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😷 | New Corona Kurashiki City 378 people infected

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New Corona Kurashiki City 378 people infected

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Kurashiki City announced on the 9th that 378 people were infected with the new coronavirus.

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New coronavirus

New coronavirus(Shingata coronavirus,English: Novel coronavirus, nCoV) IsCoronavirus familyOrthocoronavirus subfamilyBelongs toウ イ ル スOf these, it is a tentative name given to those that are medically and publicly important.[1][2][3][4].

In particularHuman coronavirusfrequently used in The (human) coronavirus is(I.e.AgainstEndemic diseaseIs believed to becoldCauses (common cold) -like symptoms,(English editionoften due topneumoniasevere withInfectionprevalent as[1][2][3][4].

Virus type

The following viruses were positioned as novel coronaviruses before they were officially named.Any of the following 4 viruses(English edition (betacoronavirus).

Types of new coronaviruses that are pathogenic to humans
Formal nameOther namesSusceptible host[† 1]First discovery location (discovery year)Infection
SARS coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) [† 2][† 3][5][6]2019-Ncov
SARS virus 2
Human coronavirus 2019 (HCoV-19)
Bat,Scale armorChugoku-Wuhan (2019)New Coronavirus Infection (2019) (COVID-19) [† 4][4][7]
MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV) [† 5]Middle east virus
MERS virus
Camel flu virus
camel,BatSaudi Arabia-Jeddah (2012)Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) [8][9]
Human coronavirus HKU1 (HCoV-HKU1)New Haven Virus[Annotation 1]A mouseHong Kong (2005)Mild respiratory tract infection, rarely severe pneumonia
SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-1) [† 2]SARS virusChinese cabbage,BatChugoku-Foshan (2002)Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) [9]
  1. ^ (English editionMay not be succeeded.
  2. ^ a b This virus is not a different speciesSARS-related coronavirusIs considered to be one of the stocks of.
  3. ^ Even after the naming of the official name, it is often called "new coronavirus" in Japan.
  4. ^ Also known as 2019 coronavirus pneumonia,Wuhan pneumoniaThere is a syndrome.
  5. ^ (English edition,(English editionIncluding stocks of.


Of the new coronavirus"New model"has a knownViral family classificationBelongs toIt means a new pathogen.That is, the new coronavirusCoronavirus family(or a subclass thereof).There is no intention of a completely unknown new pathogen."New type ○○"The use of the wordwho (WHO) complies with the new nomenclature scheme for infectious diseases[10][11][12].

Historically, pathogens have often been named after location, individuals, or specific species, but these practices are not currently endorsed by WHO.[10][11][12].

The permanent official names of viruses and diseases are, respectively.International Virus Classification Committee (ICTV) and WHOInternational disease classification (ICD).

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注 釈

  1. ^ Human coronavirus NL63 Some strains of (HCoV-NL63)New Haven Coronavirus Beware of confusion because it is called (HCoV-NH).
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  3. ^ Examples of media use of the term “novel coronavirus” for MERS coronavirus:[20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28].


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Kurashiki(Living kishi)OkayamaLocated in the south ofCity.. The townscape of white walls remainsKurashiki Bikan Area,HonshuShikokuTieSeto Ohashi BridgeKnown for such.Also in the Chugoku regionCore cityBoasts the largest populationPublic health centerIs also specified.


Kurashiki City Branch Administrative Division

In Okayama PrefecturePrefectural office locationAdjacent to eastOkayama CitySecond place after (ChugokuWith a population of about 3, which is the third largest), along with Okayama City and surrounding local governmentsOkayama metropolitan areaIs forming[Note 1]. Also,Binchu Prefectural Citizen's BureauThe main office is located in the western part of the prefecture (Takahashi RiverIt also functions as a central city (basin area)[1]..In the city centerKurashiki RiverThe area along the lineEdo PeriodDirectly controlled by the ShogunateHeaven) Prospered when it was placed, and the white-walled townscape that weaves Japanese and Western styles is still there.Bikan districtPreserved as a town, it has a face as one of the prefecture's leading tourist towns.On the other hand, in the coastal areaPetroleum complexHeavy chemical industrial zone has been formed, and the shipment value of manufactured goods in the city (2016) has reached over 3 trillion yen.[2],West JapanOn behalf ofIndustrial cityIt is also one of

The inauguration of Kurashiki City1928It is the early Showa period (Showa 3).afterwards1967Former Kurashiki, Kojima, and Tamashima citiesNew mergerAs a result, the current Kurashiki City (2nd generation) was established.Furthermore, the old three cities and the current city are in the surrounding towns and villages.Transfer mergerSince the city area has been expanded repeatedly, it is composed of various areas with different geography, history, and culture, and the core urban areas are also distributed in each area.As a major areaAdministrationTourism OfKurashiki,Heavy chemical industrial zoneAt the knees ofMizushima,School uniform-jeans OfMecca-Kojima,Trading portShinkansenHave a stationTamashimaand so on.


The city area is located in the south central part of Okayama prefecture, in the midwestern part of the city.Takahashi RiverFlows from north to southSeto Inland SeaIs pouring into. Most of the plains are reclaimed landAlluvial plainIt is occupied by and is relatively flat except for the Kojima area.There are many place names with "islands" such as Kojima, Kamejimayama, Tamashima, and Tsurajima in the city, but those areas are literally "islands", and the current city area is formed by reclamation. ..

Sanyo Shinkansen-Sanyo Main Line-Sanyo Expressway-National Route 2Crosses east and west,San'in districtTieHakubi Line,ShikokuTieSeto Ohashi Bridge(Seto Ohashi Line-Seto Chuo Expressway) Also passes through the city, and has come to occupy an important position as a node for transportation and logistics.

