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[Breaking news] New Corona XNUMX people Over XNUMX people for XNUMX consecutive days Oita

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This is an account for "TV Oita" (Fuji TV series) news.

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 TV Oita

"TV Oita" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Oita Prefecture.

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Fuji TV series

Fuji TV seriesWhat is (Fuji TV Keiretsu)?Fuji TelevisionTheKey stationToBroadcaster Ofnetwork.


There are two networks in the Fuji TV series.one Fuji News Network(Fuji News Network, FNN), and the other isFuji network(Fuji Network System, FNS).The former isNewsThe latter aims to supply programs, and the latter to supply other broadcast programs.

All member stations are TV-only, and become FNN / FNS affiliated stationsLatteThere is no station[1].

List of Fuji TV series

Terrestrial wave

Satellite broadcasting


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  1. ^ Incidentally,Fuji Television(CX),Tokai TV broadcasting(THK)Radio stations(RespectivelyNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.とTokai Radio Broadcast) To an affiliated company.In stations that had an affiliated relationship in the pastKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(in factNETseriesCross net.At that time, ANN and FNN / FNS as an organization were not established)Sapporo TV Broadcasting(NTV seriesCross net with.Fuji TV series is not a member of FNN.The radio division was spun off after the unification of Nippon Television Network System) was also operated as a latte.

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外部 リンク

TV Oita

TV Oita System Co., Ltd.[1](TV Oita,British: TELEVISION OITA SYSTEM CO., LTD.[5]) IsOitaTheBroadcast target areaage,Television broadcastingIt is carried outSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

The abbreviation isCOUGH(Television Oita System).


1969/May 2Was established in1970/May 4It opened as the second commercial TV station in Oita prefecture.Digital broadcasting OfPhysical channelIs 34ch,Remote control key IDIs 4callsign TheJOOI-DTV..The image character is"Tosky'と"Pas Me"..It was created to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the opening of the station.

NTV seriesとFuji TV series OfCross net station..As a Nippon TV seriesNNN/NNSAs a member station of (NNS is treated as non-participation in business agreement), Fuji TV affiliateFNN/FNSAffiliated station (because it has not officially participated in the FNS business agreement)[6], "Japanese Private Broadcasting Yearbook"[4] Is not a member of FNS).

Regarding the remote control key ID of terrestrial digital broadcasting, "4", which is often found in the Nippon Television network, is adopted, but this is to concentrate the remote control key IDs of the Oita prefecture area stations (1 =).NHK General, 2 =NHK E-Tele, 3 = OBS, 4 = TOS, 5 = OAB), so each station adjusted in the order of opening.

The net ratio between Nippon Television and Fuji Television is about XNUMX% (following). In addition,Cable TV station in Oita prefectureThen, based on the circumstances of this cross-net organization, there are many cases where NTV affiliated stations and Fuji TV affiliated stations other than the same station are also retransmitting (Example: Most cable TV stations have NTV affiliated stations:Fukuoka Broadcasting (FBS), Fuji TV series:TV West Japan (TNC)).

Also, depending on the area, it is on the opposite bankEhime OfYawatahama relay station,New Yawatahama relay stationFor long-distance reception, Nippon Television affiliated full-net stationNankai Broadcasting (RNB) and Fuji TV affiliated full-net stationsTV Ehime (EBC), againYamaguchi OfOhirayama transmission stationEtc. can be received over a long distance, and the NTV full-net systemYamaguchi broadcasting (KRY)1987/Until September 9th, there was a cross-net relationship with Fuji.TV Yamaguchi (tys)[Note 1] There are also areas where you can watch such things.In many of the cable TV stations mentioned above, there were many cases where the above stations were rebroadcast during the analog broadcasting era.

NNS companies and FNS companies put on the terrestrial digital broadcasting screen from the viewpoint of piracy prevention and copyright protectionWatermarkWith the start of the display, from May 2008, 5, TV Oita is also in the upper right corner of the screen (from 19 second ago), Nippon TV series, Fuji TV series, and in-house dispatched offer display. Watermarks are now displayed except for ski time.

