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😷 | New coronavirus… Confirmed 3 new infections Akita


New coronavirus ... Confirmed 3 new infections Akita

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This is an account for "Akita TV" (Fuji TV series) news.

Akita Prefecture announced on the 23rd that three new people were infected with the new coronavirus.The infection was confirmed at Daisen Health Center ... → Continue reading

 Akita TV

"Akita TV" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Akita Prefecture.

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Fuji TV series

Fuji TV seriesWhat is (Fuji TV Keiretsu)?Fuji TelevisionTheKey stationToBroadcaster Ofnetwork.


There are two networks in the Fuji TV series.one Fuji News Network(Fuji News Network, FNN), and the other isFuji network(Fuji Network System, FNS).The former isNEWSThe latter aims to supply programs, and the latter to supply other broadcast programs.

All member stations are TV-only, and become FNN / FNS affiliated stationsLatteThere is no station[1].

List of Fuji TV series

Terrestrial wave

Satellite broadcasting


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ Incidentally,Fuji Television(CX),Tokai TV broadcasting(THK)Radio stations(RespectivelyNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.とTokai Radio Broadcast) To an affiliated company.In stations that had an affiliated relationship in the pastKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(in factNETseriesCross net.At that time, ANN and FNN / FNS as an organization were not established)Sapporo TV Broadcasting(NTV seriesCross net with.Fuji TV series is not a member of FNN.The radio division was spun off after the unification of Nippon Television Network System) was also operated as a latte.

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Akita TV

Akita Television Co., Ltd.(Akita TV,British: Akita Television Co., Ltd.) IsAkitaTheBroadcast target areaage,Television broadcastingDoing businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

Abbreviation isACT(AKita TV).callsign TheJOBI-DTV(Call name: AKT Akita Television Digital Television).


Fuji TV seriesBelong to.

The head office location isAkita CityYahashihonmachi2-14-XNUMX.For major shareholdersYomiuri Shimbun,Asahi ShimbunAlso listed.Also, like Akita Broadcasting SystemAkita Satoshi ShinpoThere is a connection with.

In addition, Akita Electric Light NewsAkita AirportIt was installed at Sanno Crossroads.PreviouslyAkita StationIt was also a news distributor (also at the west exit).title isAKT News.

Capital structure

The names of companies and organizations and the titles of individuals are as of the time. Source:[1][2][3][4][5]

March 2015, 3-March 31, 2016

CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
3 million yen36,000 share143
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Fuji Media Holdings8,795 share24.43%
Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office3,550 share09.86%
Asahi Shimbun3,230 share08.97%
Akita Satoshi Shinpo2,310 share06.41%
Kamei1,650 share04.58%
Gold coin1,650 share04.58%
TV Asahi Holdings1,540 share04.27%

