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😷 | Kumamoto Prefecture, XNUMX new infections New corona, XNUMX digit for the first time in XNUMX days


Eight new infections in Kumamoto Prefecture New corona, single digit for the first time in XNUMX days

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Kumamoto City, Arao City, Nagasu Town 2 people each ▽ Yatsushiro City, Koshi City 1 person each by place of residence of newly infected people.

On the XNUMXth, Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto City announced eight new coronavirus infections.The number of new infection confirmations is XNUMX ... → Continue reading

 Kumamoto Daily Newspaper

The Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun is a local newspaper in Kumamoto. Full of information about Kumamoto such as news and sports.

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Yatsushiro(Yatsushiro) isKumamotoA rural industrial city that exists in.


Since the Edo periodReclamationAgriculture is flourishing in the plains that have been expanded by.Tatami matIt becomes the raw material ofRushIs the largest producer in Japan, accounting for about 8% of domestic production.However, in recent years, it has been pushed by cheap Chinese products, and the acreage has decreased sharply to one-third of its peak.

in recent years,Eatable chopsticks AndTatami making experience and development of rush food We started to promote rush in forms other than tatami mats.Also the largest in Japancitrus-Late white rice(Banpeiyu) is also a special product and boasts the highest production in Japan.NowadaysTomatoIt is also known as a major production area.

Meiji ErabecomeYatsushiro PortHas been developed as a modern port1890 Starting with the opening of the first cement factory in Kyushu in (Meiji 23), the paper mill (Kyushu Paper Mill, nowNippon Paper Industries), Nippon Soda Silk Pulp (currentlyEntertainer), Showa Sake Brewery (currentlyMercian) And developed into an industrial city (Yashiro Seaside Industrial Area).

During and after the war, new factories lined up in the countryside and coastal reclaimed land, and rush production grew and prospered.At that time, it was said that Kumamoto was the busiest of the shopping district, entertainment district and Hinagu Onsen.However, in recent years, revitalization of the central city area has become an issue due to the withdrawal of large stores in the center and the expansion of large shopping centers in the suburbs.

Held every AugustYatsushiro Shrineof"Myomi Festival"Nagasaki-kunchi-Hakata Gion Yamakasa[1] Three major festivals in Kyushu alongside.The procession of mikoshi, lion dance, shrine horse, flower horse, umbrella hook, turtle snake, etc. extends for 1km.Hundreds of thousands of tourists gather every year in autumnYatsushiro National Fireworks CompetitionIs performed.

At the southern end of the Yatsushiro PlainHinagu OnsenA total of 16 spring sources are concentrated in the area, and the amount of spring water is 140 tons per hour, and most inns are flushed.In the Edo periodKumamoto DomainIt prospered as a clan hot spring resort.With a laid-back atmosphere, the division of the towns of Meiji, Taisho, and Showa remains as it is, centering on the Satsuma Highway.As a specialty of HinaguMr. HosokawaIt was a kiln forKoda ware(Kodayaki) and bamboo work,ChikuwaIt is also a city known for.


In the westShiranui SeaIt is a plain area facing (Yayokai), and most of it has been expanded by several reclamations since the Edo period.From the east to the southKyushu mountain areaIn the deep mountainous area of ​​the city, the city area is known as the Heike Ochijin no Sato due to the merger.GoyasoUp to andMiyazakiBorder with.



  • Mizunashi River system (second-class water system)
    • Mizunashi River
  • Nagaremo River system (secondary water system)
    • Nagaremo River
  • Hikawa water system (second-class water system)


Adjacent municipalities


Population distribution by age in Yatsushiro City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yatsushiro City (2005)
■Purple-Yatsushiro City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yatsushiro City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


The origin of the place name of "Yatsushiro" is "Yashiro".AmaterasuIt is written that because the mountain tomb of No. was in this area in ancient times, it came to be called "Yashiro".Kyushu dynasty theoryThen.Yamatohime no MikotoSet byIse ShrineIt is considered to be a promising candidate site for Ise. (Reference →Kyushu dynasty)

Emperor KageyukiThe small island of Ashikita, which is said to have been rested when he visited Kyushu in 88 (XNUMX?), Is located in Yatsushiro City.Kuma RiverAt the mouth of the riverMizushima.

6st centuryIsBaekjeInvited to the imperial court after being given a second place rate and an extremely high official positionHiraDaishi's fatherArisatoWas produced.

Emperor SuikoIn the seventeenth year (609?), Eleven monks such as Keiya Dokin of Baekje and 11 profane people arrived at Ashikita Tsu (Yatsushiro).

Yatsushiro has been around since ancient timesHakata,BozuAt a foreign trade port in Kyushu alongsideMandarin orangeIs said to have been introduced from southern China.Heian periodAt the endJapan Song TradingEmphasis onKiyomori TairaIs the territory ofKamakura PeriodTo become andCustodyHojoIt became the territory of.

Muromachi Periodfirst1334 ToKenmu's new governmentDue to the achievements of timeHokokuWas in the shipping businessNawa many yearsChild ofYoshitaka NawaIs Yatsushiro-soGround workerThank youOld foot castleAnd built a castle town.

