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😷 | Three new infections in Tochigi Prefecture New corona

Photo Number of people infected with new coronavirus in the prefecture

Three new infections in Tochigi Prefecture New corona

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The newly infected person is a man in his 60s in Ashikaga City.

Tochigi Prefecture announced on the 5th that one new person was infected with the new coronavirus.The cumulative number of infected people in the prefecture is 1 ... → Continue reading

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Ashikaga(Ashikaga) isTochigiIn the southwestCity.. OldAshikaga.Local base city.. Old timesAshikagaProsperGen SeiwaRighteous style-AshikagaAlso known as the birthplace,Francisco XavierCalled "University of Bando"Louis Frois Described as the only university in JapanAshikaga schoolThere is.


Located in the southwestern part of Tochigi prefectureCheap footThe central city of the district.1921 (Taisho10 years)May 1,AshikagaAshikaga Town is the second city in Tochigi Prefecture.2021 (3rd year of Reiwa) January 1st marked the 1th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system.AdjacentGunmaKiryuと と も にfabricThe business is thrivingAshikaga MeisenKnown as the production center of.With a population of about 14, it is the fourth largest in Tochigi prefecture.From the late Showa period to the early Heisei period, it was the most populous city in the southern part of the prefecture.In the southern part of the prefectureSano City-Tochigi City-Oyama CityIt is also designated as the central city of the Tochigi Prefecture Southern Region Base City Area.

In the cityHistoric site,MuseumTo manyAshikaga school-Gionji Temple-Ashikaga Museum of Art-Soun Art Museum, In the Tomida areaKurita Museum of Art-Ashikaga Flower ParkThere,2010 (HeiseiIn 22), the number of tourists was 330.2015 In (27), the number has increased to 394.The number of tourists entering in Heisei is on the rise,2018 In (30), the number reached 508.2019 (ReiwaIn the first year), the number of tourists was 486, which was the sixth largest number of tourists in the prefecture.[3]..Old in the southern Mikuriya districtNikko Regular Use Road OfYagijukuThere are traces, and in the Ryomo areaFolk songIsYagibushiIs the origin of the name.

2015 (27) October,MausoleumAnd the remains of Ashikaga School, including the attached building,Ashikaga School Memorial LibraryCollection of "Tributejustice"·"Shoshojustice"·"Sentence selection"Zhou YiNote ”,ConfuciusFestivalSeokjeonBut,MitoOldHirodokan,BizenOldSecluded school,Hita City OfKagienUnder the name of "Educational heritage group in early modern Japan-the source of learning spirit and politeness-"Japanese heritageCertified by[4].

The ruins of Hokai-ji Temple, where the Jongmyo Shrine of the Ashikaga family head was locatedKabasakidera), There are many temples related to Ashikaga, such as Jyoinji Temple, which was revived by Yoshimitsu Ashikaga, the third shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate, and Oiwa Bishamonten, one of the three major Bishamonten in Japan worshiped by the first Shogun Ashikaga Takauji.Kyoto City,Kamakura cityIt is called "Kyoto in the east" and "Kamakura in the north" because it waits for a landscape similar to that of.Ashikaga City is a member of the National Kyoto Conference, and Ashikaga City and Kamakura City have a sister city tie-up.


In the northern part of the cityAshio Mountains, In the southKanto PlainSpreads out and spreads out in the centerWatarase RiverFlows.Mountainと平野Located at the contact point of.The height above sea level of the city hall (2145-34.54 Honjo) is XNUMXm.

AdjacentSano City(Population about 11),Kiryu(Population about 10),Ota City(Population about 22),TatebayashiWith (population about 7)RyomoIt is the core of the city and the capital of the prefecture.Utsunomiya CitythanGunmaIt has a deep economic and cultural connection with the eastern region.In particular, the relationship with Kiryu City and Ota City is close across the prefectural border, and for a period of time during the Great Heisei Consolidation with Ota City.Cross-border mergerThe story was also raised.OldOmata Town-HajikachoHas been a member of the Kiryu Textile Association, and Omata TownKiryu City Outer XNUMX Municipal Medical Office AssociationWas also a member.