Past capital structure


  • 1968
    • November 11st-Obtaining a TV Preliminary License
    • December 12-Established Akita You HTV Corporation.
  • 1969
    • May 5-Changed the company name to Akita Television Co., Ltd.
    • October 10st-Second in Akita PrefectureCommercial broadcastOpened as a TV station (same FNN affiliate)Fukui TVOn the same day), color broadcasting was carried out at the same time. The main broadcast starts at 8:00. In addition, at the beginning of broadcasting, except Sunday, from 10:30 to 11:51, ``Test patternWas flowing.
  • 1980 July 7-Start of multiple audio broadcasting on TV.
  • 1981 August 4- ANNAlso joinedFuji Television Network, Inc-TV AsahiBecome a cross-net station of both series.
  • 1987 August 3- ANNWithdrawal.1992 May 10To AABAkita Asahi BroadcastingAkita Prefecture will be an ANN blank area for five and a half years before the opening of the station.Some TV Asahi programs could not be completed due to specific circumstances (most of them).ABCContinued online only for production).
  • 1992 January-Completion of new office building.Moved to the current office building.
  • 1998 February-Subtitle broadcasting started.
  • 1999
    • April 4st-This year marks the 1th anniversary of the opening of the station.CIImplementation, the company name logo becomes the current one.
    • October 10-1th anniversary of the opening.
  • 2006
    • August 6- Terrestrial digital television broadcastingUpdated to the corresponding master (ToshibaMade).
    • April 7-Digital Terrestrial TelevisionTest broadcastStart.
    • August 8- High definitionAs a result of the implementation, the news program of AKT will be compatible with high definition.
    • September 9-This license for terrestrial digital television broadcasting is issued.
    • October 10-Digital terrestrial television main broadcast started (call sign: JOBI-DTV) A special program will be broadcast in a four-part system from the start of broadcasting. In addition, terrestrial digital broadcasting has also started at the Omagari relay station and Odate relay station.
  • 2007
    • September 9-Digital terrestrial broadcasting started at Noshiro relay station and Takanosu relay station.
    • October 10-Digital terrestrial broadcasting started at Yuzawa relay station and Hanawa relay station.
    • November 11-Digital terrestrial broadcasting started at Honjo relay station.
  • 2008
    • January 1-Added master update for digital terrestrial television broadcasting. Almost all self-produced programs will be converted to high-definition.
    • July 7-For some programs, "Analog" is started to be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen instead of "HV (High-definition production)" in analog broadcasting.
  • 2009
    • January 1-"Analog" for analog broadcasting and the station logo for digital broadcasting are displayed on the upper right of the screen.WatermarkThe usual notation of is started.
    • October 10st-1th anniversary of the opening of the station. (A special program commemorating the opening of the station will be broadcast live for 40 hours and 10 minutes on October 3)
  • 2011 July 7-End of analog broadcasting.
  • 2012 March-Fuji Media HoldingsEquity method affiliatebecome[9].
  • 2019 October 10st-Celebrate the 1th anniversary of the opening of the station.

Network transition

* According to "Broadcast Culture" magazine, the reason for joining ANN is to broadcast information programs of TV Asahi.[Source required]..However, in reality, the national network at that timeWide showwas"Morning show","Afternoon show"and,Saturday morning ABC production frameWas continued to be broadcast on Akita Broadcasting System, and was never transferred to Akita Television.

About G Guide in Akita Prefecture

G guideIs originally TBS TV in various places (JNN) The affiliated station is the host station, but as mentioned above, there is no same station in Akita prefecture, so the main station distributes G-guide data.[12].

Main transmitting stations/relay stations

  • Remote control key ID 8
  • Call Name: AKT Akita Television Digital Television
  • Call sign: JOBI-DTV (Broadcast started on October 2006, 10, also used as FM Akita)
    • Akita 21ch 1 kW
    • Odate 18ch 10W
    • Omagari 26ch 30W
    • Noshiro 46ch 10W
    • Takanosu 39ch 10W
    • Yuzawa 20ch 2W
    • Wreath 29ch 10W
    • Honjo 47ch 10W

Analog broadcasting

As of July 2011, 7


Related Companies

Information camera

ス タ ジ オ


(The year in parentheses is the year of joining the company)
NameYear of joiningformer job
Tetsuya Takeda [13]1994
Tomohiro Takahashi2007 → Newsroom reporter → Return
Toshifumi Takeshima2010
Takuya Sugi2017 Cherry TV
Keita Takahashi2020 Shizuoka Asahi TV→IBC Iwate Broadcasting→Ibaraki Broadcasting
Tomoya Takahashi2020
Toko Tani[14]1997
Mirai Kato2012
Seiko Yashiro2013
Natsumi Sato2017
Haruka Sato2018 [Annotation 1]
Sakiko Sugawara2019 Radio Fukushima
Aizumi Sato2020
Yuka Uchida2021

