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😷 | Shimane Prefecture 164 people infected 25th New Corona

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Shimane Prefecture 164 people infected 25th New Corona

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Clusters (infected population) occurred at child welfare facilities in Izumo City and Yasugi City.

Shimane Prefecture and Matsue City announced on the 25th that 164 new people were infected with the new coronavirus.Izumo City 112 ... → Continue reading

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We will promptly deliver information on the Chugoku region and domestic and overseas, centering on Hiroshima.Hiroshima Toyo Carp, local sports, and living information are also abundant.

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Cluster (infected population)


    Izumo(Izumoshi) isShimane A city in the Middle East.

    The second largest population in Shimane prefecture[1]HoldingIzumo TaishaAnd manyAttractionsHave.


    Second in the prefecture[1],San'in districtThen.Matsue-Tottori CityThird population after[2][3]It is the center of the central part of the prefecture.Focusing on Izumo CityIzumo metropolitan areaAre formed, and also otherUnhakuRural metropolitan area (Matsue metropolitan area-Yonago metropolitan area) WithNakaumi/Lake Shinji/Mt. Ooyama areaIs formed.

    Izumo City ismyths country IzumoAs known nationwide asIzumo Taisha,Susa Shrine,Nishitani Tombs,Aragami ValleyAnd moreHistory-cultural heritageBlessed withAncient historyIt forms a symbolic space of culture.

    Also played an active part in the Middle AgesGen IzumoIs also the birthplace of.

    The current city of Izumo20053/22Former Izumo CityHirata City-Yugawa-gunTaisha Town-Koryo Town-Taki Town-Sada Town2 cities and 4 towns were newly established and merged.[4]And more201110/1ToHikawa TownIt was made by incorporating.[4]Former Izumo cityMuromachi PeriodSince then, the city has been formed by merging the surrounding villages centering on Imaichi, which has become a distribution center for goods.

    Most of the area is oldYugawa-gunHowever, the towns of Giai, Nogo and Mino in Izumo were once formerYatsuka, Nishiya Town, Izumo City, Susa Town, Susa, Harada, Asahara, Oro, TanbeIiishi District, Kambara, Takicho, IzumoIwami(OldAno-gun).


    Izumo PlainThe northern part is also known as Izumo mythologyShimane PeninsulaSea of ​​Japan, In the southChugoku MountainsTouch. In the eastern part of the cityHii RiverFlows,Lake ShinjiIt has a variety of terrain such as sea, mountains, rivers, lakes, plains, canyons, and hot springs.

    Adjacent municipalities

    Izumo City is adjacent to the following municipalities.


    Population distribution of Izumo, Shimane, Japan.svg
    Izumo City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Izumo City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
    Green-All over Japan

    Izumo City (equivalent area) Population Changes
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


    Ancient times (stage of Izumo mythology)

    Developed from ancient times against the backdrop of the fertile Izumo Plain, it is certain that there was a great force that prospered from ancient times in this area due to abundant myths, ruins and a large amount of excavated items, and abundant types of tumuli. There is.In particularYayoi PeriodLaterAragami ValleySuch as ruins,Nishitani TombsSuch as largeFour-corner protruding mound graveThere was a great power to create.6st centuryIn the second halfImaichi Dainenji Tumulus,Kamishijioji Mountain TumulusThe largest scale in the prefectureOld tombMany were made.

    In addition, MythologyIn Izumo, the stage is set, and the establishment of Izumo Taisha Shrine and Susa Shrine is talked about.Imperial courtIt was also a region that was emphasized by.

    Since the Middle Ages

    Kamakura ShogunateLord,Yoshiki SasakiHowever, 3 years ago (1221Seku no RanThanks toIzumo-OkiThe two countriesIzumoDown toGen IzumoBecame the ancestor of.

    This torture isIzumoShinmon DistrictShiojiHonuki(Gen IzumoAs the birthplace)Mr. ShiojiTake the nameIzumoGuardianWas inherited,Northern and Northern Dynasties OfGuardian-Takasada Shioji(Salt Judge[5]) IsMuromachi ShogunateButlerNaoshi TakashiWas destroyed by.afterwards,Mr. ShiojiSidestream ofMr. YamanaBelongs toTajima countryI went to.

