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😷 | [Breaking news] Kagoshima Prefecture, no new infection confirmed New corona


[Breaking news] Kagoshima Prefecture, no new infection confirmed New corona

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In Kagoshima Prefecture, no new infected person with the new coronavirus was confirmed on the 17th.

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New coronavirus

New coronavirus(Shingata coronavirus,English: Novel coronavirus, nCoV) IsCoronavirus familyOrthocoronavirus subfamilyBelongs toウ イ ル スOf these, it is a tentative name given to those that are medically and publicly important.[1][2][3][4].

In particularHuman coronavirusIt is often used in. (Human) Coronavirus against humanityEndemic diseaseIs believed to becoldCauses (common cold) -like symptoms,(English editionIs prevalent as a serious infection, often accompanied by pneumonia[1][2][3][4].

Virus type

The following viruses were positioned as new coronaviruses before their official names were given.

Types of new coronaviruses that are pathogenic to humans
Formal nameOther namesSusceptible host[† 1]First discovery location (discovery year)Infection
SARS coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)[† 2][5][6]2019-Ncov

SARS virus 2

Human coronavirus 2019 (HCoV-19)

Bat,Scale armorChugoku-Wuhan(2019)New Coronavirus Infection (2019) (COVID-19)[† 3][4][7]
MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV)[† 4]Middle east virus

MERS virus

Camel flu virus

camel,BatSaudi Arabia-Jeddah(2012)Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)[8][9].
Human coronavirus HKU1 (HCoV-HKU1)New Haven Virus[Annotation 1]A mouseHong Kong (2005)Mild respiratory tract infection, rarely severe pneumonia
SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-1)[† 2]SARS virusChinese cabbage,BatChugoku-Foshan(2002)Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)[9]
  1. ^ (English editionMay not be succeeded.
  2. ^ a b This virus is not a different speciesSARS-related coronavirusIs considered to be one of the stocks of.
  3. ^ Synonyms include 2019 coronavirus pneumonia,Wuhan pneumoniaThere is a syndrome.
  4. ^ (English edition,(English editionIncluding stocks of.

All of the above four viruses belong to the genus Betacoronavirus (betacoronavirus) Belongs to.


Known for the "new" of the new coronavirusViral family classificationBelongs toIt means a new pathogen.That is, the new coronavirusCoronavirus familyIt means a new pathogen belonging to (or its subclass).There is no intention of a completely unknown new pathogen. The use of the word "new XX" was introduced in 2015WHOConforms to the new infectious disease naming scheme decided by[10][11][12].

Historically, pathogens have often been named after location, individuals, or specific species, but these practices are not currently endorsed by WHO.[10][11][12].

The permanent official names of viruses and diseases are, respectively.ICTVWHO OfInternational Classification of Diseases (ICD)Is determined by.

Detailed explanation


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注 釈

  1. ^ Human coronavirus NL63 Some strains of (HCoV-NL63)New Haven Coronavirus Be careful not to confuse it because it is called (HCoV-NH).
  2. ^ Example of use of the name "new coronavirus" for SARS coronavirus by the media[15][16][17][18].
  3. ^ Example of use of the name "new coronavirus" for MERS coronavirus by the media[20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28].


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Kagoshima(Kagoshima Ken,(British: Kagoshima Prefecture) IsJapan OfKyushu regionに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheKagoshima.

On the south side of Kyushu Island Remote island(Satsunan Islands) Are scattered[1].. The part of Kyushu IslandMainlandAnd two peninsulas (Satsuma Peninsula-Osumi Peninsula) Has.

Mt. Kirishima,Sakurajima,Tanegashima Space Center,world Natural Heritage Site OfYakushima,Amami Oshima,TokunoshimaIt has abundant resources in terms of nature, culture, tourism, industry, etc.


Kagoshima Shrine(Kirishima). The origin of "Kagoshima" isTianjin Hidakahiko Hodomi SonThe theory that the boat that (Yamasachihiko) got on when going to the sea shrine (Watatsumi) was made in Kagoshima, the theory that "Kamigomorijima", and "basket" mean cliffs, and the four sides are cliffs. There are various theories such as the theory that Sakurajima surrounded by is called "Kagoshima" and Kagoshima is the old name of Sakurajima.

originalRegulatory countryIt is,Satsuma country-Osumi Country-Tane countryIt was three countries.