Announcer who was enrolled in the past

NameEnrollment periodRemarks
Koichi Shioda1969 - 2006 Octoberretirement
Suzuki Suzuki1971 - 2004 October→Member of the House of Councilors
Masato Ishizuka1978 -→ Director of Press Production Bureau → Director of Sales Bureau → Managing Director → Current President
Toshikazu Kato1987 -→ Director of Press Production Bureau
Tomohiko Fujita1998 October - 2003 OctoberCherry TV記者After that, now South KoreaでJapaneseteacher
Yuichi Takizawa2004 - 2007 October
Takehiro Senda2004- 2008 OctoberIwate Menkoi TV→Tono TV→Iwate Menkoi TV
Ryo Kumasaka2009 October -March 2020Kagoshima Broadcasting→ Akita TV → Shizuoka broadcastingReporter
Yuki Seki2013 10 month - 2016 OctoberGifu Chan → Akita TV → Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting → Gunma TV
Seijun Sato2015 -2018
NameEnrollment periodRemarks
Junko IshigoFreelance in Akita
Takako UtsunomiyaFreelance in Akita
Yumiko Watanabe
Noriko Takahashi⇒ Former Sigma Seven free announcer
Toyoshima Yayoi
Mutsumi Matsuhashimarriageretirement
Mika Sato
Akiko Miyakoshi1994 -
Sayaka Shinkai1996 -
Yukiko Hara1996-
Akiko Hirata2002 -Unknown
Rumiko Hosaka
Kazue Nakamura2002-Retired due to personal reasons
Itsuki YokoyamaTemporary contract
Keiko Sasaki1991 -Unknown
Kaoru Watabiki1992 -UnknownFree activity in Akita
Ayako Muto1998 -
Misaki Goto2007 - 2009 OctoberTransferred to the current surname, Koyama, and other departments
Chigusa Ide2003 October - 2010 OctoberTransferred from NHK (Kanto area) contract caster → Akita Television
Chiaki Katagiri2005 - 2011 OctoberCent force→Green media
Naoko Kan2008 - 2012 OctoberNHK Akita Broadcasting StationContract caster → Akita TV → Construction newspaper reporter
→Good Morning
Ishizuka Chisato2013-Transfer to another department
Mizuho Nagashima2007-March 2014→Keizo Production
Minako Goto2006-March 2016→ Free announcer
Shizuko Ishii2008-March 2016→ NHK Yamaguchi Broadcasting StationContract → Free
Midori Hosoya2015 -2018NHK Mito Broadcasting StationContract caster → Akita TV → Limelight

TV program

In-house program

* SD:Standard definition videoProduction

Program nameAirtimeRemarks
WeatherMonday-Wednesday 4:45-4:55
Thursday and Friday 4:10-4:20
Saturday and Sunday 4:50-5:00
2007 Until January, it was a 1-minute broadcast start, but from February it became a 1-minute program.
Live News AkitaMonday-Friday 16:50-19:00
Saturday and Sunday 17:30-17:55
*Nationwide news version is subtitled
CATCH UP! marimari +Friday 9:50-10:45Moved and expanded to the present time from October of the same year after 2019:4-9:16 on Thursday, April-September, 20.
Ishigaki MasakazuAppreciate! Before lunchFriday 10:50-11:20
JA Green SquareSaturday 11: 00 - 11: 25
Saturday LIVE! AkitaSaturday 17: 55 - 18: 30
FNN AKT NewsSunday 6:00-6:15 / 11:50-12:00
Deeep FlightMonday 26:45-27:15
Tuesday 26:30-27:00
Wednesday 26:35-27:05
Thursday 26:20-26:50
After broadcasting this, it will be closing.
It's healthyFriday 16:20-16:50Seasonal broadcast
Go to GOLF with Toshiro Yanagiba's GIBA!Saturday 11: 25 - 11: 45The program will be rebroadcast during the off-season of golf.
AKT New Year special programOn New Year's Day, the Fuji series drama re-broadcast frame (the situation varies depending on the year) will be replaced and broadcast.
Akita BiographySaturday 13: 30 - 14: 25Irregular broadcasting
Towada Hachimantai Ekiden RaceLate August every yearFNS seriesIwate Menkoi TVAnd TBSAomori TVBut broadcast.
Heisei ○○ High School Entrance Examination Answers/CommentaryBroadcast in the evening on the entrance examination day (early March)
Blau Blitz AkitaHome game relay
Akita Northern HappinetsHome game relay

