant sectionSee.

In 1967, Toyo Carp acquired Hiroshima Carp Co., Ltd., and Tsuneji Matsuda became the team owner, but this was in addition to the long-term sluggish team performance at that time.Hiroshima Municipal Stadium (first generation)In response to the fact that the number of spectators mobilized annually decreased sharply due to the calm of Fever (1959: 862,965 → 1967: 622,100), the intention was to settle the battle for initiative among investors and stabilize the operation of the team. It is said that there was, Toyo Kogyo remained in the position of sponsor and refrained from intervening in the management of the team.further1970 eraWhen the Matsuda family became the only manager of the baseball team and local dealers when it came under the control of Sumitomo Bank in the second half, Toyo Kogyo → Mazda was virtually no longer the owner company.This is MazdaFord motorBecame a subsidiary1980 eraIt hasn't changed since then.However, since it is still the largest shareholder (see below), the team name retains "Toyo," which is the origin of Mazda's former company name.

Mazda still holds 34.2% (22 shares) of the team's shares as the largest shareholder.[178], The operating company is listed in the Mazda Group.Also, the right sleeve and helmet of Carp's uniform, and moreMAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaTo the ticketマ ツ ダWas advertised, and since 2013AtenzaThe relationship between the two companies is deep, with the new color "Soul Red Premium Metallic" adopted for Mazda vehicles being adopted as the helmet color.

The business condition itself is good even though it is an independently profitable system without a parent company in the Japanese professional baseball team, which normally runs a huge deficit without the financial support of the parent company, since 1975. It has been in the black for 2013 consecutive terms until 39.[179]..Especially in 2009MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaPartly due to the background of the first year of opening, net sales reached a record high of over 117 billion yen.[180].

However, the breakdown of this sales was mostly in 2004 (65 billion yen), with broadcasting rights revenue (28 billion yen), admission revenue (20 billion yen), and sales / advertising revenue (12 billion yen). Was occupied[181]、2009年(117億円)は、入場料収入48億円、グッズ販売20億円、飲食収入20億円とその構成比が大きく変わっている点に留意する必要がある。特にグッズ販売に関しては、2010年・2011年が14億円、2012年は16億5,000万円、2013年は19億5,000万円と、2009年以降も好調な売り上げを記録しており、売上高全体の約2割を占めるまでに成長した[179]..This is 2004Ball world reorganizationTriggered bySep-pa Exchange BattleIs realized.As a result, it was expected that the revenue from broadcasting rights, mainly in the Giants, would drop sharply, so the team, which had a strong sense of crisis, strengthened goods development from this time.[182], Switching weekend games from night games to day games, etc.[183], We are trying to break away from the business style centered on broadcasting rights revenue, which has been a big achievement since 2009.

Following the investment of 2009 billion yen in a facility dedicated to the baseball stadium in 22[184], 2010 construction of a military dormitory (2 million yen)[185], 2012 construction of cleaning factory[186], 2014, renewal of Nigun Senshu shuttle bus (5,000 million yen), construction of indoor practice field next to Mazda Stadium (16 billion yen)[187] After the completion of the new stadium, capital investment has increased.Also in the Dominican RepublicCarp AcademySince 2005, the operating costs have been reduced as part of the team's cost reduction, so it has only trained pitchers, but has resumed fielder training since 2013.

On the other hand, the total annual salary ranking is 12th or lower in recent years, except for the 2007th place in 10 among the 11 professional baseball teams.

It was introduced off 1993FA (Free Agent)Institution and in draftHope entry quota systemの導入により、カープにおいては、1989年には8億円であった選手年俸総額が1997年には16億円と8年間で2倍に急騰、2002年には17億8,900万円に達したものの、2003年以降はドラフトで獲得した選手の伸び悩み、Satoshi Eto,Tomonori Kanemoto,Takahiro Arai,Andy Sheets,Greg LaroccaDue to the outflow of the main hitters, the team's performance was sluggish, and as a result, the total annual salary gradually decreased.However, since the completion of Mazda Stadium in 2009, the total annual salary has gradually increased due to the influence of having acquired a large number of foreign players, and in 2014 it was 20 yen.[Source required].

Although the business condition is good, the financial indicators of the team are not disclosed, so the clear spending situation is completely unknown.Therefore, there are opinions requesting that it be open to the public.

In 2020, the number of visitors to the official game was restricted due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, resulting in a loss of 29 million yen for the current period, but the business situation was good and the deficit was in 3,487. It was the first time in 1974 years since then.Sales decreased by 46 yen from the previous year to 2 yen for the second consecutive year, falling below 83 billion yen for the first time in nine years.Admission revenue decreased by 4,489 million yen to 85 million yen, goods revenue decreased by 5,735 million yen to 9 million yen, and apart from these, about 100 million yen for corona measures such as disinfection and PCR inspection. Was thrown.At the same time, by reducing the capital from the previous 41 million yen to 3,500 million yen, it is treated as a small and medium-sized enterprise under the tax law, and it is now possible to receive tax incentives.[2].

Scouting and training

When mentioning the characteristics of Hiroshima Carp, "skillful scouting and training ability" is often mentioned.[9][188][36][189][190]..Especially during the Golden Age of Red Hell from the mid-1975s to the mid-1980s[189], HiroshimaChugokuThe number of spectators was increased due to factors such as the strong economy of Hiroshima, partly due to the training and success of athletes.[189]..In other words, a virtuous cycle of favorable Hiroshima economy → community-based training of local players → reinforcement by scouting → activity of carp → increase in spectator mobilization → soundness of team management → reinvestment in team strengthening → consecutive championships worked.[189].1979 ~1980 It can be said that the number one in Japan for consecutive seasons is the monument built by this section environment.[189]..This raised the players who became the basis of the golden age in HiroshimaRikuo NemotoBut then I was involved in team buildingSeibu Lions,Fukuoka Softbank HawksBut we are reforming the team in the same process[191]..Hawks was introduced in 1993New draft system(Reverse nomination system)FA systemThere is also a theory that the method that makes full use of is a new development of the virtuous cycle mechanism of community-based → team activity → reinvestment seen in Hiroshima Carp, which is acquiring players from local Kyushu.[191]. AlsoOrix Blue Wave 1995 OfGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeAgainst the background of this negative legacy, the mechanism that temporarily created a community-based effect and increased the number of spectators was the increase in the number of spectators seen in Hiroshima Carp → enhancement of reinforcement → team activity → reinvestment. Is also argued that was seen[192].

Correspondence to FA declared players

1993 Even in Nippon Professional BaseballFA systemWas introduced, but Hiroshima at the beginning of the introduction was "No residual (FA residual) after exercising the FA right is allowedWas the policy.This is because there is a risk that the annual salary and contract money of the athlete who exercised the FA right will rise regardless of the activity of the next year or later, and there is a risk of putting pressure on the management of Hiroshima, which lacks financial resources. is there.In addition, Kohei Matsuda's former owner, "The team is a family.The player is a child.Is there a child who weighs and chooses a family?There is also the fact that the team view of "" remains as a lesson.However, for players, it is necessary to exercise the FA right to hear the evaluation of other teams, soAsai(At that time, player chairman)Tomonori KanemotoVeteran players such as Kanemoto have repeatedly negotiated with the team to allow the FA to remain, but in the end it was not accepted and Kanemoto who exercised had no option to remain, so he transferred to Hanshin.

