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😷 | Kumamoto Prefecture Risk level “Strengthen vigilance” maintenance Infected people are XNUMX times more than the previous week


Kumamoto Prefecture Risk level "Strengthen vigilance" maintenance Infected people are XNUMX times more than the previous week

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Hideo Baba (Director of Kumamoto University Hospital), chairman of the joint expert meeting of the prefecture and Kumamoto City, commented, "The infection situation may remain at a high level for a while."

On the XNUMXst, Kumamoto Prefecture was the third from the top in the five prefecture risk levels regarding the status of infection with the new coronavirus in the prefecture, "XNUMX ... → Continue reading

 Kumamoto Daily Newspaper

The Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun is a local newspaper in Kumamoto. Full of information about Kumamoto such as news and sports.

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Kumamoto University Hospital

Kumamoto University Hospital(Kumamoto University Hospital,English: Kumamoto University Hospital) IsKumamotoKumamoto-shiChuoIt is inKumamoto UniversityAttachedUniversity hospitalIs.Locally "University hospital"It is called.


  • 1756/ The feudal lord Hosokawa ShigekataReharukanWas erected
  • 1870/ Clan HospitalFounding
  • 1871/ Clan Medical SchoolFounded.By the abolition of the feudal clanPublic medical school and hospitalRenamed
  • 1875/ Medical school abolished.The hospital moved to Shimotori TownTsumachi HospitalCalled.
  • 1878/ Hospital built in Tetorihoncho
  • 1882/ Medical School HospitalBecomes
  • 1888/ Prefectural medical school abolished.Hospital independence
  • 1889/ Hospital abolished.Private Kumamoto HospitalManaged asVermicelliCalled.
  • 1901/ Hospital relocated to Honjomachi
  • 1921/ Transferred to the prefectureKumamoto Prefectural Medical College HospitalBecomes
  • 1924/ Vocational school hospital changed its name to university hospital
  • 1929/ Called the Public Kumamoto Medical University Hospital.
  • 1945/ Part of the ward was relocated to the site of the Fujisakidai Army Hospital and is called the Fujisakidai branch office.
  • 1949/ According to the National School Establishment LawKumamoto University HospitalBecomes
  • 1960/ Moved the Fujisakidai branch office to Shimazakicho Saiseikai Hospital and renamed it Daniyama branch office.
  • 1961/ Daniyama branch office was abolished and merged with Honjo district
  • 2019/ The name was changed from the medical school attached to the university attached.Kumamoto University Hospitalchange to[1]

Medical courses

Designation / certification of medical institutions

(Source of this section[2]


  • 1-1-1, Honjo, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto



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