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😷 | [Breaking news] Zero new infections of new corona in Nagasaki prefecture for 10 consecutive days


[Breaking news] Zero new infections of new corona in Nagasaki prefecture for 10 consecutive days

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There are no new infections of the new coronavirus for 10 consecutive days. On the 30th, a new feeling of the new coronavirus in Nagasaki Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Nagasaki(Nagasaki Ken,(British: Nagasaki Prefecture) IsJapan OfKyushu regionに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheNagasaki.

Goto Islands,Iki Island,TsushimaAnd many moreislandsIncluding, 47PrefecturesKnown for having the most islands in the world. In addition to being a large islandRias coastFrom having a lot ofcoastlineIs the second or first place among 47 prefectures (*"terrainSection).


The origin of the place name "Nagasaki" is said to be from Mr. Nagasaki as follows. Mr. Nagasaki is Mr. Takehira Hira Chiba style (Kyushu Chiba) Is a clan that draws on the flow of, and is known for the origin of the name of Nagasaki Prefecture. A family of Mr. Kyushu Chiba, who had a hall in Misaki, which is near the present Nagasaki Prefectural Government Office, and covered a wide range from Fukahori to Togitsu in the Nagasaki Port neighborhood,Mr. Nagasaki, KyushuFrom the origin of the nameIzukuniTakata-gunMr. Takehira Hira, who is the chief inmate of Mr. Hojo, who is the presiding officer of Kamakura, who owns Nagasaki village and whose place name is the family name.NagasakiOne of the people flowed to Kyushu (Mr. Nagasaki, Kyushu) and became a samurai in the depths of Nagasaki Bay.Nagasaki Jinzaemon JunkeiThere is a theory insisted by that genealogy. It is known that at least Kotaro Nagasaki Shigetsuna was a royal family who was in charge of the ground work of Nagasakiura in the early Kamakura period (3) around Nagasaki. Based on Sakurababa Castle (Tsurugi), he gradually expanded his power. In addition, there is also a popular myth that is based on "accent." LocallyNomozakiThe peninsula was called "long cape", but it became "Nagaka Misaki" in the Nagasaki dialect, and this was transcribed as "Naka ​​Misaki", and this word was translated to "Nagasaki". It has become.



To the eastSagaOther than adjacent to, is surrounded by the sea.Tsushima,Iki,Goto IslandsThere are 971 islands, such as the number one in Japan[2]. Also,coastlineHas a length of 4,137Kilometers (km)Hokkaido(Northern Territories2nd place after (including) (actually 1st place in Japan).Nagasaki Prefecture, which has an area about one-twentieth that of HokkaidocoastlineIs so long, in addition to the large number of islands,Rias coastBecause the coastline is complicated and complicated. Due to this topographical feature, 83 locations throughout Nagasaki PrefecturePortAre scattered, and the number reaches 7.4% in Japan.There is no point in Nagasaki prefecture that is more than 15 km from the coastline.

Main topography of Nagasaki Prefecture

nature Park


Warm current from southwestTsushima CurrentIn general, the climate is mild and the temperature difference is small. However, because it is close to the continent, it is easily affected by cold waves, and the cold may become severe enough to fall far below normal, and mid-winter days may be observed. In winterEast China SeaIt often becomes cloudy around the side,Rain,snowMay cause Although there is little snowfall, the west side is the East China Sea, so depending on the wind direction of the monsoon, the snow clouds may be supplied uninterrupted, resulting in heavy snowfall. Especially2001 (13)May 1In Nagasaki City, 14 cm of snow was observed, and in the past there were 15 times of 5 cm of snow.2016 (28)May 1Recorded 17 cm of snow in[5], All over the prefecture(I.e.Became. But,Kyushu regionNorthernmostTsushimaThen.Korean PeninsulaSince it is located just south of, the snow clouds generated in the East China Sea are blocked by the Korean Peninsula.Korean PeninsulaSince the sea area between and is extremely short at about 50 km, snow clouds do not develop, and although it has many snow days, it is rare for snow to accumulate.

From a biological point of view, it can be seen on various coastsAkoSuch asSubtropicalSex plants reflect a warm climate. Because it’s close to the continentTsushima leopard cat,MutsugorouThere are many continental relics such asSubspecies-VariantIt is also a feature that has been confirmed.

