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😷 | [DeNA] Ishida joins the team and fights back in Yokohama!All 12 players return from corona positive

Photo Kenta Ishida of Yokohama DeNA

[DeNA] Ishida joins the team and fights back in Yokohama!All 12 players return from corona positive

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Practice resumes at the 2nd military facility "DOCK" in Yokosuka City.

On the 24th, pitcher Kenta Ishida (29), who had been positive for the new coronavirus, joined the team at Yokohama DeNA ... → Continue reading

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2 military facilities


Yokosuka(Yokosuka) isKanagawaSoutheasternMiura Peninsulaに 位置 す るCity.Core cityIs specified in.


It occupies most of the Miura Peninsula located in the southeastern part of Kanagawa Prefecture, and the eastern side of the city area isTokyo Bay(Uraga Suido), westSagami BayFacing.The only nature in Tokyo Bay(I.e.IsSarushimaIs also included in the administrative district.The highest point of altitude in the administrative area isMt. OogusuyamaAt an altitude of 242mMiura PeninsulaIt is the highest peak of.There are no mountains that are so high, but the central part is mountainous or steep hills (Miura Hills) Is the center and there is little flat land.Therefore, the coastline has been reclaimed for a long time, and it is nowCity center(Keikyu OfYokosuka Chuo StationMost of the surrounding area is in a landfill.Also, because of the terrain where the mountains approach the coasttunnelAbout half of the road and railroad tunnels in Kanagawa Prefecture are concentrated in the city.Directly belowMiura Peninsula Fault GroupIs located.

The Tokyo Bay, where the city's administrative and economic urban functions are concentrated, is crowded with large factories and houses, but the Sagami Bay is rich in nature and agriculture is flourishing.From the city center to central TokyoKeikyu Main LineAt a distance of about 1 hour, JRYokosuka LineThen it takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes.AlsoYokohama Yokosuka Roadな どRegional high standard roadIs maintained, and it is said that it is a weekday morning commuting time by carTokyo International AirportIt takes about 1 hour to reach central Tokyo and about 1 hour and 15 minutes to central Tokyo.

Tokyo BayTo be located at the entrance ofEdo PeriodAs a base for national defenseImperial Japanese NavyYokosuka Guardian OfficeTo holdMilitary portcity(Military capitalProspered as.Even nowUS Navy7th fleet-Yokosuka Navy FacilityandJMSDFSelf-defense fleet-Yokosuka local unitandJapan Ground Self-Defense ForceTakeyama station-Kurihama station,Japan Air Self-Defense ForceTakeyama Branch BaseThere are many bases such as, and even now, many remnants of the former military city and port remain.Also, educational facilities related to the Self-Defense Forces (National Defense Academy,Ground Self-Defense Force Higher Technical School) Is also placed.

Due to the geographical factor that the terrain tends to be mountainous because it is located in the Miura Hills, it is not possible to expect a large population increase in the future, so under the slogan of "International Umi no Te Cultural City" We are aiming for an increase and "a city where people can come again".As a measureYokosuka Research Park (YRP) Establishment and development, higher education institutions (Kanagawa Prefectural University of Health and Welfare, Attracting a welfare 4-year university to the site of the former Sunshine Elementary School)Navy curry,Yokosuka Navy Burger(Local burger) promotes the city and has an exotic atmosphereDobuita Street, Attracting anime works and tie-up projects in which the city appears,Verny Park(Starting point of the 1-meter promenade project),Mikasa Park,Kurihama Flower Land,Nagai Uminote Park Soleil Hill,Yokosuka Museum of ArtEtc., the maintenance of tourist facilities is being actively carried out.

In addition, the income level of citizens is the second lowest in the prefecture after Miura City (however, it is higher than the municipalities of other prefectures) due to the disaster that the core industry is a heavy and long industry that is easily affected by the economy. With a large population, the income of municipal tax is the worst 3 in the prefecture, and the city's finances have to rely on municipal bonds and local allocation tax.Municipal bond redemption is putting pressure on the city's finances, making the city's finances very difficult.At one point, the corporate municipal tax was increasing due to the YRP effect despite the annual population decline of several thousand people, but it has almost leveled off for the past five years and has leveled off.[1].


Adjacent local governments


About 3 years ago (Paleolithic)stone toolAnd a row of rectangular pits made before 29000 have been found in.Jomon PeriodWhen you enter, it is a trace of your lifeShell moundWill be scattered throughout the city.Kofun periodAlthough small in sizeOld tombIs made,Nara periodUntil the middleSagami countryからKazusaOldTokaidoWas understood.

Sogenji Temple in KugochoSogenji Temple) Is one of the oldest temples in the prefecture,Miura-gunIt is said that it was the administrative center of Japan.中 世ToMiura,laterMr. Sagami MiuraWill dominate the area, but during the Warring States periodHojoDestroyed byTokugawa IeyasuBecomes the territory of.Edo PeriodWhen you enter, it becomes the gateway to the capital from the sea, and you can see TomyodoBugyoshoWas placed.1720/Since the Uraga Magistrate's Office was established in (Kyoho 5th year)UragaProspered as a commercial area.

BakumatsuToKurofune visitBecome the land ofKannonzaki LighthouseLighting,Yokosuka Works,Yokosuka Guardian OfficeInstallation,Yokosuka LineIt developed as a key point in modernization and national defense, such as the opening of the city, and achieved the second city system enforcement in the prefecture after Yokohama city.ShowaIn the timesImperial Japanese NavyIt became a major base, and by annexing the surrounding towns and villages with military facilities, a city area almost the same as the present was formed (Zushi Town was later separated).For this reason, in Yokosuka CityGreat Showa mergerNo merger of cities, towns and villages has been carried out.

After the war TheU.S. Forces,SDFIs stationed whileTokyo,Yokohamaな どCapital Area OfBed townDeveloped as.

Chronological Table


1992/On May 4, (5), the highest number was recorded at 1.After that, it started to decrease, and in February 43, it was announced that the estimated population was 7171.[3], It has fallen below the 1977 mark for the first time in 41 years since 40. The population in 2021 will be about 39.