During that time,2006 Ace offHiroki KurodaMade a statement suggesting the FA Declaration.For the team whose pitchers are weakening, the outflow of Kuroda, who had the only stable record, could be a life-and-death problem for the team, so at this time, he set out a policy of allowing FA to remain exceptionally (after all, Kuroda said The year remained without exercising, but the following year 2007 offLos Angeles DodgersTransferred to FA.After that, he returned to Hiroshima in 2015).Due to this influence, the team also changed its stance and is nowFA residue is basically not allowedAnd softening the attitude[193][194].

In fact, off 2007Takahiro AraiBut off in 2008Teruhiro HigashideBut off in 2018Yoshihiro MaruWhen the team acquired the FA right, the team revealed that it was a policy to allow each player to remain in the FA.[194](Arai and Maru exercised FA rights and transferred to Hanshin and Giants, respectively (Arai later returned to Hiroshima), and Higashide remained without exercising).However, as of 2020, there are no examples of residual after exercise, and some of them are off in 2015.Kimura ShogoEven though he declared FA like this, the team that started to acquire it did not appear, and the re-contract with Hiroshima was not allowed.[193], There is also a case where it was the first FA player to take the joining test of another team (Kimura passed the joining test after that and decided to join Seibu, but in the procedure it is treated as "transfer by exercising FA". Being)[195].

Regarding the acquisition of FA declared players of other teams, Nippon Ham declared FA in 2009.Shugo FujiiInvestigate (do not actually enter the acquisition front)[196], Declared FA from Yokohama in 2010Uchikawa SeiichiWas participating in the acquisition front of.However, since Uchikawa joined Softbank, Hiroshima as of 2020The only team in the Central League 12 teams that has never acquired FA playersIt has become.

Local holding

First local expedition

Carp's first local expedition1950 May 3It was the first round against China and Japan held at Fukuyama Mitsubishi Stadium.May 6Is the first visitor game in Hiroshima prefectureOcean vs. Hiroshima XNUMXth roundIs nowMiyoshi CityIt was held at the Tokaichi Municipal Baseball Stadium.The venue was a few days agoGrass raceWas heldRiverbed.Horse manureIs falling in placesweedIt is a thick field[197].Audience seatIs on the third base sideRiver bankThe slope isstand..The flat first base sideCarriage,cartI made the audience seats side by side.CushionInstead, with a bundle of XNUMX senwheat OfStraw bundleWhen it was out of stock, I replenished it from the rice field next door.Both army benchesIs an instant bench with a board struck on a log stick to which a horse was connected, and of course there is no roof.A bucket is placed in front of the bench,Firefighter Hand pumpExtend the hose and draw water from a well in a nearby farmhouse and pour it into a bucket.This is the drinking water of the players.score boardIs in elementary schoolblackboard.. I arranged two sheets because it was difficult to read the numbers on one sheet.Outfield fenceStood green bamboo in places and stretched a rough rope around the height of his waist.Double-winged poleImmediately before the match, I noticed that there was no such thing, so I hurriedly pulled out a log for drying rice from the rice field and stood up.The official game starts in this environment.On the weeds and bumpy ground, Carp hit 5 hits in the 15th inning, and in the 7th inning, he hit 1 long and short hits with one walk from two deaths to 8 points.Record all starting pitchers, all RBIs, hits every time, 10 inning and 1 home runs in the middle of the game[197]..Carp's 28 hits in the match are still Central League records at the end of 2019. 22 points are recorded by the team.I interviewed this game locallypressIt is,Asahi Shimbun,Kyodo News,Yomiuri ShimbunReporters who have just been in charge of baseball at only three companiesScore bookI had a hard time filling in.From this match, both teams decided to hit a home run if they passed over the outfield fence territory and a double if they passed underneath.[197]..I don't know if he put a customer in the outfield in this game, but when he put a customer in the outfield after that, the fans moved the rope to the advantage of Carp.It was the "Nawa Home Run" described later that caused the problem (# Suspicious home run[197][198].

Hosted games all over the country

Carp used to be actively engaged in local expeditions, and before the relocation of Nippon-Ham to Hokkaido and the establishment of the Rakuten baseball team, it was hosted all over the country, mainly in eastern Japan and Hokuriku, from Hokkaido in the north to Kagoshima in the south. I played a match.

When the team was founded1950 eraWas held mainly in other stadiums in Hiroshima prefecture, as well as in the Chugoku region such as Okayama prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture, and Shimane prefecture.1980 eraから1990 eraIn the meantime, it was held in a wide range of regions, such as hosting games in all six prefectures in Hokkaido and Tohoku.After that2000 eraIn addition to the Tohoku region, we also played sponsored games in Nagano and, if anything, in the three Hokuriku prefectures of Kanazawa, Toyama, and Fukui, which are the territories of Chunichi.For this reason, he was the main player at that time.Tomonori KanemotoThere is also an episode that he hit a home run at 2 stadiums, which is the second highest tie in history, including the Hanshin Tigers era when he was active and later transferred.

However, since the mid-2000s, the number of games hosted in rural areas has decreased significantly, and the headquarters has moved to the current MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima.2009 After that, except for a few events in Chubu and Hokurikuthree times,KureIt has come to be almost limited to holding at stadiums in Hiroshima prefecture.In particularHiroki KurodaAfter returning to Hiroshima, it became difficult to obtain tickets for the base, so the number of local events was limited to 1-2 games a year, which was also Miyoshi, Kure,OnomichiIt came to be limited to any stadium in Hiroshima prefecture.Furthermore, in 2020, the opening was postponed to June due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, so no regional holdings were held, and all 6 games were held at MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima.[199].. Similarly, in 2021, local holdings were not organized.[200].

Incidentally,Second armyRegarding, in 2021Hirosaki Sports Park Baseball FieldInterleague play (against)Tokyo Yakult) It has been held in some regions, such as two games were scheduled to be held, but this 2HirosakiAll matches were canceled due to concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus infection[201].

8 samurai

1951 Before the opening, the idea of ​​"Hiroshima Carp dissolution" emerged in the Central League.The management of the Hiroshima baseball team has reached the limit where even the monthly salary of the players cannot be paid on a regular basis, the reinforcement measures are not in place and the lowest rank is decisive as in the previous year, and Carp who has those problems is Central League The main reason was that it could damage the league's reputation.The bill is the same yearMay 3It was even expected to be passed at the Central League board meeting held in Tokyo.At the brink of merger with Taiyo Whales, which was based in Shimonoseki at that time, or dissolution, the Hiroshima baseball team asked all companies to invest, but it did not come to fruition.

