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😷 | [Detailed report] 211 new infections in Miyagi prefecture, 131 in Sendai city Total at medical institutions in Ishinomaki city and childcare facilities in Sendai city ...


[Detailed report] 211 new infections in Miyagi Prefecture, of which 131 were in Sendai City, totaled at medical institutions in Ishinomaki City and childcare facilities in Sendai City ...

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A cluster occurred in 10 people at a medical institution in Ishinomaki City and 3 people, 13 people, and 13 people in 6 childcare facilities in Sendai City.

On the 23th in Miyagi prefecture, it was confirmed that 211 new people were infected with the new coronavirus.Infection confirmed ... → Continue reading

 khb East Japan Broadcasting

This is a news account of "Higashinippon Broadcasting" (TV Asahi series) in Miyagi prefecture.
Under the theme of "Getting to know Miyagi's" I want to know "as soon as possible!", We will deliver the events of Miyagi and the interests of the citizens of the prefecture in an easy-to-understand manner.
khb Higashinippon Broadcasting is looking for incidents, accidents, happening videos, etc. as "everyone is a photographer".

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Ishinomaki(Ishinomaki) isMiyagiLocated in the northeastern part ofCity.MiyagiSecondpopulationHave.


Former Kitakami RiverEstuaryDeveloped from the Iji Sluice Gate[1] did,The Pacific OceanFacePort townAndIshinomaki metropolitan areaIt is also the central city of.



2005/(Heisei17 years)Wide area mergerDue to the city area up to that pointFormer Kitakami RiverFrom the downstream areaOshikaOnagawaexcept forSanriku CoastSouthern tip,Oshika PeninsulaIt spread to the whole area.The former Kitakami River runs north-south in the center of the city, and land use is generally bordered by the former Kitakami River.Primary industryThere is a change in the structure of.

The city area is mainly the former Kitakami RiverEstuaryOf the old Kitakami RiverNakashuIsNakaseFrom the districtIshinomaki StationThe area to the center is the central city area.

West side from the right bank of the former Kitakami RiverHenan area,Momou district TheSendai PlainLocated at the eastern end of the river, from the fertile soil brought by the Ishinomaki Plain and the Kitakami RiverRice cultivationCentered onAgriculture:Is thriving. On the other hand, the area east of the left bank of the former Kitakami River is the Kitakami Mountains.Rias coastDue to the complicated terrain and the lack of flat land, the proportion of agriculture is lower than in the western part. In the eastFishery:,Ishinomaki BayWithinAquacultureAnd so on.In the central part of the cityMt.TopastureIn the surrounding areaAnimal husbandryHas also been done.

Mt. KinkaOffshore (Off Sanriku) IsKuroshio(Warm current)WhenOyashio(Cold snap) HitsTideAs the world's three largestFishing groundIt is one of the above, and more than 200 kinds of fish can be caught.Fishing groundMotoichi, which is close toFisheriesHas become a city, IshinomakiFishing portThe amount of landing in 2019 is about 10TNo. 5 in Japan[2].. In the cityMangokuuraOysterAquaculture method was developed and spread all over the world.



Main mountain


Main river


Climate of Ishinomaki Special Area Meteorological Observatory (Izumicho, Ishinomaki City, altitude 43m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F15.2
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F4.8
Average daily temperature ° C (° F1.0
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−2.2
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−14.6
Precipitation amount mm (inch)38.8
Snowfall cm (inch)17
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)
Average number of snowfall days18.714.610.
Average monthlyDaylight hours163.8164.6184.5193.4196.0157.4140.1161.9137.3151.5150.0146.21,946.7
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1887-present)[5][6]


Population distribution of Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan.svg
Ishinomaki City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Ishinomaki City Age Distribution by Gender (2005)
Purple-Ishinomaki City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Ishinomaki City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Heisei 27CensusLooking at the population change from the previous survey, it was 8.46 people, a decrease of 147,214%, and the rate of change was 35th out of 28 municipalities in the prefecture and 40rd out of 33 administrative areas.

Adjacent municipality




Ishinomaki regionThe history of people starting to live inPaleolithicGo back to.There are many hills in the cityShell moundBecause it has been discoveredJomon PeriodIt is believed that people were already living in groups.

Ancient times

Kofun period

Emperor NintokuWhen it comes to the reign ofIshinomaki region Idera SluiceIt appears on the front stage of history under the name (Ishiminato). Japanese calligraphyAccording to the 55th year of Nintoku, "Ezo rebuke.Shoot by sending a field road.That is, I was defeated because of Ezo,Idera SluiceDie in (modern translation: led the army of conquest by command and fought against the EzosKamige Noda MichiThe shogun died at the Idera lock) ”[7][8].