Currently Kagoshima City and Kagoshima Jingu are separated, but when Kagoshima County was first establishedAmaguri RiverWas up to Kagoshima County.


mainlyNativePart of Kyushu Island called (Satsuma-Osumi region)When Remote islandと 呼 ば れ るSatsunan Islands(Tanegashima/Yakushima regionAmami region).Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn the forecast category, the Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory is divided into the Satsuma/Osumi/Tanegashima/Yakushima regions, and the Naze Observatory is in the Amami region.

Most of the mainland except KirishimaSilas PlateauIt is well-drained and very fragile. Also, due to extremely few lowlands and plains, most cities and towns in the prefecture are surrounded by mountains. Therefore, the cities and towns are scattered around the mainland.

There are 605 islands,Satsunan Islands TheTanegashima,YakushimaincludingOsumi Islands,Tokara Islands,Amami archipelagoConsists of. The northernmost pointLion Island, The southernmost pointYoron IslandAnd again, the largest inhabited islandAmami Oshima, The smallest manned islandNiijima.

The north-south distance is 600km and the coastline is 2,722km.The total area of ​​the prefecture, including the mainland and islands, is 9,187 km.2 Is the 10th largest prefecture in Japan and the largest in western Japan[Note 2].

Since ancient timesactive volcanoKnown asSakurajimaThe frequency of eruption activities is highVolcanoThere are many.SpaThe number of springs is about 2,730,OitaIt is second only to Japan, and most of the bathing facilities in the prefecture are hot springs.



Since the north-south distance reaches 600kmIsa CityThere are snow areas such asAmami archipelagolikeSubtropicalThere are regions.

The mainland of Kagoshima is warm in winter and has a lot of sunshine in summer, but a lot of precipitation. Midsummer days last for a long period of time, but there are not so many hot days, and the highest temperature in the prefecture is 37.5 degrees Celsius in Nakasatsu, Satsuma Kawauchi City, which is the lowest next to Okinawa Prefecture. Although the image of tropical countries is strong,Satsuma Peninsula TheEast China SeaBecause it faces the sea, it is susceptible to cold air from the continent, and winter can be severely cold. winterSaving windA large amount of snow clouds are supplied depending on the wind directionKagoshimaIt may be hit by snow in the center of the city, and by January 2011, 1KagoshimaObserving 25 cm of snow inside,KyusyuHas the highest number of snowfalls in the prefecture. Also,YakushimaIn the mountains, there is snow every year,TanegashimaSince it rarely snows in the plains of the Yakushima region, it is the southernmost point in Japan at the snow observation site. Also, on February 1901, 2Naze, Amami CityIt has been observed snowfall in. In March 2005Amami OshimaIn recent years, snowfall and snowfall are rarely seen at high altitudes, such as when photographers have confirmed snowfall in the mountains.Weather station,Weather stationIt is not an official record because it was not observed at.

From summer to autumntyphoonAffected by. EspeciallyAmami archipelago-Tokara Islands-Osumi IslandsMany typhoons are approaching to Japan, and experts say, "One of Japan's leadingTyphoon ginzaIt is said to be "Kagoshima Prefecture".1951 After (Showa 26)Typhoon landingThe number is the highest in Japan[Note 3] It is a prefecture of Japan, and some of them caused great damage to the Japanese archipelago.Makurazaki Typhoon""Loose typhoon""Toyamaru Typhoon""Typhoon No. 13 (1993)""Typhoon No. 16 (2004)"and so on.

