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😷 | [New Corona] Shimane XNUMX people Tottori XNUMX people confirmed new infection Shimane is the highest ever


[New Corona] XNUMX Shimane and XNUMX Tottori confirmed new infections Shimane is the highest ever

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On the other hand, Gotsu City announced the infection of one employee working at the main government building of the city hall.

Infection information for the new corona. On the XNUMXth, it was announced that XNUMX people in Shimane and XNUMX people in Tottori were newly infected, and in Shimane prefecture on the XNUMXst ... → Continue reading

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Jiangjin City

Jiangjin City(Gotsushi) is in the western part of Shimane prefecture.IwamiIn rural areasCity..Most in the Sanin regionpopulationIs the least, the most in the prefectureareaIs a small city.

It is also known as the city with the longest travel time from Tokyo (as of 2018) in Japan.[1][2], Appealing to the outside world as "the farthest city from Tokyo"[1]..In the past, high school "Geography A"textbook,TV programBut was taken up[2].


It is located in the Iwami region in western Shimane prefecture.Continued from east to west in the northCoastal terraceAnd consists of southern hills[3].Chugoku MountainsTheSanyo sideIt is one of the few rivers that flows through the river and is the largest river in the Chugoku region.EnokawaIs in this citySea of ​​JapanPour into.The plains run along the Gonokawa basin and the Sea of ​​Japan side.San'in Main LineIt is rarely seen except along the railway lines.

In Japan35th parallelIt is the westernmost city through which.From here, the west reaches the south of Busan, and the east reaches the southernmost tip of the Boso Peninsula.

Adjacent municipalities


Climate of Matsue Local Meteorological Observatory (1981-2010) (Sakurae)
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)-------------
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)-------------
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)-------------
Precipitation amount mm (inch)148.5
Snowfall cm (inch)-------------
Average monthlyDaylight hours-------------
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency[4]


Brief history

Also called "Gouda" or "Gozu",EnokawaDeveloped from the Watatsu village ofSea of ​​JapanProspered as a key point of shipping.The modern era is the shogunate territory (Heaven) And the centerSanin roadPenetrates, the eastOmori Ginzan, West(I.e.I was heading for.

1671/(Kanbun11 years)AboveToWest RouteIs established,Sengoku shipOn the riverbank as a distribution center for goods that come and goShip wholesalerAnd warehouse (Kurashiki) Lined up.KitamaebuneAs a port of call and a port for shipping Tenryo rice, four or fifty sailing ships line up on the shore and wait for arrival at Hamada, leading to Omori Ginzan.IwamiIt was a busy second town.In the Gonokawa basinOchi-gun-Naga-gunIron, wood, paper, produced in楮Etc. were also carried through rivers and shipped nationwide, and daily sundries were also imported from this port.[5].

At the end of the Edo period1866/(KeioIn 2nd year), the Choshu Army Army Corps (Captain)Yuya Sasaki, StaffMasashiro Omura) One battalion of more than 450 people stationed,1869/(MeijiOver 2 years up to 3 years)HonjinWas installed.JinyaFor the new construction, we recruited from 15 neighboring villages and completed the camp of 12 buildings including the main camp by half a year later.In addition, 5 cherry trees were donated by the villages.Even now, the tombstones of five Choshu army scholars remain.

In the 40th year of the Meiji eraHigashimiyaYour Highness (laterEmperor Taisho) Sanin RoadPublic awareness(Heihachiro TogoI will be stationed in the Gotsuhommachi area when I accompany the Admiral.GoToiletIt is said that the new construction of the town was carried out and the whole town was welcomed.

1920/(Taisho9 years)San'in Main LineWith the opening of the river, shipping has declined and the center of commerce has moved to Hamada.Mie LineWith the opening ofGotsuhommachi StationFrom aroundGotsu StationThe city area has moved to the surrounding area.

After that, due to the water resources of Gonokawa and the dunes, Japan Rayon (currently:Unitika), Sanyo National Policy Pulp (currently:Nippon Paper Industries) And other factories are attracted1942/(ShowaSince 17, silk reeling, chemical and pulp factories have set up in the dune area.