Mini show

  • Weather forecast (Monday-Friday around 6:50-6:52 (Mezamashi TV』, Friday 10:45-10:50, Monday-Thursday/Sunday 21:54-22:00, Friday 22:54-23:00, Saturday 7:10-7:11 (Mezamashi Doyoubi)), (Monday-Saturday night broadcast is included in "Midnight Collection"))
  • Pochipa ch (Monday-Friday 11:20-11:25, Saturday 13:55-14:00)
  • North Asia Newsletter(Monday 22:54-23:00)
  • Good evening from Akita City(1st-4th Wednesday 22:54-23:00)
  • Across Time: Forest Giant and Water Traveler (Thursday 22:54-23:00)
  • AKT Weather Space (Saturday 11:45 --11:50, Sunday 8:55 --9:00, 14:55 --15:00, 17:55 --18:00 <excluding some weeks>)
  • Taste Raku / Hidden Taste Cooking (Sunday 11:45 --11:50)
  • AKT Information Bureau Channel is that man !! (Sunday 9:55 --10:00)
    Broadcast at the current time from April 17, 55 after 2015:4 on Saturday when it started.
  • Advance A (3rd Sunday of every month 8:55 --9:00, rebroadcast / Friday 22:56 --23:00)

Past in-house produced programs

Local wide news in the evening

Both are SD production

Local information program

(HD production after this)


  • B-1 Grand Prix


  • Power Play Music ⇒ Go to FEEL MUSIC.
  • FEEL MUSIC (broadcast time indefinite, broadcast 8 times in total)
    For general moderator and narrationRazor Ramon HGAppointed.
  • Broadcast daily after local news in the eveningEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euprogram. Broadcast started around 1980. Mainly at that timeJ-POPWith the background, the weather of various parts of the prefecture is displayed tonight and the next day with a telop. Most of the footage was taken of the scenery of the prefecture to match the music, but on rare occasions the singer himself appeared for this program. The video and music changed as a set about every month. Although the time zone is different, "" (TBS, etc.) and "SOUND WEATHERA program with the same concept as.
    Stereo broadcasting after the start of sound multiplex broadcasting.
  • S Ten ~ esseten ~ (Successor to "Weather ...". Eventually it was broadcast only on Sundays)
  • Mama weather sketch
  • Kunihiro Matsumura OfTigershighest!
  • A certain discovery corps (broadcast time indefinite 8 times in total)
(HD production after this)
  • cancerToward the conquest ~Akita UniversityHospital Challenge ~ (Broadcasted 2007 times in January and February 1, specially organized. Angkor broadcasted in April 2. Currently, related CMs are being continued as "AKT Cancer Conquest Campaign".
  • AKT NEW YEAR SPECIAL Adventure Chu 2008ch (January 2008, 1)
  • AKT Hot Blood Sports Information Bureau
  • Hikari Blog on TV
  • Doctor in my city
  • Hokutojin Roman Search! Akita's Genkijin
  • Energetic in Akita
  • Tokimeki! TYO
  • Would you like to go?(Co-production with mit)
  • The Keyman
  • Kubota Folk Song Country Tour(Tohoku 6 prefectures net)
  • View style
  • Ishigaki-kun and Nakaya-kun-Who is Ishigaki-kun and Nakaya-kun? Ryuichi-kun
  • LOL Ichiban
  • Akita Medical Communication
  • Akita Jon Plus
  • Easy! All-purpose! Kuchifuku Cooking
  • AKT Sports Support Program Spochipa! Sports Pochipa
  • Hapi Tsu α
    B.LEAGUE・ Broadcast the results of Akita Northern Happinets games.
  • Toshiyuki NagashimaAgriculture Banzai! Amazing Agriculture in Akita
  • Midnight Collection
  • Akita Bijin Akita Binan
  • Excuse me from the morning of Masakazu Ishigaki.

Past programs (national part news / information programsFuji Television Network, Incseries)

Incidentally,1987 Until DecemberANN News SevenFor the broadcast, the 7 o'clock straddle program jumped off at 7 o'clock. The local part in the crossnet eraANN News SevenAfter the endNews akitaBroadcast (the morning local part itself2003 Abolished around).

Delayed Internet programs of affiliated stations

Programs without the production station notation are produced by Fuji TV.

