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😷 | Infection confirmation of 1 people on 10th 《Announced on January XNUMXth, Fukushima Prefecture ・ New Corona》 Inpatient XNUMX people


Infection confirmation of 1 people on 10th << Announced on January XNUMX, Fukushima Prefecture, new corona >> XNUMX hospitalized

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Fukushima Prefecture says that the infection is spreading due to the movement of people during the year-end and New Year holidays, and is calling for consultation with medical institutions if there is any change in physical condition.

In Fukushima Prefecture, infection with the new corona was confirmed on January XNUMXth, including XNUMX in Koriyama City and XNUMX in Iwaki City, under the age of XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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"Fukushima TV" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Fukushima Prefecture.

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Medical institution

Viewed by creatorJapan OfMedical institution(November 2019)[1]
Public medical institution1,2023,5222614,985
Social insurance affiliates514507508
Medical Corporation5,72043,59314,76264,075

Medical institution(Irikyokan) is a facility that provides medical care.

Medical institutions in Japan

What are medical institutions in Japan?Medical lawStipulated inMedical facilitiesRefers to.AdministrationInhospital,pharmacy,Home-Visit nursing stationIt is the institution for secondary medical examinations and prosthetic limb type instructors. In a narrow sense, a hospital,Clinic,Nursing care health facility,DispensingRefers to the pharmacy and other facilities that provide medical care (hereinafter referred to as "medical care facilities"). Although there are many misunderstandings, osteopathic clinics, osteopathic clinics, acupuncture and moxibustion clinics, chiropractic clinics, and chiropractic clinics are practicing medical institutions and are not medical institutions.

Established by the provisions of each law related to medical insuranceInsurance medical institutionIs different from the definition.

Classification in medical law

Classification by creator

Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareClassification of establishments of medical facility surveys by the statistical information department

Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareNational Hansen's Disease Sanatoriumな どCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
National Hospital OrganizationNational hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (National Hospital Organization)
National University CorporationNational University HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (national university corporations)
Incorporated Administrative Agency Workers Health and Safety OrganizationLabor accident hospitalCategory: Medical institutions in Japan (Institute for Health and Safety of Workers)
National Center for Advanced Medical ResearchNational Cancer Center Hospitalな どCategory: Japanese medical institutions (National Center for Advanced Medical Research)
Incorporated administrative agency regional medical function promotion mechanismFormer Social Insurance Hospital (National Federation of Social Insurance Associations), Welfare Pension Hospital, Crew Insurance HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Regional Medical Function Promotion Organization)
Institutions in other countriesMinistry of Defense(SDF hospital,National Defense Medical College Hospital),Ministry of Justice(Medical prison),Imperial Household Agency(Imperial Household Agency)SuchCategory: Japanese medical institutions (institutions in other countries)
Public medical institution
PrefecturesPrefectural hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (prefectures)
市町村Municipal hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (municipalities)
Local independent administrative corporationSome prefectural hospitals and some municipal hospitals have movedCategory: Japanese Medical Institution (Local Incorporated Administrative Agency)
Public university corporationPublic university hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (public university corporations)
Japanese Red Cross SocietyRed Cross HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Nisseki)
SaiseikaiSaiseikai HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Saiseikai)
Hokkaido Social Work AssociationCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Hokkaido Social Work Association)
KoseirenJA Koseiren HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Koseiren)
National Health Insurance Association
Social insurance affiliates
Mutual aid associationAnd its federationNational Public Employee Mutual Aid Association, Local Public Employee Mutual Aid Association (Local Employee Mutual Aid Association, Public School Mutual Aid Association, Police Mutual Aid Association, Metropolitan Employee Mutual Aid Association, Designated City Employee Mutual Aid Association, Municipal Employee Mutual Aid Association, etc.) and National Municipal Employee Mutual Aid Association of Associations, Japan Private School Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation
Health insurance association and its associationHealth insurance union hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Health insurance association and its federation)
National Health Insurance SocietyGeneral Hospital Welfare Central HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (National Health Insurance Society)
Public interest corporation
Public interest corporationPublic interest group corporation corporation,Public interest incorporated foundationStanding hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (public interest corporations)
Medical Corporation
Medical CorporationSocial medical corporation,Specific medical corporationCategory: Japanese medical institutions (medical corporations)
Private school corporation
School corporationPrivate university hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (private school corporations)
Category: Japanese medical institutions (social welfare corporation)
Medical co-op
Medical co-opMedical Co-op HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (medical co-op)
CompanyLtd.Standing hospital (Corporate hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (company)
Other corporations
Other corporationsInstitute,General Foundation,Religious corporationStanding hospital, etc.Category: Japanese medical institutions (other corporations)
IndividualCategory: Japanese medical institutions (individuals)

