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😷 | [Breaking News New Corona] Newly infected people in Hamamatsu City have been infected for the first time in 0 days since 12 5th

Photo Hamamatsu City Hall

[Breaking News New Corona] Newly infected people in Hamamatsu City have been infected for the first time in 0 days since 12

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LOOK is a total web media sent by Shizuoka Asahi Television.

Hamamatsu City announced on the 17th that there are no new infections with the new coronavirus.There are 0 positive people in the 5 administrative tests the day before ... → Continue reading

 Shizuoka Asahi TV

LOOK is a total web media sent by Shizuoka Asahi Television.

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Shizuoka Asahi TV

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: The appearance of the first office building (Shichikencho era)Image providedplease.(2012/11)

Shizuoka Asahi Television Co., Ltd.(Shizuoka Asahi TV,Shizuoka Asahi Television Co., Ltd.) IsShizuokaTheBroadcast target areaAndTelevision broadcastingDoing business,Specific terrestrial backbone broadcasterIs.Abbreviation isSATV (Shizuoka Asahi TheVision).TV AsahiIt is an affiliated full-net broadcasting station.


1978 May 7,Lawyer OfNobuo SuzukiAs the president, the third station in Shizuoka prefecture (Analog UHFThen the second station) opened as a commercial TV station[3]..Affiliated newspapersAsahi ShimbunとChunichi Shimbun.TV AsahiTheKey stationToANNIt belongs to the series.

The old company name was Shizuoka Prefectural Broadcasting (nickname: Shizuoka Kenmin TV / SKT).1993 May 10Was changed to the current company name[4]..For one year from the opening of the station, with the ANN seriesNTV series(NNN)ofCross net stationWas,Shizuoka Daiichi Television(SDT) Since the opening of the station, it has been integrated into the ANN series.SlightlyTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Even now, the programs of affiliated stationsBan salesIt is being broadcast as a treatment.

callsignIs JOSI-DTV.Remote control key ID The5Is.The location of the head office isShizuoka CitySakai DistrictHigashimachi (Azumacho)[5]..The only commercial broadcaster in Shizuoka to have its head office and performance center in Aoi-ku, Shizuoka (Community FM station OfCity FM ShizuokaExcept).At other stationsShizuoka FM Broadcasting(K-MIX)ButHamamatsu cityNaka-kuOther thanShizuoka CitySuruga WardI put it in.

2018 marked the 40th anniversary of the opening of the station.The catch phrase is "Televenture!. "

1980 Information wide program "Good morning ShizuokaSince then, he has been focusing on producing information programs that are closely related to the local community.This flow is2000 The evening information wide program "Superb! Shizuoka』It was taken over and continues to the present.In recent years, he has also been focusing on the production of variety programs such as "Marbled Meisei no Ate Minage" and "My Neighbors Star".2021 Currently, the ratio of in-house produced programs is the highest among the prefecture's commercial broadcasters.

"Enjoy DIY]Maya HayashiWas appearing, so refreshing Goro (Superior army)SuchUp frontAppointment of affiliated entertainers (including former affiliations) is conspicuous.

Head office / branch office / branch office

Capital structure

The names of companies and organizations and the titles of individuals are as of the time. Source:[6][7][8][9][10]

March 2015, 3-March 31, 2016

CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
1000 million yen20,000 share18
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
TV Asahi3,980 share19.90%
Asahi Shimbun3,980 share19.90%
Cultural workshop [11]2,350 share11.75%
Chunichi Shimbun2,300 share11.50%
Nihon Keizai Shimbun2,000 share10.00%
Nagoya TV Broadcast1,440 share07.20%