  • (Tuesday 22:54-23:00,CantereProduction) * Subtitle broadcasting
  • Kismai Super BUSAIKU!? (Tuesday 24:25-24:55) Friday 25:25 and broadcast from October 2019, 10 at the current time.
  • Night at Shimura(Tuesday 24:55 --25:25)
  • Murakami mayonnaise will be happy!(Wednesday 24:25-24:55, produced by Kantele)
    Broadcast at 24:35 Wednesday, 25:40 Friday, and the current time from April 2016, 4.
  • KanjaniXNUMX's Jani study(Thursday 24:25-25:20, produced by Kantele)
  • Noitaminaframe
  • Okabero(Thursday 25:50-26:20, Kantel production) *Subtitled broadcasting
    Initially Saturday at 18:00. It will be broadcast at 16:20 on Wednesday, and will be broadcast at the current time from October 2019, 10.
  • The morning I got up early...(Saturday 5:30-6:00) *Subtitled broadcasting
    The beginning of April 2016, 4 is Saturday 2:10-30:11. It was discontinued on September 00 of the same year, and it was restarted on Tuesday, April 9th, 24 at 2017:4-4:16, but it was discontinued for the second time on September 20th of the same year. It will be restarted for the second time at the current time from October 16, 50.
  • KinKi Kids Boom Boom(Saturday 10:30-11:00) *Subtitled broadcasting
    Broadcast at Monday, 24:50-25:20, Thursday 15:50-16:20 and current time from October 2016, 10.
  • Hanging out Saturday(Saturday 13: 00-13: 55)
    It is usually 1 hour and 1 minutes in the first period, but here it is edited at 30 minutes and retitled to "Monday Sanpo". Unlike the 55st term, the 2nd term is retitled as "Friday Selection" and is broadcast in full. The third period will be broadcast from April 1, 3 with the same title as the key station above the editing at 2018 minutes as in the first period.
  • Love love alien(Saturday 26: 15-26: 45)
  • MATSU Bocchi(Saturday 26: 45-27: 15)
    Initially Thursday 16:20. After that, it will be broadcast at 24:25 on Tuesday, October 2019, 10 at the current time.
  • TV Terakoya(Sunday 5:30-6:00,Without teleProduction) *Sign language broadcast
  • Gegege no Kitaro(Sunday 6:30-7:00) *Subtitled broadcasting
  • ONE PIECE (Sunday 25:25-25:55) *Subtitled broadcasting
  • DJ Monofesta(Monday 25:25-25:55, Tuesday 26:00-26:30, Wednesday 25:35-26:05, Thursday and Friday 4:25-4:55)
  • FNS Documentary Grand Prix nomination work
    Seasonal broadcast.

Rebroadcast frame

  • Good luck!(Monday 24:25-25:25, TV Tokyo production)
    Broadcast at the current time from October 2016, 10 after many pauses, resumptions, and movements.
  • Drama series (Tuesday-Thursday 16:20-16:50)
    Broadcast until March 2016Tokai TV production daytime dramaBroadcast mainly on.
  • Sunday Night (Sunday 25:55-26:50)
    Rebroadcasting frame for dramas mainly broadcast on key stations.

Other series of programs

TBS system

Programs without the production station notationTBS TVMake.

TV Tokyo

  • Pokemon house gathered?(Monday 16:20-16:50)
    2016年4月4日 - 2017年3月27日の間は月曜 15:50 - 16:20に繰り上がるも、2017年4月3日より現在の時間に戻される。
  • Gourmet of loneliness Season8(Wednesday 24:55-25:35)
  • Can you charge Tetsuro Degawa?(Saturday 12: 00-13: 00)
  • Complicated SUMMERS 2(Saturday 14: 00-15: 00)
    Broadcast at the current time from October 12, 30 after the first Saturday 13:25 --2011:10.
  • Sunday big variety(Saturday except last month 15:00-16:30)
    Here, the title is changed to "Saturday Grand Special" after being edited at 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Good luck!(Saturday 16: 30-17: 30)
    Broadcast at the current time from October 13, 00 after the first Saturday 13:55 --2018:4.
  • Pokemon(Sunday 8:25-8:55)
    Broadcast at the current time from April 16, 2016 after 4:3 on Thursday when it started.
  • What is YOU to Japan?(Sunday 9:00-9:55)
    Broadcast at the current time from October 15, 05 after Friday 14:35 and 2014:10.
  • Emergency SOS! Great strategy to pull out all the water in the pond(Irregular broadcast)


