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😷 | New Corona Infected by One Person for the First Time in XNUMX Days Suspicion of Omicron Strain Oita


New Corona Infected One Person for the First Time in XNUMX Days Suspicion of Omicron Strain Oita

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In addition, as a result of genome analysis, there is a suspicion of Omicron strain, and a definitive test will be conducted at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in the future.

Regarding the new coronavirus, one new infection was confirmed in Oita prefecture.Newly infected people are confirmed in the prefecture ... → Continue reading

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"TV Oita" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Oita Prefecture.

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Genomics(British: genomics, Genomics)genomeとgeneStudy aboutlife sciencesOne field.Also known as genomics (genomics) and genomics (genomes).

Genomics emerged in the 1980s and in the 1990sGenome projectDeveloped with the start of. The first full-length genome was decipheredBacteriophageIt was in 174 with FX5,368 (1980 kb). As a free-living creatureHaemophilus influenzaeIn 1995. Since then, genome decoding has been progressing at a tremendous speed. The rough sequence of the human genome isHuman Genome ProjectIt was deciphered in the first half of 2001 by.

As a genomics of the post-genome project, by comparing the genomes of various species,進化Try to elucidateComparative genomicsAndRNAiThere are functional genomics that elucidate the holistic mechanism from gene inhibition by such factors. In genomicsBioinformatics,Genetics,Molecular biologyAs a tool andSystems biologyIt is also used as a tool for. Genomics has also provided new therapies in the medical field (Pharmacogenomics). It is also applied to the fields of food (nutrigenomics) and agriculture.

Genome analysis

After an organism is selected as a target, it goes through the following three stages. : Sequencing, assembly, annotation.[1]


Historically, sequencing was initially performed at a centralized facility called a sequencing center (a facility surrounded by giant incorporated administrative agencies that sequence dozens of tellabases a year). It was. There were many laboratories that needed expensive laboratory equipment and technical support. However, with advances in sequencing technology and the creation of sufficiently fast benchtop sequencers, sequencers can now be used in the average academic lab.[2][3]

Overall, genome sequencing methods can be divided into two categories. And (so-called). [1]

ア セ ン ブ リ

Sequence assembly contains a large number of DNA sequence fragmentsalignmentAnd then splice and reconstruct the original array.[1]


The assembled DNA sequence is almost always of no value without further analysis.[1] Genome annotation is the process of adding biological information to a DNA sequence and giving it meaning.

This process consists of three steps.[4]

  1. Identify parts of the genome.
  2. Identify genes on the genome, regions with some function. ()
  3. Add biological information to these elements.


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