Past capital structure


May 10 The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications allocates the third wave of commercial television with Shizuoka Prefecture as the broadcasting area.
May 9 Preliminary license
May 11 Shizuoka prefectural broadcastEstablished a stock company.
May 4 Analog broadcastingTest radio waveFire.
May 6 Analog broadcastingService broadcastingStart.
May 7 NicknameShizuoka Kenmin TelevisionStarted the main broadcasting of analog broadcasting as (abbreviation: SKT).At that time, it was a cross-net between the TV Asahi series and the Nippon TV series, and was a member of both ANN and NNN.The symbol mark uses a symbol mark designed in the image of leaves.In addition, only this year will be the first "24-hour TV』Join.
May 7 Shizuoka Daiichi TelevisionWith the opening of the station, it will leave NNN and become an ANN-affiliated full-net station.
May 8 Sound multiplex broadcasting started (the slowest TV station in Shizuoka prefecture).
May 10 Company name, Co., Ltd.Shizuoka Asahi TVAt the same time as changing to (SATV), the symbol "Arthur" (a bird that imaged Quetzal), which was the image character at that time, was designed (a blue swirl with three blue saw lines (the upper right line is red). Started to use as a mark.
October Data broadcastingStart.
May 7 A new office building was completed in Azumacho, Shizuoka City (Aoi Ward), and the cityNanachi TownMoved from the old office building.The new office buildingSeismic isolationIt has a structure.The old office building was left as an Aoba Annex for a while after that, but it was demolished around 2003, and the site is now a parking lot.
October Corporate history "Shizuoka Asahi Television XNUMX Years History(Edited by the 395-year history editorial office, page XNUMX).
May 3 Digital broadcastingThe test radio wave of is emitted for the first time.
May 3 Nicknamed the station for viewers in the areaAsahi TV"change to.News (Chinese),TV information magazineThe notation of is also changed at the same time (Note that this is justNickname for viewers in Shizuoka PrefectureAnd the notation for external and nationwide and the terrestrial digital television broadcasting that started on November 11 of the same yearEPGUses the official company name "Shizuoka Asahi Television" as before to prevent confusion with other affiliated stations).
May 9 Started digital broadcasting service broadcasting.
May 11 At the same time as TV Shizuoka (SUT) and Shizuoka Daiichi Television (SDT), the main broadcast of digital broadcasting started.Of digital broadcastingWatermarkIs "Asahi".
May 3 "Superb! Shizuoka], As part of our own production such as newsreelsHigh definitionStarted production (in the prefecture)tv setThe slowest in the station).
May 4 One SegThe main broadcast of is started.
May 2 , In analog broadcasting"Analog" watermarkIs always displayed (the slowest among TV stations in Shizuoka prefecture).
May 9 Started to always display the end notification telop in analog broadcasting (first in Shizuoka prefecture).
May 9 Analog broadcastingLetter boxThe bottom row is a two-line display.Notation of reception time is added. The first line is "Contact Digi Support Shizuoka 2-***-****" The second line is "Reception: Weekdays 1:054 --2: 9 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 00:21 --00:9"
May 7 The analog broadcasting has ended.
May 1 Opened SunSet TV, a WEB broadcasting station by young employees[14].
October,TV Asahi HoldingsbyEquity methodApplicable affiliated company (East Japan Broadcasting,Fukushima BroadcastingThe same)[15].
In September, an annex was completed in the area adjacent to the head office.[16]..Once on this site, Shizuoka Mitsubishi Fuso Automobile Sales (March 2006, 3)Mitsubishi Fuso Truck/BusMerged with[17]) There was a head office building.
May 9,Main adjustment room(Master) is updated and broadcasting starts at 4:30 am with the new master. (ToshibaMade)[18].
May 2,New coronavirusInfectionDue to the influence of, "It was scheduled to be held on March 3th.Shizuoka Marathon 2020Announced the cancellation of the event.The program scheduled for the day before and the day was canceled, and "Superb! Shizuoka"The Road to the Smith Haruko Shizuoka Marathon," which was appointed by the new announcer Smith Haruko, was also on the way.CensoredWas forced to[19].
May 9, The notation in the TV section of the newspaper is the same as the official company name "Shizuoka Asahi TVWas changed to.
May 10, Watermark and EPG broadcaster logo "SATVAt the same time as the new font was changed to the nickname ""Asahi TVEnded using[20].
May 4, Symbol mark as official logo mark "□ SATVEstablished.To the left of the centerCRTOn the TV frameマ ゼ ン タIt is a logo mark written as "SATV" in the font of the color (the same color as the key station (TV Asahi)).Of these, "SA" is inside the frame, "T" is slightly covered, and "V" is outside the frame.At the same time, the watermark and EPG broadcasting station logo were changed to the same logo mark.[21].
May 10, Start broadcasting all night. (Second in Shizuoka commercial broadcasting)[22][23].

