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This is an account for "Okinawa TV Broadcasting" (Fuji TV series) news.

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 Okinawa TV

This is an account of "Okinawa TV Broadcasting" (Fuji TV series) news. We will send you the latest news from Okinawa.

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Okinawa TV Broadcast

Okinawa Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(Okinawa TV Hosou,Okinawa Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.[Note 1] Abbreviation : OTV) IsOkinawaTheBroadcast target areaAndTelevision broadcastingDoing business,Specific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

Popular name TheOkinawa TV.callsign TheJOOF-DTV(Naha 15ch..Details will be described later).

Fuji TV series(FNN-FNS), And of digital broadcastingRemote control key IDIs an analog master station 8 ch From "8In the key stationFuji Television Network, Inc・ Semi-key stationKansai TVSame as.


Since Fuji TV has been involved since its foundation, it is affiliated with FNN.TV stationIt is a full-net station of the same series.Currently, all Fuji TV-based nationwide online programs are broadcast in principle (some programs are time-shifted or not online).

However, in Okinawa prefectureNTV seriesStation (NNN/NNS) Is not available[Note 2], Some programs of the NTV series are also broadcast during the time zone of the local frame of the Fuji TV system[Note 3] In addition, every summer broadcast "24-hour TV], [High school quiz"andNew Year's Holidayof"High school soccerAlso participates in "Broadcast of Okinawa Prefecture" (matches involving Okinawa Prefecture representatives in Okinawa Prefecture and national competitions).

The first president of the head office visited Nippon Television in front of Fuji Television and was refused "premature"[9][Note 4].

In the past, in addition to FNS and Fuji TV affiliated stations, the links on the homepageNippon TVとTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.The address of was also posted.

In addition, at one time before returning to the mainland (March 1965-September 3)Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK) had also been broadcast, and OTV had its own sponsor and broadcast the NHK program with commercials.

Fuji TV series late-night anime frame "Noitamina』, Has never been broadcast[10].

Daito IslandsThen, on July 2011, 7Kitadaito Island-Minami Daito IslandAt the same time as NHK and other companies in Okinawa, a terrestrial digital broadcasting relay station was opened. This made it possible to watch local OTV programs that had not been broadcast before. In addition, NTVTV TokyoYou can now watch programs in the local sales frame, including the programs in.

Previously, as an alternative, from Tokyo by companies in Tokyo such as Fuji TVSatellite communicationWas sent byOgasawara IslandsIt received a relay wave for terrestrial broadcasting, converted it to terrestrial broadcasting, and broadcasted it, but the terrestrial broadcasting ended on June 2010, 6. Since then, the program has been broadcast on the safety net of BS digital broadcasting, which the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has been conducting for hearing-impaired areas of terrestrial digital broadcasting.[Note 5].. Information in Okinawa Prefecture was transmitted by inserting a telop on the screen via a telephone line.

Major shareholdersFuji Media Holdingsで[Note 6], Of the companyEquity method affiliate[11].. Affiliated newspapersRyukyu Shimpo[Note 7] とWest Japan Shimbun[Note 8].. Note thatFuji Sankei Group OfSankei ShimbunThe Naha branch office is located inside the company.

2010/2Due to the deterioration of the head office, we succeeded in winning the bid for the Naha Higashimachi Hall in Okinawa Prefecture (prefectural local theater: former Okinawa Prefecture Labor Welfare Hall), so we plan to relocate the hall after dismantling and building a new one. The project started in 2014 for the construction of a new office building, but as of December 2021There is no prospect of relocationIn March 2021, the master equipment was renewed at the current office building, so the plan was virtually unsuccessful.


Main office
OkinawaNahaKumoji1 chome 2 number 20
Tokyo branch office
TokyoChuoGinza4 chome 9 number 8 NMFGinza 4-chome Building 9th floor
Kansai branch
OsakaOsakaKitaUmeda2 chome 4 number 9 Breeze Tower10 floor
Fukuoka branch
FukuokaFukuoka CityChuoDaming2-4-30 Nishitetsu Akasaka Building 3rd floor

Capital structure

The names of companies and organizations and the titles of individuals are as of the time. Source:[12][13][14][15]


CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
2 million yen80,000 share129
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Fuji Media Holdings24,161 share30.20%
Yasuhiro Yamashiro04,222 share05.28%
Daido Fire Marine Insurance03,880 share04.85%

Past capital structure


■ May 3PreviouslyNHKBecause it had a free net system including, it was not a member of the commercial broadcasting network. However, in 1968 (Showa 43)May 12ToOkinawa Broadcasting AssociationCentral Broadcasting Station (currentNHK Okinawa Broadcasting Station) Started broadcasting on TV, and decided to join the commercial broadcasting network.