Nara period

Nara periodToEzoImperial courtConflict,Momou CastleIs created.

Heian period

Heian periodToConqueror GeneralSakaue Tamura MaroIshinomaki also comes under the control of the imperial court when he succumbs to Ezo.

中 世

Kamakura Period

Kamakura PeriodTo become andSaburo Kasai KiyoshigeIs the firstOshu General ServiceIs ordered to.OshuKasaiBuilds Ishinomaki Castle.

Sengoku period

Sengoku period, Hiyoriyama in IshinomakiSengoku Daimyo-KasaiBuilt up. Later KasaiMr. OsakiTo counterDateFormed an alliance with.At that time, Mr. Kasai and Mr. OsakiOshuThen.Date,Mr. NanaIt boasted the power next to.

The early modern period

Azuchi-Momoyama Period

Mr. Kasai is with Mr. Osaki and othersOdawara SeijiBeing taken responsibility for not participating inHideyoshi Toyotomi OfOshuCrushed by Kasai and Osaki's old territoryKimura KiyoshiEntered.

On the other hand, Mr. Date, who joined Odawara and belonged to Hideyoshi, confiscated almost all of the conquered land.Date MasamuneIncites the former vassals of Kasai and OsakiKasai OsakiWas revealed to Hideyoshi Toyotomi.MasamuneReformAlthough I escaped fromFukushima, Southern Miyagi Prefecture,YamagataFrom the south to almost the entire Miyagi prefectureIwateIt was transferred to the south. In this way, the Ishinomaki region became the territory of the Date clan.

Edo Period

Keicho18 years(1613/)Sendai DomainDate Masamune, the first feudal lordSpanish EmpireSpain and for trade negotiations withRoman PopeToHasekuraBe the legitimateKeicho Eurasian EmbassyWas dispatched.Masamune was Spanish territory at that timeMexicoWithThe Pacific OceanPlanning to trade at a port near IshinomakiSan Juan BautistaWas built and set sail from Ishinomaki, but trade with Spain was not realized.

Date Masamune is in Sendai territoryNitta developmentAiming forKawamura SonbeiCommand toKitakami RiverWe carried out a major construction to change the flow of.In this way, the Kitakami River is nowIshinomaki PortIt led to the Pacific Ocean in the vicinity.

Edo PeriodIshinomaki Port is the Kitakami RiverWater transportationByNanbu DomainFrom the territoryRiceGoes down,River transportationShippingAs a node with the Sea of ​​Japan sideSakata PortIn line withOuIt was famous nationwide as the two major trading ports.also,Tohoku regionAs a shipping base on the Pacific coastSengoku shipbyEdo(LaterTokyo) Is also active, and it is said that the rice sent from Ishinomaki Port to Edo during the long period of the Edo period accounted for half of the rice distributed in Edo City.

During the feudal era, it was the economic center of the Sendai domain, both in name and reality.Also the only one in the former Sendai domaincurrency OfcastingIs allowed, even in modern timesIsenba"Place name Ishinomaki StationRemains in front. First as a JapaneseAround the worldAchievedTsudayuThe group was based in Ishinomaki Port. Kansei5 years(1793/) With Tsudayu and othersWakamiya MaruDeparted from Ishinomaki and headed for Edo, but drifted, and at that timeRussian EmpireWas a territoryAleutian IslandsAfter spending about 10 years in Russia after drifting to Russia, the envoy to JapanNikolai RezanovOn board these shipscultureNew Year (1804/) Around the world, the same yearNagasakiReturned to Japan for 3 years of culture (1806/) Finally returned home.


Meiji Era

Boshin WarThe Sendai Domain, which was defeated inThe first year of the Meiji eraToTable height62 millionstoneTo 28 stonesChiyukiWhen the area is reducedOshika,Monou District,Motoyoshi-gunWas separated from the Sendai domainTakasaki DomainIt became a control site.

The reorganization of the prefecture continued after this, and in 1876 (XNUMX)MeijiThe area of ​​Miyagi prefecture up to the present is confirmed in 9).
Taisho era

Modern times

High economic growthUntil the period, shippingTrain,TrackdistributionHas been replaced byCoastal fisheryからPelagic fisheryCorrespond toFishing portDeveloped as.ShipyardAnd the construction of Ishinomaki Industrial PortSecondary industryAlso developed. The former Kitakami River estuary is from the Edo periodPort townIs called "Kawaminato",Flower StreetWas so prosperous[12].. With these industrial basesUrbanizationIs progressing, commercial etc.Tertiary industryThe majority of workers became a commercial base in eastern Miyagi prefecture.

