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😷 | New Corona in mainland China The number of infected people in the new market has exceeded 5 for 300 consecutive days ... About half are in Anhui Province, and more than 50 in Shanghai = 7/6

Photographed in Shanghai, China (Source) — Photographed on this paper

New Corona in mainland China The number of infected people in the new market exceeds 5 for 300 consecutive days ... About half are in Anhui Province, and more than 50 in Shanghai = 7/6

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Double-digit cases of infection continue to appear every day in Jiangsu Province, which is adjacent to Shanghai City.

In mainland China, we succeeded in containing the new corona at a relatively early stage, and since then the situation has become stable nationwide and sporadic ... → Continue reading

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Shanghai(Shanghai)People's Republic of China OfCity.

Of the countryCommercial-金融-Industrial-TransportationThe center of such.powerfulWorld cityAnd the British think tank Z / Yen Group2021World announced in MarchFinancial centerAccording to the rankingニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,UK3rd in the world after[1].. America'sthink tankWas ranked as the 2021th largest city in the world in the comprehensive world city ranking announced in 10.[2].

As of June 2012, the resident population exceeded 6 million.[3], The city's gross domestic product is 2 billion yuan (about 3,560 trillion yen)[4]..It is designated as one of the national central cities by the State Council of the People's Republic of China.


Chinese notation isChinese: Shanghai,pinyin: Shàng hǎi shì (Zh-Shanghai.ogg listen),Wupronunciation: [z̻ɑ̃˨hᴇ˦], English notationEnglish: Shanghai[Note 1][ˈƩæŋhaɪ, ʃæŋˈhaɪ] ( Audio file)).

ChineseSengoku period, Now around ShanghaiChun ShenjunBecause it was a sealed land, it is still an old nameSignSometimes called (Shin: Shen).Also as an abbreviation(Simplified characters: Shanghai/ Ko: Fu) or "Kotoku (Kotoku) (Simplified characters: ShanghaiAlso called[5][6]..It flows northeast of ShanghaiWu ShujiangIt is the name of the downstream part of (Sushu River)[7][Note 2].. The letters "" are used as identification symbols on the license plates of automobiles in Shanghai.

The place name in Shanghai is from the 11th centuryIt begins in the times. There was controversy over the meaning of "Shanghai," but Chinese historians saidIt is concluded that the current Shanghai area was under the sea at the time, and that the land appeared literally "above the sea" due to the subsequent landing.[8].


Yangtze RiverLocated on the south bank of the estuary, it is an estuary islandChongming Island,Changxing Island, Including Hengsha Island.From the north to the eastJiangsu・ In the southwestZhejiang ProvinceContact with. EastEast China SeaFacing (Tokai).The city is a tributary of the Yangtze RiverHuangpu RiverIt is in the place going back.The mouth of the Huangpu River has a port called Suzhou Creek, which is used for navigation to islands such as Chongming Island and to the outside of the city.


In the Köppen climate classificationWarm and humid climate It belongs to (Cfa) and has an average annual temperature of 17 ℃. The average temperature in January is 1 ℃KagoshimaIt is cold for the same latitude and there are many cloudy days, so it may drop below 10 degrees Celsius during the day and below freezing in the morning and evening.Snowfall occurs about 1 to 2 days a year, and it is hit by snow (a few centimeters) once every few years, but it is rarely seen every year.rainy seasonHas about 20 days, and the rainy season ends around July 7 every year. It is hot and humid from July to August, and the average temperature in July is 10 ℃, during the daytime.Extremely hot day(35度以上)となる日は年間平均で8.7日に達する。平均最低気温も25.8度に達するなど暑さが厳しく、熱帯夜の日が続くなど非常に過ごしにくい。 最高気温極値は40.8℃(2013年8月7日)、最低気温極値は-12.1℃(1893年1月13日)[9].

Climate of Shanghai (Xujiahui) (1981-2010 average, extreme 1951-2013)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F22.1
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F8.6
Average daily temperature ° C (° F5.1
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F1.9
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−10.1
Precipitation amount mm (inch)62.0
Average days of precipitation9.99.212.411.210.412.711.412.
Average monthlyDaylight hours114.3119.9128.5148.5169.8130.9190.8185.7167.5161.4131.1127.41,775.8
Source:China Air Bureau National Air Force Information Center 2014-01-01

Note: Shanghai International Exchange Station, 1951-1955 Xujiahui, 1956-1990, Baoshan, 1991

Features of place names

ShanghaiYangtze River DeltaBecause it is located in the estuary of the river, water-related Chinese characters such as ura, 涇, row, 蕩, beach, and bridge are often used.

Administrative division

Shanghai is divided into 16 wards[10]..In addition, Pudong new wardSub-provincial districtIt is designated as (prefecture-level administrative district level) and is given a great deal of autonomy.