Number of typhoons landing
(By prefecture)
RankingPrefecturesNumber of landings
Normal values ​​in various places in Kagoshima prefecture (statistical period: 1971-2000, source:Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information
Average price
Kashiwa IslandsSatsuma regionOsumi region
AkuneHioki City
East city coming
Isa City
Large amount
Satsuma Town
Satsuma Kashiwara
Bright north
ShibushiKanoyaKitsuki town
Maeda with liver
(° C)
Warmest month27.4
Coldest month9.1
Precipitation amount
Most months433.5
Minimum month90.0
Average price
Osumi regionSatsunan Islands
TanegashimaYakushimaTokara IslandsKikai IslandAmami OshimaTokunoshimaOkinoerabujimaYoron Island
Kitsuki town
Medium seedMinamitane Town
YakushimaYakushima Town
Toshima Village
Kikai Town
Kikai Island
Setouchi Town
AmagiIsenWadomari Town
Yoron Town
Yoron Island
(° C)
Warmest month27.1
Coldest month8.8
Precipitation amount
Most months532.0
Minimum month66.5

nature Park

South KyushuMajor in the areaBase cityOne of thePolitics-Economy-culture-TransportationCenter of[2][3][4][5]But also.Located in the Midwestern part of Kagoshima Prefecture, from ancient timesSatsuma Domain, 90 stonescastle townHas prospered as.1889 May 4ToJapanAt firstMunicipal systemTheEnforcementIt is one of the 31 cities thatFukuoka City,Kitakyushu,Kumamoto-shiKyushu's 4th placepopulationTo hold[6].. As of March 2021,Core cityThen.Funabashi(ChibaKawaguchi city(Saitama), It is the third largest (the largest core city where the prefectural office is located).or,International Conference Tourist CityIs also specified.

world Heritage

Natural heritage

  • Yakushima(Yakushima Town)- 1993 Registration
  • Amami / Tokunoshima [Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, Northern Okinawa Island and West Omotesando] (Amami City, Yamato Village, Uken Village, Setouchi Town, Tokunoshima Town, Amagi Town, Isen Town) 2021 Registration

cultural heritage

Ramsar Convention Registered Area


There are 19 cities, 8 districts, 20 towns and 4 villages. All towns are called "cho", villages are called "mura" in 2 villages in Kagoshima-gun, and "son" in 2 villages in Oshima-gun. ◎ indicatesCore city, ☆ are regional core cities. This is a city with a population of 10 or more designated by Kagoshima Prefecture,Special city at the time of enforcement-Core cityHas been delegated the average authority.

Below, the municipalities are described for each of the seven Regional Development Bureaus.

Kagoshima area
Nansatsu area
Hokusatsu area
Aira/Isa area
Osumi area
Kumage area
Oshima area

Municipalities that disappeared

Disappeared county


About the Amami archipelagoThe history of the Amami archipelagoSee.


About 2 years ago,Aira CalderaMade a big explosion. The volcanic ash that erupted at this timeAira Tn volcanic ashCall. The AT volcanic ash is far awayHokkaidoHas reached. In southern KyushuIto pyroclastic flowBy etc.Silas PlateauWas completed.

In 1924 (Taisho 13)Ibusuki OfHashi Muregawa RuinsJomon potteryHas been discovered for the first time. About 6300 years agoAkahoya volcanic ashLower layersJomon PeriodWas taken[9].

TanegashimaInKumageNakatane Town) 3 years ago, volcanic ash layers were found, including polishing stones, slag stones, gravel groups, burned soil, and pits. These are considered late Paleolithic campsites[10].

Paleolithic ruinsBut,2005 About 17 places were discovered as of (40)[10].. About 1 years agoCleaning mountain ruins(Kagoshima), About 1 years agoKakoinohara Heritage(Minami Satsuma), about 9500 years agoUenohara archeological site(Kirishima), the remains of the oldest settlement in Japan have been discovered.[9].

Ancient times

Kofun periodentered in4st centuryEnd-5st centuryIn the first half,Liver groupHigashikushira Town OfKarin Otsuka Tumulus(Karin Burial Mounds) AndSoo-gunOsaki Town OfShrine burial moundsSuch,Osumi Peninsula OfShibushi BayaroundKinai KingshipStrongly associated withChiefPower appears,Front and rear circleBuilt[9].. Of the same periodSatsuma PeninsulaThen, in the 4th century,Old tombAsMinami SatsumaToOkuyama Tumulus(Tumulus) Appeared. In the second half of the 5th centuryIbusukiIs the southernmost burial mound in JapanYajigayu Tumulus(Moundary) appeared. In addition, the front rear tumulus at the southernmost tip of Japan isLiver groupKitsuki town OfTsukazaki Burial MoundsIt is the No. 51 burial mound (Hana Mure Kofun).

