😷📹 Video | [Free paper pattern! ] How to make a XNUMXD mask | With nose wire | Yuriko Koike Governor of Tokyo style XNUMXD mask



From YouTube channel "nuimono lab."


We manufacture and sell XNUMXD masks.
Try searching with a smooth mask.
The method of making masks for sale is open to the public.
To give a more three-dimensional effect, I explained using amber tape here,
If you can't get it, you can use ribbon, tape, stretch tape, etc.
Also, although the shape may be slightly broken, it is okay to make it without tape.
The patterns of each size can be downloaded from here.
[On the nuimono lab. homepage]
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The paper pattern is available for commercial use.
We would appreciate it if you could post "Smooth Mask".
[New Origami Mask] How to make 4 sizes, filter pocket and nose wire
[Origami Mask] How to make without filter and without nose wire before improvement
How to make a mask without sewing

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