Public medical institution

Medical lawThen prefectures, municipalities, etc.Minister of Health, Labour and WelfareThe hospital or clinic opened by the person (see below)Public medical institution(Article 31), Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare orPrefectural governorCan order the following matters to its creator or administrator: In addition, it is possible to give necessary instructions regarding the operation of the relevant medical institution (Article 35).

  • All or part of the building, equipment, instruments and appliances should be used by a doctor or dentist who does not work at the public medical institution.Medical treatmentorResearchTo be used for.
  • Doctor lawOrDentist lawOn-the-job training according to the provisions ofClinical trainingTo prepare the conditions necessary for the above.
  • Take necessary measures for securing medical care pertaining to emergency medical care securing business specified in the medical care plan of the prefecture in which the location is located.

In addition, "the person who the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare defines" among the establishments of the public medical institutions prescribed in Article 31 of the Medical LawnoticeAccording to the following (“Opener of public medical institution prescribed in Article 26 of the Medical Law” August 8, 22 Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 167).CountryNote that is not included in the public medical institution if is the person who opened.

Medical institution bond

Medical institution bond TheMedical lawCan be issued by a medical corporation that establishes a medical institution prescribed in Article 39Evidence securities.Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareMedical bureau"Guidelines for issuing "medical institution bonds" etc. notified by the long name"[2]Then, according to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act,Securities"Is not applicable,"Civil lawCreated for the purpose of proving that you borrowed money when borrowing money as a consumer loanEvidence securitiesIs defined as

Medical institution bonds are used because they can procure relatively small funds (about tens of millions of yen to XNUMX million yen) without any collateral or guarantee.[3].. The financing method is a method in which all financial institutions buy between "medical corporations" and "neighboring financial institutions" (total loan type), "medical corporations" and "neighbors with medical corporations" and "neighborhoods with transactions, etc." There is a method in which local people such as a "company" buy it (regional open type), and both are issued at interest rates below the normal loan rate of banks and welfare medical institutions.

However, around 23, the names of some medical corporations (or medical corporations in the dormant state) were abused and issued to a level (investors nationwide) that deviated from the regional open type. There was a problem with the solicitation of agency bonds (later this case was a fraud case).[4]Therefore, the financial council (prime minister・The "Investment Service Bill," in which the first subcommittee of the Financial Subcommittee is proceeding with deliberation on legislation, had a debate on the regulation of monetary consumption loan contracts including medical institution bonds.[5]There were things.

Regarding the consumer problem regarding medical institution bonds in September 24, the “Proposal on the consumer problem regarding medical institution bonds” was taken from the perspective of preventing the spread of damage.[6]As for "ascertaining the actual conditions of issuance of medical institution bonds," "promotion of cooperation between related institutions," and "consideration of reviewing guidelines from the perspective of consumer protection."

