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😷 | [Breaking news] Expected to infect XNUMX people in Fukuoka prefecture, more than XNUMX people for XNUMX consecutive days or new corona


[Breaking news] Expected to infect XNUMX people in Fukuoka prefecture for XNUMX consecutive days Over XNUMX people or new corona

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According to Fukuoka Prefecture, on January XNUMX, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the prefecture is expected to be XNUMX, the highest number ever ... → Continue reading

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Fukuoka(Fukuoka province,(British: Fukuoka Prefecture) IsJapan OfKyushu regionに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheFukuoka City[1].

Northern KyushuIt is located in Kyushu and has the largest population in the prefecture.Fukuoka City, where the prefectural office is located, has the largest population in the Kyushu region.cityAndWest JapanAlso inOsakaIt is a city with the second largest population[2]..With Fukuoka CityKitakyushuTwo ofGovernment-designated cityHolding the so-calledThree major metropolitan areasExceptThe population density1,000 people/km2Is the only prefecture that exceeds[3].


NorthSea of ​​Japan(Hibiki Nada-Genkai Sea), in the eastSeto Inland Sea(Suo Nada),Chikugo region TheAriake SeaFacing. The center of the prefectureChikushi mountain areaAre in series,Chikugo River-Yabe River-OngagawaBasin,Munakataarea,KyotsukiThe plains are widespread in the areaPaddy fieldThere are many zones.Fukuoka City,KitakyushuAnd fourGovernment-designated cityHoldingKitakyushu/Fukuoka metropolitan areaThe population ofCapital Area,Kinki area,Chukyo areaSecond only to[4].

Of the Genkai SeaIki,TsushimaAcrossSouth KoreaIs a major city in the southern part of the countryBusanUp to 200 in a straight line from Fukuoka citykmdegree[Note 2]Is. Also,Chugoku OfShanghaiUp to about 850km in the same wayTokyoCloser.As in these cases, the major cities of neighboring countries are located within approximately 1,000 km, soHakata Port,Fukuoka Airport,Kitakyushu Port,Kitakyushu AirportFrom Korea, China, etc.TaiwanAnd so onSoutheast AsiaMany routes to major cities have been set up, and tourists from these areas are on the rise.From ancient timesKorean PeninsulaHaveContinentFukuoka City, which is the gateway to the city, has an influence in the world.cityIt is also evaluated in the "Global Power City Index" etc.[5][6][7].

The center of gravity obtained by inserting a provisional boundary line at each of the north, south, east, and west ends of Fukuoka Prefecture and the undetermined part of the prefecture boundary is as follows:[8][9].. North endOkinoshimaThe split nose of theMiike Port OfKM AluminumFactory of the eastern endNational Route 10National Route 212Near the southeast of the intersection ofKarasuma Island. AlsoStatistics BureauAccording to the 22 national census, the center of gravity of the population is in Iizuka city[10].

Center of gravity
North Latitude 33 Degrees 31 Minutes 33 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 39 min 57 sec /33.52583 degrees north latitude 130.66583 degrees east longitude / 33.52583; 130.66583 (Fukuoka prefecture center of gravity)
Northern end
North Latitude 34 Degrees 15 Minutes 00 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 06 min 43 sec /34.25000 degrees north latitude 130.11194 degrees east longitude / 34.25000; 130.11194 (The northernmost tip of Fukuoka prefecture)
Center of gravity
North Latitude 33 Degrees 35 Minutes 51.5 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 34 min 32.4 sec /33.597639 degrees north latitude 130.575667 degrees east longitude / 33.597639; 130.575667 (Fukuoka Prefecture Center of Population)
West end
North Latitude 33 Degrees 41 Minutes 23 Seconds East longitude 129 degree 58 min 54 sec /33.68972 degrees north latitude 129.98167 degrees east longitude / 33.68972; 129.98167 (The westernmost part of Fukuoka prefecture)
Fukuoka Prefectural Government Building Location
North Latitude 33 Degrees 36 Minutes 23 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 25 min 05 sec /33.60639 degrees north latitude 130.41806 degrees east longitude / 33.60639; 130.41806 (Fukuoka Prefectural Office)
Eastern end
North Latitude 33 Degrees 33 Minutes 29 Seconds East longitude 131 degree 11 min 25 sec /33.55806 degrees north latitude 131.19028 degrees east longitude / 33.55806; 131.19028 (The easternmost point of Fukuoka Prefecture)

