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😷 | Lively, feel the recovery of all

Photo Friends who reunited after a long time and enjoyed eating and drinking = 27:7 pm on the 40th, "Okuzashiki Shige" in Sennichi-cho, Kagoshima City

Feeling the liveliness and recovery

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Eight cars were waiting for customers at the taxi stand on the train street.

Kagoshima Prefecture abolished the number of people and time restrictions at the time of dinner to prevent the new coronavirus, and on the night of the 27th, which was the first weekend, deer ... → Continue reading

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Taxi(English: taxi) IspassengerIs a passengerAutomobile OfdriverApply for boarding and carry out passenger transportation by individual contractPublic transport, And for that purposevehicleEtc. Locations where passenger cars normally do not violate laws (crosswalkBack and forth交 差点To one car length is prohibited by law), you can specify the destination. TypicallyAutomobileIs used. Remote islandAnd so onShipIn some cases.


(I.e.Was the center of mobile transportation,CarriageWas often used as a means of transporting people and luggage. Some of the owners of horse-drawn carriages earned money by collecting fares, and the prototype of a taxi was created.JapanThen.Edo PeriodfromKagoro(A basket)MeijifromrickshawEtc. were mainly responsible for that role.

How it works

station,空港-Port-(I.e.・You can get on from a taxi stand installed in the city,Tel,インターネットIt is also possible to call at a designated place by picking up the car. LuxuryHotel,RestaurantsThere are taxi ranks in some areas, and there are also services that call taxis when requested by users. Also, in large cities in Japan, taxis run empty.Sink businessIn that case, it is possible to get on by finding a taxi running in the empty car display and raising your hand towards the taxi.

It is also possible to call a taxi to a designated place using a telephone or smartphone application.

If you tell the driver the name of the place or the name of the main building, you will head to the destination.

The individual transportation contract is completed when the passenger informs the driver of the application to get to the predetermined place, arrives at the destination, and the passenger pays the fare to the driver.

Spread of Uber-type vehicle dispatch service

2009 ToAmericaThen, the customer uses the Internet reservation system to call not only general taxis but also registered general vehicles.UberThe construction of a new system represented by2014 May 12Currently, about 200 million people worldwide are using Uber rapidly[1].. It should be noted that in Japan, it is prohibited by law to carry out passenger transportation without permission from passengers as a white tactic. While global spread is expanding, conflicts with existing regulations are occurring in each country, and crimes caused by the provision of services by the general public are beginning to be regarded as problems.[2][3].

Fee system


There are approximately two types of taxi fares worldwide. One is a meter system that automatically calculates the fare from the mileage and boarding time, and the other is a negotiation system that determines the fare by negotiating the fare with the driver before boarding.

Meter system
In Japan, the charge meter (Taximeter) Is a fare system in which subsequent charges are added according to the distance traveled and the time. First rideFareHowever, if the specified distance is exceeded or a certain time is exceeded, a subsequent charge will be added.[4].. At the time of getting off,cash,Credit cardPay by etc.It is a fair and clear method of collecting charges, and is a standard method outside the country.In addition, if you apply for a ride by telling your destination one hour before boarding through the call center, there are Haneda Airport flat fare, Narita Airport flat fare, Tokyo Disneyland flat fare, etc., which are cheaper than the meter fare. become.https://www.taxisite.com/air/flatrate/hanedaap.aspx
Negotiation system
A method of negotiating with the driver before boarding to determine the fare. There is no meter installation/maintenance cost, but the price changes due to the difference in negotiation power, so it lacks fairness and clarity.Developing countryThere are many types of this method, for example, even in the United States,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クExcept for some large cities, it is relatively common. This may be due in part to the lack of public collateral for the accuracy of the meter. Japan also"Yen TakuThere was a sales format.


In some countries (mainly Western cultures)チップThere is a concept of, and there is a custom of paying a little more than the suggested fee.Europe,North AmericaIn each country, about 10%-15% of the fee is added as a tip and paid. In other countries, it may be used as a tip by giving the driver an amount equal to the fractional change.

By being able to receive the tip, the driver may provide services such as loading and unloading passengers' luggage in the hope that the passengers will be satisfied.


To safely transport passengers to designated locations,Driver (crew)Requires knowledge and skills of safe driving as well as geographical knowledge of the area in which it operates. in recent yearsCar navigation systemBy using, it is possible to transport to a distant place.

In some countries or regions, special qualifications/licenses may be required to engage in taxi driving business (for example,Japanin the case of,Two-class driving license,London taxiof,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfYellow cabMedallion of KoreaTaxi qualificationSuch).