The only Fuji TV affiliated station in the Kyushu region that has not changed its logo since its opening.[Note 2].

In-house production of Kyushu block net programs is for Nippon TV series and Fuji TV series[Note 3]Is done once for each.

National High School Soccer ChampionshipRelatedly, in 199978th competitionAt the same time, all NNS member stations began to participate in the event, changing from OBS to OBS.[Note 4]It became the system.


Source [1]
Main office
OitaOita CityLarge printSeike character 843-25
Tokyo branch office
TokyoChuoGinza5 chome 15 number 8 Newsletter building10 floor
Osaka branch
OsakaOsakaKitaUmeda1 chome 2 number 2 Osaka Station 2rd Building12 floor
Fukuoka branch
FukuokaFukuoka CityChuoTenjin1 chome 13 number 2 Industrial Bank of JapanBuilding 6th floor

Main transmitting stations/relay stations

Digital broadcasting

Remote control key ID: 4[7]

Central part

  • Oita JOOI-DTV 34ch 1kW[8]
  • TOS Headquarters Reserve Transmission Station (covers approximately 51,000 households in central Oita and part of Beppu City)
  • Notsuharu 34ch 3W (vertically polarized)
  • Oita Higashi 34ch 1W (vertically polarized)
  • Saganoseki 26ch 0.3W
  • Takenaka 43ch 0.1W
  • Shonai 34ch 1W
  • Yufuin 31ch 0.3W
  • Yuhira 31ch 0.3W
  • Tsukumi 26ch 1W
  • Tsukumi South 35ch 0.3W
  • Usuki 26ch 0.3W
  • Usuki Kaizoe 20ch 0.05W


  • Nakatsu 34ch 40W
  • Hon'yabakei 47ch 1W (vertical polarization)
  • Mountain country 40ch 1W
  • Anshinin 40ch 1W
  • Nishiyashiki 19ch 0.3W (vertical polarization)
  • Kunisaki 47ch 10W
  • Aki Chuo 41ch 0.3W (vertical polarization)
  • Asago 26ch 0.3W (vertical polarization)
  • Kunimi 19ch 0.3W

Western part

  • Kusu 25ch 10W
  • West Kusu 31ch 1W
  • Kokonoe 39ch 0.3W
  • Hita 25ch 3W
  • Nishimuta 25ch 1W
  • Takeda 25ch 3W


  • Triple 26ch 10W
  • Ogata 34ch 1W
  • Chitose 34ch 0.3W
  • Inukai 35ch 0.05W
  • Saeki 26ch 10W

Analog broadcasting

Capital structure

The names of companies and organizations and the titles of individuals are as of the time. Source:[9][10][11][12]


CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
500 million yen1,000,000 share31
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Yomiuri Shimbun Group Headquarters199,000 share19.90%
Kansai TV broadcasting199,000 share19.90%
Nikaido Sake Brewery068,000 share06.80%
West Japan Shimbun059,600 share05.96%
Sokoku Shimbun050,000 share05.00%
Oita Godo Shimbun050,000 share05.00%
Howa Bank050,000 share05.00%
Oita Prefecture Credit Agricultural Cooperative Association050,000 share05.00%
Oita Prefecture Mutual Aid Agricultural Cooperative Association050,000 share05.00%

