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😷 | [New Corona] Kanagawa on the 20th, a record high of 3344 people, females in their 90s died


[New Corona] Kanagawa on the 20th, a record high of 3344 people, females in their 90s died

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The prefecture announced on the 20th that the Prefectural Sports Center (Fujisawa City) will be temporarily closed for the time being.

Four new deaths in Kanagawa Prefecture on the 20th over the new coronavirus infection, and 1 men and women under the age of 10 to 90s ... → Continue reading

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Fujisawa(Fuji Sawasashi) isKanagawa OfShonan areaLocated in the eastCity.Shonan areaIt has the largest population (about 44 people) among them.横 浜 市Touch.


1940/(Showa 15) Municipal system enforcement.Public health centerIs specified in.

Housing/Tourism/Industry/Education city,Landscape administration.Shonan areaLocated at the easternmost point of the country, famous nationwideEnoshima(Enoshima),Katase-Kugenuma-Tsujido coastHaveTourist cityIt also has a personality as.

Shonan coastPeople seeking a warm and mild climate insurfingな どMarine SportsThe population has continued to increase since before World War II due to enthusiasts and other people seeking good natural, residential and educational environments.

population TheShonan areaThe maximum number is about 44.Tokyo-Yokohama OfBed townHas a strong nature asJR, Private railway (Odakyu-Sotetsu-Enoden),subway(Yokohama Municipal Subway),monorail(Shonan Monorail) Station exists and is relatively convenient.For this reason,Shonan areaCompared to other cities, the population ratio in areas far from the coast is also high.

Edo PeriodToKamakura Buddhismone ofTokimuneIt is the main mountainJyoji Temple(Yugoji)Monzen-choAs,TokaidoThe sixth ofPost town-Fujisawa Inn,AlsoEnoshimaIt prospered as a foothold of a pilgrimage, its appearanceHiroshige Utagawa OfFifty-three Stations of the TokaidoIt is also drawn in.

Meiji Era-Second World WarDuring this period, the climate is mild, so Kugenuma and Katase districts in the south are Japan's first plans from the middle of the Meiji eraVilla areaWas developed asTaishoAfter the period,royal,政治家, Manyscholar,Cultural personHave settled in, so it is a villa area, a resort area,Summer resortDeveloped asRyunosuke Ayukawa,Warrior alley,Kiryu KishidaIt became a place of creative activities for many cultural people.

During World War II, as a radar engineer training for ships and ground bases,Navy Densetsu SchoolWas opened in the city. In addition, we will carry out training training on aviation radio wave and optical weapon maintenance.Fujisawa Navy Air CorpsWas opened, and Sora Fujisawa and Denso School were sought to collaborate.

After World War IITokyo OfBed townAs the population progresses and the population increases rapidly, JR (Tokaido Main Line,Shonan Shinjuku Line,Ueno Tokyo Line), Odakyu (Enoshima Line), three railways of Enoden gatherFujisawa StationCommercial facilities are concentrated mainly in. Also,Keio University(Shonan Fujisawa Campus(SFC)),Shonan Institute of Technology(Shonan Campus),Tama University(Shonan Campus),Nihon University(Shonan Campus) Is also a city of education. Citizens' voluntary cultural activities are also active,1951/(Showa 26)Fujisawa City ExhibitionWas launched,1973/(Showa 48) The first nationwide opera "Fujisawa citizen operaWas held and continues to this day. further1992/The Fujisawa Opera Competition also started in (4) and is now positioned as the gateway to young opera singers. On the other hand, in the cityMuseum-MuseumAlthough there is no facility that calls itself, as a collection exhibition facility1974/(Showa 49)Fujisawa City Archives(First in Japan at the municipal level)Shonandai Cultural CenterChildren's Center, 2016 (Heisei28 years)Fujisawa Ukiyo-e MuseumThere is a prefectural transportation exhibition hall (Tsujido Seaside ParkInside), privateIsuzu PlazaIs mentioned.

Located in the southern part of the cityKugenuma coastIs older thanBeachWas opened and nowKatase Nishihama, Kugenuma beachKnown as Japan's number one beach with over 300 million visitors annually, surfing in Japan (with various opinions),Beach volleyballIt is the birthplace.Katase Higashihama BeachFrom foreigners since the early Meiji eraSea bathingWith the tradition that was done. Also, EnoshimaYoritomo GengenWorshiped by prayerEnoshima BenzaitenIt is a popular place to visit,1964/(Showa 39)Tokyo OlympicsThen.ヨ ッ トSelected as the competition venue (Shonan Port),2020/HeldTokyo OlympicsButSailingThe competition was held.Even now, it attracts about 1,200 million tourists throughout the year, even outside the summer and the first visit to the shrine.ShonanIt is the best tourist destination. The coast of the city (Katase, Kugenuma, Tsujido coast, Enoshima) is sailing, surfing,Board sailing, Marine sports such as beach volleyball,Sea bathing,fishing,Beach combing,New Enoshima AquariumIt is a big marine resort area such asAmerica-FloridaMiami BeachSince it is a sister city to the city,Oriental miami beachIs often called.

The northern part of the city is an area centered on Shonandai.Shonandai StationIs Odakyu (Enoshima Line), Sotetsu (Izumino Line), Yokohama Municipal Subway, a total of XNUMX lines are connected, and because of its convenience, it can also be used as a transfer station.Keio University Shonan Fujisawa CampusIt is developing as a gateway to (SFC).again,Isuzu MotorsThere are large-scale manufacturing factories and related factories.By the way, Fujisawa's industry is the third largest in Kanagawa prefecture after Yokohama and Kawasaki in terms of shipment value of manufactured goods.[1].

On the other hand, it had advanced along the southern JR Tokaido Line.Kanto Special Steel,Takeda Pharmaceutical(2006/(18) March) and so on. Therefore, the revitalization policy as an industrial/industrial city is aggressively implemented, and the Kanto special steelmaking site isTsujido StationDevelop by making use of the location conditions called beforeShonan CXStarted promotion measures such as projects, and the site of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company's own factory was in April 2018.Shonan Health Innovation Park It became (Shonan Eye Park).also,2009/Withdrawal has been completed by (21)Tsujido Motomachi OfPanasonicAt the site of the related factory,Solar powerAnd for homeStorage batteryCreate a new town with large-scale deployment ofFujisawa Sustainable Smart Town(Fujisawa SST) concept" was announced,2014/The town opened (partly completed) in 26.


Located in the central south of Kanagawa prefecture,Sagami BayFacing. South of the old TokaidoShonanThe coastal plain called the dune areaSagamino PlateauAnd the Koza hillsSakaigawaandHikiji RiverThe undulations from are not great. SoutheastMt Kataseと 呼 ば れ るMiura HillsBecame the westernmost part ofEnoshimaBecomes Enoshima is the southernmost part of the city.

