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😷 | Many companies in Kagawa Prefecture “Future economic downturn” Survey by Hyakujushi Bank Is the re-infection of Omicron stock affected?


A large number of companies in Kagawa Prefecture "the future economy will deteriorate" Survey by the Hyakujushi Bank Is the re-infection of Omicron strains affected?

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The Hyakujushi Bank believes that the outlook for the future has turned negative due to the effects of the re-expansion of infection by the Omicron strain.

According to a questionnaire survey conducted by the Hyakujushi Bank on companies in Kagawa prefecture, the economy will deteriorate for three months from January 2022 ... → Continue reading

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Hyakuju Bank

Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd.(Hyakujushiginkou)KagawaTakamatsuPut the head office inLocal bank.

Abbreviation is the same as the line nameChinese numeralNotationXNUMXとArabic numeralsNotation114However, 114 is more commonly used.Also, the bank name on the Zengin system is "114" instead of "Hiyakuji Yuushi".

Company Overview

National Bank OrdinanceOn the basis of1878/(11th year of Meiji)May 11Established in XNUMXthNational bankIt is one of the few existing number banks in Japan.In addition to Kagawa Prefecture, 12 municipalities in Kagawa Prefecture (Takamatsu,Marugame,Sakaide,Kanonji,Higashikagawa,Sanuki City,Miki Town,Naoshima Town,Utazu Town,Kotohira Town,Manno Town,Tadotsu Town)ofDesignated financial institutionIt consistently exists as the largest bank in Kagawa prefecture.

Based in Kagawa prefecture, where the head office is locatedSetouchi regionIt is a wide-area regional bank that operates in each prefecture, and has 86 stores in Kagawa prefecture.Okayama11 stores,Osaka-Ehime5 stores each,Hyogo4 stores,Tokushima3 stores,Kochi-Hiroshima-Tokyo2 stores each,Aichi-FukuokaThere are 1 stores in 11 prefectures, one each in Japan.[5]..Also, overseasShanghaiとSingaporeWe have a representative office in.

Companies in Kagawa prefectureMain bankHyakujushi Bank has 5,610 companies (composition ratio 45.5%), which is more than double the share of the runner-up Kagawa Bank 2,422 companies (19.6%).[6].


  • 1878/(Meiji11 years)May 11 - XNUMXth National BankEstablishment[7].
  • 1896/(29th year of Meiji)May 8 - Takamatsu BankEstablishment[8].
  • 1898/(31th year of Meiji)May 10 --The XNUMXth National Bank from the National Bank due to maturityOrdinary bankConvert to,Takamatsu Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd.Reorganized into[9].
  • 1900/(33th year of Meiji)May 7 --Takamatsu Hyakujushi Bank merges with Takamatsu Savings Bank[10].
  • 1913/(Taisho2 years)May 2 --Takamatsu Hyakujushi Bank merges with Okawa Bank[11].
  • 1915/(Taisho 4)May 4 --Takamatsu Bank merged with Sanuki Savings Bank[12].
  • 1920/(Taisho 9)May 12 --Takamatsu Hyakujushi Bank merges with Utazu Bank[13].
  • 1921/(Taisho 10)May 6 --Takamatsu Hyakujushi Bank merges with Takamatsu Commercial Bank[14].
  • 1922/(Taisho 11)May 12 --Takamatsu Hyakujushi Bank merges with Tosan Bank[15].
  • 1924/(Taisho 13)May 3 --The Hyakujushi Bank of Takamatsu and the Bank of Takamatsu merged on an equal footing, and a new oneTakamatsu Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd.Is established[16].
  • 1928/(Showa3 years) July 7-Acquired Shodoshima Bank[17].
  • 1934/(9)May 8 --Acquired Alliance Bank[18].
  • 1936/(11)May 2 --Acquired Matsuyama Bank[19].
  • 1941/(16)May 3 --Acquired Tadotsu Bank[20].
  • 1943/(18)May 6 --Acquired Sanuki Savings Bank[21].
  • 1945/(20)
  • 1948/(23)May 6 -Trade nameHyakujushi Bank, Ltd.change to[24].
  • 1966/(41)May 11 --New construction / relocation of the head office to the current location[25].
  • 1972/(47)May 10 --Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo / Osaka Stock Exchange.
  • 1973/(48)
    • May 8 --Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo / Osaka Stock Exchange.
    • May 12 - ATM cash machineIntroduced the first (CD) machine at the main store.
  • 1974/(49)May 9 --Introduced the first out-of-store CD (automated teller machine) at the Mitsukoshi Takamatsu branch.
  • 1975/(50)May 2 --Completion of online system for all stores.
  • 1978/(53)May 11 --Total deposit of 1 billion yen.
  • 1980/(55)May 10 - Automatic teller machineIntroduced the first (ATM) machine at the head office.
  • 1991/(Heisei3 years)May 7 --Relocation of new office center.
  • 1994/(6) January --Started trust business.
  • 1995/(7)May 1 - Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThe Kobe branch, Minatogawa branch, and Ashiya company housing were damaged by the disaster, and two people were killed.
  • 2001/(13)
    • May 1 --KotodenSOGODue to the bankruptcy of the company, the loan amount of 42 million yen to the company may become uncollectible, so the earnings forecast for the fiscal year ending March 6900 has been revised downward.[26].
    • May 3 ――Bankruptcy in the previous yearShikoku Savings Credit UnionReceive the transfer of business[27].
    • May 3 --Due to the bankruptcy of Takamatsu Kokusai Hotel, the loan of 18 million yen to the company may become uncollectible.[28].
  • 2005/(17) November --Opened Shanghai representative office.
  • 2007/(19) May-Regional bank joint system operation.
  • 2008/(20)
  • 2013/(25) July 7-Opening of Singapore Representative Office[29].
  • 2014/(26) June- ShiramotoAnnounced that about 40 billion yen such as loans will be uncollectible or there is a risk of delay due to the bankruptcy of[30][31].