Past capital structure


  • 1968/(Showa43 years)May 11 --Television preliminary license issued as Higashi Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
  • 1969May 2 --Founded TV Oita Co., Ltd. (registered on February 2).
  • 1969May 12 - Test radio wavefiring.
  • 1969May 12 - Service broadcastingStart.
  • 1970 (Showa 45) April 4-Opened as the second commercial TV station in Oita prefecture, and at the same time carried out color broadcasting.In addition to the Oita master station, the relay stations of Notsuharu, Saganoseki, and Tsukumi were opened at the time of opening.
  • 1978/(53) May 4 -"Saturday Studio Hello Oita』Start program[13].
  • 1978May 10 -"News in Oita] Start broadcasting[14].
  • 1990/(2) May 2 --Moved the company building from the current Kasugaura.
  • 1990 years(Heisei 2 years)May 2 - Multiplex audio broadcastingStart.
  • April 1990, 2-"Spark on wave] Start broadcasting[15].
  • 1993/(5)May 10 - TV Asahi series(ANN)Oita Asahi Broadcasting(OAB) With the opening of the stationNippon TV(NTV) ・Fuji Television Network, IncIt became a cross-net of (CX), and the programming was changed significantly.
  • 2005/(17)May 12 - analog-Updated to Digital Integrated Master and started operation. (Made by Toshiba)
  • 2006/(18) May 7 --Started transmission of test radio waves for digital broadcasting.
  • November 2006, 18-Simulcast of digital television broadcasting started.
  • December 2006, 18 --Digital television broadcasting Main broadcasting started.
  • 2007/(19) October 10-Started operation of a news system compatible with high-definition television.
  • 2008/(20)May 5 - WatermarkStart displaying (TOS logo).
  • 2009/(21) October 10-Watermark change (1th anniversary logo).
  • 2009May 10 --Updated weather forecast system.
  • 2010/(22)May 4 --At the "TOS Festival" commemorating the 40th anniversary of the opening of the station, the prefecture's first Area One Seg (48ch) trial was conducted (4: 18-10: 00 on this day and April 16th, for a total of 00 hours).
  • 2011/(23)May 7 - Analog broadcastingHowever, the regular broadcast ended at 0:11 pm, and the wave stopped at XNUMX:XNUMX pm.At the end of the analog broadcast at noon, a special program unique to TV Oita[Note 5] The ceremony was held, and the scene where the president at that time pressed the button to stop analog broadcasting was broadcast live in the master control room.[16].
  • March 2014, 26-"Yu-Waku Wide" broadcast started[17].
  • 2022/(4nd year of Reiwa)May 3 - Main adjustment room(Master) Updated equipment. (Made by Toshiba)

Opening and closing

Except for natural disasters, serious accidents, 24-hour television, sports broadcasts such as the Olympic Games, year-end and New Year holidays, and special numbers for national elections.Broadcast all nightI haven't gone.

After 2013 (current)

"JOOI-DTV TOS TV Oita" is displayed → Tosky and Pasme hold 4ch and the TOS logo is below.Only the opening "JOOI-DTV, good morning, this is TOS TV Oita. Enjoy the TV Oita program all day long. TV is 4ch (Yonchan) TOS" with a female voice announcement.There is no announcement for closing.BGM is different between opening and closing.

From July 2011, 7 to 18

I was singing tosky gymnastics and tosky songs on July 2011, 7Hayami Kentaro Traffic fatal accidentThe broadcast of these songs was stopped due to the occurrence of.

  • Opening-Two still images
  • Closing- AC JapanCM → 2 still images

From October 2006, 11 to March 1, 2011

  • Opening-"Tosky Gymnastics (Genki Demasu! Tosky Gymnastics)"
  • Closing-"Tosky Song (I'm not alone-Tosky's image song-)"
    • Both are HD production.Both opening and closingHayami KentaroIs singing, and Kentaro Hayami is singing at the openingHiromichi SatoAppearedToskyI'm dancing gymnastics.If the broadcast pause time is short, both the closing (tosky song) and the opening (genki de masu! Tosky gymnastics) will be cut.
    • From July 2008, 7, only analog broadcasting has been broadcast for 24 seconds on the terrestrial analog broadcasting end notification screen after the opening and before the closing (with BGM and announcement).However, due to labor shortage, there is no in-house consultation desk, and the contact information on the notification screen isMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsDigital terrestrial call center only. The contact information has not changed to DigiSupport Oita since July 2010, 7, and from February 5, "Nationwide digital terrestrial digitalization test], The analog end notice has disappeared (similar to NTV).In digital broadcastingDigital Broadcasting Promotion AssociationIt has been replaced with a 30-second commercial.