  • Huangpu District(Hoampu) --Huangpu Ward and Luwan District merged in 2011.Central Shanghai, where the City People's Government and The Bund are located.Former Huangpu District is the former British Shanghai business district, and has been the center of finance and trade since the 20th century.The former Luwan District is the location of the former Shanghai French Concession and Jiangnan Shipyard, and is the birthplace of modern Chinese industry.The Chinese Aegis Lanzhou-class destroyer was also built here.
  • Xuhui District(Xuhui District/ Shu Hoi) ――It is the richest area in Shanghai.There are numerous high-tech research institutes, medical institutions, universities, etc. such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Academy of Science and Technology Shanghai Branch, China Aerospace Science and Technology Institute Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Film Studio.Many of the former residences of prewar capitalists and celebrities remain.There are many fancy restaurants around Hengshan Road.The number of office buildings and department stores around Shanghai Metro Xujiahui Station has increased in recent years, and the development is remarkable.
  • Changning District(Changning District/ Channin) --Tianshan Shinmura in the west is a former housing complex for textile workers.The new Nijibashi district, which was established after the reform and opening up, is a business district with many offices of foreign companies.Consulates of various countries including Japan are also scattered in the ward, and many foreigners live in the old north new ward.It is also the area with the largest number of Japanese expatriates in Shanghai.
  • Jing'an District(Jin An) --In the central ward, it is named after Jing'an Temple.Luxury condominiums before World War II still remain.There is also the current Shanghai Railway Station, which was relocated in the 1990s.
  • Putuo District(Putuo)-Located in the northwestern part of the city.There are also many former textile workers' housing estates.Jiang Zemin also lived in Caoyang Xincun in the ward before becoming the mayor of Shanghai.
  • Hongkou District(Honkou) --Before World War II, it was in the Japanese concession and was called "Small Tokyo" at that time.Historic sites such as Yokohama Bridge and Nishi Honganji remain, and there is Lu Xun Park.
  • Yangpu District(Yangpu District/ Yanpu) --In the former United States concession, the locations of Shanghai Yangjuura Power Plant, Shanghai Electric Power Station, Shanghai Optical Machinery Station, Shanghai Shiba Oil Machinery Factory, etc.It has the largest area of ​​the city center and has the largest population of 120 million.There are many universities in the ward such as Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai Ocean University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Ocean University (former Fisheries Academy), and Shanghai Electric Power Academy. On January 2010, 1, it won the honor of "National Innovation Model Pilot City" as a ward.This means that the conversion from "industrial Yangpu" to "knowledge Yangpu" has been completed.However, it is still a heavy industry town.
  • Pudong New Area(Pudong New Area/ Pudong Shinku) --Yangpu District, Huangpu District, Nanshi District and Luwan District Pudong District, Shanghai County Sanlintan Division and Chuansha County merged in 1992 and promoted to sub-provincial city. In 2009, it merged with Nanhui District.As a special economic zone, the attraction of factories and offices in finance, IT industry, electronics, chemicals, etc. has progressed, and Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Trans Rapid have also been constructed, making it the new gateway to Shanghai.Along with this, there are many cases where foreigners also move from Kokita Sub-ku to Lianyang Sub-ku in the ward.There is the family home of Soong Ching-ling, the wife of Sun Yat-sen, the president of the Republic of China, and Du Yuesheng, the boss of the Green Gang.The Type 071 frigate and Type 082 amphibious ship were built at the Hudong Shipyard in the ward. The XNUMX type aircraft carrier will be built at the Sototakahashi Shipyard in the ward.
  • Baoshan District(Baoshan) --Wusong Ward and Takarayama Prefecture merged in 1988.It is the location of Baoshan Iron & Steel with Japanese technical cooperation.
  • Minhang District(Minhang District/ Minhang) --Minhang District and Shanghai County merged in 1992.There are many factories of foreign companies and factories of domestic precision equipment, rockets and artificial satellites.
  • Jiading District(Jiading) --The former Jiading County was renamed in 1992.There are research institutes such as the Optical Research Institute and automobile factories such as Toyota Motor, General Motors, and Volkswagen.In June 2004, the Shanghai International Circuit (Shanghai International Circuit) was completed, and major international races such as Formula 6 China Grand Prix and Road Racing World Championship China Grand Prix are being held.
  • Jinshan District(Jinshan) --The former Kanayama prefecture was renamed in 1997.It is the location of the Kanayama Petrochemical Factory. In 1937, the former Japanese army landed off the coast of Kanayama.
  • Songjiang District(Songjan) --Former Matsue Prefecture was renamed in 1998.It is located about 20km west of the city, and seagulls are here.Shanghai Film Park is also famous.Baishan (Shashan, 97 meters above sea level) in the ward is the highest mountain on land in Shanghai, and the highest Christian church in East Asia is built on the top.The Shanghai Observatory is also at the top.The HSBC Champions of the Men's Golf World Championship Series are held every year at the "Sheshan International Golf Club" in the ward.
  • Qingpu District(Chinpu) --Former Qingpu Prefecture was renamed in 1999.Machine manufacturing and metal processing are popular.Lake Yodoshan in the west is the source of the Huangpu River and the source of tap water in Shanghai.There is also a theme park on the shore of the lake that recreates the Dream of the Red Chamber.
  • Fengxian District(Fengxian District/ Fengxian) --The former Fengxian County was renamed in 2001.Located in the south of the city, it is a production center for agricultural products such as watermelon.In recent years, a beach has been opened and the tourism industry is also being emphasized.
  • Chongming District(Chongming) --The former Chongming County was renamed in June 2016. It occupies most of Chongming Island, which is a huge middle island at the mouth of the Yangtze River.The northern part of the island belongs to Jiangsu Province.It is the third island in China and is famous for the cultivation of Chongming old black-skinned watermelon, Changxing Island Satsuma mandarin and Chinese mitten crab.Jiangnan Shipyard has moved to Changxing Island in the ward. On October 6, 2009, access to the island was greatly improved with the opening of the Shanghai Changjiang Tunnel / Ohashi Bridge, which has a total construction cost of 10 billion yen.

Apart from the above administrative districts, the center of Shanghai is divided into two parts with the Huangpu River as the boundary.

