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😷 | Director Takasu, Rieko Saibara and watching a sumo match with shiny costumes and masks SNS Zawa Tsuku


Watching sumo wrestling with shiny costumes and masks with Director Takasu and Rieko Saibara SNS Zawa Tsuku

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In addition, Dr. Takasu resumed anti-cancer drug treatment from November last year, and just reported that it was effective on the 11th of this month, "Welcome back!

[The viewer is Zawazawa to the director Katsuya Takasu who watched the sumo wrestling with a mask and costume with shining sequins.It looks like he's fine ... → Continue reading


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Last December

Katsuya Takasu

Katsuya Takasu(Takashi Katsaya,1945/Showa20 years>May 1 -) isJapan OfDoctor(Cosmetic Surgery-Orthopedics-Plastic surgery[1].Bachelor of Science Themedical doctor(Showa University).Takasu Clinic・ Director.

The official name notation isKatsuya Takasu[2][3].Medical CorporationSocial Welfare Association / Chairman,Showa UniversityFaculty of medicine-Visiting Professor,Jodo Shinshu(Shinshu Otani SchoolMonk[4]..Monks, personalities, political activists.As a talentAll outBelong to.

entertainerWe did a lot of celebrity operations centered around[5]. Also,Fighting sportsK-1 OfringAlso worked as a doctor[6]. He also served as President of the International Academy of Aesthetic Surgeons and President of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Surgeons.[7][8][9].



AichiHazu-gunIsshiki Town(CurrentNishioBorn in Isshikicho Akabane)[10]..BirthplaceEdo PeriodIt was a family of doctors who continued from[1][11].The Honnoji TempleByMitsuhide AkechiTo escape fromTokugawa IeyasuIs ownResidenceI aimed at Okazaki in Mikawa.Mikawa BayAichi Prefecture was the place where I crossed the ship and landed from my life.Isshiki TownThen, Koshiro, the ancestor of the Takasu family, took care of Ieyasu who was injured.Ieyasu thanked KoshiroShoyaStatus as and "Takasu" surname,Family crestWas given.After that, the Takasu family prospered in Mikawa in the medical practice under the prestige of the Tokugawa family.The "Ieyasu hand-planted pine tree" that Ieyasu planted is still left at Takasu Hospital.Katsuya states that history might have changed significantly if Ieyasu and Koshiro had not met.[12].

school days

After passing the opening exam, my grandmother, who studied at Saisei Gakusha in Tokyo, returned to her hometown and opened Takasu Clinic.[13]..PostwarFarmland reformLost most of their property[11]Still, I grew up in a wealthy family. At school, I was in a fiery bullying situation where I was throwing stones and robbing my belongings. His father died at age 41 and was brought up by his grandmother, who was primarily a pediatrician.[11]. My mother was an obstetrician and gynecologist, and I was too busy to have many opportunities to be involved in childcare when I was young[11]. My boyhood dreammanga artistMet[14]..The first teacher at the elementary school was "Student mobilizationfromSiberian detentionbrainwashingAnd came backCommunistSo my grandmother gave Takasu an elderly woman from a normal school as a tutor. "thanks toDainichi this empireI was taught something like the essence of Takasu, "recalls Takasu.[15].

1963 year 3 month,Tokai High Schoolgraduate[1]..In April of the same year, Showa Medical University (the year after Takasu entered the university)Showa UniversityRenamed to)Faculty of medicineEnroll in[4]. In collegekarate,Ice hockey, Immersed in mountain clinics.Especially for ice hockey, I made Showa University establish a new ice hockey club based on the idea that "if it is a sport with few experienced people, I think I can aim for the best", and I became the first captain myself.[16]..Takasu said about his alma mater, "In terms of the medical school deviation ranking at that time, it was a third-class university, and there were many spilled bonbons of the practitioner's children around."[17].

A woman who later became a wife at the age of 18 (Takasu Shizu) Meet[17]..Shizu was a classmate in college and had a seat next to him.the sameMikawa districtI was from the same family[11].

1969/, The universitygraduate[18][19].

Takasu Hospital opened

Orthopedic surgery after graduating from Showa UniversityMedical officeBelong to[20].. The reason for choosing orthopedics is that there are many doctors in the family and relatives, and if you choose the same department, you will have a quarrel, so I happened to choose an orthopedic surgery that did not exist in my family or relatives.[20].. sameGraduate SchoolsGraduate School of MedicinePhDTheCompletionThen,1973/(Showa48 years) "of the amputeePhantom limbsResearch onmedical doctor(Showa University No. 250)[18][21].. Wife advanced to obstetrics and gynecology[11].. West GermanKiel University,ItalianUniversity of Bologna,Roman universityI studied abroad for training.

In 1974 (Showa 49), the medical corporation Welfare Association Takasu Hospital was opened in Isshiki-cho, Hazu-gun, Aichi Prefecture (currently Akabane, Isshiki-cho, Nishio City).The latest orthopedic techniques learned in Germany were quickly introduced to my hospital, significantly shortening the length of hospital stay for fracture patients.[11].. The bolts and plates required for surgery were imported from overseas because they are not yet available in Japan.[11].. However, there were many patients who wanted long-term hospitalization at that time, and the short-term discharge was unpopular with patients.[11].. In addition, the hospital's revenue decreased due to shortened hospitalization period[11].

1998/Entered the care and welfare field by launching a health care facility for the elderly and home-visit care business as a related organization of Takasu Hospital[22].2008/(20), appointed president of the medical corporation welfare association that operates Takasu Hospital[23].

In 2016, it was reported that Takasu Hospital alone has about 700 employees.[24].. Operates multiple facilities (group home, home-visit nursing station, day care, helper station, etc.) such as "Takasu Care Garden", a nursing care facility for the elderly.[25][26].

Opened Takasu Clinic

I learned that the technique of plastic surgery learned in Germany has not been introduced in Japan yet.[27], I thought that I could become the top in the undeveloped beauty industry in Japan, so I changed to cosmetic surgery[27].. Established Takasu Clinic in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture in November 1976[28].. In 1977, his book "Dangerous Beauty" became a best-selling book, and it gradually gained attention as he appeared on TV as a "specialist in cosmetic surgery".[20][28].