From October 1995, 4 to March 1, 2006

The opening and closing have been renewed on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the opening of the station.It was abolished with the start of terrestrial digital test broadcasting.

  • Opening-BGM is the suite "Pale GyntFrom "morning".The content of the video is the morning in Oita prefecture. "JOOI-TV, good morning, TOS TV Oita. Please enjoy the TV Oita program all day long today," announced in a male voice.
  • Closing-BGM says "The sun has fallen on a distant mountain』Instrument.The content of the video is dusk in Oita prefecture (Bungo Futigaura(Saiki City), Aerial view of Oita city). "JOOI-TV, TOS TV Oita. Please enjoy the TV Oita program again tomorrow," announced in a male voice.In addition, for a period of time, good night before the main storyCel pictureWas inserted, but it was abolished at the end of March 2003.
  • In addition, the display of various technical information including relay stations, which had been used since the opening of the station, was abolished from this time.

From the time of opening to March 1995, 3

From the opening to 1995NHKAnd the same affiliated station in the neighboring prefectureTV Kumamotothe same asNational anthem,Sun flagWas broadcasting the video.First, zoom in on the Japanese flag displayed on the hoisting platform, and broadcast aerial shots and landscape images of Oita prefecture.At the end, the Japanese flag was reflected again and zoomed down.After that, at the opening, the channel and output of the Oita master station are displayed with the sea in the background → The iron tower of the head office building (a panoramic view of the company building after the company building is relocated) (the relay station display appears here) → Zoom up to the parabolic antenna (company building) After the move, SNG parabola) → "TOS JOOI-TV TV Oita" will appear with the sunrise in the background.Also, in closing,Usuki Cliff BuddhaThe channel / output of the Oita master station is displayed with the background → The rest is the same as the opening.In both cases, the above announcement was made at the end (note that the opening is a male voice and the closing is a female voice).

* From the opening of the station to around 1985, the same video was shot on film and broadcast, but from around 1985, it was edited by VTR (however, the VTR edited version after the relocation of the company building, such as the hoisting stand of the Nissho flag and the company building). When I remade it, some of it was taken from a slightly different position).Furthermore, since the company building moved from Higashikasuga-cho to Kasugaura in 1990, the images of the company building have been replaced.Also, in the film shooting version, the relay station display displayed the call sign with the Asahi in the background, then surrounded "Oita 36ch" in a square and displayed the relay station channels by region so as to surround it. After the transition to VTR, technical information on "Oita Television Broadcasting Station 36 channels video output 10㎾, audio output 2.5㎾" → After that, 8 major regional relay stations (channels of all relay stations in the Higashi Kasugacho era) will be displayed. rice field.In the ending, "outside 60 stations" is added to this.
* Details of the opening at the time of opening are unknown, but the sunrise came from the steel tower of the head office at that time.[18].

After the broadcast endsStoppageAnd a few minutes before the start of the broadcastColor barIs being sent.By the way, I used to use a monoscope during analog broadcasting, but rarely I used a still image of Tosky.Test patternWas also used. As of 2022, the start time is 4:15 am on weekdays (Monday to Friday), 4:19 am on Saturdays, and 4:35 am on Sundays.Broadcast end time is mainly from the latter half of 26:27 to the first half of XNUMX:XNUMX.