Southern tip
North Latitude 33 Degrees 00 Minutes 02 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 23 min 48 sec /33.00056 degrees north latitude 130.39667 degrees east longitude / 33.00056; 130.39667 (The southernmost tip of Fukuoka prefecture)
Remote islandThe northernmost excluding part is 33 degrees 57 minutes north latitude (KitakyushuMoji Ward(Tachiura Coast)

Adjacent prefectures

Adjacent on land
Adjacent to each other across the sea


nature Park

National park
Seto Inland Sea National Park
National park
Genkai Quasi-National Park,Yaba Mita Hikosan National Monument,Kitakyushu National Monument
Prefectural nature park
Dazaifu Prefectural Natural Park, Chikuho Prefectural Natural Park, Chikugo River Prefectural Natural Park, Yabegawa Prefectural Natural Park, Suriraiyama Prefectural Natural Park
Kyushu nature trail


Sea of ​​JapanFacing, but with some exceptions, in generalPacific climateIt belongs to the ward and is warm.

Fukuoka area, Kitakyushu areaTsushima StraitsCoastal areaKanmon StraitCoastal area (Fukuoka City-Kitakyushu-Munakata City-ItoshimaSuch)
The area has short daylight hours in winter, which is whySea of ​​Japan side climateClose to[11] But for each seasonPrecipitation amountDistribution is clearPacific climateTherefore, the climate on the Sea of ​​Japan side is decisively different in terms of the number of rainy days and the amount of snowfall, especially in winter.
Rarely winter daystemperatureIt's not low, but in the northwest(I.e.However, since the daylight hours are short, it feels as cold as in Honshu.Strong wind / snow / wave warnings are often announced, and blizzard / wave warnings may be announced during strong winters.The upwind of the northwest monsoon is the Tsushima Strait, the blowing distance is short, and snow clouds are difficult to develop, so snow is rarely accumulated in the plains.Mt. SefurisanIt is easy for snow to accumulate around the area, and 60cm ――It may snow about 100 cm.
After the end of the rainy season, the maximum temperature is often 30 ° C or higher, and several days each year are extremely hot days of 35 ° C or higher due to the foehn phenomenon.The average value of Fukuoka City (1981-average for 2010 years until 30) is 132.4 days on summer days, 57.1 days on midsummer days,Extremely hot day5.5 days,Tropical night33.2 days, winter days 4.3 days, midwinter days 0.0 days. In Fukuoka, there are almost no winter days and there are many tropical nights.Heat islandThe influence of is increasing.
KitakyushuSeto Inland Sea(Suo Nada) Coastal area (Yukuhashi-Buzen CitySuch)
This area isSeto Inland Sea climateBelongs toChugokuCompared to the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, the features of the Seto Inland Sea-type climate such as light rain all year round are small, and the annual precipitation is the same as in the Fukuoka and Kitakyushu regions. In winter, clouds develop relatively in the process of crossing mountains, so snow is relatively likely to occur. Also, around the Kanmon Straits(I.e.Is likely to occur.
Chikuho region and inland area of ​​Chikugo region (Kurume-Iizuka-Nogata-Tagawa-Kama-Asakura City-Yame citySuch)
Because it is inland, the temperature fluctuations are rather large.But the rainfall is 1800-2400mmAround one-third or more of the year is concentrated in the rainy season around and after (mostly around Mt. Hikosan and Shakadake), and the rainy season may be hit by heavy rain at the end of the rainy season (July 24 Heavy rain in northern KyushuThen.Yabe RiverReceived major damage mainly in the basin). Temperatures tend to rise in summer, and there are more hot days than in Fukuoka or Kitakyushu. In winter, there are relatively many winter days, and clouds develop in the process of crossing mountains, so this region is the most prone to snowfall on the plains of the prefecture. Altitude 1,000mMountain rangeChikushi mountain area OfMt. HikosanThere may be about 60-100 cm of snow in the surrounding area.
ChikugoAriake SeaCoastal area (Omuta City-Yanagawa-Okawa CitySuch)
The Ariake Sea is an inland sea, but the rainfall distribution is concentrated in the summer and shows a Pacific climate. It is relatively warm throughout the year, but there are many winter days in winter. The annual rainfall is slightly higher than in the Fukuoka region and Kitakyushu region, but more than one-third of the year is concentrated in the rainy season, and the rainfall in winter is less than in other areas of the prefecture, and snowfall may occur. It rarely snows.
Normal values ​​in various parts of Fukuoka Prefecture (statistical period: 1981-2010, Source:Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information
Average price
Tsushima Strait Coastal AreaSeto Inland Sea coastInlandAriake Sea coast
YukuhashiIizukaSoedaAsakuraYame city
(° C)
Warmest month28.1
Coldest month6.6
Precipitation amount
Most months277.9
Minimum month59.8

Area classification and municipalities

According to Fukuoka Prefecture Area classification Then, it is roughly divided into the following four areas, and further 4 areasSphereIt is divided into. However, this is a regional division,Metropolitan areaDifferent from the category.