TsujidoClimate (1992-2010)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F18.6
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F10.8
Average daily temperature ° C (° F6.1
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F1.6
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−3.5
Precipitation amount mm (inch)66.4
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)6.65.910.79.811.512.210.56.610.
Average monthlyDaylight hours178.3169.4168.8175.9170.4126.9167.9208.7144.2140.5147.9174.41,974.7
Source 1:Japanese Meteorological Agency
Source 2:Value of 1st to 10th in observation history (value throughout the year)

Adjacent local governments


Fujisawa-juku Okubo-cho, Fujisawa-juku Sakado-cho, Kugenuma-mura, Inari-mura, Oiwa-mura, Hatori-mura, Tsujido-mura, Shimotsutana-mura, Kameno-mura, Engyo-mura, Ishikawa-mura, Imada-mura, Nishimata-no-mura, Hitoshi-mura, Shigo-mura, Miyahara Village, Yoda Village, Kuzuhara Village, Irisawa Village, Chogo Village, Nanatsuki Village, Senzoku Village, Endo Village
Kamakura District
Fujisawa-juku Ozawa-machi, Fujisawa-juku Nishitomi-cho, Karasawa-mura, Maitreya-mura, Watanauchi-mura, Takaya-mura, Kozuka-mura, Miyamae-mura,Kawana Village, Katase Village, Enoshima
Fujisawa Osaka Town ← Fujisawa Osaka Town
Kugenuma Village ← Kugenuma Village
Meiji village ← Hatori Village, Obiwa Village, Tsujido Village, Inari Village
Rokukaimura ← Engyo Village, Kamei Nomura, Shimochitana Village, Nishimata Nomura, Imada Village, Ishikawa Village
Gosemi Village ← Umeda Village, Kuzuhara Village, Irisawa Village, Shigo Village, Hitoshi Village, Miyahara Village
  • Chogo Village and Takakura Village together with Fukuda Village, Kamiwada Village and Shimowada VillageShibuya VillageBe part of.
  • Endo Village together with Tsutsumi Village, Gyotani Village, Shimoterao Village and Serizawa VillageKoidemuraBe part of.
Kamakura District
Fujisawa Otomi Town ← Fujisawa Station Osamachi, Fujisawa Station Nishitomicho
Muraoka ← Maitreya Village, Kozuka Village, Miyamae Village, Takaya Village, Watanai Village, Esawa Village, Kawana Village
Kawaguchi ← Katase Village/Enoshima
  • 1937/(Showa 12)-Tokyo brewing (closed business), manufactured at a factory in FujisawawhiskyLaunched[5].
  • 1940/(15)May 10 -Fujisawa town enforced municipal systemFujisawaWas launched. The population is about 3. On the dayIseyamaCelebrated the enforcement of the municipal system. Negotiations with Katase-cho and Muraoka-mura were conducted, and there were new city names such as "Fujisawa City", "Fujisawa Enoshima City", and "Shonan City", but the result was that the new city name of "Fujisawa City" was enforced as a single city system. became[6].
  • 1941/(16)May 6 -Transfer Muraoka Village[7].
  • 1942/(17)
  • 1944/(19)
  • 1945/(20)
Starting on February 2, air raids by US military aircraft sporadically begin (Fujisawa air raid reference). 21 dead until the end of the war in Fujisawa City[10].
  • May 5--24 US ArmyB-29An incendiary attack by a bomber damaged a private house in the city.
  • July 7-Air raid by US Navy aircraft near Tsujido. Five people died.


The population is the fourth largest in the prefecture (about 4 people) after the cities of Yokohama, Kawasaki, and Sagamihara, which are ordinance-designated cities in Kanagawa prefecture.44 in cities across the countryPlace(As of January 2022, 1Legal population).

The population is on the rise due to the migration of people who like the sea and Enoshima, as well as the migration due to the start of telework and wormcation.

Population distribution of Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan.svg
Fujisawa City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Fujisawa City's Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Fujisawa City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Town name

In some areas in Fujisawa CityAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented. The underlined town names are all of them before the display of the address, and all other parts are part of them.