Network transition

  • December 1969, 12-Nippon TV, Fuji TV, NET TV (currentlyTV Asahi) Service broadcasting started as a triple net station.Broadcast time is from evening to night "11PM"Until.New Year's third is broadcast all day.Initially, service broadcasting was promoted with the organization centered on Fuji TV.
  • April 1970, 4-Opened.There is a review of the organization, and the 1:19 level from Monday to Saturday will change from Fuji TV to NTV / TV Asahi, and the prime time will be centered on NTV.The program has shifted from Oita Broadcasting, but with the intention of the sponsor, mainly provided by one companyOita BroadcastingSome programs remained in (OBS).Everything was shared except for news programs.
    • News Network NNN / FNN /ANNJoined.Joined the program supply network FNS.
  • 1972/May 6 --Launched on this dayNNSJoin.
  • 1975/ - Eliminate intestinal torsionAs a result, ANN affiliated stations in KansaiEvery day broadcastingからAsahi Broadcasting TVDue to the change to, the Mainichi Broadcasting System production part of the national net program from Kansai has been transferred to Oita Broadcasting System and disappeared, and a part of the Asahi Broadcasting Television production part has been transferred.
  • 1986/April --Wednesday late 4:19 --The program at 21:XNUMX is changed from NTV to TV Asahi.
  • 1993/May 10 --Withdrawal from ANN due to the opening of Oita Asahi Broadcasting, which is affiliated with TV Asahi, and the TV Asahi (EX) program disappears.Along with that, the programming has been significantly changed, including broadcasting slots other than TV Asahi.Currently, it is a cross-net station with the Nippon TV series and Fuji TV series, but the programs that are out of the organization are broadcast by Oita Broadcasting System.
    • Weekdays 11 o'clock late 13 o'clock --13 o'clock --TV Asahi → Fuji TV (However, the first half of XNUMX o'clock frame is a separate program)
    • Monday 19:XNUMX --TV Asahi → NTV
    • Mondays 21:22 and XNUMX:XNUMX --Fuji TV → NTV
    • Tuesday 22:XNUMX --Nippon TV → Fuji TV
    • Wednesday 19:21 --XNUMX:XNUMX --TV Asahi → NTV
    • Wednesday 22:XNUMX- Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.→ NTV
    • Thursdays 19:20 and XNUMX:XNUMX --Nippon TV → Fuji TV
    • Thursday 21:XNUMX --TV Asahi → Fuji TV
    • Fridays 19:20 and 19:XNUMX --Nippon TV → Fuji TV (However, in the first half of XNUMX:XNUMX, "Tamori OfVocabulary heaven』Broadcast one year behind, then"Use of oysters in downtown”, Etc., although the programs are replaced every reorganization period, go to the net at the same time as Fuji TV)
    • Saturdays 21:22 and XNUMX:XNUMX --TV Asahi → Fuji TV
  • After that, diligent organization:
    • 1996/April-Tuesday 4:22 Fuji TV frame (Kansai TV production) "SMAP x SMAPWith the start of (Timeshift net in TV Oita)Drama framechange to[Note 6]..As a result, TV Oita will be open at 22:XNUMX on weekdays.2004/In March, NTV affiliateDrama frame at 22:XNUMX on MondayUntil (Yomiuri TV production) was abolished, all were drama frames[Note 7].
    • 1997/May 4 --The NTV frame at 21:XNUMX on Monday is "Saturday dramaFrom the delay net of ""Frontier of Super TV Information』Changed to the simultaneous net.
    • 1999/May 4 --The local organization frame (Nippon TV frame) in the latter half of 22:XNUMX on Sunday has been changed to the NTV simultaneous net.
    • 1999/May 10 --Friday 19:19 Fuji TV frame switches from simultaneous net to delayed net (In the era when 30:2 was XNUMX minutes frame x XNUMX frames, the first half was often a delayed net).
    • 2000/May 4 --Fuji TV14:15-Wide show at XNUMX:XNUMXWas abolished, and the first half of the 13:14 frame "Gokigenyo", which was transferred from Oita Broadcasting, was changed to the simultaneous net, and the program at 14:05 (XNUMX:XNUMX-) was changed to the delayed net such as Fuji TV.[Note 8].
    • January 2004, 10-``Zoom in!! SUPERWas shortened to 8:00, so "Tokudane!』Changed from 8:30 jumping to full net.
    • 2006/May 10 --Saturday 21:23 --Simultaneous online broadcasting in the first half of XNUMX:XNUMX will switch from the Fuji TV series to the Nippon TV series.
    • 2009/April-Monday / Wednesday 4:19 NTV frame switched from simultaneous net to delayed net ・ Friday 19:23 local organization frame (Fuji TV frame) changed from delayed net to simultaneous net.In addition, the local organization frame (Fuji TV frame) in the first half of XNUMX:XNUMX on Sunday was changed to the simultaneous net of NTV.Furthermore, strangely, the simultaneous online program produced by Yomiuri TV in prime time disappeared.[Note 9].
    • 2011/October-Monday / Wednesday 10:19 NTV frame is delayed and switched from net to simultaneous net.
    • October 2021 --Tuesday 10:21 Fuji TV frame (Kansai TV production) is a variety frame from the drama frame "Japan"change to[Note 10].