Mr. Nawa is next doorKuma-gunLord ofSagaraI often fought with him throughout the Muromachi period,1504 , Sagara chases Nawa and advances to Yatsushiro.Mr. Sagara moved his headquarters to the old foot, and (Tokubuchi Tsu) prospered as a trading port with China.But,1582 Sagara is in the southSatsuma-OsumiHas grown in power fromShimazuI belonged to Yatsushiro and retired from Yatsushiro.

Then1587 Shimazu alsoHideyoshi ToyotomiWas done in the process of unifying the worldKyushu conquestI was chased by Yatsushiro.The population of Yatsushiro at that time was XNUMX.Higo countryIt is recorded that it is the most prosperous inKumamoto CastleAnd Higo such as the old foot castleNarimasa SasaHowever, Tokubuchi Tsu was placed under the direct control of the Toyotomi clan and entered as a general.

Higo Kunijin RebellionAfter the fall of Sassa Narimasa, he became the lord of the southern part of Higo Province.Mr. KonishiIn 1588, the old foot castle was abandoned and became a new base for Yatsushiro rule. Mugishima CastleIt was built.Battle of SekigaharaAfter,Kumamoto Castlemain·Kiyomasa KatoBecame the lord of Higo, and in 1612, as a castle lord.Masakata KatoEntered Mugishima Castle.

In 1615One Country One Castle OrderHowever, Mugishima Castle remained as an exception to the One Country, One Castle Ordinance, and Higo Province became a one country, two castle system of Kumamoto Castle and Mugishima Castle.

In 1619, Mugishima Castle collapsed due to a large earthquake, but Matsue Castle (with the permission of the Shogunate)Yatsushiro Castle) Was newly built.At the time of construction, it was a large-scale castle 811 meters north-south and 1477 meters east-west, and the stone wall and moat of the main enclosure still remain.The shogunateOne Country One Castle OrderIt is said that the reason why the castle was allowed to be built as an exception was to prepare for Mr. Shimazu.

In 1632, Mr. Kato'sReformByTadatoshi HosokawaWhen he became the lord of Higo, his father,Tadaoki Hosokawa(Sansai) enters Matsue Castle as a retreat. When Sansai died in 1645, he became the chief retainer.Matsui OkinagaEntered the castle.After that until the end of the Edo periodMatsui familyIt prospered as a castle town of 3 stones.

A teahouse built by the castle owner in 1688Matsuhamaken(Shohinken) ”remains now, and the countryScenic spotIs specified in.HanashobuIt has a garden with beautiful seasonal flowers, and the Matsui family's heirloom is exhibited in the Matsui Bunko museum in the garden.

In 1821, the largest reclamation project in Higo Province during the Edo period, the new land of 2,400 towns (Kamimachi), was reclaimed, resulting in an increase in sales of 1,600 stones of rice and XNUMX stones of salt.

Transition of city area (after the enforcement of the municipal system)



2005 Agricultural output of 302 billion yen[Source required]..The main agricultural products areRice,Rush,Tomato,melon,cabbageetc.

Manufacturing industry

Shipment value of manufactured products in 2005 was 2,103 billion yen[Source required]..Of these, pulp and paper accounted for the largest amount at 531 billion yen.[Source required].

Main offices


2002 OfAnnual product salesIs 2,762 million yen[Source required].

Major commercial agglomerations

Special products, traditional crafts

Specialty goods

Traditional crafts

  • Higo brim (tsuba)
  • Miyaji handmadeJapanese paper
  • Shark leather lacquer work
  • Carp streamer / warrior picture streamer


Successive mayors

(Term of office is 4 years. + Mark died while in office)

代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateYear of birthRemarks
Kimura MasaoNovember2005 May 9Mayor Duty Executor, Former Mayor of Sakamoto Village
First generationTakashi SakataNovember2009 May 91957 -
2 generationKazutoshi FukushimaNovember2013 May 9
3 generationHiroo NakamuraNovemberIncumbent

Yatsushiro mayoral election

Yatsushiro mayoral election with the establishment of the new city on August 2005, 8

Implementing organization Yatsushiro City Election Administration Committee (Notification on August 2005, 8, Vote counting on September 28)
112,144 voters (51,426 men, 60,718 women) (as of September 2005, 9), final turnout 4%
Candidate nameCommentPolitical partyRecommendation partyVotes
Takashi SakataWinningIndependent newcomerLDP39,021
Takatoshi NakashimaDefeatIndependent newcomer民主-Corporate citizen31,271
Akihisa NagaeDefeatIndependent newcomer11,513
Takao ArakiDefeatIndependent newcomer6,846

Successive mayors of the former Yatsushiro city

代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateYear of birthRemarks
First generation-3Michio SakataNovember1946 October1887 -1973 Municipal enforcement temporary agency
4Tsugio Morishita1946/121947 May 4Temporary delegation
5Masaaki SakataNovemberNovember1890 -1960 First public election
6Kiyonori KogaNovemberNovember-1981
7-8 Michio SakataNovemberNovember1887 - 1973
9Akira MatsuokaNovemberNovember-1985
10-14 Yutaka IwaoNovemberNovember1917 -1988 Mid-career retirement
15Kimura KenichiNovemberNovember1937 -
16-18 Yoshinori OkitaNovemberNovember1928 -Mid-career retirement
19Takatoshi NakashimaNovemberNovember1943 -