  • Hometown is proud! (Monday 22:54-23:00)
  • Travel scenery (Tuesday 22:54-23:00)
    Broadcast at the current time from October 24, 55 after Tuesday 2017:10.
  • News girls(Friday 25:55-26:55) *DHC TVMake.
    Sponsored net.
  • Travel Symphony (Sunday 6:15-6:30)
  • Breakfast (Sunday 17:25-17:30)
  • Teleshop slots (Monday-Friday 4:55-5:25, 15:50-16:20, Monday 25:55-26:25, Tuesday 25:30-26:00, Wednesday 26:00-26:30, Saturday 4:30-5:30, Sunday 5:00-5:30, etc.) * SD depending on the content. It may not be broadcast.
  • Beautiful Swiss Journey *Travel channelProduction. Irregular broadcasting.
  • Tontonmi's Adventure(October-March next year) *SD
  • Professional baseball broadcast (Sunday before and after the game starts at Komachi Stadium-15:00. In 2012, 16:00-17:30.SWALLOWS BASEBALL L! VEDelivery from. in the pastJ SPORTSof"J SPORTS STADIUM I like baseballWas also delivered from)

Fill-in-the-blank program

Programs that are not normally broadcast on AKT may be suddenly broadcast due to regular program suspension. The following are the main programs.

In addition,Kitano Talent DirectoryWas scheduled to be broadcast once, but it could not be broadcast due to the extension of the professional baseball broadcast.

Finished program

Fuji TV

Time difference net programs other than news

(HD broadcasting after this)
Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting System
Iwate Menkoi TV

Both are SD broadcasts

Sendai Broadcast
(HD broadcasting after this)
Tokai TV
(HD broadcasting after this)
(HD broadcasting after this)

TV Asahi

Both are SD broadcasts. TV Asahi production except special mention

TBS system

(HD production after this)

TV Tokyo

(HD production after this)


ABSOut of the formation ofProgram salesIt was handled and was online on AKT. Both are SD production.


(HD broadcasting after this)

AKT Information Bureau

  • An antenna shop with goods related to Fuji TV programs.
    In July 2004 at the east exit of Akita StationAkita Center AlveOpened in, but closed on July 2005, 7. Then on September 28, 2005NakazoMoved to the 1st floor of the Akita store. Since the Nakasan Akita store will be closed on October 2008, 10, Akita City will start on October 20.Hodono Chiyoda TownMoved to the AKT Housing Center (Akita Television Housing Exhibition Hall) located in.
    August 2005, 8 27: 12-until 00:22,Daisen CityAt the Omagari branch ofOmagari fireworksThe store was opened during the period.
    With this as a trigger, some event destinations have opened antenna shops.
    2006-2008,Akita CityShimohama beachAs "AKT BEACH CAFE", "Sea houseIs being opened. The period was from the weekend before and after the opening of the sea to the weekend before Obon in August. They sold program-related goods and food and drinks unique to Umi no Ie.

Akita Television sponsored Yakult game

Every yearTokyo Yakult SwallowsProfessional baseball official gameKomachi StadiumI'm going at. This sponsored game starts before the opening of the professional baseball pennant race (early from the fall of the previous year)CMAnd is widely advertised in news programs.Akita City Yahashi Athletic Park Hardball Baseball FieldWhen it was held inPacific LeagueMatches (especially from the locals)Hiromitsu OchiaiWas enrolledLotte OrionsWas the main event, and the broadcast was broadcast in collaboration with Fuji TV (nominally written by Akita Television). After that, since 2003 when Komachi Stadium was completed, the game against Yakult has been held. At present, no exchange games have been set up, only league games have been held, and in the past, games sponsored by Akita Broadcasting System were held in Akita Prefecture.Hiroshima Toyo CarpBattle cards with 4 teams except for have been set[30].. In the Yabashi era, due to the lack of lighting equipment, weekday day games were often set up for two consecutive games, but after Komachi Stadium, it was held in two consecutive games on Saturdays and Sundays. , Saturday is a night game that starts at 2:3, and Sunday is often held in a day game (starting time varies depending on the year). On Sundays, if the match starts at 2:18 or 00:13, it will often be broadcast in the Sunday wide theater frame, but it will end at 00:13 due to the horse racing broadcast.