There are 29 cities, 11 counties, 29 towns and 2 villages in the prefecture. 60 municipalities are in all prefecturesHokkaido-Nagano-Saitama4th place after[Note 3](2010/(22)May 2It is now) and can be said to be larger than the area of ​​the 29th place.

However,Great Heisei mergerBy2003/(15)May 3At the time of, the number of municipalities that had been 97 decreased by 38%, especiallyChikugo areaThen,2005/(17)May 2It has decreased from 26 municipalities to 12 municipalities.

The reading of "town" isOnga TownOnly "cho", all others are "town". All readings of "village" are "mura".

2010/(22) and2015/Both (27)CensusComparing the above, the population of the prefecture as a whole is increasing by 30,903, while the population is increasing in Fukuoka City and the surrounding municipalities, while the population is generally decreasing in other regions.

Other categories

  • Zip CodeThe first two digits of the number are generally “2” in the Fukuoka area, “81” in the Kitakyushu area, “80” in the Chikugo area, Chikuho andKyotsuki"82" for the area and "87" for the eastern part of Tsukiji District (OitaThe numbers used in the above) do not match the prefecture's definition in many areas.
  • The area code is generally "092" in the Fukuoka area (however, "0940" in the former Munakata-gun area), "093" in the area around Kitakyushu, and "0930" in the northern area of ​​Kyoto.Buzen CityandChikuji-gunThe eastern part is "0979" (Oita prefectureNakatsuThe same number) and other areas (Chikugo/Chikuho area) are "094X". Again, there are many areas that do not match the prefecture's definition.
  • In terms of weather information, it is divided into four areas: Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Chikugo, and Chikuho. However, Asakura City and Asakura District are included in "Chikugo". In the secondary subdivision area, "Kitakyushu" is divided into "Kitakyushu Onga" and "Kyotsuki", and "Chikugo" is divided into "North Chikugo" and "South Chikugo".
  • AutomotiveLicense plateThere are four types of transportation branch offices and automobile inspection registration office names displayed in "Fukuoka", "Kitakyushu", "Kurume", and "Chikuho". Of these, "Kurume" includes Asakura City and Asakura County in addition to the Chikugo area.

Municipal flags and chapters of municipalities

Municipalities that have already disappeared


Origin of place name

The origin of the place name "Fukuoka" used to beChikuzen countryWas governing the areaKurodaBuilt byFukuoka CastleIs said to be[16]..The origin of Fukuoka Castle is related to Mr. KurodaBizenFukuoka(OkayamaSetouchi City) Is famous, but there is also a theory that Fukuoka Castle was built because it was built in the hills of Fukusaki because it has little relation to the land.

Ancient times

Fukuoka PrefectureMainland China,Korean PeninsulaIt has a rich history of more trade or aggression since ancient times, influenced by its geographical condition of being closer to.

The first people to appear in FukuokaPaleolithicLate[17], As the ruins of that eraItoshimaOhara D ruins,KurumeNoguchi remains and others are raised.

Jomon Period,Fukuoka PlainMost of the area is on the seabed, and the distribution of Jomon archaeological sites in Fukuoka Prefecture isOngagawaWatershed[18] And concentrates on the Itoshima Peninsula. Yayoi Period,Rice cultivationIs said to have been first introduced in Japan.

"Wei ZhajinAccording to the presentFukuoka CityAround Nishi-ku and Itoshima CityItoguniExists around the present Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City.His countryIt is said that there existed. For his country,Edo PeriodA farmer on Shikajima discovered a gold seal and confirmed its existence. In addition, from the Chinese emperor written in the same bookShin WeiQueen who received the gold sealHimikoRuled byYamadai KuniAlso Fukuoka PrefectureNorthern KyushuThere is a theory that it existed inKinkiThere is a direct conflict with the theory that it was said that it has become a so-called "Yamatai dispute" and is not yet understood (There are many researchers who are in other regions not included in both theories. Yes).