In Kagoshima prefecture during this period, it is distributed mainly on the Osumi Peninsula.Underground graveAndSatsumaSatsuma TownBeppuhara Burial Mounds, etc.HokusatsuDistributed in the regionItahi Stone Coffin GraveFor example, (underground stone masonry grave)HayatoGrave system[11][12]Was also calledSouth KyushuA unique underground grave system appeared[9]..Regarding these underground tomb systems,1990 eraDue to the results of research on ancient burial mounds in Kagoshima Prefecture and the progress of research since then,Asuka-Nara period Ofhistorical dataOf Hayato and Kofun periodArcheological materialThe number of people who question the idea of ​​directly linking to and has increased, and today the concept of "Hayato's grave" is hardly seen.[13][14][15].

Asuka-Nara periodに 入 る7st centurySince the end, some residents in the Satsuma and Osumi areas haveHayatoWas called[16].Ritsuryoku NationWith the establishment of, Hayato will gradually be incorporated into the central decree system.The imperial court sends soldiers from Dazaifu702 (Great treasure2 years)Satsuma country) And from Buzen Province713 (Wado6 years) Send the people to Osumi, which was established, and try to incorporate it into the ruling system of the imperial court.On the other hand, from the end of the 7th century8st centuryThere were four major rebellions until the previous term, the largest of which was720 (4 years old)- 721 (5 years)Hayato rebellionAs a result, it will finally be settled.Hayato after the settlement9st centuryIt was a form of tribute to the imperial court until the beginning, but after thatSada acquisition lawWill be enforced in earnest[9]..Around the 7th and 8th centuries around these times,EnvoyThere were also movements of tribute to the imperial court from the traffic of ships (southern route) and the islands of the South Island (Amami, Kumi, Shinkaku, etc.).

1026 (3 years of Manju)DazaiNormal season Hinata OfMiyakonojoToShimazusoIs said to have been reclaimed for the first time[9]..It has expanded to Satsuma and Osumi and is one of the largest in Japan.ManorWas reclaimed.Name /Takehira HiranoRyu no Nishi NishihiraMr. Taira Satsuma, Kawabei will occupy Southern KyushuChineseWill be transformed.

中 世

Kamakura Period Of1185 (Bunjiyuan) ShimazusoI was appointed as a managerShimazu TadahisaAncestorShimazuCame to monopolize Satsuma country, Osumi country, Hyuga country guardian,Sengoku periodIn the periodSengoku DaimyoTurned into Also, Satsuma, Osumi, and Hyuga in Minamikyushu, which Mr. Shimazu served as the guardian, are called "Sanshu",ShimazuDuring the Sengoku period when Sengoku became a feudal lord, it will be called "Sanshu no Tamori". However, as mentioned below, Mr. Shimazu does not control the entire mainland of Japan.Azuchi-Momoyama PeriodIt was after I entered the Sanshu area1577 It is limited to about 5 years after (Tensho 10th year).

In the Middle AgesBozu,UchinouraAs a trading portChugoku,Korea,Southeast AsiaHe actively traded with the community, but Hizen (Nagasaki) And act on the KuroshioPiratesIs based onNansei IslandsIt was in the area.

The early modern period

Modern times

  • 1871 (Meiji4 years)- Abandoned DomainDue to this, Kagoshima Prefecture was established within the range of the Satsuma Domain among the three countries of Satsuma, Osumi, and Hyuga. The mainland part of Hinata and Osumi was separated on November 3th (December 11th)MiyakonojoAnd
  • 1872 (Meiji 5)-Separate RyukyuRyukyu DomainIs established
  • 1873 (Meiji 6) April 1- MiyazakiWith the establishment of the (first generation), the part of Miyakonojo that is Osumi was transferred to Kagoshima. Area that was formerly Hyuga (currentShibushi City-Osaki TownEtc.) became a member of Miyazaki Prefecture.
  • 1876 (Meiji 9) August 8-Merged Miyazaki Prefecture.


