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😷 | Food and beverage industry "unavoidable" Accepts the cancellation of Okinawa Prefecture "Go To Eat" meal ticket sales resume today

Photo The number of customers entering the restaurant is small even after the state of emergency is lifted, and it is said that only two groups have entered the restaurant on this day = 2:21 on the 19st, Naha City Okinawa Cuisine Chinuman Kokusaidori Makishi

Eating and drinking industry "unavoidable" Okinawa Prefecture accepts cancellation of cancellation "Go To Eat" meal ticket sales resume today

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However, there are concerns about the re-expansion of the infection, and there is no prospect of a sufficient recovery in demand.

On the 21st, Okinawa Prefecture will cancel the shortening of business hours required of restaurants as a prefecture-specific measure from November 11st, as originally planned ... → Continue reading

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