TenchiEarly in the morning (660 eraAt the beginning of)Battle of Shiramura RiverLost to (Hakusuki no Eitai),SillaFor the defense of Kyushu and for the jurisdiction that the Allied forces ofDazaifuWas placed[19].Otomo Traveler,Yamagami,Michio ShinoharaIs famous.

In the era described in Japanese literature,Chikushi countryToyokuniIt seems that there was.7st centuryAt the end, Chikushi is the country with ChikuzenChikugoIn addition, ToyokuniBuzen CountryBungoWas divided into The current prefecture area of ​​Fukuoka Prefecture is the whole area of ​​Chikuzen and Chikugo countries under the Ritsuryo system and a part of Buzen country.

中 世

The early modern period

Modern and contemporary

Meiji and Taisho era

Showa period

Heisei period

Reiwa era


Age structure

  • Average age: 42.9 (Male 41.1, Female 44.5, Reference-National average 43.9, Male 42.4, Female 45.3)
  • Elderly rate: 19.8% (national average-21%) Younger rate: 13.9% (national average-13.6%)
Population distribution by age in Fukuoka and Japan (2005)Fukuoka Prefecture Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Fukuoka prefecture
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Prefectural government

Prefectural governor


Prefectural assembly

National politics

裁判 所

High Court
District Court/Family Court
Summary court

Prosecutor's office

High Public Prosecutors Office
Local prosecutor's office

Prosecution examination committee

  • Fukuoka Daiichi
  • Fukuoka second
  • Iizuka
  • Kurume
  • Yanagawa
  • Kokura

Legal Affairs Bureau

  • Fukuoka Legal Affairs Bureau -Nishishin branch office, Kasuya branch office, Fukuma branch office
    • Chikushi Branch
    • Asakura branch
    • Iizuka Branch
    • Nogata Branch
    • Kurume Branch-Ukiha Legal Affairs Bureau Certification Service Center
    • Yanagawa Branch-Omuta Legal Affairs Bureau Certification Service Center
    • Yame Branch
    • Kitakyushu Branch-Yawata Branch Office
    • Yukuhashi Branch
    • Tagawa Branch


Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
Minister of DefenseDirect control
Japan Air Self-Defense Force

Economic and industrial

Stock exchange

Bank of Japan

A financial institution with a head office in Fukuoka Prefecture

Economic group


Fukuoka Prefecture's gross domestic product in FY28 was about 19 trillion yen, ranking 8th in Japan[85].

Primary industry


Although it is not a so-called agricultural prefecture, it ranks 16th in Japan for the amount of agricultural output, but in addition to the largest amount of seeds and seedlings in Japan, it is represented by the Hakata Toyonoka and Amaou brands. Rankstrawberry, Also second in the nationwheatAlso in 3rd placechrysanthemumAre the main products. Also,"Hino Hikari"Yume Tsukushi" "Tsukushiroman" and other local productsRiceIs also produced. "HakataGreen onionsCalled "Small onionHas become a national brand as a prefecture specialty product.

Fishing industry

To the northGenkai Sea-Hibiki Nada,To the eastSuo NadaTo the southwestAriake SeaThere is, in the Genkai Sea and Hibiki Sea,mackerel,Horse mackerel,squid,Bastard halibut,Puffer fishIn Suo Nada, etc.Flounder,flounder,Prawns, Blue crabOysterShellfish such as in the Ariake SeaSeaweedMainly aquaculture, other seafood peculiar to the Ariake Sea is also landed.


2003/(15) Currently, 223,222haForest area of ​​which 58%PlantationThe natural forest is 20.3%. (Source: Fukuoka Prefecture Forestry Division "Forest and Forestry White Paper")

Primary industry


ChikuhoIn the districtChikuho coalfieldBut,Kasuya districtToKasuya CoalfieldBut,Omuta areaToMiike coalfieldThere,MeijiからShowa OfHigh growth periodUntil these coal fieldsCoal mineThere are many, manycoalWas mined and boomed.

But,1960 eraIn addition, when domestic main energy was converted from coal to oil, coal mines closed one after another.By the 1970s, all of the Chikuho and Kasuya coal mines were closed, and the last remaining Mitsui Miike coal mine was also closed.1997/The mountain was closed in 9 and the coal mine disappeared from within Fukuoka Prefecture.