Shimabara Peninsula Theactive volcanoIn the zoneSpaThere are many1990 (Heisei2 years)- 1995 (7)Unzen/FugendakeEruption ofShimabaraとFukae TownCaused a lot of damage mainly. Also,East China SeaBecause it sticks out totyphoonTyphoon 9 (1970, Nagasaki City) caused a great disaster not only in Nagasaki Prefecture but also in the Japanese archipelago.Typhoon No. 17 (1976, Nagasaki City),Typhoon No. 17 (1991, Nagasaki City),Typhoon No. 19 (1991, Sasebo City),Typhoon No. 18 (2004, Nagasaki City),Typhoon No. 14 (2005, Isahaya City),Typhoon No. 13 (2006, Sasebo City)The typhoon such as has landed.

Number of typhoons landing
(By prefecture)
RankingPrefecturesNumber of landings
Normal year values ​​in various parts of Nagasaki Prefecture (statistical period: 1971-2000, source:Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information)
Average price
Hirado(I.e.SaseboSaikai City
ShimabaraUnzen City
(° C)
Warmest month26.0
Coldest month6.6
Precipitation amount
Most months346.9
Minimum month64.1
Average price
TsushimaIkiGoto Islands
Tsushima city
Tsushima city
Tsushima city
Iki City
Iki City
OjikaShinkamigoto Town
Shinkamigoto Town
Goto city
Goto city
(° C)
Warmest month25.8
Coldest month5.5
Precipitation amount
Most months323.4
Minimum month56.2

Area classification

According to NagasakiArea classification Then, it is divided into seven areas: Nagasaki area, prefecture north area, prefecture central area, Shimabara area, Goto area, Iki area, and Tsushima area. There are 7 municipalities, 13 districts and 4 towns. All reading of "town" is "chou". There were 8 municipalities at the stage of 2000 (Heisei 12), but due to the great merger of Heisei, there were 79 municipalities by April 2010 (Heisei 22). Village2005 (17)May 10 OfOshima villageDisappeared with the merger of.

Place name

In Nagasaki Prefecture,TsushimaThere are multiple unique units attached to the end of the place name under the municipalities in areas other than.Iki IslandIn a rural village,TouchAt the fishing villageUra, Excluding IkiHirado DomainIn the territoryExemption (men), OldOmura DomainTerritory andGoto IslandsThen "Go, OldSaga DomainTerritory and oldShimabara DomainIn the territoryFirst nameIs attached.
Many of these units are deleted when the town name is changed due to merger of municipalities, etc., but it is still used in some areas as a unit of administrative division under municipalities.

Population and area of ​​municipalities

市町村Area (km2)Population (people)The population density
6Hirado City235.0928,756122
8Tsushima city707.4227,79239
9Iki City139.4224,415175
10Goto city420.1033,67880
11Saikai City241.5925,582106
12Unzen City214.3140,581189
15Togitsu Town20.9429,1991,394
16Higashisonogi Town74.287,591102
17Kawatana Town37.2513,180354
18Hasami Town56.0014,205254
19Ojika Town25.522,23588
20Sasa Town32.2713,911431
21Shinkamigoto Town213.9917,02780
4Minamimatsuura District213.9820,72597

Population is as of June 2021, 12.


Old timesHizen country(SagaAnd all areas of Nagasaki prefecture except Iki and Tsushima),Tsushima country,Iki countryIt was divided intoKokufuIs in SagaSaga City(Former Yamato Town) Was there.



CurrentSaseboFrom the area ofFukui cave,Senfukuji caveRuins such as are found in JapanHistoric siteHas become. In the former Kunimi Town (now Unzen City), there is the Hyakuhanadai Ruins, and the traces of people's lives and tools used about 3 years ago have been found.2003 (Heisei15 years)OctoberAt the Hirado city entrance ruins of 10 years agoSoil layerからPaleolithicWas found, and it is possible that people had lived in it for a long time.

Jomon Period

Jomon PeriodThe famous archeological site of Minamishimabara City (formerly Kita-Arima-cho, Minami-Korai-gun)Harayama dolmensIs. In addition, Yuki Shell Midden, Saga Shell Midden, Shirahama Shell Midden, etc. have been discovered.