Adjacent municipality


Shimotsuke Kuni AshikagaGen SeiwaRighteous styleFourth sonRight countryfromAshikagaIn the land of connection,Heian periodAt the endAshikaga Yoshikane Yoritomo GengenAs a relative ofKamakura ShogunateEfforts to establish and influentialLordIt developed as a Bon-gwan area.Kamakura PeriodTakashi Ashikaga TheEmperor GodaigoParticipate in the debate movementMuromachi PeriodToGeneral AshikagaIt became.Yoshiyasu AshikagaFrom the age ofsilkIn modern timesfabricKarma has developed.Ashikaga schoolWas so successful that it recorded about 3000 students, and prospered as the cultural center of the Kanto region during the Muromachi period.

1947 (Showa22 years)May 9,Kathleen TyphoonThe Watarase River is flooded by heavy rain.Of the XNUMX households in the city, XNUMX were submerged, and the surrounding municipalities (described later), which will be incorporated later, also suffered a lot of flood damage.[5].



1920 (TaishoThe population of Ashikaga Town in the first census in 9) was 3, which is the prefectural capital in Tochigi Prefecture.Utsunomiya CityIt was the second most common after.1965 (Showa40 years) According to the census, the population of Ashikaga City reached 15,KiryuOvertake the population ofRyomoIt has become the most populous city in the region.The largest population in the census1990 With 2 people (16),2005 (17) In the censusOyama CityTo2014 (26)Shimotsuga-gunIwafune TownWas incorporatedTochigi CityWas overtaken by2015 The census population (27) is 14, which is the fourth largest in the prefecture.

Population distribution of Ashikaga, Tochigi, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Ashikaga City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Ashikaga City (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Ashikaga City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Successive mayors

1Heigoro KawashimaMay 1921, 10 (Taisho 4)May 1925, 14 (Taisho 4)
2Jinshiro YamaguchiMay 1925, 14 (Taisho 5)May 1925, 14 (Taisho 9)
3Large salary newMay 1925, 14 (Taisho 10)1931 (Showa 6)/3/17
4Kubo Taneichi1931 (Showa 6)/3/171937 (Showa 12)/2/4
5Masatake Shakudo1937 (Showa 12)/7/81944 (Showa 19)/1/8
6Yasuji Manabe1944 (Showa 19)/2/221945 (Showa 20)/11/10
7Asashichi Kimura1945 (Showa 20)/12/61967 (Showa 42)/4/29Publicly elected after 1947
8Toraharu Nagatake1967 (Showa 42)/4/301979 (Showa 54)/4/29
9Yukihisa Machida1979 (Showa 54)/4/301991 (Heisei 3)/4/29
10Kazuo Hayakawa1991 (Heisei 3)/4/302001 (Heisei 13)/3/19Died during his tenure
11Muneo Yoshitani2001 (Heisei 13)/5/132009 (Heisei 21)/5/12
12Soybean Ikuta Minoru2009 (Heisei 21)/5/132013 (Heisei 25)/5/12
13Satoshi Izumi2013 (Heisei 25)/5/13January 2021, 3 (5nd year of Reiwa)
14Naohide HayakawaJanuary 2021, 3 (5nd year of Reiwa)Incumbent

Police station

Fire department

  • Ashikaga City Fire Department(Taisho Town)
    • Ashikaga City Central Fire Department (Taishocho)
    • East branch office (Kawasaki Town)
    • Nishi branch office (Hajikacho)
    • Ashikaga City Henan Fire Department (Horigomecho)
    • South branch office (Kamishibutarecho)


Ashikaga City Council

  • Number of people: 24 people
  • Term: March 2019, 5-March 1, 2023[8]
  • Chair: Satoru Watanabe (non-parliamentary group)
  • Vice-chairman: Masayuki Saito (non-parliamentary group)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is chairman)
Ashikaga Future Club11◎ Hisao Ogiwara, Mayumi Nakajima, Toshihiro Sueyoshi, Mizuho Suda, Yayoi Otani, Hikaru Sugita,
Hiromi Kaneko, Takahiro Kobayashi, Ikuo Yokoyama, Osamu Kurihara, Seiichiro Yanagi
Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly4◎ Tomoo Rooster, Yukio Osuga, Nukio Kurokawa, Tomio Nakayama
Komeito Parliamentary Assembly3◎ Shigeru Hiratsuka, Etsuko Tominaga, Aya Oshima
Abandoned6Daisuke Tsurugai, Harunobu Yoshida, Masayuki Saito, Katsuyuki Kobayashi, Satoru Watanabe, Eiko Ozeki