Successive representatives

1Miyamoto Sonomaru1878/May 11 - 1885/May 8
2Fusatsugu Kamada1885/May 8 - 1920/May 10 Died while in office
3Kosaku Inoue1920/May 10 - 1922/May 7Senior Managing Director
4Shintaro Nakamura1922/May 8 - 1933/May 7Senior Managing Director
5Kozo Miyatake1934/May 6 - 1935/May 11Senior Managing Director
6Isaburo Shioda1944/May 2 - 1945/May 10After Shioda, the president is the representative
7Shinzo Satomi1945/May 10 - 1952/May 4Died during his tenure
8Seiji Ayada1952/May 4 - 1975/May 12Current advisor Shusaku Ayata's father
9Haruo Chujo1975/May 12 - 1979/May 12Died May 1995, 5 Year of enjoyment 17
10Hiroshi Mino1979/May 12 - 1989/May 6Died May 1994, 4 Year of enjoyment 8
11Kyosuke Matsumoto1989/May 6 - 1995/May 6Died May 2005, 9 Year of enjoyment 4
12Shusaku Ayata1995/May 6 - 2004/May 6
13Katsuhiko Takezaki2004/May 6 - 2009/May 6
14Tomoki Watanabe2009/May 6 - 2017/May 4
15Yujiro Ayata2017/May 4 -Current position


Head office

  • Location: 5-1, Kamei-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture (Chuo-dori)

Current head office[32]The Hyakujushi Building, which is the main tenant of the company, is owned by Nihonbashi Real Estate (a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyakujushi Bank).Steel reinforced concrete construction, 16 floors above ground, 2 floors below ground, 3 floors of tower, eaves height 54 m (tip 64 m), total floor area 17,485m2The exterior is patina-finished bronze board, and the design isNikken Design, ConstructionTakenaka Corporation.1964/(39) Two years have passed since the construction started in December.1966/(41)May 11Was completed inMay 11Head office function moved from the old head office (currently Takamatsu branch)[25]..Each building consists of two buildings, a high-rise building (main building) and a low-rise building (annex) facing Chuo-dori, and the alley that separates the two buildings is connected by a connecting passage from the third floor.The green outer wall is called the "ivy wall" and1965/Immediately before the completion of the building, with the purpose of "rest and the colors of the four seasons in a city where greenery is disappearing"Masayuki NagareDesigned by.1968/The 9th Award for Outstanding Architectural Works in JapanBCS AwardHas been awarded.Also,Selected by DOCOMOMO JAPAN Architecture of modern movement in JapanHas been selected as one of[33]..This XNUMX building was at the time of constructionWest JapanThe tallest building in 1996Kotoden Kawaramachi BuildingFor 73.0 years until (30m) was completed, it was the tallest building in Takamatsu and a symbol of the city center.On the roofNHK Takamatsu Broadcasting StationInformation camera is installed.