May 3,NHK Hiroshima Broadcasting StationReported "Carp dissolution".Eight carp fans who heard the news of the dissolution gathered spontaneously, and the signatures of the main players such as Katsumi Shiraishi and the message of "Winning Hiroshima Carp" were written.batWith the prefectural office,municipal office, Hiroshima Electric Railway,Chamber of commerce, Boarded the Chugoku Shimbun and negotiated support for Carp.The actions of these eight unnamed fans showed how much Carp was loved by the citizens, and received assistance from many Hiroshima companies, Hiroshima citizens and prefectural citizens.A barrel was placed in front of the stadium to call for widespread help.With the support represented by this "barrel donation", the management showed some improvement, and the crisis of team merger and dissolution was avoided.

Alleged home run

1953 May 4, Onomichi Nishi High School (currentlyOnomichi Commercial High School) Opened in the schoolyardYomatsu robinsIn the third round[197], 4 times HiroshimaKatsumi ShiraishiThe hit ball released by the player became a home run that jumped into the middle right, but over this play YomatsuTokuro KonishiThe director disagreed and demanded the referee to rehash[12][202]..As mentioned above, there is an agreement that if you go over the territory of the outfield fence from the game in Miyoshi, you will hit a home run, and if you go under it, you will hit a double. It was in a state of being.Therefore, from the desire of the fans, such as "I want to win Hiroshima, I want to give points to the players in Hiroshima", I protested "I think I pushed the rope forward on purpose".Until then, when Robins's hit ball flew into the outfield, Carp fans gave him a rope at the highest, and when Carp's hit ball flew into the outfield, he lowered the rope, so Director Konishi was also angry.[197].

At that time, there were few standard venues in Hiroshima prefecture where official games could be held, so it was not uncommon for games to be held at schools or corporate grounds.FukuyamaMitsubishi ElectricGround orOtakePolice schoolIt is also held on the ground.

Only 11 days later, on April 4, there was a happening in which fans broke into the ground over the home run of Yomatsu with the same card set in Hiroshima General Stadium, and assaulted Director Konishi and the referee.[12][197]..On this day, Carp lost 2–4 in the first match.In the second game, Carp lead in the top of the eighth inning until the end, Yomatsu'sShoji ArakawaPuts two runners andYoshio OtagakiWhen Carp suffered a reverse defeat by shooting a reverse three-run that hits the fastball directly on the left pole, the fan said, "Because there is such a thing, Carp will lose."Left wing poleThere was also a rare event of pulling out[12][197][25]..There are three distant causes for this turmoil, Arakawa made a gesture to make fun of Carp fans who make noise at the stand saying "Hey, Sammer Miro !!"gestureThen, when Arakawa went around the second base, he showed the sign of a home run again, and it looked like a judge's correction from the fans' point of view, and Carp's director Shuichi Ishimoto explained the situation through the microphone to convince the fans who started making noise. However, he said something vague, such as "I don't think so, but the base judge is a home run", so he anointed the excited fans.After the match, a murderous fan broke into the ground due to an avalanche and assaulted base referee Taniguchi and referee Sugimura.Over a dozen fans pulled out the long left-wing pole, took the pole to the tool yard where the referees escaped, and shouted, "Judge, where did you hit this pole! No !!" I tried to break through the door[25]..Asahi Shimbun reporter Kioto Shioguchi took a picture of the rampaging Carp fan from one end, and the next day Asahi Shimbun raised this case to the top of the social aspect,Weekly AsahiAnd 'Asahi GraphWas also taken up greatly[197]..Eventually, the referees were canned until night, and the police were dispatched.[12].

After the Onomichi incident, the federation issued an instruction that "the fences in the inner and outer fields should not use ropes. Install some kind of fence."Otake City OfSelf-Defense Forces training groundIn the second round of the Giants held in April 4th, a fence was suddenly made with a fence that was poured with cement when building a reinforced concrete building.[197].

Phantom home run

2015 May 9, Held at Hanshin Koshien StadiumHanshin TigersIn the battle, in the 12th inning, from 1 dead runner to HiroshimaHirosuke TanakaThe hit ball bounced off with a wire stretched on the stand side of the left middle fence and tumbled around the outfield.Tanaka stopped at third base, but the bench on the Hiroshima side appealed for a home run.The referees decided that the ball was in play that bounced on the ground side of the fence in consultation by video judgment, and made a triple.Subsequent batters retired and ended in a 2-2 draw.

After the match, Carp sent a protest letter to both the NPB and Central League secretariats, admitting that the NPB had once crossed the fence but made no records or corrections to the results.Hiroshima finished the season with 69 wins, 71 losses and 3 draws, and missed the climax series with the 3th place behind the 0.5rd place Hanshin by 4 games.If you win this match, Hiroshima will be 70 wins, 71 losses and 2 draws (win rate .496), and Hanshin will be 70 wins, 72 losses and 1 draw (win rate .493), and Hiroshima will be in 3rd place. It was.

In addition, since 2015 ended in B class, there was originally no opening right for 2017, but since Hanshin in 3rd place returned, 2017 will be the opening game at Mazda Stadium.

The first professional baseball player from Okinawa

1964 JoiningAnachiya SohachiAt that timeOkinawa Prefecture under American occupationI'm fromOkinawa High School (currently Okinawa Shogaku High School)Joined Carp via Ryukyu Cigarette,OkinawaBecame the first professional baseball player.Only 3 wins that year, but then joinedTokiba YoshiroHe also played an active part as an ace pitcher representing Carp, and left a total of 119 wins and 124 losses.1975 ToHanshin TigersCarp's first victory for the team became a form of watching as an enemy team because he transferred to1980 He returned to Japan and became a member of the team's first consecutive championship and Japan's consecutive championship.2005 Returned as a pitcher coach and stored a white beardSanta ClausIn addition to the appearance like, the uniform color of the team was red and white, so "Aniya SantaIt was also called "" and attracted attention.Although he established the "Aniya style" such as harsh running and throwing, the pitcher kingdom did not revive and he was withdrawn for that year.

"Meeting to win Carp"

1966 ToTokyoLive inHiroshimaCelebrity volunteers said "Carp victory party”Was established.The founder is a writer from Hiroshima prefecture who edited and published the hobby magazine "Sake" in Tokyo.Hisako Sasakiwas.To this inaugurationKiyuki Kajiyama,Miyuki Ishimoto,Kento Shindo,Hirotatsu Fujiwara,Kimura Isao,Haruko Sugimura,Yoko MorishitaThere is a connection between people from Hiroshima and Hiroshima and Carp playersKatsuhiko Haita,Ichiro Tominaga, Other,Anti giantWas famous forSoichi OyaWas a drinking friend of KajiyamaShigekazu TanabeParticipated[203]..According to Sasaki, Tokyo was tired of being full of giant fans, and Hiroshima at that time was naturally in the bottom or fifth place, and at best it was weak enough to be expected to win the B class, so "the sun can rise from the west. Even if there was, Carp would never enter the A class instead of winning the championship !! " "If nothing is done, the Tokyo complex will be terrible. To get rid of it, let's support Carp, the flower of the local area, to win the championship!"However, although it was good to start it, it was the first time that he emerged in the A class (5rd place) two years later (2), and Sasaki's cry "Carp wins, giant is the lowest" is painful. I could hear it.However1975 The team is the firstCentral LeagueWith the added bonus of winning the championship and achieving the first lowest rank of the giant, it was the giant's hometown that was decided to win.Korakuenwas[204].