  • Initial budget scale (FY2009)
502 million yen (general account)
371 million yen (special account)
17 yen (public enterprise accounting)

Administrative organization

(Main office)

  • Mayor Hiroo Nakamura
    • Deputy Mayor Tatsuaki Nagahara
      • Planning Strategy Department
        • Secretary section
        • Public Relations Section
        • Planning Policy Division
        • Administrative Reform Division
        • Information Policy Division
      • General Affairs Department
        • Human Resources Development Division
        • Document Statistics Division
        • Finance Section
        • Contract Inspection Division
        • Municipal tax section
        • Property tax section
        • Tax department
        • Citizen's section
      • Citizen collaboration department
        • Citizen activity support section
        • Disaster Prevention and Safety Division
        • Human Rights Policy Division
        • Cultural Town Development Division
        • Lively Sports Division
        • branch
      • Environment Department
        • Environment Division
        • Garbage Countermeasures Section
        • Environmental Center Construction Division
      • Health and Welfare Department
        • Health and Welfare Policy Division
        • Persons with disabilities support section
        • Longevity Support Division
        • Children's Future Division
        • Life Assistance Division
        • National Health Insurance Division
        • Lively Health Division
      • Commerce and Tourism Department
        • Commerce and Industry Promotion Division
        • Tourism Promotion Division
        • Priority Port Yashiro Port Sales Corps
        • Yatsushiro Prand Sales Office
      • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department
        • Agricultural Production and Distribution Division
        • Agricultural Policy Division
        • Farmland Maintenance Division
        • Fisheries and Forestry Division
        • Cadastral Survey Division
        • Sakamoto Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Office
        • Sencho Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Office
        • Mirror Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Office
        • Toyo Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Office
        • Izumi Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Office
      • Construction Department
        • Urban Policy Division
        • Civil Engineering Division
        • Civil Engineering Construction Division
        • Building and Housing Division
        • Building Guidance Division
        • Street Park Division
        • Land readjustment section
        • Sewer General Affairs Division
        • Sewer construction section
        • Site section
        • Sakamoto Construction Office
        • Sencho Construction Office
        • Mirror construction office
        • Toyo Construction Office
        • Izumi Construction Office
      • Municipal hospital
    • Accounting manager
      • Accounts Division
    • Waterworks
  • Board of education
    • Superintendent of Education Fumiko Hirozaki
    • Ministry of Education
      • Education General Affairs Division
      • School Education Division
      • Educational facility section
      • Lifelong Learning Division
      • Education Support Center
      • library
      • 博物馆
      • Public hall
      • primary school
      • Junior high school
      • Special school
      • Kindergarten
      • School lunch center
  • Parliament
    • Congress Secretariat
  • Election Management Committee
    • Election Commission Secretariat
  • Audit Committee member Makoto Esaki (full-time)
    • Audit Committee Secretariat
  • Agricultural committee
    • Agricultural Committee Secretariat
  • Fairness committee
  • Fixed Asset Evaluation Review Committee


  • Sakamoto Branch (former Sakamoto Village Office)
869-6105 Sakamoto, Sakamoto-machi, Yatsushiro-shi, Kumamoto 4228-12
  • Sencho Branch (former Sencho Town Hall)
869-4703 Shinmuta, Senchomachi, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture 1502-1
  • Kagami branch (former Kagamimachi government office)
869-4292 Uchida, Kagamimachi, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture 453-1
  • Toyo branch (former Toyo village office)
869-4301 Toyomachi Minami, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture 1105-1
  • Izumi branch (former Izumimura government office)
869 Kakisako, Izumimachi, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture 4401-3131
  • Sakamoto / Senchō / Toyo / Izumi branch
    • General Affairs Promotion Division
    • Citizen Welfare Division
  • Mirror branch
    • General Affairs Promotion Division
    • Citizen's Environment Division
    • Health and Welfare Division

National administrative agency

Prefecture administrative agency

  • Kumamoto Prefecture Yatsushiro Regional Promotion Bureau
    • Yatsushiro Welfare Office
    • Yatsushiro Health Center
    • Yatsushiro Children's Counseling Center
    • Yatsushiro Education Office
  • Yatsushiro Port Management Office

City declaration


City council

  • Constitutional composition
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsPresident
Reform club5
Union Citizens Club3
Yatsushiro Group of Independents1
Japan Communist Party1
New wind1
  • Management
    • Chair Koichi Hashimoto (Liberal Democratic Party) Vice-Chair Yasushi Tanaka (Shinseikai)
    • Parliamentary Steering Committee 11 members Chair: Yukihiro Yamamoto (Liberal Democratic Party)
    • 8 members of the General Affairs Committee Chair: Yasunori Fukushima (Liberal Democratic Party)
    • Construction Environment Committee 8 members Chair: Yukio Narimatsu (Liberal Democratic Party)
    • Education and Welfare Committee 8 members Chair: Kazumi Nakamura (Liberal Democratic Party)
    • 8 members of the Economic and Enterprise Committee Chair: Kazuyoshi Masuda (Liberal Democratic Party)




primary school

Bold elementary schoolStandard clothingThere is.