Eastern ChikuhoTagawaIn the stern areaKaharu Town OfKaharudakeEtclimestoneIs being mined.


Industrial cityKitakyushuThen, the government-run steelworks (currentlyNippon SteelYawata Works), the steel industry and manufacturing industry flourished,Idemitsu Shokai(CurrentIdemitsu Kosan),Tobata casting(CurrentHitachi Metals,Nissan MotorSource company)Asano Kokura Steel(Currently Nippon SteelYawata WorksMany companies and factories such as Kokura districtKitakyushu Industrial AreaIt was developed until it was called.

after that,Energy resourcesOf the East AsianMaterial industryThe rise of the economy has called for a transformation of the industrial structure. Even now in KitakyushuTOTO,Yaskawa ElectricSuch asMajor manufacturerThere is a head office.

BridgestoneIs the founding place ofKurume TherubberProduct manufacturing is thriving, andMoon star,Asahi CorporationAnd there are many rubber processed product manufacturers' factories.

Coal chemical industry flourished against the backdrop of coal produced at the Miike Coal MineOmuta CityIsMitsui ChemicalsCentered onMitsui GroupIncluding,Kanto ChemicalIn addition to the factories centering around the chemical industry, recently, factories related to the environmental recycling industry have entered the market.

In the Chikuho area, after the coal mine closed, an industrial park was constructed to attract factories.Miyawaka) AndAso group(head office:Iizuka) Is located.

In Fukuoka Prefecture, we are promoting the concept of making it an automobile manufacturing base next to Aichi Prefecture.Nissan MotorIs a subsidiary ofNissan Motor Kyushu-Nissan Shatai KyushuWhen,ToyotaIs a subsidiary ofToyota Motor KyushuAre operating vehicle manufacturing plants.

2005/In (17)Kanda TownToyota Motor Kyushu's engine plant started operation,2008/In 20, Toyota Motor Kyushu's parts factory started operation in Kitakyushu and also in Kurume city.Daihatsu industryIs a subsidiary ofDaihatsu KyushuEngine factory has advanced.

Also, in KyushuSilicon IslandAs many calledsemiconductorThere is a manufacturing plant,YukuhashiAlso in Miyawaka cityロ ー ムThere are Fukuoka and Toshiba LSI factories.

Construction industry

Central capital giantGeneral contractorIs the mainstream,Kyudenko(Headquarters: Fukuoka City) and other companies have sales of more than 2,000 billion yen.

In addition, there are many small and medium-sized construction companies, and the total GDP of the prefecture is about 1 trillion yen.

Primary industry

In Fukuoka prefecturePrimary industryHas an extremely high share of 80% of all industries.


Commerce in Fukuoka PrefectureFukuoka CityCentered onKyusyu-OkinawaDeveloped in all areas, Fukuoka prefecture accounts for 33.2% of establishments and 37.9% of employees in Kyushu and Okinawa.Annual product sales51.9%, especiallyWholesale tradeThe company's annual product sales account for about 6%.Retail tradeThen.Fukuoka/TenjinIt has the largest commercial cluster in Kyushu, etc., and due to recent improvements in commercial facilities and maintenance of expressway networks,Fukuoka metropolitan areaThe consumer market has expanded to include Kyushu and Yamaguchi as a trading area. In the suburbs of urban areas,Shopping centerAnd the competition with the city center is intensifying. The sales amount of Fukuoka prefecture in the Kyushu area is large.

Financial industry

Fukuoka Bank,West Japan City BankHeadquarters in Fukuoka CityLocal bankBoth have a branch network throughout Kyushu.

The Bank of FukuokaFukuoka Financial Group(Headquarters: Fukuoka City), the main subsidiaries of the group areKumamoto Bank(Former: Kumamoto Family Bank),Juhachi Shinwa Bank There is.In addition, the group has total assetsYokohama BankIs the top of the local bank.

Nishinihon City Bank maintains almost the same scale as Fukuoka Bank and becomes a subsidiary.Nagasaki Bank,Fukuoka estate,Kyushu card, Kyushu lease.

