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😷 | Confirmation of infection of 1 people in Kagawa Prefecture <New Corona>


Confirmation of infection of 1 people in Kagawa Prefecture <New Corona>

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A man in his thirties in Takamatsu City has a mild illness.

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Takamatsu(Takamatsu) isKagawaLocated in the middleCity..Kagawa prefecturePrefectural office locationAndCore cityIs specified in.

oldKagawa-gun-Kida-gun-Ryuta County(The area at the time of the municipal organization on February 1890, 2 was former Kagawa-gun).Takamatsu metropolitan areaCentral city of.It boasts the second largest population in the Shikoku region.


Seto Inland SeaFacePort townAnd onceNational railway OfUtaka ferryIs the gateway to Shikoku, as it was in service.Of the country that governs ShikokuOfficeMost and many national scaleCompanyShikoku branch office支店,AlsoShikoku Electric Power,JR ShikokuThe head office of a company that represents Shikoku is located, and it is the central base in the political economy of Shikoku.

Currently, the population of Takamatsu City is 42 after the Great Heisei Consolidation, and it is centered on Takamatsu City.Takamatsu metropolitan areaIn the population of about 84 (2005 CensusIt forms the largest metropolitan area in Shikoku, with a population of 100 million in Kagawa Prefecture, which is the majority of the population.

Edo PeriodToGorenshi OfTakamatsu Matsudaira family(Mito Tokugawa familyIe) governsTakamatsu Domain Ofcastle townServe asTakamatsu CastleThe castle tower was a symbol of this cityMeiji EraWas destroyed by, and now2004 (HeiseiIt was completed in 16)Takamatsu symbol towerHowever, it functions as a new landmark to replace it.

It is also the central shopping districtMarugame Town Shopping StreetHas undergone a large-scale redevelopment and has been featured in many media as a vibrant shopping district.

And in Kagawa prefectureCenter of gravityIs "Fukuya, Kokubunji-cho, Takamatsu City"[1]It is located in the southwestern part of Takamatsu city center and is also the geographical center of the prefecture.


Takamatsu citySanuki PlainIs part ofTakamatsu PlainIt is located in and is occupied by a gentle slope as a whole.Also on the north sideSeto Inland SeaFacing theTakamatsu PortIt also forms a semi-circular urban area centered on Takamatsu Shinminato (commonly known as Shinminato).

The western part of the cityKotogawaEarth and sandAccumulationI was able to do itFanConsists of.Kasuga River in the eastShinkawaThe estuary of the flooded plain created bydeltaIt is a coastal plain consisting of.In the northeastSeto Inland SeaTable-shaped protruding intoplateauso,Responsibility and Rebellion of Toshinaga(Genpei War)YajimaAndShikoku main islandNorthernmostCape Takei Anji TownIt is in.The northwestern part of the cityhillsIt has become.First time in JapanNational parkSpecified inSeto Inland Sea National ParkIt is located in the center ofSeto Inland SeaToislandsAre scattered.

In the cityObfuscation place nameasNakatsumacho(Nakatsuma),Tarumicho(Sag),OmorechoThere are (Omore), Urao, Yuzuruha, etc.

City area

Takamatsu cityPort townDue to its characteristics, the city area faces the sea directly on the north side, and the southwest direction is called Mineyama.Iwaseo MountainsThe development of the real city is limited to about 100 degrees because it is also in contact with.Therefore, compared to other cities that can deploy 360 degreesApartmentThe population density of the central area and neighboring residential areas is high.

Wide skirt

Geospatial Information Authority of JapanAccording to the report, the north, south, east and west ends of Takamatsu City are located at the following positions, with an east-west length of 23.60 km and a north-south length of 35.84 km.All three ends except the southern end are located on the islands.Also,2010 CensusThe center of gravity of the population according to the standard is near 845 Fuseishi-cho.

 Northern end
North Latitude 34 Degrees 26 Minutes 3 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 3 min 38 sec /34.43417 degrees north latitude 134.06056 degrees east longitude / 34.43417; 134.06056 (The northernmost tip of Takamatsu City)
Center of gravity
North Latitude 34 Degrees 18 Minutes 43.98 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 3 min 5.49 sec /34.3122167 degrees north latitude 134.0515250 degrees east longitude / 34.3122167; 134.0515250 (Takamatsu City Center of Population)
West end
North Latitude 34 Degrees 25 Minutes 7 Seconds East longitude 133 degree 55 min 11 sec /34.41861 degrees north latitude 133.91972 degrees east longitude / 34.41861; 133.91972 (The westernmost part of Takamatsu City)
Center point
North Latitude 34 Degrees 16 Minutes 21.5 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 2 min 53 sec /34.272639 degrees north latitude 134.04806 degrees east longitude / 34.272639; 134.04806 (Takamatsu city center point)
Eastern end
North Latitude 34 Degrees 23 Minutes 29 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 10 min 35 sec /34.39139 degrees north latitude 134.17639 degrees east longitude / 34.39139; 134.17639 (The easternmost point of Takamatsu City)
Southern tip
North Latitude 34 Degrees 6 Minutes 40 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 3 min 41 sec /34.11111 degrees north latitude 134.06139 degrees east longitude / 34.11111; 134.06139 (The southernmost tip of Takamatsu City)


Setouchi climate zoneBelongs toPrecipitation amountIs lessDaylight hoursIs long and warm throughout the yearclimate.

Winter:からSpring:OverMainland ChinaFlows in fromYellow sandIs often observed.Winter: The(I.e.,Light snow(Sleet) There are days when it rains, so it's refreshing(I.e.(Cloud coverAlthough the number of days when it becomes less than 1.5) is surprisingly small, the number of sunny days in winter itself is large.SnowfallIt happens once or twice a winter,Kanto regionCompared toSouth coast lowThere is little heavy snowfall.Also,Summer: Is peculiar to the coast of the Seto Inland Seacalm"Sanuki MountainsBeyondFern phenomenonOften due to such influencesExtremely hot day,Tropical nightMay become.

Long daylight hours help the production and development of salt,Shioda"Kingdom Kagawa" was said.However, the tendency of light rain caused a lot of water shortage in the summer, and heavy rain caused flooding of rivers.

Due to the low rainfall and the lack of large rivers even if it rains, it quickly flows into the sea and is hit by droughts every few decades.It is not a drought, but it is a water source in Kagawa prefecture.Kochi OfSaimeura DamIt is not uncommon for Kagawa Prefecture to hit the bottom and restrict water intake every year.But still1974 ToKagawa waterPasses waterTokushima OfYoshinogawaIt is remarkable because the water of Sameura Dam in Kochi Prefecture is now supplied viaDroughtHas decreased.

Because the city area faces the sea directly, when a typhoon passes near Shikoku, it is often in the city area.climaxDamage will occur.2004 (Heisei16 years)May 8Typhoon No. 16 that struck before dawn was hit by a storm surge of up to 2 m in some areas due to the overlap of the passing time and the high tide of the spring tide.One day, the city function was paralyzed.History of Takamatsu City # Typhoon No. 16 (2004)

In addition,droughtHistorically, so many have been hit byReservoirIs built, and ponds of various sizes can be seen throughout the city.