Population distribution by age in Yokosuka City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yokosuka City (2005)
Purple-Yokosuka City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yokosuka City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


In Yokosuka City, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented (implementation rate 68.36%).Also,1949/から1956/In some areas, the street numbers were rearranged.The underlined town names in the town name column before the addressing system is all, and the others are part of it, and if there is a number at the end of the town name, it indicates chome.In addition, if there is a * mark in the town name column, it means that there is an area where the residential address has not been displayed in a part of the town area.

Yokosuka City Hall jurisdiction (69 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Sakamotocho XNUMX-chomeSakamotocho1949/9/1Not implemented
Sakamotocho XNUMX-chome1949/9/1Not implemented
Sakamotocho XNUMX-chome1949/9/1Not implemented
Sakamotocho XNUMX-chome1949/9/1Not implemented
Sakamotocho XNUMX-chome1949/9/1Not implemented
Sakamotocho XNUMX-chome1949/9/1Not implemented
Shioiricho XNUMX-chomeOiri Oiri1949/9/1Not implemented
Shioiricho XNUMX-chome1949/9/1Not implemented
Shioiricho XNUMX-chome1949/9/1Not implemented
Shioiricho XNUMX-chome1949/9/1Not implemented
Shioiricho XNUMX-chome1949/9/1Not implemented
Honmachi XNUMX-chomeReally1949/4/1Not implemented
Honmachi XNUMX-chome1949/4/1Not implemented
Honmachi XNUMX-chome1949/4/1Not implemented
Inaoka TownInaoka1889/4/1Not implemented
KusugaurachoKusugauracho1889/4/1Not implemented
TomarimachiTomaricho1889/4/1Not implemented
SarushimaSarushima1949/4/1Not implemented
ShinkochoShinkocho1975/5/1Not implemented
Ogawa TownOgawacho1949/4/1Not implemented
Odakicho XNUMX-chomeOdakicho1949/4/1Not implemented
Odakicho XNUMX-chome1949/4/1Not implemented
MidorigaokaGreen1949/4/1Not implemented
Wakamatsucho XNUMX-chomeWakamatsucho1949/4/1Not implemented
Wakamatsucho XNUMX-chome1949/4/1Not implemented
Wakamatsucho XNUMX-chome1949/4/1Not implemented
Hinodecho XNUMX-chomeHinodecho1949/4/1Not implemented
Hinodemachi XNUMX-chome1949/4/1Not implemented
Hinodecho XNUMX-chome1949/4/1Not implemented
Yonegahamadori XNUMX-chomeYonega Hama street1949/4/1Not implemented
Yonegahamadori XNUMX-chome1949/4/1Not implemented
Heiseicho XNUMX-chomeHeiseichoNovember xx, 1992Not implemented
Heiseicho XNUMX-chomeNovember xx, 1992Not implemented
Heiseicho XNUMX-chomeNovember xx, 1992Not implemented
Yasuuracho XNUMX-chomeYasuracho1949/6/1Not implemented
Yasuuracho XNUMX-chome1949/6/1Not implemented
Yasuuracho XNUMX-chome1949/6/1Not implemented
Miharucho XNUMX-chomeMiharucho1949/6/1Not implemented
Miharucho XNUMX-chome1949/6/1Not implemented
Miharucho XNUMX-chome1949/6/1Not implemented
Miharu Town XNUMX-chome1949/6/1Not implemented
Miharu Town XNUMX-chome1949/6/1Not implemented
XNUMX-chome, Miharu-cho1949/6/1Not implemented
Fujimicho XNUMX-chomeFujimi1950/8/1Not implemented
Fujimicho XNUMX-chome1950/8/1Not implemented
Fujimicho XNUMX-chome1950/8/1Not implemented
TadodaiFollow me1950/8/1Not implemented
FukadadaiFukadai1950/8/1Not implemented
Uemachi XNUMX-chomeUwamachi1950/8/1Not implemented
Kamimachi XNUMX-chome1950/8/1Not implemented
Uwamachi XNUMX-chome1950/8/1Not implemented
Kamimachi XNUMX-chome1950/8/1Not implemented
Iriyamazucho XNUMX-chomeIriya first butterfly1950/8/1Not implemented
Iriyamazucho XNUMX-chome1950/8/11971/11/1Iriyamazucho 2
Iriyamazucho XNUMX-chome1950/8/1Not implemented
Iriyamazucho XNUMX-chome1950/8/1Not implemented
Tsurugaoka XNUMX-chomeTsurugaoka1971/11/11971/11/1Iriyamazucho 2, Iriyamazucho 3
Tsurugaoka XNUMX-chome1971/11/11971/11/1Iriyamazucho 2, Iriyamazucho 3
HeiwadaiHey1971/11/11971/11/1Iriyamazucho 2
Shiomidai XNUMX-chomeShiomidai1971/11/11971/11/1Iriyamazucho 2, Sanocho 4
Shiomidai XNUMX-chome1971/11/11971/11/1Iriyamazucho 2, Sanocho 4
Shiomidai XNUMX-chome1971/11/11971/11/1Iriyamazucho 2, Sanocho 4
BoyodaiBoy1971/11/11971/11/1Sano Town 4, Sano Town 6, Kinukasa Sakae Town 1, Kinukasa Sakae Town 2
XNUMX-chome, Sano-choSanocho1950/8/1Not implemented
Sanocho XNUMX-chome1950/8/1Not implemented
Sano Town XNUMX-chome1950/8/1Not implemented
Sanocho XNUMX-chome1950/8/1Not implemented
XNUMX-chome, Sano-cho1950/8/1Not implemented
XNUMX-chome, Sanocho1950/8/1Not implemented
Oppama Administration CenterJurisdiction (xx town street)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
TakatoriXNUMX and XNUMX chomeTakatoridatedate
OppamahonchoXNUMX and XNUMX chomeOppa MahonchodateNot implemented
NatsushimachoNatsushimachodateNot implemented
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeUragouchidateNot implemented
OppamahigashichoXNUMX to XNUMX chomeOppa MahigashichodateNot implemented
HamamidaiXNUMX and XNUMX chomeHamamidaidatedate
OppamachoXNUMX to XNUMX chomeOppamachodateNot implemented
OppamaminamichoXNUMX to XNUMX chomeOppama MinamichodateNot implemented
ShonantakatoriXNUMX to XNUMX chomeShonan Takatoridatedate
Taura Administration CenterJurisdiction (25 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Funakoshicho XNUMX-chomeFunakoshicho1952/4/1Not implemented