Uncut surgery

90 eraForeskin was previously thought to increase the risk of penile cancer, even without religious motives.circumcisionThere was a theory that it was better to do[29].. Takasu saw this theory and studying abroadJudaismOf the peoplecircumcisionSensation of business opportunity due to high rate, circumcision for adult men in Japan (PhimosisPromote surgery)[30].. It was a great success due to the influence of marketing on TV and magazines[31].. It is said that this marketing is extremely sophisticated and has established the value that it is a shame to cut healthy foreskin (so-called pseudotumor) in all over Japan.[30][31].. Takasu is South KoreaI was also technically instructing, so due to the influence of Takasu,ConscriptionPhimosis check became a mandatory item in physical examination at the time[31].. I also devised a method that allows easy surgery, and I had phimosis surgery for 1 people a day.[11][31].Laser scalpelThe building was filled with the smell of burning the foreskin, and other tenants complained that it "smells a person," or fire alarms were activated. However, management relying on phimosis surgery is not Takasu's intention[11]Will be enthusiastic about transitioning to cosmetic surgery for women as the boom ends[11].. Then the evils of circumcision and the benefits of foreskin become apparent[32][33]As a result, he was accused of having misled the Japanese and Korean men.[31].. In addition, the current Takasu says, "Baldness is good, phimosis is good, bubus is good. It has its own advantages."[34].

Financial success

The total income for the three years from 1985 to 1988 was 3 billion yen.[35]. The individual tax payments in 2003 areShoichiro Toyoda6300 million yen for the honorary chairmanOkudaIt was 4700 million yen, much higher than the chairman's 8700 million yen[36]. In 2001,Sapporo,Sendai,Yokohama,Tokyo,Nagoya,Osaka,Hiroshima,FukuokaWith 8 clinics[28],Manila,Hong KongAffiliated clinic,HawaiiWe have a total of 13 clinics including Takasu Clinic[11], Annual sales were 41 billion yen[28].Bubble burstThen.Real estateinvestmentPartly due to the failure of 100 billion yen borrowed but paid off in 10 years[37]. As of 2016, Tokyo (Akasaka), Yokohama, Nagoya (Famous station-Prosperity), operating 5 clinics in Osaka[38].

As a leader in cosmetic surgery

2011/(Heisei23 years)May 1, Showa University, Department of Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery)Visiting ProfessorWas appointed to[18][39]. There have been many developments of new beauty shaping technology, and now I am invited not only to Japan but also to other countries around the world, and I held demonstration surgery and lectures in each country. Beauty formation is also active in Korea, but this is also popular because Takasu gave practical training in Korea.[31]. Cosmetic surgery is considered taboo in the Korean military era.[40]Many Koreans came to Japan for cosmetic surgery[40]. However, since he cannot provide support after returning to Korea, Takasu made an effort to improve the beauty technique by giving a lecture to a doctor in Korea and visiting a surgery.[40][41]. As a result, the technology introduced by Takasu spread in Korea as it is, and all the people who had cosmetic surgery in Korea had the same face.[31][40]. Takasu says that he will perform the operation to fulfill the wishes of the patient, and that there is good for an uncool body.[34].

President of Japan Society for Cosmetic Surgery, President of International Society of Cosmetic Surgery[11]He also served as chairman of the Japan Liposuction Society. He also worked as a founding member of the American Liposuction Society. In newspapers and magazines, not only comments on topics in the dermatology and beauty fields, but also opinions on political topics as an expert are often posted.[4][42][43][44]. Even over the age of 70, 1 plastic surgery operations per day[45].

Activities in cosmetic medicine

Popularization of liposuction and development of plastic surgery

Italy,GermanyI went to training and learned the latest cosmetic surgery technology. It was only developed in Europe at that time, and there were still many criticisms.Liposuction"Surgery" also went to training,JapanIntroduced to. At that time, there was a deep-rooted prejudice against beauty formation in Japan, and while struggling with bashing to explain the need for beauty formation and endeavored to spread it, he worked hard to improve his technical level. Developed in Sweden in the 1990shyaluronic acidApplying injection to raising the nose[46]. This was also the result of examining the effect and procedure by injecting it into my face, and pioneering a new field called "petit plastic surgery".[46]. At the 2012th Japan Society for Aesthetic Surgery (JSAS) in 100, he gave a special lecture at the end of the conference, entitled "Historical Changes in Liposuction," which talked about changes in liposuction developed by a teacher in Takasu in France. ing[47].

Own shaping

"Be sure to use your own body before treating patients手術The policy is to "test the safety of drugs and drugs."[20], I had my face treated twice to look younger than the actual age. The wrinkle removal operation is to cut off part of the skin on the face and pull it backwards to fix it without loosening.Usually, this operation is performed with general anesthesia, but Takasu, who aims for a convincing finish, is the doctor in charge. The operation was performed under partial anesthesia to give instructions to. A magazine that photographed the situation of the surgery is a magazinefocus(Published by Shinchosha:HeiseiIt was published on May 12rd, 5).

In addition, he gave a special lecture at the Society of Cosmetic Surgery as "Minimally Invasive Facelift" for his rejuvenation surgery.[47], Published in Arts and Science. In addition to this, he is making academic presentations using his own body as an experimental bench.[48]. If you put in a small operation or procedure, you will have about 400 medical procedures on your body.[49]. Even at the Faculty of Dentistry at Showa University, they are undergoing experimental treatment in the dentistry area, where they use themselves as experimental bodies to collect iliac bone fragments, implant them in the jawbone, and form the basis of implants.[50].

Patent and trademark registration

The following 16 patent applications have been filed, and 6 are商標It is registered.