  • Pudong-It is so called because it is on the east side of the Huangpu River. Until the start of development in 1991, the land was covered with paddy fields, and the transportation to the city area was very poor. There was also a popular saying (better than one room in Pudong).
  • Puxi-The western part of the Huangpu River, which includes the old town centered on Yu Garden and the financial and commercial towns from the former era.Many Western-style buildings built by former British and French concession capitalists, politicians, and foreigners remain.
Shanghai city map
Shanghai administrative division
AreaRegionHighway, town
Huangpu DistrictPuxiNanjing East Road Road, Bundan Road Road, Bansongyuan Road Road, Small East Gate Road, Yuyuan Road, Laoximen Road, Goribashi Road, Dapuqiao Bridge Road, Huaihai Middle Road Road, Zuikin XNUMX Road Road
Xuhui DistrictPuxiTianping Road Road, Hunan Road Road, Slope Road Road, Fenglin Road Road, Changqiao Road, Tabayashi Road, Hongmei Road Road, Kangken Shinmura Road, Xujiahui Road, Lingyun Road Road, Ryuka Road, Caohejing Road, Huajing Town
Changning DistrictPuxiHuayang Road Highway, Jiangsu Road Highway, Xinhua Road Highway, Zhoujia Bridge Highway, Tianshan Road Highway, Senka Shinmura Highway, Hongqiao Highway, Chengjiaqiao Highway, Beixinjing Highway, Xinjing Town
Jing'an DistrictPuxiJiangning Road Road, Shimen XNUMXnd Road Road, Nanjing West Road Road,Jing'an Temple Highway, Soya Watari Highway, Tenme West Road Highway, North Station Highway, Baoshan Road Highway, Kyowa Shin Road Highway, Daining Road Highway, Pengpuzhen Village Highway, Rinjin Road Highway, Pengpuzhen Highway, Pengpuzhen
Putuo DistrictPuxiCaoyangxincun Road, Changfengxincun Road, Changshou Road Road, Kansen Road Road, Ishiizumi Road Road, Yikawa Road Road, Manri Road, Zhenru Town Road, Changzheng Town, Taopuzhen Town
Hongkou DistrictPuxiOuyang Road Highway, Songyang Road Highway, Guangchu Road Highway, Kaxing Road Highway, Liangchengxinc Highway, Sichuan North Road Highway, Hokugai Nada Highway, Jiangwan Town Highway
Yangpu DistrictPuxiChangbaixincun Highway, Pingliang Road Highway, Eura Road Highway, Siping Road Highway, Changbaixincun Highway, Changbaixincun Highway, Enkichi Shinmura Highway, Yinkou Highway, Ohashi Highway, Wujiaochang Highway, Xinjiangwan Castle Highway, Changbaixincun Highway
Pudong New AreaPudongHamabo Shinmura Highway, Rikujiabe Highway, Zhoupu Watari Highway, Tsubashi Highway, Shanggangxincun Highway, Nanmatou Road Highway, Hudongxincun Highway, Jinyangxincun Highway, Yobo Highway, Puxing Road Highway, Dongming Road Highway, Hanaki Highway, River Chuanshaxin Town, Gaodong Town, Hoku Cai Town, Goqing Town, Tang Town, Cao Road Town, Jinyang Town, Gaodong Town, Dongming Town, Zhangjiang Town, Mibayashi Town, Enan Town, Zhoupu Town, Shinba Town, Dadan Town, Yasubashi Town, Puxing Town, Celebration Town, Mudcheng Town, Xuanqia Town, Shoin Town, Mansho Town, Old Port Town, Nanmatou New Castle Town
Baoshan DistrictsuburbYouyi Road, Wu Xiao Road, Zhang Mausoleum Road, Luodian Town, Dachang Town, Yanghang Town, Yuepuzhen Town, Luojing Town, Gucunzhen Town, Gaojing Town, Miaohang Town, Songnan Town
Minhang DistrictsuburbEgawaji Kaido, Komi Kaido, Shinhong Kaido, Uranishiki Kaido, Xinzhuang Town, Qibao Town, Zhuanqia Town, Huacaozhen, Hongqia Town, Meilong Town, Wujing Town, Maqia Town, Pujiang Town
Jiading DistrictsuburbsShinsei Road, Shinshin Road, Jiading Town Road,Nanxiang Town,Anting Town, Malu Town, Xuhang Town, Huating Town, Waigang Town,Jiangqiao Town
Jinshan DistrictsuburbsPetrified Highway, Zhujing Town, Fengjing Town, Zhangyan Town, Tinglin Town, Lvxiang Town, Langxi Town, Jinshan Weizhen, Caojing Town, Shanyang Town
Songjiang DistrictsuburbsYueyang Highway, Yongfeng Highway, Homatsu Highway, Zhongshan Highway, Hirotomi Lin Highway, Kuritei Highway, Jiuting Town, Sheshan Town, Jiuting Town, Xinbang Town, Dongjing Town, Jiuting Town, Sijing Town, Shihudang Town , Xinbang Town, Yexiezhen Town, Xiaokunshan Town
Qingpu DistrictsuburbsXiayang Highway, Hiura Highway, Xianghuaqiao Highway,Zhujiajiao, Liantang Town, Jinze Town, Zhaoxiang Town, Xujing Town, Huaxin Town, Chonggu Town, Baihe Town
Fengxian DistrictsuburbsSaito Highway, Fengcheng Highway, Gimhae Highway, Nanqiaozhen, Fengcheng Town, Zhuanghang Town, Jinhuizhen, Situan Town, Qingcunzhen, Zhelin Town, Haiwan Town
Chongming DistrictsuburbsChengqiaozhen, Lvhua Town, Xinhe Town, Mausoleum Town, Shuxin Town, Xianghua Town, Sanxing Town, Gangyan Town, Zhongxing Town, Chenjia Town, Lvhua Town, Gangxizhen, Construction Town, Xinhai Town, Dongping Town, Changxing Town, Xinhai Town, Yokosha Town


There are several excursions in Shanghai in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces outside the Shanghai area.Residents of the following areas (excluding Chinese criminals) have a Shanghai family register.Everyday conversation is in Shanghainese.

  • Shanghai Umeyama Metallurgical Base-Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province.It is one of the Shanghai steel production bases. Established in 1968.
  • Datun Coal Mine, Shanghai-Near Pei County, Jiangsu Province. 245 square kilometers, established in 1970, supplies coal to power plants and wrought iron plants in Shanghai. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 2001.
  • Shanghai Da Peng Farm-Yancheng area, Jiangsu province. Established in 3, it has three farms, totaling 307 square kilometers.It supplies 1950% of rice, 12% of pork and 8% of marine products in Shanghai.During the Cultural Revolution in ShanghaiSent-down youthAnd labor educated people (minor criminals, political prisoners) were confined.
  • Shanghai Municipal Army Tianhu Prison-Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, 14 sq km, established in 1962.A place to confine persons with a sentence of 5 years or less.
  • Hakuyamine Prison, Anhui Province, Guangde Area, Anhui Province, 40.5 sq km, established in 1956.A place to confine those who commit criminal offenses in Shanghai.Dispose of the unexploded ordnance found in Shanghai here.

Chronological Table


The land of Shanghai is ancientweekBeginning in the age of--Later,Tou,Jin,,Nan Qi,Beam,Chen,After the age ofIn his teensHuating CountyWas part ofSuzhou RiverA village called Shanghai Ura was established in the south ofIn the era, it came to be called Shanghai Town.On the other handHuangpu RiverDownstream presentHongkou DistrictThere was also a Xiahai Temple around.Former generationIn shanghaiCity ship bossWas placed and began to develop as a port town.1292ToShanghai CountyHowever, before that, it belonged to Huating County.

clearTeenagerOpium WarEnded1842 OfNanjing TreatyBy ShanghaiTreaty PortOpened as.With this as an opportunity, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, etc.Flag of the Shanghai International Settlement.svgShanghai tax worldWas formed, Japan also opened the concession,Hongkou DistrictIs "Little TokyoWas called. In 1865Hong Kong Shanghai BankWas established as a pioneer, and financial institutions in Europe and the United States promoted full-scale expansion into Shanghai. In 1871,Hong Kong-Shanghai-Japan OfNagasakiTieSubmarine telegraph cableTheDaihoku Telecom CompanyWas laid, and the Shanghai territory was incorporated into the telegraph network earlier than Beijing, enabling international telegraph. In 1873, JapanIwakura MissionStopped in Shanghai on his way home and described the situation in Shanghai at that time.US-Europe circulation memoirIs written in[13].Shanghai Joint ConcessionIs a unique police and military force composed of each country ((English edition(Chinese version) Was owned.