(As of June 2018, 4[9])

Tochigi Prefectural Assembly

2019 Tochigi Prefectural Assembly Member Election
  • Constituency: Ashikaga City Constituency
  • Number of people: 4 people
  • Voting Date: July 2023, 4
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Yoshifumi KimuraThis76LDPNowNo votes
Naohide HayakawaThis46LDPNowNo votes
Shoichi KatoThis57Constitutional Democratic PartyNowNo votes
Shioda etc.This58IndependentNowNo votes
2015 Tochigi Prefectural Assembly Member Election
  • Constituency: Ashikaga City Constituency
  • Number of people: 4 people
  • Voting Date: July 2015, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 123,539
  • Voting rate: 48.23%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Naohide HayakawaThis42LDPNow13,008 vote
Yoshifumi KimuraThis72LDPNow9,336 vote
Shioda etc.This54Independent新8,736 vote
Shoichi KatoThis53IndependentNow7,777 vote
Tsutomu Sugitadrop65Independent新7,568 vote
Daisuke Tsurugaidrop49IndependentNow6,457 vote
Tomohide Saitodrop79LDPyuan5,595 vote

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Tochigi 5rd district(Ashikaga City,Tochigi City(Former Tochigi city area),Sano City)Toshimitsu MogiLDP9Constituency


裁判 所


Industrial population (from 2000 census)
  • Total employees: 83,684
  • Primary industry: 2,222 people
  • Secondary industry: 37,082 people
  • Tertiary industry: 44,076 people
  • Unclassifiable: 304 people


  • ReiyoCultivation of tomatoes of this variety is popular.The brand name is "Ashikaga Bijin".


  • It is an area where wild boars and bears infest.Mayor AshikagaSatoshi IzumiHas set up a new Agriculture and Forestry Maintenance Division and is embarking on measures against harmful birds and beasts.
  • On October 2019, 10, a woman was hit by a wild boar that appeared on the platform of Fukui Station on the Tobu-Isesaki Line, injuring her left wrist and both legs.On the same day in Ashikaga City, a total of four people, including this woman, were attacked and injured by wild boars.[10][11][12]..The wild boar was slaughtered by the Hunting Association. "It is possible that the heavy rain of Typhoon No. XNUMX caused the water level of the Watarase River flowing through the city to rise, and the wild boars that had been chased by the riverbed got lost in the city."[13]..In the same year, a bear (about 1.5 meters long) was witnessed in Itakura Town near Fukui Town.[14][15].

Industrial park

  • Mikuri Industrial Complex (Fukutomishinmachi)
  • Otsuki / Sukedo Industrial Park (Otsuki Town / Hanazono Town / Fujimi Town / Masago Town)
  • Kubota Industrial Park (Kubota Town)
  • Yasaka Industrial Park (Hakaricho)
  • Hakari Industrial Park (Hakari Town)
  • Arakane Industrial Park (Arakanecho)
  • Kabasaki Industrial Park (Kabasakicho)
  • Yasaka No. XNUMX Industrial Park (Hakaricho)
  • Mohno Eastern Industrial Park (Kawasaki Town, Okubo Town, Okudo Town, Hasama Town)
  • Agata Industrial Park (prefectural town, Shimada town)

Major companies with headquarters

Major companies with offices and factories

A company founded in Ashikaga


Banks and credit unions

Securities company


Town name

District division is the result of the national census on the Ashikaga City website (population by gender by district)[16]Based on the 16 district divisions in.

