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😷 | Kanagawa tourists in 2021, the slight increase is about half of what it was before the corona disaster

Photo: Komachi Street, lined with souvenir shops and restaurants, bustling with tourists = Kamakura City

Kanagawa Tourists in 2021 Slightly Increased to About Half of Pre-Covid-XNUMX Pandemic

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According to the prefectural government, the number of day-trippers increased by 8.9% year-on-year to 1 million, while the number of overnight visitors remained at the same level as the previous year at 668 million.

The number of tourists visiting Kanagawa Prefecture in 2021 was 877 million, an increase of 8.1 million (1%) from the previous year. → Continue reading

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    1 million

      8.9% increase from the previous year


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