Main natural terrain

  • mainMountain
    • Tanematsuyama -258.4m Kurashiki Grain river
    • Mt. Ooyama-143.7m Kurashiki Ikusaka
    • Mukaiyama-100.0m Kurashiki Mukaiyama
    • Ohirayama-161.9m Mizushima Archipelago Yagara
    • Kamotsujiyama-283.9m Mizushima Homatsu
    • Mt. Yataka-307.6m Tamashima Ceramics
    • Mt. Washu -133.5m Kojima Shimotsui Noura
    • Ryuo Mountain-203.4m Kojima Ajino
    • Ojigadake-227.8m Kojima Karakoto
    • Yukayama -273.1m Yuka Kojima
    • Mt. Sensen-269.9m Kojima Tanaguchi
    • Mt. Washine-399.2m Mabi sister * The highest peak in the city


A lot of warm and sunny days with little rainSeto Inland Sea climateWhile belonging toTakahashi RiverRich inSmart WaterWater scarcity is rare due to the benefits of. From winter to spring,Mainland ChinaFlows in fromYellow sandYou may be hit by. Also in winterSnowfallThe snow is observed once or twice a year, but heavy snowfall is extremely low.

Pacific highCovered insummerIs unique to the Seto Inland Sea coastcalm, And the temperature is over 35 degrees CelsiusIntense heat,Tropical nightThere are days when In addition, there are a series of steep mountains of XNUMX-hundreds meters that are located in the south of the Seto Inland Sea.Shikoku MountainsBytyphoonIs rarely hit directly, and even if it passes directly above, the power is weakened in the Shikoku Mountains, and it is often a case that it does not cause serious damage.

MostlyAlluvial plainReclaimed landIn the plain area, there are many lowlands with little difference from the surface of the river or the sea,Meiji EraThe Takahashi River, which was divided into east and west, causes frequent floodsFlood damageThere were many areas. But,Taisho eraAfter the renovation work was carried out along with the improvement of the irrigation canal and unified into the current form, the large-scale flood damage decreased.

As a remarkable meteorological disaster that occurred in recent years2004 typhoon intensive landingbyclimaxDamage such as2018 OfHeisei 30 year 7 month heavy rain(Torrential rain in western Japan)MabiLarge-scale flood damage in the district[4][5].

Highest temperature record ° C (° F16.1
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F9.2
Average daily temperature ° C (° F4.6
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F0.3
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−5.4
Precipitation amount mm (inch)34.4
Average monthlyDaylight hours152.5144.5175.7189.8199.2143.1173.0206.5155.2166.7149.7145.82,001.3
Source 1:Japanese Meteorological Agency[7](Statistical period of normal value: 1991-2020)
Source 2: Japan Meteorological Agency[8]


  • Area: 355.63 km²
  • Population: X NUM X people
    • Men: 234,194
    • Women: 245,813
  • Number of households: 216,317
  • Population density: 1,349.73 / km²

(Depending on the registered population as of the end of November, 3rd year of Reiwa)


Population distribution of Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan.svg
Kurashiki City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Kurashiki City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kurashiki City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Relationship with neighboring cities

Our cityOkayama metropolitan areaIncluded inOkayama CityIn addition to personal exchanges, Okayama has a close administrative relationship with Okayama.However, in the past, the two cities had canceled plans to merge under the initiative of the prefecture, and Kurashiki City onceRepresentative officeWas placedHeaven, Okayama cityOutside Daimyo Ofcastle townThere is also a deep-rooted rivalry due to the historical difference in the establishment of the central region. The Kojima area is the same old as Okayama city.Bizen country, In the Edo periodOkayama DomainIt is under the control of Okayama City, and the transportation is better in Okayama City. The head office is often relocated and the first store is opened in Okayama City.

Also, it is west across the prefectural borderFukuyama metropolitan areaAndSeto Ohashi Bridge(Seto Inland Sea) On the opposite bankTakamatsu metropolitan areaThere are not a few exchanges with.The situation differs depending on the area in the city, but due to the geographical location, the Tamashima area and Kurashiki area along the JR Sanyo Main LineFukuyama, The Kojima area in the southTakamatsuThere are also commuters to work and school.

Adjacent local governments

Kagawa(Adjacent at sea)


For details on the history of each region, seeKurashiki-Mizushima-Tamashima-Kojima-Shomura-Chayamachi-Funao Town-Mabi-choPlease refer to each page of

Ancient to medieval

The oldest archaeological site in the city is around 2 BCPre-earthenware era OfWashuyama RuinsAnd at that timeSeto Inland SeaIs presumed to have been land. 1 years agoIce ageThe sea level rose after the end, and it became the sea by 6000 years ago. In addition, there are many archaeological sites that are famous in academic history.

The earliest to be formed as a villageKibijiCurrent located in the south ofSho districtNorthSo, this area was once called "Kibi no Tsu"Kibi countryBecause it was the gateway to the sea, around 100 BCJoto RuinsTo (jotouiseki)Shield construction site(Tatetsuki Iseki)Obosan KofunFlock, around the 6th centuryEarthenwareIn addition to the ruins of the Futago kiln that produced the product, many archaeological sites such as those built around 650 are concentrated.

The current Kurashiki city area has been around since the 3rd centuryRitsuryokuUntil it becomes Kibi Province,Asuka PeriodLate 7th centuryRebellionAfter the Kibi division that was triggered byKojimaThe districts included inBizen,Other than thatBitchuBecame. The center of Btsutyuu andKokufuAre both adjacent to the north of Kurashiki CityBi Chugoku Bunji TempleHaveGeneral corporationIt is presumed that it was located in the west of the Takahashi River.Mabi districtBorn in Kibi Province's influential clan, Shimomichi, who was based in the areaKibi MabiWas activeNara periodIt was around the latter half of the 8th century.

Kurashiki area OfKurashiki Bikan AreaThe surrounding area is Kibi's Anami (Kojima LakeKojima BayWas called the prototype)Inland seaFloat onTsurugata mountainMukaiyamaIt originates from Tsurugata Island (Enkamejima, Achijima) formed by. End of the 8th centuryHeian periodAt the beginning, it had already been landed and the surrounding area was a tidal flat called Achigata. In the middle of the 10th century,Fujiwara Junyu no RanAfter,Yoshiko OnoTo the south of Mount TsurugatacityIt is said that Mr. Ono ruled until the middle ages. The name of Kurashiki appearsThe early modern periodBut since thenSailorThe port of (Kako) is said to have been around the current Funakura town. The sailors were embarked on a number of battles in the area,Naval forceIt is said that he played an active part as. By the way, the estuary of the Takahashi River in the middle agesFunao TownIt is in the vicinity of Mizue, Funaicho, Yanaihara.

