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😷 | "Luminous Kobe 2" relaunched Due to the impact of the new Corona


"Luminous Kobe 2" relaunched Due to the impact of the new Corona

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"Luminous Kobe 2" will operate only on weekends and holidays from November 11th, and will liven up the restaurant cruise at Kobe Port with the cruise ship "Concerto".

"Luminous Kobe 2", which had been suspended due to the bankruptcy of the operating company due to the influence of the new coronavirus, has returned to service.NS… → Continue reading

 Sun Television

"Sun Television" is a TV station in Kobe that celebrates its 50th anniversary with beard and glasses familiar under the trademark "Oh! Sun". People on Sun TV will deliver such things in Hyogo prefecture.

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Luminous Kobe 2

Luminous Kobe 2What is (Luminous Kobetsu)?Kobe PortMiddle jettyDepart fromPassenger ship, Japan's largestRestaurant ship.First Pacific Capital Co., Ltd.It is operated by.PreviouslyLuminous CruiseLtd.Was operated by.


1987/It is said to be one of the first restaurant ships in Japan to enter service in Japan.Luminous KobeAs a substitute ship forMitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe ShipyardBuilt in1994/In service.The hull has grown from the previous ship, which had a total ton of 3,900 tons and a passenger capacity of 750, to a total ton of 4,778 tons and a passenger capacity of 1,000.French passenger ship both in appearance and interiorNormandyIt is designed in the image of[1].

Business transfer to First Pacific Capital

In addition to the suspension of operations due to natural disasters in 2018, after January 2020New coronavirusLuminous Cruise was canceled due to a series of cancellations in the aftermath of the spread of the infection.Kobe District CourtToCivil Rehabilitation LawWas applied for and was accepted on March 2020, 3[2]..The ship will be temporarily suspended, and as an alternative, the cruise ship "ConcertoThe parent company of Kobe Cruiser, which operates the company, announced its support.Concerto will take care of customers who book and pay in advance to Luminous.[3][4].

The operation of Luminous Kobe 2 was transferred from Luminous Cruise to First Pacific Capital, the largest shareholder of Kobe Cruiser, in August 2020.First Pacific Capital aims to resume operations in December 8.Luminous Cruise, a former operating company, received a decision to abolish civil rehabilitation proceedings from the Kobe District Court on September 2020, the same year, and received a decision to start bankruptcy proceedings on October 12, the same year.[5].


Nakatottei-Port Island-Kobe AirportOffshore-Offshore Suma-Offshore Wadamisaki-Nakatotei Pier
Nakatottei-Off the coast of Wadamisaki-Off the coast of Suma-Akashi Kaikyo BridgePassing-Harimanada-Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Passing-Osaka Bay-Nakatotei Pier


Restaurant / hall facilities

  • "The Normandy" 20-40 people
  • "Saar de Mer" 80 seats 60-120 people
  • "Le Havre" 88 seats
  • "Caribbean" 164 seats 180-220 people
  • "La Seine" 124 seats 120-150 people
  • "El Diner" 40-60 people
  • "Lumiere" 30-80 people

Boarding place


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