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😷 | Coming-of-age ceremony XNUMX months late with the new corona that will be memorable for a lifetime <Miyagi Prefecture>


Coming-of-age ceremony XNUMX months late with the new corona that will be memorable for a lifetime <Miyagi Prefecture>

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Kesennuma Community Hall, which was the venue for the coming-of-age ceremony.

The coming-of-age ceremony in Kesennuma City, which had been postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, was finally held on the XNUMXrd, about XNUMX months later ... → Continue reading

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Coming-of-age ceremony

Coming-of-age ceremony(Seijinshiki) is a coming-of-age ceremony年度WithinMitsuruPeople who are 20 years oldSchool ageFor eachJapan OfLocal governmentEvery mainly the second Monday of January (成人 の 日) Is an event to encourage and congratulate.Hold lectures and give souvenirs.Since each local government is voluntarily conducting it, not sponsored by the Japanese government, the school age system for 20 years old is the same, but there are also local governments that sponsor it on days other than Coming of Age Day.[1].


The ritual of celebrating adults has been around for a long time.BoysToFormer clothes-Loincloth,womanToDress・ There was hair tying.Cultural anthropology,folkloreSo, these thingsRite of passageTreat as one of (initiation).royalComing-of-age ceremonyLaterAs you can see, it was held from 1909 to 1947.

Today's form of coming-of-age ceremony in Japan isSecond World WarSoon after the defeat1946 (Showa21 years)May 11,SaitamaKitadachi-gunWarabi Town (currently:蕨 市It is a well-established theory that the roots of the "Youth Festival" held in)[2].defeatTo encourage the young people who will lead the next generation to have bright hope at the time when they were in a state of collapse.[3], The leader of the Warabi Town Youth Group in Saitama Prefecture at that timeShojiro Takahashi(Mayor Warabi) became the advocate and planned the youth festival, and in the schoolyard of Warabi Daiichi National School (currently :)tentThe youth festival program "adultIt was done as a "ceremony".This "coming-of-age ceremony" spread all over the country and became the current coming-of-age ceremony.In Warabi City, it is still called "coming-of-age ceremony".[3],1979 (Showa 54)成人 の 日In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Coming-of-Age Day, a monument of "the birthplace of the coming-of-age ceremony" was erected by the city.

Inspired by the "Youth Festival" in Warabi TownJapanese GovernmentIs two years later1948 Promulgated and enforced in (Showa 23)Holiday lawThe following day, with the intent of "celebrating a young man who is aware that he has grown up and is trying to survive himself."1949 From (Showa 24)May 1The成人 の 日Specified in[3].. Since then, coming-of-age ceremonies have been held on this day in most regions. afterwards,1998 (Heisei10 years)Holiday lawAmendment (Happy Monday system)2000 From (12), Coming-of-Age DayOctober第 2MondayI'm moving to. In addition, it should be noted2018 By a nearby surveyNagoya city,AlsoMiyazakiHigashiusuki-gunMorozukaAlso claims to be the birthplace[4].


The adults who participate in the coming-of-age ceremony are originally supposed to celebrate those who have their birthdays from the day after "Coming-of-Age Day" of the previous year to "Coming-of-Age Day" of that year.However, recently (especially after the introduction of the Happy Monday system), the so-called school-age system, in which adults are targeted for participation in the ceremony from April of the previous year to March of that year, has become established.However, for new adults who have not reached their birthdayUnderage Drinking Prohibition Law-Underage Smoking Prohibition LawByliqueurDrink orsmokingIt is forbidden to do anything.

In the case of the age system, a person born early on a late birthday may become a stranger to other participants, or due to the Happy Monday system, the coming-of-age day of the year is 19 years old and the coming-of-age day of the following year is 21 years old. Case to become[Annotation 1]There is a history of changing to the school age method due to the existence.

otherHokkaidoSapporoとHiroshimaHiroshima cityNow, let's target those who will be celebrating their 1th birthday in the past year to participate in the coming-of-age ceremony.calendar yearThe method was used[Annotation 2]..However, in college entrance examsIchinamiIn addition to the fact that it is often difficult to attend the ceremony just by doing so, if a person who was not eligible for the coming-of-age ceremony in another municipality in the previous year moved to school or transfer the following year, he or she will not be able to participate in the ceremony for two consecutive years. Since 2, both cities have been changed to the school-age system.[Annotation 3].