In this way, the "Carp Winners' Association" was disbanded in 1975, but it was immediately sluggish.If this is not the case, Sasaki will hold a "Meeting to win Carp again"1978 Inaugurated in.Then the team1979 First in Japan, next1980 For the first time in the Central League other than the Giants, he achieved the number one position in Japan for the second consecutive year.

Japan Series MVP car

Carp has been in the past three times in 1979, 1980 and 1984.Japan seriesHas won.Usually for the best player in the Japan SeriesToyotaWill be presented with a car, but each of the three players, Yoshihiko Takahashi, Lytle, and Kiyoyuki Nagashima, who became the best players, are sponsor companies of the team.マ ツ ダWas presented with a car from.

However, the 1975, 1986, and 1991 MVP players who lost Carp (1975:Hankyu 1986 and 1991:Seibu) Is given a car made by Toyota Motor as usual.

After that, MazdaNPBBecame an official sponsor,2007 Since then, the presentation of cars to the best players in the Japan Series has been cancelled.

Japan's first academy

MLBThen, as a training organization for each team to develop promising players in the futureEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euベネズエラThe academy has been opened in Japan, and the baseball fever is so high that the competition "Summer League" is held every summer. (Minor league and other itemsreference)

Until then, in Japan, the subordinate organization was only the domestic second army, but there are many difficulties due to budget problems due to the team acquiring first-class players who are active in MLB etc., and the decrease in strength with purely domestic batting. In response to the concern, pay attention to the above MLB academy system.1990 The first academy in the history of the Japanese sphere,Carp AcademyWas opened in the Dominican Republic, with the goal of "sending to Japan five years after its opening."As a result in 5チ ェ コThe pitcher has registered as the first active player from the academy.Since thenPerez,Soriano,PerdomoThey came to Japan from the academy and played in the official game.In addition, although he did not participate in the official competition, a player from the academy was registered under control in 1992.

Man with uniform number 0

1983 years,Kiyoyuki Nagashima Uniform numberI participated in the official game with 0.There was a case where a bullpen catcher who did not participate in the official game attached it to the uniform number 0 in the early postwar period, but it was the first time in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball among the official game participants.This Nagashima played all the games and became a regular, so the uniform number 0 spread to other teams.[Note 35].

Spider man

1990 May 57th round against Giants (Hiroshima Municipal Stadium). At 6:19, when the attack on Titan in the 20th inning was about to begin, the yellow oneFuroshikiWrap your head and face with yellowNinjaClothes like, on the backrucksack, Black on the feetFootwearAppeared a man wearing[8]..I climbed from the vicinity of the dugout on the first base side to the top of the back net, took out the hanging curtain from the rucksack, hung it on the net and spread it.From the right, "Giant Ha Eternally Unlucky Death!" "Fan Wo Azamukuna!" "Tenchu!In addition to this, there was another one that was said to have been written as "Kapha Eternal Immortal Death", but it was not listed because it was dropped on the ground when it was taken out of the backpack.When I finished hanging the banner on the net, I turned my face to the third base giant dugout and yelled at something.In addition, three on the netSmoke candleI hit him and threw a smoke ball and a toy shuriken.

About 9 minutes later, the man came down, but when he jumped, he broke his leg and waited as it was.Police officerByPower interruptionWas arrested for the current offense.men areHigashihiroshima CityOf 39 years living inAgriculture:He was a manager.The man was later briefly charged with obstructing his business and was fined 20 yen.

NHK will play a match on the day of this incidentlive broadcastBecause it was done, the whole story was broadcast even in the broadcast.

About the end of the case, `` broadcast on March 2018, 3Bomb! The Friday』(TBSIn the system), a man appeared on VTR on condition of anonymity.The giant player (especially) who was a problem in the world at that time in the background of the man's incidentMasumi Kuwata) There was a slush fund problem, and he was dissatisfied with it.Naturally, it was bashed by giant fans, and the man's family also became a person to watch the police, and it was said that bashing had spread.In the program, I was in a match at that timeKazuhisa KawaguchiVisits the man and meets.The man deeply apologized when Kawaguchi said that the out-of-paced team lost the game in this case, which affected his performance.[205].

Baseball dog

As part of fan service2005 May 3Was held at Hiroshima Municipal StadiumSoftbankWithOpen battleSo, as the first attempt in the Japanese ball worldRefereeIs the role of handing the ball toBall boyDisjunctionBall dogThe maleGolden retrieverMickey served[8].. After the bottom of the 3rd and the bottom of the 5th, he appeared with a basket containing 3 balls in his mouth, but he did not give all 3 balls and took them home with one left, or the ball was not a referee.catcherThere was also a happening that I tried to give to.It's also Mickey's 8th birthdayMay 4Debuted in the official game against Yakult,May 5In the Rakuten match, the team appeared in a uniform with a uniform number of 111, which was custom-made by the team.afterwardsCalbeeIssued by the companyBaseball card(Professional baseball chipsThe popularity has become that of the national district, such as being adopted for inclusion and limited quantity.May 9In the Giants game, an event was held in which Mickey was added after the bottom of the fifth inning and 5 dogs in Hiroshima Prefecture marched on the ground of Hiroshima Municipal Stadium.

Due to the popularity, fans who pushed to Mickey's home appeared and the elderly (8 years old dog is 50-60 years old in human age) caused a temporary retirement turmoil, but the voice of the fans requesting continued pitching In response, he pitched until the end of the 2005 season.Results Although the team's performance this year was not as good as the bottom[Note 36] Mickey's pitching contributed greatly to the mobilization of the audience.Also in the 2006 seasonMay 4(Hanshin Tigers),May 4(Giants),May 5Appeared in (Seibu Battle).

This popularity has spread to other teams, and since 2006Chiba Marine StadiumButTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.The program "A large collection of pets! PochitamaIn collaboration withLabrador RetrieverElf is adopted as a baseball dog.2006 May 6Played with Mickey in (Lotte game).Also,Orix BuffaloesIn 2006, he appointed a monkey "Gou (uniform number 555)" with a basket of balls as a "baseball monkey" to compete with baseball dogs.However, both the elf and Go have become ill due to the stress of the large crowd and cheering, and have not been able to carry out activities for as long as Mickey.

2006 May 7ToJingu StadiumHeld atAll star gamesThen, even though it was a big stage called a ball feast, I did my job perfectly.This is the first time Mickey has acted as a ball dog outside the Hiroshima Municipal Stadium.

After 2007, he retired from baseball dog due to old age, Hiroshima prefectureKitahiroshima TownI spent the rest of my life with the owner who lived in.2009 May 4Died at the age of 11 (80 years old in human terms) due to senility.In the game at the base on April 4, the team flag was half-masted to express condolences.