1995/(Heisei7 years) was designated as.

Chronological Table

Changes in administrative areas

Town name / large letters

Successive mayors

代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
2Chiyo Nobu Sadayoshi1958/4/14
31962/6/12Died during his term
4Tatsuo Fujita1962/8/11966/7/15
5Nobumasa Okada1966/7/16
7Takao Sasaki1974/7/16
9Tomohiro Fukuhara1982/7/16
11Kazuhiro Ushio1990/7/16
13Masuji Tanaka1998/7/16
14Merged with Sakurae Town
17Osamu Yamashita2014/7/16



  • Osamu Yamashita (2nd term)
  • Term: April 2022, 7

City council

  • Constant: 16 people (17th term)
  • Term: April 2022, 5

City agency

  • Gotsu City Hall
    • Branch-Sakurae Branch


Financial situation

  • Total ordinary revenue: 178 yen (7589)
  • Total general expenditure: 171 yen (8095)
    • Public welfare expenses: 50 yen (composition ratio: 793%)
    • General affairs expenses: 22 million yen (8200%)
    • Public Debt Expenses: 21 yen (5546%)
  • Local bondCurrent amount: 224 million yen (3686)
  • Reserve fund current amount (27)
    • Financial adjustment fund: 6 yen
    • Debt reduction fund: 13 yen
    • Other special purpose fund: 28 yen

Financial indicators

  • Financial capability index: 0.33% (27)
  • Current account ratio: 91.7% (27)
  • Soundness judgment ratio (27)
    • Real deficit ratio-%
    • Consolidated real deficit ratio-%
    • Real debt service ratio 13.9%
    • Future burden ratio 140.2%

Policy issues

Sanko Line abolition and bus conversion

JR connecting Gotsu City and Miyoshi City, Hiroshima PrefectureMie Line(108.1km) had a deficit of nearly 10 billion yen annually due to sluggish users[7]..The Sanko Line was abolished at the end of March 2018, and bus conversion was decided, and the reorganization of public transportation along the Sanko Line is being discussed at the "Sanko Line Regional Public Transportation Revitalization Council".[8].

Gotsu City Hall Seismic Standard Problem

Gotsu City Hall is an architectTakamasa YoshizakaWaseda UniversityIt was designed by a former professor's laboratory.PierOn top of theBridge girderCharacteristic with a building likeDesignIt has become1961/Buildings A, B, and C were completed. In 2015,DOCOMOMO By JapanModern movement architecture in JapanReceived the 192nd selection as[9].

After that, more than 50 years have passed and it is forcedSeismic reinforcementStructure to release the existing design shaking (on the beam of building A)Piano wireIt was pointed out that there was a risk of adversely affecting the structure that stretches the structure), as the construction drawings at that time were not found.[10]..A set of construction drawings was found from interviews with related parties, and discussions were held for continuous use.[11].

A city hall renovation and maintenance review committee was set up on the premise of renovation, and methods for seismic retrofitting were being considered, but it was found that seismic retrofitting could not withstand an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 or higher, and in April 2016. In response to the damage to the city hall and other areas caused by the Kumamoto earthquake, it was announced on October 4, 2016 that a new government building would be built with a project cost of 10 billion yen (the old government building will not be demolished, but its use is undecided). Is)[12].

National administrative agency

Prefectural government agencies and public facilities

Wide-area union / partial-affairs union

Sister cities/partner cities


Population distribution of Gotsu, Shimane, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Gotsu City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Gotsu City (2005)
■Purple-Gotsu City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Gotsu City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



primary school

Junior high school

high school



Facilities other than school education


Major medical institutions

Economic and industrial


Fishing port

Manufacturing industry

The shipment value of manufactured goods in Gotsu City is 441 billion yen (26), the number of employees is 1,473 (26), and the number of manufacturers with 4 or more employees is 54 (26). Has become[13].