Funakoshicho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Funakoshicho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Funakoshicho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Funakoshicho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Funakoshicho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Funakoshicho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Funakoshicho XNUMX-chome1977/3/11977/3/1Uragocho 1, Uragocho 2, Oppamahigashicho 1, Funakoshicho 6, Funakoshicho 7
1985/3/1Uragocho 1, Funakoshicho 7
2008/7/1Oppamahigashicho 1
Minatogaoka XNUMX-chomeMinatogaoka1999/6/51999/6/5Funakoshi Town 2, Tanoura Town 5, Tanoura Town 6
Minatogaoka XNUMX-chome1999/6/51999/6/5Funakoshicho 1, Funakoshicho 2, Tauracho 6
TauraminatochoTaura Minatocho1952/4/1Not implemented
Tauracho XNUMX-chomeTauracho1952/4/1Not implemented
Tanouramachi XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Tauracho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Tauracho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Tauracho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Tauracho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Taura OsakuchoTaura Osakucho1952/4/1Not implemented
TauraizumichoTaura Izumicho1952/4/1Not implemented
Nagauracho XNUMX-chomeNagauracho1952/4/1Not implemented
Nagauracho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Nagauracho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Nagauracho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Nagauracho XNUMX-chome1952/4/1Not implemented
Hakozaki TownHakozakicho1952/4/1Not implemented
Izumi Administration CenterJurisdiction (12 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
AnjindaiAnjindai1991/6/11991/6/1Nagauramachi 1, Nagauramachi 2, Nagauramachi 3, Yoshikuracho 1, Yoshikuracho 2
Yoshikuracho XNUMX-chomeYoshikuracho1950/1/1Not implemented
Yoshikuracho XNUMX-chome1950/1/1Not implemented
Nishihemicho XNUMX-chomeNishihemicho1950/1/1Not implemented
Nishihemicho XNUMX-chome1950/1/1Not implemented
Nishihemicho XNUMX-chome1950/1/1Not implemented
Yamanaka TownYamanakacho1950/1/1Not implemented
Higashihemicho XNUMX-chomeHigashi Hemicho1950/1/1Not implemented
Higashihemicho XNUMX-chome1950/1/1Not implemented
Higashihemicho XNUMX-chome1950/1/1Not implemented
Higashihemicho XNUMX-chome1950/1/1Not implemented
HemigaokaHemi1994/6/11994/6/1Higashihemicho 3, Higashihemicho 4, Sakamotocho 4, Sakamotocho 6, Ikegami 1
Kinugasa Administration CenterJurisdiction (xx town street)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeKugouchidateNot implemented
Kinukasa Sakae TownXNUMX to XNUMX chomeKinuka SakaechodateNot implemented
KanayaXNUMX to XNUMX chomeKaneyadatedate
IkegamiXNUMX-XNUMX chomeSicknessdatedate
XNUMX-XNUMX chomeHirasakudatedate
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeKoyabe1967/6/11967/6/1
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeOyabedatedate
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeMorisakiSeptember 1967, 6 (1-XNUMX)1967/6/1
Otsu Administration CenterJurisdiction (28 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Negishicho XNUMX-chomeNegishicho1954/4/12001/8/25Negishicho 1, Negishicho 2
Negishicho XNUMX-chome1954/4/12001/8/25Negishicho 2
Negishicho XNUMX-chome1954/4/12001/8/25Negishicho 3
Negishicho XNUMX-chome1954/4/12001/8/25Negishicho 4
Negishicho XNUMX-chome1954/4/12001/8/25Negishicho 5, Otsucho 5
Otsumachi XNUMX-chomeOtsucho1954/4/12000/11/25Otsucho 1, Maboricho Kaigan 1, Miharucho 4
XNUMX-chome, Ozu-cho1954/4/12000/11/25Otsucho 2
Ozu Town XNUMX-chome1954/4/12000/11/25Otsucho 3
Ozu Town XNUMX-chome1954/4/12000/11/25Otsucho 4
Ozu Town XNUMX-chome1954/4/12000/11/25Otsucho 5, Negishicho 5, Miharucho 5
Maborikaigan XNUMX-chomeKaigan cancerdate1999/11/6Mabori Beach 1, Ozu Town 1
Maborikaigan XNUMX-chomedate1999/11/6Mabori Beach 2
Maborikaigan XNUMX-chomedate1999/11/6Mabori Beach 3
Maborikaigan XNUMX-chomedate1999/11/6Maborikaigan 4, Hashirimizu 1, Maboricho 4
Hashirimizu XNUMX-chomeHashirimizu1964/9/11964/9/1Oaza Hashirimizu, Oaza Otsu, Oaza Kamoi
Hashirimizu XNUMX-chome1964/9/11964/9/1Oaza Hashirimizu, Oaza Kamoi
Maboricho XNUMX-chomeMaboricho1954/4/12000/11/25Maboricho 1
Maboricho XNUMX-chome1954/4/12000/11/25Maboricho 2, Maboricho 1
Maboricho XNUMX-chome1954/4/12000/11/25Maboricho 3
Maboricho XNUMX-chome1954/4/12000/11/25Maboricho Town 4, Maboricho Town 3
Sakuragaoka XNUMX-chomeSakura is ok1976/3/11976/3/1Maboricho Town 1, Maboricho Town 2, Ikeda Town 1, Yoshii, Uraga Town 2
Sakuragaoka XNUMX-chome1976/3/11976/3/1Maboricho Town 2, Uraga Town 2
XNUMX-chome, Ikeda-choIkedacho1954/4/11998/9/26Ikeda-cho 1, Ikeda-cho 2, Negishi-cho 2
XNUMX-chome, Ikeda-cho1954/4/11998/9/26Ikeda Town 2, Ikeda Town 4
Ikedacho XNUMX-chome1954/4/11998/9/26Ikeda Town 3, Ikeda Town 1, Ikeda Town 2, Ikeda Town 4, Sakuragaoka 1
XNUMX-chome, Ikeda-cho1954/4/11998/9/26Ikeda Town 4, Ikeda Town 5
Ikedacho XNUMX-chome1954/4/11998/9/26Ikedacho 5
XNUMX-chome, Ikeda-cho1989/2/131989/2/13Ikedacho 1, Ikedacho 2, Ikedacho 5
Uraga Administration CenterJurisdiction (35 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Yoshii XNUMX-chomeGood1998/9/261998/9/26Yoshii, Uraga Town 5
Yoshii XNUMX-chome1998/9/261998/9/26Yoshii, Uraga Town 2, Ikeda Town 3
Yoshii XNUMX-chome1998/9/261998/9/26Yoshii, Uraga Town 2, Sakuragaoka 1, Ikeda Town 3
Yoshii XNUMX-chome1998/9/261998/9/26Yoshii, Uraga Town 2, Uraga Town 5, Sakuragaoka 1
Uraga XNUMX-chomeUraga1956/4/12006/10/28Uraga Town 1, Uragamidai 2
Uraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12006/10/28Uraga Town 2
Uraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12006/10/28Uraga Town 3, Uraga Town 5
Uraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12006/10/28Uraga Town 4
Uraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12006/10/28Uraga Town 5, Uraga Town 6
Uraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12006/10/28Uraga Town 6, Uraga Town 5, Uraga Town 7
Uraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12006/10/28Uraga Town 7
Uragamidai XNUMX-chomeUragami1976/3/11976/3/1Uraga Town 1, Maboricho Town 3
Uragamidai XNUMX-chome1976/3/11976/3/1Uraga Town 1
Uragamidai XNUMX-chome1976/3/11976/3/1Uraga Town 1
Uragamidai XNUMX-chome1976/3/11976/3/1Uraga Town 1, Maboricho Town 3
Futaba XNUMX-chomeFutaba1964/9/11964/9/1Oaza Kamoi, Uraga Town 1
Futaba XNUMX-chome1964/9/11964/9/1Oaza Kamoi
Kamoi XNUMX-chomeKamoi1964/9/11964/9/1Oaza Kamoi
Kamoi XNUMX-chome1964/9/11964/9/1Oaza Kamoi
Kamoi XNUMX-chome1964/9/11964/9/1Oaza Kamoi, Oaza Hashirimizu
Kamoi XNUMX-chome1964/9/1Not implemented
Higashiuraga XNUMX-chomeHigashi Uraga1956/4/12008/10/25Higashiuraga Town 1, Higashi Uraga Town 2
Higashiuraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12008/10/25Higashiuraga Town 2
Uragaoka XNUMX-chomeUragaka1978/11/151978/11/15Uraga Town 6, Nishi Uraga Town 3
Uragaoka XNUMX-chome1978/11/151978/11/15Uraga Town 6, Uraga Town 7, Nishi Uraga Town 3
Uragaoka XNUMX-chome1978/11/151978/11/15Uraga Town 7, Nishi Uraga Town 2, Nishi Uraga Town 3
Nishi Uraga XNUMX-chomeNishiura1956/4/12007/10/27Nishiuraga Town 1
Nishiuraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12007/10/27Nishiuraga Town 2, Nishiuraga Town 1, Nishiuraga Town 3, Nishiuraga Town 5
Nishiuraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12007/10/27Nishiuraga Town 3
Nishiuraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12007/10/27Nishiuraga Town 4, Nishiuraga Town 5
Nishiuraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12007/10/27Nishiuraga Town 5, Nishiuraga Town 1, Nishiuraga Town 4
Nishiuraga XNUMX-chome1956/4/12007/10/27Nishiuraga Town 6
KofudaiThis way1997/10/61997/10/6Nishiuraga Town 3, Kubiri 1, Funagura Town
MinamiuragaMinami Uraga1981/3/21981/3/2Nishiuraga Town 3, Nishiuraga Town 5
Kurihama Administration CenterJurisdiction (xx town street)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
XNUMX and XNUMX chomeChestnut is stilldatedate
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeNagaseNovember 1965, 11 (1, XNUMX)1965/11/1Part of Oaza Kawama
KubiriXNUMX and XNUMX chomeConstriction1965/11/11965/11/1Each part of Oaza Kubiri, Oaza Kawama, Oaza Uchikawa Shinden
XNUMX and XNUMX chomeFunaguradatedate
UchikawaXNUMX and XNUMX chomeUchikawadatedate
Uchikawa ShindendateNot implemented
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeSaharadatedate
IwatoXNUMX to XNUMX chomeIwatodatedate
KumuradateNot implemented
KurihamaXNUMX-XNUMX chomeKurihama1965/11/11965/11/1Kurihama Town 1-3, all of Oaza Hachiman Kurihama and each part of Oaza Uchikawa Shinden, Oaza Hisamura, Oaza Nobi
ShinmeichōdateNot implemented
HighlandXNUMX to XNUMX chome[Annotation 1]Yesdatedate
Kitashitaura Administration CenterJurisdiction (20 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Nobi XNUMX-chomeNoby1992/8/101992/8/10Oaza Nobi
Nobi XNUMX-chome1992/8/101992/8/10Oaza Nobi, Oaza Nagasawa
Nobi XNUMX-chome1992/8/101992/8/10Oaza Nobi
Nobi XNUMX-chome1992/8/101992/8/10Oaza Nobi
Nobi XNUMX-chome1992/8/101992/8/10Oaza Nobi
Awata XNUMX-chomeMillet1975/3/11975/3/1Oaza Nobi, Oaza Iwato
Awata XNUMX-chome1975/3/11975/3/1Oaza Nobi
Hill of lightHikari no Oka1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Nagasawa, Nobi 1, Awata 2, Take 1
Nagasawa XNUMX-chomeNagasawa1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Nagasawa
Nagasawa XNUMX-chome1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Nagasawa
Nagasawa XNUMX-chome1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Nagasawa
Nagasawa XNUMX-chome1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Nagasawa
Nagasawa XNUMX-chome1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Nagasawa
Nagasawa XNUMX-chome1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Nagasawa
Green HeightsWhen is the green1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Nagasawa, Oaza Tsukui
Tsukui XNUMX-chomeTsukui1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Tsukui
Tsukui XNUMX-chome1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Tsukui
Tsukui XNUMX-chome1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Tsukui
Tsukui XNUMX-chome1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Tsukui
Tsukui XNUMX-chome1996/11/51996/11/5Oaza Tsukui, Oaza Sugaruya
West Administration CenterJurisdiction (xx town street)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
NagaiXNUMX to XNUMX chomeLongdatedate
MiyukihamaMiyuki Hamadatedate
ForestXNUMX to XNUMX chomeHayashidatedate
SugaruyaSugaruyadateNot implemented
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeTakedatedate
OtawaXNUMX to XNUMX chomeOtawadatedate
NagasakaXNUMX to XNUMX chomeNagasakadatedate
SajimaXNUMX to XNUMX chomeSajimadatedate
AshinaXNUMX to XNUMX chomeAshinadatedate
AkiyaAkiyadateNot implemented
AkiyaXNUMX to XNUMX chomeAkiyadatedate
Shonan VillageXNUMX to XNUMX chomeShonan Kokusaimuradatedate
Sajima nookaXNUMX and XNUMX chomeSajima no Okadatedate