In the jurisdiction of Fujisawa City Hall (52-cho)
Katase district(16 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Katase XNUMX-chomeLet it go1966/10/11966/10/1Oita Katase Odaita/Miyabata
Katase XNUMX-chome1966/10/11966/10/1Large-sized Katase character New mansion, character Miyahata, character Nishihara, character Nanai, character Tateishi, character whale bone, character Akayama
Katase Sanchome1966/10/11966/10/1Large-scale Katase character Whale bone, character Akayama, character Tongaya, character lower valley, character lower mouth
Katase XNUMX-chome1966/10/11966/10/1Large Katata character ShimotanoyaWest
Katase XNUMX-chome1966/10/11966/10/1Large character Katase character Nishihara, character new mansion
Katase Kaigan XNUMX-chomeCancer1966/10/11966/10/1Large character KataseHigashihama・Shimonotani
Katase Kaigan XNUMX-chome1965/10/11965/10/1Large Katase Nishihama
Katase Kaigan Sanchome1965/10/11965/10/1Large Katase Nishihama
Kataseyama XNUMX-chomeKataseyama1973/10/11973/10/1Large character Kataseyama character Miyahata, character Kitanoya, character Tateishi
Kataseyama XNUMX-chome1973/10/11973/10/1Large character Katase character Kitanoya, character Nanai, character Tateishi
Kataseyama XNUMX-chome1973/10/11973/10/1Large character Katase character Kitanoya, character Tateishi, character Daimaru, character Takugaya
Kataseyama XNUMX-chome1973/10/11973/10/1Large character Katase character Tateishi, character Nanai, character Akayama, character Tongaya
Kataseyama XNUMX-chome1973/10/11973/10/1Large character Katase character Tateishi, character Nanai, character Akayama
Katasemejiro Yama1973/10/11973/10/1Large character Katase character Tongegaya, character Akayama
Enoshima XNUMX-chomeEnoshima1966/10/11966/10/1Large Enoshima character Nishimachi, character Sudamachi,Higashi Town
Enoshima XNUMX-chome1966/10/11966/10/1Large Enoshima character Nishimachi, character Sudamachi
Kugenuma area(16 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Minami Fujisawa1982/8/291982/8/29Large Kugenuma character Okuda/Higashihanadachi, Large Fujisawa character Daido Higashi/Character Toyokosuka
Kugenu Mahigashi1982/8/291982/8/29Large Kugenuma character Okuda, Togami, large Fujisawa Daido Higashi
Kugenuma Kaigan XNUMX-chomeKugenu Makai Cancer1964/8/11964/8/1Large-scale Kugenuma character Shimofujigaya, character Shimooka, character sardine
Kugenuma Kaigan XNUMX-chome1964/8/11964/8/1Large Kugenuma character Nakaoka, character Shimooka, character lower sardine, character upper sardine
Kugenuma Kaigan Sanchome1964/8/11964/8/1Large Kugenuma character Upper sardine, character Nakaoka, lower character sardine
Kugenuma Kaigan XNUMX-chome1964/8/11964/8/1Large-scale Kugenuma character Upper sardine, character Takane
1967/10/1Large KugenumaCharacter Takane21st block
Kugenuma Beach XNUMX-chome1965/10/11965/10/1Large-scale Kugenuma character Upper sardine, character Takane
Kugenuma Kaigan XNUMX-chome1965/10/11965/10/1Large KugenumaFigure eight・Character Fujiwara
Kugenuma Kaigan XNUMX-chome1965/10/11965/10/1Large Kugenuma character Yanagihara, character Nakaoka, character lower sardine
Kukunu Mama Tsuka1964/8/11964/8/1Large-scale Kugenuma character Shimofujiya
1964/8/11964/8/1Large-scale Kugenuma character Shimofujigaya, character Kamifujigaya, character Shimooka
1964/8/11964/8/1Large-scale Kugenuma character Upper Fujigaya, character Shimooka
1964/8/11964/8/1Large Kugenuma character Shimooka, character Nakaoka
1964/8/11964/8/1Large Kugenuma character Nakaoka, character Yanagihara
Kugenu Sakura1965/1/11965/1/1Large Kugenuma character Kawabukuro, character Tojo, character Sakurakoji
1965/1/11965/1/1Large-scale Kugenuma character Kamioka, character Kamifujigaya
1965/1/11965/1/1Large Kugenuma Kamioka/Nakaoka/Yanagihara
1965/1/11965/1/1Large Kugenuma character Horinami, character Tohara, character Kawabukuro
Kugenuma Fujiya1965/1/11965/1/1Large Kugenuma character Nakatogaya, character Kamitogaya, large character Katase character large genta
1965/1/11965/1/1Large Kugenuma character Nakatogaya, character Shimofujigaya
1965/1/11965/1/1Large-scale Kugenuma character Shimotogaya, character Kamifujigaya
1965/1/11965/1/1Large-scale Kugenuma character Kamifujigaya, character Nakatogaya, character Sakurakoji, character Kawabukuro
Hongenuma1965/10/11965/10/1Large Kugenuma character Higashihanadachi, character Hanadate, character Higashihara, character Nakai
1965/10/11965/10/1Large Kugenuma character Nakai, character original, character Horinami
1965/10/11965/10/1Large Kugenuma character, character Yanagihara
1965/10/11965/10/1Large Kugenuma character Fujiwara, character lower swamp, character Nakai
1965/10/11965/10/1Large Kugenuma character Hanatate, character Nakai, character Minamimiyakoshi, character lower swamp
Kugenuma1982/8/291982/8/29Large Kugenuma character Higashihanadachi, large Fujisawa character Toyokosuka, character Nakayokosuka
Kugenuma Tachibana1982/8/291982/8/29Large Kugenuma character Okuda, character Higashihanadachi, character Togami
1982/8/291982/8/29Large Kugenuma character HigashihanadachiCharacter kawabukuro-Tohara
Kugenu Maigami1982/8/291982/8/29Large Kugenuma character Togami/Okuda, Large Fujisawa Daido Higashi
1982/8/291982/8/29Large Kugenuma character
1982/8/291982/8/29Large Kugenuma character
KataseLet it go1947/4/1Not implemented
KugenumaA part of[† 1]Kugenuma1940/10/1Not implemented
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Tsujido XNUMX-chomeTsujido1999/7/181999/7/18Large Tsujido character Kumanomori, character Sakaida
Tsujido XNUMX-chome1999/7/181999/7/18Large Tsujido character Kumanomori, character Sakaida
Tsujido Sanchome1999/7/181999/7/18Large Tsujido character sandbox, Kuneshita
Tsujido XNUMX-chome1999/7/181999/7/18Large Tsujido character sandbox, Kuneshita
Tsujido XNUMX-chome1999/7/181999/7/18Large Tsujido character Takasago/Yairata/Exit-Large size bevel
Tsujido XNUMX-chome1999/7/181999/7/18Large Tsujido character sandbox, character Kuneshita, character Takasago, character YahirataKanji
Tsujido Motomachi XNUMX-chomeTsujido Motomachi1967/10/11967/10/1Large Tsujido character Kumanomori, character Tsuchi
Tsujido Motomachi XNUMX-chome1967/10/11967/10/1Large Tsujido character Tsuchi, character after mountain, character pond, character Arakyu, character Takayama, character Ichitsubo
Tsujido Motomachi XNUMX-chome1967/10/11967/10/1Large Tsujido character Kumanomori, character rear mountain, character Ichinotsubo, character exit, character Kuneshita
Tsujido Motomachi XNUMX-chome1967/10/11967/10/1Daiji Tsujido Exit, Ichinotsubo, Kyodo
Tsujido Motomachi XNUMX-chome1967/10/11967/10/1Otsuji Tsujido Ichinotsubo, Odairakyu, Ocho Nagakubo, Odo
Tsujido Motomachi XNUMX-chome1967/10/11967/10/1Large Tsujido character Takayama, large character Arakyu, Ino-Oh, character Nagakubo
Tsujido Taiheidai XNUMX-chomeTsujidaidai1967/10/11967/10/1Large Tsujido character hall surface
Tsujido Taiheidai XNUMX-chome1967/10/11967/10/1Large character Tsujido character Nagakubo, character hall, character flat stand
Tsujido East Coast XNUMX-chomeLong-term cancer1967/10/11967/10/1Large Tsujido character Taiheidai, character exit, character Hamamiyama,Jiyoung
Tsujido East Coast XNUMX-chome1967/10/11967/10/1Oji Tsujido character Hamamiyama, character Jizo bag
Tsujido East Coast XNUMX-chome1967/10/11967/10/1Oji Tsujido character Hamamiyama, character Jizo bag
Tsujido East Coast XNUMX-chome1967/10/11967/10/1Oji Tsujido character Hamamiyama, character Jizo bag
Tsujido West Coast XNUMX-chomeCancer1967/10/11967/10/1Large Tsujido Exit, Large Bevel, Character Yahirata, Character Sunyama, Character Hamami
Tsujido West Coast XNUMX-chome1967/10/11967/10/1Large Tsujido character Kankyu, character Takasago, character Yahirata, character Sunayama
Tsujido West Coast XNUMX-chome1967/10/11967/10/1Large Tsujido character Kankyu, character sand mountain, character large bevel, character Hamamiyama
Muraoka area (22 streets)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Maitreya TempleA lottery1941/6/1Not implemented
Mirokuji XNUMX-chomeA lottery1977/3/11977/3/1Large-scale large sawtooth character Shimokawachi, large-scale Kozuka character Shimokawachi, large-scale Maitreya Temple front Kawachi, character Maitreya Valley
Mirokuji XNUMX-chome1977/3/11977/3/1Large Kozuka Shimokawachi, Large Maitreya Temple Maitreya
Mirokuji XNUMX-chome1977/3/11977/3/1Daito Watanauchi Shimokawachi, Omiya Miyamae Shimokawachi, Tsurumaki
Mirokuji XNUMX-chome1977/3/11977/3/1Oji Kozuka Shimokawachi, Oita Mirokuji Okunoshita, Oto Watanaji Ota, Otokayama Otsukayama
Miyamae1941/6/1Not implemented
Kotsuka1941/6/1Not implemented
Takaya1941/6/1Not implemented
TakayaTakaya1992/11/81992/11/8Otaku Takatani Tenten House, Oto Watanaji Tentake HouseTsurumaki, Muraoka East 2, Muraoka East 3
Watauchi1941/6/1Not implemented
Watauchi1992/11/81992/11/8Otaka Takatani Tenten House, Oto Watanaji Tentake House, Muraoka Higashi 3
1992/11/81992/11/8Large-scale Watanabe character Tentake-in lower house, character main templeCharacter, Muraoka East 3
1992/11/81992/11/8Large-scale Watanabe character Hon-ji Temple, Large-scale Miyamae character Hon-ji Temple, Muraoka Higashi 3, Muraoka Higashi 4
2006/11/42006/11/4Daito Watanaji Honji-ji, Oji EzawaCharacter book, Oaza Kozuka Honji Temple, Omiya MiyamaeCharacter book
2018/11/17[Village 1]2018/11/17Large-capacity Watanabe, Large-capital Ezawa, Large-capital Kozuka
Karasawa1941/6/1Not implemented
Karasawa2018/11/17[Village 1]2018/11/17Large print
2018/11/17[Village 1]2018/11/17Large print
Namikidai2018/11/17[Village 1]2018/11/17Large-capacity Watanabe, Large-capital Ezawa, Large-capital Kozuka
2018/11/17[Village 1]2018/11/17Large print
Muraoka Higashi1976/10/13[Village 2]Not implemented[† 2]
1976/10/13[Village 2][Village 3]Not implemented[† 2]
1976/10/13[Village 2]Not implemented[† 2]
1976/10/13[Village 2]Not implemented[† 2]
KawanaKawana1941/6/1Not implemented
Kawana XNUMX-chomeKawana1966/10/11966/10/1Large-scale river name market, literal street, character Moriku, character field, large-scale Maitreya character Maekochi, large-scale Takaya character Maekawachi, large-sized Kozuka character Mae-Kawachi