Kojima areaIs on the west side of a remote island called Kibijima (or Bizenjima).Record of Ancient MattersAnd 'ManyoshuBecause it was a key point of maritime transportation from ancient times written inYamato kingshipIn the age ofTonkuraWas placed.Nara periodErected inKumano Twelve Company RightsOf temples and shrines and Kayo-no-shoManorEtc. existed and functioned as a relay point connecting Honshu and Shikoku.Fujiwara Junyu no Ran-Genpei battleBattle of Fujito-Northern and Southern DynastiesInvolved in the battle ofSengoku periodThe battle for the Australian clan was held as a political and military point, and it was often the stage of war. 『Taiheki]Takanori KojimaThere is a theory that he is from here.

Tamashima areaUntil the early Edo period, the plains were surrounded by islands such as Nanashima, Kashiwajima, and Otoshima.JinnoumiIt was an inland sea called (Motaiumi). The area from Yashima to Doguchi is a natural port known as Monotomari, which became the gateway to the sea in Biei China from the Middle Ages, and was produced around Kameyama from Sue from the Kofun period to the Muromachi period.Sue ware(Kameyama ware)JarI was shipping earthenware such as (turtle). Also, the sea around the old city of Tamashima is read as "Tama no Ura" in Manyoshu, and the place isGenpei battle-Battle of MizushimaWas set inOtoshimaKashiwajimaIt is presumed to be the area surrounded by the seven islands located north of.

Japanese name Juju(Heian periodAccording to the dictionary of the 7th centuryRitual systemThe current administrative area in Kurashiki City, which is defined by the above, is roughly as follows.

  • China
    • Kuboya District -Achigo (Achi,Manju,Obi), Oichigo (Ouchi, Kawairi, Sakazu, Mizue), Biyango (Yuan, Nishioka, Asahara)
    • Tou-gun -Fukaigo (Futako, Matsushima, Kamito, Mountains), Ekiyago (Yabe, Hibata)
    • Shimoda-gun -Kabego (Kawabe), Sonogo (Okada, market), Hattago (Yasuda), Kuzumago (XNUMX), Kuremekyo (younger sister), Hohokugo (ceramic), Hataharago (Tsujita)
    • Asakuchi -Majingo (Kashiwajima, Otoshima, Kurosaki), Funaho (Funaho), Achigo (Nishiachi
  • Bizen country
    • Kojima -Kojimago (Hayashi, Kimi, Kushida, Sohara, Fukue), Dorago (Rento, Fukuda, Shimotsui, etc.)

*Current place names estimated to be in the vicinity are in parentheses

The early modern period

Kurashiki IslandsToyotomi AdministrationWas the five oldUkita HideyaStartedReclamation Edo PeriodAfter that, these islands continued to land, forming the present plain. Above allShodoshimaThe size of Kibijima that is comparable toKojima PeninsulaIt became.Edo PeriodTo enter theBakuhan systemBelow is a rather complicated rule, with various territories cluttered from place to place. Kurashiki is the territoryRepresentative officeOther thanBitchu Matsuyama Domain-Okayama Domain(Duck-Ikusaka DomainEtc.)Asao Domain-Tanba Kameyama Domain-Okada DomainIn addition to other daimyo territories, there were the Chigyosho (Hatamoto territory) and the shrine territory.

HeavenThe old city of Kurashiki became Takahashi RiverKojima BayTiecanalAsKurashiki RiverWas made into an inland port town,1614Bitchu Matsuyama CastleWas the secretary of BitchuMasakazu Kobori JinyaAfter holdingRepresentative officeThe (dominant place) was set. After that, Kurashiki developed as a merchant town because of the function of the port.Annual tributeIt was as an accumulation place of. The Kurashiki Deputy Office increased the population by giving preferential treatment to the autonomy of merchants, and the territory was nominally 5 stones, but in fact it controlled more than 10 stones. By the way, Kurashiki Daikansho is nowKurashiki Ivy SquarePlaced in a placeBikan district OfKurashikiIs a storehouse of merchants who have gained wealth through this.

Kojima areaOkayama DomainIs a clan ofAmagi Ikeda familyIt is an old industry under the ruleShiodaIn addition toNittaCultivated inCottonUsedWeavingBecame popular,Monopoly systemTo become a financial pillar. The products made by weaving eventuallyLocal industryAnd,braid,足 袋And other specialty products to form the foundation of "Kojima, the town of textiles". Out of the coastal portShimotsui TheKitamaebunePorts of call, Tanoguchi and Shimomura (current lower town)Yukari DaigenShikokuKotohira ShrineIt prospered as a port connecting the two.

In the Tamashima area,Bitchu Matsuyama DomainFeudal lordKatsutaka Mizutani-KatsumuneParent and childOkayama DomainThe land reclamation with Otoshima and Kashiwajima, which were facing the Seto Inland Sea side, was reclaimed. After that, Mr. Mizutani created a waterway called Takase-dori, and Tamashima Nitta and Agasaki Nitta in the downstream are from the Takahashi River upstream.Takase boatThe goods carried byKitamaebuneIt was developed as a shipping port to be loaded on. Eventually it became known nationwide as "Tamashima Minato",1693Many of the territories were requisitioned by the Shogunate after the break of Mr. Mizutani, except for the area around Haguro Shrine, which remained as the territory of Bitchu Matsuyama domain, Kurashiki Daikan, Okayama domain,Tanba Kameyama DomainIt was subdivided and controlled.

Chronological Table

(645 - Renewal of Dahua
(794 - Heian capital
(1603 - Edo ShogunateKafu)
(1868 - Meiji Restoration

* For information on mergers of cities, towns and villages, see the transition of the city area below.

(1941(Showa 16)- Pacific WarStart of war)

Origin of place name

The name of the current Kurashiki City is derived from the former place name "Kurashiki Village" in the area around the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, which is also known as a tourist destination nationwide. The place name Kurashiki was a place to collect annual tribute rice and tributes from the surrounding territories in order to send them to the lord in the Middle Ages.Kura siteThe theory that it is derived from "is considered to be influential among local historians. Kurashiki Village is said to have once been the site of Kurashiki. It is said that "Kurayashiki" was changed to "Kurayashiki" because "Kurayashiki" was lined up, and "Kurayashiki" is also said to mean "Kurayashiki" or "Kurayashiki". .. It is said that Kurashiki Village was born between the Warring States period and the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1565 to 1585), and was sometimes written as "Kurashiki" or "Kurasuke". In the Edo period, the Shogunate Daikansho was set up and became a Jinya town, and it also became a distribution center for supplies. The foundation around the current Bikan Historical Quarter was born.