Network transition

  • 1978 May 7 Nippon TV-TV Asahi OfCross net stationOpened as.
    • The percentage of migration
      1. Nippon TVTV Shizuoka7:Shizuoka broadcasting3
      2. TV Asahi was TV Shizuoka 5: Shizuoka Broadcasting 5.The news program is a new online start.
      • From the openingShizuoka Daiichi TelevisionEven for the year leading up to the opening of the station, Shizuoka Broadcasting System and TV Shizuoka broadcast a considerable number of TV Asahi series programs as program purchases due to reasons such as sponsorship and organization.
  • 1978 May 10 Shizuoka broadcastingLive program produced by TV Asahi ("Morning show], [Afternoon show)) orWorld pro wrestling] And other golden time programs will be transferred.
    • The reason why the internet started 3 months after the opening of the station was because there was an internet coordination with Shizuoka Broadcasting System.During the three months before the start of the internet, various programs such as anime, dramas, and local news were broadcast.
  • 1979 May 7 With the opening of Shizuoka Daiichi Television, the NTV program disappears.From Shizuoka BroadcastingPrivate Broadcast Education AssociationThe remaining programs of TV Asahi excluding the production will be transferred to become a TV Asahi full-net station.

From cross net to single net

1966 Or later,Asahi ShimbunHas applied for the opening of new UHF stations all over the country in order to build a national Asahi TV network, and as a result, shared with other affiliates (Cross net), But Asahi-affiliated TV stations have opened all over the country.However, even at the time of mass opening around 1970, the Asahi TV station could not be opened in Shizuoka prefecture, and the Asahi Shimbun and TV Asahi camp between those who were left behindYomiuri Shimbun・ The NTV camp1975 It was decided to move to the subsequent application for opening a new station.AsahiChunichi ShimbunAnd Hamamatsu business world on your side,Hamamatsu cityAimed to open a new station headquartered in.One of the reasons why the Hamamatsu business world moved to the opening of a television station is called the father of television.Kenjiro TakayanagiWas the birthplace of.One Yomiuri camp is localShizuoka ShimbunWith companies, prefectural fisheries cooperatives, forestry groups, etc. on your side,Shizuoka CityAimed to open a new station headquartered in.1973 May 10After the revision of the channel plan included the establishment of a new TV station in Shizuoka, the Asahi and Yomiuri supporters submitted applications for the opening of the station one after another. As a result, the Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture and the prefectural assembly had to intervene, and as a result, the Asahi camp was headquartered in Shizuoka, and the Yomiuri camp took the form of cooperating with this. (Details of the opening of stations 3 and 4 are described in "Shizuoka Asahi Television XNUMX Years History" and "Shizuoka Daiichi Television XNUMX Years History").

The following year, 1979Shizuoka Daiichi TelevisionWith the opening of (Nippon Television affiliate), this cross-net will end in one year.

By the way, until the opening of Shizuoka Daiichi Television, "Shizuoka Prefectural Broadcasting"2nd Business HeadquartersThere was a department called.Nominally, it was set up as a department to "correspond to problems common to the 3rd and 4th stations".[24] However, in reality, the main task was to prepare for the opening of Shizuoka Daiichi Television (the operation of Shizuoka Prefectural Broadcasting was handled by the "1st Business Headquarters"), and it was abolished at the same time as the opening of Shizuoka Daiichi Television.

Taking this incident as an opportunity, we first opened a new station by carpooling, and when the management of that station got off to a good start, we opened a new station separately to divide the station and open the station.TV Shinshu(TSB, currently a full-net station affiliated with Nippon Television), and many other groups were held between the Asahi and Yomiuri groups, but the beginning was a series of steps leading up to the opening of the Shizuoka Prefectural Broadcasting Station.Shizuoka methodWas also called.

(Excerpts from "Shizuoka Asahi Television Twenty Years History", "Shizuoka Daiichi Television Twenty Years History", etc., some quotations, some summaries)

Programming in the cross-net era

News program
It was broadcast according to the program of NNN for morning and night, ANN for noon and evening, ANN for Wednesday and Friday before 21:20, and NNN for others.
General program
It seems that it was not possible to organize both the TV Asahi series and the Nippon TV series at a perfect equal ratio, but it was originally a station that was opened under the leadership of the Asahi system, and one year later the Nippon TV series It is said that the formation ratio was slightly tilted toward the ANN series, partly because the opening of the station was unofficially decided.