1960 eraUntil then, more than half of new adults are already in societyWorking youthWas,1970 eraSince then, students going on to university / vocational school (率) And the decrease in the number of junior high school graduates and high school graduates, the ratio of enrolled students in the total number of new adults is increasing year by year, and it continues to this day.

The Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (December 2019, 12) estimates that the population of new adults in January 31 will be 2020 million. Percentage of the total population has fallen below 1% for 122 consecutive years[5].

Participation of foreigners such as technical intern trainees and international students is also increasing. 2020,MiyagiShiogamaSo I sent an invitation in Indonesian, Vietnamese, English and easy Japanese[6].. The number of foreign participants in 2019 was 6 people, about 30% of the total.[6].

Movements associated with lowering the adult age

In 2022, the revision of the Civil Code will reduce the adult age to 18, but if the 18-year-old has an examination or employment, he invites a person who is 20 years old, etc.Hachioji CityEtc. are answering[7][8]..There is also a movement to change the name in preparation for the difference between the adult age and the age of the participants.[9].

Iga CityWill change to a ceremony for 18 years old, and in 2023, the last ceremony in the conventional format will be held in January, and the ceremony for the grade to reach 1 years old will be held in March, on May 19, 3. It is a policy to hold a ceremony for the grade when everyone turned 2023 years old across the years[10][11].


The coming-of-age ceremony is成人 の 日, Or the day before (alwaysSundayIt is often held in some areas, but not always in some areas.

成人 の 日Ceremony held in other than that yearGolden week,Obon(Old tray), orNew year three dayからKadomatsuTo doMunicipalityThere are also many. For example, in 2017NiigataIs Coming-of-Age DayMay 1There is no case to implement in, the day beforeMay 1There are only 2 cities (2 venues), and the rest is held in March, April, May, or August.[13].

Especially in heavy snowfall areasOctoberIn areas where it is warmer than (there is a problem that snow stains the clothes) and many people leave their hometown to get a job or go on to school, many people go home.October OfGolden week,October OfObonThis is because it is easier to participate in the event. The local government, which used to be held in January, is now in May (Niigata Prefecture).Nagaoka5 regions[13][Annotation 4]) And August (the remaining 8 areas in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture)[13],WakayamaHigashimuro-gunTaiji Town[Annotation 5],IshikawaHebei-gunTsubata Town[Annotation 6]) Has been changed by some local governments[15].

In 1988Emperor ShowaDue to the self-restraint caused by the demise of the crown, some local governments canceled or postponed (including re-postponing) the ceremony in 2020 due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.[16][17][18].ShizuokaYaizu CityIn 2020, some local governments changed the holding method and implemented it as planned.[19].


In most cases, the city can accommodate a large number of participantsMultipurpose hallOr largegymnasiumIs used[13].Government-designated city,Core cityIn the case of a large city such as, the city is held at one venue[Annotation 7],Administrative districtOr a city that has a venue for each area equivalent to it[Annotation 8], A city with venues for each subdivided district[Annotation 9]And various. Also,Great Heisei mergerEven local governments whose area has expanded due to such reasons may set up venues in each area where it is easy to participate, such as the local government unit before the merger.[Annotation 10].

Local as a characteristic venueTheme parkSome local governments hold it in. As an example from 1998 to 2013FukuokaKitakyushuInSpace worldComing-of-age ceremony at (closed at 2018:1 am on January 1, 2)[Annotation 11], Continued since 2002ChibaUrayasu cityAtTokyo Disney ResortComing-of-age ceremony at[Annotation 12][31][32],AichiAnjo City OfDen ParkComing-of-age ceremony at[33] and so on. In the case of Urayasu City, it is taken up by the media, but there are criticisms. For example, January 2006, 1Asahi ShimbunEvening edition 1 page "Elementary particles"A new adult in Urayasu. If you look happy with the rat dance in the amusement park, you will be reminded of the future."