    Edo PeriodIs mostlyMatsue DomainHowever, part of Taisha Town was recognized by the ShogunateIzumo TaishaTerritoryHimitake ShrineAnd part of Sada-machi is Kyoto, which has continued since the Heian period.Iwashimizu HachimanguIt is regarded as a territory.

    The early modern periodSince the latter half of the period, the Izumo plain has become a center of ""Hirata CityHitShields CountyThen.MeijiIn the early recordscottonThe yield of rice was higher than that of rice.Taisho eraFrom the 30s to the XNUMXs, Izumo weaving (laterYamato spinning),Gunze Silk,Kanebuchi spinningAnd other factories were created and became a textile industry town.


    Transition of administrative divisions

    • 1941(Showa16 years)
      • 2/11 - Yugawa-gunImaichi・ Koshi Village, Takamatsu Village, Takahama Village, Shitsuri Village, Kawato Village, Otsu Village, Shioji Village, and Tobisu Village merged.IzumoWas launched.
      • 11/3 -With the city system in forceIzumoWill be.In Shimane prefectureHamadaThe third city system after.
    • 1955(30)3/22 --Incorporated Asayama Village, Kamitsu Village, and Hikawa Village, Hikawa District.
    • 1956(31)4/1 --Incorporated Hikawa-gun Kansai-mura Shinmon-mura and Nagahama-mura.
    • 1970(45)8/1 -Yanagawa-gunTaisha TownEach part of Oaza Irinan and Haruka,Iiishi DistrictSantoya TownIncorporated a part of Oaza Takakubo.
    • 1971(Showa 46) April 4-Incorporated a part of Oaza Takakubo, Mitoya-cho, Iishi-gun.
    • 1991(3)12/6 -Yanagawa-gunKoryo TownIncorporated a part of the three large characters.At the same time, a part of Nishijinzaicho, Izumo City was incorporated into Koryocho.
    • 1994(6)1/14 --Incorporated a part of Koryocho Oaza Sanbu.At the same time, a part of Nishijinzaicho, Izumo City was incorporated into Koryocho.
    • 1996(8)9/19 --Izumo CityMatsue-Hirata City・ Hikawa-gunHikawa Town-YatsukaShinji Town-Tamauyu TownThe boundary line of the surface of Lake Shinji is established between them.
    • 2005(17)3/22 --Hirata CityTaisha Town・ Koryo Town ・Taki Town-Sada TownAnd newly mergedIzumoWas launched.[4]
      • Initially, the aim was to merge all the municipalities of Yanagawa county, including the old county area, but it was a merger of 2 cities and 4 towns except Hikawa town.[9][10]
    • 2011(23)10/1 --Incorporated Hikawa-cho, Hikawa-gun.[4]



    NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
    First generationNishio Norihiro20054/1720094/16Former Mayor of Izumo
    2-4 generationsHideto Nagaoka20094/1720214/16oldHirata Citylong
    5 feeToshiyuki Iizuka20214/17

    Past deficit finance

    The real debt service ratio, which represents fiscal consolidation, isIn 2011 (Heisei 23), the settlement amount was 21.4%, the 8th worst in Japan (Ordinance cityIn cities with a population of 10 or more, it is the worst in Japan), and the future burden ratio, which indicates the total amount of debt to the financial scale, is 1%.[Source required]So, the city finances at that time were very bad even when viewed nationwide.but,The real debt service ratio is 2017% and the future burden ratio is 29% in the 16.6 (Heisei 165.4) settlement of accounts.[Source required]In FY2019 (the first year of Reiwa), the real debt service ratio is 14.3% and the future burden ratio is 159.6%.[Source required]In recent years, both figures have improved.

    As a cause, compared to other cities with similar financial scalePublic worksExpensepublic facilityThere are many maintenance costs, etc., and the improvement of the debt-dependent constitution has not progressed.[Source required]

    Fiscal consolidation, such as optimizing the scale of public works projects, continues to be an urgent task.

    municipal office

    • Main office
    70 Imaichi-cho, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture
    *: Due to the completion of the new government building, it was relocated from "2009-2 Imaichi-cho, Izumo-shi" on February 16, 109.[1]
    • Hirata Administration Center: 951-1 Hirata-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane
    • Sada Administration Center: 1747-6 Tanbe, Sada-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane
    • Taki Administration Center: 74-1, Oda, Taki-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane
    • Koryo Administration Center: 1320, Koryocho Nibu, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture
    • Taisha Administration Center: 1395 Kizukiminami, Taisha-cho, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture
    • Hikawa Administration Center: 2172 Sohara, Hikawa-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane
    *: The branch office was reorganized as an administrative center on April 2019, 4[11].