Pioneer of cheering method

Hiroshima is also known for creating a number of support methods that lead to the support style of professional baseball.[206][207][208].Yasumitsu Toyota"The origin of the current professional baseball cheering style is that" red hell boom "in 1975. Enthusiastic Hiroshima fans created that cheering style for the first victory."[209].Baseball magazine company"It is no exaggeration to say that many of Japan's professional baseball cheering styles have been established by Carp's cheering squad."[210]..In addition, in "When there was Nankai Hawks" co-authored by Yoshikazu Nagai and Shinya Hashizume, "The cheering squad in Hiroshima created a cheering style that would become a common property of the Japanese professional baseball world. It can be said that it came from Hiroshima in 1975. Hiroshima Carp fans are as far as supporting professional baseball.InnovatorDeserves to be given the title of. "[211].

  • Trumpet cheering / player-specific cheering songs
    • The noisy cheering style using noises etc.One highThree highFrom before the war, such as regular battlesStudent baseballWas an amateur baseball game[212]..Even in professional baseball, there was a style of supporting the prewar team by raising the entire group company.[Note 37]After the war, cheering centered on clapping and cheering (Noji) was the mainstream, and cheering for professional baseball was relatively quiet.[212].. When television broadcasting began in the 1950sBaseball against cityBecame popular and cheering became noisy, but it was the Carp cheering squad that gradually changed the cheering of professional baseball.1975 , I brought a trumpet to the stadium and played a combat march.[206][208][213][Note 38]. Also1978 Is the core player of the teamKoji YamamotoIt is said that the beginning of the cheering song for each player is that Yamamoto played a song different from other players (commonly known as "Koji Call") when he entered the turn at bat in order to support him in a special way.[207][210][216]..At first, it was just a matter of repeating "Koji" together, but eventually it changed to "Kattobase! Koji" on the trumpet march, and "Koji" and "Koji" cheered at other stadiums. become[216], Because the sports media named it "Koji Call"[216], Trumpet is another player[216], And spread to players of other teams[210][216]. In 1979Hanasaka JiisanThe theme has come to be used in trumpet support along with Combat March.Within that, the lyrics will be attached to each individual's march, and not only the cheering party but also the fans packed in the stadium will be cheering with all the voices.[210]..It was from "Koji Call" that noise was used to support professional baseball, and this support style has spread to professional baseball since then.[212].
  • Jet balloons
    • 1978 , Members of the private cheering party "Kinki Carp Supporters Association" in the Kansai area of ​​CarpKoshien StadiumThe theory that it originated from flying a jet balloon[206][207][208][217][218]1984 ,KoshienAs a substitute for confetti, the members of the carp cheering party "Osaka Kawachi Kusunoki Kokai", which is active mainly in the Kansai area,Osaka-Matsuya TownThere is a theory that it originated from flying balloons purchased at a toy wholesaler in Japan.[210]..Since then, not only Hiroshima but also many team fans have been flying balloons.In addition, it should be noted.2020 LaterNew coronavirus infectionDue to the expansion, it is prohibited to fly jet balloons including other teams.
    • The colors of the jet balloons that Hiroshima fans fly were not unified before and were colorful.Later, the basic color was red, and there was a carp mark on it.Not only 7 times, but also when you win (the same red color when you win).
  • Squat support
    • The style of standing and sitting to the cheering song gradually spread from the open game in 1993, when a group of local high school students cheered for play.[206][207][219][220]..At first, when this group of high school students started doing it, only a few groups around them imitated it, but after a few games, somebody started from the first time and it spread throughout.[207]..At first, this cheering was sometimes stopped by the guards because it was dangerous to stand or sit.If you continue this support for one game, you will have a considerable amount of exercise ("Zoom in!! Morning!According to the broadcast, it will be about 200 kilocalories), so it was joked that "Carp fans are doing voluntary training to support squats" and "Carp fans are more physically fit than giant players". Sometimes.
    • Takagi YutakaCounted, the number of squats in one game was about 1 ("Hikaru Ijuin Late night idiot power] From the Trivia Preparatory School).
    • Even people who do not know the cheering songs of the players can easily participate in the cheering, which is a factor that makes it easy for new fans to increase.
  • Rice scoop support
    • At the time of the first victory in 1975, Carp fans were on the standRice scoopI was cheering by beating[206]..Rice scoopHiroshima BayFloat onMiyajimaIt was known as a special product of the world, and was used as a gen-bearer because of the sound of "calling a win (= taking rice)" and "ticking (= winning)" when it was struck.Also,high school baseballThe rice scoop is sometimes used as a support item when the Hiroshima prefecture representative plays a match.The rice scoop was used until the mid-1980s, and since then it has not been supported to beat the rice scoop to prevent danger.
  • Megaphone support
    • An indispensable item for support, "megaphone".The origin of the megaphone, which is evolving year by year, including its design and usage, is said to be the "shamoji" mentioned above.[206][221]..It is said that when a cheering goods maker inspired by rice scoop cheering sold megaphones and mega bats for team curlers of each of the 12 teams, they sold like crazy and spread.[206]..It is also used in the squat support mentioned above.

Various carp goods and commemorative T-shirts

Among the many Japanese professional sports teams, it is said that Carp continues to produce the most planned goods.[17][179][222][223][224]..Long time ago"PaperweightThere was a time when it was ridiculed that "only things that can only be used for[222], Has a track record of selling a large number of stylish goods. In 2006 at that timeMarty BrownIn 2007, he released a "base throwing T-shirt" with the director's familiar performance as a motif.Koji YamasakiInfielder takes on the opponentHidden ballWe even sold a "hidden ball T-shirt" that was made out of the game.[225][226]..Since then, we have been selling a series of rare items for professional baseball teams, such as pants, guitars, trolleys, and wall clocks.[179][223][227].

Besides this,Brian barringtonMy favorite nail polish andKira KaaihueIn addition to unique products such as Hawaiian shirts with face designs such asiPhoneThere are many designs for cases and bags, and many products are sold out quickly.[228]..It is also well known to immediately sell a limited number of T-shirts for new pitchers who won their first victory and players who hit dramatic goodbye home runs.[229]..This limited edition T-shirt is very popular, especially the T-shirts released in 2014 are selling very well.Guri Aren,Osera earthLimited T-shirts commemorating his first victory are sold out on the day of sale.In addition, the match against Yakult on April 2014, 4,Shota Dobayashi400 T-shirts to commemorate the victory of the goodbye by hitting the first home run of the season were released only on the Internet from 4:4 on April 12, but sold out in just 5 minutes.[230].

Yoshihiro MaruBut"千葉When I came to Hiroshima, I was surprised that the team called Carp was very familiar to the people of Hiroshima.Carp everywhere,Convenience storeThen goods are usually placed.It's fresh that Hiroshima is such a placeCulture Shockwas.Chiba where I am fromLotteIt ’s at my knees, but it ’s impossible. ”[231][232], "Convenience store carp goods" is commonplace for locals[232].