Company history/commemorative magazine

  • Okinawa TV 30 years history(Okinawa Television Broadcasting General Planning Office, ed.) Published in November 1989, page 11.
  • 50 years history of Okinawa TV broadcasting(Okinawa Television Broadcasting 50 Years History Compilation Committee, ed.) Published March 2010, 3 pages.

Network transition

  • 1959/May 11 - Ryukyu governmentWas issued a television license from and started the first television broadcast. NHK / NTV /Radio Tokyo Television (KRT)·Fuji Television Network, Inc·Nippon Educational Television (NET)Although it adopts a wide-range net system that nets the programs of the above, the micro line with the mainland was not open at the time of the opening of the station.Tape netMet.
  • 1960/May 6 --The program of Radio Tokyo TV has been transferred due to the start of TV broadcasting of Ryukyu Broadcasting.Share the tape net only for commercial broadcasters.
  • 1964/May 10 --The Nichiryu Micro Line opened a month ago (but black and white). This will enable simultaneous internet access from Tokyo and Osaka. Taking this opportunity, we adopted a free net including NHK. The news program is "NHK News(The NHK program was broadcast with a sponsor).
  • 1967/6 - Private Broadcast Education AssociationJoin.
  • 1968/May 12 --Most of NHK's programs will disappear due to the opening of the Okinawa Broadcasting Corporation (some will be broadcast until the following year, and school broadcasts will be broadcast until before returning).However, at this point JapanNews seriesBecause I was not a member ofOTV news』Overcome.
  • 1969/May 4 --Joined the news network FNN.From this day, the news program will be "FNN news] Will be.
  • October 1969, 10-Joined at the same time as the program supply network FNS was launched.With Ryukyu BroadcastingTBS TV・ Exchange Fuji TV programs.As a result, the former program disappears.In the form of sharing with Ryukyu Broadcasting, NTV, NET,Tokyo 12 ChannelContinued the program sales net of.
  • 1972/May 5 --Okinawa's administrationThe United States of AmericaからJapanWill be returned to. License businessMinistry of Post(Current:Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Was taken over and a Japanese television license was issued and officially joined the FNN / FNS / Commercial Broadcasting Education Association.At the same time, the micro line shifts from black and white to color.It became a complete color.father,NHK educational TVWas opened on the main island of Okinawa on the same day, so the NHK school broadcasting that remained in the authorities was transferred, and the NHK program disappeared completely.
  • 1975/May 3 --By eliminating intestinal twist, with Ryukyu BroadcastingEvery day broadcasting-Asahi BroadcastingExchange some programs (this causes Mainichi Broadcasting System programs to disappear).
  • 1994/April 4-Two months before the establishment of Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting by Ryukyu Broadcasting and TV Asahi, TV Asahi's programs (excluding those produced by the Folklore Association) will be broadcast only on Ryukyu Broadcasting, and have been broadcast on the main station so far. The TV Asahi program that had been on the scene disappears.Although it is currently an affiliated station of Fuji TV, it continues to sell programs on NTV and TV TOKYO shared with Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation.[Note 17], Sometimes sponsored NTV programs in the local sales frame.


The broadcasting area is a part of Okinawa prefecture and Amami region of Kagoshima prefecture.

