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😷 | New Corona Zero new infections for 21 consecutive days [Fukui]


New Corona Zero new infections for 21 consecutive days [Fukui]

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In addition, there have been no inpatients or users of accommodation facilities since November 11.

Fukui Prefecture announced on the 30th that no one infected with the new coronavirus was confirmed.In the prefecture, on the 29th, PCR ... → Continue reading

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hospitalized patient

"hospitalized patient"(Nyuinkan,The Resident Patient) Is a British novelist,Arthur Conan DoyleShort story by.Sherlock Holmes seriesThis is the 56st work of 21 short stories. British "Strand MagazineAnnounced in August 1893, USA, "Harpers Weekly" August 8, 1893 issue. Second short edition published in the same year "Sherlock Holmes Memories''(The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes) Was recorded in[2].


Late 1880s (Detailed yearCanonOctober (not listed in)HolmesReceives a request from a medical practitioner, Dr. Trevelian.

Trevelian was an authority on the treatment of mental illness who studied medicine at a well-known university, and although he was good enough to publish a treatise as a book, he did not have the funds to open his own clinic.A few years ago, it opened on the suggestion of Bresington, who offered to sponsor speculation, and Bresington decided to live with Trevelian inpatients in the clinic.The condition was that Bresington would pay all the start-up funds and the costs of the hires, and instead Trevelian would receive only 25 percent of the clinic's profits.Trevelian's clinic thrived on his fame, which made Bresington one of the most wealthy people around here.After that, he had a smooth sail, but a few weeks ago Bresington talked distraughtly about a robbery incident nearby and told him to make the locks in the room stronger.

Two days ago, TrevelianCatalepsyI received a letter asking him to see his father, and the next evening, the patient and his son came along.The son is said to be in the waiting room while his father is being examined.A sudden seizure occurred while examining the patient, but within minutes of Trevelian's fetching the drug from the warehouse, the patient disappeared with his son.But the next day, this evening, at the same time as yesterday, they came back and continued their examination.After returning from a walk that night, Bresington questioned Trevelian in a distraught manner, saying that someone had invaded his room.There was a third person's footprint in the room.Perhaps the son of the patient who came today only came out of the waiting room and invaded, and Trevelian asks Holmes to find out the truth about the case.Holmes visits the clinic to investigate, but is greeted by Bresington with a pistol.Bresington is relieved to see Trevelian with him.When Holmes asks about his footsteps, Holmes stiffens his attitude, saying, "I'm not telling the truth," in response to Bresington's claim that "I don't know who is aiming for me," and discontinues the investigation.

The next morning, Bresington was found hanging.It was found by a maid who had coffee in the morning.Police speculate that it was a suicide, but Holmes thought it was a well-planned murder.Holmes, who visited Blessington's room, said that the footprints left were an old man, a strong man, and a third party.All are different from Trevelian's footprints.In addition, there were four cigar butts left in the fireplace, and it was certain that there were three men other than Bresington, depending on the brand and the method of cutting the mouthpiece.

In Holmes's mind, an old five-person robbery case came to mind.All of them were arrested, but one of them betrayed his companion and confessed.As a result, the principal was hanged, those who confessed were allowed, and the other three were sent to jail.It must have been Bresington who confessed.He lived with a grinning face, but his companions were taken out of prison many years earlier than their planned sentence.Blessington was upset a few weeks ago because he learned in the newspaper that his companion had been released, so he was careful to lock the door.The companion found Bresington's whereabouts and visited the clinic pretending to be a parent and child of a catalepsy patient.I came in the evening because it was a time when there were no other patients.The man who played the role of his son left the waiting room and went to Blessington's room, but he went for a walk and was absent.He came to see him the next day at the same time, but again he was absent on a walk.So he sneaked in at night with three people[3]..He woke up the sleeping Bressington and tied him up, and the conclusion of the discussion between the three was the hanging.Bresington was thus killed.The whereabouts of the trio who dispelled the grudge were unknown.It was thought that he was probably on board a passenger ship that sank on his way to the United States.


  1. ^ At the end of the game, Holmes said, "In the 1875 robbery case, three of the robbers were sentenced to 3 years (= released in 15 if their sentence expired)." "Recently, three of them were released several years earlier than their sentence. "."At the beginning of the month, it is clearly stated that "October is an annoying rainy day."
  2. ^ Jack Tracy, Sherlock Holmes Encyclopedia, Masato Higurashi, Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2002, 243-244
  3. ^ Holmes speculates that, but since he uses the safes and ropes in the room for killing, it is possible that he came to explore the room for the first two times when Bresington was absent. ..

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