  • Municipal elementary school

Junior high school

  • Municipal junior high school

high school

College of technology

Junior college

Vocational school

Special school

Job training

Vocational development school

Social education

Cultural facility

  • Yatsushiro Harmony Hall
  • Yatsushiro City Welfare Hall
  • Yatsushiro City Futami Nature Forest
  • Yatsushiro City Toyo Stone Takumikan
  • Yashiro City Sencho Cultural Center
  • Yatsushiro City Mirror Culture Center
  • Hachiryuyama Nature Park
  • Gokaso Nature School
  • Yatsushiro City Library
    • Mobile Library Friend Issue
  • Sencho Library
  • Kagami Library
  • Sakamoto Hachiryu Observatory
Public hall
  • Takada Community Center
  • Southern Civic Center
  • Kongo Public Hall
  • Gunzukuri Public Hall
  • Miyaji Public Hall
  • Miyaji East Public Hall
  • Yachigaku Public Hall
  • Matsutaka Public Hall
  • Uyanagi Public Hall
  • Futami Community Center
  • Yatsushiro Public Hall
  • Ota Township Public Hall
  • Hinagu Public Hall
  • Showa Public Hall
  • Ryumine Public Hall
  • Mugishima Community Center
  • Daiyo Public Hall
  • Sakamoto Community Center
  • Sencho Public Hall
  • Kagami public hall
  • Toyo Public Hall

Physical education facility

  • Yatsushiro City General Gymnasium
  • Yatsushiro Citizen's Pool
  • Yatsushiro Archery Hall
  • Yatsushiro Municipal Stadium
  • Yatsushiro Citizen's Ground
  • Yatsushiro City Ballroom, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Yatsushiro City Sports Community Square
  • Yatsushiro Municipal Budokan
  • Yatsushiro Castle Ruins Park Sumo Ground
  • Yatsushiro City Hyakusairai Sports Center
  • Yatsushiro City Sencho Gymnasium
  • Yatsushiro City Sencho Tennis Court
  • Yatsushiro City Sencho East Ground
  • Yatsushiro City Sencho Nishi Ground
  • Yatsushiro City Mirror Gymnasium
  • Yatsushiro City Mirror Pool
  • Yatsushiro City Mirror Budokan
  • Yatsushiro City Kagami Tennis Court
  • Yatsushiro City Mirror Sumo Ground
  • Yatsushiro City Mirror Comprehensive Ground
  • Yatsushiro City Toyo Sports Center
  • Yatsushiro City Toyoundo Sports Park
  • Yatsushiro City Izumi Sports Square

Town name, etc.

For more informationPlace name in Yatsushirochecking ...


post office

  • Yatsushiro Post Office(Honmachi 2-chome) (Collection and Delivery Bureau)
  • Kagami Post Office (Kagamimachi) (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Toyo Post Office (South) (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Izumi Post Office (Kakisako) (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Gokaso Post Office (Shiihara) (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Hinagun Post Office (Hinagunaka Nishimachi) (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Yatsushiro Asahichuodori Post Office (Asahichuodori)
  • Yatsushiro Matsutaka Post Office (Nagaikarimachi)
  • Yatsushiro Yokote Post Office (Yokoteshinmachi)
  • Ryuho Post Office (Okamachi)
  • Yatsushiro Miyaji Post Office (Miyajimachi)
  • Gunzukuri Post Office (Gunchiku XNUMXbancho)
  • Yatsushiro Mukaemachi Post Office (Mukaemachi)
  • Yatsushiro Omurabashi Post Office (Koga Kamimachi)
  • Yatsushiro Kogahamamachi Post Office (Kogahamamachi)
  • Kongo Post Office (Takauehonmachi)
  • Yatsushiro Uyanagi Post Office (Uyanagi Kamimachi)
  • Yatsushiro Nagata Post Office (Nagatamachi)
  • Yatsushiro Toricho Post Office (Torimachi)
  • Futami Post Office (Futamishimoonomachi)
  • Yatsushiro Station Front Post Office (2-chome, Hagiwaramachi)
  • Koda Post Office (Buiwara Nakamachi)
  • Yatsushiro Hachimancho Post Office (Yatsushiro Town)
  • Sencho Post Office (Shinmuta)
  • Arisa Post Office (Shimo Arisa)
  • Japan Post (Kaishu)
  • Hyakusairai Post Office (Tagami)
  • Japan Post Post Office (Nakatsu Road)
  • Shimodake Post Office (Shimodake)
  • Kawamata Post Office (Kawamata)

Simple post office

  • Japan Post (Amagaemachi)
  • Yatsushiro Port Town Simple Post Office (Port Town)
  • Japan Post Yaji Simple Post Office (Mitsuegomachi)
  • Shinhama Simple Post Office (Shinhamamachi)
  • Yatsushiro Tsukizoe Simple Post Office (Tsukizoemachi)
  • Shikigawachi Post Office (Shikigawachimachi)
  • Ayugaeri Simple Post Office (Ayugaeri)
  • Shimomatsu Japan Post (in the west)


2004 May 3,JR KyushuTo operateKyushu ShinkansenDue to the partial opening ofShin-Yatsushiro Station - Kagoshima Chuo StationThe operation started in between.However, since Shin-Yatsushiro Station and its surroundings are located in the ruins, the development of the surrounding area has been delayed, and the five-year plan by Yatsushiro City on March 2004, 3 states that only the surrounding roads and parks will be developed. Unreliable, at present, it is entrusted to the entry of private companies, and full-scale peripheral development is desired as soon as possible.2011 May 3ToHakata StationIt opened from to this station, and the Kyushu Shinkansen was fully operated.