Kawana XNUMX-chome1966/10/11966/10/1Ojikawa Meiji Hara
Fujisawa district (27 streets)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Asahi TownAsahi1960/3/26Not implemented
FujisawaA part of(South)Fujisawa1940/10/1Not implemented
Fujisawa XNUMX-chomeFujisawa1969/10/11969/10/1Oji Fujisawa Daido Higashi, Higashiyokosuka, Gotenbe, Naka Nakasuka
Fujisawa XNUMX-chome1969/10/11969/10/1Large Fujisawa character Nakayokosuka, character Nishi Yokosuka, character Gotenbe, character white flag
Fujisawa XNUMX-chome1969/10/11969/10/1Large Fujisawa Nishikosuka, Kazehaya, Hananoki, White Flag
Fujisawa XNUMX-chome1969/10/11969/10/1Large Fujisawa Nishiyokosuka/Kazehaya/Ishizaka, Large Kugenuma
Fujisawa XNUMX-chome1969/10/11969/10/1Large Fujisawa character Ishinazaka, large Inari character Hikiji side, large Kugenuma character Hikiji
Really1966/10/11966/10/1Oji Fujisawa Toyokosuka/Naka Yokosuka
1966/10/11966/10/1Large Fujisawa Naka-Yokosuka, Nishi-Yokosuka, Kugenuma Hanatachi, Yokosuka
1966/10/11966/10/1Large Fujisawa Nakayokosuka/Nishi Yokosuka, Large Kugenuma Yokosuka/Hikichi Uchida, Large KugenumaCharacter Nagatsuka
1966/10/11966/10/1Large Fujisawa character Nakayokosuka, character Nishi Yokosuka
KugenumaA part ofKugenuma1940/10/1Not implemented
Kugenu Shinmei1965/10/11965/10/1Large Kugenuma character Hanatate, character Yokosuka, character Minamimiyakoshi
1965/10/11965/10/1Large Kugenuma character Minamimiyakoshi, character Nagatsuka, character Nakai
1965/10/11965/10/1Large KugenumaNishimiyagoshi
1965/10/11965/10/1Large Kugenuma Hikichi Uchida
1965/10/11965/10/1Large-scale Kugenuma character Nagatsuka, character drawing ground Uchida
Nishitomi1940/10/1Not implemented
Nishitomi1969/10/11969/10/1Daito Nishitomi Nishitomi, Yamatani, Daimon, Komitsu, Takenoshita, Daisaw Daisaw
1969/10/11969/10/1Oishi Nishitomi Kishi/Takenoshita/Oza Nishitomi/Otogi Otokogi/Koshimizu
Daigiri1940/10/1Not implemented
Daigiri1969/10/11969/10/1Large-scale large saw-toothed character, character Kawahara, large-scale Maitreya character Shimokawachi
1969/10/11969/10/1Large and large sawsCharacter ship Kubo・Character saw and character Mizumitsu
1969/10/11969/10/1Daito Nishitomi Daimon/Yamatani, Daizai Zuikou/Tenjindai/Ushizawa
Fujioka1966/3/11969/10/1Fujigaoka 1
1966/3/11969/10/1Fujigaoka 2
1966/3/11969/10/1Fujigaoka 3
Meiji area (16 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Tsujido Kandai XNUMX-chomeHow are you?1968/10/11968/10/1Large character Tsujido character Kumanomori, character Sakaida, character first cod, character dirt, character Tojindai
Tsujido Shindai XNUMX-chome1968/10/11968/10/1Large Tsujido character Nishijindai, character Tojindai, character Tsuchi, large Hatori character Yotsuya
Tsujido Shinmachi XNUMX-chomeTsujido town1968/10/11968/10/1Large Tsujido character Kumanomori, character Tsuchi, large character Hatori character Hagiwara
Tsujido Shinmachi XNUMX-chome1968/10/11968/10/1Oji TsujidoMt., Oji Hatori, Uchikoshi/Jumuta
Tsujido Shinmachi XNUMX-chome1968/10/11968/10/1Large Tsujido character Gull pond, Takayama, Large Hatori character Kumida, Kashiwagi
Tsujido Shinmachi XNUMX-chome1968/10/11968/10/1Oji TsujidoCharacter boar・Char Takayama・Char gal pond
Hatori XNUMX-chomeBird1968/10/11968/10/1Large Hatori, Yotsuya, Hagiwara, Large, Tsujido Tojindai, Tsuchi
Hatori XNUMX-chome1968/10/11968/10/1Large-sized Hatori-shaped Maruyama / Overhanging / Komagata
Hatori Sanchome1968/10/11968/10/1Large Hatori, Maruyama, Komagata, Uchikoshi, Hagiwara, Kumota
Hatori XNUMX-chome1968/10/11968/10/1Large Hatori Character Komagata/Character/Kashiwagi/Character
Hatori XNUMX-chome1968/10/11968/10/1Large Hatori, Hikiji, Kashiwagi, Sumida, Large Tsujido, Gull Pond, Takayama
Jonan XNUMX-chomeWhat1968/10/11968/10/1Large Odaiba Orido, Large Inari Yotsuura, Large Hatori Yotsuya, Large TsujidoMochizuka・Character Seijindai
Jonan XNUMX-chome1968/10/11968/10/1Large Odaiba Orido, Shimonotani, Minamiyama, Oisemiya, Large Inari four-sided
Jonan Sanchome1968/10/11968/10/1Oita Oiwa Oisenomiya, Castle, Jikihiki, Inari Jikihiki Waki, Jikihiki
Jonan XNUMX-chome1968/10/11968/10/1Oji Oiwa Oisenomiya/Hikiji, Oji Inari Hikiji, Otori Hatori Hikiji/Komagata
Jonan XNUMX-chome1968/10/11968/10/1Large Odaiba Orido, Shimonotani, Minamiyama, Oisenomiya, Osamu Inari Yotsuura, Osamu Hatori Maruyama Yotsuya
Good deeds area (34 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
FujisawaA part of(North)Fujisawa1940/10/1Not implemented
Zengyo1967/10/25Not implemented[† 2]
1967/10/25Not implemented[† 2]
1967/10/25Not implemented[† 2]
1989/11/5Not implemented
1989/11/51989/11/5Large Fujisawa, Shiinaya/Kenzuka, Large Kamei, Yamanokami Nishi
1990/11/41990/11/4Large Fujisawa, Shiinaya, Shibusawa, Koshinzuka, Large Kamei, Yamanokami Nishi
1996/10/61996/10/6Large-scale FujisawaGyōshinzuka
1990/11/41990/11/4Large Fujisawa, Shibusawa, Koshinzuka, Goodness, Tateishi, IseyamabeBook entry
Honji Sawa1987/11/81987/11/8Large Fujisawa Ishinamezaka, Hananoki
1987/11/81987/11/8Large Fujisawa Ishinazaka, Ohara, Hananoki
1987/11/81987/11/8Large Fujisawa character Ishinazaka/Ishihara valley
1987/11/81987/11/8Oji Fujisawa Ohara/Karaike/Ishiharadani, Oji Inari Tenjinbara/Ikenobe/Koji Nakago, Odaiba Mochise
1987/11/81987/11/8Large Fujisawa Ishihara Valley
1987/11/81987/11/8Large Fujisawa Ishiharadani, good deeds, book entry
1987/11/81987/11/8Large Fujisawa Ishiharadani, Hananoki
Good deedsZendaidanchi1987/11/81987/11/8Large Fujiwara Nakahara/Char Karaike, Large Ishikawa Karako, Large Ohiwa Kara Pond, InariKaraike
Waiting1988/11/61988/11/6Large Fujisawa Tateishi/Ise Yamabe
1988/11/61988/11/6Large Fujisawa character Tateishi, character Koshinzuka
1988/11/6Not implemented
1988/11/6Not implemented
Flower treeHananoki1989/2/121989/2/12Large-scale FujisawaHananoki・Character entry ・Character flag
Misonodai1989/2/121989/2/12Large Fujisawa character booklet, good character, character Iseyamabe, character white flag
Sickness1989/2/121989/2/12Large-scale FujisawaIshiharadani・Character Karaike・Character Goodness
1989/2/121989/2/12Large Fujisawa Karaike
Shiratata1994/8/141994/8/14Large Fujisawa character White flag
1994/8/141994/8/14Large Fujisawa character White flag, Ise Yamabe
1994/8/141994/8/14Large Fujisawa character White flag, Ise Yamabe
1994/8/141994/8/14Oji Fujisawa Ise Yamabe/Tateishi
Large gardenA part ofAunt1940/10/1Not implemented
Inari1940/10/1Not implemented
Inari1987/11/81987/11/8Large character Inari NakagoCharacter pulling side, Oji Fujisawa Ohara
KamenoA part ofTurtle's1942/3/10Not implemented
NishimataA part ofNishimatano1942/3/10Not implemented
石川A part ofEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1942/3/10Not implemented
Shonan Obiwa District (3cho)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Large gardenA part ofAunt1940/10/1Not implemented
石川A part ofEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1942/3/10Not implemented
(I.e.A part ofEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1955/4/5Not implemented
Rokukai district (machicho)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Engyo XNUMX-chomeEngyo1994/8/141994/8/14
Ishikawa XNUMX-chomeEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1994/8/141994/8/14
Ishikawa XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Ishikawa XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Ishikawa XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Tenjincho XNUMX-chomeTenjincho1994/8/141994/8/14
Tenjincho XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Tenjin Town XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Shonandai district (machicho)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Shonandai XNUMX-chomeI'm sorry1994/8/141994/8/14
Shonandai XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Shonandai XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Shonandai XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Shonandai XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Shonandai XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Shonandai XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Kirihara TownKirihara butterfly1994/8/141994/8/14
Earthen shelfTsuchida1994/8/141994/8/14
Engyo XNUMX-chomeEngyo1994/8/141994/8/14
Engyo XNUMX-chome1994/8/141994/8/14
Endo district (4 streets)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Ishikawa XNUMX-chomeEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1994/9/23[Far 1]Not implemented[† 2]
Ishikawa XNUMX-chome1994/9/23[Far 1]Not implemented[† 2]
石川A part of[Far 2]Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1942/3/10Not implemented
(I.e.A part of[Far 3]Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1955/4/5Not implemented
Nagago district (3 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Butterfly1955/4/5Not implemented
Takakura1955/4/5Not implemented
It's a shimotsuke1942/3/10Not implemented
Goshomi district (6 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
YodaSeems like1955/4/5Not implemented
Kuzuhara1955/4/5Not implemented
Shobusawa1955/4/5Not implemented
Home return1955/4/5Not implemented
Osogo1955/4/5Not implemented
Miyabara1955/4/5Not implemented
  1. ^ Limited to the area on the sword.
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h i Town name lot number arrangement implementation area (except for each part of Muraoka Higashi XNUMX-chome and Muraoka Higashi XNUMX-chome.)
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  2. ^ a b c d Eastern Muraoka Land Readjustment Project The day after the public notice of the land replacement (October 1976, 10) (currently Muraoka Higashi 12-chome and Muraoka Higashi XNUMX-chome part of the area is outside the business area).
  3. ^ Part of the town area includes Muraoka Higashi 2014-chome land readjustment project (Notification of land replacement on October 10, 10).
  1. ^ a b Northern second (one district) land readjustment project The day after the notice of the replacement of the land (September 1994, 9).
  2. ^ Area surrounded by Ishikawa XNUMX-chome, Endo, Irisawa and Kirihara town.
  3. ^ Area north of the Kamenino Nihonmatsu Line on City Planning Road Nos. 3, 4, and 7.