    Prefecture institutions/public facilities

    • Shimane Prefecture Eastern Citizens Center Izumo Office
    • Shimane Prefecture Izumo Public Health Center
    • Shimane Prefecture Izumo Children's Counseling Center
    • Shimane Prefecture Eastern Agriculture and Forestry Promotion Center Izumo Office
    • Shimane Agricultural Technology Center
    • Shimane Prefectural Livestock Technology Center
    • Shimane Prefectural High School of Technology

    National institution, etc.



    City council

    • MemberNumber of people 32 (term up to April 2021, 4)
    Parliamentary nameAffiliated partyNumber of members
    Sincerity club9
    Heisei club8
    Masamo Club6
    Civic clubConstitutional Democratic Party2
    Member of parliamentJapan Communist Party1Independent23

    Prefectural assembly

    • Election district: Izumo city constituency
    • Constant number: 9 people
    • Term: September 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 14) to September 2023th, 5 (5th year of Reiwa)
    Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
    Takuya HaraShimane Prefectural AssemblyLDP
    Taketo TatanoShimane Prefectural Assembly Liberal Democratic Party
    Shigeru SonoyamaLiberal Democratic Party Shimane Prefectural Assembly
    Kenichi MoriyamaShimane Prefectural Assembly Liberal Democratic Party
    Rikiichi EndoKomeitoShimane Prefectural Assembly
    Ikeda HajimeLiberal Democratic Party Shimane Prefectural Assembly
    Narisa YasunobuIndependent
    Daikoku YosukeJapan Communist PartyShimane Prefectural Assembly

    House of Representatives

    ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
    Shimane Prefecture 2st wardYasuhiro TakamiLDPFirstConstituency



    Izumo City was brought up by Hii River and Kobe RiverIzumo PlainIt is a region with a particularly high agricultural productivity even in the prefecture where the area is wide.

    Agricultural output accounts for 23% of the prefecture's total, and fruit production accounts for 58% of the prefecture's total.

    • Grape --Cultivation is flourishing around Taisha Town, Izumo City.Winemaking using this is also carried out.The total shipment volume of Shimane Prefecture in the second year of Reiwa was 2 tons, the 2,090th largest shipment volume in Japan.[12]
    • FIG --A special product of Takicho, Izumo City.A variety with a strong sweetness is cultivated.Produced and shipped under the brand name of.
    • sweet potato --In Koryo-cho, Izumo City, veneer zuma is produced and shipped under the brand name of "Nishihama Imo".
    • persimmon --Production and shipment of Saijo persimmon under the brand name "Kozuchi".
    • Ginger -Cultivation is active in the Desai area. Produced and shipped under the "Denishing ginger" brand.
    • onion -Manufactured and shipped under the brand name "Higawa no Mikita Kita Onion".
    • Konjac -Produced and shipped under the brand name in the Hashinami area in the southern part of Izumo City.
    • Other things that are cultivatedPearl barley,Moroheiya,Green onion,cucumber,broccoli,Asparagus,cyclamen,Chrysanthemum,Yacón,Japanese radishand so on.


    • (I.e.Fishing port
    • Koryo fishing port
    • Taisha fishing port
    • Uryu fishing port
    • Sagiura Fishing Port
    • Utoge Fishing Port
    • Inome fishing port
    • Jurokushima fishing port
    • Kamaura Fishing Port
    • Shiozu fishing port
    • Yuiura Fishing Port
    • Koizu fishing port
    • Chiai fishing port
    • Sakaigawa fishing port


    Manufactured product shipments account for 40% of the entire prefecture.