Regular program by day of the week at the end of the cross net

  •    TV Asahi series programs,   Japanese TV series programs
  • MUJI → Simultaneous net
  • ★ → Timeshift net
19:00The heart of a red bird
(TV Asahi)
Star action!

Toshiba Family Hall
Special Dane Appears !?

(NTV ★)
Quiz time shock
(TV Asahi)
Flower child Runrun
(TV Asahi)
New Giant Star II
Music bonbon
(Yomiuri TV)
(TV Asahi)
that's a secret!!
Wednesday special
(TV Asahi)
Thursday special
Burn attack
(TV Asahi)
Saturday special
Great world trip
20:00NTV Red and White Song Best Ten
New five catch book
World pro wrestling
(TV Asahi)
We are angels!
21:00Monday Star Theater
Half seven catch book
(TV Asahi)
How far do you want to do it !?

(TV Asahi)
National golden theater
(TV Asahi)
Friday road show[25]
(NTV ★)
Saturday wide theater
(TV Asahi)
Sunday Western Theater
(TV Asahi)
22:00Big city PARTIII
(NTV ★)
Proposal Daisakusen
(Asahi Broadcasting)
Tokusatsu front line
(TV Asahi)


Main program

Currently broadcasting program

In-house program

"Extremely! Shizuoka" related / sister / series programs
  • Sports paradise(Friday 23: 10-23: 45)
  • Shizuoka junior high school first grade soccer tournament WINNERS CUP
  • Shizuoka Marathon(2014,Full marathonWith the new establishment, the name was changed from the previous "Shizuoka Sunpu Marathon")
2020-2022New coronavirus infectionSince the tournament itself was canceled due to the influence of, it has not been broadcast each year.
  • Marbled Myojo(Thursday 24:15-24:45) (Re-Sunday 23:55-24:25) * Video distribution service "TVer』Also delivered.
  • (Friday 24:45 -25: 10), next star Sanplus (Friday 25: 10 -25: 15)
  • (Friday, Saturday, Sunday midnight, etc.) (Filler)
  • (Monday-Friday 13:45-13:49, Sunday 25:00-25:10)
  • (1st Monday 23:10 --23:15)
  • Jump out!CrabpanYour sister's secret kitchen (2nd and 3rd Mondays 23:10 --23:15)
  • (4th Monday 23:10 --23:15)
  • The message(Irregular Monday 23:10 --23:15)
  • (Irregular Wednesday 18:57 --19:54)
  • Ch223 MUSIC PINKISS(Broadcast around February 2 every year)
  • Local gourmet detective team(Broadcast on January 1nd every year.Me ~ Tele,abn,HAB,UXCo-production with and the secretariat varies from year to year. )
  • Living alone in Tokyo(Broadcast every February.KFB, Abn, HAB, co-production with UX, secretariat varies from year to year. )

TV Asahi time shift net program

Those without the notation of the production bureauTV AsahiProduction.
The number of days delayed is the number of days as of April 2021, except for some.
Broadcast time may vary from day to day.

News and information programs
Variety, music, drama, etc.
* The last week is "Live TV until the morning!] Paused for broadcasting.
* The last week is "Live TV until the morning!] Paused for broadcasting.
* December 12th is "75th Fukuoka International MarathonDue to the broadcast, the morning "Kasouken" will be suspended, the "decluttering" will be advanced to 10: 10-50: 10, and the broadcast time will be advanced from 50:11 to 50:XNUMX.Housework Yarrow!!! "Masterpiece selection" is broadcast.
If "Tobikiri Shokudo Sunday" and "Tobikiri! Sunday" are moved up in the sports broadcast, it will be suspended.

Other series of programs

TV Tokyo series program

Many TV Tokyo series programs have been broadcast in the past, but in recent years they have been on a downward trend due to an increase in in-house produced programs.Currently, the only program that is regularly broadcast every week is "Pokemon no Ie Gathering?".