Digital broadcasting


Remote control key ID: 8

  • NahaHeadquarters[21]
  • Sashiki 31ch / 3W (Broadcast started on December 2007, 12)
  • Nakijin 15ch / 30W (Broadcast started on December 2007, 12)
  • Kumejima 31ch / 3W (Broadcast started on December 2007, 12)
  • Headquarters 50ch / 100mW (Broadcast started on December 2008, 12)
  • Okinawa Ishikawa 31ch / 300mW (Broadcast started on December 2008, 12)
  • Kumejima Higashi 22ch, 10mW (Broadcast started on December 2008, 12)
  • Miyakojima 15ch / 100W (Broadcast started on October 2009, 10)
  • Tarama 45ch / 10mW (Broadcast started on October 2009, 10)
  • Ishigaki 35ch / 100W (Broadcast started on October 2009, 10)
  • Ishigaki Kabira 20ch / 30W (Broadcast started on October 2009, 10)
  • Sono 42ch / 1W (Broadcast started on October 2009, 10)
  • Yonaguni 35ch / 1W (Broadcast started on October 2009, 10)
  • Inner road 21ch / 10mW (Broadcast started on October 2009, 10)
  • Ginowan 48ch / 1W (Broadcast started on December 2009, 12)
  • Goya 31ch / 1W (Broadcast started on December 2009, 12)
  • Gushikawa 23ch / 1W (Broadcast started on December 2009, 12)
  • Izena East 30ch / 50mW (Broadcast started on March 2010, 3)
  • Izena Nishi 33ch / 50mW (Broadcast started on March 2010, 3)
  • Generous 22ch / 0.01W (Broadcast started on March 2010, 3) * New digital station
  • Plateau 31ch / 10mW (Broadcast started on July 2010, 7)
  • Kitanakagusuku 40ch / 10mW (Broadcast started on July 2010, 7)
  • Minamidaito 36ch / 3W (Broadcast started on July 2011, 7) * New digital station
  • Kitadaito 46ch / 3W (Broadcast started on July 2011, 7) * New digital station
The Sakishima relay station was originally scheduled to start broadcasting in May 2009, but due to technical problems it was postponed and the main broadcast started on October 5 with a delay of more than five and a half months.
The Daito Islands (both relay stations in Minamidaito and Kitadaito) had not been clarified for a long time due to the laying of submarine cables, but the submarine cable laying work was carried out in early 2011 and officially announced on July 7 of the same year. Opened.
Kagoshima OfWadomari TownIt is inCable TVIn the station "", with two other commercial broadcasters in OkinawaNHK Okinawa Broadcasting StationWith NHK General TVRebroadcast outside the areaAre doing.

About callsign

  • Call sign "JO * F"Is originally a latecomerAM radioIs it a specialized station?LatteAlthough it is used for stations, JOOF of Okinawa TV was originally Gifu Broadcasting System →Radio tokai(Gifu.. PresentGifuhosoIt was something that (not related to Gifu Chan) had. But with Radio TokaiMieRadio Mie →Kinki Tokai Broadcasting(RMC → KTB,Call sign JOXR) Merged and mergedTokai Radio Broadcast(Callsign JOSF), So the call sign is returned.[Note 18].
  • When Okinawa returned to Japan from the United States in 1972, this callsign was revived in place of the callsign based on the Japanese broadcasting law. The same caseRadio OkinawaBut also.
  • The abbreviation "OTV" was used in the pastOsaka Television Broadcast(Osaka) Was used, but since it was under American rule at that time, "OTV" was used as an abbreviation regardless. Osaka TV Broadcasting was a radio stationAsahi Broadcasting (ABC)With the merger with, the abbreviation of "OTV" was no longer used, and it was possible to continue using it without problems when returning to Okinawa. By the way, the call sign of Osaka TV Broadcasting "JOBX-TVIs the successor to Asahi Television Broadcasting[Note 19] Affiliated station ofOita Asahi BroadcastingUsed by (OAB).

Analog broadcasting

As of July 2011, 7

  • Naha Headquarters
    • Callsign: JOOF-TV
    • Channel: 8ch
      • Video frequency: 193.25MHz
      • Voice frequency: 197.75MHz
    • Antenna power
      • Video output: 5kW (maximum effective radiated power 44kW)
      • Audio output: 1.25kW (maximum effective radiated power 11kW)
    • Transmission station: 1019 Takayasu, Tomigusuku-shi (former NHK Okinawa Broadcasting Station premises. Currently, Tomigusuku Takayasu TV / FM transmission station)
      • The transmission tower is jointly with NHK (analog TV, digital TV, FM) and Ryukyu Broadcasting (analog TV).The transmission station building is shared with Ryukyu Broadcasting's analog TV.(It will be located separately from the digital TV transmission station building)

Okinawa main island and its surroundings

Sakishima Islands(Broadcast started on December 1993, 12)

No relay station was set up on Daito Island until the end, and Fuji TV was used as an alternative transmission until June 2010.


Disasters, election specials, year-end and New Year holidays,FNS dayExcept for such things, it is not broadcast all night.

Programs currently on air

TaiziIs subtitled[22][Note 20].