  • Japan
    • JP 2012-55425 Ear magnet structure
    • Patent Document 2007: Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 330593-XNUMX Plastic surgery surgical thread and method for applying tension to skin
    • JP 2006-320618 A thread member for skin enlargement
    • JP 2002-028164 Double eyelid forming yarn
    • JP 07-000477 Acupuncture needle and piercing
    • JP 04-352968 Collagen collection device
    • Japanese Patent Laid-Open No. 04-322658 Liposuction device and its equipment
    • Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 04-150847 Side arm surgical device and surgical tip thereof
    • JP-A-04-013700 Collagen separation method
    • JP-A-03-287598 Collagen separation method
    • JP-A-03-279399 Collagen separation method
    • Registered trademark No. 4687026 Russian lift
    • Registered Trademark No. 4744926 Golden Lift
    • Registered Trademark No. 4975514 Italian Lift
    • Registered trademark No. 4826653 Lipo Laser
    • Registered Trademark No. 5119333 Mammaly Hial
    • Registered Trademark No. 4744927 Gold Lift 
  • 米 国
    • Patent No.5190518 Side arm surgical device and its surgical tip (1993/8/17)
    • Patent No.5236414 Liposuction device and its equipment (1993/9/14)
    • Patent No. 5244458 Collagen collection device (1993/9/14)
    • Patent No.5465593 Ear point acupuncture needle and piercing [slimming piercing] (1995/11/14)
  • Taiwan
    • Patent No.050728 Side arm surgical device and its surgical tip (1991/12/24)
    • Patent No.060024 Liposuction device and its equipment (1993/4/15)

In addition, he has been giving invited lectures and demonstrating surgeries at beauty-related societies in various countries.[50].


Activity as a monk

Great East Japan EarthquakeOf the disaster areareconstructionAnd the world平和To pray for 2011May 11To京都 OfHigashi Honganji TempleProfitabilityReceived[51][52][53].. Belong to the Shinshu Otani school[4], The monk's name is "Shakkan"[53].. The reason why I became a monk is that I can't care for the mental health of an old man without talking about his death.[50].2011/(23)May 6ToHekinan CityShokoji Temple in Matsue Town (Shinshu Otani School) Is a lecturer of the law for the general public. On November 2011, 11ProfitabilityTake part in the ceremonyMonkBecame[4][50].. Prior to profitability, the day beforeMay 11ToShavingdoing[54].


JapaneseFreemasonIs a member of[55][56].. Clear the test after joining and get promoted[57][58]Has been appointed as "Worshipful Master", which is the highest rank in Kyoto Mikado Lodge as of 2016[59].

Takasu is a too clever organization that is endlessly debating free masons, doing rituals using old English and old Japanese, and memorizing ceremonial terms like spells. Is difficult, and many people quit without being able to follow[59].. In the past, Takahara was about to be denounced in a trial within Freemason because Nishihara, who accompanied Freemason's activities, drew a picture of the inside story in a cartoon, but as of 2016 Takasu himself is in a position to try. Since I was appointed, such things have disappeared[60].

Donation activities

Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeSo, for one year, we will carry out cosmetic treatment for trauma scars of victims completely free of charge.[20]Donated 7000 million yen to the disaster area[61].Great East Japan EarthquakeThen, we transported goods and medical staff to the disaster area by large trucks and buses.[62].. Miyagi PrefectureHigashi Matsushima CityHas three temporary baths.helicopterI tried to transport relief supplies to the disaster area by renting, but all the helicopters all over the country were occupied for media coverage, and I could not use it for relief. This was often protested by the media, but never reported. Donated hundreds of millions of yen to each place in 2011 alone[20].. Againパ ュ ュ ニ ニGo toprimary schoolSuch as buildingCommunity serviceIt is carried out[20][63].Blue ribbonAwarded 6 times[64][65][66],Japanese Red Cross Society Golden Merit badgeHave been awarded[67].

