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😷 | New Corona XNUMX people infected, the second highest number in the past, XNUMX people died Oita


New Corona XNUMX people infected, the second highest number in the past, XNUMX people died Oita

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A total of 6 clusters have been confirmed at welfare facilities in Bungotakada City and Bungo Ono City, and the Oita Prefecture Eastern Public Health Center.

Regarding the new coronavirus, Oita Prefecture announced XNUMX new infections and XNUMX deaths on the XNUMXth.New… → Continue reading

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    Eastern Oita Public Health Center

    Bungo Ono City

    Bungo Ono City(Bungo Onoshi) isOitaLocated in the southern part of Japan with a population of about 3City.


    Located in the southern part of Oita prefecture.Oita CityAdjacent to the south side of the city, the city center (formerly Miemachi area) is about 35km south of the center of Oita city.On the south side of the cityMiyazakiIt forms a prefectural border.Except for the center of the former Mie Town, most of the city area is hills and forests, and on the prefectural border with Miyazaki Prefecture.Kyushu mountain areaTo formMt. Sobosan,Mt. KatamukiyamaThere is.

    City center (formerly Mie TownIn the area), onceOita City OfBed townDue to the influence of the time when the population was increasing,New residential areaWas created,National Route 326AlongRoadside storeAre lined up, large commercial facilities andShopping centerEtc. are being built.

    Adjacent to the westTakedaWith Hohi district (Oku Bungo), And may be distinguished from the coastal southern part of the prefecture.

    • Mountains: Mt. Sobosan (1,756 m), Mt. Katamukiyama (1,605 m)
    • River:Onogawa, Ogata River (tributary of Ono River), Akane River, Fushino River

    Adjacent municipalities


    Place name

    After each town and village before the merger was named "○○ Town", the conventional large letters continue.

    Mie Town
    Akamine, Akiba, Ashikari, Market, Uchiyama, Uchiyama, Kosaka, Matsuo, Washiya
    Oda, Tamada, Hisada, Honjo (formerly Nittamura)
    Shallow, Isako, Sugo, Miyano (formerly Sugeo Village)
    Uedahara, Kawabe, Nishiizumi, Mukai, Hyakueda (above, former Hyakueda Village)
    Nishihata (former Minaminotsu Village → Nozu Town)
    Oshirotani, Okuhata, Nakatsuru, Fushino (formerly Shirayama Village → Kiyokawa Village)
    Yamabe (former Ino Village → Honjo Village)
    Kiyokawa Town
    Udaeda, Sachi, Hiraishi, XNUMX species (above, former Aikawa village)
    Oshirotani, Fushino (formerly Shirayama Village)
    Ametsutsumi, Usuo, Sunada, Tenjin, Santama (former Makiguchi Village)
    Ogata Town
    Inoue, Masashihata (partly from Aikawa Village to Kiyokawa Town), Ueju, Kudo Satoshi, Ogose, Shimoji, Shin, Akimaru, Chida, Nojiri, Harajiri, Baba, Suzukawa
    Oishi, Kamifuyubaru, Kamifuyubaruchi, Kino, Shimotokuda, Tokuda, Nakano, Fuyuhara, Yuki (formerly Kamifuyumura)
    Small address, Kusafukano, Tsuji, Terahara (above, former Kofuji village)
    Uehata, Ohara, Ohira Mine, Kurio, Taizako (former Hasegawa Village)
    Shiga (former Ueda Village → Asaji Town), Tenjin (former Makiguchi Village → Kiyokawa Town), Taika (former Aikawa Village → Kiyokawa Town), Hiraishi (former Aikawa Village → Kiyokawa Town), Natsushi (former Ono Town)
    Asaji Town
    Asaji, Ikeda, Itaisako, Ichimanda, Ageozuka, Shiga, Shimono, Tsuboizumi, Miyao (formerly Uedamura)
    Kuribayashi, Torita, Nashiko, Watada (former Nishi Onomura)
    Ono Town
    Ando, ​​Gota, Ohara, Katashima, Kitazono, Kuwahara, Koriyama, Kokuragi, Sakaiji, Sawada, Sugizono, Tashiro, Tanaka, Daisango, XNUMX o'clock, Nakadoshi, Nakahara, Natsushi, Fujikita, Miyasako, Yada, Yahara, Yuzunogi, Ryoie, Nagahata (former Hasemura)
    Ishida, Nagamine, Shinden, Funada (formerly Ida Village)
    Shibayama, Shimoyama, Takahata, Maeda (former Shibahara Village)
    Inukai, Shimotsuo, Tahara
    Dahan, Kuhara, Nishikanda (formerly Togami Village)
    Kurigahata, Kuromatsu, Takatsuhara, Shibakita, Nagano, Yamauchi (formerly Hasemura)