ChibaNarita CityThen, because the venue facility where the coming-of-age ceremony was held every year was renovated, in January 2015Narita International Airport第 2Terminal buildingIt was held in the previous outdoor space. Since then, it continues as of 2018[34].

Nagoya cityOf the 16 wardsHigashi Ward-Naka-ku-Showa Ward-AtsutaIn 12 wards excludingprimary school OfSchool districtComing-of-age ceremonies are held mainly at school facilities. There are 2018 coming-of-age ceremonies in the city held in 174.[35][36].

In addition, some local governments need to apply in advance to participate in the coming-of-age ceremony.[Annotation 13].. In addition, some places have a membership fee system (for example, Aichi Prefecture).Inuyama[39]).


Delay in redefining the purpose

January 2004横 浜 市Public awareness survey conducted by the Board of Education[40] According to the report, the original purpose of "events for new adults to become aware that they have grown up" is the most common in most generations, but among the target groups of minors, new adults, and 20s. "Friends meet again"Alumni Association”Is about 2% to 3%. In addition, for women in their twenties and under, "suits andSunny clothesThe number of "events where new adults meet in one place" is in the 2% range, and it can be seen that the purpose setting of the event on the host side is diverging from the expectations of the participants.

In the above survey, 82.7% of high school students and minors answered that they would like to participate in the coming-of-age ceremony, and 17.2% did not want to participate. Among the responses from high school students and minors, the most common reason for not participating was "because I am not interested in the content" at 36.8%.singerDue toconcertRegarding attractions such as these, more than 50% of high school students, minors, and new adults answered that they needed them.Mayor,政治家Regarding the introduction of guests, etc., more than half of all generations answered that they did not need it, and the Yokohama City proposal stated that the entire ceremony was held.RedundancyIt is one of the factors that make the content scarce. "

Decrease in attendance

Originally, the coming-of-age ceremony, as the purpose of the law, blesses and encourages young people who have reached a certain age, and the participants create a better society as responsible and independent members of society. It was to make a decision to contribute to the society and to widely enlighten the society.

But,1970 eraWhen you enterExamination warDue to intensification ofRoninIncreased, in additionUniversity entrance examination center examination(OldCommon first-stage academic ability test) And the date and time overlap[Annotation 14]Many new adults did not attend.Yokohama City Board of Education Public Awareness Survey[40] では新成人では成人式に「参加した」という回答は74.6%、「参加しなかった」は25.4%で、20代では「参加した」が 69.9%、「参加しなかった」は30.1%となっている。新成人・20代の回答では参加した理由としては「一生に一度のことなので、とりあえず参加した」が45%前後で最も多く、参加しなかった理由としては「仕事や勉強などで時間がなかったから」が新成人18.8%、20代28.2%で最も多かった。

Recently, some local governments have devised ways to increase the attendance rate.[41].

Urban and county

UrbanizationThe number of people attending the coming-of-age ceremony in the county decreased, while the number of people in the urban area increased significantly.

In the county area, many people go out to urban areas after graduating from high school to go on to university or get a job, and university students have already finished their winter vacation and working adults have already gone out.New year three dayIt was difficult for me to go home just for the coming-of-age ceremony on January 1th. As a result, the number of local governments holding coming-of-age ceremonies during the Obon festival has increased in the counties. In addition, the coming-of-age ceremony guide is often sent based on the resident's card, etc., and the coming-of-age ceremony guide in your hometown may not come. If you want to attend the coming-of-age ceremony of a municipality different from your current address, you need to apply to the municipality of your choice. From every 15, when Coming-of-Age Day shifts to the second Monday, there are many cases where it is held the day before in rural areas (city below the core city). In addition, even at this time of year, it is difficult to return home, or even if you can return home, the physical burden is heavy, and unlike Obon, there are cases where the season is the same as New Year's.[42].