Zip Code
  • 251-00xx,251-08xx(Ooba, good deeds, areas south of Tateishi)- Fujisawa Post OfficeIs in charge of jurisdiction and collection.
  • 252-08xx(Ishikawa/Kameno/North of Nishimata area)- Fujisawa Kita Post OfficeIs in charge of jurisdiction and collection.


Successive mayors

Administrative agency



City council

  • Constant number: 36 people
  • Term: November 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 1st year)-November 2023th, 5 (4th year of Reiwa)
  • Chair: Hajime Kato (Fujisawa Shofukai, 4th term)
  • Vice Chair: Masayoshi Ariga (Democratic/Independent Club, 4th Term)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is representative)
Democratic/Independent Club10◎ Hidenori Yanagida, Yoshiyuki Ando, ​​Eri Kamio, Hidemi Yatsu, Ryutaro Shimizu, Muneya Tomoda, Tohru Oya, Joe Nagai, Masao Takemura, Masayoshi Ariga
Civic club Fujisawa9◎ Kazuki Saga, Seigo Ishii, Satoshi Nishi, Naoto Sakurai, Takashi Kurihara, Yukie Matsunaga, Setsuo Kitahashi, Masaya Yamaguchi, Yusuke Inoue
Fujisawa Shofukai7◎Atsushi Yoshida, Eiko Sugihara, Kazuhiko Amakasu, Hiroshi Sano, Hideaki Sakai, Kentaro Kamimura, Hajime Kato
FujisawaKomeito5◎Kenichiro Matsushita, Kazumi Hirakawa, Hisayo Higashigi, Masato Muto, Masanori Tsukamoto
Japan Communist PartyFujisawa City Council4◎Junji Yanagisawa, Toshinori Tsuchiya, Kotaro Ajimura, Mikio Yamauchi
Active Fujisawa1◎ Ken Harada

Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly (Fujisawa City Election District)

  • Constant number: 5 people
  • Term: April 2019, 31 (Heisei 4)-April 30, 2023 (5 years of Reiwa)
NameParliamentary name
Kazuhiro IchikawaLDPKanagawa Prefectural Assembly
Reiko WakiConstitutional Democratic Party・Citizenship Club Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly
Kunimatsu MakotoLiberal Democratic Party Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly
Yasuyuki MatsunagaPrefectural Government Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly
Hitoshi WatanabeKomeitoKanagawa Prefectural Assembly

House of Representatives

NameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Tomoko AbeConstitutional Democratic Party8Constituency
Takeshi HoshinoLDP4Proportional revival


  • Fujisawa Summary Court


A company with its head office and factory in Fujisawa City

TSEPart 1 listing and its subsidiaries
Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and its subsidiaries
  • Uoki:head office
  • Auzes Techno (originallyFuji OzexHead office/Fujisawa factory)
Companies that had their headquarters or factory in the past
Merchants that existed in the past, etc.
Slaughterhouse that existed in the past
  • FujisawaSlaughterhouse[45] ――According to "Kanagawa Livestock March XNUMX", the slaughterhouse owner is Takatoshi Ojima, who is privately run.[45].


There are fishing ports, pig farms, farms and orchards in the city.

Fishing port

Specialty goods

Shonan Vegetables is a safe, secure, fresh and delicious vegetable brand.It can be purchased at many direct sales offices and supermarkets in the city, mainly in the northwestern part.

Fish and shellfish are provided to consumers through fish markets outside the city, fresh fish wholesalers outside the city, direct sales / morning markets, and restaurants around Enoshima.

There are many orchards in the northeastern part of the city (Shonandai / Chogo area),Direct sales office It is sold through.

Sake brewing

Brewing sake in Fujisawa was abolished in the Middle Ages,[46],TaishoAfter the year, it has an aspect as a liquor producing area.The brewer had Hirano Toemon[44].

1919/Founded in (Taisho 8th year)Dai Nippon Brewery[Annotation 7]Is harvested in the whole areasweet potato,MilletWith the raw materialUmetaro SuzukiInvented bySynthetic sake"BuddingStarted mass production at Fujisawa factory[Annotation 8].. Eventually, synthetic sake, which began to be mass-produced including products of other companies, spread throughout Japan.1961/Yamato brewing was absorbed in Sanraku brewing in (36), and laterGiraffe HDSubsidiaryMercianNext to Japan's largest gross domestic productWineOperating as a manufacturing base[Annotation 9].

Also, in MinamifujisawaOK storeOn the site where the Fujisawa store stands, there was a factory of a sake brewer that used to exist.[5].. "Tommy malt whiskey" manufactured at Fujisawa Distillery is a true malt whiskey in Japan.1929/On saleSuntory"White billNext to1937/Released in (Showa 12)Nikka Whiskey)).

After the war, Tokyo Brewing went bankrupt, but the Fujisawa factoryToyaNextMorinaga BrewingManufacturing continued until closed in the late 1960s[50].

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city
Partner city


sister city
Friendship city




Vocational schools


high school


Junior high school


primary school


Special school


Various schools

  • Sankyo Driving School
  • Fujisawa High School


Radio broadcast

Educational facility


The Fujisawa City Library as a whole is making progressive efforts such as lending recording and video materials, introducing a lending / returning system, and dealing with users with disabilities.[Annotation 10]..However, the facilities of the Minami Municipal Library have been used since the time of the former Central Library and have been significantly deteriorated, and barrier-free facilities are inadequate. ing[56].

  • General Public Library
  • South Citizen's Library (former Central Library, ODAKYU Shonan GATE will be temporarily relocated to the 2019th floor in 6)[57]
  • Tsujido Public Library
  • Shonan Oba Public Library

Exercise facility

Private facilities, abolished facilitiesFujisawa City SportsSee.


Some facilities attached to the park are omitted. Detail is Sports facilities and businesses (Fujisawa City Mirai Creation Foundation) See. In addition, many public halls are equipped with gyms and halls for about 200 people.

  • Akibadai Park
    • Akibadai Cultural Gymnasium -The largest indoor gymnasium in the city. The first gym room with spectators seats 3000, martial arts hall, kyudo hall, etc.
    • -Spectator seat 353 50m pool, flowing pool, indoor 25m pool, etc.
    • -Artificial grass field for soccer and rugby with 1436 seats. There is lighting equipment
  • Chichibunomiya Memorial Gymnasium -The main arena of the auditorium 793, martial arts hall, kyudo hall, etc.
  • Kugenuma Sports Park (Yabe Park)- Yabe Baseball Stadium, Pool, tennis court, etc.
  • Kugenuma Seaside Park - 3mHalf pipeWas addedSkate park
  • Fujisawa-shi Ishizaka heated pool
  • - AthleticCourse etc. Accommodation is possible at the campsite (reservation required)
  • Green square -In Fujisawa City, it is a multipurpose open space that is open to the public by renting private idle land. Scattered in the city, the scale and uses vary. The rules of use are not standardized,GateballIf it is a court, if play equipment is installed and it is indistinguishable from the park,Municipal farmIt may be a site.

Prefectural management


Railway line

Fujisawa's railway lines run from south to eastJRLines, northeast of city areaEnoshima Line(Odakyu) And thenShonan MonorailPasses through the Katase district in the southeastern part of the city.

Fujisawa StationIs the nearest station to administrative facilities such as city halls and is the central station of the city.JRline,Odakyuline,Enoshima Electric RailwayThere is a line service. (Famous as a tourist routeEnodenYou can also transfer to. Enoden started from Fujisawa stationEnoshima StationHead south in the direction ofSagami BayAlong the shoreKamakura StationHead towards the direction. )

Tsujido StationIs a transportation hub in the southwest, and has been at the north exit of the station since the 2000s.Kanto Special SteelFormer siteShonan CXWas redeveloped as

Shonandai StationIt is,Odakyu,Sotetsu,Yokohama Municipal SubwayHas become a transportation node in the north. (At the station1999/ToIzumino Line(Sotetsu) andBlue line(Yokohama Municipal Subway) Since the extension,1998/From about 5 people2018/Tripled to about 18 peopledid. )

East Japan Railway(JR East)
JR JT line symbol.svg
Tokaido Main Line
  • -Fujisawa Station-Tsujido Station-
Odakyu Electric Railway
Enoshima Line
Sagami Railway
Izumino Line
  • -Shonandai Station
Yokohama Municipal Subway
Blue line
  • -Shonandai Station
Enoshima Electric Railway
Left Enoshima Electric Railway Line
Shonan Monorail
Planned route

Transit Bus

A network of multiple operators will be formed around the main stations in the city, and in some areas complement busesShared taxiCan be seen.

In addition, 2005/ToKanagawaFirst of all, "Twin liner(Large articulated bus)" (Shonandai Station West Exit-Keio University) has started operation. this is,1999/ToShonandai StationSotetsu Izumino LineYokohama Municipal SubwaySince the extension, the bus route became a chronic shortage of transportation capacity, and it was introduced to solve this problem.2018/The service also started between Tsujido Station North Exit and Shonan Life Town/Keio University.