    Change of city limits

    Describe the transition of administrative divisions in the current city area.

    • 18894/1 The following villages will be established by the enforcement of the town and village system.In addition, all villagesOno-gunBelonged to.
    Mie Village, Sugo Village, Hyakueda Village, Ogata Village, Minami Ogata Village, Ue Ogata Village, Hasegawa Village, Kofuji Village, Nitta Village, Shirayama Village, Makiguchi Village, Aikawa Village, Ida Village, Ueda Village, Nakaida Village, Nishidai Nomura, Onomura, Yoromura, Tanakamura, Hajimura, Inukaimura, Togamimura, Hasemura, Shibaharamura
    • 19024/4 : [Town system enforcement] Mie Village → Mie Town
    • 19032/3 : [Enforcement of town system] Inukai Village → Inukai Town
    • 19076/1 : [New merger] Ono Village, Yoro Village, Tanaka Village, Haji Village, Nakaida Village → Higashi Ono Village
    • 19288/1 : [Enforcement of town system] Higashi Ono Village → Ono Town
    • 1932April 4: [Division transfer] Minami Ogata Village → Aikawa Village / Ogata Village (Minami Ogata Village disappears)
    • 1941April 4: [New merger] Shibahara Village / Ida Village → Chitose Village
    • 1951April 4: [New merger] Miemachi, Sugo Village, Momoe Village, Nitta Village → Mie Town
    • 195412/20 : [New merger] Ueda Village / Nishi Ono Village → Asaji Village
    • 19551/1
      • [New merger] Shirayama Village, Makiguchi Village, Aikawa Village → Kiyokawa Village
      • [New merger / enforcement of town system] Ogata Village, Ue Ogata Village, Hasegawa Village, Kofuji Village → Ogata Town
      • [Enforcement of town system] Asajima Village → Asajima Town
    • 19553/28 : [New merger] Inukaicho / Togamimura / Hasemura → Inukaicho
    • 20053/31 : [New merger / city system enforcement]Ono-gun5 towns and 2 villages (Mie Town,Kiyokawa Village,Ogata Town,Asaji Town,Ono Town,Chitose,Inukai)ButmergerThen,Municipal systemEnforcement → Bungoono City
    Regarding the city name associated with the new merger, Onogawa City (1st place in the number of applications) was selected by a vote of the members of the "New City Name Candidate Selection Committee" established by the Merger Council based on open recruitment from inside and outside the region.・ Three candidates: Bungo City (8th place in the number of applications) and Bungoono City (2nd place in the number of applications)[1]Of these, two points were narrowed down by discussions at the merger council, excluding Toyono City.[2]After that, "Bungo Ono City" was finally selected.[3].


    Population distribution of Bungo-ono, Oita, Japan.svg
    Population distribution by age in Bungoono City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Bungoono City (2005)
    Purple-Bungoono City
    Green-All over Japan

    Changes in the population of Bungoono City (corresponding area)
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


    The terrain isbasinTerrain close to.In the summerHita City-Takeda-Kusu-gunKusu TownWith a daily maximum temperature of 35 ° C or higherIntense heatOften becomes.

