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😷 | US retail sales fell sharply by 12% in December


U.S. retail sales down 12% in December

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Retail sales, excluding automobiles, gasoline, construction materials and eating out, fell 12% in December last year.

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] – US Department of Commerce announced December XNUMXth retail sales (seasonally adjusted ... → Continue reading


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Construction materials

Construction materials(Kensetsuzai, English: construction material) is any material used in construction work.

Construction material unit price

In the estimation of construction workMaterial Ofunit priceAs will be described later, it is said that the decision will be made with an emphasis on the time of the contract, but the actual price varies depending on the type, scale, ordering time, construction area, etc. of the construction, and there is a huge amount of information to respond in detail. Therefore, many orderers decide based on certain materials and the results of regular surveys. The purpose of the estimation is to calculate the total price of the construction cost, so the estimation itself is a system. In the direction of being standardized and standardized, even if only the criteria for determining the unit price are unnecessarily detailed, it will take a lot of labor and the overall balance will be lost, which is meaningless.Basically, the unit price should be decided while considering the ratio of materials to the contract construction cost.

Material unit price is price data (Foundation)Construction Price Investigation CommitteeIn principle, it will be decided as follows based on the "construction prices" issued, "estimated materials" issued by the Economic Research Foundation), quotations, and surveys specially conducted by the ordering party.However, if the price fluctuates significantly, it will be decided appropriately in consideration of the actual situation by using breaking news versions of price materials.In addition, depending on the scale of construction, type of construction, construction location, construction conditions, etc., if it is inappropriate compared to the unit price determined by a certain standard, it may be decided specially, giving elasticity to the unit price determination. Classify materials into main materials and general materials.

High weight in construction costReady-mixed concrete, Asphalt mixture,Reinforced concrete,aggregateIs called the main material.As a general rule, the fixed price is reviewed every month.

As a general rule, materials other than the main materials are determined by using either the "estimated material" or the "construction price", but the price materials are not used alternately for the same material.The price decided at the beginning of the year will be reviewed about once in the middle of the year.Some materials have a published price, but the published price is not discounted in principle.

Material priceEstimateWhen deciding by, when collecting an estimate, request an estimate by presenting conditions such as shape dimensions, quality, standard, quantity, delivery time and delivery location.

As a general rule, quotations are collected from three or more companies, but for the determination method with a large number of quotations, the most frequent price is adopted when outliers are excluded and the average value is used.

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