The nearest airportKumamoto Airport.

Railway line

Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)
Hisatsu Orange Railway

The city's representative stations:Yatsushiro Station,Shin-Yatsushiro Station

Contact the neighboring municipality

Uki :
JR Kagoshima Main Line (Matsubase Station-Ogawa Station)
JRTriangle line(Ishiuchi Dam Station-Hataura Station-Triangle station)
Ashikita Town :
JR Hisatsu Line (Kaiji Station-Yoshio Station-Shiroishi Station)
Hisatsu Orange Railway Line (Uedaura Station-Tanoura Otachimisaki Koen Station-Higo Taura Station-Uminoura Station-Sashiki Station-Yuura Station)
Kuma Village :
JR Hisatsu Line (Kyusendo Station-Ichikachi Station-Watari Station)

Bus route



General national road

Road Station

Main local road

General prefectural road


Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Cultural property

Important cultural property (designated by the country)
  • Jumie Stone Pagoda (Uyanagi Motomachi)
  • Former county Tsukishinji Kogo Himon
  • Wooden pharmacist Nyorai statue (Ioji Temple)
  • Wooden Bishamonten statue (Meigoin)
  • Sword unsigned Denunsei (Matsui Bunko)
  • Hiraishi Bokuseki (Matsui Bunko)
Scenic spot (country designated)
  • Former Kumamoto Domain Yatsushiro Castle Lord Hama Ochaya (Matsuhamaken) Garden "Matsuhamaken(Shohinken) "
  • Shiranui andMizushima
Registered tangible cultural property
  • Sisters of Saint Paulo Monastery Memorial
  • Gunzukuri Nibancho Gutter Gate
  • Kinburo Main Building, Hall Building, Main Gate and Fence
Prefectural designated important cultural property
  • Yatsushiro Shrine (Myoken Shrine)
  • Wooden Amitabha triad statue (former Komyoji)
  • Wooden Amida Nyorai sitting statue (downstairs in Nishinomiyacho)
  • Wooden eleven-faced Kanzeon Bosatsu statue (Naraki Shrine)
  • Wooden Amida Nyorai sitting statue (Seikoji Temple)
  • Wooden statue of Holy Kannon (Iouji)
  • Bronze statue of Shaka Nyorai (Shakain)
  • Wooden male and female god sitting statue (Shakain)
  • Umpan (Goshinji)
  • Waniguchi (Daimon Yakushido)
  • Waniguchi (Daimon Kannon-do)
  • Bonsho (Hojoji Temple)
  • Tsuba Hayashi Matashichi XNUMXrd floor Matsutoru (Matsui Bunko)
  • Miyamoto Musashi letter
  • Kobayakawa family document
Prefectural designated historic site
  • Yatsushiro CastleTrace
  • Osozo Kofungun
  • Koda ware Hirayama kiln ruins
  • Tagawauchi No. XNUMX Kofun
  • Hirayama tile kiln ruins
  • Imaizumi Ironworks
  • Large scabbard gutter group
  • Myomi Uemiya Ruins
Prefectural designated important folk cultural property
  • Myomiya Festival Miyuki Related Materials
Prefectural designated important intangible folk cultural property
  • Yatsushiro Shrine Festival Procession
  • Uyanagi Bon Odori
  • Ancient dance
Prefecture designated natural monument
  • Wolong plum
  • Kureko chicken


  • October
    • Mita planting festival
  • October
    • Yatsushiro Doll Festival Women's Ekiden
    • Meigoin Grand Festival (September)
    • Hinagu Onsen Spring Festa
    • Hinagu Onsen Rokuro Shrine Thanksgiving Day
    • Hinagu Onsen Marathon Tournament
  • October
    • Inyaku ShrineSpring festival
    • ShakainFlower festival
    • Iwasaki Shrine Spring Festival
    • Gokaso Shakunage Festival
  • October
  • October
    • Ogata family Tanabuka
    • Hinagu Onsen Yunoyu Festival
    • Juhachiya Festival (Furusato Summer Festival)
  • October
    • Yatsushiro Kuma River Festival
    • YatsushiroSpirits sink
    • Ogata family Heike Biwa
    • Yamame fishing tournament
  • October
  • October
  • October
    • Sakamoto Furusato Festival
    • Gokaso Autumn Leaves Festival
    • Hinagu Onsen Shrine annual festival
    • MyomimiyaGrand festival
      • Asai Shrine Grand Festival
      • God line procession down, night
    • Shioya HachimanguFestival
  • October
    • Yatsushiro Traditional Crafts and Products Exhibition