  • 2011/(23)
    • May 8 Established the Katsuya Takasu Memorial Foundation for charitable activities and contributed 10 billion yen as immediate funds.Great East Japan EarthquakeSupport activities for victims and treatment of victims at Takasu Clinic Akasaka-in (currently Tokyo-in) for one year free of charge.Social contributionsOther activities[20][68][69]Donates 1000 million yen to "Everyday Hope Scholarship" to support orphans[70].
South KoreaTo Han Hye Kyung, an “auntie aunt” who became ugly by injecting oil etc.2012/(January 24) Since January, we have been carrying out a volunteer regeneration project in collaboration with the Showa University Cosmetic Surgery Team.[71][Source required][72][73].
  • 2014/(26)
    • All program sponsors decided to cancel the commercialNippon TVsystemDrama"Tomorrow, no momI named myself as a new sponsor of[74].. A seat in Nagoya where the building was handed over on February 2rd.Osu TheaterVoiced their support and first expressed their intention to contribute 1260 million yen.[75][76].
    • 8 Hiromi GoALS(Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)Ice bucket challengeChallenged. Katsuya Takasu Memorial Foundation[77]Donated 100 million yen to "Japan ALS Association".
    • September “NPOJapan Doctors Without BordersTo Katsuya Takasu 800 million yen, Katsuya Takasu Memorial Foundation 100 million yen, Kakchan Foundation[78]Donated a total of 100 million yen from 1000 million yen.
    • 11 TibetWith the aim of promoting education for refugee children,TibetEducation and Welfare Fund for Children” Katsuya Takasu Memorial Foundation[77]And donated a total of 500 million yen from the Katsuchan Foundation[79].
  • 2015/(27)
    • March Donated 3 yen to "International Children's Wrestling Tournament" from Katsuya Takasu Memorial Foundation[77].
    • April suffers from droughtパラオThe children through the EmbassyMineral waterI gave 300 million yen as a price[80].
    • 5 Dharamsala OfTibetExemption Government “Ministry of Education” and “MOU” of “Higher Education Scholarship”2015/Signed on May 5[50].. Support for one scholarship until 2015 graduation from a university medical school in India, nominated by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Asylum in Tibet since 1[50][11].
    • June 6: "Palauan Judo Federation" from Katsuchan FoundationjudoDonated 17 Judo uniforms in hopes of preaching and spreading[81].
    • August Sponsored 8 units, 10 yen from "Katsuchan Foundation", the same as last year, for "NPO corporation Heart Space" "Elimination of drunk driving"[81].
  • 2016/
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,TaiwanFor the earthquake disaster in the south, Takasu donated 1000 million yen through the Red Cross[82].
    • Kumamoto earthquakeThen, we chartered a helicopter and aired relief supplies to hospitals and other places.[11].. Myself tooSagaI entered and conducted the command. From Rieko Nishihara when she was planning a rescueSDF,U.S. ArmyIs a professional. If an amateur like Kakchan came, I would be happy to try my hand." However, the local people requested relief from Takasu, so I executed the plan. April 4Saga AirportI transported about 3 tons of goods such as goods purchased at private expense by piston transportation. In response to the criticism of this, he replied, "I just scatter private goods. I don't need credit."[83].. A freemason sticker was affixed to the helicopter, but it was evaluated that this matter could be advertised by Japan's top grandmaster.[55].
    • August Unpaid salaries to players/coaches temporarily developed into a boycott riot2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsU-23 Soccer National Team NigeriaHe announced financial support to the team and went to Brazil to hand over a check for a total of $39.[84](See below).
  • 2017/
    • Awarded the 5th and 6th Blue Medal with Medal (Navy Gold Medal with Gold Plate)[66][64][85].
    • Established "Takasu Peace Prize"[86].. As the first winnerTibetan exile government OfRobsan SengeElected president[86].. On October 10th, there was a Tibetan government in exile in IndiaDharamsalaAn awards ceremony was held in which all ministers of the exile government participated.[86].. The Takasu Peace Prize consists of three items: a pure gold medal (equivalent to 400 million yen), a supplementary prize of 1000 million yen, and the right to receive a free lifetime cosmetic treatment at the Takasu Clinic.[86].Richard GereWas selected as the first winner, but could not be contacted by October[86][87].. He also promised to pay the tuition fees for five Tibetan medical students with the Ministry of Education, Government of Exile.[86].
    • Auctioned in New YorkShowa Emperor German White PaperParticipated in the original auction of "" and made a successful bid for 3080 million yen to return it to the imperial family[88][89].. "(Showa Emperor German Shirakoroku) has the heart of Japan. With the intention of trying to get it back to Japan without failing to reach the hands of foreigners, I made a successful bid."[88][90].. "Showa Emperor German White Paper" is a document created by Hidenari Terasaki, a diplomat who was an aide of Emperor Showa, and describes the history of the Emperor Showa about the Pacific War.[88][91].. In February 2018,Imperial Household AgencyWas delivered to[92].. Although there is no difference in content at the Imperial Household Agency, it is planned to be received and published in full because it is a handwriting.[93].
  • 2018/
    • Published the book "Flame Jojo" by Fusosha, and all royalties were donated to support victims of the Taiwan earthquake.[94].. Takasu's behavior was featured in the Taiwanese media Free Time, Sanritsu Shimbun, Taiwan Apple Daily.[95][96][97]Received a letter of appreciation from the Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Taipei[98].Blue ribbonAwarding a plate[99].


Relationship with Keiko Nishihara

As a fan

manga artist OfNishihara KeikoI got a letter from Takasu who knew it when Nishihara wrote in his manga that "Takasu Clinic's commercial is too vulgar. It's nice to be friends." Things start[100].. Nishihara asked Takasu that he didn't need money or good looks, but asked him to use him as a manga story, and Takasu acknowledged this and began to keep in touch.[101].. Nishihara couldn't use email at that time, so Takasu was sending a letter by fax. The first meeting was around 2000, when Nishihara recruited sponsors for a manga project and got into Takasu Clinic[70].. Nishihara visited the clinic to get his consent to put the stickers of the Takasu clinic on the radio-controlled car, but Takasu surprised Nishihara when he tried to support him by stacking a pile of wads. Takasu becomes a fan of Rieko Nishihara, who is a married couple[11]Called himself a "cyberan fundamentalist"[35].

After that, he often appeared in Nishihara's manga,Mother every day] Also appears as the "doctor", and also serves as the main sponsor of the TV anime version.TOKYO MXThe evening band program "I am crazy about 5 o'clock!], then Rieko Nishihara,Fashion Model OfJonathan CigarAt the same time, they took their initials and appeared every Thursday at the corner titled "TSJ Training Club". Nishihara was dropped from the program[102]At the time of the protest, he expressed his intention to cancel the sponsorship contract.[103].. The Takasu family and the Nishihara family had a friendship with both couples[11].. Was the former husband of NishiharaMinoru KamoshidaIt was Takasu's advice that he was able to welcome him back home when he (divorced at the time) had terminal cancer.[100].


In 2007, Kamoshida died of kidney cancer. On the other hand, of Takasu's wifeTakasu ShizuDied in 2010, and Takasu became depressed due to the death of his mother and his dog at the same time.[50].. It was at this time that I felt like I was in good shape in this world, and that I went home. Nishihara deepened the relationship while supplementing Takasu's spiritual side, but the direct motivation was that Nishihara boiled his work in Takasu, who did not put his hands, and went out to hard means.[104][50][100].. While Nishihara took out Takasu, who had lost his appetite, for meals several times, he said he had become an "adult relationship" at the hotel.[105].

Released on January 2012, 10Women seven], in an interview with Rieko Nishihara, she revealed "dating" for two years after the death of her ex-wife.[106].. It was triggered by the free photographer taking a picture of the relationship, but since Takasu had a lot of contacts in the entertainment world, the weekly magazine side that sold the picture did not buy it, but on the contrary Takasu side said. There was a sale of such a picture"[50].. In response, Takasu decided to publish[50].

Nishihara describes Takasu as "a very dangerous and funny man who, like Kamo-chan (Kamoshida), knows something I don't know."[70].. Nishihara serves as the chairman of the "Katsuya Takasu Memorial Foundation," which was established in 2011 based on Takasu's private property.[70], Not enrolled[51][55].. Also, even if Nishihara wants liposuction or facelift, you're not saying that it's good[50].. Takasu asks Nishihara to assassinate himself if he is disappointed and runs for the Governor or the House of Councilors election.[105][107].. Also, after death, he declared that his bones should be artificial diamonds and given to Nishihara.[11].. Regarding the results of the numerous plastic surgery operations that Takasu gave to Takasu himself, he said, "While Dr. Takasu's face cost billions of yen using the world's highest level of medical care,Mitsuyo AsakaIt became like"[51].