Population distribution by age in Kagoshima prefecture and Japan (2005)Kagoshima Prefecture Age and Gender Population Distribution (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kagoshima prefecture
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

The population that exceeded 30 million in 1955 has now decreased to approximately 200 million.


Prefectural government


Degree of 24
  • Standard financial scale 4728 yen
  • Financial capability index 0.29 (Prefecture average 0.46)
    • E Group (Financial Power Index 0.2 or more, less than 0.3) 11rd out of 3 municipalities
    • Kagoshima Prefecture is aging ahead of the rest of the country, and public capital development is lagging due to the open sea islands and peninsulas (there are many depopulated areas where administrative costs are high), and financial demand is increasing. Based on the “Administrative and Financial Management Strategy” formulated in March 24, we are continuing to implement administrative and financial reforms to build a sustainable administrative and financial structure.
  • Current account ratio 97.0% (Prefecture ratio 94.6%)
    • Finances have become rigid
  • Future burden ratio 235.6% (prefecture ratio 210.5%)
  • Real debt service ratio 16.7% (prefecture average 13.7%)
  • Number of employees per population 100,000 1,422.19 (prefectural average 1,110.90)
  • Laspeyres index 105.8 (prefecture average 107.4)
  • Local bond balance
    • Local account current amount of ordinary account amount is 1 million yen
    • Current amount of local bonds (corporate bonds) for special accounts other than the above ordinary account is 503 million yen
Degree of 23
  • Fiscal strength index 0.29 (prefecture average 0.47)
    • E Group (Financial Power Index 0.2 or more, less than 0.3) 9rd out of 2 municipalities

Facilities within the prefecture

Image character

Originally2011 Held inNational Urban Greening Kagoshima Fair Flower Kagoshima 2011Mascot.

National politics


House of Representatives OfSmall districtIs 4.House of CouncilorsThen, 1 ward is constructed in all prefectures.

Foreign-related facilities

  • チ ェ コJapan Tourist Office, National Tourist Office 876-15, Mizobe Town, Kirishima City Kirishima Kogen Beer Co., Ltd.


Ministry of Defense

Economic and industrial


  • It is one of Japan's leading agricultural prefectures.As an agricultural product whose main production area is Kagoshima prefecture in Japansweet potato,Green beans,tea(Kagoshima tea)and so on[23].
  • TraditionallyDistilled spiritsManufacturing is flourishing, and sake brewers in the prefecture mostly focus on shochu.
  • Pig farmingIs an industry that is synonymous with Kagoshima Prefecture (80% of people in Tokyo say that Kagoshima is associated with pigs), and the income from pig farming is said to be about 820 billion yen. Backbone of. Within Kagoshima PrefectureDream PorkAbout 140 million (excluding miniature pigs for pets)Black pigThe percentage of shows a tendency to increase year by year,2009 In (21), the number of black pigs recovered to 38% of breeding sows. However1973 The black and white controversy of (Showa 48) was the beginning, and it was extinct for a while1985 In 60, the proportion of black pigs fell to 3%.
  • ShizuokaAlongsideBonitoThe production ofMakurazakiKnown as a special product of[24].
  • In the Osumi regioneelThe production of eels is No. 1 in Japan, though it is not well known.
  • Mainly in commercial relations, local capital has traditionally had a strong influence.

Companies with base offices in the prefecture



Head office

Companies with headquarters in the prefecture

Manufacturing industry


Construction industry

  • (Kagoshima City)
  • (Kagoshima City)

Financial industry


Information and communication industry

Service (Other)

Transportation/Transportation industry


Life and transportation





Abolished route


In addition to the following airports in the prefectureJMSDF OfKanoya Air BaseThere is.