Main in-house programs

  • OTV Live News(Monday-Saturday 20:54-21: 00, Sunday 21:48-21:54)
  • OTV Live News It!(Monday-Friday 16:50-19:00, Saturday and Sunday 17:30-18:00)
  • Local theater(4th Tuesday 15: 50-16: 50) (A longevity program that has been broadcast since its opening.SKY PerfecTV!Broadcasting on (Home Drama Channel). )
  • (Wednesday 16:20-16:50)
  • (Thursday 15: 50-16: 20)
  • (Friday 11:20 --11:25)
  • (Friday 19:00 --19:30)
  • (Saturday 10: 25-10: 55)
  • (Saturday 10: 55-11: 15)
  • (Saturday 11:15 --11:30 Program ends on December 2021, 12)
  • (Saturday 11: 30-11: 45)
  • (Saturday 11: 45-11: 50)
  • (Saturday 17:00-17:25,BSJapanext(On the Internet since the opening of the same station)
  • Hi-Poo ☆ Hop(Saturday 18: 00-18: 55)
  • (Saturday 18: 55-19: 00)
  • (Sunday 8:30-8:55)
  • (Sunday 9:55-10:00)[23]
  • Kings on TV (Ryukyu Golden KingsMatch broadcast)
  • New Year! Oh laugh O-1 Grand Prix(August 1th every year)

Fuji TV series time shift net program

Programs without the production station notation are produced by Fuji TV.

Other series net programs


Since there is no Nippon TV series in Okinawa Prefecture, not only are the programs sold by Nippon TV series programs, but also special programs such as "24-hour TV", "High School Soccer", and "High School Student Quiz" are broadcast in Okinawa. There is a tie-up relationship with the Nippon Television affiliate, such as serving as a participating station.In addition, there are special versions of programs that will be broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays, such as broadcasting many sponsored net programs, and if the Japanese game at the FIFA World Cup broadcast by Nippon Television is also broadcast in Okinawa, the authorities will be the recipient. Most are broadcast with different broadcast times. "24-hour TV" has been replaced with Fuji TV series programs in some time zones because there are times when Fuji TV series simultaneous net programs are broadcast.Programs without the production station notation are produced by NTV.

Sponsored Net Show
Program sales treatment
Special program
  • 24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"(Every year in late August. The Fuji TV system is linked to data broadcasting on the local time zone at the same time. Some sponsored nets. The special drama is a time shift net in the "Saturday drama" frame. The ending is a time shift net but broadcast In some cases, if a typhoon is expected to approach Okinawa Prefecture, fund-raising activities on the street will be refrained.[Note 27]. )
In the case of 2020
Sunday 2:15 --2:20 (Saturday midnight) "Okinawa area opening"
Sunday 2:20-6:00 (Saturday midnight) "PART.2-3 (partial)" Simultaneous net with jumping and jumping
Sunday 9: 30-9: 42 "Okinawa version" (local zone)
Sunday 9:42 --11:14 "PART.4" simultaneous net
Sunday 12:24 --16:54 "PART.6" simultaneous net
Monday 0:30 --2:24 (Sunday midnight) "PART.7 (part after 19:XNUMX)" Timeshift net
Next Saturday 12:00 --14:00 "Special Drama" Timeshift Net
In the case of 2021
Sunday 2:15 --2:20 (Saturday midnight) "Okinawa area opening"
Sunday 2:20-6:00 (Saturday midnight) "PART.2-3 (partial)" Simultaneous net with jumping and jumping
Sunday 9: 20-9: 30 "Okinawa version" (local zone)
Sunday 9:30 --11:14 "PART.4" simultaneous net
Sunday 15:00 --16:54 "PART.6" simultaneous net * "Widena ShowBy the time shift net of "" and the simultaneous net of Fuji TV's "SP just before the opening of the Tokyo Paralympics-" Words "that support transcendental athletes-"
Monday 0:30 --2:24 (Sunday midnight) "PART.7 (part after 19:XNUMX)" Timeshift net
Next Saturday 12:00 --14:00 "Special Drama" Timeshift Net

* After 2016, the time for the "Okinawa Local" club at 9:00 on Sundays will be shortened.Furthermore, in 2017-2019, it is fixed in front of the entrance of Okinawa TV, and after 2020, it is fixed to the report of two personalities in the studio.