Sino-Japanese warAfter that, a general investment boom occurred mainly in foreign companies.Shimonoseki TreatyThe industrial enterprise rights were given to other countries, and the construction of factories was promoted. In 1896Russian bankHas opened a store. At the end of 1897Hong Kong Shanghai BankStock price recorded a premium of 176%. 1899Indochina BankHas advanced[14]..Shanghai is loosely taxed against the high tax rate of British Hong Kong, and the concession has been prepared, so Hong Kong's Jewish capital has been fully transferred to Shanghai, for example.SassoonSephardic Jewish groups such as homesWorld War ILater reached its peak[15].

From the 1920s to the 1930s, Shanghai developed as China's largest city and became the center of Chinese finance, centered on the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, a British financial institution.Shanghai was also called the "Magical City" or "Paris of the East", and the nightclub show business prospered.The prosperity of Shanghai isNational capitalHouse(Zhejiang ConglomerateWith the rise of class struggle, the labor movement was flourishing.

Started in Shanghai in 1925May Thirtieth MovementIs considered to be a large-scale national movement in China, but at the same time it showed the rise of a socialist labor movement.Concerned about this situation, the Zhejiang conglomerate partnered with Chiang Kai-shek to form an anti-communist coup d'etat.Shanghai coup) Was carried out.Under the Republic of China, it became Shanghai Special City in 1927, and in May 1930, a city under the direct control of Shanghai was established.

In 1932,Shanghai Japanese monk attack caseDue toFirst Shanghai IncidentHappened. In 1935,Nakayama sailor shooting caseAnd a Japanese-owned store was attacked[16].. In 1937, after the murder of Lieutenant Mt. OoyamaSecond Shanghai IncidentBroke out.Many civilians were killed in the Shanghai International Settlement, which was bombed by Chinese aircraft, but the Japanese army stopped the Chinese invasion of the Shanghai International Settlement. In 1941,Pacific WarWith the outbreak of, the Shanghai International Settlement was requisitioned by the Japanese army. 1949People's Republic of ChinaWith the establishment, foreign capital was withdrawn to Hong Kong, but it developed as an industrial city from the 1950s to the 1960s.

1978 yearsReform and opening upDue to the policy, foreign capital will flow in again and bring about remarkable development, from the Shanghai city leadershipJiang people,Zhu Rongji,Kure country,Sokei,Yellow chrysanthemumEt al.Chinese Communist Party OfPolitical Bureau Standing Committee MemberProduced leadership such as (Shanghai clique).

Full-scale development since 1992Pudong New AreaHas continued to grow at a high rate, with 2010 countries participating in 189, the largest in history.International ExpoIsShanghai ExpoShanghai as an international city has revived.

2019Continued since DecemberNew coronavirus epidemicHas had a great impact on the lives of citizens in Shanghai, especially20223/28Since then, strict lockdown has been implemented due to the rapid increase in infected people in the city.[17]..Initially, it was planned to divide it into two parts and carry out lockdown in the order of east side and west side.[18],same year4/5Switched to an indefinite lockdown for the entire city[19]..The effects of long-term lockdown are also affecting the lives of citizens, such as food shortages.[20].. Meanwhile,4/16Announced infection prevention guidelines, which are conditions for continuing and resuming production activities, and started to move toward resuming industrial activities in the city.[21]..After all, the lockdown was released at midnight on June 2st, more than two months later.[22].



As of the end of June 2012, the resident population was 6 million, of which the Shanghai family register population was 2,433.4 million and the foreign population was 1,451.1 million.According to the statistics of the Shanghai People's Political Consultative Conference, the population of Shanghai has been increasing on average about 982.3 over the last 10 years.

The average life expectancy of men at the end of 2012 was 80.18 years, the average life expectancy of women was 84.67 years, and the average life expectancy of the family register population was 82.41 years. In 2012, the population ratio of the elderly aged 60 and over was 17%. There are 100 elderly people over 1,251 years old, and the oldest is 114 years old.Currently, 61.06 million households, which is 305% of the total number of households in Shanghai, are only children.The problems of aging and declining birthrate have become major issues for the city government.In recent years, it has set out population policies such as issuing a family register in Shanghai to excellent Chinese talent (so-called "New Shanghainese") and granting permission to give birth to two children to Shanghainese people.

Planned growth policy

From July 2016, 1,People's Republic of China"Whole surfaceTwo-child policy(Simplified Chinese: full-scale one-child policy) was officially enforced.[23].. According to the newly revised "Shanghai Population and Planned Growth Ordinance" in 2016, if one or both of the husbands and wives have a family register in Shanghai, the Shanghai policy will be applied.Couples who are married in accordance with the law will be granted an additional 7 days, in addition to the number of days of marriage leave set by the country.In addition, wives who give birth to children will be granted 30 more days of childcare leave, in addition to the number of maternity leave days set by the government.The husband will be given 10 days of spouse maternity leave and will be paid the full amount of wages during the holidays.

Citizens with a family register in Shanghai will not be eligible for the special assistance system for planned growing families in Shanghai if they give birth after January 2016, 1. Citizens who gave birth to a child before December 1, 2015 and who have a Shanghai family register that meets the conditions for the Special Relief System for Planned Growing Families will continue to receive the subsidy.[24].

It should be noted that the "full-scale two-child policy" does not allow subsequent births if the first birth is a multiple birth, except in special circumstances.[25]..This policy emphasizes giving birth to two children, not twice.

Shanghainese composition

The natives of Shanghai lived around Matsue.In the original era, Shanghai County was established. 1840Opium WarSince then, the economy has developed rapidly, and immigrants have come in one after another from neighboring regions.More than 8% of the current Shanghainese are in the northJiangsuAnd the southZhejiang ProvinceImmigrants from.Especially JiangsuYangtze RiverMore than half of the Shanghainese are from Gangnam in the south of Zhejiang and in the north of Zhejiang.This has a great influence on the culture of Shanghai.Shanghainese is a collection of Ningbo / Suzhou and Shanghai native languages.The business-savvy Jiang Su people and the politically sensitive Zhejiang people have made the history of modern Shanghai.