Past programs

In-house program

Shizuoka Kenmin TV (SKT) TV Asahi-affiliated programs that were broadcast during the era

The ★ program has been online for a while since it became the current Shizuoka Asahi Television (SATV).In addition, the ☆ program is still being broadcast.

TV TOKYO series program

Programs without the production station notationTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Production.

Other programs

Nippon Television programs that were broadcast until the opening of Shizuoka Daiichi Television


Digital broadcasting

Relay station

Chubu (Shizuoka City, Shida / Haibara)

Tamagawa 23 ch
Kiyosawa 23 ch
Igawa 23 ch
Shizuoka Ohara 27ch
Fujimori 29 ch
Fujieda Hanashi 23 ch
Fujieda Horinouchi 23 ch
Okabe 23ch (vertical polarization)
(I.e. 18 ch
Ita Shimada 49 ch
Kawane 27 ch
Nakakawane 33 ch
Honkawane 39 ch
Nakakawane Tokuyama 27 ch
Sagara 43ch (vertical polarization)

Western part (Middle East, Hamamatsu City, Kosai City)

浜 松 23 ch
Three days 49 ch
Sakuma 23 ch
Higashi Sakuma 42 ch
Tenryu Yokoyama 18 ch
Tenryu Funagira 18 ch
Mizukubo 33 ch
Akiba 27 ch
Haruno 39 ch
Minami Haruno 46 ch
Yongsan 33 ch
Huxi 43 ch
Woods 18 ch
Kakegawa Ieshiro 33 ch
Ogasa 23 ch
Fukuroi 46 ch
Mikkabi Tsuzuki 44 ch

Eastern part (Izu, Sunto, Fuji, Mishima, Numazu)

Fujinomiya 23 ch
Fuji River 37 ch
Shimoyuno 42ch (vertical polarization)
Shibakawa Uchibo 42 ch
Shiraito 36ch (vertical polarization)
Juriki 50 ch
Gotenba 14 ch
Koyama Subashiri 32 ch
Mishima 23 ch

Izu (Tagata, Atami, Ito, Kamo)

Izu Nagaoka 18 ch
Shuzenji 14 ch
Yugashima Yakuma 49 ch
Yugashima Otaki 49 ch
Nakaizu 36ch (vertical polarization)
Nakaizu Jizodo 51ch (vertical polarization)
Nakaizu Himenoyu 42ch (vertical polarization)
Atami 14 ch
Atami Ajiro 44 ch
Usami Ito 36ch (vertical polarization)
Ito Komuroyama 44 ch
Higashiizu 44 ch
Kawazu 18 ch
Shimoda 14 ch
Shimoda Inazusa 14 ch
Shigeru Shimoga 18 ch
Izu East Coast 20ch --Extra-regional relay station.TokyoOshima TownLocated in.

Analog broadcasting channel (reference)

As of July 2011, 7 abolition

  • Shizuoka City
    • Shizuoka JOSI-TV 33ch
    • Shizuoka hemp machine 59ch
    • Shizuoka Shizuhatayama 42ch
    • Shizuoka Sena 50ch
    • Shizuoka Hatori 60ch (vertical polarization)
    • Tamagawa 60ch
    • Kiyosawa 37ch
    • Ikawa 59ch
    • Shizuoka Ohara 59ch
    • Shizuoka Kagoue 41ch
    • Maruko Shizuoka 26ch (vertical polarization)
    • Shimizu Okitsu 42ch
  • Shida / Haibara
    • Fujieda 26ch
    • Fujieda Hanashi 57ch
    • Fujieda Horinouchi 28ch
    • Okabe 62ch (vertical polarization)
    • Shimada 50ch
    • Ita Shimada 32ch
    • Shimada Kawane 60ch
    • Nakakawane 42ch
    • Nakakawane Tokuyama 51ch
    • Honkawane 60ch
    • Sagara 60ch (vertical polarization)
  • Middle East Far
    • Omaezaki Hamaoka 59ch
    • Ogasa 53ch
    • Forest 46ch
    • Iwata Mitsuke 59ch
    • Kakegawa Sakuragi 59ch
  • Hamamatsu City / Saien
    • Hamamatsu 28ch
    • Three days 45ch
    • Sakuma 53ch
    • Higashi Sakuma 39ch
    • Tenryu 38ch
    • Tenryu Yokoyama 58ch
    • Tenryu Funagira 39ch
    • Hamamatsu Azo 53ch
    • Mizukubo 38ch
    • Akiba 59ch
    • Haruno 45ch
    • Minami Haruno 33ch
    • Yongsan 40ch
  • Sunto / Fuji
    • Fujinomiya 29ch
    • Fuji River 32ch
    • Shibakawa Yuzuno 57ch (vertical polarization)
    • Shibakawa Uchibo 36ch
    • Gotemba 43ch
    • Mishima 57ch
  • Izu
    • Izu Nagaoka 54ch
    • Shuzenji 42ch
    • Izu Chino 54ch
    • Nakaizu 26ch (vertical polarization)
    • Izu Odoi 43ch
    • Atami 41ch
    • Higashiizu 35ch
    • Kawazu 42ch
    • Shimoda 45ch
    • Shimoda Inazusa 23ch / 55ch (55ch isDigital key station in TokyoInterference measures)
    • Shimogamo 45ch