2012 passenger numbers[26]
空港Total passengersDomestic flightsInternational flights
Number of passengersregular serviceNumber of passengersregular service
Kagoshima4,783,1504,675,169Outside the prefectureTokyo-Narita-Central part-Osaka-Kansai-Kobe-Shizuoka-
107,981Taipei-Seoul-Shanghai-Hong Kong
Within the prefectureTanegashima, Yakushima, Kikaijima, Amami,
Tokunoshima, Okinoerabu, Yoron
Amami537,656537,656Outside the prefectureTokyo/Osaka・Fukuoka/Naha0-
Within the prefectureKagoshima, Kikaijima, Tokunoshima,
Yakushima158,820158,820Outside the prefectureOsaka·Fukuoka0-
Within the prefectureKagoshima
Tokunoshima150,691150,691Within the prefectureKagoshima/Amami0-
Tanegashima71,69471,694Outside the prefecture(Osaka0-
Within the prefectureKagoshima
Okinoerabu83,76783,767Within the prefectureKagoshima/Amami/Yoron0-
Kikai Island67,45967,459Within the prefectureKagoshima/Amami0-
Debate62,33562,335Outside the prefectureNaha0-
Within the prefectureKagoshima/Amami/Okinerabu
Satsuma Iwo Jima------
Charter flightsIncluding the number of passengers
*Brackets indicate seasonal operation
Three major metropolitan areasFlights toTaizi



  • Kagoshima-Sakurajima route (Sakurajima Ferry
  • Kagoshima-Tarumi route (Kamoike/Tarumizu Ferry
  • Radish divination-Ibusuki route
  • Koshiki Islands-Kushikino route
  • Nagashima-Ushibuka route
  • East-Ushibuka route
  • Kagoshima-Tanegashima route
  • Kagoshima-Yakushima route
  • Kagoshima-Ibusuki route
  • Kagoshima-Mishima route
  • Kagoshima-Toshima-Amami Oshima route
  • Kagoshima-Amami Oshima-Kikaijima Route
  • Kagoshima-Amami Oshima-Tokunoshima-Okinoerabu Island-Yoron Island-Headquarters-Naha Route
  • Kagoshima-(Ibusuki)-Yakushima-Tanegashima route * () varies depending on the time of day
  • Yakushima-Tanegashima-(Ibusuki)- Kagoshima route
  • Tanegashima-Yakushima-Kuchinoerabujima route
  • Amami Oshima-Kakeroma Island-Yoroshima Route
  • Osaka-Shibushi-Amami Oshima route
  • Tokyo-Shibushi-Amami Oshima-Naha route
  • Yamakawa-Minami Osumi Town (Ferry) (2010 May 2Pause)
  • Koshiki Islands-Kawauchi Port Route (2014 May 4In service)


Medical and welfare

Disaster base hospital
Licensed Nursery School


Mass media

News (Chinese)

You can subscribe in Kagoshima Prefecture from the environment in the prefecture that has many remote islandsNational newspaperAnd prefectural paperMinami Nihon ShimbunIs characterized by the TV/radio section on the issue date and the TV/radio section on the day after the issue date without exception. Even on remote islandsKagoshima(Southern Japan),Fukuoka City, ま た はKitakyushuSince it is necessary to carry out by air or sea freight from (national newspaper), it is often delivered as early as around noon of the day, at the latest in the evening or the next morning. In addition,West Japan NewspaperWest Japan SportsEnded on March 2018, 3 in both Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures.


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TV station

Broadcasting area in Kagoshima prefecturePrivate broadcasting stationIs headquartered in Kagoshima City.Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Series (TXN) ofBroadcasterAlthough it is an undeveloped station, TV Tokyo affiliate programs are being broadcast by commercial stations in the prefecture.Delay netIt is being broadcast on.

In KagoshimaPurple fieldTo (Murasakibaru)master stationIs installed (Kagoshima parent station TV/FM broadcasting stationSee). Radio waves are bad because the parent station is located at a low altitude, and there are about 1 relay stations per station throughout the prefecture.

As for commercial broadcasting, it is the only station in the Kyushu / Okinawa region that broadcasts all night during normal hours.

For out-of-area reception, broadcast stations in Kumamoto Prefecture centered on Izumi City, Akune City and Nagashima Town[Note 4][27], Broadcasting stations in Miyazaki Prefecture centered on the Osumi Peninsula[28]Broadcasting stations in Okinawa Prefecture on Okinoerabujima and Yoronjima[Note 5] You can watch.