In recent years, Japan has also expanded into the Yangtze River Delta, and factories have been built in Suzhou and Wuxi.In many cases, offices and subsidiaries are set up in the port city of Shanghai for parts procurement and product distribution and sales.Currently, the number of Japanese residing in Shanghai is about 4, which is the largest number among foreigners in Shanghai.Including Shanghai and the neighboring Jiangsu and Zhejiang, it is said that there are nearly 8,000 Japanese people on business trips and sightseeing.The largest Japanese community overseas has also been formed.

Since Shanghai is the most economically rich region in China, there is an opinion that Shanghainese people are often disliked in other regions due to their jealousy.ShanghaineseStereotypeThere are things that are domineering, arrogant, and selfish.[26].

Japanese residents

As of 2015, 9,962 Japanese companies have set up operations in Shanghai, where many Japanese have lived since before the war, and 46,115 Japanese live in Shanghai.Thailand OfBangkokIt is the second after[27]..It is said that more than 10 Japanese people are staying, including short-term residents.Consulate General of Japan,Japanese schoolThere are also many restaurants for Japanese people, including Japanese restaurants.

Shanghainese surname

The surnames (last names) of Shanghainese are Zhang, Wang, Chen, Lee, Zhu, Xu, Zhou, Shen, Wu, and Riku in descending order.Shen and Riku are the surnames peculiar to Shanghai, and the others are among the top 20 Chinese surnames.The surname rankings of neighboring Jiangsu and Zhejiang are almost the same as those of Shanghai.

Family register problem

Due to population problems in China, people in rural and rural cities cannot freely move to large cities.Nevertheless, with the recent economic development, many migrant workers come to Shanghai from all over China to work.It is said that there are more than 660 million people, but it is difficult to grasp the exact number.Most of the migrant workers come from Sichuan, Jiangsu, Kompo, Anhui, and Tohoku regions, which use ordinary languages.Migrant workers are building Shanghai, but at the same time they are causing major social and security problems.According to public security agency statistics, more than 75% of Shanghai's vicious crimes such as robbery, murder and assault are committed by Chinese outside the city.[28].

Therefore, Shanghai, along with Beijing, has the strictest family register policy in mainland China.However, a person with a family register in a big city has various privileges.For example, if the parents have a family register in Shanghai, they can get a subsidy from the ward's Social Insurance Bureau from 15 yen to hundreds of thousands of yen when the child is born.Children with a family register can preferentially go on to kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high school.On the other hand, those who do not have a Shanghai family register cannot participate in the university entrance examination in Shanghai.[29]..In addition, some malicious companies do not pay housing reserves and pensions to employees who do not have a family register in Shanghai.Trouble with such family register problems is constant.

Due to the wide disparity between cities and regions in China, tourist visas to foreign countries such as Japan and the United States are given preferential treatment to those with a family register in coastal economic development areas such as Shanghai and Beijing.[30].


Mandarin..Used in schools and formal occasions. Shanghai..Shanghainese is a dialect that represents Wu.Originally there were no characters, but Chinese characters close to the sound were applied.There is also a dialect in Shanghainese, which exists in the Pudong / Qingpu area.A different language is spoken on Chongming Island, but it is close to Shanghainese.Many workers from the surrounding Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces have come to work in Shanghai, so the language "Suhoku", which is different from Shanghainese, is spoken around Shanghai Station, where many of them still live. ..MandarinAlthough it is completely incomprehensible to Shanghainese, most Shanghainese people can use Putonghua because Putonghua education is conducted all over China.

There are TV programs broadcast in Shanghainese and plays performed in Shanghainese.Shanghainese study books have also been published in China.


It is the largest economic city in China. The city's gross domestic product in 2014 was 2 billion yuan, surpassing Beijing and becoming the country's number one.[31].2014Shanghai metropolitan area has a total production of $ 5647 billion, making it the eighth largest economy in the world.[32]. In AsiaTokyo metropolitan area,SeoulMetropolitan area,Osaka metropolitan areaIt is the third place after.

In addition, the Japan Center for Economic Research will open in 2035.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,Tokyo,Los AngelesIt is predicted to grow to the fourth largest economy in the world after[33].

2020According to a September survey, Shanghai is the third largest in the worldFinancial centerAndTokyoFor the first time in Asia, overtaking Hong Kong and Hong Kong[34].. According to statistics released by the city of Shanghai in 2015, the average wage of workers in 2014 was 65,412 yuan (about 126 million yen) per year, and the monthly average was 5,451 yuan (about 10.5 yen).[35]..In addition, the minimum wage standard for Shanghai City in 2015 is 2,020 yuan (about 3.9 yen) for monthly wages and 18 yuan (about 347 yen) for hourly wages.Among the tertiary industries, the average wage of workers engaged in the financial industry is particularly high, and as of 2011, it is 167,173 yuan (about 284 million yen) a year.On the other hand, as of 2011, the average wage of workers engaged in primary industries such as agriculture is 31,765 yuan (about 54 yen), and the average wage of workers engaged in secondary industries is annual. The average wage of workers engaged in the tertiary industry is 44,598 yuan (about 76 yen), and the annual wage is 60,341 yuan (about 103 million yen).[36].


Buses, bicycles, and ships were the main means of transportation in Shanghai, but since the 2000s, trolley buses, subway networks, taxis, electric scooters, and automobiles that also utilize the highway network have become the main means of transportation.Railways other than national railwaysShanghai MetroIs playing a role.



Large taxi companies can be identified because they wear suits or can wait for guests at top-notch hotels.If it is discovered that the driver has deliberately detoured and charged more than twice the standard price, the driver will be permanently stripped of his taxi license.

Private car

Limited issuance of car ownership to curb a sharp increase in the number of carsLicense plateTheAuctionIt is assumed that you will get it at. The winning bid for license plates around 2018 may exceed 9 yuan, and the license plate price may be higher than the vehicle body price.[37]..There was a workaround to procure license plates outside Shanghai, but regulations are becoming stricter, such as setting a prohibited time zone for license plates outside Shanghai.[38].


Shanghai is the location of the Shanghai Railway Bureau, the railway center of eastern China. Opened on July 1876, 7Woosung RailwayIs the first railway in China, once removed,Shanghai RailwayIt was rebuilt as.The first station on the Beijing-Shanghai line to the north and the Shanghai-Kunming line to the south. From January 2007, 1, the commercial operation of the China Railway CRH28 type train started.