Transferred announcer


  • Kenji Ichi(Returned to the site in April 2016, "Superb! Shizuoka], All day commentator and information bureau charge. "Satahapi → Superb! Saturday versionIn charge of narration)
  • (He joined the company in 1983 and served as the first moderator of "Extremely! Shizuoka" when he was in the production department. After that, he became a director from June 2018 after working as a director of the organization department, a production department manager, a news production department manager, and an officer treatment organization business department manager)
  • Koichi Sugimoto(Joined as a director in 1987. 1990s[When?]From to April 2017, concurrently serving as production department and announcement department)
  • Koji Furukawa(2001-March 2016.Iwate Menkoi TV(Transferred from)


  • (Joined in 1990, news reporter)
  • (Joined the company in 1986, general manager of the announcement department until March 2014. Transferred to the organization department of the organization business bureau in April 3. Currently[When?]Satahapi ShizuokaIn charge of organization)

Announcer who was enrolled in the past



Information camera

Information camera(Weather camera) Was set up relatively early as a stationary TV station. According to "Shizuoka Asahi Television 5 Years History", in 1983 as one of the projects commemorating the XNUMXth anniversary of the opening of the station.Shizuoka Terminal HotelIt was installed on the roof of (at that time, the current Hotel Associa Shizuoka).It is said that negotiations were underway with the hotel so that it could operate in line with the opening of the hotel, and the operation started on September 9, the same year.

As a static TV stationShizuoka broadcasting(Headquarters rooftop, installed in December 1977[39]), The second case (the third case after TV Asahi and Asahi Broadcasting in the TV Asahi series) was installed.It is said that the information camera was installed relatively early as a countermeasure against the Tokai earthquake.This information camera has been refurbished to support HDTV and continues to operate in the same location as of July 2.[40].

Information camera installation point

catch copy

  • Everyone's TV.Kenmin TV (at the time of opening)
  • Impressive Symphony Bureau (1993. 15th anniversary of opening)
  • It is a new "Asahi". (1993. When the company name was changed)
  • Yosher!
  • Asahi TV
  • Asahiru, Bang Bang
  • Asahi TV in the family. Thank you for the 30th anniversary. (2008. Established to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the opening of the station)
  • Asahi TV in the family (2009-2012)
  • Leave it to Asahi TV! (2012-2016)
  • 39 \ Thank you / → 40 \ For All / 39th anniversary this year, 40th anniversary next year. (2017)
  • Televenture! 40th Asahi TV (2018. 40th Anniversary)

Mascot character

Currently not in use, there is no official mascot character in the TV Asahi series.previousマ ス コ ッ トcharacterIs a capsule (Gacha, etc.) that holds prizes for prize machines (Gacha, etc.)Capsule toy) As a motif"Cocomaru'(2005 OctoberNickname at the end"Asahi TV"Debuted at the time of enactment). From April 2010, the black character"Devimal"Also appeared.These two characters have been discontinued on March 2, 2020.After that, as mentioned above, the illustrations displayed in the company building, the news machine (news helicopter) of the same station, the character introduction page, etc. were gradually removed and deleted.