Urban populationBubble economyHowever, since the 1970s, the Kawaminato area in the city center has been increasing.Hollowing outSigns were beginning to appear. North Sea FisheriesFor larger sizeStutteringBecame deeperFishing boatIn 1974, the fish market moved along the coast in order to respond to. Shoppers also leaked to large suburban stores[12].

Showa period (prewar)
Showa (postwar)



The old Kitakami River downstream is based on the opinion of the residents that the river will disappear.EmbankmentMaintenance is delayed, and in 2011Great East Japan EarthquakeThen.(I.e.Was heavily damaged.After the earthquake, the embankment was constructed with the upper part of the promenade at a height that does not give a feeling of oppression to the view.We are promoting urban development that coexists with rivers and the sea. In 2017, the tourist product facility "Ishinomaki Genki Ichiba" opened.[12].

Great East Japan Earthquake




Successive mayors

(New) Ishinomaki City

Government office

  • Ishinomaki City Hall
    • branch…Hebita, Inai, Watanabe, Oginohama
    • General branch office...Yogatsu, Oshika, Henan, Hebei, Kitakami, Momoo
    • Branch office...Ohara

public relations

City song
  • Ishinomaki Civic Song- 1933/(Showa 8) Established
  • Lyrics: Hatsue Noguchi
    It is a city song established when the (former) Ishinomaki City before the new merger enforced the city system.The Ishinomaki Regional Merger Council has not made any particular arrangements regarding the city song, so its current position is unclear, but it is still being performed.
  • Ishinomaki scenery --announced in 1933 (Showa 8)
  • Lyrics: Roue Sato
    New recruited at the time of the city song establishmentFolk songAnd it is said to be a citizen's favorite song.
  • Ishinomaki Hymn My Hometown Ishinomaki- 1983/(58) Announcement
  • Lyrics: Tomoko Hitomi
    Municipal 50th anniversary song.
Citizen's Charter

2008/(Heisei20) It was enacted on March 4th.
The contents are as follows[17].

"Hitakami no Kuni" was brought up in the Pacific Ocean and the Kitakami River under the blessings of the sun.
We love this beautiful hometown and set up a civic charter here to create and convey a city of hope full of smiles.
  • There is something I want to protect It is the nature of life
  • There is something I want to say. That is the wisdom of our ancestors.
  • There is something I want to make important It is the heart of gratitude for the bonds of people
  • We will live in Ishinomaki Let's create together A bright future


City council

Ishinomaki City Council
  • Constant number: 30 people
  • Chair: Shuichi Omori (non-parliamentary group)
  • Vice-chairman: Hiroaki Endo (New Ishinomaki)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is representative)
New Ishinomaki12◎ Kinichiro Abe, Hisaichi Abe, Hiroyuki Okuyama, Noriyoshi Takahashi, Hiroaki Endo, Mitsuhiro Tateishi, Yuichi Sato, Hiroaki Abe, Taro Abe, Tadayoshi Kimura, Yukiaki Moriyama, Kiyoshi Tanno
Soseikai10◎ Chiba Shin, Chiba Masayuki, Yamaguchi Soichiro, Hoshi Masatoshi, Aoyama Hisae, Takahashi Eiichi, Aoki Marie, Saijo Masaaki, Abe Masatoshi, Goto Kenji
Komeito3◎ Takuro Watanabe, Seiko Sakurada, Yoshihiro Suzuki
Japan Communist PartyIshinomaki City Council2◎ Fujie Mizusawa, Sumiko Saito
Abandoned3Kazuyoshi Abe, Mitsuo Kurosu, Shuichi Omori

Representative Shuichi Omori belonged to New Ishinomaki, but became a parliamentary group due to the appointment of the 11th chairman after the merger.[18][19].

Prefectural assembly

Miyagi Prefectural Assembly (Ishimaki/Oshika Election District)
  • Constant number: 5 people
NameParliamentary name
Chuichi MotokiLDP・Citizens' meeting
Norihiko IkedaLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly
Kizo SasakiLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly
Kazutoshi MiuraJapan Communist PartyMiyagi Prefectural Assembly
Ken SakashitaVoices of Miyagi residents

(As of June 2021, 11[20][21]. )

Government office

National agency


Reconstruction Agency
  • Miyagi Reconstruction Bureau Ishinomaki Branch

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Japan Coast Guard
  • Ishinomaki Coast Guard Station