In addition, 2011/(23) Located in Kyushu on October 10rdYamaguchi BankTo take over the branch network ofKitakyushu Bank(Head office: Kitakyushu)Yamaguchi Financial GroupWas founded by

Other,Fukuoka Central Bank (Head office: Fukuoka City),Chikuho Bank(Head office: Kurume City)Credit unionEtc. exist on a regional basis.Central BankIsBank of JapanThe Fukuoka branch also manages eight prefectures of Kyushu and Okinawa, and regularlyKyushu TankanHas been announced.

real estate business

Canal City HakataAndMarinoa City Fukuoka,River walk KitakyushuSuch asComplex commercial facilityThe largest in Kyushu(Developer)Real estate companies such as Fukuoka Estate (Headquarters: Fukuoka City) are known. Also,Tokyo,OsakaThere are also many branch offices with headquarters located outside the prefecture, and they are actively developing offices and homes.

Service industry

In the information and communication industry,ITsoftwareRelated service industries are growing, and most of them are concentrated in Fukuoka city. In addition to the expansion of the automobile industry into northern Kyushu, recently, an affiliated company specializing in software and design is expanding into Fukuoka City. Already, Toyota, Nissan, and Daihatsu affiliates have decided to enter the market.Kyushu UniversityWithin the prefectureengineeringMost of the students are concentrated in the city, and they are blessed with excellent human resources.

Currently, in Fukuoka prefecture, we are actively working on the enhancement of academic research functions and industrial functions for the future,Kitakyushu Science and Research CityAnd Kyushu Science and Research City Plan. Also,Industry-government-academia collaborationKitakyushu Industrial Science Promotion Organization and Kyushu University Academic Research City Promotion Organization established byHibinoThere is a concept of building an "intellectual cluster" centered on the Ito campus in Nishi-ku, Fukuoka city, and aims to develop new industries.

Major companies with base offices in the prefecture

Companies headquartered in the prefecture
Kitakyushu City Moji Ward/Wakamatsu Ward
Kitakyushu City Kokurakita Ward
Kitakyushu City Ogura Minami Ward
Minami Ward, Fukuoka City
福岡 市 西区
Companies based in the prefecture (excluding the above)
Fukuoka area
Chikugo area
Kitakyushu area
Chikuho area

Companies that originate in the prefecture

  • Softbank(Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City)
  • Nippon Steel(Nippon Steel) (Hachiman East Ward, Kitakyushu City)
    • Originated from the government-run Yawata Works
  • Idemitsu Kosan(Moji Ward, Kitakyushu City)
  • Bridgestone(Kurume City)
    • Asahi shoesIndependent from the tire department of Nippon Tabi Co., Ltd.
  • Tyrolean chocolate(Tagawa City)
    • Originating from "Matsuo Seika",2004/(16) Planning and sales department Tyrol Choco Co., Ltd.TokyoChiyoda). Matsuo Seika still manufactures products.
  • Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma(Yoshitomi-cho, Chikami-gun)
    • Originating from "Yoshitomi Pharmaceutical"
  • Hitachi Metals(Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu City)
    • Originating from "Tobata Foundry"
  • Nissan Motor(Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu City)
  • Wakatsuki Construction(Wakamatsu Ward, Kitakyushu City)
  • Mitsui Mine(Omuta City)
    • Originated from the withdrawal of government-owned Miike coal mine
  • Tama Home(Chikugo City)
    • Established as a spin-off of the civil engineering, construction and real estate business of Chikugo Kosan, which was founded in Chikugo City
  • Yakult
    • 1935 (Showa 10) Started manufacturing and sales under the Shirota Research Institute for Bacteria in Fukuoka City

Life and transportation


Fukuoka Prefectural Police

Japan Coast Guard

Seventh District Coast Guard Headquarters(Moji Ward, Kitakyushu City)



Fukuoka Airport is positioned as a base in the western part of Japan, but due to tight demand, studies are underway on how it should be in the future. Kitakyushu Airport, which is also expected as an evacuation site, is one of the few airports in Japan that operates 24 hours a day. Both are directly managed by the countrySecond class airportIs an important airport designated as.


The railroads that carry passengers are listed. The main station is JRHakata StationSo, the private railwayNishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) StationBecomes For a list of stations, see the item for each line.