  • Temperature-up to 38.6 °C (2013 (25)May 8, Minimum -7.7℃ (1945 (20)May 1
  • Maximum precipitation-210.5 mm (2004 (16)May 10
  • Maximum instantaneous wind speed-39.5 m (1965 (40)May 9
  • Maximum number of summer days-152 days (1994 (6))
  • Maximum number of summer days-86 days (2010 (22))
  • Most hot days-29 days (2013 (25))
  • Maximum number of tropical nights-56 days (2010 (22))
  • Maximum number of winter days-67 days (1943 (Showa 18))

Climate of Takamatsu Local Meteorological Observatory (Fuseishi-cho, Takamatsu City, altitude 9m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F18.9
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F9.7
Average daily temperature ° C (° F5.9
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F2.1
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−7.7
Precipitation amount mm (inch)39.4
Snowfall cm (inch)0
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)
Average number of snowfall days4.
Average monthlyDaylight hours141.4143.8175.0194.5210.1158.2191.8221.2159.6164.6145.5142.72,046.5
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1941-present)[2][3]


In the 2015 census, Takamatsu became the only city in the Shikoku region with an increased population.[4]..It has the second largest population in the Shikoku region.

  • Total population
  • Number of households: 19 households (estimated population, as of October 0618, 2021)
  • Population density: 1111.2 people / km² (estimated population, as of October 2021, 3)
  • Average age: 45.08 years old (2010 census)
  • Concentrated areaPopulation: X NUM X 10,000 X NUM X People
  • Percentage of population in densely populated areas to total population: 52.2%
  • Total area: 375.41 km²
  • Area of ​​densely inhabited area: 40.81 km²
  • Percentage of the area of ​​the densely inhabited area to the total area: 10.9%
  • Population density in densely populated areas: 5327.4 people / km²
  • Area of ​​habitable area: 232.83 km²
  • Percentage of densely populated areas in habitable area: 17.5%
Takamatsu City District / Regional Population / Area (2010)
Area nameTotal number
The number of households
Average household
Average students age
The population density
Main office76,41537,39139,02438,9461.9650.6211.36,762.39
Circle seat9,9504,7635,1873,7032.6942.055.011,986.03
String strike10,6695,2755,3944,3652.4445.087.051,513.33
Total number419,429203,312216,117174,2782.4145.08375.091,118.21

Distribution by age and population transition

While Kagawa Prefecture and other local cities are facing the problem of population decline, the population of Takamatsu City is increasing year by year based on the excess migration from Shikoku.[5]..However, the factors behind the increase have changed in recent years.Until now, the population dynamics have increased because the increase in natural dynamics has exceeded that even though the social dynamics have decreased.In other words, the population had flowed out of the city to some extent (excessive migration), but the number of births was still large, so the population was increasing by covering it.However, in 2008, the social dynamics changed from decreasing to increasing, that is, the outflow of the population stopped, and this time it began to flow in (excessive migration), so both social and natural dynamics began to increase. ..afterwardsLow birthrate and aging populationNatural dynamics began to decline from 2011, but the amount of decline did not exceed that of social dynamics, and population growth did not stop.[5].

Therefore, the population increase of Takamatsu City after 2008 is realized by the population gathering from other areas.The source of the population is all other local governments in Kagawa prefecture andShikoku regionIn all three prefectures, Takamatsu City is the concentration point of population migration in the Shikoku region.On average for the five years from 3 to 2006 regarding moving in and out of the prefecture, the inflow isTokushima,Kochi,EhimeOn the contrary, the outflow is the largestOsakaTo the topCapital Area,Keihanshin,Sanyo regionHas become[5].

The population composition ratio by age of Takamatsu City is above the national average for the three generations of 0-8, 28-37, 56-58, and conversely, significantly below the national average for 3-19. ing.The reason why many young people are out of the prefecture is that in Kagawa prefecture, 24% of this generation goes on to university or graduate school.[6]Nevertheless, there are very few universities in the prefecture (or universities outside the prefecture that you can attend from your parents' home).The number of university students per capita in Kagawa Prefecture is the 10th worst in Japan, and it is the lowest in the Chugoku-Shikoku region along with Shimane Prefecture.[7].

Population distribution by age in Takamatsu City and the whole country (2005)Takamatsu City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
Purple-Takamatsu City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Takamatsu City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Address notation

Regularity of "town" in the city

In Takamatsu City, the town names set in the city have the following regularities.

"Town" is attached to almost all town names
In Takamatsu City, almost all the town names set in the city are "townIs attached.Great Heisei mergerSince 2006, the city area has expanded to 182 towns, of which XNUMX-chome and XNUMX-chome do not have any "towns".In front of Tenjin,Sunport,MarunouchiThere are only 5 towns, all of which are located in the central government district.
The word gusset is in the city center, and the butterfly is in the suburbs.
As for how to read "town", here too, the gusset is the suffix of the town name in the city center and the suburbs, and the butterfly is fixed to some extent in the periphery and the suburbs of the city.First of all, gussets are often found in central Tokyo, especially in town names derived from the old castle town era.Example:Marugame Town(Marugame gusset,Kawaramachi(Kawara gussetSuch.And, butterflies are basically found in many areas in the suburbs and central city areas that are not the former Takamatsu castle (city center).Example:Fukuoka Town(Fukuoka butterfly,Kota Town(Kita butterfly.
In general, butterflies in the suburbs have a larger area than gussets in the city center.It is because many of these butterflies were incorporated into Takamatsu City after the Taisho era.Large printThis large letter is derived from before the Meiji era.Natural villageIn other words, it was an existence that pointed to a range equivalent to one village.
However, some of the town names located in the central city area were given after the Taisho era.Mizusho place nameThere are many exceptions to read as gusset, even if it is not in the city center, mainly in landfills.Example:Asahi Town(Asahi gusset,Ogimachi(Ougi gusset,(Shinkita gusset.
In addition, even in towns located in the suburbs, when the place name is followed by north, south, east, west, or top and bottom, it is read as gusset.Example:Yashima Higashimachi(Yamashima Higashi Machi,Ota Shimomachi(Ota is also a gussetetc.
Even if the above exceptions do not apply, the special patterns that are read as gussets in the suburbs are Sakuramachi in the Kuribayashi area, Muromachi, Murojinmachi, East / Nishihazemachi, and Kamimachi in the Tsuruo area.
In the city area after Heisei, a place name is added after "town".
Great Heisei mergerIn the area incorporated in, a town name different from the previous transfer pattern was set.The name of the incorporated municipality is XX town, and the large letters in the municipality are added after it.Example:Kagawacho Kawahigashi(Kagawa butterflies,Shionoecho Yasuhara Kamigashi(Shionoe Chow Yasurakami HigashiSuch.However, since there was no large character in Aji-cho, nothing is added after the town name.In addition, Kinashi Town, which was incorporated in the Showa period, also has a place name after the town name, but there is no large letter here and it was once due to the change of the town name.Fine printIs attached as the town name.Addressing systems generally tend to be longer in these areas.

House display

In Takamatsu CityHouse displayHas been implemented sequentially only in the central area (main office area) since 1964.However, even in the main office area, the following areas are not labeled as residential.[8].