In addition, although Kurashiki sites were located all over the country, there are cases where place names derived from Kurashiki sites remain until the present day, as in Kurashiki City. For example, in the same Okayama prefectureMimasakaHayashino has also been called Kurashiki Village since the Warring States period. In addition, this also became a heavenly territory during the Edo period and had a representative office.1918(Taisho 7) MimasakaAida DistrictKurashiki Town has been renamed to Hayashino Town, which is derived from the old town name of Hayanogo.Tokubo-gunThe name of Kurashiki was handed over to Kurashiki Town. Even now, from the forest to the Yoshino River (Yoshii RiverThe word Shimokurashiki remains in Kose, Mimasaka City, downstream of the tributary.Uno BusThere are still remnants of the Kurashiki site, such as the Shimokurashiki bus stop on the route operated by.

Change of city limits

Kurashiki, Ajino, and Tamashima villages, where the county office was located in the Meiji era, absorbed the surrounding villages, and these areas separated by large-scale rivers and mountains spread their municipality and expanded the city area. .. Showa 36, Governor Miki Okayama PrefectureSaidaiji City・33 municipalities including former Kurashiki city, Kojima city, Tamashima city, Tamano city, and former Soja city will mergeOkayama Prefecture South Million City Construction PlanWas proposed by the council and all municipal councils reached a merger agreement.

However, the three city chiefs of Kurashiki, Okayama, and Kojima did not apply for the merger,Yukio TakahashiThe disappearance of Mayor Kurashiki (This is called "China News", which is the act of occupying the parliamentary seats of men and women, which is believed to have been prepared by the merger promotion group, in addition to the pressure of Governor Miki and Kiyoshi Mori Kiyoshi.Red newspaperMayor Kurashiki's slanderous defamation caused by the issuance, etc., was distributed as a newspaper article for free, and disappeared due to the fact that Mayor Takahashi felt himself in danger before and after the signing ceremony), and the withdrawal of 3 cities and Governor Miki's Due to sudden death, it was never realized.

After the idea of ​​a million city merger failed,Ministry of Home AffairsUnder SecretaryBy presenting the relief plan, the policy was changed to the Bizen block centered on Okayama city and the Bizen block centered on the former Kurashiki city, and each block was gradually merged.After that, the former Kurashiki City, Kojima City, and Tamashima City, which had joined the merger council, were merged. It is said that there was a desire to avoid each other's territorial disputes related to.In other words, the Mizushima coastal industrial zone, which was the origin of the Okayama prefecture south million city construction plan problem, is within the area of ​​the former three cities, and the boundary between the three cities at that time, such as the sea and rivers in the Kurashiki city Mizushima, Kojima city, and Tamashima city districts. It is said that the merger prevented the outbreak of the sovereignty dispute while the line was not fixed vaguely.

As a result, the current Kurashiki cityTokubo-gun-Asakuchi-Kibi-gun(OldShimoda-gun)・KojimaAnd it covers a wide area.

dateMunicipalities that were incorporated after the establishment of the new city
1971(Showa 46) January 3Tokubo-gunShomuraMerged into.
1972(Showa 47) January 5Tokubo-gunChayamachiMerged into.
2005(17) April 8AsakuchiFunao Town,Kibi-gunMabi-choMerged into.

Old Kurashiki City-Kojima-TamashimaSee the respective items for the merger relationship


Kurashiki-shi is March, 23 "city planning master plan"[9]In the process, "Regional Town Development Policy <Regional Concept>"[10]The area under the jurisdiction of the central government office (Kurashiki) and Mizushima/Tamashima/Kojima branch, which have a large population/area size and a certain extent of living area, are “regions”. The areas under the jurisdiction of Sho, Chayamachi, Funaho, and Mabi branch, which are small but carry familiar living areas, are set as "districts". The city is divided into 4 regions and 4 districts, and a policy of city planning is set up.[9].

Of the above 8 areas, Kurashiki and Mizushima are equivalent to the old Kurashiki city area in two areas, and in other areas, the jurisdiction of each branch is equivalent to the old municipal area. Note that the unit designations of the eight areas may change depending on the case and organization, and it is flexible to unify the regional or district or other designations without distinguishing them from the regions/districts, or to call them without the unit designation. Is called.

In addition, there are multiple variations in area division depending on the organization, for example, "4 districts" are included in neighboring "regions", Sho/Chayamachi is included in Kurashiki, and Funaho/Mabi is included in Tamashima. In addition, Kurashiki and Mizushima are sometimes treated as "Kurashiki" in the sense of the former Kurashiki city area.


Incumbent mayor
20084/27The selection of mayors was conducted by Kenzo Furuichi (59), the current mayor, Kaori Ito (41), former director of the Multilateral Economic Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Mae Kurashiki City (53), and Tadashi Akiyama (3). First name is a candidate,Japan Communist PartyAbandoned his own candidate. As a result of the vote, Ito won the second place, Furuichi, by 8,220 votes. Became the first female mayor in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. (Title, title, age, etc. are those of the time)
20124/22The mayor election was held in Ito, with the current mayor of Ito, and a representative of the citizen group "Our Society for Creating Kurashiki Municipal Affairs"KyotoMt. Ooyama SakimachiTwo members of the Diet, Ryosuke Yabiki (41), recommended by the Japanese Communist Party, are running. As a result of the vote, Ito defeated Yabiki by an overwhelmingly large difference (2 votes) and re-elected.
Successive mayors (after 3 city mergers)

(+ sign died while in office)

First generationMt. Ooyama ShigekiMarch 1967, 3-March 5, 1979Retired from the former Mayor of Kurashiki
2Yoshio TakizawaMarch 1979, 3-March 5, 1991The last mayor of Tamashima, serving as assistant director of Kurashiki city
3Yukio Watanabe+March 1991, 3-March 5, 1996Former president of Mizushima Rubber Supplies died while in office
4Takeshi NakataMarch 1996, 5-March 20, 2004After being an assistant from the city staff, elected as a promotion agent for attracting Tivoli parks
5Kenzo FuruichiMarch 2004, 5-March 19, 2008Former prefectural assembly chairman, from Kojima area
6Kaori ItoApril 2008, 5-Current positionMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsFormer Director of Multilateral Economic Office, International Department

City hall organization

Kurashiki City HallSee also

Administrative areaKurashiki-Kojima-Tamashima-Mizushima-village-Chayamachi-Funaho-MabiAnd 8 divided. There is a main office in Kurashiki Ward, and branch offices are located in the remaining seven districts. The three branch offices of Kojima, Tamashima, and Mizushima have general affairs section, tax office, citizen section, welfare section, national health care section, industry section, construction section, etc.