A person from Yatsushiro City

Historical figure

Honorary citizen

Public figures






Religious house


Person with connection

  • Mr. Konishi --Warlord, Daimyo
  • Tadaoki Hosokawa(Sansai) --Warlord, Daimyo
  • Masakata Kato - Mr. KatoVassal of
  • Matsui Okinaga --Warlord
  • Hira --A military commander or a high priest?
  • Akira Kamiya --Voice actor.My grandfather is from Yatsushiro[2]: Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa
  • Keisuke Honda --Professional soccer player.Father, grandfather and big uncleDaisaburo HondaFrom Sakamoto Village: Osaka PrefectureSettsuBackground
  • Honda Tamon --Professional wrestler.Father Daisaburo Honda from Sakamoto Village: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Mitsu Morita --A track and field athlete who sets a world record at the Masters Tournament.Lives in Yatsushiro
  • Tsunemi Tsuda --Former professional baseball player.Mrs. Yatsushiro is from: Tsuno-gun, Yamaguchi PrefectureNanyo Town・ Born in the former Wada village area.
  • Blacksmith --High school baseball manager.When he was a director of Shugakukan High School, he advanced to the Koshien Best 3 for three consecutive seasons.


In addition to gourmet and event information, program information is posted.

Friendship city, sister city




  • People in and around Yatsushiro refer to "Yatsushiro" as "YachiroIs often called.Even within the same Kumamoto prefecture, Kumamoto city and the north of the prefecture often do not say "Yachiro".
  • In Yatsushiro, it was once called Kyusenbo.KappaThere is a folklore that the head of the river came from China with XNUMX kappa and settled at the mouth of the Kuma River.By the way, the kappa is called "garappa" locally.Often used as a mascot for Yatsushiro.
  • YatsushiroHikoichiTonchiIt is the stage of the story.
  • 2004, the first region in JapanSocial MediaIs Got it Was opened.The system is operated by Takao Kobayashi, an employee of Yatsushiro City, who developed it by himself and made it open source.Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIs proceeding with a regional SNS plan that introduced a system based on this.


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ Instead of Hakata Gion YamakasaHakozakiguHoseikaiIn some cases
  2. ^ "Common room = Akira Kamiya (55), a voice actor who came to bear to put in the sound of a puppet show" "Kumamoto Daily NewspaperJune 2002, 6 Evening edition

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Yatsushiro (southwest)Yatsushiro (southeast)Mirror (southwest)Mirror (southeast)Kakisako (southwest)Kakisako (southeast)Leaf tree (southwest)Leaf tree (southeast)Mt. Kunimidake (southwest)
Himeura (northeast)Hinagu (northwest)Hinagu (northeast)Sakamoto (northwest)Sakamoto (northeast)Miyazono (northwest)Miyazono (northeast)Shiihara (northwest)Shiihara (northeast)Fudono (northwest)
Hinagu (southwest)Hinagu (southeast)Sakamoto (southwest)Sakamoto (southeast)Shiihara (southwest)Shiihara (southeast)Fudono (southwest)
Taura (northwest)Taura (northeast)Nakatsu Road (northwest)Nakatsu Road (northeast)
Taura (southwest)Taura (southeast)Nakatsu Road (southwest)Nakatsu Road (southeast)


Arao(Arao) isKumamotoIn the northwestCity.

WestAriake SeaFacing the northFukuokaOmuta CityIt is in contact with the border.Kyushu's largestamusement parkIsGreenland(Formerly Mitsui Greenland) andworld Cultural Heritage OfManda PitIt is known that there is.


Kyusyu OfCentral part,KumamotoAt the northwestern end ofKumamoto-shiAbout 40km northwest ofFukuoka CityIt is located about 70km south of.

A gentle hill undulates to the west from Mt. Kojima (Mt. Tsutsugatake 501.4m) at the eastern end of the city.Ariake SeaIt is down to.

Next to the northFukuokaOmuta CityWithMitsui Miike Coal MineIt has a history of developing as a city. DID Prefectural borderContinuous beyondTantan) And centered on both citiesMetropolitan area(Omuta metropolitan area) Is formed, and it is still closely related even now that the coal mine is closed.For this reason, with Omuta CityCross-border mergerThere is also an opinion that wants.In addition, in Omuta City, Arao CityEnclaveThere are three places.

Because it is located on the prefectural borderMt. Kinpusan transmission stationThrough 4 commercial broadcasters in Kumamoto prefectureNHKKumamoto Broadcasting StationOf course,Omuta relay stationThrough 5 commercial broadcasters in Fukuoka Prefecture and NHKFukuoka Broadcasting StationIs also possible to receive,Terrestrial digitalAfter the conversion, depending on the area佐賀-NagasakiIt has become possible to clearly receive even TV broadcasts from.In Kumamoto prefecture, there have been few commercial broadcasters for a long time, so many households also go to Omuta station to watch 5 commercial broadcasters in the city.antennaIs facing.

Adjacent municipalities


Population distribution of Arao, Kumamoto, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Arao City and the whole country (2005)Arao City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Arao City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Arao City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Great Heisei mergerPreviouslyKumamoto-shi,YatsushiroIt was the third largest population in the prefecture after.The city has not merged2016 May 6Currently,Amakusa,Tamana City,Uki,Koshi CityIt is the fifth place after.

Successful residential land development around MidorigaokaApartmentThe population is increasing around Arao City Mall.Therefore, the rate of decrease in population is lower than that of neighboring cities and towns, and it has been almost flat in recent years.