Deterioration of morals

Box administrationWhile being toldPublic worksBy the latter half of 1990, when the budget for the coming-of-age ceremony continued to increase, the facilities that could hold the coming-of-age ceremony were expanded in urban areas. However, after the early 1990s, when the second baby boom generation reached the coming-of-age ceremony,YoungerThe number of adults has been steadily decreasing due to the influence of. By the end of the 1990s, vacant seats at the ceremony venue became more prominent in urban areas. In addition, due to the increase in vacant seats, people who could not enter the venue in the past can now enter the venue, and it has become apparent that it was done outside the venue and did not cause any problems. For example, in the venue where my language does not fitMobile phoneIn some cases, a group of new adults rampages at the venue and interferes with the ceremony.Obstruction of public affairsFocusing on cases caused byArrestedSome cities, towns and villages have developed into a turmoil (eg, in 2001).Takamatsu). In addition, since 1, when Coming-of-Age Day moved to the second Monday of January, most local governments have adopted the school-age system for adults, so the coming-of-age ceremony is effectively used in junior high school and high school.Alumni AssociationIt has come to be understood in a specific sense.

Furthermore, even if the young people attending the ceremony are dressed up in kimono on the outside, they are so absorbed in chatting with friends they have met for the first time in a long time, and are interested in the ceremony and lectures by the mayor of the local government. The ceremony is noisy without showing. As a result, the coming-of-age ceremony, which is a place where you should make a decision as a full-fledged adult, has become a place where youth's morale declines. This kind of phenomenon is a coming-of-age ceremonySeven hundred fifty-three phenomenaSay. Even in the 21st century, various problems have occurred in various places.

comedycombination"London boots No. 1 No. 2"ofAtsushi Tamura 2016 (Heisei28 years)May 1ToTwitterAs a result of conducting a questionnaire about the coming-of-age ceremony, about 18 votes were collected by 6:900 the next day, and 70% indicated that the coming-of-age ceremony itself was necessary. , "Necessary as before" is only 33%, "Need to change shape" is 35%, "Not necessary" is 23%, "I don't know" is 9%, and some change of the current situation including abolition is necessary. More than half of the respondents[43].

Coming-of-age business

The unit price is high at the coming-of-age ceremonykimono・ Kimono (especially for womenFurisode) Is worn by many new adults, so it is considered to be the biggest earning time for the kimono industry. In recent years, as Japanese people are moving away from kimono and the number of dry-goods dealers is steadily decreasing, it is a rare opportunity to appeal the goodness of kimono to young people. Men are crested in recent yearsHakamaThe appearance of participating in kimono such as is also conspicuous. Kimono is expensive, so you can rent it or get it from your mother.FallingMany people can do it[44].

In addition, dressing for new adultsmake up・ Do hair and makeupBeautyFor the industry, coming-of-age day is a time to earn money. In addition, before the coming-of-age ceremony, we hold make-up classes for new adults who are starting to make up in earnest.CosmeticsThere is a movement in the cosmetics industry to promote the product, and a new adult who has finished dressing on the day of the ceremony takes a commemorative photo.写真 館However, the competition for new adults in related businesses is heating up, with emphasis on advertising.

In 2018横 浜 市A company that sells furisode, etc.Hare no HiWas suddenly suspended on January 1th, which is Coming-of-Age Day of the same year, so new adults who had reserved dressing by purchase or rental from the company could not wear sunny clothes and canceled participation in the ceremony. Occurred a situation such as[45].. Some customers of the company paid a reservation fee for the coming-of-age ceremony two years from now, and a person in the kimono industry pointed out that "the traders are preempting customers due to the declining birthrate."[2].