Only major organizations (bureaus) are listed (as of April 2011, 23)

  • Main office
    • Mayor's office
    • Planning and Finance Bureau
    • General Affairs Bureau
    • Civic Affairs Bureau
    • Environmental Recycling Bureau
    • Health and Welfare Bureau
    • Culture and Industry Bureau
    • Construction Bureau
    • Boat Race Business Bureau
    • Cash room
    • Fire department
    • Waterworks
    • Congress Secretariat
    • Board of education
    • Outer Office (Election Management Committee, Audit Office, Fairness Committee, Agriculture Committee)
    • Kurashiki station square contact office
    • Mizue Citizen Service Corner
    • Nishiachi Citizen Service Corner (former Nishiachi Branch Office)
    • Fujito Citizen Service Corner (former Fujito branch office)
  • Kojima branch
    • Shimotsui Citizen Service Corner (former Shimotsui Branch Office)
    • Local citizen service corner (former local branch office)
  • Tamashima branch
  • Mizushima branch
    • Fukuda Citizen Service Corner (former Fukuda Branch Office)
    • Tsurajima Citizen Service Corner (former Tsurajima branch office)
  • Sho branch
  • Chayamachi Branch
  • Funaho Branch
  • Mabi Branch

City council

  • Number of people: 43 people
  • Term of office: June 2021, 3 (Reiwa 2 years) --June 1, 2025 (Reiwa 7 years)[11]
  • Chair: Kimihito Nakanishi (Future Club)
  • Vice Chairman: Takaaki Shiozu (Shinsei Club)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name (◎ is representative)
Future Club8◎ Ken Ohashi, Mikion Akazawa, Takamitsu Katayama, Kimihito Nakanishi, Ryugo Harada, Shuko Yano, Takio Yamabata, Akio Wakabayashi
Living wound straight club7◎ Hideyo Mimura, Ryuji Araki, Yuki Ito, Katsuhiko Kitahata, Tomohiro Namba, Mamoru Mori, Hiroshi Moriya
Komeito Kurashiki City Council7◎ Shozo Kajita, Taeko Ide, Koji Ikumizu, Takataka Senda, Yoshiyuki Nakanishi, Atsuko Arakaki, Takanori Yabuta
Shinsei Club5◎ Takeyoshi Ohashi, Hideyuki Omori, Takaaki Shiozu, Hiroshi Takimoto, Yasuaki Matsunari
New style living5◎ Yutaka Hinata, Yasuhiro Ashida, Katsuya Ozaki, Mitsuhiro Nakajima, Toshimitsu Hirai 
Japanese Communist Party Kurashiki City Council4◎ Masahiko Sueda, Akiko Taguchi, Makimi Tanabe, Seishi Miyake
Blue Sky Citizen's Club   3◎ Akisa Fujii, Hinako Kogo, Takejiro Sai Rattan
Parliamentary group4Yasuyuki Akita, Manabu Shiozu, Hiroyuki Tokio, Kaoruko Fujiwara

Okayama Prefectural Assembly (Kurashiki City/Tokubo District Election District)

  • Constant number: 14 people
  • Term: September 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 15) to September 2023th, 5 (5th year of Reiwa)
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Kaitaka TakahashiLDPOkayama Prefectural Assembly
Soichiro YamadaKomeitoOkayama Prefectural Assembly
Hiromichi SendaLiberal Democratic Party Okayama Prefectural Assembly
Yoshida TohruKomeito Okayama Prefectural Assembly
Shuichi NakatsukaLiberal Democratic Party Okayama Prefectural Assembly
Masahiro AkiyamaDemocratic and prefectural clubNo party membership
Satoshi YanagitaDemocratic and prefectural clubNo party membership
Itako SakoIndependent
Nobuko SumasuJapan Communist PartyOkayama Prefectural Assembly
Keiichi OdaLDP prefectural assembly
Yasuyuki HasuokaLiberal Democratic Party Okayama Prefectural Assembly
Ryosuke ToriiDemocratic and prefectural clubParty membershipConstitutional Democratic Party
Hideki WatanabeLiberal Democratic Party Okayama Prefectural Assembly
Yasuhiro EndoLiberal Democratic Party Okayama Prefectural Assembly

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Okayama Prefecture 4st Ward(OldFunao Town,Mabi-choKurashiki City excluding the area)Mt. HashimotoLDP5Constituency
Michiyoshi YukiConstitutional Democratic Party6Proportional revival
Okayama Prefecture 5st Ward(Former Funaho Town, Kurashiki City in Mabi Town Area, etc.)Katsunobu KatoLDP7Constituency



Kurashiki City Fire Department(Tokubo-gunHayashima Town-Asaguchi CityWe are also entrusted with fire-fighting services in the Kanemitsu area. )

  • Kurashiki Fire Department
    • Nakasu Branch Office, Sho Branch Office, East Branch Office (Hayashima Town is also under the jurisdiction)
  • Mizushima Fire Department
  • Kojima Fire Department
    • Rinko Branch Office, Kotoura Branch Office, Hometown Branch Office, Shimotsui Branch Office
  • Tamashima Fire Station
    • Mabi Branch Office, North Branch Office, Yuzaki Branch Office, West Branch Office (Kanamitsu-cho, Asaguchi City)
  • Countermeasures against fire
A three-piece set has been deployed at the Mizushima Fire Department based on the Disaster Prevention Law such as the Petroleum Complex. In addition, there is the Okayama Prefectural Disaster Prevention Equipment Center within the Mizushima Fire Department and the complex where fire engines are deployed. In addition, companies jointly deploy fire engines. Comprehensive disaster prevention drills are regularly conducted based on the Okayama Prefecture Petroleum Complex and other disaster prevention plans.


