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😷 | New Corona About XNUMX new people on the XNUMXth


New Corona XNUMXth is about XNUMX new people

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It is a local broadcasting station affiliated with Nippon Television.

The prefecture has revealed that the number of people infected with the new coronavirus announced on the XNUMXth will be about XNUMX.Of these, autumn ... → Continue reading

 ABS Akita Broadcasting

It is a local broadcasting station affiliated with Nippon Television.We will deliver the latest news in Akita prefecture.

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    Local broadcaster

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    NTV series

    NTV seriesWhat is (Japanese TV series)?Nippon Television Network(NTV)Key stationToBroadcaster Ofnetwork.


    There are two networks in the Nippon Television series. one Japan News Network(Nippon News Network, NNN), and the other isNippon Television Network Association(Nippon Television Network System, NNS). The former isNewsThe latter aims to supply programs, and the latter to supply other broadcast programs.

    A long-established radio/TV station that started as a medium-wave radio station (starting station in the area)TBS affiliateNext to[1][2].

    List of NTV affiliates

    Terrestrial wave

    Satellite broadcasting

    Related corporation

    Related to Nippon TelevisionCorporationToPublic interest incorporated foundationNippon Television Kobato Cultural CorporationThere is.

    The business group was founded in 1973 and was affiliated with Nippon TV affiliates.FoundationIt was established in April 1976 by integrating the Nippon Television Network Ai Kobato Business Group and the Nippon Television Broadcasting Network Cultural Business Group established by Nippon Television in 2012.

    Under Nippon TV affiliate companies, under the "Ai Kobato Business Group",Welfare for the disabledEven after the integration of the Kobato Cultural CorporationBrailleEfforts such as calendar distribution are continuing.


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    1. ^ 11 stations of RAB, ABS, YBC, YBS, KNB, FBC, KRY, JRT, RNC, RNB, RKC are applicable/existing, all stations areJRNとNRNCross net. NRN's independent station only for STV (radio), which became a subsidiary of the radio department. Of these, RAB, KRY, RNC, RNB, and RKC are still using the abbreviations of the era of the radio station (“Radio XX”) (currently “XX Broadcast”) even after the company name change.
    2. ^ NNN/NNS seriesCore stationAre all TV-only companies (STV was a temporary latte company but spun off as a subsidiary).
    3. ^ NNN affiliated stations, BS Nippon TelevisionBS SKY PerfecTV!At the same time, it will be broadcast at some times. Also,NOTTVBut November 2012-March 11 all-time simultaneous broadcasting. However,SKY PerfecTV! Premium ServiceThe HD image quality (formerly SKY PerfecTV! HD) was not broadcast, but it was broadcast on a 4:3 SD screen (time information, weather loop, logo, news telop, etc. are displayed above and below). Terrestrial NNN stations that broadcast simultaneously (excluding NTV and Chukyo TV) also displayed time information, weather loops, logos, news tickers, etc. at the top and bottom of the screen, and the left and right were blackout. 16:9 full screen on Nippon Television, Chukyo Television, BS Nippon Television, BS SKY PerfecTV!, and NOTTV.SKY PerfecTV! (110 degree east longitude CS broadcast)Then, from September 2018, 9, the SKY PerfecTV Premium Service has been upgraded to high definition from September 26, 2014.

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