TV Tokyo

Programs broadcast in the past

In-house program

10 o'clock in the morning
  • スタジオ8 10時です OTVです(1980å¹´10月6日 - 1985å¹´9月27日)→すくらんぶる8(1985å¹´9月30日 - 1986å¹´3月28日)
Evening frame
Saturday 18:00 frame
Saturday 18:30 frame
  • BOOM BOOM(1996å¹´5月4日 - 2001å¹´9月) - 開始当初から1999å¹´3月までは土曜14:00 - 14:30。1999å¹´4月~最終回は土曜18:30 - 19:00。
  • Burning Music Salon DEEP BEAT (October 2001-March 10) --At the beginning, it was Saturday 2005:3 --18:30, but half a year later, it was moved up to 19:00 in April 2002. Moved to Friday 4:18-00:2004 in January 1.
  • Uchina communication
  • Sticking to Uchina information
  • Zoom up OTV (April 1991-March 4, 2004)
Monday 19:00 frame
  • Earthlings from Okinawa→World Uchinanchu Journey(April 1987, 4-March 12, 2000) (SKY PerfecTV! 110-AQ station[26] It was rebroadcast on.AlsoHawaii OfCable TVIt was also broadcast on the Japanese channel NGN (Nippon Golden Network) ch677. April-November 2009 was rebroadcast on Monday midnight to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the opening of the station. )
  • Mysterious! Why? Okinawan creatures (January 1993, 1-May 11, 5)
  • Long live humans! Breath to tomorrow (May 1993, 5-September 10, 9)
  • World Chanpuru Watter Friend! (April 1994, 4-September 11)
  • クイズ・不思議列島ヌー?→不思議列島ヌー?ふるさと再発見→ヌー?DEネット!(1995å¹´4月10日 - 1996å¹´9月23日、1997å¹´4月28日 - 9月22日、1998å¹´4月20日 - 9月28日)
  • Flapping! Southern colonies (April 2005, 4-March 25, 2006)
  • Dikeys
  • Chef Doboshi's Masando
  • Yugafufufu(Monday → Friday 19:00 --19:27[27])
  • ウチナー待夢→気まぐれワンダーランド→じゃかALIVE(1992å¹´4月3日 - 1994å¹´3月)→じゃか×2ALIVE(1994å¹´4月 - 1997å¹´3月30日)
  • Ruzubox → Trendy communication PTA
  • Okinawa Telelab (April 1999-)
Midnight frame
  • ガチャウマ!→プレミア(木曜25:45 - 26:15→金曜25:00 - 25:30、1999å¹´10月 - 2002å¹´3月29日)
  • (Saturday 25:15-25:45, April 2001-June 4, 2002)
  • FEC Okinawa ○○ Variety(2 series broadcast)
  • What is it?[28]
  • Ikeda Duty Free Shop (2 series broadcast so far)
  • Weekly Kings TV(bj leagueBroadcast only during the season)
  • Over's proud bomb pot(2012)
  • BANG ☆ NIGHT Hi ~ Pu ~ (Sunday 2:05 --2:20 (1st and 3rd Saturday midnight))
    • GONGON (Sunday 2:05 --2:20 (2nd and 4th Saturday midnight)[29])
  • What time is it (1982,Kotaro Oyomi,Kitamura SaburoDrama)
  • People at Akebono-so (2001/2005, drama starring Saburo Kitamura)
  • (Broadcast at the beginning of the station)
  • Mimi Ali Mary (Saturday 10:25-10:55)
  • →
  • Halcer acre
  • Real face BOSS (2 series broadcast)
  • 098TV

And many others

Fuji TV series time shift net program

(Including programs that have not been broadcast on key stations)

Simultaneous online program of Fuji TV series

Internet programs (other than Fuji TV series)



TV Tokyo


TV Asahi


Commercial Broadcasting Education Association (Private Education Association)
  • Comedy manga dojo(Even after the NNS program was made, it was treated as another series program and moved to RBC in October 1991 with the opposite pattern to "Taiyo ni ...")
  • Harvest time(Chiba TVSecretary)
  • Oni Inspector Ironside(Although it is a TBS program, it is broadcast as a sales program because it is out of the RBC organization)
  • Superman
  • (Production, January 2010, 1 3:5-25:5) * HD
Okinawa Broadcasting Corporation (OHK) NHK program that was broadcast until the opening of the station


* Most of the programs were sponsored independently on the OTV side, and commercials were broadcast before and after the program.