Yayoi Period

Yayoi PeriodAs the ruins ofWei ZhajinSeen as "One Country"Hara Tsuji RuinsIs the currentIki CityLocated in Ashibe Town and Ishida Town, it is designated as a special historical site of Japan. AlsoSatohara remainsHas been discovered and is one of the important things to know the agricultural technology at that time. In addition, an iron sword from the Yayoi period was excavated.Tomihara Ruins(Omura City),Tower neck ruins, Japan's oldestcatThe bones ofKarakami Ruins(Iki City) etc.

Kofun period

The number of burial mounds in the prefecture exceeds 500, and most of them are in Iki.Iki Burial MoundsHas been designated as a Japanese historical site. As a tomb in the early Kofun period,Deizuka Tumulus,Niso Kofun GroupThere is. In the latter half, there are many large-scale burial mounds. As a representative of Iki CityOni Cave TumulusThere is the largest tumulus in the prefecture. Besides thisSugoroku Tumulus(This is the largest keyhole-shaped tumulus in the prefecture),Yadateyama Burial Mounds,Utazaki Burial MoundsThere is.

Asuka Period

JapanOn the Korean PeninsulaBattle of Shiramura RiverLost to664 In Tsushima, Iki, etc.Guard,TobuhiTo prepare for the invasion from Tang and Silla.667 To TsushimaKaneda CastleWas built.

Nara/Heian period

Ono girlIncludingEnvoy,EnvoyTraveled to the Korean peninsula and China via Iki, Tsushima, and Goto, which are the northernmost north of Japan.Goto Islands TheEnvoyIt is famous as the starting point of South Road.ManyoshuHas many related songs. Today's last port of call in JapanMitsui TownIn Kashiwazaki,KukaiThe "Legendary Life Monument" has been built.

At the beginning of the 12th century, the Heike advanced to Western Japan, and many Matsuura parties in Hizen and Kyushu were on the Heike side.Battle of DannouraAlso fought as the Heike Navy.

中 世

中 世ToMatsuura PartySuch asPirates(Naval force) Is rising, and various places including TsushimaPiratesBecame the ground of

1274 (Bunei 11 years) (The role of Fumonaga),1281 (Koian 4th year) (The role of Koan)ofMasterThen in Tsushima, Iki,yuan-GoryeoThe army invaded,神 風The (large typhoon) attacked Kyushu and the former troops retreated after these islands were completely destroyed, and there was no benefit of Kamikaze.

Muromachi PeriodTo enter the,1419 ToOei's outer corpse,1507 On GotoTamanoura RebellionIs happening.

1550 IsPortugalThe shipHiradoCame to. I knew thisFrancisco XavierDeparted from Kagoshima, visited Hirado, and began missionary work. Hirado, which became a trading city,1561 Happened toMiyanomae IncidentDue to this, Portuguese ships came to Yokozeura Port (currently Saikai City). However, two years later1563 , Yokozeura is Lord TakeoTakaaki GotoIt burns down and is destroyed. The Portuguese ship returned to Hirado again. But,Jesuits OfMissionaryCosmetics de TorresThis time, he decided to enter Fukudaura (now Nagasaki City) of Omura territory. During this time,Junta OmuraFirst baptized in ChristianityChristian daimyoIt has become.1567 At the port, a Portuguese ship arrived at Kuchinotsu Port in Arima and laterSeminaryoThe Arima became a base for Christian missionary work in Kyushu. Omura's brotherArima YoshisadaIs also baptized in Kuchinotsu. Omura Juntada encouraged him to do the Portuguese trade in his territory,1571 The trading port was moved from Kuchinotsu to Nagasaki. Nagasaki in 1580JesuitsDonated to. In 1582Tensho Sendai Youth EnvoyDeparted from Nagasaki Port and visited Spain, Italy and Portugal.

1588 , Hideyoshi Toyotomi directly controlled Nagasaki. Two years laterTensho Sendai Youth EnvoyReturned to Nagasaki and had an audience with Hideyoshi.1592 ToThe role of Bunroku and KeichoAs a result, Matsunobu Shinnobu, Arima Harunobu, Omura Kizen, Muneyoshi Satoshi and others are dispatched to Korea. Hideyoshi, who had no hard-line prohibition, had a desire to continue the Nanban trade.Veteren exileHas been issued,1597 In Nishizaki Nishisaka26 CatholicsHave been executed. Twenty-six saints.