Place name

  • Arao (former Arao Town)
  • Oshima (former Araomachi)
  • Miyauchi (former Araomachi)
  • Kunaideme (former Arao Town)
  • Haramanda (former Arao Town)
  • Manda (former Araomachi)
  • Kawato (formerly Hachiman Village)
  • Komoya (formerly Yawata Village)
  • Field (formerly Yawata Village)
  • Kanayama (former Fumoto Village)
  • Birch (former Fumoto Village)
  • Fumoto (former Fumoto Village)
  • Kamiide ​​(former Hirai Village)
  • Kamihirayama (former Hirai Village)
  • Shimoide (former Hirai Village)
  • Hirayama (former Hirai Village)
  • Honide (former Hirai Village)
  • Part (former Ariake Village)
  • Kurama (former Ariake Village)
  • Masunaga (former Ariake Village)
  • Ushinomizu (former Kiyosato Village)
  • Takahama (former Kiyosato Village)
  • Mizuno (former Kiyosato Village)
  • Ohira-cho 1-3 chome (1960 , Established from Kunaideme)
  • Oshimacho 3-4 chome (1970 , Established from Oshima)
  • Sakurayamacho 1-4 chome (established in 1970, Kuramitsu, partly)
  • Showa-cho (established in 1970 from Oshima)
  • Taishomachi 1-2 chome (established in 1970 from Manda / Oshima)
  • Nishiharacho 1-3 chome (established in 1970 from Manda, Haramanda, Oshima)
  • Hinode Town (established in 1970 from Manda / Oshima)
  • Yotsuyamamachi 1-3 chome (established from Oshima in 1970)
  • Hachimandai 1-4 chome (1976 , Established from Nohara, Birch, Kawato)
  • Midorigaoka 1-4 chome (established from Arao, Kawato, Hirayama, Honide)
  • Sumiyoshicho (1998 , Established from Miyauchi / Kunaideme / Manda)
  • Higashiyakata 1-4 chome (2003 , Established from Arao / Miyauchi)

City council


The fixed number is 18 people[1].


Parliamentary groupNumber of seats
Sosei Arao no Kai5
Aramasa Reform Club2
New Socialist Party4
Civic club1
Japan Communist Party1

(As of July 2017, 7)


Kamakura Period,Musashi Seven PartyKanto in one ofLord OfMr. Koshiro Tamana-gunNoharasoGround workerI set up a castle at the foot of the mountain.Sengoku periodToBungo OfOtomoBelongs toHigoInfluentialChineseIt became.

Edo Period,Tadatoshi Hosokawa BuzenOgura domainFrom HigoKumamoto DomainWhen transferred to, the potters Genshichi and Hachizaemon of Buzen Ueno opened a kiln at the foot of Mt. Kojima.KoshiroyakiWas founded.Shodai ware was released in 2003 (Heisei 15).Traditional craftsIs specified in.

ChikugoMiike DomainThe Iwamoto branch office of the Takase magistrate's office of the Kumamoto domain was located on the border with.

1898 (Meiji 31),Mitsui MineThe excavation of the Manda mine was started by.

Modern times


Once with Omuta CityMitsui Miike Coal MineProspered by.AndGreat Kanto EarthquakeSincePacific WarThere is the "Tokyo No. 100 Army Arao Factory" (a vast explosives and explosives factory with a site of about 4 million tsubo and a length of XNUMX km), which plays an important role as a part of the Japanese munitions industry. Was responsible for.The site of Greenland and the abandoned Arao Municipal Electric Railway (currently a bicycle-only road) are remnants of the military facilities built at that time.

From the 1960soilWith energy conversion tocoalDemand declines, and even1997 The current issues are population decline, measures for coal mine turnover, and other employment measures due to the final closure of the mine.

As an agricultural productpear(Arao jumbo pear)Mandarin orangeCultivation is thriving.Due to the aging of producers, etc., in recent years, as a new special product, it has relatively little maintenance for cultivation and is resistant to dryness.olive,Olive oilFocusing on production[4].

  • Gross domestic product in the city 1,169 billion yen (2004)

town planning

Arao City has been focusing on food since 2004.Primary industryからPrimary industryAre working on a regional revitalization project to revitalize the region and expand employment.Among them, the agricultural products direct sales office and research base facility centered on local residents by utilizing the vacant stores in the shopping districtAoken (Aozora Laboratory)Has been attracting attention as it has achieved results in the development of special products such as shochu, wine, and mandarin orange juice and the sale of fresh products.



Successive mayors
代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
Mayor Arao
1Matao Wakatake1942 (Showa 17)/8/11945 (Showa 20)/12/19
2Nakashima Teruhiro1946 (Showa 21)/3/51947 (Showa 22)/4/4
Mayor Arao
3Nakashima Teruhiro1947 (Showa 22)/4/51948 (Showa 23)/4/16
4Sahei Terada1948 (Showa 23)/6/101952 (Showa 27)/4/28
5Masaaki Sakata1952 (Showa 27)/5/201960 (Showa 35)/12/24
6Koga Mikishi1961 (Showa 36)/2/121973 (Showa 48)/2/11
7Isamu Koue1973 (Showa 48)/2/121986 (Showa 61)/11/29Arrested on suspicion of bribery and resigned
8Noriji Kitano1987 (Showa 62)/1/182003 (Heisei 15)/1/17
9Junji Maebata2003 (Heisei 15)/1/182015 (Heisei 27)/1/17
10Keiichiro Yamashita2015 (Heisei 27)/1/182016 (Heisei 28)/12/19
11Toshihiko Asada2017 (Heisei 27)/2/5Incumbent


  • Arao Police Station
    • Arao station square police box
    • Midorigaoka police box
    • Fumoto police box
    • Yawata police box



high school

Junior high school

primary school

Special school

  • Kumamoto Prefectural Arao Support School

In addition, it is adjacentFukuokaOmuta CityNational inAriake National College of TechnologyThere is a student dormitory in our city.