Shioya Town, Tsukiji Town, Shiogami Town (described later), Yasaka Town, Fukuda Town, Joban Town XNUMX-chome, Joban Town XNUMX-chome, Taramachi XNUMX-chome, Taramachi XNUMX-chome, Furubabacho, Gobocho, Imashinmachi, Daikumachi , Hyakkenmachi, Kataharacho, Higashihamacho XNUMX-chome, Tsukijicho, Iguchicho, Suehirocho, Matsushimacho (described later), Kankodori XNUMX-chome, Tamachi, Higashidacho, Fujitsukacho (described later), Tokiwacho, Nakashinmachi, Hyogo Town, Furubabacho, Maya Town, Konya Town, Blacksmith Town, Marugame Town, Minamishinmachi, Kamei Town, Mineyama Town

The part of the main office area that corresponds to the center of the city is a donut-shaped area where residential addressing is not implemented.Many in this area are "Act on Residential DisplayIt is an area where the town name and lot number were improved in 1958 before the enforcement, and it is a so-called "both-sided town" area where both sides belong to the same town across a road.This two-sided town system is derived from the town division during the castle town era, and retains the historical significance of the town name.Since these two-sided towns do not necessarily have roads as town boundaries, the town names and town boundaries derived from castle towns were completely abolished by implementing residential addressing systems such as Nagoya City.Prosperity,Nishiki,MarunouchiThere is also a method of grouping with a wide and large town name such as[9].

In the central city area of ​​Takamatsu City, as shown in the table below, there are cases where areas with and without residential addressing coexist with the same place name.

Area where residential addressing system has been implementedAreas where residential addressing is not implemented
Shiogamicho 1-3 chomeShiogamicho
Fujitsukacho 1-3 chomeFujitsukacho
1 to 3 Matsushima TownMatsushima Town
Kankodori 2-chomeKankodori 1-chome



TenshoからEdo PeriodUntil
From Meiji Restoration to World War II
After World War II
Towns and villages that disappeared due to the transfer to Takamatsu City
Date of transferTransfer towns and villagespopulationareaChiefA new town in Takamatsu City due to the transfer
NovemberMunicipal system enforcement42,8832.85--
NovemberMiyawaki Village, Kagawa District3,7502.72UnknownMiyawakicho, Nishihama Shinmachi
NovemberHigashihama Village, Kagawa District7,0852.27Ryohachi HisamotoSalt Town, Fukuoka Town, Matsushima Town, Hanazono Town
NovemberRitsurin Village, Kagawa District7,5741.94Masayoshi InoueRitsurincho, Sakuracho, Kusugamicho, Hananomiyacho, Fujitsukacho, Uenocho, Nakanocho
NovemberKita Village, Kita District3,3715.81Kasai SakutaroKota Town
Furutakamatsu Village, Kita District4,88812.83Hero UeedaTakamatsu Town, Kasuga Town, Shindencho Ko, Shindencho Otsu
Yashima-cho, Kita-gun5,50810.41Sokichi MoritaYashima Higashimachi, Yashima Nakamachi, Yashima Nishimachi
Sagita Village, Kagawa District7,4726.16Ichitaro UchiiMineyama Town, Muro Town, Murojin Town, Higashi Haze Town, Nishi Haze Town, Paper Town, Matsugashi Town, Nishi Kasuga Town, Chokushi Town, Tamura Town, Kamitenjin Town, Sanjo Town
Ota Village, Kagawa District4,7456.02Jinsuke KatoTourist town, Kamifukuoka town, Matsuba town, Fuseishi town, Ota Shimomachi, Ota Kamimachi, Imazatocho
NovemberMaeda Village, Kita District4,0046.00Kimura FuminoMaeda Nishimachi, Maeda Higashimachi, Kameda Town
Kawazoe Village, Kida County3,8994.49Yoshio NittaMotoyama-cho, Higashiyamasaki-cho, Shimotai-cho
Hayashi-mura, Kita-gun3,6525.58Masao MiyaiHayashicho, Rokujocho, Kamihayashicho
Mitani Village, Kita District3,2388.53Heiichi KonoMitanicho
Tahi Village, Kagawa District3,2383.96Senichi FukudaTahi Shimomachi, Tahi Kamimachi, Shussakucho
Busshozancho, Kagawa-gun5,7382.95Shintaro MatsushitaBusshozancho Ko, Busshozancho Otsu
Ichinomiya Village, Kagawa District5,8917.51Nobuo NakanishiIchinomiya Town, Sanmyo Town, Kanotsuno Town, Nariai Town, Terai Town
Kawaoka Village, Kagawa County3,7755.40Chuichiro HorikawaKawanabecho, Okamotocho
Enza Village, Kagawa District4,5495.00Totaro TakagiEnzacho, Nishiyamasakicho
Danshi Village, Kagawa District5,5127.74Kazuichi TayamaDanshicho, Mihirocho, Nakamachi
Tsuruuchi Village, Kagawa District4,5506.99Kiyoshi KajiGotocho, Tsuruichicho, Iidacho
Kamikasai Village, Kagawa County4,8896.83Tsuneo KamitakaKinashicho Fujii, Kinashicho Koretake, Kinashicho Sato, Kinashicho Sato, Kinashicho Yamaguchi, Kinashicho Kinashi
Kozai Town, Kagawa District6,5683.99Honda TadaoKozaihonmachi, Kozai Higashimachi, Kozai Minamimachi, Kozai Nishimachi, Kozai Kitamachi
Shimokasai Village, Kagawa District6,56818.74Yutaka TakahashiShinzaikawakubo Town, Uematsu Town, Nakayama Town, Ikushima Town, Tarumi Town
Shiyujima Village, Kagawa District2,0263.93Masateru FujimotoMegicho, Ogicho
NovemberYamada Town, Kida County14,27240.86Akira AkamatsuKawashima Honmachi, Kawashima Higashimachi, Yura Town, Omorecho, Kameda Minamimachi, Sogawa Nishimachi, Togawa Higashimachi, Ikeda Town, Higashi Ueda Town, Nishi Ueda Town, Sugawara Town
NovemberShionoe-cho, Kagawa-gun3,64080.10Hiroshi NakaiShionoecho Yasuhara Shimo No. 1, Shionoecho Yasuhara Shimo No. 2, Shionoecho Yasuhara Shimo No. 3, Shionoecho Kaminishi Ko, Shionoecho Kaminishi Otsu, Shionoecho Yasuhara Kaminari, Shionoecho Yasuhara Kaminashi
NovemberMurecho, Kita-gun18,20816.48Eiichi TakagiMurecho Mure, Murecho Omachi, Murechohara
Aji-cho, Kita-gun6,25915.83Masataka KajikawaAnji Town
Kagawa-cho, Kagawa-gun24,38527.33Koji OkaKagawa-cho Ono, Kagawa-cho Terai, Kagawa-cho Asano, Kagawa-cho Kawauchihara, Kagawa-cho Kawahigashi, Kagawa-cho Kawahigashi, Kagawa-cho Higashiya, Kagawa-cho Yasuharashi No. 1, Kagawa-cho Yasuharashi No. 3
Konancho, Kagawa-gun7,91414.72Masao TsujiKonanchooka, Konancho Yusa, Konancho Nishinosho, Konancho Ikenouchi, Konancho Yokoi, Konancho Yoshimitsu
Kokubunji-cho, Ayauta-gun24,25026.25Norifumi FukuiKokubunjicho Arai, Kokubunjicho Kokubun, Kokubunjicho Fukuya, Kokubunjicho Fukuya Ko, Kokubunjicho Fukuya Otsu, Kokubunjicho New Name, Kokubunjicho Kashiwabara
* The unit of population is people, and the unit of area is km².
* Population, area, and chief are as of the time of abolition
* The town name and its font are those at the time of transfer and do not necessarily match the current place name.
* Also, when the boundary was changed with a part of Kagawa-cho, Kagawa-gun on April 1958, 33, most of the town's Oaza Terai was incorporated to form Terai-cho, but the southern part. A part of was not incorporated and remained as Kagawa-cho Oaza Terai.