Co-authored with Nishihara, "Darling is 70 years old, the counterattack of the Takasu Empire" (published May 2016, 5)ShogakukanThe company requested that the content be modified because it was inappropriate, but Takasu did not respond and decided to discontinue the product 5 days after its release. Although it was distributed for a short period of time, it recorded Amazon's "1st best selling book"[108][109].

What is Nishihara as of September 2016?Common-law marriageHave a relationship. The reason I chose to have a real marriage without joining the groupAffairIs said to be[110].


Ice hockey

From the edge that founded the ice hockey club in collegeIce Hockey Women's Japan National TeamI have made a name for myself as a sponsor of (Smile Japan)[111], "Unable to show to other sponsors"Japan Ice Hockey FederationBecause I was refused by[112][113]Converted to give a grant to the federation[114]Promised 1 million yen[115].


In sumo,Shota,Tetsuya Nishiki OfTanimachiKnown as the gift of makeup[116].. I often go out to see the sumo wrestling[117].. At the 2010 sumo first placeSachiyo NomuraAt the recommendation ofMorning blue dragonA total of 270 million yen for all effortsPrize moneyIssued[117].. Also served as a sumo commentary guest at AbemaTV[118]


As the Takasu Clinic Racing Team, he also sponsored car races.

Horse racing

My wife's hobby isHorse racingBecause it wasNagoya Racecourse"Takasu Shizu Cup Race" is held at[121]. Even after Shizu's death, the "Takasu Shizu Cup Race" is being held on the death day.[122]. Shizu is from his horse "Magical Brid"Horse ownerHowever, he did not euthanize him when he had a bone fracture, and provided funds so that he could live his life on the farm as it was.[123].

In 2014, he became a joint owner with an acquaintance and became a joint owner by investing 2500 million yen.[124][125]. At that time, when he applied for the registration of the name of his horse by presenting the three names "yes tacas", "yes yes tacas", and "yes tacas jesus", it became a topic that he was rejected by the Japan Central Horse Racing Association (JRA).[126][125]. However, in reality, it was a false fact of an acquaintance's joint owner, and it was a riot because the application itself to JRA was not made.[125]. The horse left Takasu and was registered by another owner under the horse name "Dashing Blaze". Since horse racing was an activity within the range of relationships with his acquaintances, Takasu left the horse racing industry with this opportunity.[125].

After that, he registered as a JRA individual horse owner and is now a member of the Tokyo Horse Owners Association.

Figure skating

After delivery,2014 Sochi OlympicsDeclared to aim for participationMiki AndoExpressed support for[127].

サ ッ カ ー

2016 year 8 month,Rio de Janeiro OlympicsSoccer boyNigerian National TeamBroke through the group league and advanced to the quarter-finals due to unpaid salaries from the Football Association, but there was a riot about trying to boycott. On August 20, of the same year,Brazil-Belo Horizonte OfMineronI rushed to the support of the Nigerian national team who participated in the 3rd place match held in. Nigeria representativeHonduras representativeWas awarded 3-2 with a bronze medal. In addition, when the medal was awarded, he promised to hand out a gold medal of 3 million yen, a silver medal of 300 million yen, and a bronze medal of 200 million yen. Supported a million yen[128][129]. Takasu is preparing 7700 million yen in case the team wins a gold medal.[130]After entering Brazil, the police officer guarded Takasu by moving in an armored vehicle prepared by the Nigerian Embassy.[131].

Guinness record

2011/(23)May 8, The number of holes played in 12 hours (cart can be used),Guinness BookSet a new world record. Aichi with amateur golfersToyota CityPlay 12 holes in 261 hours at the Kyowa Country Club in. Significantly updated past Guinness record (2009 holes achieved by Jason Casserly and Chris Woods (Australia) in 189)[132][133][134][135]. After that, Rieko Nishihara and Jonathan Cigar were two of Takasu's personal items.Mitsuoka/OrochiBetting and playing golf[50], Takasu lost. At a later date, Takasu will deliver Mitsuoka and Orochi to Nishihara's home.[50], Nishihara, who does not have a driver's license, signed the bonnet and sent it back to Takasu[50].

Fight against illness

Urine occult blood was pointed out in a medical examination in 2015, and when I ordered urine cytology myself, urinary tract cancer cells were discovered[136]. Closer examination revealed that ureteral cancer had already spread to the kidney and bladder.[136].2018/On September 9th, these medical conditionstwitterPublished in[137]. He says his condition is not serious, but not serious[138]. Also, cancer is not an immediate illness, but ratherpneumonia,Myocardial infarctionIs scarier I'm an elderly person, so I'm not afraid of cancer at all. In the medical ageDedicationTheDissectionFrom my experience, all the people who died aged had cancer. He said he could live longer together with cancer.[139]. I have had 5 surgeries for bladder cancer in the past, and I also have immunotherapy.[136][140]. On May 2019, 5, she underwent endoscopic colorectal tumor resection under cannabis at Showa University[141]. 5th surgery in urology on May 31st, surgery in June[141][140].


liqueurCan hardly drink[51][105]..Until I got along with Rieko Saibara because of my tastelessnessRamenTotomato juiceI was eating, such as putting in and eating.It is said that this is because parents were busy because they were doctors and had eaten cold meals by themselves since childhood.[50].

The copy "YES, Takasu Clinic" means that we want to answer "YES" to all customer requests.[20]..The creator of the copy is the director who has been in charge of CM production for Takasu for a long time.

Regarding money, it is "same as air", and it is troublesome if there is no air, but it is unavoidable if there are many. On the other hand, the reason why he does not quit his job is that he is foolish if he doesn't work.[51].

Nagoya cityChikusa WardKarayamachoHave a home in[2], Aichi PrefectureNisshin Cityに別邸がある。2019年5月4日、日進市の別邸でバールのようなもので玄関がこじ開けられ、金の延べ板7キロ(約3,400万円相当)とノートパソコン1台が盗まれていたのが発覚した。敷地内の防犯カメラには2~3人の不審者の映像が残っており、高須は5月8日、Twitterに「ヘソクリ全部取られた」と投稿した[142].