Furisode is now a tradition for women like "coming-of-age uniforms"[46], This is a "made illusion" of the kimono producerKo Ishizakiaccording to,Second World WarThe kimono industry, which was in a state of destruction due to the prohibition of luxury goods inside, was in the 30's (XNUMX's)1950 eraSecond half~1960 eraIn the first half), we focused on the coming-of-age ceremony as a reconstruction measure, and with the above-mentioned "genpuku" as a hint, we tried to have the unmarried women wear furisode for the coming-of-age ceremony.Department storeIt is said that it was the trigger that moved to the center. Of the kimono market, which is currently estimated to be about 2800 billion yen, the coming-of-age kimono-related market is important at about 700 billion yen. "Women are furisode" was not established from the beginning when the coming-of-age customs began to spread, and according to Warabi City, the clothes of the participants of the "Youth Festival" mentioned above were "Men areNational clothes,women areMonpe"was[47].

On the other hand, it is known that many new adults wear flashy costumes.KitakyushuAt the coming-of-age ceremony, new adults who ordered costumes believed in false rumors that they did not have to pay the costume fee, and there are cases where they step on the costume fee, and the costume rental shop side is new. Proceedings against adults one after another[48].

Various coming-of-age ceremonies

In-house coming-of-age ceremony

An industry that employs many high school graduates every year, and holidays are the time to fill inDepartment store,Supermarket,Restaurant industrySuch as retailTrain-Orbit,Sightseeing busandShipTransportation business, such asSteel,Chemical, Textile, papermaking,AutomobileManufacturing industry, such aselectricity-City GasIn such cases, due to the nature of the businessShift work,Shift workTherefore, many people cannot participate in the coming-of-age ceremony held by the municipalities.

Therefore, in these industries, many companies held their own coming-of-age ceremony in-house (in the workplace). To be representativeHato bus,Meitetsu Group,Fuji Expressand so on. However1990 eraSince then, due to the recession and the increase in university enrollment,high schoolAs more companies do not hire graduates, fewer employees turn 20 (Employment ice ageSee also),in additionRestructuringMany companies have canceled the in-house coming-of-age ceremony as they have been pushing ahead with cost reductions. vice versa,ToyotaIs at your kneesToyota City(Most venues)AichiIn some of the cities, towns and villages around it, the company's business schedule (Toyota calendar), The date of the coming-of-age ceremony is shifted.

SDF,Coast Guard CollegeBasically, it is a dormitory system, and some people cannot attend because the work schedule overlaps with the coming-of-age ceremony in their hometown.GarrisonAnd bases, Japan Coast Guard AcademyNational Defense AcademyComing-of-age ceremonies are held individually at educational facilities such as.Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceThen released the parking brakeFH70(Matsuyama Garrison)[49][50] ,tankAnd tug of war (Kita Eniwa Garrison)[51] There are characteristics for each garrison and unit.JMSDFAmong the members ofNewsIf you were on boardAntarcticComing-of-age ceremony may be held at[52][53].

Rehabilitation facility for people with intellectual disabilitiesな どBoarding systemComing-of-age ceremonies for residents are also held at these facilities.

As with the above occupations, celebrities often have holidays at the time of entry, so the entertainment agency unit[Annotation 15]And as a peculiar exampleAKB48Is holding a similar coming-of-age ceremony jointly with a sister group[55].

Coming-of-age ceremonies in various places

OkinawaIshigakijima OfIshigakiIn Shiraho, events such as "adults gather villagers in the public hall and express the joy of adulthood and gratitude for the village by dancing" are traditionally held.TV station OfWide showBut "it's a rough patternComing-of-age ceremony in OkinawaIn ", this is taken up. There are many coming-of-age ceremonies of this type in some regions.

1/2 coming-of-age ceremony, standing ceremony, etc.

recently,school event,Comprehensive learning timeFor (comprehensive learning) etc., for 20 years old (most people will meet when they are in the 10th grade of elementary school), which is half the age of 4 years old1/2 coming-of-age ceremony"(Nibun no Ichisei Jinshiki),"Ten-year-old ceremonyThe number of elementary schools that open "Jisaishiki" is increasing nationwide. 1/2 turned 10 years old in connection with coming-of-age ceremonyDaughterThere is家庭Then,motherTalk with my daughter and togetherFirst braSome manufacturers recommend buying[56].