Road Station
  • Harazuru(Asakura City): National Route 386
  • Buzen(Buzen City): Route 10
  • Koishihara(Higashimine Village, Asakura District): Route 211
  • Shinyoshi Tomomi(Jomo-cho, Chikami-gun): Route 10
  • Ukiha(Ukiha City): Route 210
  • Omuta(Omuta City): Kumamoto Prefectural Road/Fukuoka Prefectural Road 10 Nankan Omuta Kita Line
  • Tachibana(Yame city): National Route 3
  • Light(Kama City): Fukuoka Prefecture Route 90 Honami Kaho Line
  • Yukosha Hiko(Soeda-cho, Tagawa-gun): Fukuoka Prefectural Road 52, Yame Kaharu Line
  • Munakata(Munakata City): National Route 495
  • Kurume(Kurume City): Route 210
  • Kaharu(Kaharu-cho, Tagawa-gun): Route 201
  • big(Oki-cho, Mihama-gun): National Route 442
  • Oto Sakura Road(Otomachi, Tagawa-gun): Fukuoka Prefectural Road 52, Yame Kaharu Line
  • Miyama(Miyama City): National Route 443
  • My cousin(Itoda Town, Tagawa District): National Route 201
  • Chikuzen Minami no Sato(Chikuzen Town, Asakura District): Fukuoka Prefectural Road 597 Sankayama Sankuma Line


Important port
Passenger route network

Remote island routes, routes within the same municipality

  • Meinohama-Nokonoshima (Fukuoka City Port Bureau)
  • Meinohama-Koroshima (Fukuoka City Port Bureau)
  • Hakata-Genkai Island (Fukuoka City Port Bureau)
  • Hakata-Uminonakamichi-Nishitozaki-Shiga Island (Fukuoka City Port Bureau)
  • Gishi-Himejima (Itoshima City Regional Development Division)
  • Shingu-Aijima (Shingu Town Industry Division)
  • Kaminato-Jijima (Munakata City Boating Division)
  • Kaminato-Oshima (Munakata City's ferry section)
  • Wakamatsu-Tobata (Kitakyushu City Tosen Works)- Wakato ferry
  • Kokura-Majima-Aijima (Kitakyushu City Tosen Office)
  • Momochi-Uminonakamichi (Yasuda Sangyo Kisen

Routes outside Fukuoka Prefecture (other than long-distance ferries)

Long distance ferry

International route ( South Korea-BusanRoute to)


The operators that operate general route buses are listed below. Refer to the items of each company for operating municipalities. Excludes operators who operate only high-speed buses or only community buses.

For other than the above, see the links below.

Prefecture bus transport personnel (annual)
  • 2012 2

There are many uses next to Tokyo, Kanagawa and Osaka[90].

Medical and welfare

Disaster base hospital
Licensed Nursery School




Junior college


College of technology


High school, junior high school, elementary school, kindergarten

See list article below.

Social education facility

Cultural property

Mass media

News agency

Joint and current affairs, both with branch offices in Fukuoka and branch offices throughout the prefecture.

Daily newspaper

Block paper
National newspaper
Regional paper

Asahi and every dayFukuoka metropolitan areaThe “Fukuoka Headquarters” has also been established to expand sales channels and coverage bases in the surrounding area (the Asahi Shimbun edits and produces here, so Fukuoka City has become the actual headquarters). Yomiuri was originally located in Kitakyushu, but for the same reason, the company's building was moved to Fukuoka, and the headquarters of Kitakyushu was established. The West Japan NewspaperKitakyushu metropolitan areaThe Kitakyushu branch office was reorganized to the Kitakyushu headquarters in order to collect information and strengthen sales functions.

Sankei ShimbunWestern Headquarters (former Kyushu/Yamaguchi Headquarters) (2009/(21) Launched in April. Kyushu Directorate) is located in Fukuoka City.2009/(21)May 9Due to the deadline time until the admission, most of the article contents were delayed by one day because the 18th edition issued by the Osaka headquarters, which was deadline at 6:1, was delivered. Also, at that time there was no retail store, soconvenience storeIt is not sold at etc.,West Japan Newspaper(Excluding Kitakyushu area)Mainichi NewspapersThe stores in (Kitakyushu area only) did only consignment sales. afterwards2009/(Heisei21 years)May 10From the attached page of Mainichi Shimbun Western HeadquartersSagaTosu CityAt the Mainichi Shimbun Kyushu Center Tosu Printing Factory, the Sankei Shimbun Kyushu Yamaguchi Special Edition (printed on the basis of the Tokyo Headquarters edition) was commissioned for printing, and sales of stations and convenience stores began.