The first generationQuetzalWith the bird motif"Arthur"so,1993 May 10 It was established when the company name was changed.Arthur's designIllustrator OfEiji Sakai[41].


Established YouTube channel as an internet TV station from young employees. Starts January 2015, 1 and ends March 30, 2020[42] bottom.At the time of its opening, the keyword was "rebellion" against existing TV stations.[43].

It was distributed mainly on the original program, and some programs were re-edited and broadcast on the same station by terrestrial broadcasting.[44] ..In addition, "Marbled Myojo no Papayu Payupayu" is "Marbled Myojo』, Became a regular terrestrial broadcast from April 2019[45]..The show is currentlyTVerIt is delivered to the outside of the area.

From early onComedy seventh generationIt has been attracting attention such as being appointed and co-starring with the famous YouTuber, but the end was announced on March 2020, 3.After the end, the name was changed to "LOOK" in July of the same year without notice, but no noticeable update was seen. In April 31, "Buzzbara!" (April 7 to June 2021) will be broadcast on the same station, but it is considered to be unrelated to "SunSetTV".

Phase 2015 (January 1-July 2015)

Young employees are in charge of the project.Multi-creator Suzumu and the same station announcerShiori Aiba"SunSetTV" co-starring (2014-retired in February 2016),KADOKAWA CorporationIn collaboration with the short animation "BAR hated vegetables』Started distribution.

Second term (August 2015-April 8)

The project will be restarted after the delivery suspension period. Twitter manga artist Arnolds welcomes Segawa and restarts as "SunSetTV Video".In addition to the video, "BAR hated vegetables』Distributes manga column content centered on.

Third term (May 2016-May 5)

The person in charge will be changed from the project of young employees so far. The main program of SunSetTV has been launched, and it has gained a certain amount of support mainly from young people.Appointment of comedians, co-starring with YouTuber, and collaboration projects with other media were developed.Marbled starIncludingComedy seventh generationAnd Arnolds Hasegawa, who has continued to appear since the second season,HajimeshachoCo-starring with YouTuber including.

  • Arnold's Hasegawa's 4-frame Dochu Knee Kurige (May 2016-December 5, Starring: Arnold's Hasegawa, Guest:Otana chanelWait)
  • A Masso's Geranichobi (September 2016-March 9, December 2020 "Magical Oogiri Tour" terrestrial broadcast, starring:A Masso,The guests:Fuwa,EXIT,ZAZYWait)[46]
  • Hajime Shacho and Arnolds Hasegawa no Shizoka Quest (January 2017-February 1, February 2017 Terrestrial Broadcasting, Starring:Hajimeshacho, Arnolds Hasegawa)
  • Bad Nice Recipe (May 2017-October 5, January 2017 Terrestrial Broadcasting, Starring:Bad nice)
  • Marbled Myojo's Papayu Payupayu (September 2017-July 9, April 2019 as "Marbled Myojo's Address", regular terrestrial broadcasting, starring:Marbled star)
  • k-mix Ikebo Radio Stories (January 2017-April 1, every Friday from 2017:4k-mixBut broadcast, appearance:Yuma Uchida,Yoshimasa Hosoya,Takiya Kakihara)
  • LIG Travel and Music (October 2016-March 10,LIGAlso posted on the blog)

Fourth term (June 2018-June 6)

The person in charge changed. "A Masso's Geranichobi" and "Marbled Myojo's Papayu Payupayu" continued, but the number of new programs decreased.In addition, some programs have been made into DVD.

  • Tontsukatan Morimoto and Fuwa-chan's BFF (January 2019-March 1, Starring:TontsukatanMorimoto,Fuwa)
  • Jump out!Game Human (March 2019-June 3, Starring: Arnolds Hasegawa)
  • Kagaya's worst schedule (November 2019-January 11, starring:Kagaya)[47]

Video work

  • Marbled Myojo Papayu Payupayu DVD Special (June 2019, 6,Yoshimoto Music)
  • A Masso's Geranichobi Magical Oogiri Tour-Director's Cut Edition- (November 2019, 11,Content league)