"Red" is traditionally a color that is said to be purchased or excited in color marketing, and there is a view that the cuteness of cheering goods is one of the factors behind the increase in carp girls.[91]..Carp is also the largest product developer in the world of spheres and the largest scale of product sales.[233]..Even if some teams sell goodsroyaltyThere are places where you can only enter[234], Carp is its own from production to sale[234]..Directly linked to the income of the team, sales of 2009-3 million yen since moving to Mazda Stadium in 4, sales of more than 2014 billion yen in 20, earning 20% ​​of the team's income[234], Increased 15 times in more than XNUMX years[235].. In 25, when they won the league title for the first time in 2016 years, they boosted their profits with commemorative products, etc. Has grown to occupy[235].

Impact of Carp in Hiroshima Prefecture

It is so boasted that "the way of being loved locally is different from other teams"[236], The popularity of Carp in Hiroshima Prefecture is enormous[237], The influence is scattered everywhere in the prefecture[232].

  • Lawson
    • Hiroshima StationからMazda Stadium"Carp Road" leading up to[238] The front signboards of the two Lawson stores alongside and adjacent to the stadium are not the usual blue belt but the red belt that is unique in the world.[236], Commonly known as "Red lawsonIt has become a tourist spot for carp fans from outside the prefecture.[19][239]..In addition, the common name of "Red Lawson" used a carmine-colored signboard.Natural lawsonBut it is still used.
  • Carp train
    • Hiroshima Electric RailwayandJR West JapanHowever, I used the Carp logo, Carp Boy, Slyley, etc.wrappingI run a train.Hiroshima Electric Railway Carp Train[240] In-car announcements by athletes and messages by fans are posted in the car.
    • Although it is not a carp train, it was introduced by JR West in the Hiroshima area in 2015.227 series(0 series) is a design based on red, and this color is described in the company's press release.Itsukushima shrineOtorii, Hiroshima Prefecture TreeMapleAlong with, there is a description that "Imagine Hiroshima Toyo Carp"[241]..In addition, the display of Carp Boy has been prepared on the side destination indicator since its inauguration, and since the 2016 league championship, a special display has been carried out at the time of the Japan Series and victory.[242][243].
  • Education-The laboron site

Increase in carp fans outside Hiroshima prefecture

Most of the carp fans outside Hiroshima prefecture are originally from Hiroshima prefecture or their close relatives.[245],In particularHokkaidoIt is inKitahiroshima CityIs also a city pioneered by the people of Hiroshima prefecture, so many carp fans have been seen since ancient times (although it is now a local team).Nippon HamThe number of people who support[246]..Besides, even if it has no connection with Hiroshima, it became a carp fan influenced by the surrounding carp fans.Kume HiroshiThere are also examples such as[245][247], 2021 is said to be popular in the national district[248][249].

In 1993, the ball worldFree agent, In draftReverse nominationHiroshima, which lacks financial resources, suffered from the outflow of its mainstay and the acquisition of influential newcomers due to the introduction of both systems, allowing players to choose their affiliation, and it was sluggish for a long time, but in 2013 it was the first time in 16 years. By entering the A class, the wind direction changed.Rather than relying on reinforcement like giants, Hanshin, and Softbank, steadily train young young playersClimax seriesThe first entry into the market has struck a chord with the public.Hajime Matsuda analyzed that he agrees with the team's idea of ​​raising young players and winning a strong team.[250].

According to the Carp private cheering party "Scarp Association", the number of carp fans in the Kanto region began to increase around 2003.[251].. It is said that about 2013% of the 1 fan club members in 5 were residents of the Kanto region.[251], Free papers for fans were said to disappear as soon as they were distributed to restaurants in Tokyo.[251]..It was not sudden that the number of fans increased nationwide, but because the number of carp fans increased mainly in metropolitan areas.Tokyo DomeNot to mention the Giants in 2011, from around XNUMXJingu StadiumFocusing on the Yakult game in[252], The line made by Carp fans in Kanto became longer little by little[179][91][253]..According to the Yakult baseball team, "The number of spectators at the Jingu Stadium against Hiroshima has nearly doubled in the last five years, centered on the third base side."In addition, Seiji Kuroishi, chief of the team's sales department, said that the match against Hiroshima became a dollar box instead of the match against Giants and Hanshin, and said, "It will be like a home base (Jingu Stadium is Hiroshima) with only red uniforms." I'm surprised[254].

In 2013, with HanshinClimax seriesInKoshien StadiumMost of the seats in the third base Alps from the left stand were filled with red.Many Hanshin fans said, "I have never seen such a Koshien."[255]..The average number of spectators at Mazda Stadium, the home base, began to increase in 2014.[252], It is thought that the number of carp fans increased first from outside Hiroshima prefecture.The increase in carp fans can be attributed to the opening of Mazda Stadium, which was conscious of the American ball park in 2009, and the return of Hiroki Kuroda in 2014.[256][257].

In this way, carp fans who have no connection with Hiroshima have come to support carp across regions and generations, and in recent years it has been gaining attention year by year.[249].

Carp girls

2013, especiallyCapital AreaWith the surge of Carp fans inMass mediaWas taken up by "Carp Girls"[258][259].namingThe origin of the game is unknown, but the team has been doing well since the opening in 2014, and the exposure to the media has increased further.[260], 2014New Word/Buzzword AwardSelected as one of the top ten[91][261].

The increasing number of female fans in Carp has been reported in some media since around 2011, and at that time it was called "Carp Girl".[257][262].. afterwards2013 May 9 OfNHK"News watch 9The word "Carp Girls" was used in the special feature "Why the number of people in the metropolitan area increased rapidly? Carp fans" broadcasted in the movie, and the name spread at once.CSIt is said that the word "carp girls" was completely generalized when it was decided to advance to[252][258][259][263][264]..It is said that there is no other team other than Carp that has been featured on NHK from various aspects.[75][265]..It is said that the custom of giving nicknames to female fans of various genres spread from here.[264][266], The strategy of attracting female fans has spread to other teams and sports[257][259][267].. In the four-year transition from 2013 to 2016, it is said that the percentage of people who support Hiroshima Carp is the only increase among professional baseball teams due to the influence of the topic of Carp girls.[268].

On May 2014, 5, the Carp team held "Go to Mazda Stadium on the Shinkansen!" Kanto Carp Women's Baseball Watching Tour "" for female fans, which continues to increase mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and it became big news.[260][269][270]..Former owner Matsuda and others adopted the idea of ​​female staff,West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan),ShiseidoIt was realized by the support of the project[271]..For women living in the Kanto region, the team will pay about 500 million yen for the round-trip Shinkansen between Tokyo and Hiroshima. There are 148 applicants for 2305 recruited people, and the magnification is over 15 times. Competition rate[270][272]..In this day's match, Carp won the Chunichi Dragons 13-5 and became the winning pitcher.Kenta MaedaSaid in a hero interview, "I'm glad I won because a Carp girl came from Kanto on the Shinkansen. Thank you for your support."[273]..The pattern of this tour will be announced later on NTV "NEWS ZERO』Was featured and broadcast nationwide (see below).