Main office district
  • (Aio Icho)
  • (Asahicho)
  • (Ietomicho)
  • (Igusacho)
  • (Isecho)
  • (Isecho) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Ise Minamicho)
  • (Eirakucho)
  • (Ohashicho) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Sakaecho) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Saru Tachiyo)
  • (Shoheicho)
  • (Shinyamacho)
  • (Suehirocho)
  • (But) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Suddenly Ohashicho)
  • (Suddenly Yamacho)
  • (Sudden Nakacho)
  • (Suddenly Higashi Yamacho)
  • (Taishocho)
  • (Large intestine)
  • (As you can see)
  • Tadokorocho(Tokorocho)
  • (Chitosecho)
  • (Street) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Tokiwacho)
  • (Tomoecho)
  • (Nishikicho)
  • (Spanish mackerel)
  • (Nishimiyacho)
  • (Hanazo no Cho)
  • (Higashi Sawara Gocho)
  • (Hisatsucho)
  • (Fujimicho)
  • (Honjo) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Masagocho)
  • (Maruyamacho)
  • (Midoricho) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Minamicho)
  • (Miyaki Tachiyo)
  • (Motogakucho)
  • (Yanagiwaracho)
  • (Yayoicho)
  • (Yurakucho)
  • (Yukiwacho)
  • (Yoshicho)
Mohno district
  • (Ikarugicho)
  • (Okubocho)
  • (Onuma Tachiyo)
  • (Kawasakicho)
  • (Kenoshinmachi) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Tsunemicho)
  • (Tsunemicho) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Yatsukunugicho)
  • (Yamagawacho)
Yamabe district
  • (Asakuracho)
  • (Asakuracho) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Kariyadocho)
  • XNUMX-chome (Kariyadocho)
  • (Tanakacho)
  • (Nakagawacho)
  • (Nishiaracho)
  • (Horigomecho)
  • (Minami Omachi)
  • (Yawatachi)
  • (Yawatachi) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
Mie district
  • (Imafukucho)
  • (Yobecho)
  • (Oiwacho)
Yamamae district
  • (You)
  • (Kashimacho)
  • (Yatacho)
Kitago area
  • (Akamatsudai) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Egawacho)
  • (Egawacho) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Otsukicho)
  • (Kakabocho)
  • (Kakabocho) XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • (Kabasakicho)
  • (Sugetachi)
  • (Suge Tachiyo) XNUMX-chome
  • (Tajimacho)
  • (Tajimacho) XNUMX-chome
  • (Tsukiyacho)
Famous grass district
  • (Nagusakamicho)
  • (Nagusanakacho)
  • (Nagusashi Mocho)
  • (Nagusashi Mocho) XNUMX-chome
Tomita area
  • (Hasamacho)
Yaba River district
  • (Arajukucho)
  • (Satoya Bacho)
  • (Fujimotocho)
Mikuriya district
  • (Arakanecho)
  • (Kamishibutarecho)
  • (Ostrich)
  • (Tonyacho)
  • (Fukui)
  • (Momogashiracho)
Tsukuba district
  • (Agatachi)
  • (Ozonecho)
  • (Takamatsucho)
  • (Scale)
Kuno district
  • (Kubo Tachi)
  • (Ostrich)
  • (Mizuho no Cho)
Ryoda district
  • (Fukutomi Shincho)
  • (Ostrich)
Sanwa district
  • (Awanoyacho)
  • (Takuracho)
  • (Matsudacho)
Hajika district
Omata district



Vocational school

Various schools

  • Associate Nursing School attached to Ashikaga Medical Association
  • East Japan International Academy (Department of Japanese Language)

high school


Junior high school


primary school

  • Ashikaga City Keyaki Elementary School (Yanagiwaracho)
  • Ashikaga City Aoba Elementary School (XNUMX-chome, Ohashi Town)
  • Ashikaga Higashiyama Elementary School (Sukedonakacho)
  • Ashikaga City Sakura Elementary School (Chitosecho)
  • Ashikaga City Mohno Elementary School (Okubocho)
  • Ashikaga City Mohno Minami Elementary School (Tsunemicho XNUMX-chome)
  • Ashikaga City Yamabe Elementary School(Yawata Town)
  • Ashikaga City Minami Elementary School (Horigomecho)
  • Ashikaga City Mie Elementary School (Yobecho)
  • Ashikaga City Yamamae Elementary School(Yamashitacho)
  • Ashikaga City Hokugo Elementary School(Tajima Town)
  • Ashikaga City Otsuki Elementary School (Otsukicho)
  • Ashikaga City Nagusa Elementary School (Nagusanakacho)
  • Ashikaga City Tomita Elementary School(Komaba Town)
  • Ashikaga City Yabakawa Elementary School(Satoyabacho)
  • Ashikaga City Ryoda Elementary School (Fukutomicho)
  • Ashikaga City Kuno Elementary School (Kubotacho)
  • Ashikaga City Tsukuba Elementary School (Ozonecho)
  • Ashikaga City Mikuriya Elementary School (Fukuicho)
  • Ashikaga City Sakanishikita Elementary School (Itakuracho)
  • Ashikaga City Hajika Elementary School (Hajikacho XNUMX-chome)
  • Ashikaga City Omata Elementary School (Omata Town)

