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😷 | Cluster in Otanidai, Fukuyama City, 7 children infected

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Cluster in Otanidai, Fukuyama City, infected with a total of 7 children

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According to the City Board of Education Division, the elementary school was found to be infected with one child on the 23rd, and the 1th and 5th graders who had contact at the learning presentation were closed until December 6th.

Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, announced on the 27th that it has confirmed six new coronavirus infections in the city.The breakdown is 6 ... → Continue reading

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City Board of Education Academic Affairs Division

Temporary closure (school)

school'stemporary closed(Rinjikyugyo),Closed schoolWhat is (Kyukou)?School Health and Safety ActBased on (Showa 33 Law No. 56, former name: School Health Law)School installer InfectionWhen it is necessary for the prevention ofDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularAll or part ofLessonTo cancel (Article 20 of the School Health and Safety Act, Article 13 of the Old School Health Act).


Depending on the scope of temporary closures, "School closure"Or"School year closed","Class closure"And so on. This temporary closure is one of the measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in schools, along with the suspension of attendance (Article 19 of the School Health and Safety Act, Article 12 of the former School Health Act). In compliance, students will be absent at the instruction of the school/teacher, so unlike normal absences, students will not be treated as absent.

  • School closure -For all students enrolled in that school.
  • School year closed -Only for certain grades in the school where the scale of infection is significantly higher.
  • Class closure -Only the specific classes in the school where the scale of the infection is concentrated.

The scale of the content is "School > Grade > ClassTherefore, it is inevitably the smallest scale.Class closureIs the most common. However, the next largest number is for the entire school.School closure, And only for a specific gradeSchool year closedThere are very few examples.

School closure

School closure(Back homeWhat is School education lawAccording to Article XNUMX, closing a school means closing it, and it is not proper to call temporary closure as "school closing". Correctly it should be called the whole class closure.

Article XNUMX When a school listed in each item of Article XNUMX, paragraph XNUMX falls under any of the following items, the person specified in each item of the same paragraph may order the closure of the school. (XNUMX) Intentionally violating the provisions of laws and regulations (ii) When violating the order made by the person pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations When failing to teach for more than XNUMX months

In addition, it was decided about temporary closure of the schoolSchool Health LawHas April 2009, 21 (Heisei 4)School Health and Safety ActThe provisions of the Article are slightly different between the old and new (see the School Health and Safety Act for details).[1] [2].

Temporary closure decision

Regarding individual suspension of attendance to prevent infectious diseaseshead teacherIt is supposed to be decided (Article 19 of the School Health and Safety Act, Article 12 of the former School Health Act), but the decision of temporary closure of the school is supposed to be made by the school installer (School Health Safety Law Article 20, Old School Health Law Article 13).

School installerIf you take a temporary leaveHealth center(School Health and Safety Law, Article 18, School Health and Safety Law Enforcement Ordinance, Article 5, Item 2).

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