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😷 | Corona "XNUMXth wave" spreads, firefighters are also infected ... Fire dispatch situation "tightrope walking" Kumamoto Prefecture / Yamaga City Fire Department Headquarters

Photo: Yamaga City Fire Department's command vehicle (right front) that is not dispatched to the site due to lack of manpower = Yamaga Fire Department on the 1st

Corona "XNUMXth wave" spreads, firefighters are also infected ... Fire dispatch situation "tightrope walking" Yamaga City Fire Department, Kumamoto Prefecture

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The prefectural fire safety division said, "We would like to keep an eye on future developments so that firefighting and ambulance transportation are not hindered in various parts of the prefecture."

Due to the spread of the "7th wave" of the new coronavirus infection, the fire department in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture (80 people) has reduced its dispatch to private house fires... → Continue reading

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    Prefectural Fire Safety Division

    Emergency services

    Emergency services(Kyukyutai,English: Ambulance service or emergency medical service) is an appropriate treatment for an injured person who arrives at an emergency site.Emergency medical care) PromptlyambulancehospitalTransport toTroopsThat.

    Japanese emergency services

    Firefighters in JapanI am also in charge of emergency transportation, and ambulance teams throughout the countryFire Department,Fire departmentIt is installed in.FirefighterTrained in the first-aid course, and a captain/member and engineer (driverIt is a rule that three members form a group), but from April 3, one out of three members of a rescue team such as a remote island or a depopulated area will be a quasi-emergency team member (with local government staff, etc.). It has become possible to consist of persons who have completed the basic training regarding emergency services.

    In the past, paramedics were not allowed to perform medical treatment due to legal restrictions and could only transport the victim to the hospital.1991ToParamedic LawByParamedic National ExaminationTake the examParamedicThe qualified and certified membersDoctorIt became possible to perform limited medical treatment under the instructions of.[1]

    Secured space for lifesaving in emergency departments nationwideHigh standard ambulanceIs deployed, and the goal is to have at least one paramedic on board. On the other hand, at the branch offices, branch offices, and detachment offices of the small-to-medium-sized fire department with limited personnel,Firefighter,rescue teamThere are also cases where they concurrently serve.

    In the case of "emergency fire fighting" municipalities that do not have permanent fire fighters, local government staff only carry out emergency transportation,First aidHowever, medical care is not possible when performing emergency work by a local government employee who does not have a qualification as a paramedic.2015, An emergency paramedic belonging to a private company accompanies the “Yakusho Ambulance”, and the “Emergency Lifesaving Service Consignment”, which performs the same medical practice and lifesaving work as a normal rescue team, was carried out for the first time in Japan, the first company in Japan.Japan emergency system"ButMiyazakiMisato TownandTokushimaKatsuura Town,OkinawaTaketomi TownIt is being carried out by commissioning from.

    Thai emergency services

    ThailandIn 2008Thai National Emergency Medical CenterUntil the establishment, there was no ambulance as a government agency. Therefore, even after the establishment of a public ambulance, the transportation of the injured to the hospital, disaster rescue activities, etc.ZendoIt is often done by a Buddhist volunteer group called. To a prominent groupOverseas Chinese report,Taikoku Yoshitokuzendo, There is a temple and a temple.


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