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😷 | New Corona 1271 new people, 1 death, more than XNUMX infected people [Fukui]


New corona 1271 new people, 1 death, more than XNUMX infected people [Fukui]

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The prefecture announced on the 10th that 1271 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus, and one person died.The number of newly infected people is 1… → Continue reading

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    Fukui(Fukuiken) isJapan OfChubu regionに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheFukui City.

    It is the least populated prefecture in the Hokuriku region.


    Yamanaka Pass-Kinometo Pass-Tochinogi PassPass throughRidgeThe border of the north sideReihoku(Echizen area) And the south sideReinan(Wakasa districtAnd Tsuruga City).

    In addition, there are 0.1 islands with a circumference of 58 km or more in the Fukui prefecture waters of the Sea of ​​Japan and Wakasa Bay.Uninhabited islandso,Tsunegami PeninsulaOffshoreReefIt is only about 3 km away on the Kuril islands.

    It is a place where nature is beautiful, as typified by the lush mountains of Echizen and the clear water flow of Wakasa.Koshiyama WakamizuThere is.

    GeographicallyHokuriku region or Chubu regionHowever, in the administrative jurisdictionKinkiIt may be said that.



    Köppen climate classificationThen the whole prefectureWarm and humid climateIn Although,Sea of ​​Japan side climateAnd the whole prefectureHeavy snowfall(partSpecial heavy snowfall area).In a special heavy snowfall areaOno City-Katsuyama City-Ikeda-Minami EchizenOldImajo TownIs one of the largest snowfalls in Japan, and the annual snowfall in Ono City exceeds 500 cm and the deepest snowfall exceeds 100 cm.[1].

    Fukui City is located inland, so it faces the coastToyama,KanazawaIt is more likely to have heavy snowfall than.In the past, it recorded 1963 cm on January 1, 31, and in recent years it recorded 213 cm of snow on February 2018, 2, and it may be more than 7 m.[1].

    On the other hand, in the coastal area of ​​the Sea of ​​JapanTsushima warm currentIs relatively warm in winter due tosnowthan(I.e.There are many days.

    There are 170 days of rainfall per year[1], There is a saying of the weather, "If you forget your lunch, don't forget your umbrella."

    In Hyogo and Toyooka City, there is a saying, "Don't forget your umbrella even if you forget your lunch box."

    Normal year values ​​in various places in Fukui prefecture (statistical period: 1971-2000, source:Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information
    Average price
    Sakai City
    Three Kingdoms
    Sakai City
    FukuiFukui City
    Crossing over
    Katsuyama(I.e.Minami Echizen
    (° C)
    Warmest month25.6
    Coldest month3.1
    Precipitation amount
    Most months224.0
    Minimum month121.4


    Looking at Fukui Prefecture on a map,keyOrelephantIt has a shape like. Especially belongs to ReinanWakasa BayThe coastline ofRias coastIs famous as

    nature Park

    Adjacent prefectures


    There are 9 cities, 7 districts, 8 towns, and 17 municipalities in total. The town is read as "cho," not "town."[2].


    Nishu area
    Wakasa district

    Trends due to merger of municipalities

    So-calledGreat Heisei mergerBefore the start, there were 7 cities, 11 districts, 22 towns and 6 villages (35 municipalities in total). That had disappeared before thatTsurugaHowever, due to the merger, the counties of Sakai, Asuwa, Ono, and Toshiki disappeared, and became "one county one town" except Oi county.

    Katsuyama CityIkedaHas decided to forgo the merger at this stage and has left the Fukui City merger councilSabae CityIs also holding an attitude.

    Average life

    • Average life(2000(12), actually there is some deviation)
      • Man-78.55 years old (2nd place nationwide)
      • Woman-85.39 years old (2nd place nationwide)
      • Male and female average-81.97 years