Successive mayors

  • First generation Suzuki Tadabei(December 1907, 5-February 17, 1909)
  • 2 fee Suzuki Fukumatsu(December 1909, 9-February 14, 1911)
  • 3 fee Tanabe Otoko Tetsu(December 1911, 7-February 15, 1917)
  • 4-5 generations Mamoru Okumiya(December 1917, 10-February 6, 1923)
  • Mayor's duties (July 1923, 7-October 31, 1923)[4]
  • 6 fee Mamoru Okumiya(December 1923, 10-February 9, 1924)
  • 7 fee Tantoyo Ishiwatari(December 1924, 12-February 6, 1927)
  • 8 fee Okada Sanzen(December 1927, 7-February 4, 1927)
  • 9 fee Moritaro Oguri(December 1928, 3-February 12, 1930)
  • 10 fee Setsuo Takahashi(December 1930, 9-February 22, 1932)
  • 11 fee Oi Tetsumaru(December 1932, 3-February 22, 1933)
  • Buntaro Mikami, 12th generation (May 1933, 5-April 26, 1934)
  • 13 fee Matajiro Koizumi(December 1934, 5-February 15, 1935)
  • 14th Saijiro Suzuki (January 1936, 1-August 22, 1938)
  • 15 fee Kuno(December 1938, 9-February 27, 1941)
  • 16-17 generations Dennosuke Okamoto(December 1941, 2-February 13, 1943)
  • 18 fee Yoshizo Umezu(December 1943, 5-February 9, 1947)
  • 19th Saburo Ota (April 1947, 4-June 8, 1949)
  • Naoji Ishiwatari in his 20s (July 1949, 7-June 19, 1953)
  • 21st Yoshizo Umezu (July 1953, 7-July 12, 1957)
  • 22-25 generations Masayoshi Nagano(December 1957, 7-February 10, 1973)
  • 26-30 generations Kazuo Yokoyama(December 1973, 7-February 10, 1993)
  • 31-33 generations Hideo Sawada(December 1993, 7-February 10, 2005)
  • 34s Ryoichi Kamatani (July 2005, 7-July 10, 2009)
  • 35-36 generations Yoshito Yuto(September 2009, 7-September 10, 2017)
  • 37-38 generations Katsuaki Kamiji(July 2017, 7 -)

City organization

General Affairs Department, Planning and Coordination Department, Finance Department, Citizens Department, Health and Welfare Department, Child Development Department, Hospital Management Department, Environment Department, Economic Department, Urban Area, Civil Engineering Green Department, Port Department, Water and Sewerage Bureau Business Department, Water and Sewerage Department Facilities Department, Fire Department, City Council Secretariat, Board of Education Secretariat Management Department, Board of Education Secretariat Lifelong Learning Department, Election Management Committee Secretariat, Audit Committee Secretariat


  • Yokosuka City Fire Department
    • Central fire department (branch office 3)
    • North Fire Department (Branch Office 2)
    • South Fire Department (1 branch office, 3 branch offices, 1 dispatch office)
    • General training center



Yokosuka City Council

  • Number of people: 40 people[5][6]
  • Term: March 2019, 5-March 2, 2023
Parliamentary nameNumber of members
Yokosuka Future Conference13
Japan Communist Party3

(As of May 2019, 5)

Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly

  • Constituency: Yokosuka City constituency
  • Number of people: 5 people
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 340,862
  • Voting rate: 39.63%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Isao MakishimaThis74LDPNow32,610 vote
Hideaki TakeuchiThis68LDPNow31,566 vote
Takatsugu KameiThis52KomeitoNow23,159 vote
Shinya IsakaThis47Japan Communist PartyNow15,842 vote
Harumi NodaThis61Constitutional Democratic Party14,730 vote
Hironobu Omuradrop61National Democratic PartyNow14,306 vote

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
11th ward, Kanagawa prefecture(Yokosuka City,MiuraShinjiro KoizumiLDP5Constituency



On the east side of the city facing Tokyo Bay and Uraga Suido, industrial areas are formed in the south and north.Yokosuka PortFromAutomobileIs exported,uraniumTunaIs imported.In addition, a concentration of commercial functions can be seen around the main stations.Agriculture and fisheries are thriving in the western part of the city.