In terms of distanceSaga AirportIs the closest, thenKumamoto AirportIs close, but the airport shuttle busFukuoka AirportMany citizens use Fukuoka Airport because it operates only on the line.

Railway line

City center station:Arao Station

Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)

In the pastArao Municipal Electric RailwayThere was, but it was abolished in 1964.


Kyushu Sanko Group OfSanko BusIs Arao city route, with Arao cityTamana City-Tamato TownIt operates a line connecting the two.Of these, the Arao city route was onceArao City Transportation BureauThis is the route operated by (Arao Municipal Bus) (discontinued on April 2005, 4, transferred to Sanko Bus).

West Japan RailwayGroup ofNishitetsu Bus OmutaRespectivelyOmuta CityとArao Station,Greenland, Kurakake at the northern end of the cityMitsui Miike Coal MineIt operates a line connecting Manda mine (only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) and Shoyama at the northeastern end of the city.

In addition, with Arao City on August 2021, 8Fukuoka AirportCurrently, there are no high-speed buses departing from or arriving in Arao City because the high-speed bus connecting the two has been suspended.



There are no highways in the city.Kyushu ExpresswayNanguan ICIs the closest.

General national road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road


  • Bicycle road --A bicycle-only road maintained using the former Arao tram's abandoned railway track, between Midorigaoka (in front of the former Yamanote store) and Sakaisaki (behind Tadakuma Orthopedic Surgery).



The dialect of the Arao region isOld languageMany survived to the present day[5].

  • Squid (very severe)
  • Imma, Imantai (now and soon)
  • Eun, Unna (You in symmetric words, you)
  • Esca (horrible, scary)
  • Enchi (inside the house, house)
  • Ogol (scolding, blaming people)
  • Odoma, Odon (we, we)
  • Omeku, Orab (screaming out loud)
  • Ombukururu (drown)
  • Catete (Add to the group)
  • Kabashika (fragrant, fragrant)
  • Kubel, Kubul (burn in fire)
  • Kururu, Krel (give)
  • Gena, Genya (like)
  • Koziracus (The story is tangled)
  • Coska (sly, sly)
  • Kosoba deer (tick)
  • Gotsu, Gotaru (like)
  • Koshiko (about this: few)
  • Sarku, Saroku (walking around)
  • Sudka (smart)
  • Zundare (sloppy)
  • Tamagal (surprised)
  • Chochokurakasu (make a fool)
  • Totsutemnaka (tremendous)
  • Nikuji (speaking badly)
  • Nemal (food spoils)
  • Hamar (decide your resolution)
  • Hidalka (hungry)
  • Funoyoka (lucky)
  • Mabaika (dazzling)
  • Mykonas
  • Muzoka (cute)
  • Musokal (love)
  • Warai Kokuru (laughing)


Famous places / historic sites, sightseeing / leisure spots

  • --1529 Nobara, Arao City
  • Arao Higata(Registered in the Ramsar Convention on July 24, 7, it is one of the largest single tidal flats in Japan, and is the largest landing site for sandpipers and plovers in Japan.)
  • Manda Pit(Admission to the Manda mine facility is charged, audio guides in four languages, facility guides are available)
  • The birthplace of the Miyazaki brothers in Arao
  • Arao City Miyazaki Brothers Museum
  • Arao Racecourse(Local horse racing) (Abolished)
  • Kodaiyama Prefectural Nature Park
  • Greenland(The largest amusement park in Kyushu. The number of attractions such as roller coasters is about 80, which is the largest in Japan)
  • Ultraman Land(Tsuburaya ProductionIs directly managed byUltra series OfTheme park) (Closed on September 2013, 9)
  • Mt. Shichimenzan Myoganji Temple (Autumn leaves famous in Kaba, Arao City)

Specialty goods

  • Arao Pear (New Takanashi is famous as a jumbo pear)
  • Ojiro-yaki
  • Ariake seaweed
  • Melon bread
  • Arao rash
  • Olive / olive oil

Tourist ambassador

Arao City Support Captain

  • Akane Nishimura (appointed by Arao City on July 2012, 7)

Local idol in Arao

  • MJK (Formed at the final public audition held on May 2012, 5, debuted at the Arao Rough Flame Festival on August 13)

Yuru-chara in Arao

Homepage, blog

  • Arao City Official Facebook Page (Arao City "Yokatoko Arao")
  • Marugoto Arao (Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture Tourist Information Site)
  • Arao City Bashitto (Arao City Staff Blog)

Famous people

★ is the deceased

XNUMX selections

Works set in Arao City


TV drama



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