Ministry of Justice

Prosecutor's office

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Agriculture

Prefectural government agency

  • Miyagi Ishinomaki Prefectural Tax Office
  • Eastern Miyagi Prefecture Promotion Office
  • Miyagi Prefecture Eastern Health and Welfare Office
  • Eastern Miyagi PrefectureCivil engineeringThe office
  • Miyagi eastern child guidance center
  • Miyagi Prefectural Fisheries Technology Center
  • Miyagi Ishinomaki Port Office
  • Eastern Miyagi PrefectureSewerThe office
  • Miyagi Prefecture Eastern Education Office
  • Miyagi Ishinomaki Agricultural Improvement Promotion Center
  • Ishinomaki, Miyagi PrefectureHealth center



Police station


Fire department
  • (Minami Branch Office, Central Branch Office, Minato Branch Office, Watanabe Branch Office)
  • (Momou branch office, Kitakami branch office)
  • (Henan branch office)
  • (Oshika branch office)


Main hospital

post office

  • OgatsuPost office (collection and delivery office)
  • Ogihama Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • HenanPost office (collection and delivery office)
  • ShikamataPost office (collection and delivery office)
  • HebeiPost office (collection and delivery office)
  • Hirobuchi Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • MonouPost office (collection and delivery office)
  • WatanabePost office (collection and delivery office)
  • Inai Post Office
  • Ishinomaki Minato Post Office
  • Hashiura Post Office
  • Kashizaki Post Office
  • Kamitori Post Office
  • Ishinomaki Suimei Post Office
  • Ishinomaki Futabacho Post Office
  • Ishinomaki Yamashita Post Office
  • Aji Islandpost office
  • Wabuchi Post Office
  • Ishinomaki Kazuma Post Office
  • Okawa Post Office
  • Kitakamipost office
  • Rikuzenaikawa Post Office
  • Ishinomaki Kadonowaki Post Office
  • Funakoshi Post Office

Simple post office

  • Aoba Simple Post Office
  • Hamaeba Simple Post Office
  • Osuhama Post Office

Zip Code986 and 987[22].

Exercise facility

  • Ishinomaki City Gymnasium
  • Ishinomaki City Henan Sports Center
  • Seihoku Park Ishinomaki
  • Ishinomaki City Baseball Stadium

Foreign relations

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city

HasekuraEt al.Keicho European delegationDeparture point, landing edge. It is the fourth oldest sister city agreement between Japan and Italy. The statue of Hasekura Tsunenaga was erected to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the sister city exchange. On October 20, 40, the 2011th anniversary of sister city exchange, a commemorative ceremony for the 10th anniversary of sister city exchange was held in front of Tsunegata Hasekura. Prior to the ceremony, it occurred on March 11, the same yearGreat East Japan EarthquakeMourningMassWas held at the Church of the Holy Martyrs of Japan. Due to the impact of the earthquake, Ishinomaki City officials could not attend, instead the Japanese Ambassador to Italy attended a series of events. After the earthquake with CivitavecchiaFerrariSent a donation to Ishinomaki City, the entire amount of which was used to rebuild two after-school clubs for children in the city. Ferrari contributions are new modelsFerrari FFThe first car in Japan was auctioned.

Partner city
Republic of Tunisia
In Monou TownチュニジアThe country and the former Monou Town became sister cities after the international students stayed in Japan.


sister city
Partner city
  • Hagi City(Chugoku Yamaguchi
    • 2016/(28)May 4 --Concluded a friendship city agreement.It was tied to commemorate the birthplace of Shigekichi Kawamura, who renovated the Kitakami River during the Edo period, in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.[23].

Sister port / Friendship port


Ishinomaki City's main industry isFishing industryIt is a commerce that shows the second accumulation in the prefecture. Also,Shipbuilding,PapermakingpulpKarma is also thriving.In all industriesLabor-intensive industryからKnowledge-intensive industryThe conversion to is progressing, and is leaking.To stop the outflowTourismIs influential,SpaSince it is a land that does not produce water, it is currently difficult to obtain high-priced hotel guests, and the fishing industry was utilized.foodThe mainstream is the development as a day trip tourist destination with the main content of.

Primary industry


Secondary industry


Tertiary industry


In recent years, Nakazato along the bypass roadHebita・ For large stores and other foreign capital on OkaidoRoadside storeHave made many advances, especiallySanriku Coastal Road OfIshinomaki Henan ICIn the prefecture, the Jada and Akebono districts centered aroundSendai city areaBegan to show commercial agglomeration next toTome City,OsakiA wide area in the eastern part of the prefecture, including even a part ofTrade areaAnd

The department store in front of Ishinomaki station, where the ability to attract customers has decreased sharply due to the commercial concentration in the Jeda and Akebono districts.Sakurano Tohoku 2008/In January (20), the company decided to withdraw and closed on April 1 of the same year (Ishinomaki City Hall moved into the building after the withdrawal). Also, on the city road that runs north of Ishinomaki Station (behind the station)Nakazato BypassWas operating alongIto-YokadoIshinomaki Nakazato store2009/(21) In August, it was decided to close the store in January of the following year, and the curtain came down to the history of 8 years.[28][Annotation 1].