For medical treatment in TokyoHotel New OtaniHave been staying in our suites for 1964 nights and 2 days every week since 3[136][143].. In 2019, Takasu and his eldest son, Rikiya Takasu, were reported to visit Takasu Hospital's nearly 170 beds over a three-hour period.[136].

Family / relatives

Takasu family

  • Great-grandfather·Takasu Kozaemon(Unsealed house, Director of Isshiki Theater Co., Ltd.)[144][145]
  • grandmother·Takasu now(Director of Takasu Clinic, third daughter of Kozaemon Takasu)[146][147][148]
    1885/ --Unknown year of death
  • father·Shogo Takasu(Internist, fifth son of Matsuzaki Clinic)[146]
  • mother·Toyoko Takasu(Gynecologist, first director of Takasu Hospital)
  • Ex-wifeTakasu Shizu(The first director of Hoshino Hospital, the eldest daughter of Mi Hoshino)[149][150]
  • second wife(Common-law marriage)・Nishihara Keiko
  • Eldest sonRikiya Takasu
  • second son·Hisaya Takasu
  • Third sonMikiya Takasu


Takasu Kozaemon
Takasu now
Matsuzaki family
Hoshino Mi
Toyoko Takasu
Shogo Takasu
Takasu Shizu
Katsuya Takasu
Nishihara Keiko
Mikiya Takasu
Hisaya Takasu
Rikiya Takasu


Tax evasion case

In 1990, the accountant of Takasu Clinic was prosecuted for evading tax of 8 million yen as a way to declare low medical income outside insurance.[151]. Takasu was not involved in tax evasion, but as a representative of the clinic, he was accused of both penalties for violating the Income Tax Law, saying "There was an unreasonable negligence in tax evasion due to full accounting."[151]. The court was accused of sentencing and the application of both penalties, but was convicted by the Supreme Court in 1997[152][153]. In addition to criminal punishment, he received an administrative sanction from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for one year to suspend medical practice[152]. In the past to the National Tax Agencytax evasionHas been pointed out that it has paid a double-added tax of 20 billion yen[6]. The additional amount of 20 billion yen isNagoya National Taxation BureauSo, as an individual, it is the highest ever and the record has not been broken as of 2019[104].

Aichi Prefectural Governor Recall Signature Forgery Case

2020/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Aichi Triennale 2019Special exhibition "Expression inconvenience exhibition, afterwards"Hideaki OmuraGovernor of Aichi PrefectureWas regarded as a problemMayor of Nagoya OfTakashi KawamuraAsked Takasu to "do a recall campaign for Governor Omura", and on June 6, Takasu established a political organization "Please quit Hideaki Omura, Governor of Aichi Prefecture, Aichi Recall Association for 2 Million People".[Note 1]..Takasu's friend at the press conference to announce the establishmentNaoki Momota,Arimoto incense,Takeyasu,Kunihiko TakedaThey were present and expressed their support and support.[155][156]..Governor of Osaka PrefectureYoshimura HirofumiOn the same day, an ale was sent saying, "I agree with the initiative. I will support you."[157].

The recall signing activity will start on August 8, with Takasu and Kawamura playing a central role.[158].. September 9, Takasu and the secretary general of the groupTakahiro Tanaka TheSuzuki MuneoPetitioned members of the House of Councilors to extend the recall campaign deadline.Suzuki isMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsI called the person in charge and told them, "You can't extend it. The rules can't be helped."[159].. On November 11, Takasu announced a suspension of activities due to worsening cancer conditions. I submitted the signatures for 7 people to the election[160], The legal number required to carry out a referendum to ask the pros and cons of dismissal did not reach about 86.[161].

On December 12, the same year, the billing representative and the person in charge of the signature activity held a press conference at the prefectural office, and in the inspection just before submitting to each election administration committee, a large number of signatures that seemed to be the same handwriting were found. Announced[162].

On February 2021, 2, the Aichi Prefectural Election Commission said that about 1 people, or 83.2% of the signatures, were "not recognized as valid" with the same handwriting or signatures not registered in the electoral list. Announced the results of the survey[163]..Further on February 2th, due to signature forgerySaga CityIt came to light that a large number of part-time jobs were mobilized in[164].

Kawamura is held accountable by the parliament, but he argues that "the person who manages the organization and accounting is the central person. I am not the central person in the recall movement."[165]..Tanaka, the secretary general, said, "I don't know. I don't even know Saga."[166], Deputy Secretary-GeneralTokoname City CouncilGo Yamada, a member of the Diet, advocated a conspiracy theory that "a large amount of fraudulent signatures is a sabotage work by a spy sent by Governor Omura."[167]..Takasu replied to the interview on March 3 that "only Mayor Kawamura can be believed."[168].. On April 4, Yamada revealed that he was involved in signature forgery at the direction of Tanaka, and resigned as a member of the Diet on April 15.[169]..Takasu, who was interviewed, commented, "It is the secretary general who has full authority."[170].

In mid-April of the same year, Miyuki Suzuki, one of Takasu's secretaries, was one of the representatives for dismissal requests.[2][171]Confessed to Takasu that he was involved in fingerprint fraud in Nagoya.Takasu is said to have been furious, but he did not announce it and kept it down until the newspaper reported it.[172].

July 4st of the same year,Nagoya Mayoral ElectionWas held, and Kawamura was the former city council member Toshiaki Yokoi (LDP-Komeito-Constitutional Democratic Party-National Democratic Party(Recommended) and others were defeated and the fifth election was achieved.Immediately after the decision, Takasu told the interview, "I had to put up with it until the mayor's election was over. I can't forgive Mr. Kawamura who told me to recall, but I can't forgive him for telling a lie. A person who runs away in an emergency. I will quit my friends today and break up. "[173]..Looking back on the past joint struggle system, he said that he was "saddle" and said, "I'm sorry to rely on Takasu Money (in the future)" and "I was disgusted by knowing the identity of Mayor Kawamura." Ta[174][175].

