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😷 | [Breaking news] 5th Newly infected Hiroshima City 105 people, Kure City 80 people, Fukuyama City 48 people New Corona

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[Breaking news] 5th Newly infected Hiroshima City 105, Kure City 80, Fukuyama City 48 New Corona

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Of these, 2 are severely ill, 10 are moderately ill, and the usage rate of beds that can be accepted immediately (immediate response) is 15.5%.

New coronavirus. On the XNUMXth, the number of newly infected people in Hiroshima Prefecture was XNUMX in Hiroshima City, XNUMX in Kure City, and XNUMX in Fukuyama City. → Continue reading

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    10 moderately ill

      (Immediate response) Bed


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