Special school


  • Ashikaga Kindergarten (Ietomicho)
  • Friendship Kindergarten (Dori XNUMX-chome)
  • Hanazono Kindergarten (Omachi)
  • Ashikaga Midori Kindergarten (Higashisawarago Town)
  • Ashikaga Kurumi Kindergarten (Iseminamicho)
  • Kindergarten attached to Ashikaga Junior College (Fukuicho)
  • Tokoji Kindergarten (Hajikacho)
  • Yamabe Kindergarten (Horigomecho)
  • Ashikaga Hikari Gakuen Kindergarten (Sugetacho)
  • Yaba River Kindergarten (Satoyabacho)
  • Asahi Kindergarten (Onumatacho)
  • Ashikaga Izumi Kindergarten (Yobecho)
  • Ashikaga Megumi Kindergarten (Omatacho)
  • Ashikaga Kobato Kindergarten (Horigomecho)
  • Ashikaga Shirayuri Kindergarten (Tanakacho)
  • Ashikaga Sakura Kindergarten (Shimadacho)

Facilities other than school education

Vocational development school
Licensed Nursery School
  • Municipal Omachi Nursery School (Omachi)
  • Municipal Fukui Nursery School (Fukui Town)
  • Municipal Matsuda Nursery School (Matsuda Town)
  • Municipal Hakari Nursery School (Hakaricho)
  • Municipal Yamakawa Nursery School (Yamakawa Town)
  • Municipal Ryoda Nursery School (Fukutomicho)
  • Municipal Minami Nursery School (Nishiaraicho)
  • Municipal Kuno Nursery School (Kubota Town)
  • Municipal Kita Nursery School (Akamatsudai XNUMX-chome)
  • Municipal Mie Nursery School (Yobecho)
  • Municipal Omae Nursery School (Omaecho)
  • Municipal Nagusa Nursery School (Nagusanakacho)
  • Municipal Watarase Nursery School (Nishikicho)
  • Municipal Nishi Nursery School (Omaecho)
  • Omata Infant Life Group (Omatacho)
  • Yamamae Nursery School (Kashimacho)
  • Jonenji Nursery School (XNUMX-chome)
  • Lumbini Nursery School (Kariyadocho)
  • Honjo Nursery School (Honjo XNUMX-chome)
  • Ryusenji Nursery School (Sukedo XNUMX-chome)
  • Wakaba Nursery School (Kakabocho XNUMX-chome)
  • Shinmachi Nursery School (Kenoshinmachi XNUMX-chome)
  • Ryono Nursery School (Omataminamicho)
  • Tenno Nursery School (Fukuicho)
  • Poppo Nursery School (Tadakicho)

Elementary school that once existed

  • Ashikaga City Yanagihara Elementary School (2000, integrated with a part of Toko to become Ashikaga City Keyaki Elementary School)
  • Ashikaga City Nishi Elementary School (2001, split and integrated into Ashikaga City Keyaki Elementary School and Ashikaga City Mie Elementary School)
  • Ashikaga City Higashi Elementary School (2000, partly divided into Ashikaga City Keyaki Elementary School and partly Sakura Elementary School)
  • Ashikaga City Chitose Elementary School (2000, integrated with a part of Toko to become Ashikaga City Sakura Elementary School)
  • Ashikaga City Ohashi Elementary School (2000, integrated with a part of Aioi Elementary School to become Ashikaga City Aoba Elementary School)
  • Ashikaga City Sukedo Elementary School (2000, integrated with a part of Aioi Elementary School to become Higashiyama Elementary School)
  • Ashikaga Municipal Aioi Elementary School (2000, partly integrated into Higashiyama Elementary School and partly into Aoba Elementary School)
  • Ashikaga City Hokugo Elementary School Tsukiya Branch School (integrated into Ashikaga City Hokugo Elementary School in 1996)
  • Ashikaga City Matsuda Elementary School (In 2000, integrated with Sanwa Elementary School to become Ashikaga City Sakanishikita Elementary School)
  • Ashikaga Municipal Sanwa Elementary School (2000, integrated with Matsuda Elementary School to become Ashikaga Municipal Sakanishikita Elementary School)
  • Ashikaga City Omata Daini Elementary School (integrated into Omata Elementary School in 1997)
  • Ashikaga City Nagusa Elementary School Ashikaga Branch School (integrated into Nagusa Elementary School in 1982)
  • Ashikaga Municipal Mohno Elementary School Okubo Branch School (integrated into Mohno Elementary School in 2004)