China Railway Station
The station building underwent a major renovation and home roof renovation to coincide with the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.An electronic bulletin board service in Chinese, English, and Japanese will be provided in the first-class car waiting room.
Shanghai Metro(Shanghai Metro
Shanghai Rail Transit Line 1Opened in 1995 and has continued to expand since then.This has also been significantly extended in line with the Shanghai World Expo, and in recent years it has opened one after another to suburban areas such as Qingpu and Nanhui. As of January 2018, the total length reached 1km. It is planned to reach 637 routes and a total length of about 2020km around 21.
Shanghai Trans Rapid(Shanghai Maglev Train
With Pudong International AirportShanghai Rail Transit Line 2Longyang Road StationIn the meantime, a practical linear motor car was opened, and it is the first in the world to operate at ultra-high speed.It is the third permanent practical line of the magnetic levitation railway that opened in the world.Considering an extension plan to Hangzhou City.
Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway(Shanghai-Nanjing International Line
It opened on July 2010, 7 between Nanjing Station and Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.
Keihin High Speed ​​Rail(Beijing-Shanghai High Speed ​​Railway
Opened on June 2011, 6 between Beijing South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station[39].

Transportation card

On most public transports in the cityShanghai public transport cardIs available.


Civil airport

In Shanghai, in the western suburbsChangning DistrictIt is inShanghai Hongqiao International AirportWhen,Pudong New AreaIt is inPudong International AirportThere are two airports, bothChina Eastern Airlines,Shanghai Airlines,Spring and Autumn AirIt plays the role of a hub airport in Japan.

International flights have been consolidated at Pudong International Airport since October 2002, and there were no international flights to / from Hongqiao International Airport, but on September 10, 2007 in Tokyo.Tokyo International AirportRegular charter flights to and from Seoul and Gimpo International Airport went into service on October 1, the same year.

In addition to Subway Line 2, Shanghai Trans Rapid is in service for access to Pudong International Airport.

Military airport

  • Shanghai Dachang Airbase(Shanghai Dachang Airbase
  • (Shanghai Chongming Stadium
  • (Shanghai Longhua Airport/ For airships only)
  • (Shanghai Jiangwan Station


The Lu Jia Expressway, which opened on October 1988, 10, is the first highway in China. Expressways within A31 (outer ring line), A20 (guest avenue), large bridges, tunnels, etc. are free of charge, but the inflow of vehicles with license plates other than Shanghai is restricted depending on the time of day. From November 1, the expressway toll system was digitized with the full introduction of ETC in the Yangtze River Delta region.Traffic management is said to be the strictest in the country.Surveillance cameras are installed throughout the city, and cars that violate traffic are fined cumulatively at the highway tollhouse on the Shanghai border.

City skyway
  • Yan'an Elevated Road
  • Inner ring elevated road
  • North-south elevated road
  • Isen elevated road
  • Shanghai elevated road
  • Central ring elevated road
City highway
  • S1 (Guest Avenue)
  • S2 (Ashi Expressway)
  • S3 (Kouho Expressway)
  • S4 (Kinkin Expressway)
  • G15 (Kakin Expressway)
  • S19 (Shinei Expressway)
  • S36 (Tei Kaede Expressway)
  • G60 (Shanghai part of Hui Ping Expressway)
  • G50 (Lu Qingping Expressway)
  • G2 (Shanghai part of Huining Expressway)
  • G2 / G42 (Luhua Expressway, Huahua Expressway)
  • G40 (Haunting Expressway, under construction)
  • S32 (Pudong International Airport Expressway)
  • S26 (Shanghai part of Lujing Expressway)
  • S20 (outer ring line)
  • G1501 (suburban ring line)
National road
  • G204 National Road
  • G312 National Road
  • G318 National Road
  • G320 National Road
  • Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel / Ohashi (Yangtze River, railroad and car)
  • Uchiura Road Tunnel
  • Yan'an East Road Tunnel
  • Dalian Road Tunnel
  • Kaminakaji tunnel
  • Outer ring tunnel
  • Xiangyin Road Tunnel
  • Reconstruction East Road Tunnel (Huangpu River, for cars only)
  • The Bund Tourist Tunnel (Huangpu River, for sightseeing only)
big bridge
  • Tokai Bridge(East China Sea, for cars only)
  • Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel / Ohashi (Yangtze River, railroad and car)
  • Fengpu Bridge
  • Lupu Bridge
  • Nanpu Bridge
  • Matsuura Bridge
  • Xupu Bridge
  • Yangpu Bridge (Huangpu River, for cars only)


Shanghai is not only the largest port in China, but also the number one in the world in terms of container handling volume, surpassing Singapore and Hong Kong.

Shanghai, which started as a river port on the Huangpu River, shifted its focus to the outer Takahashi area on the coast of the Yangtze River, and in anticipation of an increase in handling volume and an increase in the size of container ships, the wharf and container terminal, which will be the hub ports of the world, faced the open sea. It was built on Hangzhou Bay.This new port will be in late 2005Yangshan Deepwater PortOpened as.Yangshan Deepwater Port floats 30km south of Shanghai and is connected to the mainland by the Donghai Bridge.

Connection with Japan

Sea route

A ferry that connects Kobe Port and Osaka Port with ShanghaiShinkanshinThe "Suzhou", which connects Osaka Port and Shanghai, is in service. In 2005, a ferry connecting Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture and Shanghai went into service (the port of call on the Chinese side was changed to Taicang Port in Suzhou in 2006).

In 1994, heisei's new Shanghai route was opened, connecting Nagasaki Port and Shanghai.The Haihua (13,481 tons) was first put into service, and two years later, in March 2, the ferry Nagasaki Shanghai (1996 tons) with a passenger capacity of 3 was renewed.The route was operated by a joint venture between Japan and China, but has been suspended since January 382 due to sluggish utilization.After that, in February 11,008, "HTB Cruise"Ocean roseWas put into service, and the Heisei Shanghai route was temporarily revived.However, this has also been suspended since October of the same year due to sluggish users and worsening Japan-China relations.

Air Routes-As of 2011, the following airlines are in service between Shanghai and cities in Japan.
  • Japan Airlines: Narita International Airport, Tokyo International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Chubu International Airport
  • All Nippon Airways: Narita / Haneda / Kansai / Nagoya
  • Air China(China International Airlines): Narita / Kansai / Nagoya / Sendai Airport / Fukuoka Airport
  • China Eastern Airlines(China Eastern Airlines): Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Nagoya, New Chitose Airport, Fukushima Airport, Niigata Airport, Komatsu Airport, Shizuoka Airport, Okayama Airport, Hiroshima Airport, Matsuyama Airport, Fukuoka, Nagasaki Airport, Kagoshima Airport, Naha Airport
  • China Southern Airlines: Nagoya / Kitakyushu Airport
  • Shanghai Airlines: Haneda / Kansai / Toyama Airport
  • Delta Airlines:Narita
  • Spring and Autumn Air: Ibaraki Airport, Takamatsu Airport, Ariake Saga Airport



Japanese school

Chinese school


Shanghai is designated by the Chinese government as "People's Republic of China National History and Culture Famous CastleIt is one of the "Major Historical and Cultural Sites of the People's Republic of ChinaThere are 16 points.