Digital terrestrial broadcastingは2006年12月に鹿児島親局のみ放送を開始し、2007年10月に本土の主要地域、2008年に奄美地方の中継局も本放送を開始した。奄美地方の民放局の開局時期に関しては、中継局整備費用が4局で約29億円掛かる(中之島・名瀬・瀬戸内・徳之島・知名の5中継局だけでも約13億8,300万円)ことから、2007年3月初めまで整備時期が明らかにされていなかった。

The terrestrial digital broadcasting remote control key ID is the onlyTohoku region OfMiyagiIt has the exact same number as (same sequence), and the master channel of analog TV is Miyagi prefecture except FNN and NNN stations.Sendai cityAnd the same number.

Radio stations

Prefectural broadcastBureau
  • NHK Kagoshima Broadcasting Station (1st broadcast: 576 kHz 2nd broadcast: 1386 kHz FM broadcast: 85.6 MHz)
  • South Japan Broadcasting (MBC Radio,JRN-NRNSeries) (AM: 1107 kHz FM: 92.8 MHz) --FM waves can be received on the mainland of the prefecture and Tanegashima.
  • FM Kagoshima (μFM) (JFNSeries) (79.8 MHz) --Broadcast waves cannot be received in most of the remote island areas.

NHK/MBC AM radio stations (Medium waveBoth have a transmitting station in Hayato-cho, Kirishima City (Hayato Radio StationSee). MBC Radio and FM Kagoshima radiko By going through, it is possible to listen on the Internet in an environment that is considered to be in Kagoshima prefecture by regional judgment.

FM Kagoshima opened in 1992 and was the last JFN affiliated station in Kyushu.FM Kagoshima does not have a relay station in the remote island area, and except for the re-transmission of some programs on FM Tatsugo and FM Kagoshima, you cannot listen to the station unless you use Internet distribution (radiko, etc.).

AM radio stationsFM complement relay stationHas been installed. MBC Radio's Kagoshima station acquired a license in December 92.8 with a frequency of 2014 MHz.[29][30] The main broadcast started in January 2015. In November 1, relay stations of Akune, Makurazaki, and Kanoya also opened, and it became possible to receive in almost all areas of the mainland of Japan.[31].. Kagoshima, Akune, Makurazaki, and Kanoya stations transmit in wide FM (90MHz or more) band, but Gamo and Tanegashima stations, which opened in 2017, transmit in conventional FM radio broadcasting band (90MHz or less). . NHK Kagoshima Broadcasting Station's radio 1st and radio 2nd broadcasts have FM radio relay stations in the Amami and Hokusatsu districts (Radio 2nd broadcast is only Tokunoshima and Yoron). NHK radio FM complement relay stations are both transmitting in the band of conventional FM radio broadcasting (frequency of each station see NHK Kagoshima Broadcasting Station official website).

In AM radio (mid-wave), Okinawa's broadcasters mainly in the Amami and Nansatsu regions, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, and Fukuoka prefectures in the Kitasatsu region, and Miyazaki's in the Osumi Peninsula Broadcast station can listen[27][32][33][34][35].. FM radio (VHF) In Okinoerabujima and Yoronjima, you can listen to Okinawa prefecture broadcasters, Hokusatsu district mainly Kumamoto prefecture Nagasaki prefecture broadcasters, and Osumi Peninsula mainly Miyazaki prefecture broadcasters.[36][37][Note 6].. EspeciallyFM MiyazakiCovers more than 6% of the prefecture including Kagoshima city[38].