Until the mid-1990s Kurashiki was an industrial area andKojima Boat RacecourseWith abundant income fromLocal allocation taxIt was a non-delivering organization that did not receive any treatment.Therefore, there were many unpopular voices from the citizens, such as the construction of luxurious facilities such as city halls and roads that seemed excessive. Despite the flattening of population growthLand use planningIs not reviewed,SprawlThe public works expenses represented by the sewer system swelled and put pressure on the public finances.[Source required] As a result, as the income declines due to the prolonged economic downturn, it becomes a local allocation tax delivery organization.

Currently working on reducing spending. For example, administrative measures are reviewed every year by a rolling system for three years to reduce projects that do not require urgency, control the issuance of municipal bonds that are debts, and reduce the number of municipal staff by outsourcing facility management. However, the transfer of tax sources as part of decentralization has not progressed momentarily, and the financial situation is still difficult due to the drastic decrease in local allocation tax grants and the redemption of municipal bonds.

The beginning of 29budget[Note 2]
the amount(Total expenditure and revenue) ― 356,776,964 thousand yen (102.0)[12]

Annual expenditure -175,243,790 thousand yen (105.0)[12]

  • Public debt expenses-17,373,849 thousand yen (103.1)

revenue -175,243,790 thousand yen (105.0)[12]

  • Voluntary financial resources-95,451,277 thousand yen (104.1)
  • Dependent financial resources-79,792,513 thousand yen (106.1)
    • Local allocation tax -11,600,000 thousand yen (92.1)
    • National treasury disbursement-30,073,395 thousand yen (107.0)
    • Municipal bondIssue amount-15,096,300 thousand yen (133.1)

Fiscal adjustment fund -11,070 million yen (up 159 million yen, as of March 30, 3)[13] Municipal bond balance -172,814,479 thousand yen (177,289 thousand yen increase, 28)[14] Financial capability index -0.865 (29)[14]
*The figures in parentheses are year-on-year changes.

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city
Friendship city


Partner city

Office organization in Kurashiki

Office organization of Okayama Prefecture

  • Okayama Prefectural BureauMain government building
  • Okayama Prefecture Bichu Health Center-Jurisdiction over Soja City and Hayashima Town. Kurashiki city is under the jurisdiction of Kurashiki city public health center.

Government agency

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Ministry of Defense

裁判 所

Kurashiki City is the only city that has three summary courts other than ordinance-designated cities.

Major medical institutions




Except for some districts, the main urban areas are geographically divided by mountains and rivers and are independent, so each district has a core part (shopping street, etc.). However, due to the influence of the automobile society in recent yearsRoadside storeIs beginning to rush, and the core of each district is disappearing. EspeciallyAEON MALL KurashikiThe opening of the company had a serious impact on each commercial area in the city, especially in the Kurashiki area.

  • Retail tradeAnnual product sales 4958 billion yen (FY2009) * Retail sales in the area in parentheses
Kurashiki area (2416 billion yen)
Aeon Mall Kurashiki opened in the Mizue area about 2000km north of around 2 around JR Kurashiki Station due to the outflow of population to the suburbs.DaieiMitsukoshiWithdrawal one after another, in 2008Kurashiki Tivoli ParkClosed in 2010JR Kurashiki Station Building "Le Blanc"The decline in function as a commercial area is conspicuous, such as the closing of the museum.Retail tradeThe center of AEON MALL Kurashiki and the southOffshore sasaIt has moved to the surrounding area, and the number of people around Kurashiki Station is decreasing.
Under these circumstances, Kurashiki since 2003Chamber of commerceLifestyle run byTown management agencyThe organization holds events such as the "Kurashiki Folding Screen Festival" and opens a "Challenge Shop". In addition, since 2005, we have organized the "Kurashiki Morning Market Executive Committee" to reproduce the bustle of the regular market held in the Edo period, and on the third Sunday of every month.Kurashiki StationThe morning market "Sansai City" is being held in the former Kurashiki Center Street Shopping District (BIOS).[15].. Based on the purpose of "local production for local consumption", we are trying to revitalize the shopping district by holding various events and "one coin gourmet" every time.
2008 Year of 3 MonthTenmayaThe relocation of the Kurashiki store to the Mitsukoshi site finally stopped the decline in land prices, and in 2011, it became the site of Kurashiki Tivoli Park.Ito-YokadoOperated byArio KurashikiMitsui FudosanFirst in the Chugoku region run byMitsui Outlet Park KurashikiIs open. The area around JR Kurashiki Station is expected to be revitalized.
NakajoLarge stores have opened one after another in the district since the 1990s, and the change is the most drastic in the city. With the accompanying increase in automobile trafficOld Route 2Congestion is becoming chronic.
Mizushima area (892 billion yen)
Despite the economic scale next to Kurashiki, the central shopping district is TokiwachoRed light districtIs declining. Large-scale stores are being withdrawn one after another, and small and medium-sized supermarkets are scattered in the suburbs. In 2009AEON TOWNMizushima opened.
Kojima area (624 billion yen)
AbolishedShimotsui Electric Railway Kojima StationJR from the Ajino district where there wasKojima Station~National Route 430The center of the town has moved to the east line, but since JR Kojima Station opened in 1988, the station west exitUnused landIs one of the causes of stagnation in the integrated development of the city.
In the shopping mall and the Tenmaya Happy Town area adjacent to Kojima Station, the morning market "Mishiro City" hosted by the Kojima Station Mall is held on the last Sunday of every month.[16].. In the Ajino shopping district, jeans manufacturers have opened directly-operated stores inside and outside the region and are called Kojima Jeans Street.
Tamashima area (543 billion yen)
JR, a few kilometers north of the old cityShin Kurashiki StationThe growth on the south side is remarkable. On the other hand, the old city is looking for ways to become a tourist destination that retains the image of an old port town.
Sho area (243 billion yen)
Population 1,Old Route 2Located along the roadside stores, located between Kurashiki and Okayama, and part of the Nakajo district, the retail sales are high relative to the population size.
Chayamachi area (¥78 billion)
Population 1, JRChayamachi StationAroundBed townIn the area with the largest population increase in the city, commercial accumulation is gradually progressing.
Mabi District (148 billion yen)
RiversideNational Route 486Medium-sized supermarkets are densely located along the way, and it is a fierce battleground for a population of 2.
Funaho area (¥14 billion)
With a population of 7 people, no railway station in the area, and a deviation from the main highways, no commercial area has been formed.