Mandarin (Mandarin), which has become the standard language in China in recent years, is still valid in Shanghai, but Shanghainese (Shanghai dialect) is still used in everyday conversation, and there are programs in Shanghainese on TV and radio broadcasts. To do.Shanghainese is a typical Wu Chinese (Wu dialect).In addition to the traditional drama "Korean" performed in Shanghainese, in recent years there have been examples of young people singing rap in Shanghainese.However, as in other areas, due to Putonghua education from kindergartens and thorough Putonghua in public places, even young people born and raised in Shanghai are no longer able to speak Shanghainese.Some measures have begun to be taken by the city of Shanghai, but have not been effective.

Chinese-style circus known for its acrobatic performanceAcrobatics) "Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe" is also famous.Shanghai cuisine is influenced by the nearby Jiangsu province cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, and is a refinement of this.

The cultural characteristics of Shanghai are a mixture of traditional culture and art from the neighboring Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, originally called "Haipai culture," and popular culture imported from the West in the 1920s and 1930s. It is one of the most sophisticated cities in modern China.

After the introduction of the reform and opening policy, many big cultural events were held in Shanghai.Shanghai Grand Theater,ShangHai museum,Shanghai Library, Shanghai Kagejo, and many of China's largest cultural facilities have been built.After the complete renovation of the European-style Shanghai Concert Hall, many classical concerts will be held.In addition, international art festivals and international film festivals are held every year. May-October 2010, "Better City, Better Life (Shiroichi, 让 Life Sarami; Better City Better Life) ”International ExpoWas held.


More Western-style architecture remains in Shanghai since the 1920s.Among them, especially along the river facing the Huangpu RiverThe Bund (The Bund) is known as a group of buildings with a European-style atmosphere, lined with Shanghai Custom House, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, and is also a symbol of Shanghai.Many Western architectures are scattered throughout the city.

In Shanghai, there is still an architectural style called "Shikumen", which is a condominium for the general public in the 1920s, and many of them have been renovated as boutiques and restaurants as valuable cultural assets as urbanization progresses. Has been and has been preserved."" near Huaihai Middle Road in the city centerShanghai XintiandiIs an example.

On the other hand, in Pudong New District, which is on the opposite bank of the Bund, it was completed in 1994.Oriental Pearl TowerThe new skyscrapers are lined up, and the exotic scenery and development are remarkable. Skyscraper, the second tallest building in the world in 2008Shanghai World Financial Center(Shanghai World Financial Center; also known as "Shanghai Hills", 492m above ground, 104 floors above ground) has been completed, and the 474th floor at a height of 100m above groundObservatoryBecame the tallest observatory in the world.Furthermore, in 2014, the height was 632m.Shanghai Tower(Shanghai Tower) was completed.

Over 100m in height in ShanghaiSkyscraperWith 426 buildings, it is the 7th highest-rise city in the world.[40].


Huangpu District
  • The Bund(The Bund
  • Nanjing East Road (Nanjing East Road/ "Oumaji" in the former public tax world)
    • Shanghai No. XNUMX Department Store (Shanghai No. XNUMX Department Store
    • Shanghai Daiichi Food Store (Shanghai Daiichi Foods
  • Mu Entang
  • Shanghai Concert Hall (Nanjing Great Hall,Shanghai Concert Hall
  • Shanghai Grand Theater(Shanghai Grand Theatre
  • ShangHai museum(ShangHai museum
  • Shanghai Art Museum(Shanghai Art Museum
  • Yu Garden(Yu Garden
  • City God Temple of Shanghai(Shanghai City God Temple
  • Hachisen Bridge (Hachisen Bridge
  • XNUMX 鋪 (Shiliupu
  • Laoximen (Old Simon
  • Confucian Temple of Shanghai(Temple of Literature/ Confucius Temple)
  • St. Francis Xavier Church(Toshiya Watari / Tenshukyodo)
  • Samurai Gourmet Street
  • Huanghe Road Food Street
  • Huaihai Road(Former French Concession "Kasumi Road")
  • Shanghai Xintiandi(Area with stores, restaurants, and bars that have been renovated from the "Shikumen" architecture)
  • Chinese Communist Party XNUMXst National Congress of the Remains Memorial Hall (Site of the First National Congress
  • Sun Yat-sen's former residence (Sun Yat-sen's Former Residence
  • Zhang Xueliang's former residence (Zhang Xueliang's former residence
  • Former Residence of Mei Lanfang (Former Residence of Mei Lanfang
  • Zhou Public Hall (Zhou Mansion/ Western-style building used by Zhou Enlai for the Shanghai office of the Chinese Communist Party delegation)
  • Hotel Okura (formerly France Club,Shanghai Castle City Huayuan Daegu Store
  • Tianzifang
  • Bridge No. 8 (No. XNUMX large basin
  • Ichigo Museum (Art museum
Xuhui District
  • Shanghai Library (Shanghai Library
  • Shanghai Gymnasium(Shanghai XNUMX Stadium
  • Shanghai Gymnasium, Shanghai Grand Stage
  • Shanghai Swimming Center (Shanghai Yusui
  • The town loft (Rakuo Machi Toku --Changier Loft)
  • Cai Yuanpei's Former Residence
  • Chiang Kai-shek's former residence (Chiang Kai-shek Former Residence
  • Soong Ching-ling's former residence (Soong Ching Ling's Former Residence
  • International Chapel (International Chapel
  • Xujiahui Cathedral(Xujiahui Catholic Church
  • Ryugeji Temple (Longhua Temple
  • Hengshan Road(Former French Concession "Kaitoro")
  • Shanghai Botanical Garden(Shanghai Botanical Garden
  • Jinjiang Paradise (Jinjiang Paradise
  • Xujiahui(Xujiahui
    • Guilin Park (Guilin Park: Green Gang Boss Huang Jinrong's Mansion)
    • Kangjianyuan (Kangjianyuan
    • Xujiahui Park (Xujiahui Park: Former EMI site)
    • Xu Guangqi Tomb (Xu Guangqi Tomb
    • Zodiac Tomb
Changning District
Jing'an District
  • Jing'an Temple
  • Jade Buddha Temple (Jade Buddha Temple
  • Dorakubo (Dorakubo (Dojo
  • West Nanjing Road (formerly "Jing'an Temple Road" in the public settlement)
  • Shanghai Exhibition Center(Shanghai Exhibition Center
  • Mahler villa(Bridle Bessho: Currently an old hotel)
  • Shanghai Welfare Institute Children's Palace
  • Wujiang Road Gastronomy Street (Wujiang Road Gastronomy Street
  • Caojiadu
Putuo District
  • Changfeng Park (Changfeng Park
  • Huxi Workers Cultural Palace (Luxi Craftsman Culture
  • Tongchuan Road Fisheries Market (Tongchuan Road Fisheries Market
  • Caojiadu
  • M Fifteen (M50)
Zhabei Ward
  • Shanghai Railway Museum(Shanghai Railway Museum
  • Shanghai Bagi Castle (Shanghai Circus City
  • Daning Lingshi Park (Daning Lingshi Park
  • Zhabei Park (Zhabei Park
Hongkou District
  • Shanghai Hongkou Stadium
  • North Sichuan Road
  • 1933 Old Millfun (XNUMX Slaughterhouse
  • Shanghai Duolun Museum of Contemporary Art (Shanghai Duolun Museum of Art
  • Lu Xun Park(Luxun Park
  • Former Residence of Lu Xin (Lu Xun's Former Residence
  • Uchiyama Bookstore (Keizan Bookstore
  • Mitsuharu Kaneko (Mitsuharu Kaneko)Kim Shimitsu
  • Qipu Road
  • Tilanqiao (Tilanqiao
  • Shanghai Postal Museum (the third post office in China after Tianjin and Beijing)
Yangpu District
Pudong New Area
Songjiang District
Jiading District
  • Confucius Temple (Jiading Prefectural Museum Basic Display Room:Jiading Museum Museum Basic Showroom
Fengxian District
  • Haiwan National Forest Park
  • Bihai Sands
Qingpu District