The early modern period

17st centuryWhen you enterDutch East India Company,British East India CompanyHas succeeded in opening a trading house in Hirado.Edo PeriodNagasaki PrefectureSaga Domain,Shimabara Domain(Shimabara Peninsula),Omura Domain(Sonogi region),Hirado Domain(Matsuura Peninsula/Hirado Island・Iki),Hirado Nitta Domain,Fukue Domain(Goto Islands),Tsushima Fuchu clan(Tsushima),Saga DomainElderly Isahaya Jinya,ReplacementTomie Jinya of the Goto family,Heaven(Nagasaki).Edo Shogunate OfIsolationBy policy, Portuguese were exiled from Nagasaki,1641 Dutch trading house inDejimaMoved to. Chinese merchant ships are also allowed to visit Nagasaki, making it one of the few international trading ports in Japan under the isolation. Also, the Tsushima domain is from the shogunateMr. LeeWhile being entrusted with the practice of diplomatic relations with, he is authorized to trade with Korea,BusanToJapanese-style buildingWere doing these tasks. As you can see, in the current Nagasaki area, there were two ports that were open to foreign countries with the official approval of the Shogunate government even during the isolation period. In addition,IsolationBelowEdo ShogunateThe above-mentioned two ports are the only authorized international trading ports.

1637 Shimabara's turbulenceOnly in the land whereHidden ChristianThere were many (excluding Iki and Tsushima). Even today, the proportion of Christians to the population is higher than in other regions of Japan[6] Has become. But,Second World WarDropped insideAtomic bombIs the church (Urakami Church), the church was on the day of the atomic bomb fall on August 8th.the AssumptionFor the holiday ofSacrament of ForgivenessBecause all the believers in the church, including the priest, were killed and many other victims were sacrificed, there were people who remained worried about their faith or apostated. There are many. Even as of 2013, the remains of the church are only partially preserved at the hypocenter.

Since modern times

BakumatsuWith the opening of Nagasaki Port,NagasakiWas further developed as an international trading port. Until thenDistant country magistrateTake the leadNagasaki magistrateIt was Nagasaki that was governed by,Battle of Toba and FushimiNagasaki, who heard the news of the defeat of the Shogunate in "Kawazu Yukuni TheKeio4 years(1868 ) Escaped Nagasaki early in the morning on January 1th. In response to this, each of NagasakiClanFeudal lordDiscussions were held with the government officials of Nagasaki,政府The establishment of the "Nagasaki Chamber" was decided as a temporary consultative body fromNagasaki Magistrate's OfficeThe West Office was named that office.

Edo ShogunateOn February 4, 1868, after the collapseNozawa SawaTo the governorNagasaki CourtHowever, on May 5, Sawa became governor of the prefecture.NagasakiIs installed,Hizen countryMatsuura-gun5 villagesHeki-gun6 villagesKorai District5 villages,ChikugoMiike District12 villages,Higo countryAmakusa89 villageShogunateAnd in Matsuura District, Higo ProvinceFlag territoryManages 5 villages. Meiji 2 (1869 ) On June 6thNagasakiWas changed toMeiji4 years(1871 ) And Nagasaki Prefecture during the first prefecture integrationImari prefecture(CurrentSaga) And separated. afterwards,SagaThe area of ​​Nagasaki Prefecture gradually expanded due to the consolidation of1874 (7th year of Meiji)Saga no RanLater, the entire Saga prefecture will be annexed to Nagasaki prefecture by the government's punishment.1883 (16th year of Meiji) 10 prefectures were separated from Nagasaki prefecture by Saga prefecture's reintroduction prefecture, and the current Nagasaki prefecture was established.

Incidentally,Amakusa islandsIs temporarilyTomioka(AfterAmakusaAfter being transferred to Nagasaki Prefecture, the first prefectural integrationYatsushiro(CurrentKumamoto) Was transferred to.