Sports paper

Sankei sportsAbout Sankei Shimbun Kyushu Yamaguchi Special Edition2009/(21)May 10Since then, it has not been issued by the headquarters or printed locally,Tenjin Station-Hakata Station-Kokura StationThe Osaka Headquarters issue version has been sold from around noon (only the central horse race was posted in partnership with West Japan Sports, but from April 2013)Chunichi SportsThe same content will be posted in partnership with. ). Also,Evening paper OfEvening FujiSimilarly, the early version = A version issued by the Osaka head office is being sold as an immediate sale at some terminals such as Hakata station, Tenjin station, Kokura station from about 4 pm. AlsoSANKEI EXPRESS,Fuji Sankei Business iAbout Kyushu, neither home delivery nor spot sale is on sale.

Kyushu SportsTokyo SportsIt is a series, but it is sold as an morning newspaper, not as an evening paper.

The Nikkan Sports Western Headquarters, following the Yomiuri Western Headquarters,2007/In 19, the head office was moved from Kitakyushu to the building where the Asahi Shimbun Fukuoka headquarters in Fukuoka is located. In addition, Sports Nippon Western Headquarters2010/(22) The headquarters of Kitakyushu has long been relocated to the building where the Fukuoka Mainichi Newspaper Fukuoka Headquarters is located.

またDaily SportsAlso, since there is no issuing base in the Kyushu area, it is not handled as home delivery at newspaper shops, etc.KinkiLocal newspapersFukuoka City-KitakyushuIt is sold as a spot sale of some terminals.

TV station

*KBC/RKB/FBSSaga, TNCYamaguchi And TVQ is Saga prefecture and Yamaguchi prefecture,Nagasaki-KumamotoandOitaIs also the target area for coverage. * The master station transmission station for digital TV isFukuoka Tower.. NHK KitakyushuSarakura.

Radio stations

NHK-FM's Fukuoka Broadcasting Station / CROSS FM's master station transmission stationFukuoka Tower, FM Fukuoka's parent station is Fukuoka CityKonosusan, The main relay station of LOVE FM's master station and RKB / KBC's FM complementary broadcastingNakagawa City OfNine thousand mountains, NHK-FM's Kitakyushu Broadcasting StationSarakuraIt has become.

Cable tv station



In Fukuoka Prefecture, there are various dialects used in different regions.

Food culture:

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Traditional crafts
  • Hakata Ori(Fukuoka City)
  • Hakata doll(Fukuoka City)
  • Hakata Scissors (Fukuoka City)
  • Hakata Music (Fukuoka City)
  • Hakata Hariko (Fukuoka City)
  • Hakata Top (Fukuoka City)
  • Chikuzen Hakataya (Fukuoka City)
  • Chikuzen kitchen knife (Koga City)
  • HakataChampon(Fukuoka City)



Concerts, live events, music festivals, concerts


Professional Sports/National League Participating Teams

サ ッ カ ー
Basketball, volleyball, handball, table tennis

Regular sports events

past record


Public competition

Fukuoka PrefecturePublic competitionThere are 4 typesHorse racing,Bicycle race,Boat racing,Auto raceIt is also a rare prefecture with all the stadiums of (There are 4 other typesSaitamaonly).

Boat Racer Training Center

Sports Facilities

Athletic field

Baseball field


Swimming field

Football field


  • Ashoro Bouldering Center K-WALL (Kama City)


World heritage

Tangible cultural property building

Famous place

Museums and art galleries

Theme parks, botanical gardens, etc.

Scenic spots/historic sites

Scenic spot
country'sSpecial historical site

Shrines and temples



Festivals and events

Foreign relations

The friendship tie-up areas in Fukuoka Prefecture are as follows.

  • United States flag United States of America·Hawaii
    September 1981, 9 Sister Alliance
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of ChinaJiangsu
    July 1992, 11 Friendship tie-up
  • Kingdom of Thailand flag Bangkok, Thailand
    July 2006, 2 Friendship tie-up
  • Indian flag Delhi, India
    July 2007, 3 Friendship tie-up
  • Vietnam flag Vietnam·Hanoi City
    July 2008, 2 Friendship tie-up

Works set in Fukuoka Prefecture

People from Fukuoka Prefecture


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注 釈

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  2. ^ 2 hours 55 minutes by high speed boat.KagoshimaEquivalent to the distance toOsakaCloser.Currently, Fukuoka City has a plan to form an ultra-wide economic zone with Busan City.
  3. ^ special areaIn the total number of basic municipalities includingTokyoIt is the fifth place after.
  4. ^ It became free from December 2018, 12.
  5. ^ Broadcast areaToKumamotoAraoincluding.
  6. ^ KumamotoAraoStraddle.
  7. ^ The general public cannot enter Okinoshima.


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