Takamatsu City Song

Successive mayors

(Mayor elected by the government until the 11th generation, mayor elected by the government after the 12th generation (after the second year))

No-vote winning case

It was the one who won no vote after becoming a public election system1951 With Kunisaki1999 Both of them were re-elected in their current positions at that time. In the 2 mayoral election, there were no candidates other than Onishi, a new candidate, and the new candidate was elected without a vote for the first time.Four years later, in 2007, there were no candidates other than Onishi, and the newcomer was re-elected without a vote for the second consecutive term.According to the Takamatsu City Election, this is the first case in the Takamatsu Mayor's election, and the second consecutive no-vote election from a newcomer at the prefectural capital is second only to Otsu City, Saga City, and Kagoshima City.[12].


Increasing White House Voting Case

Held in January 2013 (Heisei 25)23rd House of Councilors ordinary electionIn Takamatsu CityElection Management Committee Proportional representationAt the time of counting the votes, increase the number of white votes by re-entering about 300 totaled white votes.Unfair electionAn incident has occurred.As a result, three former Takamatsu City Election Commission Secretary-General were arrested in June 3 on suspicion of violating the Public Offices Election Act.[13] [14]"Unprecedented" that shakes the foundation of the election system[14]It became a situation.


City council

  • Constant number: 40 people
  • Term of office: May 2019, 5 (first year of Reiwa) -April 2, 2023 (5th year of Reiwa)[15]
  • Chair: Nobutaka Togawa (Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly, 4th term)
  • Vice-chairman: Masao Fujiwara (Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly, 4th term)
  • Location: 8-15-XNUMX Bancho, Takamatsu City
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name (◎ is representative)
LDPParliamentary Assembly20◎ Junichi Nakamura, Motoshi Kamada, Sumiko Oura, Katsuhiko Okashita, Yoshikuni Sato, Shigeki Kamiuchi, Masahiro Omi, Yoshito Shiraishi, Hiroyuki Hashimoto, Katsutoshi Sugimoto, Makoto Yamashita, Katsuto Sakashita, Katsuhiro Kobiga, Akio Nishioka, Takashi Inoue, Nobutaka Togawa, Masao Fujiwara, Osamu Saito, Masahiko Tsuji, Atsushi Sumitani
KomeitoParliamentary Assembly6◎ Toshihiko Takeuchi, Takako Mt. Ooyama, Shinichi Nakamura, Keiji Haruta, Kurumi Tai, Shuzo Nakamura
Citizens Forum 215◎ Yukio Yoshimine, Satoshi Onishi, Masahiko Zukuda, Shunsuke Nakanishi, Kazunori Tomino
Aramasa Association5◎ Teruhiko Mikasa, Mega Station Tsuneo, Chatan Chatan, Chiemi Amakumo, Yoji Kagawa
Japan Communist PartyLegislature2◎ Manami Okada, Yayoi Fujisawa
Citizenship Reform Net2◎ Maki Ueda, Yumi Ota
Standing Committee
  • General Affairs Standing Committee
  • Education and Civil Affairs Standing Committee
  • Economic Environment Standing Committee
  • Construction Fire Fighting Standing Committee
Special committee
  • Comprehensive Transportation Countermeasures Special Committee
  • Wholesale Market Redevelopment Special Committee
  • Tourist Area / Affiliated Medical Facility Development Special Committee
Congress Steering Committee
  • Congress Steering Committee

Kagawa Prefectural Assembly (Takamatsu City constituency)

  • Constant number: 15 people
  • Term: September 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 14) to September 2023th, 5 (5th year of Reiwa)
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Mt. Ooyama IchiroLDPKagawa Prefectural Government
Kinsada MiyamotoKagawa Prefectural Assembly Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly
Nobuyuki TsuzukiKagawa Prefectural AssemblyKomeitoParliamentary Assembly
Shuriko OkanoLiberal Democratic Party Kagawa Prefectural Government
Yoshitaka HiroseKagawa Prefectural Assembly Komeito Assembly
HirakiKagawa Prefectural Assembly Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly
Kosuke MinoLiberal KagawaBelonging partySocial Democrats
Moriyasu KamadaKagawa Prefectural Assembly Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly
Toshinobu TakemotoLiberal KagawaBelonging partyConstitutional Democratic Party
Satoshi YamamotoLiberal KagawaBelonging partyNational Democratic Party
Shoji KashiJapan Communist PartyKagawa Prefectural Assembly
Fukuo AyataLiberal Democratic Party Kagawa Prefectural Government
Kintsugu MatsumotoKagawa Prefectural Assembly Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly
Eiichi TakagiLiberal Democratic Party Kagawa Prefectural Government
Tokisada AkiyamaJapanese Communist Party Kagawa Prefectural Assembly

Vacancy 0

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
1st Ward, Kagawa Prefecture(OldKokubunji Town-Kagawa Town-Konan Town-Shioe Town-Mure Town-Anji TownTakamatsu City, etc. excluding the area)Junya OgawaConstitutional Democratic Party6Constituency
Takuya HiraiLDP8Proportional revival
2st Ward, Kagawa Prefecture(Former Kokubunji Town, Kagawa Town, Konan Town, Shionoe Town, Mure Town, Aji Town, Takamatsu City, etc.)Yuichiro TamakiNational Democratic Party5Constituency


Kagawa Prefectural PoliceUnder the jurisdiction ofPolice stationThere is.The largest station with the widest jurisdiction is the Takamatsu Minami Police Station, which is located in Takamatsu City.SuburbIt has jurisdiction over much of the region.In Takamatsu CityCity areaThe Takamatsu Kita Police Station has jurisdiction over the area, which is the second largest after the South Police Station.Police stations that include Takamatsu City as their jurisdiction have all the north, south, east, and west names, and their jurisdiction generally matches the name.East and West stations are adjacent to each otherKida-gunMiki TownRyuta CountyAyagawa TownIs placed in.In addition, it should be notedSanuki Police StationThe Mure / Aji district, which was under the jurisdiction, was transferred to the Takamatsu Kita Police Station in 2009.


Takamatsu City Fire DepartmentTo the followingFire departmentThere is.Similar to the police station and prefectural high school in Takamatsu city, the names are all north, south, east and west.The area under the jurisdiction of the Miki Fire Department is the entire area of ​​Miki-cho, Kita-gun, which is adjacent to the area, and does not include Takamatsu City.Each Takamatsu city is entrusted by an adjacent town and is under the jurisdiction of the Takamatsu City Fire Department.

  • North fire station
  • East Fire Department
  • South fire department
  • West Fire Department
  • Miki Fire Department


Collection and delivery post office

The number corresponds to the collection and delivery post officeZip Code.."Takamatsu Minami Post Office" has been designated as a regional division office, which is the core base for collecting and shipping mail in Kagawa Prefecture.

