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😷 | Common test / additional test started in Fukuoka Prefecture Infection control and security strengthening


Common test / additional test started in Fukuoka Prefecture Infection control and security strengthening

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The university has decided to increase the space between seats as a countermeasure against the infection of the new corona, and to provide ventilation and alcohol disinfection during breaks.

A follow-up exam for students who could not take the common test for university admission due to infection with the new corona began on the XNUMXth in Fukuoka Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Vacation time

Vacation time(Yasujijikan)ActivitiesBreak and take a break or restTimeThat. ManyDedicated to pre-school and extra curricular,CompanyIt means the time to suspend it within the activity time of. However,AichiThis term is not used in our school (see below).In labor etc.Break timeOrRest timeIt is often referred to as (Kyusokujikan).

Break time in work

In a company or the like, a break time is also called a break time or a rest time.The European Union requires a break every 6 hours (Working hours directiveArticle 4).

In Japan, when it comes to breaksArticle 27 of the Constitution of JapanStipulated in Section 2Labor Standards ActIs specified in.Specifically, it is as shown in the table below.

Provisions of Article 34 of the Labor Standards Act
working time~ 6 hours6 to 8 hours8 time ~
Minimum break timeNone45 minutes1 hours
Since this is the minimum standard, it is possible to give a break time longer than this. There is no upper limit to breaks that exceed (two and three breaks are possible).

It is also possible to give break time in a divided manner (10 minutes in the morning, 40 minutes in the day, 10 minutes in the afternoon, etc.).

Civil servantIs specified separately (National Civil Service LawArticle 16 (Law concerning working hours and leave of general staffArticle 9),Local Civil Service ActArticle 58, etc.).

"Freedom" of break time

As provided in Article 34, Paragraph 3 of the Labor Standards Act, workers must be allowed to take breaks freely. This freedom means the time that workers are guaranteed to leave work as a right.[3], That is, they need to be released from labor and duties[4][5].. For employers who have violated this freedom, the worker is said to have suffered mental distress.PalimonyYou can also claimSupreme CourtThere is a precedent[6].

However, there are certain restrictions on the freedom, and it is not illegal to take a break only within the workplace if you can spend it freely within the workplace (notice)[3][7]).

Things that do not hit the break

If a worker who is on break takes a visitor or makes a phone call, it will be included in the working time, so it does not hit the break[8].

As for the waiting time (hand waiting time) that waits for instructions from users and supervisors and does not work until then, it is still under the command and supervision of the users and supervisors, so it is also a break I don't hit the time[3].

Time off at school

At school and cram school, what is the break time?LessonIt is a time between classes.AichiIn some areas such asAfter school"".

Purpose of rest time

The rest time is the preparation time for the next class.Children-student-StudentIn that casetextbook,NotePreparation of tools such asClassroomIt's time to move. It's also a time to chat and refresh with your friends. At break time, try to act 5 minutes before the class starts, or earlyWCIt is desirable to go to.

In Europe and the United States, rest time is also the time to eat and drink in most countries, and some students bring snacks and fruits brought from home or purchased at school. In Japan, ingestion of foods and drinks other than water is generally not recognized even during breaks, which is a unique phenomenon worldwide.

teacher-lecturerFor me, it is time to return to the staff room and prepare for the next lesson. Also,Subject teacherSchools that take control (especiallySecondary educationIn subsequent schools, what happened during classClass teacherSuch as communicating toteaching materialCreate,homeworkIt will also be the time to check the submitted items, respond to telephone calls during class, and perform other office work to be processed. Therefore, in general, it is difficult for teachers/lecturers to take a break/rest although it is a break.

The actual start of the lecture is delayed by 15 minutes due to the remnants of the fact that Western universities could only know the time on the hour when they relied on the church bell to know the time.Academic quarter』There is a custom, during this time corresponds to the break time used for traveling etc.

Types of rest time

The name of the break time differs depending on the set time and so on.

(General) break time

It is often 10 minutes at most schools and cram schools. It is time to prepare for the next lesson and finish stools if necessary.

Mid-day break

primary schoolSuch as primary educationJunior high schoolIn schools such as lower secondary education, there may be longer breaks than normal breaks between the second and third hours. It usually takes about 2 to 3 minutes.During the holidayshigh schoolIt is not found in upper secondary education and higher education.Also, depending on the area, it may be called "inter-business break", "large break", "intermediate break", "large break", etc.

lunch break

Generally lunch (Lunch) This is the rest time set later. The time is often 20 to 45 minutes. This time isSchoolyardOr play with friends,LibraryでReadingThere are many children / students / students who do this.In addition, although it is used for asking teachers questions about classes and preparing for school events, some elementary, junior high, and high schools also treat lunch (lunch) as a lunch break. There is.At elementary, junior high and high schools, which are cleaned after lunch, children who are not on duty can play for a long time.

After class

(To be exact, it is not a break after school, but it is also described together)
After school is the time after regular school activities have ended. In many schools, the final school departure time is set, and it is often after school until that time. Usually, considering the return of children, students and students,日 没Generally, it will be around the time (around 17:18 to 30:XNUMX), but it depends on the actual conditions of the school and the schedule of the day. After school, children/students/students will leave home if there is no particular need, but on the other hand, more than lunch break, play, read books in the library, ask teachers questions about classes, etc.school eventIt is also the time used to prepare for such things. Also,Extracurricular activities-Circle activityThese are activities that are generally conducted after school.

As mentioned above, the term "after school" is not used in Aichi prefecture where "school" is used to mean rest time, and is called "after class" or "after school" to avoid conflicts in meaning. ..

Problems during break time

Children, students, and students may get injured by running around in the classroom or in the corridor because they play too much with friends. In addition, even though it was originally time to prepare for the lesson, preparation for the lesson was not enoughchimeSome people do not sit in the classroom even when they get angry. In order to deal with these problems, most schools have rules regarding rest time, such as "Do not run in the corridor," and in addition to patrols by teachers, children, students, and studentsCommittee activityIs also underway.


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