Major location companies, etc.

Nissan Motor Oppama Factory, Research Institute, Oppama Dedicated Wharf
JVC KenwoodYokosuka Factory, Kurihama Technology Center
JVC KENWOOD (formerlyNippon Victor), Which became a big boom in the latter half of the 1980s.VHSDeveloped a VCR.
TEPCOYokosuka Thermal Power Station
FoundationCentral Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)
Responsible for the development of Japanese power generation technologythink tankandresearch Institute..Operated jointly by electric power companiesPublic interest corporationIt is also the largest research institute in Japan.There are the Electric Power Technology Research Institute, the Energy Technology Research Institute, and the Materials Science Research Institute, which are departmental organizations of the same organization.It is a policy to move other research departments to Yokosuka City within a few years and make Yokosuka City the center of power generation technology research.
Yokosuka Research Park (YRP)
A base for Japan's most advanced telecommunications business.In particular,NTT DoCoMo OfMobile phoneResearch and development base in Japan and overseasTelecommunicationsIt is a research-leading institution. In addition to NTT DoCoMoFujitsu,NEC,Panasonic Mobile Communications,Oki Electric Industry,sharpEtc. are also expanding.
Nippon Telegraph and TelephoneYokosuka Research and Development Center (Cyber ​​Communications Research Laboratories, Cyber ​​Solutions Research Laboratories, Cyber ​​Space Research Laboratories, Future Net Research Laboratories)
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public CorporationIt was established as the Yokosuka Communication Research Institute, and is still described as "Communication Research Institute" at bus stops.
Global Nuclear Fuel Japan (formerly Japan Nuclear Fuel)
In JapanNuclear poweruseNuclear fuelIt is in an important position as a factory.
Sumitomo Heavy IndustriesYokosuka Factory, Technology Development Center
Toshiba Lighting & TechnologyHeadquarters (Yokosuka Office)2009/(21)ShinagawaMoved from.
Harrison Toshiba LightingYokosuka Office
OkamuraOppama Office
MarelliOppama Factory
Toho Chemical IndustryOppama Factory, Oppama Research Institute
Hokushin Kogyo Yokosuka Factory
Tokyo Fine Chemical Yokosuka Factory
Marudai FoodYokosuka Factory
Ikeuchi Seiko Headquarters Factory
Secondary processing of steel products (automobile body partsDrive shaft-Coil spring-bearingEtc.) Manufacturing and development companies.
Biochemical industryKurihama Factory
hyaluronic acidA major medical drug manufacturing and development company centered on.
Coro wideMD Kanagawa Factory
Colowide's food and processing center that develops izakaya chains such as "Amataro" and "Umaimon Sakaba / Ekohiiki".
Nissin OilliOYokosuka Plant
Step Headquarters
Mobile terminal (mobile / smartphone) / base station software / support software development related company.
Headquarters, Kurihama Techno Park Factory
Non-ferrous metal (glass / silicon / ceramic) grinding and manufacturing and development company for special machine tools.
Main Factory
Electric wires in electrical and electronic equipment (Wire Harness) Manufacturing / sales / development company.
Nikon Yokosuka Seisakusho
Manufacture of parts / units for liquid crystal exposure equipment and semiconductor exposure equipment
NifcoHeadquarters, Yokohama Sales Department, MCD Sales Department, Home Solution Company
January 2015横 浜 市Totsuka kuMoved the head office from.


Urban areas, factory areas, and forests coexist in the city, and agricultural activities are actively carried out mainly in the southern and western parts of the city.Agricultural land occupies more than 4% of the city area, although it has been declining in recent years.In the past, many paddy fields were seen, but the lowlands of the plains have been converted to residential and industrial areas, and in recent years most of them have been cultivated.The main products are cabbage, radish, pumpkin, melon, etc.Agricultural cooperativeBusiness covers the entire city JA Yokosuka HayamaIs doing.


There are more fishing ports in the western part of the city.EasternTokyo BayOn the side, military ports and commercial ports account for a large proportion.

In the cityFishery cooperativeThere are three:

  • Yokosuka City Okusu Fisheries Cooperative
  • Yokosuka City Eastern Fisheries Cooperative
  • Nagai Town Fisheries Cooperative


In recent years, even in Yokosuka City, national roadsMain local roadMany are located along the main lineRoadside storeIs conspicuous.As a result, small retail stores are in a difficult situation.Shutter townOf the stateShopping districtHas become a problem.

On the other hand, there are many shopping streets that have been effective by implementing innovative revitalization measures to stop the decline.The population of the entire city is declining and aging, and measures are required regardless of roadside stores or shopping districts.By the way, in the cityFull lid arcadeThere are three shopping districts in the city (Funakoshi, Kinugasa, and Kurihama), making it the third largest municipality in the prefecture.

Shopping district
Department store / shopping mall
Suburban store / supermarket chain

Financial institution

National agency

U.S. Forces Japan Facility

Sister cities/partner cities


Bunji 5 (1189),Miura clan OfYoshiren SaharaIs said to have been given the four counties of Aizu by Minamoto no Yoritomo, and was a descendant of Yoshiren Sahara during the Muromachi period.Mr. Ashina(Last name is Yokosuka CityAshina(Derived from) ruled the Aizu region.From the 7th year of Bunka (1810) to the 3rd year of Bunsei (1820), he was ordered to guard Edo Bay.Aizu DomainIt is,Kamoi VillageJinya,KannonzakiBuilt a battery in[7][8]..The Aizu clan relocated the clan and their families and built a clan school Yoshokan in Kamoi Village.There are more than 70 tombs of the Aizu clan in Yokosuka City, and it is designated as a historic site of the city.[8].

Outside Japan

Yokosuka City has sister city agreements with the following cities outside Japan.The katakana notation of place names is based on the Yokosuka City website.