SaseboJapanese NavyBecame a large-scale military port of Nagasaki and battleships in NagasakiMusashiShipbuilding developed, such as the construction of.Second World WarTerminal stage,1945 (20)May 6To (dawn)Sasebo air raidThere,1945 (20)May 811:2 (JST) US Army BomberB-29Box car to NagasakiAtomic bombWas dropped,Hiroshima cityIt became an area affected by the atomic bomb.

History until the establishment of Nagasaki Prefecture


Population distribution by age in Nagasaki and Japan (2005)Nagasaki Prefecture Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Nagasaki Prefecture
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Successive governors (public election)

代NameTerm of office
First generationSojiyama Sojiro1947 (Showa22 years)May 4 - 1951 (26)May 41 term to 4 years
2-3 generationsTakejiro Nishioka1951 (26)May 5 - 1958 (33)May 1Up to 2 term7
4-6 generationsKatsuya Sato1958 (33)May 3 - 1970 (45)May 33 term to 12 years
7-9 generationsKanichi Kubo1970 (45)May 3 - 1982 (57)May 33 term to 12 years
10-13 generationsTakada Isamu1982 (57)May 3 - 1998 (10)May 34 term to 16 years
14-16 generationsJiro Kanekohara1998 (Heisei10 years)May 3 - 2010 (22)May 33 term to 12 years
17s (current position)Nakamura Homichi2010 (22)May 3 -Second term


Remote island administration

Goto, Iki, Tsushima as a prefecture's outsourcing agencyBranch officeWas installed,2003 After being reorganized into local stations in (15),2009 From (21), it has been the same promotion station as the mainland.

Economic and industrial


Gross product of the prefecture in 20 (2008-2009) is 4 billion yen[7].. This is the majority of countries in the worldGDP Larger than (GDP)[8].. Prefectural income is 3 billion yen, and per capita income is 1070 million yen.

Prefectural office locationNagasakiIs a port city with a long history and has many tourists. BattleshipMusashiIt is also the town of shipbuilding.

It is the second city in the prefectureSaseboIs oldMilitary portAnd still todayJMSDF,US 7th FleetIn addition to the baseJapan Ground Self-Defense ForceIs also stationed. Also in the southEuropeFacility that imitates the townscape ofHuis Ten BoschThere, South Korea,TaiwanThere are also many tourists from Japan.

Other areas were onceCoal mine, Such as bottom seine netsFishery:Base, gemCoralAlthough it flourished due to fishing,1970 eraSince then, those industries have become less stable,DepopulationHas advanced. Even in the 2000s, depopulation is in progress, and promotion of industry has become an important issue.

It was the only listed company in the prefectureJuichi BankBut,2019 March 3Tokyo Stock ExchangePart One·Fukuoka Stock ExchangeWith the delisting of the main market, Nagasaki became the only prefecture with no stock-listed companies.[9].

The Iki/Tsushima district belongs to Fukuoka as an economic area, not to Nagasaki or Sasebo.

A company that has a base office in the prefecture

Initiatives for industry-academia-government collaboration

August 2010, 11,Collaboration among industry-academia-government related organizationsNagasaki with the aim of building a system that creates innovation in a sustainable and developmental manner by enhancing research and development, and promoting industry-academia-government research, and contributing to the promotion of industry through science and technology and the improvement of people's lives in the prefecture. The "new" industry-academia-government collaboration consortium (commonly known as NRC: Nagasaki Renaissance Consortium) was established. The chairmanNagasaki Governor, Vice ChairmanNagasaki Universitylong[10][11].

Life and transportation




Established by the prefecture in addition to major airlines and cheap airlines operating on domestic and overseas routesThird sectorRooted inOriental air bridgeConnects the remote island with the mainland.

2012 passenger numbers[12]
空港Total passengersDomestic flightsInternational flights
Number of passengersregular serviceNumber of passengersregular service
Nagasaki2,726,9292,695,339Outside the prefecture
Tokyo-Central part-Osaka-
Within the prefectureTsushima/Fukue/Iki
Tsushima253,367251,183Outside the prefectureFukuoka2,184-
Within the prefectureNagasaki
Fukue127,594127,594Outside the prefecture(Kansai)·Fukuoka0-
Within the prefectureNagasaki
Iki31,76731,767Within the prefectureNagasaki0-
Kamigoto4,7024,702Within the prefecture-0-
Ojika00Within the prefecture-0-
  • Charter flightsIncluding the number of passengers
  • Scheduled flight destinations are as of 2007 (regular flights to Kamigoto and Ojika airports have been abolished as of March 2006, 18)
  • Brackets indicate seasonal operation
  • Three major metropolitan areasFlights toTaizi


Carrying passengers in Nagasaki PrefectureTrain-OrbitIs as follows.