Local industryAs old asStone roof tilesIt is known as the center of production ofCeramic industry() ・ Earth and stone products are the largest at 53 billion yen[13].. In recent years住宅Demand for Ishishu tiles is declining due to sluggish construction starts and westernized housing.2007/ToAmex Co-Sales Self-bankruptcyThe severe situation continues, such as applying for.Iwami ware is mainly produced for daily necessities, and in recent years, it has cultivated tile and folk craft products and has won the national market.

EnokawaAt the estuaryNippon Paper IndustriesThe Gotsu Plant of the Chemical Business Headquarters is located, and it manufactures dissolved pulp and functional chemical products.2010/Panasonic electronic devices withdrew in recent yearsGotsu RoadFrom the opening of the land and the cheap land costbiomassCompanies such as power plants and resin processing manufacturers are entering the market.

Retail trade

Retail tradeThe number of business establishments is 262, the number of employees is 1,231, the annual product sales amount is 2,036 million yen, and the sales floor area is 34,016㎡.[14]..According to the 19 Commercial Statistics Survey, the number of business establishments is 356, the number of employees is 1,523, the annual product sales amount is 2,588 million yen, and the sales floor area is 38,655 mXNUMX.[15]..The annual sales amount of the retail industry is decreasing due to the declining population, and the number of business establishments and employees is also decreasing.

2017/1Located in the city center, the largest in the cityCommercial facilityMetShopping Town Green MallClosed due to sluggish sales.10Acquired management rightsIzumi Youme Town GotsuOpened as.

The local purchase rate (all products) was 75.8% for the former Gotsu City, and the formerSakurae TownIs 25.1% (outflow to the former Gotsu city is 35.7%)[16]..11.5% in the former Gotsu City and 13.6% in the former Sakurae Town are nearbyHamadaIs leaking to[16].

Shopping center


  • A Corp --Gotsu store, Sakurae store
  • Kinuya --Tsunozu store, Watatsu store, Ninomiya store

convenience store

  • Lawson --Etsu Saiseikai Hospital Mae Store, Gotsu Ekimae Store, Gotsu Keikawa Store, Gotsu Sakuraemachi Store, Gotsu Kakushicho Store, Lawson Poplar Ezu Watatsumachi Store, Lawson Poplar Ezu Mainoichi Store
  • Seven-Eleven --Etsu Ninomiya store, Gotsu Asari store, Gotsu Waki ​​store

Consumer electronics store

Clothing store

Home center

Drug store


  • Shinpuudo

Major companies / organizations with headquarters

Major companies/organizations with factories/offices

Power plant

Financial institution


Cooperative financial institution



Area codeThe Sakurae area is 0855 (70-99), and the others are 0855 (50-69).

  • 0855 (50-69) area (Gotsu MA)
    • Ota City(Yunotsu district) ・ Gotsu city (excluding Sakurae district)
  • 0855 (70-99) area (Kawamoto MA)


Zip CodeIs as follows.2006/May 10,2015/May 3Changed due to the reorganization of.

  • Gotsu Post Office:695-00xx, 695-85xx, 695-86xx, 695-87xx
  • Kuromatsu Post Office: 699-28xx
  • Hashi Post Office: 699-31xx
  • Atoichi Post Office: 695-01xx
  • Ichiyama Post Office: 699-42xx, 699-41xx, 699-44xx, 699-45xx



Central station:Gotsu Station

West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)

Railway lines that once existed

West Japan Railway Company
  • Mie Line(Abolished on September 2018, 4)

Transit Bus

General shared bus

Express Bus

Long time ago,Gonokawa,Arifuku OnsenArrival and departureIsaribiThere was also a highway bus to Hiroshima, but it was abolished.Therefore, when heading toward Hiroshima,Hamada StationTake the KaraisaribiRoad Station Information Center KawamotoからIwami GinzanWill ride on.


National road
Prefectural road

Road Station

Sightseeing spots, etc.

Sights and historic sites


  • Senjokei(Shimane Prefectural Natural Park)

Buildings, parks, facilities, etc.


Hot springs and hot spring facilities


  • Hashi beach
  • Asari beach
  • Kuromatsu beach

Specialty/Special product

Events and festivals

Celebrity from Gotsu City

A person with a connection to Gotsu City


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