Non-delivery post office

  • Takamatsu Akane Post Office
  • Takamatsu Saihocho Post Office
  • Takamatsu Miyawakicho Post Office
  • Takamatsu Hachihonmatsu Post Office
  • Takamatsu Hamanocho Post Office
  • Takamatsu Ogimachi Post Office
  • Kagawa Prefectural Office Post Office
  • Sunport Takamatsu Post Office
  • Takamatsu Iguchimachi Post Office
  • Takamatsu Shioyamachi Post Office
  • Takamatsu Kawaramachi Post Office
  • Takamatsu Fukuoka Town Post Office
  • Takamatsu Matsushimacho Post Office
  • Takamatsu Fujitsuka Post Office
  • Takamatsu Hanazonocho Post Office
  • Takamatsu Ritsurin Post Office
  • Takamatsu Sakuramachi Post Office
  • Takamatsu Kitacho Post Office
  • Takamatsu Kita Nishi Post Office
  • Ogijima Post Office
  • Megijima Post Office
  • Takamatsu Kotakamatsu Post Office
  • Yashima Post Office
  • Mure Post Office
  • Aji Post Office
  • Takamatsu Hayashi Post Office
  • Kawazoe Post Office
  • Takamatsu Maeda Post Office
  • Takamatsu Togawa Post Office
  • Kawajima Post Office
  • Nishiueta Post Office
  • Ohno Post Office
  • Asano Post Office
  • Shimo-Kasai Post Office
  • Takamatsu Kozai Post Office
  • Takamatsu Kinashi Post Office
  • Takamatsu Tsuruichi Post Office
  • Danshi Post Office
  • Takamatsu Enza Post Office
  • Kawaoka Post Office
  • Takamatsu Sagita Post Office
  • Takamatsu Tamuracho Post Office
  • Takamatsu Kaminocho Post Office
  • Takamatsu Fuseishi Post Office
  • Youme Town Takamatsuuchi Post Office
  • Takamatsu Ota Post Office
  • Takamatsu Busshozan Post Office
  • Takamatsu Ichinomiya Post Office
  • Kokubunji Post Office
  • Yamauchi Post Office

Simple post office

  • Chitose Post Office
  • Takamatsu Higashiueta Post Office
  • Mitani Post Office
  • Kaminishi Post Office
  • Kokubu station square post office

National agency

裁判 所

  • Takamatsu High Court
  • Takamatsu District Court
  • Takamatsu Family Court
  • Takamatsu Summary Court

National Personnel Authority

  • Shikoku Secretariat

Cabinet Office

National Police Agency

  • Shikoku Police Branch
    • Kagawa Prefecture Information and Communication Department
    • Shikoku Police Bureau Police Academy

Fair Trade Commission

  • Kinki Chugoku Shikoku Office Shikoku Branch

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

  • Shikoku Administrative Evaluation Bureau

Ministry of Justice

  • Takamatsu Legal Affairs Bureau
  • Takamatsu Correction Division
  • Takamatsu Prison
  • Takamatsu Boys' Identification Center
  • Shikoku Regional Rehabilitation Protection Committee
  • Takamatsu Probation Office

Immigration Control Agency

  • Takamatsu Immigration Bureau

Public Security Intelligence Agency

  • Shikoku Public Safety Research Bureau

Prosecutor's office

  • Takamatsu High Public Prosecutor's Office
  • Takamatsu District Public Prosecutors Office
  • Takamatsu District Public Prosecutors Office

Ministry of Finance

  • Shikoku Finance Bureau
  • Kobe Customs Sakaide Customs Branch Takamatsu Branch Office

National Tax Agency

  • Takamatsu National Taxation Bureau
    • Takamatsu Tax Office
  • Takamatsu National Tax Appeals Tribunal
  • National Tax College Takamatsu Training Center

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • China Shikoku Industrial Security Supervision Department Shikoku Branch

Ministry of Agriculture

  • Kagawa prefecture base
    • Kagawa Irrigation Phase XNUMX Agricultural Water Use Office

Forestry Agency

  • Shikoku Forest Management Bureau Kagawa Forest Office

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

  • Shikoku Health and Welfare Bureau
  • Kagawa Labor Bureau
    • Takamatsu Labor Standards Inspection Office
    • Takamatsu Public Employment Security Office

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

  • Shikoku Regional Development Bureau
    • Kagawa River National Highway Office
    • Shikoku Technical Office
    • Takamatsu Port / Airport Maintenance Office
    • Takamatsu Port and Airport Technical Research Office
  • Shikoku Transport Bureau
    • Kagawa Transport Bureau

Japanese Meteorological Agency

  • Takamatsu Local Meteorological Observatory

Japan Coast Guard

  • 6th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Takamatsu Coast Guard Department

Geographical Survey Institute

  • Shikoku Regional Survey Department

Ministry of the Environment

  • China Shikoku Regional Environment Office Shikoku Office
  • China Shikoku Regional Environment Office Takamatsu Nature Conservation Office

Ministry of Defense

  • Chugoku-Shikoku Defense Bureau Takamatsu Defense Office
  • Self-Defense Forces Kagawa Regional Cooperation Headquarters

Takamatsu City is the center of politics and administration in the Shikoku region.A local agency of central government ministriesLocal branch officeOf these, 15 out of 13 departments control the Shikoku Regional Police, as well as other internal offices.Special institution,JudiciaryAlmost everything is placed.Of the regional branch offices that are not located in Takamatsu City,Shikoku General Communication Bureau(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) And related information and communication institutions (Japan Post GroupShikoku branch office andNHKIn ShikokuBase stationAlso)Matsuyama City,Shikoku Forest Management Bureau(Ministry of Agriculture) IsKochiIt is located in

Currently, Kagawa Prefecture and Takamatsu CityRedevelopmentSunport Takamatsu"Takamatsu Sunport Joint Government Building, And consolidate the local agencies of the countries that are currently dispersed in the city.Prefectural system OfState capitalWe are trying to solidify our position as a core management city in Shikoku with a view to.

Other public institutions
Bank of Japan Takamatsu Branch (Bank of Japan) --2-1-6 Kotobukicho

Sister cities/partner cities


Takamatsu cityTakamatsu metropolitan areaIs the core city ofUrban employment areaNo. 84 in Shikoku with a population of 1Metropolitan areaIs forming.Central government offices andcapital OfTokyo,OsakaOf large companies nationwide headquartered inShikokuBecause the local agencies that govern theBranch economy cityAlso called.Also,Shikoku Passenger RailwayIt has become the center of transportation in Shikoku, including the headquarters of Shikoku.

安全 性


The number of crimes recognized in Takamatsu City is increasing as well as the national average.21st centuryExtortion, bicycle theft, etc. in the area of ​​the second land readjustment project in the Ota district, where the population has increased and rapidly developed, and in the suburbs centered on it.Street crime, The burglary, etc.Minor crimeThe increase is noticeable.

Takamatsu City has the largest central city area in Kagawa Prefecture, and has many criminal factors such as downtown areas and commercial facilities where many influxes from the outside gather, but for that reason it is one of the safest areas in Kagawa Prefecture. Is.Most in Kagawa prefectureCriminal lawThe number of criminal recognition cases (per 1000 people) is highNakasanIn the area, jurisdiction over the Chusan areaSakaide-Marugame-Zentsuji TempleThe worst 3 police stations in the prefecture are monopolized by these 3 stations.By region, there were 11.88 cases in the Chusan area, where insecurity was noticeable, while 9.41 cases were in the Takamatsu area.Tosan-Shodoshima7.29 cases in the area,NishisanThe number of regions is 8.27[16].