Required for salesDriver's licenseAnd no qualification requirements or garage equipmentPrivate carA taxi that operates illegally usingWhite takuSay. Calling someone who is trying to take a taxi at an airport or in the center of a large city, you may be charged a high fare or get robbed of your money after boarding. White Taku's "White" is a regular taxi in Japan.License plateIs for business use, whereas the number plate for private cars is white. This is stipulated by law.

As a special mention example, in Japan at midnight etc.FemaleIs working as a taxi crew. This is because the security situation in Japan is good. Even in developed countries in Europe and the United States, where gender equality is thorough in other countries, women are hardly seen in taxi driving. In addition,TaiwanThere is also a taxi company that offers a service to call a taxi for female crew members so that women can get on board at night.


Mainly 4 doorssedanType passenger cars are used,London taxiThere are also examples where a dedicated vehicle is used, such as. Also in New YorkYellow cabAs in the case where a uniform coating is applied to each city, as in Japan, in Japan, the paint color may be different even within the same city.

In some countries, the rear seat doors are doors that the driver opens and closes on behalf of passengers. Japan was the first in the world to adopt this door mechanism for taxis, which is different from the original meaning.Automatic doorIs called.The early ones were completely manual and manually opened and closed, but sometimes the doors are opened and closed using negative pressure (engine intake negative pressure).[5][6]..There are also electric ones, mainly sliding door type vehicles.CurrentHong KongThe same mechanism is used in the taxis of.

Japanese taxi

In Japan, a "corporate taxi" operates with multiple registered crew members and multiple licensed business vehicles, and only one car operates with the same manager and driver.Private taxiIt is classified into ".

Main vehicle types used for taxis

The United States of America(ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,ChicagoSuch)

* Peugeot 1970, 80 from the late 504s to the 505s, and in the late 1990sIsuzu Oasis(Honda odyssey(First generation)Badge engineeringCar) has been adopted, but due to difficulties in terms of durability, both were discontinued early.

Singapore (Taxicabs of Singapore)
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
  • Toyota Vios, Toyota Innova, etc.
  • Toyota Vios,tricycle(Tricycle taxi) etc.
Nordic countries (Sweden-Stockholm,Finland-Helsinki,Denmark-CopenhagenOther)
  • Volvo, Mercedes-Benz E-class, etc.
  • GAZOften used Volga, the body is painted yellow. There are taxi companies that can make wireless reservations, but since the number of taxis is small for demand, it is common to use so-called "White Taku", which is used as a taxi after negotiating with the driver of a general car. Target.
South Korea
  • Hyundai Sonata,Renault Samsung SM5/SM6,Kia K5Such as a medium-sized car. A taxi-only vehicle equipped with an LPG engine is available as a catalog grade. Also, one timeRenault Samsung SM3 ZEToEVTaxis were once set to catalog grade, which is a rare case in the world.
  • By law, the maximum length of operation is 9 years for individuals and 6 years for corporations, and 2400cc or more for an additional 2 years. Some vehicles have been registered for nearly 10 years.
  • In the case of model taxis (= 모범택시, class is higher than normal ones), there are many luxury car models as follows.
Hong Kong(Hong Kong Professional (Chinese Version),Taxis of Hong Kong)
  • Toyota Comfort (2st and XNUMXnd generation (Japanese name:Japan taxi) Combined 99%),Nissan Cedric Sedan -In the window as in JapanJapaneseso"Automatic doorIs displayed. of course,driverCan open the door, but in reality passengers often open and close by themselves. Also, in recent yearsToyota Prius,Toyota Noah,Ford transit,Nissan NV200There are also introductions such as.
  • Taxi colors are color coded by business district- Hong Kong Islandas well as the KowloonKowloon area: Red,新界Area: green,Lantau IslandArea: Light blue. All roofs are silver.
  • 2001 Untildiesel engineIt was mainly used cars, but in that year the Hong Kong governmentVehicles using LP gasOther than that, because it has announced a policy to prohibit the use of diesel vehicles, diesel vehicles are gradually replaced, and now only LP gas vehicles and gasoline vehicles are used. Also, for Nissan cars2005 Since the export to Hong Kong was finished at that time, only Toyota cars were newly introduced, but Nissan cars have been introduced again since 2014. Toyota vehicles are still being introduced.
  • Although all the vehicles were purchased as new cars, some used parts of Japanese taxis, and some cars had sticker of 660 yen for the first ride left on the window and some diversion bodies from Japan.
Taiwan-Taipei(Schedule car)

In addition to these, there are also cases where other vehicles are used due to individual taxi or taxi company policies. For example, in Tokyo,Toyota Crown Athlete,Mercedes-BenzS class,BMW 7 seriesA private taxi that uses is actually operating.

Images of world taxis


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