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😷 | Katsuyamakan's dismantling begins Sendai due to the effects of the corona and the earthquake


Katsuyamakan begins to be dismantled Sendai due to the effects of the corona and the earthquake

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The plan is to build a new complex that houses stores and offices on the site of the Sendai Katsuyamakan.

Due to the influence of the new corona, the dismantling work of the general banquet hall "Sendai Shozankan" in Sendai City, which closed in June last year, has begun ... → Continue reading

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    Katsuyama company

    Katsuyama Enterprise Co., Ltd.(Katsuyama Kigyo)MiyagiSendai cityAoba-kuUesugiThe company that operated the general banquet hall "Sendai Katsuyamakan", which is headquartered in Japan.


    GenrokuFounded in the era, the sixth generationBrewerAt the time of the second generation Heizo1857/(Ansei4 years), Sendai DomainMore "Omiki liquor store" is appointed.Kitagobancho (currently Uesugi), at the corner of Uesugiyama DoriA mansionTo worshipBill of accountsDominatingSupportAs a personFamily name swordI was listed as an exemption[1]..Since then, it has been named "Katsuyama" and "Izumikawa" as a liquor store for the Sendai domain.liqueurBrew[1]..The Izawa familyXNUMX BankParticipated in the establishment ofHeizaemon IzawaWas the first generation, Heikatsu Izawa was the president of the sixth generation, and1928/(ShowaIn 3rd year), a part of the private garden was donated to Sendai City.The place isKatsuyama ParkIt became.

    1935/(Showa 10),Partnership companyBecame a corporate organization as the Izawa Sake Brewery Main Store1943/In (Showa 18), the Sendai Sake Brewery Katsuyama Factory was temporarily established due to the integration of wartime companies.1957/(32) Return to a partnership company again[1].1965/In (40), the organization was changed to Katsuyama Company, andbrewingThe department will be Katsuyama Sake Brewing Department[1].

    siteWithin1962/(Showa 37) "Miyagi Cooking School" (currently Miyagi Cooking and Confectionery College, later relocated to Hayamamachi),1972/In (47), "",1978/(Showa 53)Katsuyama Skating ClubKatsuyama Skating ClubFumihiro Oikawa,Marie Arai,Shizuka Arakawa,Yuzuru HanyuThere was a time when was a home link.father1991/(3) October,MeijiFrom the early daysSendai air raidUntil it disappears due to the Izawa familyGuest HouseWhere there was[1][2]With a total construction cost of about 70 billion yen, the Sendai Shozankan, which consists of the main building and the Japanese-style building and has 1 basement floor and 7 floors above ground, was rebuilt as a public hospitality building.[2][1].

    2005/(17), Katsuyama Sake Brewing DepartmentCity areaBased on the expansion ofIzumi kuFukuokaMt. IzumigatakeSoutheastern foot,Seven Kitada RiverMoved along.Shinzo has established a system to promote sake brewing that combines state-of-the-art equipment and delicate manual work.[3],2010/In July (22), the Katsuyama Sake Brewery Department was spun off into the "Sendai Izawa Family Katsuyama Sake Brewery". 2016/In (28), "Katsuyama Nextage" was spun off from the Katsuyama Corporate Planning Department.

    The Katsuyama Skating Club, Katsuyama Bowling Club, and Sendai Shozankan are already closed.


    • 1688/(GenrokuFirst year) --Founded.
    • 1857/(Ansei4 years) --The Sendai Domain appointed him as a "liquor liquor store", and he was given the land of the current Uesugi and started a brewing business there.
    • 1928/(Showa3 years) --A part of the private garden was donated to Sendai City.It becomes Katsuyama Park.
    • 1945/(20) --The former "Katsuyamakan" building disappeared due to the Sendai air raid.On the other hand, Katsuyama Sake Brewery's sake brewery escaped from burning andEdo Period OfBreweryPart of the architecture remains to the present day.
    • 1965/(40) --Organization changed from the partnership company Izawa Sake Brewery Main Store to Katsuyama Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    • 1972/(47) --Opened "Katsuyama Bowling Club".
    • 1978/(53) December 12-"Katsuyama Skating Club" opens.
    • 1991/(3) October --The general banquet hall "Sendai Shozankan", which consists of a banquet hall, a wedding hall, and a restaurant, opens.
    • 2002/(14) -On the 1st floor of Katsuyama Bowling ClubSeiyuKatsuyama Park store moves in.
    • 2009/(21) April 4-"Katsuyama Skating Club" is closed.
    • 2005/(17) --Katsuyama Sake Brewery Department moved to Fukuoka, Izumi-ku.A part of the sake brewery building is still left next to the Katsuyamakan, and behind the former factory is the parking lot "Uesugikitagobancho Parking".
    • 2010/(22) July-Katsuyama Sake Brewery Department spun off into "Sendai Izawa Family Katsuyama Sake Brewery Co., Ltd."
    • 2011/(23) April 3- Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake), The Katsuyama Bowling Club was damaged, so business was suspended from the same day, the same year.4/10Closed.
    • 2012/(24) June 6-Seiyu Katsuyama Park store closed.The site of the store and the bowling club and skating clubSumitomo Real EstateWas sold to.
    • 2016/(28) --Katsuyama Nextage was spun off from the Katsuyama Corporate Planning Department.The company manufactures and sells food products, and also handles products that use the Sendai Shozankan trademark.
    • 2021/(3nd year of Reiwa)
      • The end of March - New coronavirusThe restaurants in Sendai Shozankan are closed due to sluggish demand for banquets due to the spread of the infection.[4][5]..Group companies have stated that "there is no particular impact on business performance."[6][7].
      • June 6-Wedding business at Sendai Shozankan is closed.Consider selling land and buildings.In addition, it will be revealed that the Katsuyama company is planning to open "Restaurant Katsuyamakan" by the end of the year by renovating a part of the building that was the residence of Katsuyama Sake Brewery and Izawa family on the north side.[8][9].
      • October --Sold the land and building of Sendai Shozankan to the real estate business housing sales system group (Izumi Ward) and handed it over[10].
    • 2022/(4nd year of Reiwa)

    Group Enterprise


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    • Sendai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, October 1992, edited by Sendai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, "Sendai Chamber of Commerce for over 10 years". 

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