Junior high school that once existed

  • Ashikaga Municipal Kitago Junior High School (reorganized into Kita Junior High School by consolidating with Nagusa Junior High School)
  • Ashikaga City Nagusa Junior High School (consolidated with Kitago Junior High School and reorganized into Kita Junior High School)
  • Ashikaga City Sanwa Junior High School (integrated into Sakanishi Junior High School after closing)
  • Ashikaga City Yabakawa Junior High School (integrated into Yamabe Junior High School)
  • Ashikaga Municipal Mie Junior High School (consolidated with Yamamae Junior High School and reorganized into Nishi Junior High School)
  • Ashikaga City Yamamae Junior High School (consolidated with Mie Junior High School and reorganized into Nishi Junior High School)

High school that once existed



The postal code corresponds to the following. 4 collection and delivery stations are in charge of collection and delivery.

  • Ashikaga Post Office: "326-00xx" "326-08xx"
  • Ashikaga West Post Office: "326-01xx"
  • Fukui Post Office: "326-03xx"
  • Tomita Post Office: "329-42xx"

post office

  • Ashikaga Post Office(07005)
  • Ashikaga West Post Office (07020)
  • Fukui Post Office (07033)
  • Tomita Post Office (07084)
  • Yanada Post Office (07085)
  • Ashikaga Isecho Post Office (07087)
  • Ashikaga Yamamae Post Office (07088)
  • Ashikaga Hokugo Post Office (07095)
  • Ashikaga Tsuroku Post Office (07118)
  • Ashikaga Sukedo Post Office (07126)
  • Ashikaga Hajika Post Office (07138)
  • Ashikaga Tsukuba Post Office (07150)
  • Ashikaga Yurakucho Post Office (07156)
  • Ashikaga Matsuda Post Office (07157)
  • Ashikaga Yawata Post Office (07159)
  • Ashikaga Post Office (07171)
  • Ashikaga Mie Post Office (07191)
  • Japan Post (07195)
  • Ashikaga Yukiwacho Post Office (07198)
  • Ashikaga Tanaka Post Office (07228)
  • Yabakawa Post Office (07236)
  • Ashikaga Tsuzo Post Office (07245)
  • Ashikaga Post Office (07257)
  • Ashikaga Asakura Post Office (07268)
  • Ashikaga Honjo Post Office (07273)
  • Ashikaga Minamiomachi Post Office (07293)
  • Ashikaga Omata Post Office (07320)
  • Kuno Simple Post Office (07701)

Phone Number

Ashikaga throughout the cityMAThe area code is "0284". The following 7 buildings correspond to the accommodation station, and the city code is as follows.

  • Ashikaga Bureau: 20-22
  • Ashikaga Aioi Bureau: 40-44
  • Ashikaga West Bureau: 62-63,65
  • Ashikaga Minami Bureau: 70-74
  • Tochigi Tomita Post Office: 90,91
  • Famous grass station: 41 (9000 series)
  • Ashikaga Sanwa Bureau: 61 (1000s)



East Japan Railway
■Ryomo Line : Omata Station - Hajika Station(Abolished)- Yamamae Station - Mie station(Abolished)- Nishi-Ashikaga Station(Abolished)- Ashikaga Station - Higashi Ashikaga Station(Abolished)- Ashikaga Flower Park Station - Tomita Station
Tobu Railway
■Isesaki Line : Prefectural station - Fukui Station - Tobu Izumi Station - Ashikaga Station - Noshu Yamabe Station

JR Ashikaga Station is the central station of the city on the JTB timetable, but Tobu Ashikaga Station on the opposite bank of the Watarase River has more lines.TokyoCity centerThe number of users is large because it is convenient to access.In addition, the Tobu-Isesaki Line has many stations in the Ashikaga city section, and around each stationRedevelopment businessIn recent years, large-scale condominiums and commercial facilities have been concentrated around each station between Noshu Yamabe Station and Fukui Station.On the other hand, there are many tourist attractions such as Ashikaga School and Bannaji Temple in the old town centered on JR Ashikaga Station.