International competition

2004からF1・Chinese Grand Prix, from next yearRoad Race World Championship・Chinese Grand PrixShanghai International CircuitIt is being held at (Shanghai International Circuit).2005ToShanghai GymnasiumWorld table tennis championshipWas held.2008 Beijing Olympics OfSoccer/Qualifyingwas held in Shanghai.2009more boys proTennis OfShanghai MastersIs being held.

サ ッ カ ー

in ShanghaiChinese Soccer/Super LeaguePros belonging toサ ッ カ ーclub,Shanghai SeaportShanghai ShenhuaThere is.Long time agoShanghai ShenxinAlso existed,2020The club disbanded due to financial difficulties.shanghai sea portPudong Football Stadiumis their home stadium, and Shanghai Shenhua isShanghai Hongkou Stadiumas the home stadium.at Shanghai seaport2006から2018until nowLa Liga(Spainleague)Espanyolto play withWu Leiis also known to have belonged to.


Due to repeated business integration, the broadcasting media in ShanghaiShanghai Media Group(Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, SMG), major newspapers(Chinese versionIt was almost consolidated under the umbrella of.

TV station

  • October 1958, 10 Shanghai Telescope Station opened, color broadcasting started in October 1. December 1973 Opened Shanghai Cable Network. January 10 Opened Shanghai Eastern Telescope. October 1992 Shanghai Guardian opened.
    In 2001, the TV stations Shanghai Telescope, Shanghai Eastern Telescope, Shanghai Wired Telescope, Radio Station Shanghai People's Radio Station, and Shanghai Dongfang Hongdae merged to form Shanghai Wenkou Newspaper Transmission Group (SMG).
    In December 2001, a digital television station, Shanghai interactive Television Co., Ltd. (SiTV) was established under the umbrella of SMG.
    In October 2009, Shanghai Media Group was reorganized and renamed Shanghai Media Group (SMG).
  • Television stations in Shanghai are undergoing frequent reorganizations.
    • Shanghai Wide Seed Telescope
    • SiTV Shanghai Interactive Television Co., Ltd.
    • TV stations other than SMG
      • Shanghai Dongfang Film (Opened in 2003, Shanghai Film Group Corporation)
      • Shanghai Education Telescope (Shanghai Board of Education)
      • Pudong Telescope (Pudong area)
  • Besides thisChina Central Television1-15, English News channel, HD broadcasting, China Education Television, satellite TV of local stations, HD broadcasting, specialty channels, etc. can be viewed for a fee by cable TV station OCN Toho Wired.
  • Except for some of the program listings of these TV stations, they are published in the weekly TV magazine "Shanghai Densetsu" and the weekly newspaper "Every Week Hiroban Densetsu".

Radio stations

  • Shanghai People's Radio Station (Shanghai People's Radio StationShanghai People's Broadcasting Station
  • Dong Guang XinwenDong Guang Xinwen
  • Five-star physical education wide seeding (Five-star physical education broadcast
  • Daiichi Keikei Tadashi (Yicai TV
  • Urae's voice
  • Shanghai Jiaotong Guangbin (Shanghai Jiaotong Gan
  • Dong Fang Dushi Guang (Dong Fang Dushi Gan
  • Shanghai story wide seeding (Shanghai story broadcast
  • Shanghai acrobatics acrobaticsBroadcasting in Shanghai
  • Pop 101 (Dynamic XNUMXPop 101
  • Love Radio
  • Classical 947 (Dong Fang Dushi Gan
(Above SMG)

(China Radio International

The program guide is published in the weekly newspaper "SHANGHAI RADIO & TV WEEKLY".

News (Chinese)

As a traditional main paper(Chinese version(Evening newspaper, first published in September 1929),Bunhui(Morning newspaper, first published in January 1938),(Chinese version(Morning newspaper, first published in Shanghai in May 1949).Xinmin Evening News and Wen Wei Po(Chinese versionIn July 1998, the business integration was centered on Jiefang Daily.(Chinese versionWas launched in October 2000, and then reintegrated into the "Shanghai Media Group" in October 10.


"List of people from ShanghaiSee.

国際 関係

Friendship city

Xuhui District, Shanghai
Jiading District, Shanghai

Works set in Shanghai

Category: Works set in ShanghaiSee.


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  2. ^ "Shanghai" is a mechanism for catching fish by arranging bamboo in a fence shape.


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