(The number of users of Shonandai station was the same as the previous year.1998/From about 5 people2002/Has doubled to about 10.2003/ToMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism,Kanagawa Prefecture,Kanagawa Prefectural Police,Keio UniversityKanagawa Central TransportationAs a result, the "New Public Transportation System Introduction Review Committee" was established,2004/As a new public transportation system, the introduction of the "Twin Liner", which has approximately twice the transport capacity of ordinary buses, was recommended and started operation in 2.[63].. In cooperation with Fujisawa City, etc. along with its transportation capacityPTPS“(Public vehicle priority system*2) is being strengthened. )

Other,Fujisawa Station,Tsujido StationからAirport limousine bus,Express BusArrives and departs.

Refer to the section of each business office for details of the route system, and see the section of each railway station bus line for details of the station platform.

Local proposal type bus

A system in which Fujisawa City's original policy, which started in 1997, allows the city to consolidate the requests of residents and discuss with operators to propose new route development. Started the same yearOmnibus townNot covered by the system.

Operated mainly by the local governmentCommunity busIn contrast to, the operation is left to the operator, and the city serves to collect opinions from the residents such as requests for routes and service schedules, and also assists with bus purchase costs.[64].. In the case of poor business, follow-ups such as calling out to citizens through the city are conducted.[65], There are also cases where it was reorganized as a new route[66].

The routes opened under this system are listed below. (God) is Kananaka, and (E) is Enoden bus service line.[67]


highway-toll road

General national road
Main local road
Other prefectural roads


Also, in the pastShonan PortTo and fromLarge vesselThere was a regular sea route.

  • Enoshima-Atami-Ito route entered service on December 1963, 12[68]..Japan High Speed ​​Craft Co., Ltd.[Annotation 12]Hydrofoil made one round trip daily, connecting Enoshima to Atami in 45 minutes one way.[69].. Abolished on July 1968, 7[68].
  • Yokohama-Enoshima-Oshima route entered service on January 1965, 1[70]..The operating companyTokai Kisen.. New passenger shipSakura MaruIs applied.It takes about 3 hours one way.At its peak, it achieved a record of transporting 16 people a year, but it gradually declined. Suspended on January 1974, 1, abolished in 16[71].
  • August 2009, 6,Tokai Kisen OfJet foil,Seven island rainbowFujisawa City chartered, and although it was a temporary flight, the Oshima route was revived.[71]..Taking this opportunity, Oshima / Niijima flights have been operated several times a year since then.It takes about 1 hour one way from Enoshima to Oshima.To board the ship, it is necessary to participate in the tour planned and recruited by the company.

Famous places, historic spots, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events, sports, and others

"Shonan" and "Enoshima" are famous throughout the country. Along the coastlineNational Route 134Especially on holidaysTraffic jamStands out[Annotation 13].

The view from Katase, Kugenuma and Tsujido coast on a sunny day is wonderful, from east to westJogashima Island,Miura Peninsula, Enoshima,izu-Oshima,Toshima,Izu Peninsula,Crow hat rock,Hakone,Mount Fuji,Shonandaira,Tanzawa-Mt. OoyamaCan overlook. (Of EnoshimaObservatoryFromYokohama Landmark Tower,Bay bridge,Japan Southern Alps,Mt. TakaosanIt is also famous for the beautiful sunrise over the Miura Peninsula and Enoshima, and the sunset over Hakone and Mt. Fuji.

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Festivals and events

NameHolding time (may change)Remarks
Enoshima Kanchu mikoshi training eventSunday around January 1
Shonan Fujisawa citizen marathonSunday in late January
Shonan Enoshima Spring FestivalSaturday and Sunday in the middle of March
Enoshima Tenno FestivalSaturday and Sunday in the middle of March
Shonandai Tanabata Festival7 days in early July
Jyokkoji (Yuyoji) Bon FestivalFriday, Saturday and Sunday at the end of July
Tsujido Suwa Shrine annual festival7 month 26 day, 27 dayMt. Ningyoyama 4 cars
Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks8Canceled in 2019[80]
Emperor DaijinguAnnual festivalMay 8Mt. Ningyoyama 9 cars
Katase Suwa Shrine annual festivalAugust 8-235 floats
Ryukoji Temple Difficulty CeremonyAugust 9-11
Fujisawa Citizens Festival[Annotation 14]Saturday and Sunday at the end of September[82]
Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks FestivalSaturday in mid-OctoberCanceled in 2019[80]
Autumn Enoshima Street Performance FestivalDragon boatraceSaturday and Sunday around October 10
Shonan International MarathonMostly November or December

traditional culture


About sports facilities existing in the city,Exercise facility and Fujisawa City SportsSee. For famous playersPerson from,Related personSee.

Honorary citizen

Person from


Business world







Related person


Imperial family relations


Business world






Works set in Fujisawa City


Those without notes are works that have been serialized.

HakoneThe main character is the car race in, but the hero and the heroineKatase Enoshima StationWhen you get home fromKatase coastI know that I live[Annotation 16].. Starting with the first volume cover,EnoshimaAlso appears frequently.
An athletic field that does not originally exist appears near Enoshima. Enoshima appears with a real name.
The model of Kugenuma Minamidai Junior High School that appears in the work isFujisawa Kugenuma Junior High School. In the middle of the story, Kugenuma, Enoshima, etc. have appeared as the stage.
The work is now in Kaneko City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Seiryo Gakuen High School and Fujisawa Jitsugyo High School, which have emerged as strong volleyball schools,Shorin Fujisawa High SchoolIs a model.
"Tsujido High School", "Enoshima Commerce", etc. that do not originally exist in Fujisawa City have appeared. Other than that, the scenery of the cityscape of Fujisawa and Enoshima is drawn.
Shohoku High School, which appears in the work, is a real "" in Fujisawa City.Shonan High School(The appearance is Musashinokita High School), and the high school attached to Hainan University is "Shonan Institute of Technology High SchoolIs a model. As an aside, Ryonan High School is located in Kamakura City, which is adjacent to Fujisawa City.Kanagawa Prefectural Kamakura High School, Shoyo High School is also in the neighboring city of Yokohama.Shoyo High SchoolIs a model.
Kanagawa Prefectural Road 312 Taya Fujisawa LineThe cityscape facing theFujisawa StationThe surrounding scenery is drawn.
Katase High School that appears in the work is "Shichirigahama High SchoolIs a model. Along with Enoden, the scenery around Enoshima is drawn.
The main character is set in the Shonan areaKugenuma coastLive near the.
OdakyuKatase Enoshima StationThe parody of "Katase Shiranoshima Station" has appeared.
The heroine of the fictional shrine on EnoshimaA priestess.
Although the place name does not appear, the model of the coast near the home where the protagonist runsKugenuma coastIs seen, and now is drawn.
The south tennis club (commonly known as STC) to which the characters in the work, Eiichiro Maruo and Natsu Takasaki belong, actually exists in Fujisawa City.Ebara Shonan Sports Center(Aka Ebara SSC) and the school building of Osugi High School where two people attend are located in the city.Shorin Fujisawa High SchoolIs a model.
The main character, Hajime Aisawa, is from the soccer club of Enoshima High School, which does not exist.
Set in a fictitious dining room near the Eshima Shrine Hetsugu Shrine.
Nihon University Veterinary MedicineIs the model of the stage.The author is a graduate of the same department[86].