Network breakdown

  • As for the breakdown of the programs broadcast in one week, the NTV series slightly exceeds the Fuji TV series.
    • The number of Nippon TV series is higher than that of Fuji TV series in simultaneous programs by cable transmission, and conversely, the number of Fuji TV series is higher than that of Fuji TV series in VTR broadcast programs.
    • However, at present, the difference in total broadcasting time between the NTV series and the Fuji TV series is small, and there are many cases where the difference is reversed depending on the week.
    • Since both affiliates do not participate in the NNS / FNS business agreement, there are programs that are not covered by the net guarantee (simultaneous or staggered sponsored net) only at the head office, and are non-net or delayed nets treated as sales.
    • Until September 1993, before the opening of Oita Asahi Broadcasting (OAB), it was a member of the TV Asahi series, so the program ratio was Nippon TV series> TV Asahi series> Fuji TV series. In the 9s, the order was generally Nippon TV series> Fuji TV series> TV Asahi series, but there was no big difference in the program production ratio among the three series.
    • By the way, the programming at the time of prime time is as follows.

Prime time programming

  • ★ → Timeshift net



  • Most announcers are staffed on in-house produced programs (because they are not hired as an announcer profession)[19].

During employment

Former announcer


  • Kishio Shibata
  • Kohei Tsuji (currently Production Department)
  • Yasuji Iwao(Currently Managing Director, Director of Broadcasting Technology Bureau)
  • Makoto Okamoto
  • Shinji Uchida (retired in 2008, then OABNational High School Baseball Championship Oita Tournament TV BroadcastIn charge of the actual situation)
  • Masayuki Sonoda (1988-2003, current reporter of the same station)
  • Hiroki Abe
  • Kentaro Hiramatsu
  • Tetsuro Tomoda
  • Kenta Kudo(1997-2009, current Osaka branch office of the same station)
  • Masakazu Sato(Currently belonging to the news department of the same station)
  • Takayuki Kudo (2003-Unknown, current reporter of the same station)
  • Ryohei Yufu
  • (2019-2021)


  • Hatakeyama Norie
  • Miyuki Kaneda
  • Ikuko Yoshimoto (1995)[20] -, Former Fukuoka Broadcasting Contract Announcer)
  • Akiko Masu
  • Yasuko Saki
  • Sachiko Sugimura (1998-2001)
  • Masako Nozaki
  • Mayumi Zaizen (Bicycle racer OfToshiyuki OnoMrs)
  • Yoko Kanai (1993-2003, current reporter of the same station)
  • Tomoko Adachi
  • Yoko Noma(2001-2006)
  • Mayumi Sonoda
  • Satoko Hashimoto
  • Hisae Hirabayashi (1992)[20] -)
  • Mayumi Imaizumi
  • Masako Takayama (1991)[20] -)
  • Mayumi Teshiba
  • Ryoko Kaoru
  • Miku Suga(2003-2012)
  • Akiyo Sato
  • Ikue Inoshita(2012-2016, concurrently serving as a news reporter) --As a contract announcer from 2016TV OsakaAfter enrolling in, from April 2018, ``Hello Oita』Regular appearance.
  • (2017-2021, current RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Announcer)[Annotation 5]
  • (2019-2021)


  • 2020/May 6At around 11:40 pm, a man who was the deputy director of the news department of the company drank alcohol at home and was accused of trespassing on the premises of a man who was a local government employee in Oita City.Oita Prefectural PoliceOita East Police StationWas arrested for the current offense.It is said that he admits the suspicion to the investigation.The company's general affairs department announced a comment saying, "It is regrettable that an employee working for the news media was arrested on such charges. We will deal with it rigorously."[21].

