😷📹 Video | [New cool mask for summer] How to make a three-dimensional mask like Minister Nishimura | No paper pattern | With filter pocket | With nose wire | From children to adults | Origami mask



From YouTube channel "nuimono lab."


We manufacture and sell 6D masks. Scheduled to sell Origami Mask from June.
Further refinement has been added to the more sophisticated and cool shape.
Try searching with a smooth mask.
SMOOTH MASK|Smooth mask
The three-dimensional mask worn by Minister Nishimura has been improved to include a filter pocket and a nose wire. Available in 4 sizes. It is called Origami Mask.

Please check the cutting dimensions for each size on our website.
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The filter can be set by sandwiching it in the four corners without the filter pocket.
It fits the nose line without the nose wire.
If you don't need the filter pocket and nose wire, skip the process and make it.
How to make a mask without sewing
How to make a mask without filter and nose wire before improvement

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