Shared bus operator


high speed-toll road
General national road
2011 (23) CurrentlyNational Police AgencyとJAFAccording to the "Seatbelt Wear Rate Survey" conducted jointly by every OctoberGeneral roadIn Nagasaki prefecture, the seat belt wearing rate has been number one in Japan for a long time.

Shipping route

  • Nagasaki Airport (Omura City)-Togitsu (Tokitsu Town) (Yasuda Sangyo Kisen)
  • Nagasaki Airport-Nagayo Port (Nagayo Town) (Omura Bay Tourist Steamer)
  • Nagasaki Airport-Huis Ten Bosch (Sasebo City) (Yasuda Sangyo Kisen)
  • Aiura (Sasebo City)-Takashima (Sasebo City)-Kuroshima (Sasebo City) ()
  • Refer to the Goto Islands below for the route to Ukushima and Ojikajima.
  • Refer to the following Saikai City for the route to Saikai City
  • Refer to the following Hirado City for the route to Hirado City
Saikai City
  • Sasebo-Yachting (Saikai City)-Yokoze West (Saikai City)-Yokoze Higashi (Saikai City)-Ogori (Saikai City)-Hatashita (Saikai City)-Kawauchi (Saikai City) ()
  • Sasebo-Sakido (Saikai City)-Eshima (Saikai City)-Hirashima (Saikai City)-Tomozumi (Shinkamigoto Town) ()
Hirado City
  • Hirado(Hirado City)-Kamiura (Hirado City)-Matosan (Hirado City) (, Misaki Kaiun)
  • Hirado-Dejima (Hirado City) ()
  • Sasebo-Aiura (Sasebo City)-Maezuyoshi (Hirado City) (Tsuyoshi Merchant Shipping)
  • Imafuku (Matsuura City)-Tobishima (Matsuura City)-Tonoura (Matsuura City) ()
  • Gourmet (Matsuura City)-Qingdao (Matsuura City)-Ship Karatsu (Matsuura City)-Kuroshima (Matsuura City)-Oh (Matsuura City) (Takashima Kisen)
  • Fukushima (Matsuura City)-Uranosaki (SagaImari City) (Kaneko round rowing store)
Shimabara Peninsula
Goto Islands
  • Nagasaki(Nagasaki City)-(Shinkamigoto Town)-(Goto City)- Fukue(Goto City) (Kyushu Merchant Shipping)
  • Nagasaki-Fukue (Goto City) (Goto Kisen)
  • Nagasaki-Tainoura (Shinkamigoto Town) (Goto Industrial Steamer)
  • Sasebo(Sasebo City)-Arikawa (Shinkamigoto Town) (Kyushu Merchant Shipping, Goto Sangyo Kisen,Misaki Kaiun)
  • Sasebo-Uku (Sasebo City)-Ojika (Ojika Town) (Kyushu Merchant Shipping)
  • Fukue-Aokata (Shinkamigoto Town)-Ojika-Uku-Hakata (FukuokaFukuoka City) (Nomo Merchant Ship)
  • Fukue-Naru-Doinoura (Shinkamigoto-cho)-Go nobo (Shinkamigoto-cho) ()
  • Fukue/Okuura (Goto City)-Tanoura (Goto City) (Kiguchi steamer)
Iki City/Tsushima City
Abandoned route

Medical and welfare

Disaster base hospital



National (1 university)

Prefectural (1 university)

Private (6 universities)

Junior college

Private (2 universities)

College of technology


Junior college equivalent


High school equivalent


Special school
high school
Junior high school
primary school
Licensed Nursery School