Also, some junior high schools are in the second or third year of junior high schoolschool eventAsStanding ceremony"(Rishiki),"Lichun ceremony"(Lichun),"Juvenile"(Shonenshiki),"Genpuku ceremonyThere is a place to do "Genpuku". This is an old coming-of-age ceremonyFormer clothesSince the time to reach is the time of the current junior high school students, it also has the meaning of learning the custom.

Second coming-of-age ceremony, thirty ceremony, etc.

さ ら に,Right to voteCelebrate 25 years oldSecond coming-of-age ceremony(Daini Seijinshiki) has also begun to be held. The first time2010 (22)May 1of"成人 の 日ToTokyoNakano OfNakano SangurazaIt was held in.

In addition, in 30 (Heisei 2012), as an event to encourage and congratulate those who are turning 24 years old.Thirty type(Miso Jishiki),KanagawaKawasaki Cityso,30-year-old coming-of-age ceremony KyotoYosano-gunYosano TownIt was opened in. The thirty-way ceremony is in Kanagawa prefecture, with the aim of confirming ties with classmates who have left their hometown and strengthening ties with the local community.Hiratsuka,Hokkaido,Osaka,Niigata, Josui Hall, Meiji Kinenkan, etc., 30-year-old coming-of-age ceremony is in Kitakyushu City,横 浜 市,FukushimaIwaki,Fukuoka City,MiyagiShiogama, The movement of holding is spreading even in the banquet hall of the hotel.

ChibaThen,Toshito KumagaiWith the mayorRyota Yamazato(Nankai Candies-Hanami River Ward"From 40 years old W (20 years old x 2) coming-of-age ceremony" became the founder2018 It came to be done from.

Japanese royal family

Emperor,Crown princeas well as the Crown princeAdult age isImperial ruleIs 18 years old.

1909 (February 42, 2)Imperial lawFrom No. 4)royalOut ofEmperor,Crown princeas well as the Crown prince,Prince,王The coming-of-age ceremony has come to be held for1947 OfAbolition of imperial decree and attached lawsAbolished by[57].. The royal coming-of-age ceremonyEmperorAnd it was a ritual performed when the imperial family reached the age of majority.According to the decree, the emperor, crown prince and grandson were 18 years old, and the other royal families were 20 years old.

In the case of the emperor, it is performed in front of the wise place (Article 5), and it is dedicated to the wise place, the imperial spirit hall and the temple, and the messenger is made to worship at the shrine, the emperor Jimmu mountain tomb, and the mountain tomb of the late emperor (Article 3). After the ceremony, we will have an audience at the Emperor's Temple and the Temple, and we will also have an audience with the Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager, and we will receive the Asaga at the main hall and receive a feast in the palace (Article 5 and below).

In the case of the royal family, it is held in front of the wise place, and it is done in front of the shrine and temple, and the emperor, empress, empress dowager and empress dowager are seen in the morning (Articles 9, 11 and 12).

In the case of the crown prince and the crown prince, he dedicates himself to the sage, the shrine and the temple on the day of the ceremony, and after the ceremony, he has a feast in the palace (Articles 10 and 12).

Circumstances outside Japan

In other countries, there are few countries like Japan that hold festivals to celebrate the age of majority all over the country.People's Republic of ChinaIn such cases, the event of adulthood (18 years old) may be expressed as a coming-of-age ceremony.[58]..In the United States, at the age of 15, parents give knives and rifles to their children to teach them how to handle them, and make them aware that they have joined the ranks of "adults."

adultThe age of majority varies from country to country, but of the 187 countries / regions with adult age data, 141 countries / regions have an adult age of 18 (including 16 and 17).[59].

(* For the age of majority in each country in the world, see "List of adult ages in the world(See)

Coming-of-age ceremony of tribes, etc.


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