In 2014, there were a series of TV programs focusing on Carp fans and Carp girls, which are increasing nationwide. May 2014, 5TV Asahiof"Matsuko & Ariyoshi's Angry New Party], The recording studio was filled with all kinds of carp goods, and various goods and players were introduced in the program.[274]..The following May 5thNippon TVof"ZIP!], Carp's "Mazda Stadium, which has unique audience seats," "unique goods that are born one after another," "super-athletic society support style," and "strength" were featured. On May 5th, the same station's "NEWS ZERO" featured an ever-increasing number of carp girls (mentioned above).The next day, May 13th, at "MOCO'S Kitchen", which is also the cooking corner of "ZIP!"Kenjiro NomuraIt was introduced that the director is a fan of this show. On May 5ndFuji Television Network, Incof"Mezamashi TV"Coco-style" featured carp fans, and introduced "increasing number of carp fans outside Hiroshima Prefecture," "cute goods," "commemorative T-shirts," "young growth players," and "easy-to-understand and fun cheering."In particular, it was extremely unusual for Nippon Television, which is the group of the Yomiuri Shimbun and is the knee of a giant, to broadcast news about Hiroshima Toyo Carp on an information program every day. In 25, when they decided to win the league title for the first time in 2016 years, each TV station broadcast a project and TV program featuring Carp fans.Amethyoke!』(TV AsahiThe third "Hiroshima Carp Entertainer" was broadcast on[265][275]..This broadcast time is 23.6% high in the local HiroshimaAudience ratingThe enthusiasm was reported in the newspaper[275][276]..Excessive "from around this time"Local loveIt is said that the number of programs that pushed out "has increased.[275].. On the other hand, "" broadcast on March 2016, 11Wednesday downtown], A project called "Simultaneous detection of Niwaka Carp girls" was broadcast, and when we asked Carp girls in Tokyo and Hiroshima prefecture about problems related to the team, Carp girls in Tokyo knew not only the basic information of the team but also the rules of baseball itself. Most of the people did not have it, and the result was that the reality of the boom was highlighted.

In addition, although Carp girls are booming like this, on the other hand, Carp is the only official woman in the NPB12 team.cheer leadingThe team does not exist.As a similar organization, it consisted of three ordinary people.Home run girlIs present, and a "home run doll" is presented to a player in Hiroshima who hit a home run.Also, during the cheering "CC dance" in the bottom of the 5th inning, the beer seller will perform in the stand aisle with the tank aside.

Carp book

Many Carp-related books were published as the number of Carp girls increased.[277][278][279].. "Carp book" began to become popular around 2005, but it contributed to the expansion of Carp girls.Stadium LoversAround October 2010, when the serialization of "Carp's Manga" began.Gap industryThen I was laughed at. "Atsuko IshidaIs talking[261]..However, it has continued to increase since then, and in 2014, a record number of 32 books were published, and at the end of the year, "100 Carp books.I even read a book entitled "I Read All" (Hiroshima Baseball Book Fair Executive Committee Edition)[279].. The word "carp book" has also taken root,Hiroshima Prefectural LibraryOccasionally there is an exhibition of Carp books[280].. In the 1950 years from the founding of the team in 1975 to the first victory in 25, "Carp Book" was the chairman of the Carp Tokyo Supporters Association in 1960.Hayato Ikeda Prime Minister"Carp Fuyuki XNUMX Years" published immediately after taking office (written by Go Kawaguchi)Baseball magazine company) It is said that there is only one book[281]..The book includes a photo of Ikeda and a testimonial at the beginning of the book.The author, Go Kawaguchi, is a former representative of Carp's team. The situation changed completely with the first victory in 1975, and one week after the victory, "I did it! Carp" (written by Yoshikazu Yamanaka, published by Takumi), "Endure and win" (Takeshi FuruhaWritten by Baseball Magazine) and published one after another. Since the 1980s, the number of books featuring star players has increased, and as of January 2015, the number of "carp books" has exceeded 1.

Major successive team songs and support songs

Mr. Miyajima

When a score was scored, "To the priest of Miyajima-san draw a fortune and tell him, Carp wins, wins, wins, wins ~"[Note 39] The popular name "Mr. Miyajima" is sung[23][282][283][284],1901 (Meiji 34) song "Hanasaka JiiIn this eraMiyajimaJigozen Village at that time (currentlyHatsukaichiThe original song that began to be sung at the baseball tournament in Jigozen)[285].. It is said that there are parody songs for "Hanasaka Jiisan" all over the country, but "Mr. Miyajima" is said to be the most famous parody song.[285]..After that in HiroshimaHiroshima Higher Normal School,[23],Hiroshima CommerceIncorporated into the cheering song of Hiroshima, Hiroshima representatives such as Hiroshima Commercial High SchoolKoshienMiyajima's specialty when you participate inRice scoop"Tick (= win, win) and cheered," Always Hirosho win, win, win, win ~ ", etc.Koshien in the summer of 1988In Hiroshima Commercial High School for the sixth national conquest,1989 Was adopted as a cheer song for Carp[286].. "Mr. Miyajima" will be released on February 2017, 2Hiroshi KanoIncluded in the album "Burning Red Hell Our Carp"[287].