In addition, as Kagawa Prefecture, traffic accidents may record the worst in Japan.


Representative of Takamatsu City as a sphere of influenceGangsterIs the only one in ShikokuPublic Safety CommissionDesignated gangIsShinwa-kaiAndYamaguchigumiWakabayashi-gumi, a secondary organization of.Shinwa-kai is the smallest of the 2 designated gangsters nationwide, but with other affiliated gangsters that have invaded Takamatsu City.ConflictRepeatedly, December 1992Kagawa Prefecture Public Safety CommissionIt is an independent gang that does not belong anywhere and has been designated as a designated gang.The office is located in Shiogami-cho, Takamatsu City, and there are many affiliated gangster offices there.

Most of the offices of gangsters are located in residential areas on the outer edge of the city center, and in the surrounding area.FireIncident orConflictIncidents occur frequently. (17)May 2With several members of the Shinwa-kai in Furubabacho, a downtown area of ​​Takamatsu City in the early hoursYamaguchigumiSeveral members of the system (Kitacho) became a fierce battle, and a few hours later, a bullet was shot into the office of the Nakatsugawa group, and a bullet was also shot into the Shinwa-kai Kira group (Showacho). A bullet was also shot at the place, and in the early morning, a war-like conflict occurred in which members of the Nakatsugawa group threw a grenade into the Shinwa-kai headquarters (Shiogami-cho), where the police and the MTF were on the alert.At Shinwa-kai and Nakatsugawa group1984 In (59), one Shinwa-kai executive was shot dead and two Nakatsugawa members were shot dead, causing a terrible conflict.2005 (17)May 4From about 5 am to 7:45 am with Shinwa-kaiYamaguchigumiConflict case occurred, Yamaguchi-gumi systemGoyukaiThere were simultaneous shootings at Murahide Sogyo (Tahi Kamimachi), Shinwa-kai Kira-gumi (Showa-cho), and Shinwa-kai headquarters (Shiogami-cho).Two hours later, at 2:9KochiYamaguchi-gumi systemGoyukaiA bullet was shot at the headquarters, and a member of the Shinwa-kai in Ritsurin-cho, Takamatsu City was arrested.

Relationship between regions

Okayama City

With Okayama CitySeto Inland SeaHowever, it is the closest prefectural capital in terms of distance,Seto Ohashi BridgeFrom before openingUtaka ferryThere was a lot of exchange through.Also,Commercial TV stationSince both prefectures are broadcasting areas, it is easy to obtain mutual information.After the opening of Seto OhashiMarine linerConnects the two cities in less than an hour, and the exchange relationship is deepening, but there is no overwhelming absorption capacity to either of the prefectural capitals in the metropolitan area.


MoreShikoku #Region,Takamatsu City EconomySee also.

From Takamatsu Station, the central station where the prefectural offices of Shikoku and other prefectures are locatedTokushima Station,Matsuyama Station,Kochi StationLimited express trains that connect the trains depart and arrive.Shikoku 8-figure networkBy the maintenance ofhighwayHowever, since it is directly connected to the prefectural capitals of other prefectures in Shikoku, exchanges within Shikoku are flourishing.According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's national trunk line passenger net flow data, as of 1990, Okayama Prefecture South was the number one destination for annual flow destinations by living area (movement across prefectural borders) from eastern Kagawa Prefecture, including Takamatsu City. However, as of 1, Tokushima ranked first, and exchanges with Ehime and Kochi are increasing.[17].

Surrounding city

cityNational roadhighwayTrainRemarks
Mima56 minutes42.0kmNot suitable for useNot suitable for use
Okayama CityXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes43.9kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes75.7km52 minutesFerries are included in the use of national roads.Use National Routes 2 and 30 from Hayashima IC on the expressway
Shikokuchuo CityXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes73.2km49 minutes69.1kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
TokushimaXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes74.4kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes68.4km57 minutesUse National Route 11 from Naruto IC on the highway
KochiXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes138.9kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes123.6kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
Matsuyama CityXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes158.3kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes151.1kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
Kobe CityXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes136.5kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutesRailroad use includes Shinkansen
Fukuyama CityXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes79.9kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes107.2kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutesFerries are included in the use of national roads.Railroad use includes Shinkansen

District / town name

In Takamatsu City, for the city areas merged after the 1940th merger in 4, branch offices or branch offices of local agencies that provide resident services are set up in each area.In statistics such as population, the jurisdiction unit is used as a "district".In addition, since the area newly incorporated into Takamatsu City in the Great Heisei Consolidation has a large area, the small units used in the town before the merger are referred to as a cohesive "district".

In the main office district, the range at the time of enforcement of the city system is defined as "city center", the former three villages are divided into each area, and the reclaimed land and those that became the main office district after that are classified as "others".



The buildings in Takamatsu City, which is said to be the city of branch economy, generally form "Little Tokyo" in the city area and are also the main street.Chuo-doriIs modernskyscraperLine up.Furthermore, among them, as a building that is changing the landscape,Takamatsu symbol tower,Kagawa Prefectural Office Main Building,Takamatsu City Hall,Kawaramachi Station Buildingand so on.Arcades have developed in the shopping district, forming another landscape.

In terms of height, it is the best commercial facility in ShikokuSkyscraper"Kagawa Prefectural Office Main Building" and "JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu" are known with "Takamatsu Symbol Tower" at the top.The house is a 19-story building built on the site of Kagawa Saiseikai Hospital (relocation) in XNUMX-chome, Sakuramachi.Tower mansionIn addition to "Alpha Tower Sakuramachi Prime House", many 14 high-rise condominiums have been built mainly in the city area and its neighboring areas.

List of high-rise buildings
  1. Takamatsu symbol tower(151m, 30 stories, 10.2m²)
  2. Kagawa Prefectural Office Main Building(113m, 22 stories, about 4m²)
  3. JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu(95m, 20 stories, 3.3m²)
  4. Kawaramachi Station Building(73m, 11 stories, 9.1m²)
  5. Takamatsu Sunport Joint Government Building A(66.83m, 14 stories, 2m²)
  6. Hyakuju BankMain store (66m, 16 stories)
  7. (64.17m, 19 stories)
  8. (62.4m, 13 stories)
  9. Takamatsu City Hall(60m, 13 stories)
  10. Shikoku Electric PowerHeadquarters (60m, 13 stories)
List of the highest-rise buildings in history

Redevelopment business

In shikokuPrefectural systemWhen was introducedState capitalRedevelopment projects are underway to attract customers and revitalize the shopping district.We aim to revitalize the economy without relying on the branch economy.


2003 According to the Housing and Land Statistics Survey, there are 69,200 owned houses, 5,800 publicly rented houses, 600 public corporation and public corporation rented houses, 42,000 privately rented houses, and 6,800 salaried houses.The total number of houses is 155,000, which exceeds the total number of households.

Public housing

In Takamatsu cityPublic housingThe number of managed units is2006 At that time, there were 57 municipal housing units with 4340 units and 20 prefectural housing units with 4900 units.[18]..Prefectural management has the largest number of units in a single housing complexNishikasuga housing complex884 units, followed by 730 units in the municipal Sumire housing complex, but the top two are allTsuruo districtIs located in.Municipal housing supply1951 Started in Japan, and now, in order to promote the supply of high-quality rental housing, we have introduced private sector vitality and specified excellent rental housing for middle-income and elderly people.Excellent rental housing for the elderlyWe have a system.