Takamatsu Branch

  • Location: 15-7 Marugamemachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture (Marugamemachi Shopping Street)

There are not many banks nationwide that have branches with the name of the city where the head office is located, but Hyakujushi Bank has a Takamatsu branch in Marugamemachi.This was the main store from its founding until 1966, and when the main store was relocated to its current location, it was designated as the Takamatsu branch.The building is1926/(Taisho 15) Completed in April with a two-story reinforced concrete structure, and then1945/(20)May 7 OfTakamatsu air raidEven though it was damaged by the disaster, it remained unburned,1951/(Showa 26) November-1952/(Showa 27) The 2rd floor and the tower building 3 tsubo have been expanded through February.[34].. Entering the 1990s, the so-called old city (1939/Buildings that survived the war damage in the former Takamatsu city area have disappeared one after another, so they are now valuable.2013/Seismic repairs have been carried out in Japan, and it will continue to be used in the future.This seismic renovation was carried out during the war when the adjacent building was demolished.Camouflage paintingHas been discovered[35].

Tokyo branch

Local bankUnusually owns its own building.1960/Completed in November1995/The renewal was completed in March.Steel-framed reinforced concrete structure, 3 floors above ground and 9 floors below ground.Tokyo MetroNihombashi Station1 minute walk, JRTokyo Station5 minutes walk, NihonbashiTakashimayaIt is located next to.

Affiliated Company

Consolidated subsidiary

  • Nihonbashi Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • XNUMX Business Service Co., Ltd.
  • XNUMX Human Resources Center Co., Ltd.
  • Hyakujushiginko Agency Co., Ltd.
  • Hyakujushi Lease Co., Ltd.
  • XNUMX Comprehensive Guarantee Co., Ltd.
  • XNUMX DC Card Co., Ltd.
  • XNUMX System Service Co., Ltd.
  • Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd. JCB Card Co., Ltd.


Convenience ATM / Internet Banking

2008/May 1Started a tie-up with E-net. From January 2009, 1AEON BankWe have also started a partnership with, and in April 2012Seven BankThe partnership has started.

Shikoku regional banks ATM mutual withdrawal free tie-up

2008/May 11With the Hyakujushi BankAwa Bank(TokushimaTokushima)・Iyo Bank(EhimeMatsuyama City)・Shikoku Bank(KochiKochi) WithTMJStarted mutual withdrawal free tie-up.As a result, if the customers of the four banks use the ATMs of each bank, no fee will be collected for withdrawals during the daytime hours on weekdays.


The rating of Hyakujushi Bank is as of September 2011, 23 (Heisei 9).A / Stable".Rating target is equivalent to long-term preferred debt or long-term preferred debt[36].

Information processing system

Account system

2007/(19)May 5The core system has been updated.The new systemBank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJBased onJoyo Bank-Juroku Bank-Nanto BankAdopt a shared core banking system "Chance" with[37].


  • 2009/May 2AttachedNews agencyThan,OsakaThe bank's Kujo branch office in 2007 has been open since XNUMX.2008/It is suspected that it has caused damage to the bank by lending about 10 billion yen to a real estate company that is unlikely to be collected.Osaka Prefectural Police Company law OfSpecial back officeOn suspicion, all over XNUMX related parties such as this real estate companyHouse searchdid.In response to this incidentShikoku Finance BureauTo the bankBusiness improvement orderTriggered[38].
  • 2018/February-Inappropriate behavior by female employees at a dinner with a business partner set by the bank (sexual harassmentAct) received. In May, a problem was discovered by an internal report. Chairman Tomoki Watanabe and Tokuhisa Ishikawa were there in JuneCorporate Officer・ For the head office sales managerRemunerationとBonus OfReduced disposalDid.afterwards,Outside directorPointed out by a third partyLawyerAs a result of the re-investigation by, it was pointed out that Chairman Watanabe was unable to attend a female employee or stop improper conduct.In response to this, Chairman Watanabe himself offered to resign due to personal reasons, and resigned at the end of October.[39].
  • December 20182019/June-A male employee of the Higashi Osaka branch (6 years old) is a former male employee of the same period (30 years old) (Voluntary retirement17 casesCustomer informationOne of them was 1 million yen by a former male employee father (54 years old).Fraud caseWas used for. 3 peopleUnfair Competition Prevention LawOn suspicion of violationKagawa Prefectural PoliceByArrest..Also, male employees and former male employees are from our bank.SyncHowever, the bank initially announced that it was a "close friend" while grasping it.Male employees2019/On August 10Retirement disposal[40][41][42].
  • In January 2019, a male employee in his 1s was disciplined and dismissed for fraudulently claiming about 2016 yen as entertainment expenses between May 5 and October 2018.[43].
  • On June 2020, 6, the bank announced that it had lost the documents containing customer information at the Kokubunji branch in Takamatsu City on May 23 and 5, 11.[44].


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