Overview of issuing medical institution bonds

Regarding medical institution bonds, the following is stipulated by the Medical Administration Bulletin 0420 No. 7 April 28, 4 Notification by the Director of the Medical Policy Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

  • External audit required if the issue amount is large
  • Issuance purpose is limited to acquisition of assets
  • Notification of issuance requirements etc. to the supervisory agency before issuance
  • There are restrictions on information disclosure, interest rates, solicitation methods, etc. when issuing
  • Medical corporations can purchase medical institution bonds issued by other medical corporations, but in that case there are certain restrictions

Issue record of medical institution bonds

厚生労働省が実施した医療機関債 の発行状況を調査(平成25年3月8日公表)によると18 の医療法人が、計 41 件の医療機関債を発行しており、発行総額は43億900万円である(平成24年9月1日時点)。[7]

Examples of medical institution bond issuance since 23 include:[8]According to the number of news releases (the number of searches) in the first year of Reiwa, Kyushu Financial Group (Kagoshima Bank・Higo Bank),Joyo BankYou can check 15 cases of contracting/underwriting at Saga Bank.

Number of medical institution bonds issued each year[7]

Closed day

It is possible to set the days to be closed and the hours to be treated according to the policies of each medical institution.[9].. It should be noted that this is not something that the government can be involved in[10].

Many medical institutions are closed on Sundays. This is allegedly due to problems with coordination with other services and staff[11].

practitionerThere are some small-scale medical institutions (clinics, clinics) operated on Wednesdays or Thursdays that are closed for half a day or all days. This is due to the fact that there are many medical institutions to be examined on Saturdays, and there are also transfers, and some academic societies and study groups to which medical institutions belong are held on Wednesdays or Thursdays.[12].

However, to the doctorDuty to serveHas been defined (Doctor lawArticle 19,Dentist law(Article 19), it is said that it is not permissible to refuse medical treatment for emergency cases by limiting the medical treatment time (September 24, 9, Medical Departure No. 10). Regarding examinations outside the hours,Out-of-insurance combined medical expensesIt is possible to collect additional charges as a target.


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New Year's Holiday

2022/ 1(Yuzuki
365 days
Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
365 days
Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

New Year's Holiday(Nenmatsu Nenshi) is not a strict definition, but 1YearsIt is a general term for the period from the end of the period to the beginning of the following year. (The specific period depends on the situation in which it is used).

This item explains the year-end and New Year holidays in Japan as the theme.


Every yearMay 12から31 daysUp toYear-end-End of the yearOrTwilight-Year-end[Annotation 1],May 1からEarly 1 monthUntil that timeNew year-New Year,new Year,Beginning of the yearMay be said.How to spend the year-end and New Year holidays differs depending on the cultural area.

in Japan's case,New YearFor several days before and afterDays Off(Consecutive holidays).災害避難所になっている場合など一部を除いて、学校はExcept in some cases, such as when it is a disaster shelter, the schoolWinter vacation, CountryMunicipalities OfGovernment officeAccording to the laws and regulations described belowMay 12からMay 1It will be 6 consecutive holidays.[Annotation 2]

1873/(Meiji6 years)May 1ProclamationBy the second issue, "Determining your vacation days,"May 1From to January 1 (New year three day),May 6からMay 6Until(Summer exorcism), From December 12thMay 12Until(New Year's Eve) Was a consecutive holiday.このうち、夏越の大祓の連休が実施直前のOf these, the consecutive holidays of Natsukoshi's Otome are just before the implementationMay 6Since it was canceled after that, the remaining six consecutive holidays during the year-end and New Year holidays will take root.

This decree1947/(Showa22 years) has expired, but after that it became a custom,1988/(63)May 12According to Law No. 91, "Act on Holidays of Administrative Organizations," the legal basis has been obtained again, although it is limited to government offices.


Golden week,ObonAlong with, you can go home with your childTraveling(Timely pattern,HawaiiThere are many families who live in warm resort areas near Japan, such as in the early and late stages of the period.Terminal station,空港Is crowdedhighwaySome sections of the road are congested.Also, during the year-end and New Year holidaysSki,skate such asWinter sportsMany families go out to those winter sports because it is also the season of.