List of Municipal Housing in Takamatsu City[18]

List of prefectural housing in Takamatsu city[19]


At public elementary and junior high schools in Takamatsu, all schools in 20042-semester systemWas introduced, but returned to the three-term system in 2013[20]..In most of the elementary and junior high schools in the center, the number of students has decreased, and the problems of consolidation and revision of school districts have become major issues.



Professional junior college


Junior college


College of technology


high school


* Takamatsu Daiichi High School is set up by Takamatsu City, but Takamatsu City is not included in the name.

Special school

Junior high school


There is no junior high school on Megijima, so you will go to Takamatsu Daiichi Junior High School by sea.


primary school



  • Takamatsu City Takamatsu Daiichi Elementary School / Junior High School
    Matsushima / Tsukiji / Shin Shioya 3 Elementary Schools and Koyo /Inside the castleIntegrate 2 junior high schoolsElementary and junior high schoolAnd.The junior high school opened in advance in 2009, and the elementary school opened in 2010.The location is the former Matsushima Elementary School and the former Koyo Junior High School.The popular name for elementary and junior high school is "Takamatsu Daiichi Gakuen".
  • Takamatsu City Shinbancho Elementary School
    The three elementary schools of Nissin, Nibancho, and Yonbancho are integrated. Opened in 3.The location is the former Nibancho Elementary School.
  • Takamatsu Municipal Shioe Elementary School
    Yasuhara (including Toishi branch school), Shionoe, and Kaminishi are integrated. Opened in 3.Along with the renovation of Shioe Junior High School, it will be maintained as an integrated facility on the accompanying site (not an integrated elementary and junior high school).

Major medical institutions

As of October 2015, 10, there are 1 medical facilities and 691 beds in Takamatsu City.[21].Secondary medical area TheKida-gunMiki Town,Kagawa-gunNaoshima TownBelongs to the Takamatsu Medical Area[22].

In addition to this, in the adjacent Miki TownKagawa University HospitalThere are (613 beds).


Other in the cityProvincial citythe same as,Public transportThan道路Priority is given to the maintenance of.Therefore, the utilization rate of public transportation is low, and in Kagawa prefecture including Takamatsu city, the share rate of private cars accounts for 92%.AutomobileIt is one of the cities that are highly dependent on.In addition, there are many plains in Takamatsu city, and there are many flat roads, so it is called "bicycle kingdom".BicycleThere are many.

Chuo-dori (about 2.4km between Sunport Takamatsu and Ritsurin Garden), which runs north-south through the center of Takamatsu City, has a width of 33-36m and a median strip with a width of about 4m at 8m intervals.CamphorWas planted, and in 1986 (Showa 61)Top 100 Roads in JapanWas selected to[23].. In commemoration of the Takamatsu Tourism Expo held in 1949 (Showa 24), seedlings were donated by a local company at the request of Takamatsu City and planted over three years.[23].


In Takamatsu cityArea codeIs in the whole area087(TakamatsuMA).The same Takamatsu MA other than Takamatsu CitySanuki City(Shido, Kamosho, Oda, Kamobe, Sue), Ayauta-gunAyagawa Town, Kita-gunMiki Town, Kagawa-gunNaoshima TownThe entire area is 087, and local calls are possible within this area.The total number of Takamatsu MA subscribers is 21 lines[24].

In Takamatsu MA, the area code was 4 digits and the city code was 2 digits (0878-xx-xxxx).1997 (9)May 10By adding (shifting) the 8 at the end of the area code to the beginning of the city code as a measure against tightness, both the current area code and city code have become 3 digits (087-).8xx-xxxx)[25].

List of Takamatsu MA accommodation stations

Sightseeing / Events


Historic sites / nature
Museums and buildings
88 locations in Shikoku
Shikoku-class XNUMX sacred grounds
Public competition


  • Takamatsu Spring Festival / Flower Festival
    • For consecutive holidays in MayCentral ParkAn event held with flowers inside.A traffic safety festival will be held at the same time.
  • Sanuki Takamatsu Festival
    • Every yearMay 8 - May 8It will be held for 3 days.The main venue is Takamatsu Central Park, where comedians and singers hold event stages, yukata contests, and Sanuki udon eating contests. On the 13th, a fireworks display will be held off the coast of Asahishinmachi F district, and on the final day of the 14th, a total dance will be held on the main street Chuo-dori (both will be postponed the next day after rain).1973 1994 Was discontinued due to abnormal drought).The announcement of the festival is made on the TV and radio of RNC Nishinippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd., which is in charge.
  • Takamatsu Autumn Festival/Bushozan Daimyo Procession(May every year)
  • YOSAKOI Takamatsu Festival (October every year)
  • Takamatsu Winter Festival
    • 1987 From the 12rd Saturday of December every yearMay 12An event to be held during the Christmas season.The main venue is Takamatsu Central Park.For a while, a pre-event was being held in Sunport Takamatsu.Unlike the Sanuki Takamatsu Festival, the event announcement and the omnibus program of the holding period are broadcast by KSB Setonaikai Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
  • Takamatsu International Piano Competition
  • Iwaseo HachimanguAnnual festival
  • County City Opposition Genpei Ekiden
  • Sanuki Film Festival(May every year)
  • Takamatsu Stone Carving Triennale, the capital of Seto
  • Shioe Momiji Festival (Shioe Onsenkyo
  • Ritsurin Garden Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Hyouge Matsuri(Kagawa Town
    • Hyoge includes nuances such as "Hyokin" and "Funny".Sanuki dialectFrom "Hugena".As the name suggests, this is a strange festival in which participants parade through the town in a humorous fashion.
  • Mure Genpei Ishikari Road(Murecho)
  • Setouchi International Art Festival(Takamatsu Port, etc.)

Mass media

News (Chinese)

Inclusive of Takamatsu CityLocal newspaper TheShikoku ShimbunHas a share of about 6%.In the evening edition, the Nikkei newspaper is sold only at the JR Takamatsu Station store and the Lawson Takamatsu Kameicho store near the Takamatsu City Hall.Evening sports newspaperOsaka Sports-Daily Gendai-Evening FujiIs sold at convenience stores with a half-day delay as a morning edition due to the influence of transportation.

A newspaper company with a branch office in Takamatsu

National newspapers published in Kagawa Prefecture have branch offices and branch offices in Takamatsu City as bases for coverage activities and sales in Kagawa Prefecture.In addition, although local newspapers from other prefectures in Shikoku are not published in Kagawa Prefecture, we have a branch office in Takamatsu City as a sales base in Shikoku's largest economic city and as an interview base in the political and administrative center of Shikoku. There is.