  • BLEACH: "Karakura Town" is located in Fujisawa City.
  • Our The island that appears at the beginning is Enoshima.
  • Invasion!? Squid Girl The Higashihama beach, the Enoshima bronze torii, Enoshima station, and the "Katase Higashihama" intersection will appear.
  • Ground Defense Corps Mao-chan: The Defense Corps headquarters is modeled on Enoshima.
  • Escaflowne in the sky: Most of the real-world stage being created is in Kamakura, but one cut is drawn at the north exit of Fujisawa Station as the place where the main character stopped by while returning home from school.
  • Song ∽: The stage is in Kamakura, but there are times when we visit Enoshima.
  • Fishing ball: Set around Enoshima. The protagonist, Yuki Sanada, lives in Enoshima and attends a high school in the adjacent Kamakura city.
  • TARI TARI: Set around Enoshima-Kamakura. The main character, Kazuki Sakai, lives in a souvenir shop in Enoshima and goes to a high school in the adjacent city of Kamakura.
  • Baby step: It is set in Fujisawa City.
  • Area knight: Set in Enoshima. (Broadcast ends September 2012)
  • I want to hear your voice: GenerallyEnoden OfEnoshima StationからKamakurakoukoumae StationIt is modeled on the region to the end. Especially in Fujisawa city,Ryukoji TempleA temple modeled after is introduced as one of the important facilities of the story.
  • Just Because! : The high schools where the main characters goPrefectural Fukasawa High SchoolIs the model, and the school is located on the border between Kamakura and Fujisawa. In the cityNew Enoshima AquariumFamous spots, urban areas, residential areas, rural landscapes are drawn.Bic cameraAs a tie-up plan, the Fujisawa store had an in-store broadcast limited to the store. (End)
  • Youth pig guy does not dream of bunny girl senior : Mainly set along the Enoden line, and there are scenes at Fujisawa Station and Enoshima in the process.

Regarding the video production support system in Fujisawa CityShonan Fujisawa Film CommissionSee section.


  • God Eater: The location of the Far East branch to which the hero belongs is said to be "Former Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture."
  • : Become a living area of ​​the main character with Kamakura City





   List of local songs in KanagawaSee also

Songs set or drawn by Fujisawa (Enoshima, Kugenuma, Tsujido, Enoden, etc.)

License plate

Fujisawa has a Shonan number (Kanagawa Transport Bureau) Is assigned.

Shonan number allocation area
  • Hiratsuka City, Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City, Odawara City, Hadano City, Isehara City, Minamiashigara City, Takaza District (Samukawa Town), Naka District (Oiso Town, Ninomiya Town), Ashigarashie District (Oi Town, Kaisei Town, Nakai Town, Matsuda Town, Yamakita Town) Ashigarashimo District (Hakone Town, Manazuru Town, Yugawara Town)


Atsugi AirfieldLocated in the flight path of a military aircraft taking off and landing inEnvironmental Improvement ActIt has been designated as a subsidy area for housing soundproofing and air-conditioning utility costs based on[92].. GenerallyFujisawa BypassIt was limited to the west of the Hikiji River on the north side,2006/By reviewing the standards in (18)WECPNLMore than 75 areas have been added, and it is now possible to apply for a house that meets various conditions such as the completion date of the house over a wide area including the coastline[93].

1988 years,Shonan Life TownWithin the areaChigasakiA citizens' movement called for the transfer to Fujisawa City. As in the case where elementary school students were allowed to cross-border to school in the form of educational office work commissioned by Chigasaki City, measures were taken to prevent disadvantages in education from occurring in the relevant areas, and at least administratively resolved. ..

As the city's official mascot, "Kawasemi-kun" with a motif of city birds in 2009[94]Appeared and was heavily used in city publications. After that, after a naming recruitment contest, Fujikyun♡[95]Appeared in 2015. The history of the change is unknown. In addition, "Hyota" that appears in the election voting rate improvement campaign[96]There is.


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  2. ^ Shortly thereafterSoviet UnionDue to the collapse, there are currently no official civic exchanges. However, as a basis to at least show that there was a movement of sister city declaration, tiles engraved with FUJISAWA still exist in Yalta.[29](It is not Cyrillic for some reason. There are many unclear points as to whether it was a gift from the Fujisawa side, or there was a companion on the Fujisawa side). Also, although the basis is unknown, other language versions of Wikipedia are leadingCity of Yalta (Russian)And there are some descriptions that our city is a sister city.
  3. ^ The nickname "Denen Toshi Fujisawa" of the conference room was later changed to the name of the Fujisawa City official website and used for a while. In addition, the map information service provided by the city was named "Fujisawa Dennen Map". later GIS Fujisawa map It has been renamed to and continues.
  4. ^ It was sometimes cited as one of the successful cases as an internet community of domestic local governments.[34].
  5. ^ We are applying for registration of commercial/corporate registration for prefectures other than Yokohama and Kawasaki.
  6. ^ The Chinese version of the company's official website describes it as the Fujisawa plant even as of 2020.[43]
  7. ^ Dai Nippon Brewery was later absorbed by Yamato Brew
  8. ^ However, before the Riken liquorNew sakeNote that "Shinshin" is not the first synthetic sake in Japan.[47].
  9. ^ 2014 domesticWineIn Kanagawa Prefecture, which has the highest production volume,Fruit wineIt accounts for 95% of the production volume and is the largest production volume in Japan.[48][49].
  10. ^ Currently, lending of CDs is normally done in public libraries other than Fujisawa City, but lending in Fujisawa City has started very early in the whole country.Copyright lawHas been amended,Loan rightIt was stated that the free loan of copyrighted works (excluding movies) in the library was legal in connection with the maintenance of1984/Was that[52].. The Fujisawa City Public Library, which started construction in December of the same year,1986/From the beginning of opening[53], Not only CD lending,IBMIntroducing a collection search/lending/returning system using a terminal made by a manufacturer, and declaring personal information protection in this system[54]At that time, pioneering efforts were included, and it was said that there were a series of visits by library personnel from all over the country. [55].. In 1988, the General Public LibraryJapan Library AssociationThanJapan Library Association Architecture AwardHas won the Excellence Award.
  11. ^ If you walk from Katase-Enoshima station to Enoshima, you will cross two Benten bridges. Bentenbashi is a short pedestrian bridge over the Sakaigawa, right in front of the station. The long pedestrian bridge that appears after passing through the underground passage is the Enoshima Benten Bridge, and the dock is on the left bank of the Sakaigawa River, on the land side of the latter. In addition, the car bridgeEnoshima BridgeThat.
  12. ^ Established in 1963Odakyu Electric RailwayRelated companies.Japan high speed ferryAnother corporation.
  13. ^ In the Shonan area, there was a background that the road network development was delayed in response to the increase in traffic volume, but it led to the revival of Enoden, which was once in danger of being abolished.[72].. In addition, about most of the city section,1985/(Showa 60) Improved by 4 lanes.
  14. ^ From 1954 (Showa 29) to 1965, the predecessor was the "Fujisawa Festival" held in May under the name of "Fujisawa Festival". It became the name of "Fujisawa Citizen's Festival"[81].
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