Related company

  • TOS Enterprise --Advertising agency, video production production, video software production, sales, etc.BeforeJ LeagueI was in charge of producing the Oita Trinita home game broadcast (currently Tosupuro is in charge).
  • Tospro --Video production / technical production. In addition to broadcasting TOS's own programs and producing corner videos,J League Co., Ltd.From Oita Trinita Home GameJ League official match video(DAZN(Broadcast) Entrusted production,BS11We are engaged in video coverage of each station outside the same series and production of various videos and commercials.
  • TOS Housing Messe
  • TOS Carts --The official name is "TOS Car Square Carts".2012/Closed on the last day of March.


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Comments on programming

  1. ^ CurrentlyJNN (TBS TV series) It is a full-net station of.
  2. ^ On the other hand, at the NTV affiliated stations in the Kyushu region, TOS and 1994 opened.Kagoshima Yosuke TV (KYT) has not changed the logo since its opening.
  3. ^ This is Okinawa prefecture (Okinawa TV (OTV)) is also applicable.
  4. ^ At this tournament, "43 private broadcasters"The name of the production committeeAlso serves as.
  5. ^ At TOS, around midnight when the regular analog broadcasting program ends, NTV's "Shuichi PRESENTS TV 0 years from now on countdown" is also Fuji's "FNS 60-hour TV Mecha x 27 Digit!" Neither of them was online (in TOS, the regular version of "Shuichi" and "Mecha-Mecha" is online).The four affiliated stations in Tokyo that organized their own analog broadcast end specials at that time were with some TV Asahi affiliated stations that were broadcasting the high school baseball regional tournament.Great East Japan EarthquakeTOS was the only one except for commercial TV stations in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures, whose analog termination was postponed due to the influence of.
  6. ^ As a drama frame, it will be the predecessorMonday 22:XNUMXIt was the first time in two and a half years since then that he returned to the internet at the same time.
  7. ^ Monday is "Monday 10 o'clock drama(Yomiuri TV production, Nippon TV series), Tuesday is "Tuesday 10:XNUMX drama(Kansai TV production, Fuji TV series), Wednesday is "Wednesday drama(Nippon TV series), Thursday is "Thursday Theater(Fuji TV series), Friday is a two-hour drama "Friday Entertainment] (Fuji TV series).
  8. ^ Regarding the 14:XNUMX level, "Big todayIt was a reorganization since the tape net organization before the start.The Tuesday portion was changed to a sponsored net at 21:XNUMX on Sunday.
  9. ^ As of October 2021, the simultaneous net program produced by Yomiuri TV at this station is in the midnight frame.Mokudora F"Only.
  10. ^ At the same time, the drama frame was moved to the 22:1996 frame on Monday (substantial frame exchange), and the simultaneous net was changed to a delayed net on Tuesday midnight.As a result, it was the first time in 3 and a half years since March 25 that the drama frame produced by Kansai TV was no longer online at the same time.
  11. ^ Fuji at that timeRed white panel match] Is OBS and simultaneous net.
  12. ^ Fuji at that timeSpy Operation] Is OBS and a time shift net.
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  20. ^ Until then, the time difference net from 10:00 on Sunday morning.
  21. ^ Kansai TV production ・ The serial drama of 10 o'clock on Monday night is changed to a time shift net.
  22. ^ Until then, the time difference net will be available on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday midnight.

Other notes

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