Community broadcasting
  • Kagoshima City FM (FRIENDS-FM762) (Kagoshima City) at some time J-WAVE Resend.
  • FM Ginga(Kagoshima City) Operated by Nakazaki Electronics Industry.
  • Osumi Peninsula Community Broadcast Network(Osumi FM network)-Summarizes the following three stations, broadcast the same content. In addition to the following 3 municipalities, Osaki Town and Higashi Kushira Town are also included in the area.
  • Community FM stations in Amami Oshima-Each station supplies programs to each other (no supply between Amami FM and FM Tatsugo)
    • Di!(Amami FM D! Wave) (Amami City, Tatsugo Town, Yamato Village)
    • FM Uken(Uken Village) Retransmit MBC Radio FM Kagoshima at some times
    • FM Setouchi(Setouchi Town) Retransmit MBC radio at some times
      • The operation by NPO FM Setouchi ended at the end of February 2021 and was discontinued.Scheduled to be reopened by another corporation[39].
    • FM Tatsugo(Tatsugo Town) Operated by Community Rajiosaporta. Retransmit MBC Radio FM Kagoshima at some times
  • Sagumi Town Development Broadcast(FM sag Mizumizu) (Tarumizu)-left the Ozumi FM network in November 2015 and moved to a single station[Note 7].. Retransmit MBC radio in some hours.
  • FM(Satsumasendai City) Operated by the Satsumasennai City Tourism Products Association. At some timeMusic birdResend. Mainly the mainland area (excluding part of the Gionin district) and the center of Satsuma Town (Miyanojo) are the areas.
  • FM Kirishima(Plus Kirishima) (Kirishima City)
  • SOO Good FM(Soo City) Operated by Machizukuri Soo, a general incorporated foundation.Detail isSoo City#Broadcasting/communicationSee.
  • Airabyu FM(Aira City) Operated by Aira FM.

After the opening of Friends FM in 1997, the 2006-station system continued for a long time until the opening of FM Kamo and Memo in 1. After that, from 2007 to 2013, stations were successively opened to the Osumi Peninsula, Amami Oshima, Satsuma Kawauchi City, and Kirishima City. All community FM stations on the Osumi Peninsula (except SOO Good FM) and Amami OshimaSpecified nonprofit corporationIt is operated by (NPO corporation). FM Ginga was operated by an NPO as "FM Satsuma" from the beginning of 2011 until June 2012.

The Osumi FM Network and Amami FM, FM Satsudaidai, Plus Kirishima, and FM Samuraizu (only for their own programs) can be heard worldwide via the Internet. In Soo CityCity FM Miyakonojo(Community FM in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture) can also be heard.

Cable TV



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"Tourist destinations in Kagoshima prefectureSee also

Tangible cultural property building

  • Important traditional buildings preservation area

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People related to Kagoshima

Honorary citizens of Kagoshima prefecture

The title of Honorary Citizens of Kagoshima Prefecture is based on the Kagoshima Prefecture Honorary Citizens Ordinance (March 2019, 31 Kagoshima Prefectural Ordinance No. 3) established on March 22, 31. Is given to those who are proud and respected by the citizens of the prefecture (Article 3 of the Ordinance)[41].. Target person is "person who greatly contributed to improvement of social welfare, promotion of culture and other social development, and lived in or lived in the prefecture", and the governor of Kagoshima obtained the consent of Kagoshima prefectural assembly. It is prescribed to select (Article 2 of the Ordinance)[41].

Name of winnerOccupationSelection dateRemarksSource
Kazuo InamoriBusinessmanNovemberKyoceraFounder/Honorary Chairman
Received the prefectural honor prize on November 2015, 11

Kagoshima Prefecture Honorary Award Winners

Name of winnerOccupationAward dateRemarksSource
Yuji HyakutakeamateurAstronomer1996/10From the end of 1995 to the beginning of 1996, "Comet Hyakutake" (C / 1995 Y1,C / 1996 B2) Found. 
Kagoshima Business High SchoolSoccer clubThe 74th National High School Soccer ChampionshipWon. 
Kagoshima Business High School Baseball Club68th Selected High School Baseball TournamentWon. 
Hongo Kamato 2002 Become the oldest person in the world in 2002. 
Ai ShibataSwimmingplayer2004/9Athens OlympicsWomen's 800 mFreestylegold medalEarned. 
Akasaki IsamuMeijo UniversityLife professorNovemberIn 2014, "Invention of high brightness blue light emitting diode"Nobel Prize in PhysicsAward.[43][44]
Kazuo InamoriBusinessmanNovemberKyocera Founder & Honorary Chairman
Selected as an honorary citizen on July 2019, 7


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