    20075/27At Inukai in the city, the temperature was observed at 36.1 ℃.Japanese Meteorological AgencyWas newly established in March of the same year.Extremely hot day(The day when the maximum temperature is 35 ° C or higher) was recorded for the first time in Japan.Next time2008On March 7th,Fern phenomenonDue to the influence of39.0 ℃We observed the intense heat of the area and set a new record in the history of observation at the site.

    The coldness of winter is weaker than that of Taketa City, which is adjacent to the west, and it is relatively warm with less freezing.

    Major public institutions

    City facilities

    • Bungoono City Hall
    Educational facilities, etc.
    Physical education facility
    • Onoso Sports Park
    • Freshland Mie (Ohara General Gymnasium)

    National agency

    Prefecture agency



    NameInauguration dateRetirement date
    First generationYukio AshikariApril 2005, 4April 2009, 4
    2-3 generationsYusuke HashimotoApril 2009, 4April 2017, 4
    4 feeFumitoshi KawanoApril 2017, 4

    City council

    • Chair: Yasuhide Ono
    • Vice-Chair: Junichi Ono

    National/prefectural government

    National politics

    House of RepresentativesSmall districtIn the election,Oita 2 wardBelongs to.Most recent47th House of Representatives general election(2014The elected members in October) are as follows.

    Incidentally,Yoshikawa(Social Democrats) Is proportionally revived and won.

    Prefectural government

    In the Oita Prefectural Assembly election, the city forms one constituency.The fixed number is three.Most recent18th Unified Local Election(2015The elected members in April) are as follows[4][5].

    Sister cities/partner cities


    Outside Japan


    Manufacturing industry

    Main offices
    • 化学 化学Kyushu Factory Co., Ltd. (Chitosemachi)
    • SB KawasumiMie Factory Co., Ltd. (Mie Town)
    • NITCHO CORPORATION Oita Factory (Miemachi)

    Retail trade

    Main shopping street
    • Miemachi Ekimae-dori Shopping Street (Miemachi) Mainly small shops, post offices and financial institutions[Source required].
    • Tokiwa Street Shopping Street (Miemachi)
    • Mie Market Shopping Street / Chuo-dori Shopping Street (Mie Town)
    • Akamine Shopping Street (Mie Town) --Along National Highway 326Many roadside stores[Source required].
    • Kamikaka Shopping Street (Miemachi) --A shopping street connected to Miemachi Ekimae-dori.
    • Ogata Shopping Street (Ogata Town) --Near JR Ogata Station
    • Inukai Shopping Street (Inukaicho)

    Financial institutions located in the city

    Bank etc.


    primary school

    Junior high school

    high school

    2006In Bungoono cityOita Prefectural Mie High School,Oita Prefectural Mie Agricultural High School,Oita Prefectural Ogata Technical High School3 schools and adjacent Taketa cityOita Prefectural Takeda Commercial High SchoolWas integrated and opened in the position of the former Mie Agricultural High School. (The four integrated schools will stop recruiting from the same year, and current students will graduate.2008Closed with. )

    Schools that existed in the past

    primary school
    Junior high school
    high school

    Vocational school

    Various schools

    • Mie Motor Driving School



    Oita Prefecture AirfieldIs located, but no regular air routes have been opened.The nearest airport with regular air routes isOita Airport or Kumamoto Airport.


    Hohi Main Line : Inukai Station - Sugao Station - Miemachi Station - Bungo Kiyokawa Station - Ogata Station - Asaji Station
    The central station is Miemachi Station

    Transit Bus

    Bungoono City (formerly) until March 2007, 3Mie TownBetween) and Usuki CityJR Kyushu BusUssan linewas there.After the abolition, the Oita Bus Group has inherited and operated.

