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😷 | Confronting Korona-ka in the sauna ... The teachers and pupils, "Natsunamishi", who are about 50 years old, struggle with the patented sauna hat [from Iwate]


Confronting the Korona-ka in the sauna ... The teachers and pupils "Natsunamishi" who are about 50 years old struggle with the patented sauna hat [from Iwate]

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I set out on a trip to sell it at bathing facilities all over the country.

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    All over the country

    public bathhouse

    public bathhouseWhat is (Koushuyojo)?publicUsed by the general publicbathingA facility.Public bath,Public bath[Note 1]Tomo.


    Current legislation

    Definition of public baths

    The law has the following definition:

    • "Public bath lawProvisions of Article 1
      • In this lawpublic bathhouse"Hot water, salt water orSpaUse others to make the publicbathingFacility to letSay.
    • Provisions of Article 2 of the "Act on Special Measures for Securing Public Baths"
      • In this Act, the term "public bath" means a public bath specified in Article XNUMX, Paragraph XNUMX of the Public Bath Act (Act No. XNUMX of XNUMX).Price Control Ordinance(Imperial Ordinance No. XNUMX of XNUMX) Bathing fees are set based on the provisions of Article XNUMX.Say.

    Classification of public baths

    In addition, eachPrefectures OfPublic bath ordinanceso,"Ordinary public bath(Both "general public baths" and "first-class public baths". Approximately defined as "public baths provided for bathing necessary for health and hygiene in daily life") and "Other public baths(It is also called "special public bath" or "type XNUMX public bath" depending on the local government), and "ordinary public bath" is generally called "ordinary public bath" in the Kanto region.Public bath, Called a bathhouse in Kansai.

    Therefore, when calling it a public bath, the followingFacilityIncluding.

    • Ordinary public baths (general public baths. Bathing fees are set in response to price control ordinances)
      • Public baths and bathhouses (boiled water is often used, but in recent years more and more places are excavating natural hot springs. Generally speaking, private bathhouses. Joined the union)
      • Hot springs (private hot spring baths where official bathing fees are fixed)
      • Public public bath (both boiling water and hot spring)
    • Other public baths (special public baths, not subject to price control orders)

    Provisions of the Ryokan Business Law

    Incidentally,Hotel,Japanese innThe types of hot spring baths that can be taken by non-guests inInn Business LawIt is specified in.

    Hot bath facility

    A facility that uses hot springsDay trip bath facilityExists in various places, but in recent years, although it resembles a hot spring facility, hot spring water (Hot spring methodThere are also large public baths that do not use the ones specified in. In order to distinguish it from facilities that use "hot springs", and as a technical term, "Hot bath facilityMay be called.In addition, regardless of whether or not the hot springs are used, it may refer to all large public baths.

    The definition of "hot spring" by the "hot spring method" is loose, but there are many hot spring-like facilities that do not actually use hot spring water.These hot bath facilities are located on the outskirts of the citythe 1980sMany have appeared since the end of the year, and the parking lot is wide, and there are many relaxation corners equipped with Japanese-style rooms and massage machines to relax after bathing, so that you can enjoy it for a long time in the facility. It has become.Super sento,Health landAnd so onbathMost of them are large-scale bathing facilities that are entertaining.The facility name may be named "hot spring" (there is no particular restriction on the name).

    World public baths


    2600 BCAroundIndus civilization OfMohenjodaloAndHarappaAnd other cities were fully equipped with large-scale public baths.Ancient indiaXNUMX great powers OfMagadhaThe capital ofRoyal castle(CurrentBiharLarge gil) Has many hot springsRoyal castleIt is the first Buddhist temple created inTakebayashi SeishaThere is a hot spring nearBuddhismThere was a monastery (Tapodarama).It seems that the purpose was to cure the hot spring.Currently, a Hindu temple is built on the site, but the hot springs are still alive.There are often public baths in and around religious facilities.

    HinduismAt the beginning of the day, many of them take time to wash their whole body at the public baths of temples.[1].


    Historically, for exampleAncient rome OfCaracalla bathsEtc. are famous.Also in the Middle EastHammamThere is a public bath called.

    East Asia

    Taiwan,South Korea,People's Republic of ChinaExists in.Especially in the Republic of Korea, public bath culture took root during the Japanese colonial rule, and there are still public baths in various places.A general public bath is called "Ablution bath (목욕탕, Mogyokutan)", and a public bath with a sauna is sometimes called "Sauna (사우나)".In South Korea, the number of traditional public baths, bathing baths, is gradually decreasing, while in urban areas, there are various saunas.JjimjilbangIs increasing.Taiwan, which experienced the same Japanese rule, did not have as much public bath culture as South Korea, but there are public baths centered around hot springs in various places. Facilities with public baths in "sauna" are located all over Taiwan.

    There has been a public bath called "Yuike" in the People's Republic of China for some time.This is because many homes do not have a bath, but many have showers and no bathtub.There are many public baths where Akasuri resides, and in that case, the bathtub is not a place to take a hot bath like in Japan, but a place to wash away dirt.There are many small public baths with only showers in small cities.Especially in areas where there are many Muslims, there are many lonely showers for religious reasons.MuhammadSaid, "Cleanliness is half of faith." Quran"Believers, when you stand in worship, wash your face and hands to your elbows, and stroke your head to your feet," (Quran 5: 6), so the Muslims This is because it is necessary to cleanse the body before worship.Chinese Muslims often wash their whole body in the shower.

    In these countries, the number of super public baths in Japan is increasing, especially in large cities.


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    注 釈

    1. ^ Communal bathMay be used in a different sense (jointly by the operator in hot spring areas, etc.).


    1. ^ NHK BS Premium Masterpiece Selection HV Special "Ablution in Christianity-Prayer Day for 3000 Million People in India" June 2014, 6 Rebroadcast


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    • Outdoor bath ――Uses hot spring water, and in a narrow sense, it is an external public bath with a source unique to the inn.
    • Communal bath --A public bath that uses hot spring water and is managed by locals.
    • Day trip bath facility --A public bath that mainly uses hot spring water (may not be used) and is constructed by corporate capital.
    • Public bath —— With a bathhouse.Generally, bathhouses that do not belong to the above.
    • Hypocaust
    • OFR48 ――Idol group formed based on the concept of enlivening the bath industry.


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