At the request of Corpus Christi[9][10]..It is a port / industrial city and tourist city with a naval base, and has many similarities to Yokosuka City.[9][7].
A port city with a naval arsenal and a naval officer's school, as well as a port city with a thriving industry, including the shipbuilding industry.[9]..At the Navy Arsenal in Brest, he made an effort to build the Yokosuka Ironworks and the Kannonzaki Lighthouse.Leonce VernyThere is also a connection where[7][11].
Mediated by the Consul General of Japan in Perth, Ministry of Foreign Affairs[9]..Yokosuka City is the home portAntarctica observation ship"FujiThere is a connection with the supply port of[9][7], "Fuji" played a major role in the sister city tie-up, such as carrying messages from both cities.[12].
Introduced navigation and shipbuilding technology to JapanWilliam AdamsIt depends on the edge of (Miura Adams).The Yokosuka City side, which holds the "Miura Anshin Festival" because Adams has a territory here, proposes a friendship city tie-up with Gillingham City, the birthplace of Adams, through the mediation of the British Anshinkai. Sister City Alliance with Gillingham in April 1982 (It was the first time a British city had a friendship with a Japanese city.[13]).Gillingham has a history of prospering as a naval shipbuilding town[13].. In 1998, Gillingham merged with the neighboring city of Rochester to form Medway, and in 1999 signed a sister city tie-up with Medway.[7]..なお、同じくアダムスの縁でAlso at the edge of AdamsIto(Shizuoka Prefecture) also has a friendship city agreement with Medway City (formerly Gillingham City).[9].

Former friendship city tie-up

Efforts were made to build the Yokosuka IronworksOguri UenosukeEdge[15].. Gonda, which became a part of Kurabuchi Village, is the territory of Oguri and the land of the end.[16]..Kurabuchi Village was dated January 2006, 1TakasakiHowever, the exchange between Yokosuka City and the Kurabuchi area will continue.[16].
As part of the 80th anniversary commemorative project of Yokosuka City, the Yokosuka Citizens' Recreation Village "Hamayu Sanso" was built in the former Kurabuchi Village. "Hamayu Sanso" was transferred from Yokosuka City to Kurabuchi Village on October 2005, 17.[15]After the transfer of Kurabuchi Village to Takasaki City, it has been designated as a Takasaki City National Health Insurance recreation facility, but Yokosuka citizens can use it with Takasaki citizens at a discounted rate.[17].

More informations

In addition to sister citiesSister port allianceThere is also a port that connects.

Yokosuka City belongs to the following groups.

Participating municipalities:Tsuchiura City,横 浜 市,Yokosuka,Gujo,Tottori City

Major medical institutions


primary school

As of 2018 (Heisei 30), there are 46 municipal schools and 1 private school.[18]..With the declining birthrate, the reorganization of municipal schools has begun in recent years.

  • public
    • All Yokosuka City.List of elementary schools in Kanagawa # Yokosuka CitySee.
    • 1999/(11) April 4 Sakamoto Elementary School (1929/(Established in 4) and Aoba Elementary School (established)1954/(Separated from Shioiri Elementary School in 29), Sakura Elementary School opens.
    • 2006/(18) April 4 Sunlight Elementary School (1975/(In 50), abolished (separated from Municipal Tsurukubo Elementary School) and Tsurukubo Elementary School (separated from Tsurukubo Elementary School)1908/(Established in 41) integrated.
  • private
    • Yokosuka Gakuin Elementary School

Junior high school

As of 2018 (Heisei 30), there are 23 municipal schools and 2 private schools.The reorganization of municipal schools has begun for junior high schools,2007/(19) Sakuradai Junior High School in April (1960/(Separated from Sakamoto Junior High School in 35), abolishedSakamoto Junior High School(1947/(Installed in 22) was integrated.

high school

Special school

Vocational schools

University/Junior college

Facilities other than school education

Cultural facilities




  • Yokosuka City Library (Central Library, etc.)



The following 5 collection and delivery stations are in charge of collection and delivery operations in the city.

post office

Of the following, the collection and delivery stationYokosuka Post Office,Kurihama Post Office,Nagai Post Office,Taura Post OfficeIs.In addition, it is in Hayama TownHayama Post OfficeThere is a collection and delivery area.

  • Yokosuka Post Office (02003)
  • Kurihama Post Office (02005)
  • Yokosuka Uemachi Kita Post Office (02038)
  • Nagai Post Office (02041)
  • Yokosuka Japan Post (02045)
  • Yokosuka Yonegahamadori Post Office (02046)
  • Yokosuka Otsu Post Office (02087)
  • Yokosuka Uwamachi Post Office (02099)
  • Yokosuka Akiya Post Office (02120)
  • Yokosuka Shioiri Post Office (02122)
  • Yokosuka Yasuura Post Office (02135)
  • Yokosuka Iriyamazu Post Office (02147)
  • Yokosuka Uraga Post Office (02148)
  • Yokosuka Shinmachi Post Office (02158)
  • Yokosuka Take Post Office (02163)
  • Yokosuka Funakoshi Post Office (02176)
  • Yokosuka Sanocho Post Office (02184)
  • Yokosuka Kamoi Post Office (02209)
  • Yokosuka Sakamoto Post Office (02213)
  • Oppama Post Office (02214)
  • Yokosuka Miharu Post Office (02223)
  • Kitashitaura Post Office (02226)
  • Yokosuka Nagaura Post Office (02231)
  • Yokosuka Urago Post Office (02235)
  • Yokosuka Maborikaigan Post Office (02246)
  • Takeyama Post Office (02255)
  • Yokosuka Sano Minami Post Office (02266)
  • Yokosuka Tsukui Post Office (02278)
  • Taura Post Office (02288)
  • Yokosuka Miharu Nishi Post Office (02316)
  • Yokosuka Motoura Post Office (02317)
  • Yokosuka Ikegami Post Office (02344)
  • Yokosuka Kugo Post Office (02404)
  • Yokosuka Tsurugaoka Post Office (02445)
  • Yokosuka Uragaichi Post Office (02485)
  • Yokosuka Nagasaka Post Office (02498)
  • Yokosuka Morisaki Post Office (02525)
  • Yokosuka Kaneya Post Office (02560)
  • Yokosuka Nobi Post Office (02575)
  • Kitakurihama Post Office (02589)
  • Post office in Yokosuka Kamome housing complex (02594)
  • Yokosuka Highland Post Office (02606)
  • Yokosuka Takatoridai Post Office (02621)
  • Yokosuka Morisaki Four Post Office (02689)
  • Yokosuka Iwato Post Office (02697)
  • Yokosuka Awata Post Office (02710)
  • Yokosuka Hashirimizu Post Office (02717)