    Main roads and roadside stations

    Regional high standard road

    National road

    Main local road

    Road Station

    Famous places / historic sites / sightseeing spots

    XNUMX selections

    National park

    • Grandmother leaning national park

    Cultural property

    Important cultural properties and historic sites (designated by the country)

    Important cultural property (designated by the country)

    Historic site (designated by country)

    Special natural monument (designated by country)

    • Japanese serow(Designated without specifying the area)
    • Dormouse (Inhabits Mt. Ige in the city, designated without specifying the area)

    Important intangible folk cultural property (designated by the country)

    • Ontake Kagura(Every April, Kagura that follow the flow of Mitake style Kagura gather from all over the country)

    Oita Prefecture designated tangible cultural property

    • Hayao Haraishi
    • Ikeda Ishibashi
    • Jinkakuji Buddha
    • Tosaki Ishibashi
    • New breeding treasure tower
    • Daishoji Hokyointo
    • Daishoji Amida Nyorai sitting statue Shibakita
    • Miyawaki Hoto
    • Fujinoki Ishizuka
    • Longevity hermitage five-storied pagoda
    • Omotesando Stupa
    • Table five-storied pagoda
    • Santoku stone 幢
    • Uezu Shrine Ichino Torii
    • Uezu Shrine Waniguchi
    • Hirao Shrine Torii
    • Stone Gorinto Daijoji Gorinto
    • Stone treasure tower Hirao company stone treasure tower
    • Shibayama Ishibashi
    • Takazoe Dhvaja
    • Osako Makai Dainichi Nyorai sitting statue

    Oita Prefecture designated tangible folk cultural property

    • Tsujigawa stone bath
    • Ichiana stone bath
    • Nakano rough stone bath
    • Kamitoishi bath

    Oita Prefecture designated historic site

    Highlights other than the above

    Main festivals and events


    • 1
      • Uchiyama Kannon Thousand Days Visit
    • 2
      • Ono-cho Dondoyaki
    • 3
      • Miemachi Manano Choja Festival
    • 4
      • Mt. Katamukiyama mountain opening
      • Ogata Tulip Festa
      • Mitake style Kagura tournament
      • Eboshidake Botan Sakura Festival
      • Jinkakuji Shakunage
      • Jinkakuji Shibato Goma
      • Toyokuni Cup Kanu-Meeting
    • 5
      • Mt. Sobosan mountain opening
      • Inukai Donko Fishing Tournament
      • Onogawa Children's Fureai Donko Fishing Tournament
      • Jochu Temple Flower Show Festival
    • 6
      • Famous water Shirayama River firefly festival
      • Otsuji Park Hydrangea Appreciation Festival
    • 8
      • Ogata Well Festival
      • Shidahara Lake Surface Festival
      • Raiden Festival
      • Komatsu Ming Fire Festival
      • Famous water splash tournament
      • Miemachi summer fireworks display
      • Sugo Stone Buddha Fire Festival
      • Bungo Inukai Onogawa Festival
    • 9
    • 10
      • Mitake style night kagura
      • Sesshu Festival
      • Haidate Mountain Top Festival
    • 11
      • Ogata Sansha Kawagoe Festival
      • Yujaku Tourism Maple Festival
      • Hosho TempleAutumn
      • Ohira Momiji Festival
    • 12
      • Gourd festival

    Main graduates and people related to

    Historical figure

    People before the early modern period





    Poet / poet
    Writer / Screenwriter / Cartoonist


    Rakugoka / Manzai / Comedian
    An actor

    Professional sports


    • Heptagon
    It is the "Bungo Ono City Event Character" that was recruited and selected at the "1st Bungo Ono City Hometown Promotion Festival". Nine types of poses are designed and used by the city for multiple purposes.[7]
    • Sunny
    It is a character with a tulip motif, named after the "Tulip Festa" held in April every year.The name was selected by open call for participants.[8]

    Area code

    Unit charge area (MA) Described separately.

    • 0974 (Mie MA, city code 20-49): Former Mie Town, Former Ogata Town, Former Ono Town, Former Kiyokawa Village, Former Chitose Village
    • 0974 (Taketa MA, city code 60-79): Former Asajimachi
    • 097 (Oita MA, city code is 500-599): Former Inukai Town


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