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😷 | Macau, 89 positive people in the city ... Cumulative 6 people since 18/941, Omicron BA.5.1 epidemic expansion = luxury ...

Photo The state of the PCR test site for all citizens, which will be the fourth time since June 6 in Macau = July 19, 4 (Photo: GCS)

Macau, 89 positive people in the city ... Cumulative 6 people since 18/941, Omicron BA.5.1 epidemic spread = luxury ...

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Since June 6th, Macau has frequently conducted mandatory PCR tests and rapid antigen tests for all citizens, as well as additional PCR tests targeting some priority areas and priority groups. , All led to the discovery of many positives.

In Macau, which has a population of about 68, the number of confirmed cases of community-acquired infection of the new corona was maintained for about 8 months, but June 6 ... → Continue reading

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Rapid antigen test

Rapid antigen testWhat is (Jinsoku Kogenkensa)?Affinity chromatographyAntigen test method that applies.


Antigen-antibody reactionDetects the presence or absence of antigen using[1].


Specific binding to a specific antigenLigandWhen the sample solution is dropped on the filter paper on which the sample solution is fixed, it soaks into the filter paper.Antigen-antibody reactionIf there is an antigen, it binds to the ligand.At that time, the pigment is released and develops color.

Strong Points

  • No need for equipment to be installed in the test room
  • Results are usually obtained on the spot in 5 to 30 minutes.


Although this inspection method can be an important measure in the inspection of COVID-19, the latest research shows thatPCR testWithout a comprehensive testing system that includes follow-up and contact tracking, it is proven to be inadequate as a measure to control the new corona, and the possibility of false positives and false negatives has been pointed out.[1].



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