Aiming to attract new customers and increase tax revenue,2005/From (17)2006/To (18)Boat racingI tried to attract the off-track betting facility "Orare" to the central city area, but the consensus and understanding of the citizens have not been obtained.

Financial institution

A financial institution with a head office in Ishinomaki
Financial institution with a branch in Ishinomaki (headquarters in parentheses)

Companies based

Headquartered company

Stock listingCompany


Mass media

Newspaper company


  • "Ishinomaki Manabu" (published by Fist Shobo, first published in 2015 after the Great East Japan Earthquake)[30]


Community FM station

Life base

life line


Area code

Area codeIs 0225[31].




high school


Junior high school

Minato Junior High SchoolMinistry of educationPromoted byAchievement improvement frontierIt is a designated school ().

primary school


Special school



  • Ishinomaki Municipal Sumiyoshi Kindergarten
  • Ishinomaki City Minato Kindergarten
  • Ishinomaki City Inai Kindergarten
  • Ishinomaki City Hebei Kindergarten
  • Ishinomaki City Momou Kindergarten
  • Ishinomaki Catholic Kindergarten
  • Ishinomaki Mizuho Kindergarten
  • Ishinomaki Mizuho Second Kindergarten
  • Kokucho Kindergarten
  • Nagahama kindergarten
  • Skylark kindergarten
  • Hojinji Kindergarten



Central station:Ishinomaki Station

Railway line

East Japan Railway(JR East)
Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)



East Japan Railway Company (bus high-speed transportation system)

Transit Bus

General in the cityTransit BusIs mainlyMiyagi TransportationIs a regional subsidiary ofMiyakobusIs in charge.

For details such as the operation system, see "Miyakoh Bus Ishinomaki Sales OfficeFor the platform in front of Ishinomaki Station,Ishinomaki StationSee.

Express Bus

With the opening of the Sanriku Coastal Road, routes connecting Sendai and Tokyo have been developed in recent years.

Depart and arrive from the city belowExpress busTo enumerate.

  • For Sendai
    • Miyakobus Sendai-Ishinomaki(From the center of Ishinomaki, Hebita area)
      [Ishinomaki, Hebita,AEON Ishinomaki800 yen one way.icscaandSuicaCan be used for transportation IC cards such as]
    • East Nippon Express Sendai-Toyoma Line (from Hebei area)
      [One way 900 yen, round trip 1,600 yen from Hebei (Obagawa Sports Park)]
  • To Tokyo (Shibuya / Shinjuku)


Shared taxi



In Higashi Matsushima City (10) Ishinomaki Port ICIs installed.

National road

Prefectural road

Road Station





Sights and historic sites

Nearby Tourist Spots

Scenic spots/Leisure
XNUMX selections
Museum / theme park


Festivals and events

  • Naburichiku (formerly Ogatsucho, January)
  • San Juan Festival (Watanabe, May)
  • Ishinomaki River Opening Festival(Old city, August)
  • Ishinomaki Kahoku Cup Yacht Race
  • Summer Festa in Kahoku (formerly Kahoku Town, August)
  • Ishinomaki Big Fishing Festival (Fish Market, October)
  • Wabuchi Mutual City (former Kanan Town, December)
  • Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marathon

Specialty/Special product

traditional culture


There is Ishinomaki Citizen's Symphony Orchestra as an amateur orchestra.Ishinomaki Citizens Symphony Orchestra1956/(ShowaWith the predecessor of the organization that was established as the Ishinomaki Citizens Orchestra in 31)1976/It was established in (Showa 51).Holds family concerts and regular concerts[36].



Ishinomaki CityMiyagiTome DistrictIshinomori TownFrommanga artistShotaro IshinomoriWith the cooperation of, the "Isamaki Manga Land Basic Plan" is formulated, and we are working to create a creative city that makes use of "Manga". As part of that,Ishinomori Manga MuseumIs the nearest station ofIshinomaki Station, And the road to Ishinomori Manga Museum "Manga Road", you can see many characters of Shotaro Ishinomori's works.



Origin-related celebrities


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  • Ishinomaki City History Edition Committee "History of Ishinomaki" Volume 2 History Edition (2 below) Ishinomaki City, 1998.

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