    Major companies/groups with headquarters

    Major companies with factories and offices

    Major companies with branch offices and sales offices


    Tokichi SaigaReceived a business license in October 1911 (Meiji 44) and in November Izumo Electric[13] Established a power plant (gas power, output 123kW) in Otsumura. The business started in August 1912 (Taisho first year). Supply area is Yugawa-gunImaichi, Kitsuki-cho, Hirata-cho, etc.[14] Then expanded to the whole area of ​​Yanagawa[15]

    Mass media

    Newspaper company

    TV station

    Cable tv station

    Radio stations

    Sister cities/partner cities


    Partner city
    sister city
    • Japanese flagNational Monzen Town Summit -A conference held by local governments, tourism associations, and commercial personnel who have Monzen towns that have developed around shrines and temples across the country to revitalize the region and promote town development.


    sister city
    Partner city


    primary school

    Junior high school

    high school

    Special school

    Vocational schools





    • Izumo City Izumo Central Library
    • Izumo City Hikawa Library
    • Izumo City Taisha Library
    • Izumo City Seaside Library
    • Izumo City Koryo Library
    • Izumo City Sada Library
    • Izumo City Hirata Library
    • Shimane University School of Medicine Library Branch

    Telephone code

    The area code is0853It has become.

    • Izumo Sales Office jurisdiction (20-26, 30, 31)
    • Izumo Nagahama Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (28)
    • Izumo Shinsai Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (43)
    • Jurisdiction and telephone exchange jurisdiction (45)
    • Izumo Hibara Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (48)
    • Taisha Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (53)
    • Sagiura Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (54)
    • Hirata Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (62, 63)
    • Hirata Kawashita Telephone Exchange Office (66)
    • Hirata Higashi Telephone Exchange Office (67, 69)
    • Saka Hirata Telephone Exchange Office (68)
    • Hikawa Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (72, 73)
    • Nishisusa Telephone Exchange Office Jurisdiction (84)
    • Kubota Telephone Exchange Office (85)
    • Jurisdiction of Taki Telephone Exchange (86)

    post office

    The collection and delivery of mail is as followspost officeIs going. Before privatization200610/30Was changed to.

    • Izumo Post Office:693-00xx、693-85xx、693-86xx、693-87xx、693-01xx、693-02xx、699-08xx、699-07xx、699-05xx、699-06xx
    • Sada Post Office: 693-05xx
    • Oda Post Office: 699-09xx
    • Hirata Post Office:691-00xx, 691-85xx, 691-86xx, 691-87xx




    West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
    Ichibata train

    Route bus / municipal bus

    Express Bus


    National road
    Prefectural road
    City road
    • City road Otsu Route 73
    1-chome, Otsushinzaki-cho, Izumo-shi The Chamber of Commerce and Industry connecting Otsu-cho, Shimane Prefectural Government Building, 0.2 km in length and 17 m in width passing in front of the municipal library[19],1987(Showa62 years)8/10Based on aesthetics and mobility, the old "Miyuki no Michi"Ministry of ConstructionAnd the "Michi no Hi" executive committee establishedTop 100 Roads in JapanIs also selected[20].. It was built in a land readjustment project from 1968 (Showa 43) to 1971 (Showa 46). It is a road for the purpose of traffic safety under the theme of "road of peace" and "harmony between people and cars". The feature is that it meanders gently.[19].. Both roads and sidewalks are colored.Interlocking blockThe pavement is used, and between the driveway and the sidewalk, there is a kind of Tsukiji pine, which is an ancient Izumo region that is also a tree in Shimane prefecture.Black pineCentered onSatsukiJapanese-style gardens are planted with, etc., and the installation of utility pole signs and the like is restricted to maintain aesthetics.[19].. The nickname "Miyuki no Michi" was used in October 1982.Shimane National Athletic MeetWhen was held,Emperor ShowaComes from walking along this road[19].

    Road Station

    Sightseeing spots, etc.

    Sights and historic sites


    Buildings, parks, facilities, etc.

    Museums and museum

    Hot springs and hot spring facilities

    Name water

    Events and festivals

    Specialty/Special product

    traditional culture

    • Important intangible folk cultural properties
    • Prefecture designated cultural property
      • Auspicious Shinto ritual
      • Nusabutsu dance at Susa Shrine
      • Mimikyu Kagura
      • Mitani Shrine Throw Lion Dance
      • Saida Uga Shrine Lion Dance
      • Uga Shrine Lion Dance
      • Taku Shrine Sasara Mai

    Person from

    Historical figure



    Cultural person





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