    Regulatory countryThe history of eachEchizen country-Wakasa countrySee also


    • Within the prefecture(I.e.Are scattered all over the place, and it can be seen that people have lived there for about 1 years. There are many knife-type stone tools (named Mikuni-type) and scrapers from the westward, Oshima, and horse-cobash ruins of Mikuni-cho, the Kibashi ruins of Eiheiji-cho, and the Nanburo ruins.stone toolHas been excavated.
    Jomon Period
    • Torihama shell mound(Wakasa Town)Jomon potteryStarting with (raised line sentence, diagonal grid pottery)Pit dwellingTracesMaruki boat, Bows and arrows, ropes for marking earthenware have been found. In addition, many relics have been unearthed from archaeological sites in various parts of the prefecture.Kinai,Hida countryIt can be seen that there was exchange with the area such as.
    Yayoi Period
    • It seems that rice cultivation was transmitted around the first half of the year, and earthenware has been excavated to show it.
    • MetalwareIt seems that the production of balls, fabrics was also done. ReihokuBronzeIt is the northern limit of the Sea of ​​Japan side that was excavated.
    • In the middleChiefThe grave of No. XNUMX started to be made, and it became larger in the latter half of the latter half.
    Kofun period
    • 4st centuryIn the beginningReihoku large keyhole-shaped tomb moundBegan to be built, and from the middle of the 4th century it wasOld tombBegins to be built. Terigake Shiroyama Tumulus (the end of the 4th century)Mt.The latter half of the 4th century to the first half of the 5th century are the largest in the Hokuriku region, and it can be seen that this region had a powerful influence.
    • 5st centuryThen, even in Reinan, the front and rear burial mounds start to be built mainly in the vicinity of Wakasa Town.
    • From the second half of the 5 century6st centuryWakasa, Takashi, Mikuni, and TsunogaNational constructionWas separated. The area where Mikuni was builtEmperor KeitaiIs said to have spent the throne. I'm from ReihokuEmperor KeitaiWas welcomed as the great king of Yamato,VietnamJoined forces with.
    • 570~574,GoguryeoMessengerVietnamArrive in the vicinity.
    • Emperor KeitaiSince then, ships and horse haniwa were buried in the tombs, and Japan was in the late Kofun period.
    • From the latter half of the 6th century, small-scale burial mounds replacedTumulus,Crowd burial moundBut the burial mounds are no longer made in the 7th century[3].

    Ancient times

    Asuka PeriodからNara period
    Heian period

    中 世

    Kamakura Period
    • Shimazu-Mr. GotoEtc. are appointed as guardian.
    • At this time, the shipping industry developed,Tsurugazu,Obamazu,Mikuni MinatoAnd so on, maritime trade will become popular. In addition, those ports will also serve as bases for transporting annual tributes to Kyo.
    • 1243IsDogenEntered Yoshimineji (Eihei-ji Town) in Shibiso, Echizen, and the following year, Daibutsuji (laterEiheiji Temple).
    • 13st centuryTakada system after the endJodo ShinshuSpreads mainly in the north of Echizen.
    Muromachi Period
    Sengoku period
    • 1471,LotusEntered Yoshizaki in EchizenYoshizaki GoboEstablished, Honganji Temple system in the Hokuriku regionJodo ShinshuIt will be the mission base of. afterwards,Ikko IkkoWill be one after another.
    • 1506,KagaからHongwanji TempleMonkInvades. But,Asakura religious scene(Soudori) Asakura, who conducts the game, welcomes this at the Kuzuryu River and wins (Battle of Kuzuryu River).
    • After this, Mr. Asakura bans the Hongo-ji system Jodo Shinshu. Therefore, many Honganji TemplesMonkAnd the monk flee to Kagakuni. And it will often invade Echizen.
    • 16st centurySince then, civil wars have continued in Wakasa, and Mr. Takeda gradually weakens. Asakura will also intervene in Wakasa to support Takeda.
    • Yoshiaki AshikagaBecause (Yoshiaki) is in good standing,1566To Wakasa, relying on Mr. Takeda for1567ToYoshikura AsakuraRely on to enter Echizen (renamed Yoshiaki at this time). However, it did not fulfill its superiority,1568,Oda NobunagaRely onMino countryLeave the country.
    • 1568, Asakura invades Wakasa.
    • 1569, Shogun Yoshiaki reconciles Honganji and Asakura. At this time, the ban on the Jodo Shinshu sect of Honganji is also lifted. It was also worth having a diplomatic relationship with Honganji Temple.Mr. TakedaCooperate with distant forces.
    • 1570In April, Nobunaga started attacking Asakura,Kanegasaki CastleTo open the castle. But,Asai NagamasaWithdraws to Kyo (Exit of Kanegasaki).
    • Nobunaga in Osaka, Noda and Fukushima in September 1570Miyoshi three peopleIn the middle of the battle with the Honganji Temple, Yoshikage led the soldiers, the Asai-Asakura Alliance Army attacked K with a force of 3, and the Kyo no Kuchi,Mt. HieiBuild a castle.Mr. RokkakuNobunaga will be isolated due to the recruitment of the Nobunaga, but peace will be established through the mediation of Shogun Yoshiaki (Shiga).
    Azuchi-Momoyama Period

    The early modern period

    Edo Period


    Meiji RestorationからShowa(Second World WarUntil the end of the war)


    Showa (after World War II)
    • 2020(Reiwa02) On April 4, following the spread of the new coronavirus, Governor Tatsuji Sugimoto issued a state of emergency unique to the prefecture. Until May 14th, we requested refraining from going out unnecessarily, meetings and dinners, and refraining from coming to the prefecture from outside the prefecture.[9].