TravelingIn recent years[When?]Young people such as couples and students are the mainstream, and children are in 2001American terrorist attacksLater, especially2004/Since then, it has been on a downward trend.[Annotation 3].

JRSome of the limited express tickets, etc.Special plan ticketWill be a busy season when will be unavailable.ただし、日本に観光However, sightseeing in JapanvisaEnter the country withForeign travelersDedicatedJapan Rail PassAnd some specially planned tickets are available.多くのmanyPublic transportThen.May 12からMay 1In betweenDays OffTreatedDiamondBecome[Annotation 4]..初詣の利便のため、大晦日から元日はFrom New Year's Eve to New Year's Day for the convenience of the first visitOvernight drivingBusinesses that doLast trainCarrying downFirst trainThere are many businesses that carry out[Annotation 5].

In addition, during the year-end and New Year holidays, it may be operated with a special timetable different from the normal timetable.About the year-end and New Year holidaysPublic transportation periodThe correspondence of weekdays and holidays is different depending on the business operator.[Annotation 6]on the other hand,Aomori City BusOnly available on Saturdays and holidaysOne day ticketSome businesses do not allow use on weekdays, which are operated on Saturdays and holidays.[4].

freight trainAs for, the number of trains in operation will decrease at the end of the year,May 12Many trains will be suspended from January 1rd[5].

However, on New Year's Day, the flow of long-distance passengers as well as cargo will decrease.[6]..Depending on this day, construction and adjustments that involve train suspension may be performed.[Annotation 7].

ETC discount systemEven during the year-end and New Year holidays, weekdays and holidays are classified according to the days of the week in the calendar (2008-2009 results).Holiday discounts are not applicable on the 2021rd day of 2022-XNUMX.[11].

Monday-Friday and Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are dividedCoin parkingIn the case of January 1stNew Year OfTransfer holidayExcept for the year-end and New Year holidays, the classification of Monday-Friday and Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays may be according to the day of the week of the calendar (except when the signboard or sticker in the parking lot has a note on the year-end and New Year holidays).for example,bankIn the case of affiliated coin parking, the parking fee is increased during the daytime (mainly 8: 00-15: 00 and 8:45-15:00) on Monday-Friday according to the business hours of the bank counter. In some cases.For this reason, if you park your car during the year-end and New Year holidays other than January 1st and New Year's Day, which includes 1: 8-00: 15 on Friday, you may be charged a large amount.


Many companies, stores, and tourist facilities also have holidays during the year-end and New Year holidays, but during the year-end and New Year holidays,Christmas,New Year OfNew Year's gift,First saleThere are also companies that focus on such things as the year-end and New Year sales season.

HomecomingU turn rushAt workplaces where the year-end and New Year holidays are the time of entry, such as transportation facilities that are responsible for shopping and holidaymakers, restaurants, hotels, and inns, people take turns taking holidays from before New Year to the beginning of the New Year, and congestion and fees are at their peak. Sometimes I travel around the New Year holidays.

Mass media

Television and radio are generally in the media industryMay 12からMay 1Morning and noon news programs, wide shows and evening news programs[Annotation 8]Year-end specials, New Year's Eve specials, variety specials, news specials, one-year news and dramasre-air・ Broadcast the sports broadcast described later.Once (40's <1965 - 1975/> Around[12] (Up to), except for some time zones, was usually organized on TV, and at the end of the year,Heiseiinitial(1990/) Until around that time, there were many stations that normally organized only in the early morning hours.[13].

News (Chinese)Also during this periodEvening paperIs not issued[Annotation 9],Morning newspaperOnly will be published, but the morning edition will be suspended on January 1nd.Also, the morning edition of January 2stNew Year's Day special issueAs the number of pages is larger than usual.

Fuji Television Network, IncThen, from December 12th to January 25th, the regular news program will be suspended, and as an alternative, "FNN news』Broadcast.

Main Event



Major TV programs

2021 --As of 2022




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注 釈

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