Match relay

tv set
  • "NHK professional baseball" : NHK Hiroshima Broadcasting Station
    • Local relayGeneral TV-Radio No. 1Broadcast Thursday / Friday night games and weekend day games (in principle)ChugokuHowever, NHK General TV is for the Chugoku region[288]・ For Hiroshima prefecture and some other prefectures[288][289]・ Either for Hiroshima Prefecture[289]).Weekend day game is one game a year on NHK General TV, some games on radio 1stBS1Broadcast on each.
    • Since the parallelism of BS1 and local terrestrial broadcasting is not allowed with exceptions such as the climax series, broadcasting on BS1 is limited to games without terrestrial broadcasting.
    • Visitor games are against Giants, against DeNA, against Yakult, against China and Japan, against Hanshin, against Japan Ham, against Rakuten, against Seibu, against Lotte, against Orix, and against Softbank. The battle is broadcast on General TV, BS1, and Radio No. 1.
  • "Very! Carp RCC Carp Nighter / Carp Day Game Broadcast" : China broadcasting
    • The battle against giantsBS-TBS(Top & relay broadcast during terrestrial national broadcasting[Note 40], Completely live broadcast during local broadcasting in Hiroshima Prefecture) ・TBS channel 1However, although it will be broadcast, the production system has changed since 2011, and TBS TV announcers and commentators will be broadcasting off-tube from Tokyo.Depending on the year, when the climax series is a battle against giants, terrestrial broadcasting is local to Hiroshima prefecture, BS is NHK BS1, and CS is broadcasting on TBS channel, terrestrial simultaneous broadcasting may be performed on TBS channel.Matches other than the Giants match will also be relayed on the opponent's net station, but the net station will replace the actual situation in-house.[Note 41].
    • The visitor games are against DeNA, against China and Japan, against Hanshin (using the video of the local affiliated stations), against Yakult (creating the video independently), and the game sponsored by the Pacific League baseball team (video produced by the baseball team). (Use) is produced in-house, but the match against RakutenTohoku Broadcasting, The match against Nippon-HamHokkaido BroadcastingBroadcast on the net from. On BS-TBS and TBS Channel 2 (DeNA match only), the match against Hiroshima hosted by DeNA and Pacific League is also produced by TBS TV (using the official video of the team. When hosted by Nippon Ham Softbank, it does not matter whether it is broadcast on a local affiliated station or not. Broadcast separately).
  • "Hiroshima Telecasting! Complete Carp Principle DRAMATIC BASEBALL" [Note 42] : Hiroshima TV
    • IrregularlySecond army OfSponsored matchAlso broadcast by in-house production.Weekday night game / weekend day game, climax series (only for games in which giants participate) will be broadcastBS Nippon Television-Nippon TelezitasSimultaneous terrestrial broadcasting (some time zones are backtracked) and NTV will join the production, and during weekend day games, it will be a two-station network with NTV, and if the number of network stations increases due to individual sales purchases There is also (Nippon TV sends and distributes during the simultaneous network time with NTV and affiliated stations because it carries out real-time subtitle broadcasting and linked data broadcasting).In addition to the Giants battle, it may be broadcast on the opponent's net station, but the relay system differs depending on the station.[Note 43].
    • The visitor game is produced in-house by using the video produced by the baseball team for the Pacific League-sponsored game against DeNA and the interleague game. (One of some regional networks by individual sales purchase), the match against Hanshin from Yomiuri TV, the match against Rakuten in the interleague gameMiyagi TVFrom, against SoftbankFukuoka BroadcastingBroadcast on the internet from[Note 44].. At BS Nippon Television and Nittele G +, the Tokyo Dome battle against Giants is also produced by Nippon Television, and at BS Nippon Television, the exchange battle against Softbank is broadcast by Fukuoka Broadcasting Corporation depending on the year.[Note 45].
  • "Carp support broadcast "Winning habit."" : Hiroshima Home TV
    • The battle against giantsBS Asahi-TV morning channel 2But it will be broadcast, but the production system will be different after 2013[Note 46], BS Asahi / Tele Morning Channel 2TV AsahiAnnouncer / commentator will broadcast off-tube from Tokyo.Matches other than the Giants match will also be broadcast on the opponent's online station, but the actual situation will be replaced in-house.[Note 47].
    • Visitor games are centered on the Hanshin Tigers, and depending on the year, the Pacific League team-sponsored games against DeNA, Yakult, and Interleague games are broadcast in-house (DeNA and the Pacific League are broadcast by local stations on the visitor side. If there is no series or broadcast, use the video produced by the team). At BS Asahi, the Koshien Stadium's Hanshin sponsorship, the Jingu Stadium's Yakult sponsorship, and the Pacific League team's Hiroshima match in the interleague game are also on Asahi Broadcasting Television (sponsored by Hanshin Tigers, produced separately from the terrestrial Kansai local).[Note 48]・ Seibu baseball team (sponsored by Seibu)[Note 49]・ TV Asahi (sponsored by others)[Note 50]Broadcast in collaboration with BS Asahi.
  • "TSS full support! Carp broadcast" : TV New Hiroshima
    • The battle against giantsBS Fuji-Fuji TV ONEorFuji TV TWOHowever, although it is a terrestrial simultaneous broadcast (some time zones are backtracked), the score will be displayed after 2017, and the theme song will be displayed after 2018.Fuji Television Network, IncReplace on the side.Matches other than the Giants match are also relayed on the opponent's net station, but the relay system differs depending on the station[Note 51].
    • The visitor game is against Yakult, against China and Japan, against Hanshin, against DeNA, and the Pacific League-sponsored exchange match is against Seibu, against Lotte, and against Orix.Tokai TVTherefore, the match against Hanshin may be received online from Kansai TV), and the match against Nippon-HamHokkaido Bunka Broadcasting SystemFrom (including the case of broadcasting on other affiliated stations in Hokkaido), the battle against SoftbankTV West JapanBroadcast either online from or produced in-house.For satellite waves, Fuji TV ONE will broadcast Yakult sponsored by Fuji TV (depending on the year, BS Fuji may also broadcast one game), and Fuji TV TWO will broadcast Seibu sponsored by the team.
  • "Sun tv box seats" : Sun TV
    • Since 1973, all games including the games held at the local stadium have been broadcast in-house.In the past, the Hanshin-sponsored games were received online by each station in Hiroshima, and conversely, the Hiroshima-sponsored open game was online from China Broadcasting to Sun TV.
    • Simultaneous terrestrial broadcasting of games that are broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting at stations in Japan. If either Takahiro Arai or Hiroki Kuroda appears in a match broadcast on NHK, a match without terrestrial broadcasting in Hiroshima Prefecture, or when producing a Chinese broadcast, the climax series broadcasts other than the match against Giants will be broadcast in-house.
    • Visitor games also produced the battle against China and Japan on Tokai TV and CBC TV (both are live separately from terrestrial broadcasting. NHK ・TV AichiAt the time of broadcasting, the actual situation will be replaced by J SPORTS), and both the interleague game against Orix and the game against Rakuten will be broadcast by the team.
  • "ALWAYS Baseball" : BS Tele
    • Depending on the year, a visitor game produced by each Pacific League team will be played in the Interleague Play.Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.May be broadcast in production.
    • HiroshimaTV TOKYO, which does not have affiliated stations, sometimes relayed the battle against Hanshin and China and Japan for affiliated stations until 2007, and depending on the year, the battle against the ocean and the battle against Yakult are also in parallel with the stations in Japan. Broadcasted.Currently, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, and TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting (only for the interleague game against Softbank) are producing local broadcasts for their own area.
  • "RCC Carp Nighter / RCC Carp Day Game Broadcast" : China Broadcasting
    • Full live broadcast of the Hiroshima match from the start to the end of all matches.JRN-NRNBecause it is a cross-net station, some affiliated stations will also be backtracked.
    • The visitor game is against Yakult, against DeNA, against giants, and against Lotte and against Seibu, which is a night game on weekdays.Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Simultaneous net or backtracking with, weekend night gamesNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Broadcast by backtracking from.Weekend day games against Giants and Interleague games against LotteRadio JapanBroadcast in-house with production cooperation or backtracking.The match against Yakult is Nippon Broadcasting System, and the match against DeNA isTBS RadioBroadcast by either backtracking from or in-house production with production cooperation.The battle against HanshinAsahi Broadcasting RadioSimultaneous net with and the exchange game against Orix will be broadcast behind the scenes.Night games against China and JapanTokai radio, Weekend day gamesCBC Radio, The night game against Softbank in the interleague gameKyushu Asahi Broadcasting, Weekend day gamesRKB Mainichi Broadcasting System, The night game against Nippon-HamSTV radio(Send back on weekends)[Note 52], Weekend day gamesHokkaido Broadcasting, Against RakutenTohoku BroadcastingBroadcast on the simultaneous net with (Tuesday is backtracking for another production).Depending on the year, it may be produced in-house by boarding in the listening rate survey period or in the digestive game at the time of night game off formation.

Support program

tv set

Magazines handled


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