    Fukui Prefecture and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Fukui Prefecture Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
    Purple-Fukui Prefecture
    Green-All over Japan

    Fukui Prefecture Population Trend
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


    Fukui Prefecture Population Ranking by City
    Fukui Prefecture Population density ranking by cities (2016(28) present)
    1. Sabae City(809/km2
    2. Fukui City(495 people/km2
    3. Sakai City(429 people/km2
    4. Echizen City(351 people/km2
    5. Tsuruga(262 people/km2


    Prefectural government


    2007(19) Degree
    2006(18) Degree
    • Fiscal strength index 0.37
      • Group III (financial power index 0.3 or more, less than 0.4) 11th out of 4 municipalities
    2005(17) Degree
    • Fiscal strength index 0.34
      • Group III (financial power index 0.3 or more, less than 0.4) 14th out of 11 municipalities
    2004(16) Degree
    • Fiscal strength index 0.33
      • Group III (financial power index 0.3 or more, less than 0.4) 13th out of 9 municipalities

    National politics

    House of Representatives OfSmall districtIs 2.House of CouncilorsThen, 1 ward is constructed in all prefectures.


    As an industrial areaHokuriku Industrial AreaIs responsible for the southern end of.Secondary industryTertiary industryThe industry is very active. Also, the number of presidents has been number one in Japan for several consecutive years.

    Major industries

    • Textile industry
    • Musical instrument
    • glassesindustry
      • Sabae City90% or more of the nationwide production, including eyeglass frames
    • lacquerwareindustry
      • Echizen lacquerware
      • Commercial lacquerware (domestic market share of about 8%)
      • Wakasa painted chopsticks
    • Cutleryindustry
      • Echizen hammer
    • paperindustry
    • Nuclear power
      • Within the prefectureReactorThere are 15 units installed (Tsuruga City: 4 units (1 of which is being decommissioned), Mihama Town: 3, Oi Town: 4, Takahama Town: 4).

    Major listed companies

    (In alphabetical order, those without parentheses are listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)

    As a company with its headquarters in Fukui prefecture and outside the prefecture,atom,Tobishima construction,Maeda Construction Industry,Yamazenand so on. Also,Murata Manufacturing,Aisin,Morinaga Milk Industry such aslarge companyThere are also a number of group companies located in.

    Life and transportation


    • Fukui Prefectural Police
      • Fukui Prefectural Police is one of the few nationwide because there are many nuclear facilitiesNuclear Facility GuardIs installed.
      • There are 4 locationsDriver's license examination site(The facility name is “Driver Education Center”) is located in the jurisdiction of the police station whose address is local or adjacent to each other, and the procedure for renewing the driver's license is performed only at each test site. At the police station and the same branch office building, we handle only some procedures that do not require fees, such as changing the address permanent name (not compatible with rewriting of IC chip contents) and voluntary cancellation of all exemptions.
    • Fukui Prefectural Crime Prevention Federation
    As a "Municipal Safety and Security Center" designated by the Governor by the Ordinance on Promotion of Fukui Prefecture's Safe and Secure Town Development (16 Fukui Prefecture Ordinance No. 18), based on the regulations of all 17 municipalities, we will In the crisis management department of the town hall, a branch unit will be set up for each public elementary school ward or public community center ward, and local crime prevention activities will be conducted by local residents. For crime prevention membersFire Service Organization Lawbased onFire brigadePersonnelFlood controlbased onFlood control teamThis is the first example of a system organized at the prefecture level, which is clearly different from general members of the crime prevention association in that it is given the status of a part-time special-purpose civil servant like members.


    life line

    City Gas



    The nearest airport where regular flights fly isKomatsu Airport(Ishikawa小松 市).


    It is electrified except for the Kuzuryu Line.Hokuriku Main LineLimited express trainAndLimited expressMost of the regular trains that operate in the prefecture, except forOne-man drivingIs being carried out.The number of regular trains operating during the day is less than 1 per hour for JR trains throughout the prefecture, and about 2 per hour for private railways (only in the Reihoku region).

    Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)
    • There was a Hokuriku Main Line freight branch line (commonly known as Tsuruga Minato Line, abolished in 2019) as a self-owned line, but since 2009 when the line was suspended, only the Hokuriku Main Line will be used (Second-class railway business).
    Unfinished line
    • Lake Biwa Wakasa Bay Rapid Railway -With Obama LineKosai LineConstruction plan for a short-circuit line connecting the two.The Hokuriku Shinkansen was to be built via Obama and Kyoto, so it was canceled at the planning stage.


    General national road
    Prefectural road


    Medical and welfare

    Disaster base hospital
    Licensed Nursery School


    Mass media

    News (Chinese)

    Daily newspaper

    TV station

    Radio stations

    Cable TV




    Within the same prefecture, the dialects of the Reihoku region and the Reinan region are different,Hokuriku dialectIn the Lingnan dialect,Kinki dialectOften classified into. An accent is mentioned as a prominent difference between the Reihoku and Reinan dialects, but there are also subtle differences within Reinhoku and Reinan.

    Food culture:

    local cuisine

    Traditional crafts

    Fukui Prefecture designated local crafts



    Tangible cultural property building

    National treasure
    Important traditional buildings preservation area

    Prefectural Cultural Facility

    Main tourist destinations

    Historic spot
    Natural scenic spot
    Ski resort
    • IZUMI Cross Country
    • 365 Imajo
    • Kuzuryu
    • Shinpo family
    City park

    Foreign relations

    Works set in Fukui Prefecture


    People from Fukui Prefecture

    Historical figures



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