  • Of the coastal area that spans the Mizushima and Tamashima areasMizushima Seaside Industrial AreaJapan's leadingComplexIs formed[17].petrochemistry,Steel,AutomobileThere are many factories in the center. Although it is a small area as a whole,Kojima areaIn the C area, which was constructed by reclaiming the salt vineyard and the beach of Unotsu, there are mainly petrochemical establishments and shipyards. The amount of manufactured goods shipped is about 50% of the whole prefecture.
Main business sites in Mizushima Seaside Industrial Area
oil - ENEOS Mizushima Refinery
Chemical - Mitsubishi ChemicalMizushima Office,Mitsubishi Gas ChemicalMizushima Plant,KurarayKurashiki Plant,Asahi KaseiMizushima Plant
Steel - JFE SteelWest Japan Works Kurashiki Ward,Tokyo SteelOkayama Factory
machine - Mitsubishi MotorsMizushima Plant,Sumitomo Heavy IndustriesOkayama Factory
  • Kojima district in the southeastfiberThe industry is thriving. Especially thick fabric is the main product,School uniform・For businesses and government officesuniform(Uniform) boasts the highest production in Japan. Also domesticjeansIt is also the birthplace, and manufacturers of all sizes are crowded together.

Main industrial statistics(17)

  • Manufactured product shipment value 39,440 billion yen (Mizushima Industrial Area-36,040, Okayama Prefecture-72,955)
  • Breakdown by item (XNUMX million yen)
    • Oil-12,181
    • Steel-8,568
    • Chemistry-7,062
    • Automotive, etc.-6,710
    • Fiber-916
    • Food-671
    • Metal-496
  • Breakdown by district (XNUMX million yen)
    • Kurashiki and Mizushima-27,137
    • Kojima-2,737
    • Tamashima-1,054
    • Funaho-252
    • Sho-181
    • Mabi-140
    • Chayamachi-69


Main agricultural statistics(17)

  • Total number of farm households: 8,785 (of which 4,680 are produced)
  • Management cultivated land area 3,373 ha
  • Agricultural calculation amount of 1,206 million yen (breakdown: rice grains 25%, fruits 30%, vegetables 17%, poultry 19%, other 9%)

Main specialty by district

*Kurashiki City was onceStraw grassCultivation and using it as a raw materialTatami mat-While the production of flower bamboo was carried out and it was one of the leading production centers in the whole country, at present it is little produced and most of the above secondary products are made from imported products such as those from China.

Fishing industry

Main fisheries statistics(15)

  • 904 fishery workers (including 700 Kojima, 120 Tamashima, 60 Kurashiki and Mizushima)
  • Fish catch 670t, shellfish 709t, algae culture 2,143t)

Main seafood

Fishing port

  • Two species-Obata fishing port (Obatake), Shimotsui fishing port, Sami fishing port (prefecture management)
  • Kind-Tsuyo fishing port, Kayomatsu fishing port, Yuzaki fishing port, Obara fishing port (Yomatsu is a prefecture, except for city management)

Headquartered company



Service (food and drink)

Taizi TheListed companies

Companies related to Kurashiki City

Taizi TheListed companies



West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
Shikoku Passenger Railway(JR Shikoku)
  • Honshi Bisan Line (Seto Ohashi Line)
    • Kojima Station
Mizushima coastal railway
Ihara Railway



Expressways and toll roads
General national road

Car license plate

In Kurashiki city,200610/10For vehicles registered later in the garage,Kurashiki"A number has been issued. The old area name is "OkayamaWas the so-calledLocal numberIt has been changed due to the introduction of the system such as Kurashiki City with the start of the system.[18]. "Kurashiki" number is in addition to Kurashiki city,Kasaoka-Ibara-Asaguchi City-AsakuchiSatosho Town-Oda DistrictYakakeHas been introduced in 3 cities and 2 towns[19].




Junior college


high school





High school consistent school


Junior high school


Kurashiki area

Mizushima area

Kojima area

Tamashima area

Funaho area

Mabi district

primary school


Kurashiki area(Including Sho and Chayamachi)

Mizushima area

Kojima area

Tamashima area

Funaho area

Mabi district

Special school

  • Okayama Prefectural Kurashiki Kotoura Higher Support School
  • Okayama Prefectural Kurashiki Makibi Support School
  • Kurashiki City Kurashiki Support School

Various schools

Vocational school

Facilities other than school education

Established an employment support organization for seniors, persons with disabilities and job seekers


  • Okayama Prefectural Southern College of Technology (former: Kurashiki College of Technology, based on the Vocational Ability Development Promotion Act)Vocational development school

Infrastructure, etc.


City gas / supply area

Number of units supplied 49,000

Water supply

Penetration rate around the water supply population 99.91% (FY2015)[20]

Water management company

  • Kurashiki City Waterworks Bureau-Mizushima Sales Office, Tamashima Sales Office, Kojima Sales Office, Mabi Branch Office

Water supply company and service area(All water is taken from Takahashi River, and the water distribution is for Kurashiki City)

  • Kurashiki City Waterworks Bureau (Distribution volume: 24,154,437 m³)
    • Katashima Water Source-Islands, Mizushima
    • Fukui water source-Amagi,Grain river
    • Superior water source-Funaho, Tamashima
    • Mabi Water Source-Mabi
  • Binan Water Supply Company (Kurashiki City, Hayashima Town, water distribution 26,032,530 m³)
    • Satsuki Water Source-Kurashiki,Nishiachi, Sho, Chayamachi
  • Okayama Prefecture Southern Water Supply Company (Kurashiki City, Okayama City, Tamano City Water Distribution 17,278,693 m³)
    • Nishiachi Water Source-Kojima, Fukuda
    • Soja water source-Mabi


Sewerage penetration rate around the treated population 80.6% (as of March 2020, 3)[21]

  • Kurashiki City Sewer Department
    • Kurashiki Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Kojima sewage treatment plant
    • Mizushima Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Tamashima Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Lake Kojima basin sewer
    • Okayama Prefecture Kojima Lake Basin Sewerage Purification Center (HigashiXNUMX Ward, Tamano City)



Area codeKurashiki MA (086(City code is 420-489, 520-529, 552, 553, 691, 697, 698). In addition, about Mabi-cho,20096/1ThanSojaTransferred from Kurashiki MA to MAGeneral corporationMutual calls with and were treated as adjacent.