Express Bus
Departure and arrival at Ashikagashi Station (South Exit) on the Tobu Line
Transit Bus
Long time agoTobu BusとKanto MotorTwo companies, including various parts of the city, Kiryu, Ota, Tatebayashi,(I.e.,Hon-Nakano,Menuma,Nishi Koizumi, Hikoma, Sano,ShizuwaIt used to connect the suburbs of Ashikaga, but now all lines have been abolished.Sano CityIt is operated as an alternative by Ashikaga City.2011 OctoberLarge-scale reorganization including reorganization of routes, increase in the number of flights, introduction of demand-responsive operation, etc.[17].
Ashikaga Municipal Bus(Ashi Bus Assy)
After the reorganization, in 30, the number of users was 2018, which was the highest ever, and the income and expenditure situation is gradually improving, but the annual operating income is 193,037 million yen, and the operating cost is about 2000 million yen. 000 million yen is covered by city subsidies[18].
The fare is uniform at 210 yen for adults and 100 yen for children.The fare is a prepaid method that is paid at the time of boarding. One-day tickets and commuter passes are also on sale.
■Omata Line
10 systems: Omata Kitamachi --Omata Park Entrance --Ashikaga Nishi Plaza --Ashikaga University --Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital --City Hall --Tobu Ashikagashi Station --Apita
11 systems: Omata Park Entrance --Ashikaga University --Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital --Dori XNUMX-chome --Tobu Ashikagashi Station --Apita
12 systems: Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital --Dori XNUMX-chome --Tobu Ashikagashi Station --Apita
■Matsuda Line
20 systems: Matsudacho --Sakanishi housing complex --Ashikaga Nishi Plaza --Kasuga housing complex --Yamamae Komae --Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital --City hall front --Tobu Ashikagashi station --Apita
21 systems: Sakanishi housing complex --Yamamae Komae --Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital --Dori XNUMX-chome --Tobu Ashikagashi Station --Apita
■Route line
30 systems: Kodoyama --Akamatsu Taipei --Ashikaga High School Entrance --In front of Ashikaga School --JR Ashikaga Station --Tobu Ashikaga City Station --Apita
31 systems: Akamatsu Taipei --Ashikaga High School Entrance --In front of Ashikaga School --JR Ashikaga Station --Tobu Ashikaga City Station --Apita
■Tomita Line
40 systems: Okazakiyama --Tomita Station --Ashikaga Hospital --Kenoshinmachi XNUMX-chome --Harvest Place --JR Ashikaga Station --Tobu Ashikaga Station --Apita
41 systems: Kenoshinmachi XNUMX-chome --JR Ashikaga Station --Tobu Ashikaga Station --Apita
■Yamabe Line
51 systems (counterclockwise): Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital --JR Ashikaga Station --Tobu Ashikaga Station --Noshu Yamabe Station --Minami Omachi --Horisato New Town South --Apita --Tobu Ashikaga Station --JR Ashikaga Station --Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital
52 systems (clockwise): Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital --JR Ashikaga Station --Tobu Ashikaga Station --Apita --Horisato Newtown South --Minami Omachi - Noshu Yamabe Station --Tobu Ashikaga Station --JR Ashikaga Station --Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital
■Mikuriya Line
61 systems (counterclockwise):Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital --JR Ashikaga Station --Tobu Ashikaga Station --Apita --Yorktown --Fukui Station Entrance --Tsukuba Komae --Minami Korakuso --Fukui Station Entrance --Yorktown --Apita --Tobu Ashikaga Station --JR Ashikaga Station --Ashikaga Red Cross hospital
62 systems (clockwise): Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital --JR Ashikaga Station --Tobu Ashikaga Station --Apita-Yorktown --Fukui Station Entrance --Minami Korakuso --Tsukuba Komae --Fukui Station Entrance --Yorktown --Apita --Tobu Ashikaga Station --JR Ashikaga Station --Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital
■Central loop line(Operates only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
71 systems (counterclockwise): JR Ashikaga Station --Yamakawacho --Harvest Place --Rihocho XNUMX-chome --In front of Civic Gymnasium --In front of Ashikaga School --JR Ashikaga Station
72 systems (clockwise): JR Ashikaga Station-In front of Ashikaga School-In front of Civic Gymnasium-Rihocho XNUMX-chome-Harvest Place-Yamakawacho-JR Ashikaga Station
■Famous grass line
80 systems: Irinagusa --Yasuragi House --In front of Budokan --In front of girls' school --JR Ashikaga Station --Tobu Ashikaga City Station --Apita --Tobu Ashikaga City Station --Dori XNUMX-chome --Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital
Sano City Life Route Bus(Sanotte)
■Ashikaga line(Ashikaga Girls' High School-Ashikaga High School Entrance-Yasuragi House-Nagusa Small-Shimohikoma Myojin-mae-Terazawa Entrance)
Others (shuttle bus)