Mass media

Newspaper company

free paper

  • Free GOTO


The parent station of digital TV and FM radio, which covers Nagasaki Prefecture, and the main relay station of FM complementary broadcasting of NBC radio are all.InasayamaIt is located in

tv set

Notated in order of opening. (Channel is for digital terrestrial broadcasting)

Broadcasting station nameOpening dateChannel
NHK Nagasaki Broadcasting Station1933 (Showa8 years)May 9General 1ch / Education 2ch (currently E-tele)
Nagasaki Broadcasting(NBC,JNNseries)1959 (34)May 1 3 ch
TV Nagasaki(KTN,FNS-FNNseries)1969 (44)May 4 8 ch
Nagasaki Cultural Broadcasting(NCC,ANNseries)1990 (Heisei2 years) April 4 5 ch
Nagasaki International Television(NIB,NNS-NNNseries)1991 (3) April 4 4 ch
Maintenance of digital terrestrial broadcasting
  • 2006 (18) June- InasayamaMain broadcasting started from the parent station of (Nagasaki City)
  • 2007 (19)- Mt. Eboshidake(Sasebo City)Mt. GoeharaStarts transmission from (Isahaya City) and becomes a 3-transmission station system
  • 2011 (23)
  • Since then, 71 relay stations have been installed (the number of NHK stations installed and commercial broadcasting stations are slightly smaller).

Cable TV


Nagasaki Prefecture
  • NHK Nagasaki Broadcasting Station (AM/FM)
  • Nagasaki Broadcasting (NBC,JRN-NRNseries,SagaAlso targeted for broadcasting)
  • FM Nagasaki(Fm-nagasaki,JFNseries)
Community broadcasting
Foreign relations



Food culture:

local cuisine

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Traditional crafts


Sports Facilities

2020 Summer Olympics invitation relationship

at firstHiroshima city-NagasakiProposal for co-sponsored OlympicsInternational Olympic CommitteeNagasaki City abandoned its bid due to the decision that the co-sponsorship was not possible. After that, we aimed to invite Hiroshima City alone, but the opponents of the Hiroshima Olympics won the mayor of Hiroshima.Great East Japan EarthquakeThe city of Hiroshima also abandoned the bid because of the later public opinion.


"Nagasaki Prefecture Tourist AttractionsSee also

world Heritage

Meiji Japan Industrial Revolution Heritage

Tangible cultural property building

National treasure
Important traditional buildings preservation area
Other major tourist destinations

Works set in Nagasaki Prefecture

Movies/TV dramas
Novel, travelogue, essay
Collection of poems
  • Kan Yamada "Kan Yamada poem collection" etc.
  • PoetrySumako Fukuda, Hidee Shimoda, Chino Tsutsui, Kuniko Kazuki, reading aloud Sayuri Yoshinaga"From the Second Movement Nagasaki" 1999


Honorary citizens of Nagasaki Prefecture

The title of honorary citizens of Nagasaki Prefecture is based on the Nagasaki Prefecture Honorary Citizens Ordinance (Nagasaki Prefecture Ordinance No. 1980) established on October 55, 10 (Showa 13). Person” (Article 28 of the Ordinance)[17].. The target person "contributes to the promotion of public welfare or the progress of science and art, contributes to the life and culture of the citizens of the prefecture, and is outstanding in their achievements." , "Person who resides in or lived in this prefecture (Nagasaki prefecture)" (Article 2 of the Ordinance), and it is stipulated that the governor of Nagasaki shall select with the consent of the Nagasaki Prefectural Assembly (Ordinance No. Article 3). Those who have been selected as honorary citizens will also receive a certificate of merit and a souvenir cup (Article 4 of the Ordinance), as well as the courtesy and benefits of the governor (Article 5 of the Ordinance).[17][18].

Gift numberName of winnerOccupationSelection dateRemarksSource
1Kitamura Saizo彫刻家1980/12Order of CultureRecipient[19]
2Naoki Tominaga彫刻家1990/3Recipient of the Order of Culture[19]
3ShimomuraBiologist2009/3Nobel Prize in ChemistryWinner[19]
4Toshio MatsuoJapanese painter2013/10Recipient of the Order of Culture[19]
5Kazuo IshiguroNovelist2018/7Nobel Prize for LiteratureBorn in Nagasaki City[19]


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注 釈

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