Addendum / Others

  • The symbol mark isSwirlThere are 3 jagged lines around the.A design of the image of "Arthur" (mentioned above), which was the character at the time of the company name change.
  • Kanagawa OfIndependent station,Kanagawa(Tvk) and all business tie-ups. In the ANN seriesNagoya TVThe second station after (Me-Tele).
  • HeadquartersShizuoka CitySakai DistrictWhen I moved from Shichikencho, I made a commercial to announce it, but in that commercialSeikuma XNUMXAppeared in no gala (part of "Furusato So-End of the Century Plan").
  • Multiplex audio broadcastingThe response to was the most delayed in the static station. The world's first "Sound Multiplex Broadcasting Practical Test Broadcast" was released on September 1978, 9.Nippon TVHowever, since the station was opened just before that, the broadcasting equipment could not support sound multiplex broadcasting, and after all, about 12 years have passed since the opening of the station, and the era name was changed to "Heisei". After the change1990 May 8From (Main adjustment roomIt was adjusted when the equipment was updated.
  • A rock event sponsored by Creative Man that will be held in the Tokyo metropolitan area from around 2008 ("Summer sonic], [LOUD PARK], Etc.) are often co-sponsored (co-sponsored) with TV Asahi.
  • Shizuoka City from 2015Shimizu WardA rock event "Mag Rock" co-sponsored by Creative Man is being held at[48].
  • Until March 2018Nikkan SportsServed as Shizuoka bureau chief, "MiyaneyaAfter leaving Nikkan Sports in August 1967, he appeared in each station as an entertainment commentator (Michinari, 2019-), and then appeared on Shizuoka Asahi Television the following month.public relationsJoined the company as a manager[49].

Head office building

Old office building
  • Company building at the time of opening (Shizuoka CitySakai DistrictNanachi Town) Is an entertainment companyQuietIs said to have owned the building around 1972.In preparation for the opening of the station (Shizuoka Prefectural Broadcasting at that time), this building, which was already closed and unused at that time (1976), was purchased from Shizukatsu including land.The interior has been renovated and is about 1 on the first floor.TsuboA production studio (a glass-enclosed open studio at the beginning of the station, a public broadcast of information programs was also held) and an art warehouse were set up, and other floors were also improved, and the company used the 1st, 2nd and 4th floors of the building.The other floors and part of the first floor were rented out to tenants.At the time of the opening of the station, the head office building was called "TV Kaikan" and used the catchphrase "TV station in the city" to emphasize that it was located in the center of Shizuoka city.After the relocation of the head office, the name was changed to "Shizuoka Asahi Television / Aoba Annex".
  • At the beginning of the station, there was a coffee shop (later a record shop Western-style shop) on the 1st floor, a multipurpose hall, a general store (American village), and a Shizuoka copy center on the 2nd floor.
  • In the fall of 1989, a news studio was set up, and the "News Open Studio (N Studio)" and "News Deputy Coordination Room (N Sub)" were newly established on the second floor of the company building.At the same time, the news production bureau was relocated from the previous 2th floor to the 4nd floor.
  • After changing the company name to the old office buildingTrick artThe museum "Arthur Museum" has opened.The museum was open for a while after the head office was relocated, but later closed due to sluggish growth in the number of visitors.movies"Princess MononokeDuring promotion activitiesHayao MiyazakiThere is also an episode that the director visited.
  • One of the reasons for the relocation of the head office was that the building was aging and had no earthquake resistance, so the direction of demolition of the building was indicated, and tenants continued to move out slowly.Most of the tenants had moved out just before the building closed.
  • The site isCoin parking(Park Club Shichikencho).
Current office building
  • Inside the head office, A Studio (255), which is the company's main studioSquare meter= Approximately 77 tsubo[50]) And N Studio, which is dedicated to the press.In addition, the employee cafeterias set up in other commercial broadcasting stations are not set up only in the company.[51] .
  • In 2018, we acquired the adjacent land on the east side of the head office (formerly Shizuoka Mitsubishi Fuso Company Building) and are constructing a new building.

Reference document

  • Twenty Years History Editing Secretariat "Shobu to Tomorrow-Shizuoka Asahi Television Twenty Years History-" Shizuoka Asahi Television, September 1998.
  • "Kenmin Shizuoka The Age of TV Cross". NovemberBrowse. --Kenmin A page dealing with the time when I was cross-netting with NNN in the TV era


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