2010 isChunichiThe battle is set, and the first Saturday night game (starting at 1:18)Fuji TV ONE, Round 2 of the Sunday Day game (starting at 13:00) will be broadcast on Fuji TV ONE and Akita TV.

2012年は巨人戦が設定されたが、第1戦の土曜ナイター(18:00開始)は同社主催のヤクルト戦としては初めてフジテレビ系全国ネットでの中継(フジテレビ主導制作かつ実況・解説をフジテレビが担当)となった。第2戦の日曜デーゲーム(15:00開始)はフジテレビONEと秋田テレビで放送し、秋田テレビでは16:00から17:25までフジテレビONEと同時放送。2013年に開催された対Yokohama DeNASince the game was held in August, both games were set as night games for the first time even though it was a dusk game that started at 8:17 (no terrestrial broadcasting). The 00 match against the Giants is the first Saturday night gameBS Asahi(TV Asahi) and Fuji TV ONE, the second Sunday game was scheduled to be broadcast on Fuji TV ONE and Akita TV, but the match was canceled due to bad weather.

In 2015, the Chunichi match will be set, and both days will be broadcast on Fuji TV ONE and Akita TV to hold a day game starting at 13:00. In 2016, the match against Giants was set for the first time in two years, and the first Saturday night gameBS Fuji、第2戦の日曜デーゲームは地上波はフジテレビ・秋田テレビとの2局ネット(16:00 - 17:25)で両日ともフジテレビONEとの同時放送となった。2017年・2018年は開催されなかったが、2019年は3年振りに対巨人戦が設定され、第1戦の土曜ナイターはBSフジ、第2戦の日曜デーゲームは地上波は秋田テレビのみの放送となり、両日ともフジテレビONEとの同時放送となった。

Held in Akita in 2006Yomiuri GiantsThe sponsored game was sponsored by Akita Television because of the capital of Yomiuri Shimbun, and was engaged in sales activities such as ticket sales, but Akita Broadcasting Co., Ltd. carried out production cooperation and broadcasting due to the relationship between the affiliate and the broadcasting rights ( Akita Broadcasting has no capital relationship with Yomiuri Shimbun).

School excursion safety information

  • School excursionSafety information will be provided during the season from 15:00 to 19:00 after each program ends.Spot CMIt is flowing in the form of. This commercial started around 1970 and was devised by a sales employee at that time. The scheduled broadcast time is posted on the website. Akita Prefecture is the only prefecture in Japan that broadcasts safety information.

Catch copy and mascot character

  • The catchphrase used was a catch phrase of "Bright (A), Beautiful (K), Fun TV (T)" since the opening of the station, but from around 30, when the 1999th anniversary of the opening of the station, to around June 2011, the mascot character Also serves as "TV!Was appointed. It was 2D when it was first introduced, but since 2006, when terrestrial digital broadcasting began, Akita Television's terrestrial digital Ch (AKT8Ch) has been repeatedly emphasized.BroomGot onwitchI adopted a 3DCG character like this and newly used this as the main. Also, since it was the year of the dog (dog) only in 2006, "TV A-n!"dog"TV Wow!Was used. In 2008, it was "Dream, continue" as a catch phrase for the 40th anniversary of the opening of the station.
  • The mascot character has been renewed since July 2011, when the transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting was completed.bee(It also depends on the remote control key ID of 8 in AKT's digital broadcasting)PochipaIt became a character. The catch phrase as of 2015 is "8 channels. "


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  • Shinichi Ogawa ――Appointed as a director of Akita Television as Managing Director of Fuji Television.

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