  • Hidemitsu Shimabukuro(In 1940Gushikawa CityI'm from. While enrolledUniversity of the RyukyusPart-time lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Literature, training lecturer at the Okinawa General Bureau staff. Commentator → Vice Chairman of Okinawa City Agricultural Committee → Okinawa Prefecture Public Relations Advisor →Uruma City-Nanjo City-Yaese TownExternal committee member)
  • Shinichi Maehara(1973-, interviewed Okinawan people from all over the world for many years. Director of the Caster Office → Director of the Press Department → Deputy Director of the Press Bureau → Director of the Press Production Bureau → Director (in charge of the Press Production Bureau) → Managing Director (in charge of the Press Production Bureau / Organization Bureau → Press Production (Responsible for Bureau, Organization Bureau, Program Promotion Office), Honorary Doctor of Humanities at Manoa School, University of Hawaii. After retiring, he was a radio navigator in the old nest.Radio OkinawaThan)
  • Kazumi Nakazato (Treatment as Director of Library Department, Press Production Bureau)
  • Akio Nakayasu (Treatment of the Director of the Organization and Operation Department → General Manager of the Program Promotion Office → Currently: General Manager of the News Department of the News Production Bureau)
  • Akio Matsuda (1974[45] -)
  • Fumiki Yamakawa (Deputy Director of Press Production Bureau → Deputy Director of Sales Bureau / General Manager of Sales Promotion Department → Currently: Deputy Director of Sales Bureau)
  • Okane Renri
  • Akinobu Ito (1993-March 2011, Deputy General Manager of News Department, News Production Bureau → Deputy General Manager of Business Department, Sales Bureau → Deputy General Manager of Sales Promotion Department, Business Bureau → Deputy General Manager, News Department, News Production Bureau)
  • Miyoshi james(2005-June 2014, nowRKB Mainichi Broadcasting Systemannouncer)
  • Takahiro Furukawa(April 1997-March 4, transferred to the sales office)


  • Atsuko Yamakawa (Member of the Program Council)
  • Mitsuko Yoshimura
  • Reiko Terada (1974-? (Former Deputy Director of Announcement Office), Environmental Journalist, Deputy Representative of Okinawa Tamsui Network)
  • Megumi Nakachi(1990-January 2007)
  • Akiko Motohashi(1995-March 2011, Press Production Bureau Production Department → Press Production Bureau Deputy Director)
  • Yukari Kaneko(September 2007-September 9, after leaving the companyTV West JapanNews Department Contract Reporter →Free announcerActivities in Okinawa Prefecture)
  • Sayaka Tsurubuchi(October 2011-March 4,Fukui BroadcastingTransfer more. CurrentlyOffice keywordFree announcer belonging to Tokyo office)
  • Ryoko Asa(1986-Transferred to Sales Bureau in March 2018)
  • (2013-Transferred to Sales Bureau in March 2019)

Mascot character

  • Mojara / Mojari (first generation)
  • Yutan (2nd generation)
    • By the way, both have the meaning of "tree fairy" in Okinawa.KijimunaIs the motif.


  • OTV uses a logo mark that schematizes the remote control number "8" of the same station. By the way, Fuji TV, which is the key station of OTV, is currently Eyeball mark Before its appearance, the mark with the motif of "8" (commonly known as the 8 mark, made by Yusaku Kamekura) was used as the symbol mark.SheqiUsed for such as. Also, the master station is 8ch in the same FNS series.Kinki wide areaQuasi-key station OfKansai TVBut until March 2015, the logo mark that schematized "3" (Yoshio HayakawaWas used for the company emblem and company flag of the station.
    • However, the difference is that Fuji TV has a curved line, Kansai TV has a straight line, and the main station OTV has a straight line-based design that incorporates curves, and each station is differentiated.

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Fuji TV series

Fuji TV seriesWhat is (Fuji TV Keiretsu)?Fuji TelevisionTheKey stationToBroadcaster Ofnetwork.


There are two networks in the Fuji TV series.one Fuji News Network(Fuji News Network, FNN), and the other isFuji network(Fuji Network System, FNS).The former isNewsThe latter aims to supply programs, and the latter to supply other broadcast programs.

All member stations are TV-only, and become FNN / FNS affiliated stationsLatteThere is no station[1].

List of Fuji TV series

Terrestrial wave

Satellite broadcasting


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  1. ^ Incidentally,Fuji Television(CX),Tokai TV broadcasting(THK)Radio stations(RespectivelyNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.とTokai Radio Broadcast) To an affiliated company.In stations that had an affiliated relationship in the pastKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(in factNETseriesCross net.At that time, ANN and FNN / FNS as an organization were not established)Sapporo TV Broadcasting(NTV seriesCross net with.Fuji TV series is not a member of FNN.The radio division was spun off after the unification of Nippon Television Network System) was also operated as a latte.

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