  • 0866-91 → 086-691
    • This area code has been assigned to KDDI, it was changed to 086-691 for Mabi-cho, Kurashiki City, and changed to 0866-37 for Soja City (subscriber number changed significantly).
  • 0866-97 → 086-697
    • Since this area code was used by two detention stations (Mabi and Soja Gokei), it corresponds to Mabi Town in Kurashiki City with 2-086 and shifts to 697-0866 for Soja City.
  • 0866-98 → 086-698
    • Since this station number is used by one containment station (genuine), it can be handled with a simple shift.
  • The Hikari Denwa (0866-31) in Mabi-cho and the local area code of each NCC station (excluding 0866-91 (part of KDDI)) moved to the local area code of Kurashiki MA, and the subscriber number changed significantly. It was


  • Kurashiki Post Office:710-00xx、710-08xx、710-85xx、710-86xx、710-87xx、701-01xx(701-010x~011x、0192~0195のみ)、710-01xx、710-11xx、710-13xx
    • Until September 2006, 9, 11-710xx was the Amagi Post Office and 01-710xx was the Yasuda Post Office.
    • Until March 2015, 3, the 2-710xxChayamachi Post OfficeWas the number. Originally, 710-11xx was the number used until October 1987, 10.Soja Post OfficeIt was a missing number because the collection and delivery business was transferred to. After that, on March 2007, 3, the Chayamachi Post Office, which used 5-709xx until then, was changed to 11-710xx due to the change of the regional division office.
    • Until March 2018, 3, the 12-701xxKibi Post Office(Okayama CityKita) Number. On the same day, Okayama City North Area (areas excluding 701-010x ~ 011x, 0192 ~ 0195)Okayama Central Post OfficeTo the Kurashiki city area (701-010x ~ 011x, 0192 ~ 0195 area) collection and delivery services were transferred to the Kurashiki Post Office.
  • Kojima Post Office: 711-09xx, 711-85xx, 711-86xx, 711-87xx
  • Mizushima Post Office: 712-80xx, 712-85xx, 712-86xx, 712-87xx
  • Tamashima Post Office:713-81xx、713-85xx、713-86xx、713-87xx、710-02xx


Terrestrial television station

Kurashiki area is Okayama headquarters (Kinkozan) Received. For other areasMizushima,Kojima, Tamashima, Tamashima Minami, Soja, Okayama Kita,Nishi SanukiEtc.Relay stationReceived.


Radio stations

  • FM Living 82.8 MHz- Community FM station.. There are Tanematsuyama transmitting station and Kojima/Soja relay station, which can receive in the whole city.
  • Okayama FM Broadcasting 76.8 MHz (Okayama main station) 80.4 MHz (Kasaoka station) -Prefectural FM station.
  • RSK radio 1494 KHz (Okayama main station, Kasaoka station) 91.4 MHz (RSK Okayama FM) -Prefectural medium wave station.
  • Okayama City FM 79.0 MHz-Community FM station.It can be received by cable TV or radio waves. (Regarding radio waves, such as the eastern region)
  • FM dream wave 79.2 MHz-Community FM station.Kasaoka Relay StationSince it is emitted from, it can be received in the western and southern regions.

News (Chinese)

Local newspaper

  • Sanyo newspaperKurashiki head office, Kojima branch-published in the morning and evening.

National newspaper


Sights/historic sites/tourist spots


Kurashiki area

Kojima area

Tamashima area

Funaho area

Mabi district

Annual number of visitors to major city sightseeing spots

  • 555.1 thousand people in the entire city (Kurashiki City Statistical Report 22 version)
    • Breakdown-Bikan area 314.7 million, Washuyama 148.5 million, Prince Mt.

Festivals and events

Specialty goods

Famous sweets/famous sake

Famous and local dishes

Agricultural Products

Crafts and industrial products


Chamber of Commerce

Sports team

Music group

  • KurashikiOrchestraGroup
  • Kurashiki citizenchorusGroup
  • Kurashiki citizenBrass bandDan Green Harmony
  • Living concert
  • Kurashiki Music Festival Executive Committee
  • Kurashiki Music Exchange Meeting
  • Kurashiki Junior PhilharmonicOrchestra
  • Kurashiki AcademicWinds

Other various groups

  • Kurashiki Ward Welcome Tourist Guide Liaison Meeting
  • Kurashiki Goodwill Interpreter
  • Kurashiki Japanese tomb association
  • Kurashiki International Association
  • AmnestyKurashiki
  • Kurashiki International Friendship Association

Cultural facility

Kurashiki area

Mizushima area

  • Life Park Kurashiki
    • Civic learning center
    • Information Learning Center
    • Science Center- planetarium
    • Buried Cultural Property Center
    • library
  • Mizushima Community Center
  • Mizushima Library
  • Kurashiki City Environmental Education Square Mizushima Ai Salon
  • Mizushima Labor Welfare Center

Kojima area

Tamashima area

  • Tamashima Cultural Center
  • Tamashima Community Center
  • Tamashima Library
  • Tamashima Civic Exchange Center

Mabi/Funeho district

Parks, sports facilities, etc.

Works set in Kurashiki city


Movie location







A famous person from and related to Kurashiki city


Social activist









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注 釈

  1. ^ Until the 1995 census, the Kurashiki metropolitan area centering on Kurashiki city was taken as an independent metropolitan area, but since the 2000 census, the commuting rate from Kurashiki city to Okayama city exceeded 10%. The Okayama metropolitan area merged with the Kurashiki metropolitan area, the area expanded and the population increased statistically.
  2. ^ The figures in parentheses are year-on-year (%).
  3. ^ Specific business relations such as sewers and health insurance
  4. ^ Boat racingProfitability relationships such as hospitals and municipal hospitals


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