National newspaper
Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Head OfficeDirectorate General Takamatsu: Takamatsu Citycommunity1-10-21, area in charge: Kagawa Prefecture
Asahi ShimbunDirectorate General Takamatsu: Takamatsu CityIn front of Tenjin2-1 、 Area in charge: Kagawa Prefecture
Mainichi ShimbunTakamatsu Branch: 17-32 Chuocho, Takamatsu City, Area in charge: Kagawa Prefecture
Nihon Keizai ShimbunTakamatsu Branch: 4-34 Tenjinmae, Takamatsu City, Area in charge: Kagawa Prefecture
Sankei ShimbunTakamatsu Branch: 7-10 Kajiyamachi, Takamatsu City, Area in charge: Kagawa Prefecture
Seikyo ShimbunShikoku branch office: 76-1 Chokushicho, Takamatsu City, area in charge: Shikoku
Local newspaper
Tokushima newspaperTakamatsu branch office: 2-3-8 Kotobukicho, Takamatsu City Tokushima Shimbun Takamatsu Building, area in charge: Shikoku (excluding Tokushima Prefecture), Okayama Prefecture
Ehime newspaperTakamatsu Branch Office: 3 Kajiyamachi, Takamatsu City, 4th floor, Kagawa Sanyu Building, Area in charge: Shikoku (excluding Ehime Prefecture), Okayama Prefecture
Kochi newspaperTakamatsu branch office: 1-6-1 Bancho, Takamatsu-shi Sumitomo Life Takamatsu Building, area in charge: Chugoku-Shikoku region (excluding Kochi prefecture)
Sanyo newspaperTakamatsu Branch: 3-1 Furujinmachi, Takamatsu City, 2nd floor of Tomei Building, Area in charge: Kagawa Prefecture

tv set

Terrestrial wavetv setIn broadcasting, in TakamatsuBroadcasting between Okayama and Kagawa prefecturesIs being done.2 stations in TakamatsuOkayamaThere are 3 stations in.

The environment for terrestrial television broadcasting isKagawaOkayamaThere are 5 stations in total, and in addition to thisNHKIs located.However, there are no independent commercial broadcasters, and all broadcasters are "capital-TokyoFive majorKey stationIt looks like a "branch office".

NHK Takamatsu Broadcasting Station is based in Takamatsu City,Nishinippon broadcastingSeto Inland Sea BroadcastingAlthough it was originally founded in Takamatsu City, it has two head offices, Takamatsu and Okayama, and the Okayama head office also has a studio function so that it can produce programs.However, both companies have their main program production and studio functions at the Takamatsu head office, and their registered head office is also at the Takamatsu head office.

Both commercial TV stations in both prefectures have transmission stationsmaster stationIs in Okayama prefectureMt.Kinko transmitting stationIt is installed in Kagawa Prefecture as a core transmission station in Kagawa Prefecture.Maedayama transmission stationIs in TakamatsuMaedayamaIt is installed in.The Maedayama transmission station is called "Takamatsu station", but only Nishinippon Broadcasting calls the transmission station installed at Kinkozan in Okayama "Takamatsu station", and the transmission station installed at Maedayama in Takamatsu Called "Maedayama Bureau".This is because the broadcasting area of ​​Nishinippon Broadcasting was initially only in Kagawa Prefecture, and the former parent station called "Takamatsu Station" at that timeGoshikidaiIt was installed in Aomine, but when each company unified the location of the parent station due to the mutual entry of commercial broadcasters in both Okayama and Kagawa prefectures, the parent station was treated as a relocation to Mt. Kinko and the name was also moved. ..

Digital terrestrial broadcastingInOkayama BroadcastingTakes the lead and gives "control signals necessary for video playback"excludeTest broadcastAnd thenSeto Inland Sea BroadcastingHas started a similar test broadcast.Both from the beginningAnalog broadcastingOf the same programSimul broadcastingMet.Even stations that did not start test broadcasting after that2006 (18)May 10"Control signals required for video playback" all at onceincludedTest broadcast (Sanyo Broadcasting TheMay 10,TV set TheMay 11Up to test video only, otherwise the same program as analog broadcastingSimul broadcasting) Start2006 (18)May 12"Main broadcast" was started.Fukuokaexcept forKyushu prefecturesTogether with it was the latest start in Japan.

Broadcasting station with branch offices in Takamatsu

In addition to broadcasting stations in Okayama prefecture that share the broadcasting target area, broadcasting stations in Shikoku and other prefecturesNewspaper companySimilarly, it has a branch office in Takamatsu City as a sales base in Shikoku's largest economic city and as an interview base in the political and administrative center of the Shikoku region.All of them are on the main streetChuo-doriLocated alongside, especially the branch offices of broadcasting stations in the Shikoku regionTakamatsu High CourtIt is concentrated in Kotobukicho, which is in front of.Also, onceEhime Asahi TVAlso had a branch office.

RSK Sanyo BroadcastingShikoku branch office: 3-1 Furujinmachi, Takamatsu-shi Tomei Building 2nd floor, area in charge: Shikoku
Okayama BroadcastingShikoku branch office: 8-1 Furujinmachi, Takamatsu-shi Shikoku Panasonic Building 2nd floor, area in charge: Shikoku / Others
TV setShikoku Branch: 2-1 Kameicho, Takamatsu City Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company Takamatsu Building 4th floor, area in charge: Shikoku
Shikoku BroadcastingTakamatsu branch office: 2-3-8 Kotobukicho, Takamatsu City Tokushima Shimbun Shikoku Broadcasting Takamatsu Building 4th floor, area in charge: Shikoku (excluding Tokushima prefecture), Okayama prefecture
Nankai BroadcastingTakamatsu branch office: 1-3-2 Kotobukicho, Takamatsu-shi Takamatsu Daiichi Seimei Building 4th floor, area in charge: Shikoku (excluding Ehime prefecture), Okayama prefecture
TV EhimeTakamatsu Branch: 1-2-5 Kotobukicho, Takamatsu City, 5th floor, Imon Takamatsu Building, Area in charge: Shikoku (excluding Ehime Prefecture), Okayama Prefecture
Kochi BroadcastingTakamatsu Branch: 1-6-1 Bancho, Takamatsu City Sumitomo Life Takamatsu Building 9th floor
Kochi-san TVTakamatsu Office: 1-2-5 Kotobukicho, Takamatsu City JPR Park West Takamatsu 5th floor


  • In addition to the ones listed below, with AM radio stations around the Seto Inland Sea coastShikoku BroadcastingAM can be received well.
Target radio frequency / transmitter
BroadcasterfrequencyOpeningoutputTransmitting station
NHK Takamatsu第 11368kHz1944 (19)May 55kWMatsunawacho
RNC West Japan Broadcasting Radio1449kHz1953 (28)May 10Kota Town
NHK Takamatsu No. 21035kHz1958 (33)May 61kWMatsunawacho
NHK Takamatsu FM86.0MHz1969 (44)May 31kWGoshikidaiAomine
FM Kagawa78.6MHz1988 (63)May 41kWGoshikidai Mitsumine
FM Takamatsu81.5MHz1996 (8)May 420WMt. Ishikiyo
RNC West Japan Broadcast Radio (Wide FM)90.3MHz2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)May 21kWGoshikidai Aomine

Cable TV




Music, theater companies, etc.


Famous people

★ is Takamatsu Tourism Ambassador

Local media


  • The garbage collection relationship differs between the city area before the merger and each old town, and the collection method will be the same as before until March 2008, 20.In addition, the designated garbage collection bags of each old town can be used as Takamatsu City designated collection bags until the same day.


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Sanuki Shioe (northwest)Sanuki Shioe (northeast)Nishiakatani (northwest)

Sanuki Shioe (southwest)Sanuki Shioe (southeast)Nishiakatani (southwest)

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