General national road

Main local road

General prefectural road

sister city


Sights and historic sites


Buddhist temple

  • Gionji Temple(Bannaji) – National Treasure / Important Cultural Property, Ashikaga Clan Temple
  • – A famous temple called Koyasan in the Kanto region


Festivals and events

  • Mayutama City (January 1, Tokusho-ji Temple)
  • Setsubun Armor New Year's Eve (February 2, from Orihime Community Center to Bannaji Temple)
  • Ashikaga Festival (Around the city during Golden Week)
  • Hatsuyama Festival (also known as Petanko Festival, June 6, Ashikaga Fuji Asama Shrine)
  • Watarase Summer Festa (early August, Watarase Kawanakahashi Event Plaza, etc.)
  • Toro nagashi(August month-delayed tray, downstream of Nakahashi, Watarase River)
  • Ebisu lecture(November 11th and 19th, Nishinomiya Shrine)
  • Ashikaga Gourmet Grand Prix (Late November, Kurita Museum)
  • Ashikaga School Samama Festival (November 11)SeokjeonDay, around Ashikaga School)
  • Akutai (bad talk) Festival (December 12, midnight to early morning on New Year's Day, Oiwa Bishamonten)
  • Garden of light flowers(Ashikaga Flower Park from late October to early February)[21]

Related celebrities


Person with connection

Works shot in Ashikaga (year is the one at the time of shooting)


All Ashikaga Club
Founded in 1955.Japan Baseball FederationTo joinAdult baseball OfClub team..Held every yearAll Japan Club Baseball ChampionshipWith 11 wins and 6 runners-up (as of 2021), he is the most powerful club team in Japan.BasedAshikaga City General Athletic Field Hardball Baseball Field.
Sound table tennis
1933 Ashikaga Blind School (currently Ashikaga Blind School) in Ashikaga City at that time (Showa 8)Tochigi Prefectural Blind School) Principal Masayoshi Sawada devised as a "ping pong for the blind"[23]Parasports[24].Eye maskAnd hit the ping-pong ball that makes a sound and compete for the score[24].


0284 throughout the city (There is also a 0284 area in part of Ota City)
By Ashikaga Himetama Production Committee2010 More doneMoe wake upPlanning.A duo of beautiful girl characters "Orihime" and "Mitama" designed based on the deities of Orihime Shrine and Kadota Inari Shrine (Shimonokuniissha Hachimangu Shrine) in the city.
  • Ashikaga Meisen
Silk fabric.
A local idol unit in Ashikaga City, which was formed in 43 with the goal of enlivening Ashikaga City with the power of citizens (2014) and promoting Ashikaga City to the whole country with the concept of close contact with the local community. The 2014th in August 8Ashikaga Fireworks FestivalThe song "100 Years Fireworks" was selected as the official image song.
Image character of Ashikaga and the surrounding area promotion group "Like! Project Promotion Committee".It mainly works in Ashikaga City and contributes to regional revitalization.It is also the image character of "Iineko. Mise" in the city.We support groups and companies in the Watarase River basin, and as of February 2015, we are also active as a character of the "Ashikaga Dome Construction Promotion Association".

注 釈

  1. ^ "Kaede" was selected as the city tree to commemorate the completion of the new Ashikaga City Hall in 1974, but it was re-selected to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the municipal organization in 2021 (Reiwa 3). It was decided[2].
  2. ^ "Atsutsuji" was selected as the flower of the city to commemorate the completion of the new Ashikaga City Hall in 1974, but it was re-selected to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the municipal organization in 2021 (Reiwa 3). It was decided[2].
  3. ^ 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa) A new city bird will be selected to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the municipal organization.[2].


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