On May 5, the same year, the secretary general Tanaka, Tanaka's wife, Tanaka's second son, and Michiyo Watanabe, who was in charge of accounting for the group, were arrested.[176][177].. On May 5, it was revealed that secretary Suzuki was involved in fingerprint fraud at the Lifelong Learning Center in Nagoya City.[178].

On May 5, the same year, an information program produced by Fuji TV featured a recall signature forgery case.Takasu replied to the interview team, "If there is a person who suffered a loss of even 26 yen from this recall campaign, it will be compensated for."[179].. On June 6, a 1-year-old man who acted as a billing representative suffered mental distress in a signature forgery case, and suffered damages of 73 million yen including a consolation fee against three executives including Takasu and Tanaka. It has been revealed that a lawsuit seeking compensation has been filed with the Nagoya District Court.The complaint was filed on March 3.The man claims that he was "seriously engaged in a recall campaign but was labeled as a'illegal-signed claim representative'."[180][181].

On November 11, the same year, secretary Miyuki Suzuki, who serves as an officer, "Takasu Holdings" (Nagoya City)Nakamura WardFamous station) Documents were sent with a female employee in her 50s on suspicion of forging a signature inside the building.[182][2]..Suzuki said, "There are not enough signatures. Mr. Takasu knows (counterfeiting)" and instructed other employees to help, and it is said that he gave 5 yen per person as a reward.[183][184][185]..Takasu responded to the interview by saying, "I don't know 100%. I don't know at all."[186][187]..Regarding the forgery instruction to Suzuki, he denied his involvement, saying, "I will never do it. I will never do it. I hate doing wrong things and bending things."[188].

On March 2022, 3, seven people, including Yamada, Suzuki, and female employees, were dismissed from prosecution (suspension of prosecution).[189].


"Net right wing OfNationalismSelf-proclaimed[190].

October 2020, 10, "Everything is going according to my prophecy. It's too scary to hit. Trump wins.Osaka Metropolitan conceptvictory.Aichi Prefectural Governor Recall Victory "[191]However, both came off.

Royal family


Be sure to visit the local Wakaichi Shrine, a guardian of the Takasu family, on New Year's Day.Martyr's Seven MausoleumBe sure to visit[193].

Protest against Tibetan oppression

ChineseTibetInvasion and repression (China claims "liberated Tibet")[194]) Repeatedly protesting against[195][196]. I have visited Tibet many times,The Dalai Lama XIVFriendly[196]. It also expresses a great deal of discomfort to the Japanese media, who do not want to report the Tibetan disaster.[195]..Takasu is also making efforts for the development of beauty technology in China, and was greeted with the same treatment as a state guest.Hundreds of New Year's cards arrived from China every year, but they haven't arrived since Takasu criticized the crackdown on Tibet.[197].

Nazi admiration and Holocaust denial

Takasu has been on Twitter and his blog frequently since 2009.NaziMake a positive statement to[198][199],Holocaust denialThe theory also developed[200][201].

For this reasonSimon Wiesenthal CenterOn August 2017, 8, Takasu made a series of remarks, "In the name of'progress', the act of adhering to the Nazi idea that leads to doctors who have committed indescribable crimes is our world. Takasu's membership with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)[202]Requested to stop[203][204].

On August 8, the same year, the Simon Wiesenthal Center issued an official statement saying, "The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) takes this situation seriously and will complete the investigation in a few weeks." Revealed[205]. When Takasu himself contacted the society, he tweeted that the request was rejected.[206]Of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Vice PresidentAbraham CooperIssued a statement on November 11, the same year, praising Takasu's membership disqualification because the American Society for Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) decided to disqualify Takasu on the grounds of praising the Nazis and denying the Nanjing Massacre described below.[207][208].

As of 2017, Takasu said, "(American Society for Aesthetic Surgery: AACS) has not contacted us yet."[208][209], And tweeted the claim that it is withdrawal rather than exile[210]. He added, "The excellent scientists who received Nazi patronage deserve to be respected. However, racist Naziism is the opposite of my ideology of Hakkou Iyu. (...) I just don't follow things I don't like."[211].

Denial of Nanjing Incident and advocacy of Unit 731

Nanjing IncidentHave denied about[212]. Also,Comfort womendenial,731 unitsMaking statements such as advocacy[213].


TV program

other,"11PM'[31]Or "2 o'clock wide show""The Best House 123'[214],Let's stay in the countryside!'[215],Downtown DX'[216],Mito Komon[217],So far, Commission NP","Downtown Nau'