Phone Number

The entire city belongs to Yokosuka MA.The first four digits of the area code and city code are 4-046xx, which is common to Yokosuka City, Miura City, Zushi City, and Hayama Town, Miura District.

Mass media



Central stations: Yokosuka Chuo Station (Keikyu), Yokosuka Station (JR East)[Annotation 3]

Transit Bus

Express Bus



About the fishing port#FisherySee.

Sister port

Aviation lighthouse

  • Yokosuka VOR / DME

Famous place, historic site


Leisure / Tourism


  • Takeyama's first immobility (January)
  • Taura Plum Grove Festival (February)
  • Yokosuka Kids Festival (February)
  • Notaron Fair (February)
  • Dove board bazaar (February, May, July, November)
  • Funakoshi Nango Park Sakura Festival (March, April)
  • Tsukayama Park Sakura Festival (March, April)
  • Kinugasa Sakura Festival (March, April)
  • Walking around the cherry blossoms Hashirimizu source (March, April)
  • Uwamachi Roman Sakura Festival (March, April)
  • Japan-US Friendship Yokosuka Spring Festa (March)
  • Takeyama Azalea Festival (May)
  • Yokosuka Curry Festival (May)
  • Yokosuka YY Vehicle Festa (June)
  • Yokosuka Opening Festival (August)
  • Yokosuka Seaside Marathon(May)
  • Yokosuka Countdown (December)[22]

Yokosuka-based sports team

Related person

Main graduate







サ ッ カ ー
Martial arts, martial arts, sumo

More informations



Other fields

A celebrity with a connection to Yokosuka

  • Miura Anshin (William Adams) - 1600/Drifted to Japan in (Keicho 5th year) and laterEdo ShogunateBecame a diplomatic adviser.In Tsukayama ParkHistoric siteThere is a designated grave.
  • Leonce Verny --Yokosuka Arsenal Construction Manager. There is Verny Park near JR Yokosuka Station.
  • Oguri Tadanori --Yokosuka Shipyard Planner
  • Maejima Miu --Japanese bureaucrats and politicians.One of the founders of Japan's modern postal system.He died in Ashina, Yokosuka City.There is a graveyard at Jorakuji Temple in Ashina.
  • Ryu Narasaki --Commonly known as Oryo.Ryoma SakamotoWife of.After Ryoma's death, he moved to Yokosuka and died in Yokosuka.Of Otsu in the cityShigyozi TempleThere is a graveyard in, and there is an "Oryo Kaikan" on the rice beach where I lived.
  • Ryunosuke Ayukawa ――I was assigned to Yokosuka City as a part-time instructor of the Navy Institutional School (in charge of English).I boarded in Shioiri.
  • Narumi Inoue --Naval officer.He lived in Nagai, Yokosuka City in his later years.
  • 團Ikuma - Composer.He lived in Akiya, Yokosuka City in his later years.1967/(Showa 42) Composed Yokosuka City song.
  • Masaaki Tachihara - Writer.I spent my boyhood in Yokosuka.Graduated from Yokosuka City Commercial School.
  • Masatoshi Koshiba - Nobel Prize in PhysicsWinner.I lived in Yokosuka as a boy.Prefectural Yokosuka Junior High Schoolgraduate.The first honorary citizen of Yokosuka City.
  • Kawamura Emiko(Entertainer, Tanpopo) --I attended a high school in Yokosuka.
  • Toshihiko Maida --Social statistician.Lives in Yokosuka City.

1989/ OfDobuita StreetDuring the renovation, the reliefs of the handprints of 18 people from these origins and related persons were embedded in the road surface.

Works set in Yokosuka

Literary arts


TV drama

Local song



  • BB(1990,OVA) --Animated the original manga.
  • Yokohama travelogue(1998 and 2002-2003,OVA) --Animated the original manga.
  • Zipangu(2004, TBS series) --Animated the original manga.
  • Tsuyokiss Cool×Sweet (2006, UHF anime)- Romance adventure game"TsuyokissAnimated work.A model of the stage "Matsukasa City" of the work.
  • Sky Girls (2007, UHF anime) --The setting that the garrison of the Sonic Diver Corps is in Oppama.In addition, a scene where the main characters go shopping in the center of Yokosuka appears.
  • Tamayura (Anime) (2010, OVA) (2011/2013, AT-X, etc.) --Shioiri appears as the first stage of the story that the main character Kaede Sawatari spent up to junior high school. Events and tie-up projects commemorating the TV animation are being held in various parts of the city[25][26].
  • High school fleet (2016, BS11, etc.) --The setting that the school where the main characters attend is in Yokosuka.Especially in OVA, famous places of Yokosuka city such as Verny Park and Dobuita Street appear everywhere.[27]..A tie-up project with anime is also being held.
  • Slow loop (2022, AT-X, etc.)-Animated the original manga.The model of the fly fishing shop is in Tokyo, but since the main characters' house, the school they attend, and the part-time job are in Yokosuka city, Yokosuka is basically the stage of the story.Tie-up projects are also being held in various parts of the city that are used for the stage being produced along with the animation.

video game

Works in which Yokosuka appeared

Literary arts


The place where the body of Pierce Ama was found in the snake

ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン

TV drama

video game


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注 釈

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