Single Author

  • "Dangerous Health Law Dies unless you stop it!" Sankei Drama Books 1976
  • "Dangerous beauty method: If you don't stop early, your beauty will be dynamic!"Sankei Publishing 1977 ASIN B000J8WAWY
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  • "Introduction to Illustrated Emergency Allowance-A lie of common sense, know only this"Seishun Publisher Playbooks 1980 ISBN-978 4413012348
  • “Biomedical that makes you younger by 10 years: Keeps a 7-year-old body in 25 minutes every day” Youth Publisher Playbooks 1981 ISBN-978 4413012584
  • "The Wonder of a Beautiful Transformation: My Directing Method I Did Not Know About Dr. Takasu's Aesthetic Medicine" Youth Publisher Playbooks 1981 ISBN-978 4413012775
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  • Hiromiya GoNaoko Hayashi,Chihara Junior,Kyoko Aizen[31],Sachiyo Nomura[220]Due to the fact that many celebrities such as, celebrities, and gurus are operating surgery, they are often solicited for pillow sales by celebrities. I have eggs and models of idols, female medical college students, a girl who will be 18 years old tonight, and even beautiful boys and boys, and Rieko Nishihara's look, and I always have a hard time refusing to refuse. Also, it is not possible to tell who had surgery, butKano sistersHave never been involved in[50].
  • Korean movieKanna is a huge success!As a post-record, and debuted as a voice actor at the age of 62.[221].
  • Kyoko AizenWhen I had my hymen regeneration surgeryYoyogi TadashiThe director filmed the surgery situation (approved)[31]. However, the video was used in the adult theater movie "Survival"[31], Takasu appeared to be an adult video at the Society of Plastic Surgeons[31].
  • In the TV program "Adult's picture book", he appeared as "Principal Director" who deals with phimosis surgery and hymen regeneration surgery.[31]. “Zetsurin Director” is a character at the time of sale, and he said that he continued to play because it was popular.[31]. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, my wife lives a life where there is no talk about women so much that she is worried. "11PM", who was also an elementary school student, was watching elementary school student Nishihara in secret. At that time, it was before surgery, so I didn't notice it until it was revealed by Takasu himself.[222].
  • yuanYokozunaMorning blue dragon[50],The Dalai Lama XIVHave friendship with[223].
  • Chihara JuniorSuffered a motorcycle accident in 2001 and was seriously injured by banging his face. According to the junior, it was said that his face was "wrinkled" in the accident, and it was Takasu who changed his face from that state. Junior said, “It was Mr. Takasu who finally made me up.” “The part that Okan said and formed. The part that was formed when Oton was told that way. On the other hand, it is a part that was formed by being a teacher and receiving various opinions.It was created by elementary school teachers, junior high school teachers, various people, and finally, the last person to touch it was Director Katsumi Takasu. Takasu's great effort was revealed.[224].
  • Ichiro FurudateHe said that he was a close friend and said, "The expert of the interview who is good at taking in various opinions widely". Furudate chairedNews station''(TV Asahi) Had been serving as a sponsor, but he discontinued in September 2015 because he was angry with some of the program contents. Takasu said that he didn't want to say anything about Mr. Furudate, and "I don't think he's going to give his opinion."[225]The following year, Furudate was the host.Furutachi''(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Is a sponsor of[226].
  • Korean just got double eyelid surgeryPresident NomhyunIn response, the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Surgery arranged to give a medal as "dedicated to the development and enlightenment of cosmetic surgery", but since it was ignored, the medal is delivered directly to Cheong Wa Dae through the Korean doctor.[227][228].
  • In 2016, he was admitted to his own Takasu Hospital (not Takasu Clinic) due to high fever. Diagnosed as an infectious liver cyst and transferred to Showa University Hospital. Treated with cyst puncture and antibiotics[229][230].
  • May 2017th, 5th, 17Health and Labor CommitteeAtDemocratic Party OfKensuke OnishiA member of the House of Representatives said, "There is a bad business in the esthetics industry that is running "a lot of obsolete" TV advertisements, and said, "Jesus is a well-known Jesus (maru) clinic".[231]. Regarding this, Takasu alleged that his honor was defamed, and that Onishi and the DDP leaderLotusStated that he intends to file a 1000 million yen damages lawsuit against the representative[231]did. Takasu posted on a blog on May 5 that "Takasu Clinic does not attract customers at esthetic salons. It does not even sell leaflets for hype. Please get a proper drop front."Sankei Shimbun"I wanted to ask for an apology, but I asked for 1 million yen because there was only money in the trial. Onishi asked on behalf of the party. The head of the party should be OK. I was angry about what I wanted to say in the Diet because the Liberal Democratic Party did not counterattack while fighting back, saying that it was just an attack alone.I want to tell you that even the common people can get angry and can respond." ing[231].
    • In response to Takasu's remark, Representative Onishi said, “I haven't heard the content of (the complaint), so I can't elaborate on it. I didn't mention Takasu in the question, and the complaint is based on misunderstanding. It is a reality that there are commercials that can only call contacts."[231].. In addition,Article 51 of the ConstitutionIt is unclear whether the court will accept Mr. Takasu's complaint because his parliamentary privileges mean that the members of the Diet are not held liable for remarks made during discussions within the Diet. Application for trademark registration of "yes! Takasu Clinic" on 19th of the same month[232]. It is supposed to prevent the objection that "Yes Yes Clinic" is not applicable only to Takasu Clinic[232].
    • The lawsuit was filed on July 2017, 7Information Live MiyaneyaOf the show commentatorAsano Shiro``To say defamation means defaming by showing something different from the fact, but whether it was said at the Diet or not, even if it was done at an ordinary shrine, this was the truth. If so, I ask for an apology for saying "I am angry with this honest person." The program apologized on the next day's broadcast and a settlement was established[233].
    • On April 2018, 4, the Tokyo District Court (Judge Yoshimitsu Kawai) said, "The remark of being obsolete is against the CM and does not reduce the social evaluation of the plaintiff." "Remark cannot be said to be defamation. Takasu's complaint was rejected. The ruling quoted the Supreme Court ruling in 23, stating that "civil servants are not responsible for the conduct of civil servants," and concludes that Representative Onishi and Renge have no civil liability. Takasu appealed to the decision and appealed to the Tokyo High Court[234][235].
    • On October 10, the same year, Takasu reported that the Tokyo High Court, which was the appeal court, received a settlement recommendation.[Note 2]..Onishi refused Takasu's apology, and the settlement was unsuccessful.

Academic Society/Organization


注 釈

  1. ^ Takasu said, "Monthly Hanada』Special issue (released in August 2020), contributed a sentence entitled" Governor Omura recall my true intention ".The process leading up to the establishment of the recall organization is explained as follows.
    On June XNUMXst, Mayor Kawamura called me and said:
    "Governor Omura has filed a lawsuit against Nagoya City for non-payment of the art festival's contribution! I can't believe it! Mr. Takasu, don't you think you're going to recall?"
    "Of course, I'll do it. First, let me be a pioneer."
    I always make a quick decision.I didn't make any special preparations, but I decided to form an organization.
    On the spot, he tweeted that he would start the recall campaign, saying, "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
    Mayor Kawamura will come to my house on that day, and I made a plan for three hours while receiving various advice.[154].
  2. ^ Takasu posted a reconciliation recommendation on Twitter on October 2018, 10, saying, "Reconciliation recommendation came from Kensuke Ohnishi, former Democratic Party representative Renho, Democratic Party, and the judge in charge of the second trial that I appealed against the country. The only condition for reconciliation is "If Representative Kensuke Onishi apologizes directly to me, I will reconcile." If I apologize, I will forgive everything. I am tolerant. "[236].


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